Sess 37, 229: Knightly Honour

Knightly Honour
Summary: When asked about the reason for her current reluctance to leave her quarters, Emerit finally agrees to tell Benedict the truth, after calling upon his knightly honour to keep it to himself.
OOC Date: 23/03/2014 (OOC)
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Emerit Benedict 
Moniwid Suite, Darfield Castle
The first thing usually noticed about this room is the sense of openness, as it is not laden with heavy furniture. The floor is a soft grey marble. One wall features a huge window, taking up almost the whole wall and showing a lovely view of the horizon. To the right of the window, there is a stone fireplace decorated with amber and some old carvings. There is an incredibly cozy couch in front of the fireplace, in a dark brown cotton type material.

In the middle of the room, there is a burnished oaken long table with eight matching chairs. There are eight crystal place settings ready for use. A wild flower centerpiece has been placed on the table as decoration. The floor of the dining area has been covered with the prey of some hunter in the form of a brown bear fur rug.

There is a smaller wooden door, leading to the Grand Duke's Room, on the left wall of the room . On both sides of the door, small candles are available to provide light when it is dark. There are also candle sconces on the other walls and a candelabra on the table. Above the fireplace, the prey of some other hunters resides: two deer heads with beautiful antlers can be found, one to each side. Between the deer, the edges of two sharp, crossed swords glint.

37th of Sess, 229

It is morning, and Emerit is alone in her chambers. Not exactly alone as both her chaperone Valaria and her handmaiden Yulanda keep her company, but indeed, the Mist of the Island has been very much keeping to herself these past days. The dreadful news of the King's death and the assault in the Great Hall may be a sufficient explanation. Her fiery hair is worn in a braid today, and the dark green dress she wears is plain and devoid of any embridery. Any jewelry is absent as well. At the moment the young woman sits on the couch before the fireplace, her bare feet drawn up under her skirts as she stares into the flames.

It is the fact that too much has happened, and in too small of a span which has kept the Lord and Knight from realizing he hadn't seen one Princess of Moniwid. Benedict has been injured fighting to protect those in the great hall which didn't help. He now though will approach the Moniwid Suites this is the easy part he's lead in easily enough though he stands outside of the chambers pausing a moment he'll lift a hand and knock lightly "Your Highness? Its Benedict." he will say for a start.

Emerit looks up and will rise slowly, her skirts rustling when she approaches the door to open it herself. "Sir Benedict," she will greet, offering him a curtsey. This unusual gesture of greeting as well as the pale colour of her skin might already suggest something is amiss. "Please, do come in," she will say with a faint smile, stepping to the side to let him enter. Casting a glance up and down the hallway before she closes the door again.

Turning to the knight, Emerit will fold her hands before her and remain standing. "Can I offer you any refreshment, Sir?" Benedict may notice she does not wear the heavy necklace with the ambassador pendant today.

Benedict will stand patiently, and though he expects one of the accompanying figures to answer he's surprised to see the Princess herself has done so. He will not forget his manners though bowing in respect he does notice her appearance though he returns the smile. The other much like her sister is considered a friend as well as his liege house. The young man enters into the room. "I apologize for no further notice of my arrival." he says the question gets a small shake of his head "No thank you m'lady, but in return is there anything I can do for you? I know the castle is not in the brightest state, but if I may help at all?"

Emerit smiles at the apology and shakes her head. "No apology required, Sir Benedict, in fact I am quite grateful to see you. As I hardly leave the Moniwid Suite at the moment…" Her voice trailing off there when Benedict offers his help. "Oh, I wish it were that easy, Sir. But I fear you cannot be of any help at all. But where are my manners. Pray have a seat." She moves back towards the couch, bare feet can be glimpsed when she draws her feet up under her skirts as she settles herself there. Her moss green gaze returning to the fire in the hearth for a moment.

The Lord and Knight is glad she is not upset at his sudden appearance. Benedict will smile though her words about not leaving the suite fades it some, he does not wish the other to be fearful of course. He listens to the answer about his offer of help. "Thank you, your highness." He will move to sit down as she does likewise taking in her pale appearance again. "I know your duties and responsibility overshadow any of mine, m'lady but I will admit i'm not used to being of no use." he tries for his usual smile hoping to at least lighten the other's mood a little.

Emerit shifts her gaze from the fire to Benedict when he speaks about feeling useless, and a sigh will escape her. "I know better how that feels than you think.", she replies with an enigmatic smile that is a bit tinged with sadness. "My duties here in Mobrin are over, I fear. I will resign from my office and return to Rustles Isle, as soon as the current perilous situation allows it." Said with some finality to her tone.

Benedict sits forward he's not quite able to relax as the other is worrying him further. His words don't have the impact that he was wishing as he hears the sadness in her voice. The Lord will listen to her words and its his turn to frown. "Is there nothing here, which will require your attentions?" he asks though he isn't sure how much he should speak. "I am sorry if I speak out of turn, but I don't understand m'lady and I am worried. You do not look yourself." he can think now way around it.

