Sess 39, 229:Laying the groundwork

Laying the groundwork
Summary: Three royals lightly discuss the doomed fate of their enemies
OOC Date: 25/03/2014 (OOC)
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Eldwin Ophelie Yaretzi 
Council Chambers, Castle Meade
Sess 39, 229 2E

In an extravagant meeting chamber the King of Laniveer sits. A long oak table resides in the middle of the room, fine chairs surrounding it and his highness is sitting at the head of it. A few of the handcarved seats are filled with the sovereigns own personal advisers and a light discussion is being had. The sconces of the room are lit and the room is bright. A lush blue rug leads the way in from the entrance to the table and armed guards stand near the door and line the walls as they pretend not to hear a word. Eldwin has his ever present and misleading smile as he nods to one of the men while he gives a report of sorts.

Yaretzi enters, with less pomp and circumstance than her usual fare…. in that she isn't being carried in a litter but actually walking in. She gives a nod of her head to Eldwin, "Your Majesty." She has calmed a good deal since her arrival, time being a great way to look a things in a whole new way. She still needs to figure out how to handle a potential meeting with the Kundari.

The king nods now when she enters. A snap of his fingers will get a chair pulled out and wine poured for the Queen. "Your highness." He says softly. "I am glad you could join us. I hope you have found the castle to your approval. I do believe we have a few topics still yet to be discussed. A few of his advisers now turn to take in her presence. Curious looks, disdainful looks, polite looks. Different from each of the men present as would be expected.

Yaretzi nods her head, "I am finding the accomodations adequate. The refreshments are different, but good." She looks around at the advisors, a bit of disdain in her features for most of those gathered, before her gaze falls firmly on the King, "Yes, we have much to discuss. The Kundari is one issue… and what further to do about Mobrin."

"Yes." Eldwin says to her. "The Kundari have recently ended a 20 year allignment with my kingdom. They seem eager not to renew another agreement. And it would seem they see fit to play us against each other. They have attempted to ally with Mobrin though with Callems death I am sure that hangs in the balance. Though, at this time I consider them enemies. As I do any who will not openly declare where they stand." He sips daintlily from his goblet now, setting it down he takes a napkin from the table and dabs at the corners of his mouth, the cloth then held out and taken by a servant. "Mobrin itself has already struck the first blow this season, having raided a small port town. I have forces ready north of Lakeshire and some small skirmishes have already begun. Before I make any push into the south I would know what the Kundaris plan to ultimately do. If the finger isles would speak with me they could be a major influence on the outcome. While they have little in way of population they do have ships. A great number and as swift as any. With Stormvale situated so conveinatly on the northern tip and the Rendens making common cause with them it would seem a large host headed that way may not raise alarm as quickly as one leaving my own coasts. And with them in control of the islands now we have no hope to openly assail them in that way. Which brings us to Weston.." His eyes search her now, awaiting any comments or opinions and gauging her each movement, her body language being soaked in.

Yaretzi listens quietly, nodding her head at many things, "While I can not provide you with much in the way of ships, I can provide you with men." Jadda ships are the design of Mobrin ships. "Whatever I have is at your disposal, but my ships are not as advanced as yours… and building new ships would take time. My people are not sailors, but we are fierce warriors and we do not fight in the same style as the Mobrin knights." She pauses a moment, "Kundari concerns me as the message was designed to throw us in discord and it nearly succeeded. They claim to be neutral but their actions have thus far proved otherwise. They do wish to meet with me, the question, in part is thus… Do I meet with them, and do you have any suggestions on how to handle the meeting. At least with Callem dead, the Kundari princess will not be marrying the King. That will delay any plans to join the nations."

Eldwin nods slowly as the woman speaks. His smile concrete their on his features. When she finishes he says, "Yes. By all means meet with them. Though I am sure they mean to have you side with them and it would seem they are still in Darfield from what I have heard." He afterall has no idea they were in the skirmish in Lakeshire as he is slow to gain such news and none their would have recoginzed the royalty most likely. "I would handle it with an iron fist. Simply remind them that they are locked against the sea. That campaigns south into Weston could easily be pushed west. They are a stubborn people but we could at least give cause for them to be on the defensive. Perhaps an oppurtune attack near their own lands could strengthen our posistion towards them if it were a decisive victory and the thought were fresh in their minds." He stops now, considering that himself it seems. "/If/ they sided with Mobrin they could cause you a great deal of trouble. Though, with some small naval forces you could swiftly make short work of them. Though, the timing could cause distrations from our true goal."

