3rd of Umbra, 229 2E : Knights Smell

Knights Smell
Summary: Caedmon, Eoin and Nylie share a few moments to talk one morning
OOC Date: 6/Oct/2014 (OOC)
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Mobrin Camp For the Peace talks
Mobrin Tent City
It is day 3 of the month of Umbra, 229 2E

The weather is middling, grey skies, but no apparent threat of rain. There's a breeze, but again, not much of one, it rustles the leave but doesn't threaten to dislodge any headwear. The Morbin camp is waking slowly, or at least the nobles are, soldiers and servants have likely been up for hours. As for Eoin, he's awake and breakfasted, dressed of course, and just dumping his head into a bowl of cold water. It was a good day for Greenshire archers yesterday and he spent a good part of the night celebrating.

Nylie had slipped away before the last of the archery, but she'd heard news of the final results. All told the tournament had been good for the Mobrins as a whole. She had been long up herself, the result of being a light sleeper and motherhood, it was a bad combination. Matters had been seen to and a slow walk to simply stretch her legs was underway. A turn of amusement came to see that head being plunged into the water.

Eoin has let his hair grow out since the summer, so there's now a damp mop atop his head. He rakes it back with his hands though, before allowing it to settle and drip down his back and tunic. Feeling faintly more human he turns to face the day, spotting Nylie almost immediately. A bow, with his hand to his chest as protocol dictates, then a simple "Duchess."

The process was watched with some measure of humour, perhaps with an edge of something more as well. Though Nylie had kept a touch away, not wishing to intrude upon the grooming process such as it was. There is a bow of her head, and a smile that comes in return,"High Admiral. You performed well in the event last eve."

Eoin smiles back, thinks for a moment, then moves to cross what distance there is between them. "Thank you," he replies once they are within easy conversational range. "I had hoped to win, I must admit, but a loss to my cousin is a win for Greenshire so I can not on truth claim to be too disapointed." A smile then and he adds, "and Kierne did not diagrace himself either. Not bad, for a knight." Theres a hint of teasing in that last bit, truth be told, but then knights tend to focus more on melee.

A few steps are taken by Nylie to close the distance, making it more conversationable and not having gone intruding into territory un-invited. "I do not imagine many enter without some hope to win. And I did think you sot rather well, especially to know it is not something you have been able to give as much attention and practice towards. " Something about busy killing krakens instead. "If one caring my favour had shown such skill, I would have yet been proud and glad for him to have bore the token." A quiet look given, briefly so. Before turning to the topic of Kierne,"I do think he was surprised, but he did do well. I dare say he made a greater impression during his time in Laniveer then he was forthright about."

Some with more hope than others," Eoin both admits and counters. "I have practiced when I could," he replies, "there have been times in the past month or so when some time alone at the butts has been a blessing." The mention of her favour shuts him up though, and he glances briefly to the floor for a moment before he manages, "I am sure anyone who wore such a thing would have been proud to have performed so, and to have been given the honour of carrying it." Talk of Kierne is less awkward though and he looks back up, nodding, "so it would seem. He did mention that they had spoken while he was there, but then you know what its like when he talks."

"Time alone to practice is always a blessing, I imagine such time is not something I shall find to frequently myself for awhile." Nylie truthfully had little time to practice and give to her music for a far bit now. On the matter of the favour, Nylie says simply, and softly,"It pleases me to hear that." She gives a slight sigh on the matter of Kierne, "Aye, I do know to well how it is when he talks. IOne day, I have no doubt that he shall get himself into trouble with just how he does talk."

Currently, Eoin has a soaked head from a descent dunk in some water. And he and Nylie chat…..outside…in the Mobrin camp, somewhere. Nylie having paused in a bit of a morning stroll. As the camp itself seems to be waking to greet the day.

"I know the twins give the Countess little time," Eoin replies, "and Beth often seems tired to the bone. I can only imagine what triplets would be like. And I imagine my imagings are widely off mark." He straightens slight at her remarks of the favour and gives a faint nod, saying now more on it for now though. As for Kierne? A nod. "Perhaps, but he's got a good head on him, I suspect he'll be alright."

