Duchy of Lakeshire
Chillon Castle
Chillon Castle as Duchy of Lakeshire
Region: Duchy of Lakeshire
Kingdom: Mobrin
Rulers: Kincaid
Wealth: Extensive
Population: 898,000
Language: Daereni (Common)
Religion: The Light
Demonym: Lakies
Primary Revenue: Trade & Tourism
Cultural Niche: Scientific Advancements
Weakness: Surrounded by Lakes
Fortification: Lakeshire Hold
Specialization: Naval, Healers, Siege Weapons
Knights: 2,000 Heavy Cavalry(including knights), 3,000 Light Cavalry, 3,000 Siege Specialists(weapon crew and sappers), 8,000 Navy
Soldiers: 8,000 Heavy Infantry, 500 Rangers, 2,000 Archers, 600 Crossbowen, 3,000 Mounted Archers

Lakeshire is southwest of Darfield, beyond the pine mountains. It's capitol is Lakeshire Hold, on the northern edge on Lake Kincaid. Some say that Lakeshire is the most beautiful land in all of Daeren. In the center of the Duchy is a lake so big that the fastest boats take days to travel its length. The land around the lake is lush and fruitful. People from all corners of Daeren travel to visit the land, and those with the means stay in one of the luxurious mansions that dot the edge of the lake. At the south eastern end of the lake is a large network of natural hot springs that draw visitors from many lands for the healing warmth and minerals in the waters.

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