Yaretzi nods her head, "I would definitely prefer they not side with Mobrin. That puts me in bad situation, though naval wise I have the advantage against Kundari if they got backing from Mobrin it would be a different story altogether. I will definitely send out a missive to meet with them, perhaps to discuss her prior missive. I think she would be more receptive if she came under the belief she could still sway me to her way of thinking." She pauses a moment, "I am prepared for anything you need of me and my people. I think before any strike is made including my people I should meet with the Kundari… see if I can make any headway to swaying them to our side."

"Very well." He says, scrapping the idea of attacking first. "Though an opponent who at least /feels/ there posisiton is weakened is much easier to manipulate. Though, her incorrect notion of your possible help could be quite useful.." Hymm…he thinks for a long moment. "Subtle threats did not seem to help in the princessess' understanding of her posistion. I am not sure if she speaks for her father though. I would assume so but I am under the impression that she has not been home in some time. I have a large number of arms and armourament for your soldiers. Mostly from the war some years ago but our smiths have been busy these last four years. The strategic slip of the fact that it will be sent to Jadda couple with the idea that a good number of smiths to help in the tuteledge of the fine art of smithing for your people could help remind her that you are indeed my ally." And he politley leaves out the fact that he considers them a bit behind the times and would rectify that if possible on what fronts that he could.

Yaretzi smiles brightly, "Yes, I could definitely use some more araments, and my men found a new vien of ore recently so hopefully that can be of major use to both our nations. I have a shipment of wood on the way to your shipyards. It should arrive any day now. I know you took a minor hit at the docks and this should be enough to replace the lost ships and add several more to your navy." She pauses a moment, "Smiths to assist us would be of great use. I will push the training. I am also increasing the number of my forces trained in fighting in armor so you will have more of my forces at your disposal. I think with the new regime in Mobrin we have a better chance… I am not sure that Tyrel is incredibly favored amongst the people… Not like Callem was."

Ophelia had some of her own matters to deal with this day and arrives late into the council chamber. She sweeps in much as she always does with a presence that will not be ignored. Her own little trail of guards and ladies are left at the door as she moves to take a seat next to her husband the king. There is a glance between the King and Visiting Queen and she smiles, "Ah, I see things are progressing well between you two. I fear I had other matters to attend to this morning." No apology, just a vague explanation as she leans back in her chair to hear out where things are in the conversation.

Eldwin nods at her generousity. "Laniveer thanks you. If you can mobilie your forces I have some regiments on my western border that could use some bolstering. Westgate has ever been a problem in the past." He considers carefully before speaking on the prince. "From what I have gathered he is a schrwed military commander. There very well may be civil unrest though. Again, even a few miles into Mobrin could help sew more discontent amongst their people. I await his response now. I have offered an end to the war though I am sure he will not accept my terms. They were deliberately unfair to provoke him into a hasty move if at all possible. Though, if any of what my niece revealed to me is true then I am sure he is as hungry for glory as his father was. Even into his old age." He sips again from his cup now. He wipes his mouth again after the small sip, the cloth held out and taken away again. Another set on the table in front of him.

With Ophelie's entrance now the kings smile raises ever so slightly and imperceavable to most, though it does. The others in the room stand and bow deeply to her, remaining in that posistion until she sits. "I trust everything has moved in the manner of which we spoke?" He asks though the question is a bit rhetorical. We were just discussing matters of war and allegiance. The Kundari are as ever, vague in their intentions but it seems they are reaching out to the fair queen Yarezti."

Yaretzi turns and offers an incline of her head to the Queen, "Your Majesty… please join us." She then looks back to Eldwin, "Just tell me where you want them and I will be sure they are there. I can send word to have them moving while I am still here." She pauses a moment, "From what my son told me, you are correct in your appraisal. He is hungry for glory. I do not think he will back down… Now whether his people will remain behind him as this draws further out is another matter entirely. Sadly with the Aberdeen Princess now the Queen of Mobrin that relationship is much more solidified. They may not be a direct threat, but their navy is a concern that we must be aware of. They are formidable on the water."