Some might be sleeping still, but Caedmon takes his equestrian duty seriously. He must have risen before dawn because he is returning to the camp, riding his mare at a walk. She is breathing steam and swishing her tail in the cool air. When he sees Nylie and Eoin, he lifts a hand to wave to them before using his knees to nudge the horse closer. "You too are out early, like little children eager to gather the first berries," he greets with a chuckle. He stops his mare several paces away and drops to the ground. From a pouch, he produces a bite of apple which he offers under the horse's nose. She takes it eagerly and munches. "At least, I hope that you are stirring for cheerful reasons rather than some tiding of gloom."

"Likely they are a touch off, least unless you offer to take the twins off Beth's hands for a few days. And offer I am certain she would be greatful for," Nylie giving that gentle tease in there. There is just slight nod in return and that particular topic is left as it it. "He does, sometimes he doesn't quite seem to know when to let something go. Though that does admittedly serve him well enough upon other matters. "

Nylie looks up with the sound of the horse and then to see her brother, there is a wave of her hand and a smile given. "Ah, but I did always have to get out extra early, else I would find you with stained cheeks and now berries left," easily teasing her brother in return. "And reasons cheerful enough, there was a fine showing in the archery and we were just discussing it. And who well we have prevailed in the events on a whole."

Eoin hears the sound of Caedmon's horse before the Voice of the King calls out his greeting. He stiffens slightly as the man moves to approach, but a deep breath or two and he has it under control by the time he dismounts. "Baron," he greets formally, raising a hand to his chest and casting his eyes down for a moment, "I trust the day finds you well?" The topic of berries he leaves to the siblings, noting merely to Nylie, "I am not sure I would survive such a test. A Kraken is one thing, but a child? I know that lacking an heir has cost me, but I think I have gained in sleep."

Caedmon inclines his head to both of them. The mare is obvious, content with her apple for the moment. "Whether we will fare as well in the talks is another matter, but I am content to leave that as business of kings." Eoin's formality prompts Caedmon's eyebrows to flicker, but he smiles easily enough, especially when the admiral mentions the trade of heirs for sleep. "I beleive that when children enter this world, the gods whisper their first mission into their ears: 'Cry often and loudly to teach your parents will retreat their revelry!' He chuckles. Then he nods to Nylie and recalls, "On many days, both of us brought home enough berries to keep everyone eating, between pies, jellies, berry teas."

There is quiet notice of Eoin's reaction, though Nylie speaks nothing of it. "Perhaps you have, though sleep has always been illusive for me, so it seems to not be a thing much lost. Though I do think you would fare better than you think." There is a smile given towards Caedmon,"Ah, but that is where the gift of music comes in handy, dear brother, for it enthralls them so that their cries cease. "

A nod comes to the matter of berries,"That is true, it was only on those days when they first started to ripen that it seemed a friendly contest to see who got the first tastes of the season." Though Nylie is soon beset by a young lad who comes a running through the camp, a young maid not fair behind him. Breathlessly asking,"Can I go? They says if you…." and then his eyes go wide in catching sight of Eoin and he is bowing deeply, still breatheless, he greets,"Ad-mer-al." Nylie just smiles a touch,"Catch your breathe first, then speak." Looking to Caedmon,"I don't believe you've met my young ward, this is Master Ean. Ean, this is my brother, Baron Caedmon." Whom earns a bow as well, though the young lad is now wide eyed at that snowy white hair. The lad does have sandy hair, hints of a strong jaw and dark eyes. And by alrights, might be what a particular Havarean looked when he was about seven years of age.

On the subject of the talks Eoin turns to ask of Caedmon, "is the King likely to renounce his father's claims and accusations? I must confess that I am unsure what the Laniveer could offer him to do so? I heard the evidence was compelling and the war blessed, in person, by the Gods?" A deep breath before he adds, " do not doubt that I would welcome peace, but I am yet to understand how this has come about." Business talk done for now he turns to Nylie but anything he might have said is put on hold as the young lad makes another appearance. The bow is returned with a slight inclination of his head and a formal "Master Ean," best to reward a formal greeting with the proper response after all. Then, and only then, does he lighten his tone a fraction and ask, "still got your heart set on being a knight?"

