Lass of Greenshire

One morning in springtime as day was a-dawning
Bright Cri had risen from over the lea
I spied a fair maiden as homeward she wandered
From herding her flocks on the hills of Greenshire

I stood in amazement, says I, "Pretty fair maid
If you will come down to Corinth with me
There's ne'er been a lady set foot in my castle
There's ne'er been a lady dressed grander than thee"

A coach and six horses to go at your bidding
And all men that speak shall say "ma'am unto thee
Fine servants to serve you and go at your bidding
I'll make you my bride, my sweet lass of Greenshire

"Oh what do I care for your castles and coaches?
And what do I care for your gay grandeury?
I'd rather be home at my cot, at my spinning
Or herding my flocks on the hills of Greenshire"

"Away with such nonsense and get up beside me
E'er summer comes on my sweet bride you will be
And then in my arms I will gently caress thee"
'Twas then she consented, I took her with me

Seven years have rolled on since we were united
There's many's a change, but there's no change on me
And my love, she's as fair as that morn on the mountain
When I plucked me a wild rose on the hills of Greenshire

Based on Lass of Glenshee by Cara Dillon

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