This information is only meant to help players find something to RP from, not to limit their ability to use certain products.

The languages of Daeren are bountiful and different in their own ways. This is a page to find some of those languages. Do note that these are perhaps not all of the languages available but it should offer a decent view of what exists.

Currently there are three languages that can be CG'd.

  • Daereni
  • High Daereni
  • Kundari
  • Jaddan

These might increase if we feel the need. Below you can find the info about where these are spoken.
Be sure to read through all about a chosen language on this page if you wish to pick one other than the common Daereni (that everyone will know). As well, make sure that you read through and understand where these languages exist.
If you have a big wish for a language outside of these you can +request one but be warned that likely it will not be added unless you have very good reasoning and explanation on the chosen language, including an understanding of the language and how it is all developed. Highly likely these three will be the only valid ones for the time being.


Daereni — Spoken across the continent as a unified language. Thus also making it a main source of having taken from other languages. Perhaps a language that is closest to the other ones.

High Daereni — The ancient language that was used before the more common Daereni. Exist mainly in the Hills still.


Daereni Accent — The main language spoken throughout Mobrin is the language of Daereni. Although most likely with their own dialects depending on where one lives. Their speech s rather clean. Perhaps being the larger source of those speaking a clean version of Daereni.

Eastern Islands

Daereni Accent — Much like Mobrin they speak mainly Daereni and with a softer tone of use to most parts. Offering the sounds to come out more floating as in one sentence and spoken often stretches out some words. Making it easy to distinguish if they are islanders. Each island of course altering a bit. Some speaking faster or slower, or even more often using other words for some things than others.


Jadda is a source for the Jaddan language.

Daereni Accent —The Daereni spoken is rather similar to the usual one but with pronounciation issues on some kinds of sounds and often replaced with other similar sounds of their own. Thus making some of Jadda easy to melt into the crowds of Mobrin.


Daereni Accent — A rather regal way of using the Daereni language can be heard in their tone. Using different tones to show what they mean rather than only relying on the words. Using higher notes for questions and more a base to show command. Using all of such things to relay their emotions and thoughts through the way rather than only the words.


High Daereni — The main language of the hills is the High Daereni. Having preservered the language relatively well.

Daereni Accent — The Daereni spoken here will hold more usage of old words and having a different accent that sounds perhaps vastly different at times. Giving it a rather thick and throaty sound to it as one speaks.


Kundarian — The main language of the Kundari Deserts. Even holding their own type of script. A language that uses their script that is more collections of sounds or representations of words. Such as a letter might mean eagle while another mean fire, rather than the more common one of only having one sound for each alphabet as the Daereni uses. Even sounds as 'chi or sha' being only one letter. The sound of the language holding a rather quick paced one with even usages of sounds most often not heard in speech in the rest of Daeren.

Daereni Accent — The accent of which the Kundari people speak with being quick and relies on the sounds of the letters. Often mixing them to sound quick in a word and often make slow words that sound similar to be more or less the same word if one is not used to hearing such accent. Examples such as 'in a word being injawod.' Or 'banana and bandana coming to sound very much the same'.


Daereni Accent— Very strong and hard toned in words. Having a bit of a different sound on the letters such as often using the same sounding 'a' no matter what the word is. Example: Matter and marble both having the same sound on the 'a'.

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