Caedmon, in good humor from the ride, chuckles amiably at the comments on children, music, and berries. "When your three are old enough, dear sister, you should teach them how to plan their first foraging," he urges. Turning to Eoin, he frowns slightly in a sign of frustration. "I was there when Nar gave his blessing to Callem. Tyrel was there, too. As for this change, I cannot fathom it, nor do I try. He might be our kin," he adds, with a glance to Nylie, "but that does not unlock the doors of his mind to us. I only pray that the people of Daeren will fair well by anything that he and the Stewarts decide." He smiles at the boy and bows. "Master Ean," he greets without waiting for more formal introduction than what Nylie gives. "If you mean to be a knight, rising this early is a grand start to the venture." He fishes another bit of apple from his pouch and rewards his mare. "IF you find a knight to serve as page and then squire, be sure to ask about a horse, so that you might learn the ways of the riding from an early age."

The turn of questions that come from Eoin about the talks does have Nylie simply listening, she was curious to several of them herself in truth. Nodding though to Caedmon's words, "He does keep much of his mind to himself, but I cannot say I blame him for it. Times have shown him that trust misplaced can be a deadly thing. " How many traitors had to be dealt with recently? "And worry not, I shall have them foraging and mud covered with the best of them, " adding with a smile," when they are old enough."

"Bar-in Caedmon," is managed by the young lad after he does catch his breathe. The talk of knights distracts him from staring at Caedmon's hair and whatever it was that he'd come to ask Nylie after. "Not as set, I want to be a ranger, like Master Ranger Egan, and shoot arrows that splits others arrows. " Someone has been getting stories it seems! Though Ean looks up at Nylie,"I still get to have a horse, don't I?" Adding rather hurridly,"And trips to see the Ad-mer-rals bo…ship?" Nylie gives a smile, but notes firmly,"Aye, you do, but only if you keep at your lessons. " A slight glance to Eoin,"And if the Admiral has time for a visit when the time comes. "

Eoin looks concerned at that answer, if the Voice of the King doesn't know…. He'll have to ponder the ramifications of that some other time, when there aren't young and excitable ears about to hear what likely they should not. He does brood on it for a few moments though, asking no further questions as of yet. Thankfully though, Ean once more creates a distraction and he nods to the lad, "a fine plan," he notes, before mock-whispering "knights smell." Then Nylie also gets a nod, "when you think he's been studious enough to deserve if."

"Even if you choose a different path for yourself, lad, learning to handle horses, or ships, is not a bad thing," Caedmon advises. "It is the same for picking berries, shoting a bow, and many things in this world. Each brings lessons." Then he looks to his sister and smiles. "I think that the lad had a more immediately question for you, dear sister. Judging from his haste in arriving, it is something that should not wait for long."

Ean wrinkles his nose and admits in quite serious fashion,"They do! Sir Kierne and Sir Arthur, worse the ripe eggs! "And just like that Ean is reminded of that question by Caedmon, his eyes going to Nylie in that imploring fashion children do so well. "I can go and watching the practicing? I finished my breakfast and my morning lessons?" The later has Nylie giving a glance to the maid who had traveled after the lad, who gives a nod. "Aye, you can go, but take care not to get in their way." It was obviously the answer he was after as there is a little 'whoop' and he starts back off. But after a few steps he remembers himself and gives a bow to the two men,"Have a good day, Ad-mer-ral and Bar-in" And then he's off again.

Nylie shakes her head a touch, though she is yet smiling. "He is coming along well in his lessons, though there is still much ground to make up. Likely once we are restored to Stormvale, if you are still of a mind to tolerate him. Otherwise, I am certain I can get Lord Arlen to appease his interest. "

Eoin eyes the retreating lad a moment then turns back to Caedmon and Nylie, but mostly Nylie, "how long before we point out to him that the Baron here outranks me and should thus be addressed first?" A nod at the comment on returning to Stormvale and the ship and he notes,;"if I'm about just let me know and I will see what can be done."

Caedmon shakes his head. "I'll not be the one to swat him or demand that others do it for courtly manners," he declines. "He'll find people willing to teach him /those/ lessons soon enough. Even then, he'll make wrong turns when he means to do well." He watches the boy racing toward the fields where the knights and their lackeys are practicing. "A ranger's life seems good compared with all of this … nonsense." He waves a hand at the assorted colorful tents. "The forest knows only three titles, hunter, forager, and food." Then he looks to his mare. "I could do with more riding. What do you say?" he questions. The mare nods her head.