Ophelie smiles at the question that is posed to her, "That it has, that it has. The request has been sent and I wait to hear the reply." She says ever so sweetly before turning towards the other queen and she inclines her head to the woman. She raises a hand towards a valet, motioning for a glass of wine to be brought to her. "An Aberdeen princess she is…but she was ours for a time and we still have ways to reach her should we wish." She says casually drawing pack her hand as a wine glass has now been placed in it.

The kings smile deadens just a bit at the mention of the Aberdeens. "Yes. I had thought years ago when I gave the faux king Issac my sister it would name him my ally. In that I proved to make an irrevocable heir." The whole thing upsets him quite a bit though only those close to him would realize he is seething inside. Not one to display his true thoughts on the surface. "My niece spoke often of the possibility of stopping the war but her mother is a most cruel creature." To his wife now his chin raises, "Yes. Ciaarah could be used in some ways I would think. She is gentle and a bit naive. She clearly wished to keep channels of communication open…

Yaretzi looks between the royal couple, "I will leave the use of the new Queen of Mobrin to the two of you. You seem to know her better then I. All I got from my son was that she seemed nice enough." Sadly the Jaddan Queen would admit that sons are not always fonts of information. Sometimes she wishes she had daughters… but alas, no changing that now… There are no suitable possibilities for a marriage alliance. Not that she thinks anyway. "I could always offer my son in alliance by marriage to the Kundari King. My son and his daughter… I know it has failed before, but she runs low on marriage prospects with Callem now dead."

Ophelie nods to Yaretzi's words upon the new queen. "Oh she is nice enough and perhaps suited to our needs. Sure none of us want an out right war, but we must be prepared and play our hands that we have so that we might win it." She says before taking a sip of her wine. "I would think the time would be ripe to make such a request if they would agree to an alliance with Laniveer in turn. Such we might support."

Eldwin considers. "You could. But it will only weaken your posistion. LEt them make you ofers. Do not give the idea that they hold the upper hand or that their alliance is really needed. They should consider it a priveldge to be alligned with us. Your country gives them the most threat and Mobrin can do little to change that. It is your friendship they should strive to collect." To his wife he now says, "They have two options. Mobrin. OR Laniveer. IF they side and make an alliance they will know that they are in our hands. I have no doubts they will try to pull our friend the ueen here into some alliance with themselves and Mobrin. Nima was all to obvious in her fondness for the Kilgours and their retaineers. And I ma sure my letter only upset her. Though, again. I would prefer communication with her father."

Yaretzi nods her head. She has been Queen for a while, but she hasn't been the ruler of her nation for very long. Eldwin and Ophelie have been at the game for longer. She takes their opinions quite seriously. She nods her head to Eldwin, "Of course Your Majesty. I will adjust my strategy in dealing with her." She pauses a moment, "Well since you know she is in Mobrin right now, perhaps you could send a missive to her father requesting a meeting with him directly? With her indisposed he may be more willing to speak to you." It is a thought. She has no idea if it would work, but it is the only thing she has to offer.

Ophelie leans back in her chair and listens quietly to the others talk of alliances as she looks thoughtfully into her cup. Silence is never a good thing where the queen is concerned. It means she is thinking and likely plotting. There is a glance up to the other Queen and nods. "I agree with Eldwin that he should approach you, but it would not hurt to let it be known that such…paths are open to him to walk upon."

The king nods along with both women as they speak now. "I do believe we have some groundwork here. Though, I would ask you stay with us a few more days so that we might discuss things more fully." He says to Yaretzi. "I will work the numbers and locations for troop movements with my High Commander in the morning." The man being present and quiet like the rest of them now turns and nods to Eldwin. To his wife he says, "WE have some matters of a personal nature to discuss concerning our daughter." To the memebers present he says "Retire for the evening my honourable Lords."

Yaretzi nods her head, "I have no intention of leaving just yet. I know we still have much to discuss." She inclines her head to both of you, "Let me know what you need Your Majesty and I will provide." With that she turns, "I shall leave you now. Both of you have a good night." A flick of her hair and she is off, heading to the rooms you have given her.

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