"More requires attention of my country here, I am sure," Emerit will reply, glancing thoughtfully to the knight in service of her House. "Alas, I am not the one fit to see to it. And to be frank… I am not myself, Sir Benedict. Not anymore. Nor am I who you think me to be." A dry, mirthless chuckle leaves her lips. "But I should not emburden you with any of this, Sir. You have enough tasks to see to, if you are to stay here with Princess Draventa…"

He is quite confused at this point though nodding about Moniwid's presence not ending here. Benedict it seems to deepen though the worry for the other upon his face as she speaks it sounda bit darkly. "I have been asked by the Prince to watch your sister yes." he pauses though shaking his head. "I do not understand, your highness but please do not feel you are burdening me I wish to help." he says pausing. "I grew up learning to be a knight at the castle, and though you two do not see eye to eye. I have been lucky as a Lord and knight to be able to look after you both and to be able to help those i've come to care for, both of you." he says swiftly. "I am sorry to speak so commonly your highness, but I am worried as I said."

Emerit's hands will fold before her now, her gaze thoughtful as she stares at Benedict for a long moment, assessing him, it would seem. "You are a knight," she finally admits. "And as such bound to your word. I feel you will be in service of House Kilgour now, if you continue to protect Princess Draventa. Is that the case? Even so,… You must give me your word that none of what I am going to tell you will leave this room. You will not repeat any of it to anyone -anyone else, you hear me?" She gestures for Valaria, and speaks softly when addressing her chaperone: "I must ask you to leave us. Only Yulanda may remain. She will suffice to… to ensure proriety." She chuckles with a slightly bewildered smile, as she watches the chaperone leave.

Benedict will silently watch the other even catching her direct gaze a moment while she looks to him however rare it might be that he would do so. "Her highness and I had spoken about that, I am not sure if I will be considered a knight of this house or Moniwid." he says though he simply watches the other. "Of course m'lady I give my word, I would not betray my oath. Further more your trust even more so." He will glance as the chaparone will exit before turning back.

Moss green eyes will flicker but not sparkle when their gaze returns to the knight. "I would not have expected any different answer from you, Sir Benedict," Emerit will sigh softly. "And I do trust you will keep your word. Let me tell you then that His Royal Highness Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid delivered a bundle of letters to Princess Draventa on her wedding day, a 'gift' of sorts from her mother, the Dowager Duchess." A low snort there. "These letters were not looked at right away, as Princess Draventa has been busy with other things… But she seeked me out a few days ago, after the bloodbath in the Great Hall, and showed them to me. These three letters held the proof about… the identity of my father."

The Knight will nod "I thank you, m'lady." Benedict says this glad to have her trust to his word and deed. He will listen to the story part of it sparking a memory from that evening "I saw those letters passed, nearly right after the ceremony had concluded." he informs her though he's listening further the mention of the great hall gets a nod his hand involuntarily touches his chest where he'd been struck by the axe but it lowers as quickly as it had done so. "I see so confirming what we knew? I do not see why the letters were hidden and why now they should be brought to light." he does seem confused still but he quiets.

"Not confirming, Sir," Emerit clarifies, her forehead wrinkling into a frown. "There were three letters, one of the late Grand Duke Radino to my mother, one letter from her to him, and a last one, from Radino… to myself." Her voice gets a bit shaky towards the end, threatening to fail her, and her gaze will lower, turned inwards as she tries to regain her composure. "My mother… little have I known of her. Radino never told me who she was. Her name was Jamilla, a pirate, obviously, and as such she had been involved with someone called Roderick Flamehair. The name points to some pirate leader, it would fit, indeed. The byname perhaps pointing to the origin of my colour of hair." She sighs, her gaze returning to meet Benedict's gaze. "What Radino did, was promise to say Jamilla's daughter was his own, after she died apparently, giving birth to me. He'd say I was his, and I'd be brought up as a princess." Her arms wrapping about her own slender frame now as she exhales. "There. There it is. The great dilemma. Princess Draventa and I will try to keep it a secret, but the Dowager Duchess knows. I've burned the letters. If this would become public knowledge, my negotiations for House Moniwid could become annulled, as well as the match between Princess Draventa and Prince Logen. Because it was not a Bastard Princess who brought this about,… but a simple Commoner Bastard, an usurper of a title I did never - at any point - deserve."

The first part gets a confused look, but he will just continue listening as she does so though his face goes from confused to more so, and something close to fear reaches his gaze as she struggles to continue he will lift his hand as if he would pat the others shoulder give a hug even he's likely not sure but perhaps it's all a bad idea but he cannot do nothing so if allowed he will pat and squeeze the others shoulder briefly "Take your time m'lady." he says though he won't stop listening as she continues onwards he can't seem to find his voice the story is rather unbelievable. Benedict looks away for only a second before meeting her gaze again. "I will not speak a word of course, but you didnt know and you've done good for house Moniwid. Surely, you cant be punished for that, I couldn't allow it such injustice." he will pause here and shake his head but when he does look to her it's more focused as if an important point must be made. "I've known you these years as I have your sister. I see you no different now with these letters, as I did before them m'lady. Whatever I may be able to do, please just name it." he'll add.

The sudden pat of her shoulder certainly comes unexpected, and Emerit's brows will twitch at the touch. Even Yulanda can be heard, inhaling sharply. "Thank you, sir," the Mist of the Island will say nonetheless, reading the gesture as what it is probably, a comforting gesture. "This is not so much about me, but about Princess Draventa," she will continue. "I fear some may express their doubts regarding the rightfulness of the marriage. So the only solution is to leave this court and return to Rustles Isle. And hope noone will ever learn about the truth."

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