That does cause Nylie to give Eoin a smile,"Once he manages to get down that people should be addressed and with proper titles. Then, I'll dizzy his mind with all the rules and order. Though I do doubt the Baron in question minds to much." A slight nod to Caedmon when his own words do rather back that up. "We all make wrong turns a plenty in our days. I can only hope to give him a hand in avoiding a few and seeing he has to make something of his life, if he wishes." A slight nod to Eoin,"If you are about, I shall let you know."

Caedmon earns a quiet study from his sister for a moment,"The forest knows more than that, my dear brother. And sometimes nonsense as it's place, and purpose. Even if sometimes more tiring then it is fun. Afterall, my men of snow are quite the bit of nonsense." Dipping her head to Caedmon,"Ride well and enjoy the time."

Eoin mentally adds 'fae' to the list that Caedmon gives, but he adds nothing to Nylie's reply on the matter as she's pretty much covered it. As he makes noise of departure Eoin gives him a brief nod and says "ride safe Baron. I am sure you will be needed at the talks later." Theres the faint hint of a smile at the mention of the snow figures, but he says nothing on that either, merely turning to watch Caedmon go.

Caedmon turns to plant his left foot in the stirrup but pauses at the comments from Nylie and then Eoin. "Your snowy guardians make more sense than most things at court," Caedmon objects with a snort. "I have no worry about Master Ean. I'm sure that he'll be quite proper soon enough," he comments with a smirk. "A regular 'by your leave' man, ready to do as he's told, die when he's told, and water the ground with his own blood to fatten someone else's coffers." With that, he swings into the saddle. "A thing is often missing when fools need it most." Then he waves. "Be well!" Before either can answer, his mare is trotting toward the edge of the camp, and once they are beyond its edge, gaining speed.

There is a mild shake of Nylie's head as she watches Caedmon ride on along. A mild sigh,"Sometimes it seems my brother lack's faith in me and what I am capable of. And of what his own loyalties and honor's would lead him to do. " Watching after him a moment more,"I dare to say, he means not to be about when the talks commence this day."

Eoin relaxes once more as Caedmon departs, watching as the mare carries him off and away. "He seems particularly pessimistic this morning," he notes as he turns back to Nylie, "is the King keeping out of the talks, or has he no stomach for them?" Lifting one hand to rearrange his hair as it dries he shakes his head slowly. "I, atleast, have faith that you will do your best for the lad," a faint grin, "no matter what he finally decides he wants to do."

"He has seemed rather pessimistic a lot of late, as if he has lost faith in people as a whole to see and do what is right. Particularly….it seems of those of us with noble titles. " He had wanted her to marry a commoner at one point afterall. Nylie gaze is drawn back to Eoin from her retreating brother,"I would wager he has not the stomach for him, as I imagine they are not particularly better then a meetting of the King's Council. " There is a light smile when the topic turns,"It is my hope to do my best for him, as I would for my own children. And aye, it will be interesting to see what he does finally decide in time. It does seem to change by the week. "

"So I shouldn't expect an apology from him then?" Eoin sighs, shaking his head again. "Shame, I had hoped." A deep breath and exhale, although bot quite enough to be a sigh, and he turns back to the happier topic. "It is good, that you have taken him in so, there must be many who have lost all between the plague and the war. He seems bright enough though, should have a decent chance at things." A pause and then, "if you don't mind me asking though, why him in particular? His intelligence?"

Nylie takes a breathe before she gives a resigned shake of her head,"I would not count upon it, I am afraid. Perhaps hope, but he is stubborn, if his mind is set, there will be little chance of getting him to see anything but what he's come to see. " Nylie gives a small nod,"There have been many who have lost all and many in need. Only so much is to be done, but if each does something it eases the burden." That question does have Nylie drawing up, perhaps even thrown off balance a little. Those smokey eyes stare at him a moment, moments of indecision. "I do not mind you to ask, though….the answer is perhaps not that simple. It was partially the timing and situation of when his path crossed into mine. But truthfully, I do not believe that his father has perished at sea as he was told. Nor would I think his father to know of him. I should imagine that is oft the case in such situations, a child bore from the chance, or perhaps enduring comfort found at port." She pauses a moment,"He bears a resemblance to me of a friend I am quite fond of, and keeps much to the sea. Perhaps theirs, perhaps not, but on the chance the boy is….I would see that he has the best life that can be provided for him."

"Such issue are not uncommon,",Eoin notes with a nod, "some are known, if it's a common port, others.." He shrugs, such is life. "If he wishes to follow his father to the sea, then I imagine someone could be found to take him aboard. Myself, Arlen, Kieryn, I'm sure one of us can find him a suitable bearth." One that doesn't involve climbing the rigging on the middle of a gale. "I hope your friend appreciates what you are doing, be the lad his or not."

"Aye, it is not uncommon." Perhaps often ignored, but it was the way of things really. Nylie gives a faint smile,"If that comes to be his choice, I am sure as well a suitable bearthe could be found. For now, I allow him to pursue what interests him, " a thing that could be done, to a degree. "And try to get him caught up on the lessons that have lacked so far. " Nylie hesitates just slightly before inclining her head a touch,"Should they ever find out, I think they would, or least I hope they would appreciate what is done. But to my knowledge, they are unaware of the situation. "

Eoin turns to glace in the direction the lad has fled. "Will you tell him?" he asks, "well, either of them I guess?" His hair gets another hand comb to stop it from drying in a mess. "I guess it's hard if there's uncertainty, if you're not sure." A shake of his head and he turns back, "still, looks like he's landed on his feet at least, and will appreciate it. Things must be much different for him now."

"It would be impossible to be certain, without word from his mother, and she is passed. And I know not if the father would even be interested to know, let alone to lay claim to the child," Nylie gives a small shrug to that. A glance after the direction the lad went then back to Eoin,"Without knowing that, I don't believe it worth countering what the bow has been told by his mother. If the resemblance deepens as he grows, it may be unavoidable, but for now. He can just be a boy exploring the life before him." Nylie gives a little nod,"Aye, it is a bit different from what he is used to."

"I would hope," Eoin notes thoughtfully, "that anyone whom you might think fondly off, would not be the sort to abandon the lad entirely were it clear. You're likely right about the doubt with his mother being dead though." He shrugs, not a huge amount more to say really, "whomever he turns out to be, or not be, I am sure you will see him straight." A grin before he adds, "just don't let Kierne be the first to take him drinking. Sailors lad or not, I fear he might not survive it."

"No, I admit, I do not think he would abandon the lad, if he was made aware in clear fahion. However, it is not exactly a matter one simply brings up with ease. " Not that there hasn't been the odd look here or there through this one, it was not a typical conversation. Nylie gives a soft laugh to that,"I think that shall be one of the many things I shall try to ensure that Kierne is not the first to take him for or teach him about. Granted, I'm not sure that any might surive their first night out drinking with him, if they tried to keep up that is."

"No," Eoin agrees, "I can imagine it's not a simple thing to bring up. Doubt or no doubt." A genuine smile as Kierne reputation is dragged through the mud a little more. "True, true. Perhaps it might be best to keep them apart until the lad is, oh, I don't know, twenty five?"

"Aye, it is not," confirms Nylie softly. Ah, poor Kierne, granted, outwardly he did behave well enough. Just those that knew him well….knew better. A soft laugh comes with a shake of her head,"I am not sure that is possible, or practical. But it is a matter time will certainly factor within. Though speaking of time, I should likely get to heading back."

Eoin looks immediately apologetic, although it doesn't wipe the grin from his face. "My apologies," be replies, "I have kept you far too long with my prattling. Go, I should likely go too, even here there is much to be done." Reaching up to hold his arm where her favour had been hidden the day before he bows his head respectively, "good day, and I hope I will see you again before all this is over."

"There is not need to apologize, it has been a welcome distraction from my day, this time with you. I have never found you to be one to prattle, my Lord." Nylie does give a nodd though,"There is always much to do, no matter where we are, it seems. " Returning the bow of his head with a respectful one in turn,"Good day to you as well, and I would hope for the same."

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