Nar 29, 228: Kitchen Sickness

Kitchen Sickness
Summary: Ciarrah goes down for her morning visit to the kitchen. Logen is already there, cooking.. and the smell of burnt sausages proves too much.
OOC Date: 01/August/2013 (OOC)
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The kitchens are based around a huge cooking hearth, that has been carefully designed and built into the stone. It's well organized, neat and clean, but busy. There is a work table to one side, and a lot of pots, pans, and untensils hung up on one wall. The other wall has shelves and bins to store consumables. The pantry and herb garden can both be accessed from here, as can the cold/wine cellar beneath the kitchen. Supplies are stored securely here, everything put away in an appropriate place. Fresh goods are brought in daily for the benefit of the castle residents, stored in their own bins and containers until used.
Thursday, Nar 29, 228

The early morning hours of the castle are filled with the hustle and bustle of servant and attendants as they rush to get the noble family ready for the day. Logen, however, does things for himself. Though he is sure he could have a staff all his own, he doesn't care for such a thing. So he makes his way in a robe, barefoot, to the kitchen to make himself something. Of course, the old woman who's currently running the place clucks at him the entire time but doesn't kick him out once he surprisingly steps in to help with the preparations of various food trays. Not once does he give an order or take command, in fact he shows just how much of a soldier he is by taking orders from the woman who seems to have warmed to the idea of his help.

Ciarrah has become a regular in the kitchen and at the moment, she is arriving wearing something more from her island back home. A gauzy fabric of a beautiful aquamarine color is worn almost toga style with seashells decorating around the neckline and the lower hem and gold bangles on her wrists with a choker of gold around her neck, gold sandals on her feet, though they are covered. Arriving in the kitchen, the old woman gives her a warm smile, and she approaches her with an equally warm smile. Noticing Logen, she looks surprised. "Logen! I had no idea you came to the kitchen in the mornings also."

Logen looks up at his name, and though he doesn't miss a beat with setting the tray he was working on, he does offer a smile. "I didn't think anyone would catch me down here. I like to fix my own meals, and they needed help so I jumped to." even as he speaks, which is towards and away depending, he's working on fixing the next tray and he tends to the cooking of sausages, thick cuts of bacon, and he's even slicing bread. "What brings you here?" he says.

Watching him working on the tray, Ciarrah looks surprised. "I always come here in the mornings. It smells good usually. Today? Not so much.." Wrinkling her nose, she frowns. "I had no idea you could cook.." She does look amazed at that. "How does a Prince learn how to cook?"

Logen finishes with slicing a loaf of fresh crusty bread when he stops and looks up at Ciarrah, with a finger going to his lips. "Don't tell anyone, but when I was younger I spent time among the common folk and I learned how. I'm not good at it, and I couldn't make something up from scratch, but I can slice bread, watch cooked meats, and I might make a mean could soup if you feel lucky." his jest not entirely so if she ever dares ask him to cook for her. "I don't feel it's right that we can't do the things we ask the workers to do for us. I know, that's then entire reason we hire workers is to take care of the tasks we can't do ourselves… but one should at least know the basics. Enough that if the cook is sick, we don't starve as well." he returns to watching the sausages and switches out the bacon for fresh cuts while placing the cooked (and slightly burnt) bits on a platter with others.

Watching him, Ciarrah moves nearer to the door, but continues to look at the way he helps out. Hearing his explanation, another smile blossoms across her features. "It seems you can do anything you set your mind to, Logen." Her lips twitch in amusement and she clasps her hands together, though when the smell of the slightly burnt meant hits her, she turns and steps out of the kitchen. "OhGods…"

Logen, at first doesn't notice Ciarrah's reaction. When he looks up to speak to her again she's gone. He smiles to the old woman, picks up two plates with food on them that she'd set aside for each of them, and makes his way out to follow after her.
Logen begins following you.

After walking out, Ciarrah keeps going until she is all the way back to the Battlements.. where she sucks in the clean air and the smell of whatever was burnt is gone. Leaning on the edge, she looks at the city surrounding them.. waiting for that sick feeling to leave her. Serah nearby her.

Following the princess like a shadow, Logen waits when she goes out onto the battlements. He hesitates, giving her a few moments to herself as he would normally do for himself. Then, he walks out to her. "Was something amiss in the kitchen? The cook sent this plate with me for you." he offers over the covered platter, his own not so covered but hosting a simple spread of buttered bread with cheese and garnished with tomato. "Why up here?" he inquires after a moment.

After her few moments of solitude, Ciarrah turns and faces him, just as her handmaid walks over. Serah gives Ciarrah a concerned look, "You have been around Princess Caillin, she caught the flu. You should be on bed rest." Ciarrah nods absently to Logen and walks to him, accepting the plate. "Will you come by and visit, Logen?"

"Your guard would have a hard time keeping me out." he replies with a teasing grin. "If you need bed rest, then you should see to it right away… I would suggest taking to an empty room by yourself while you recover. We can't have the future king getting sick right now." he smiles, "I should go see to some of the others… I suppose being gone makes one popular enough that I can't hide from them all for long. I'll come by and visit later, if that's alright with you. Ciarrah." the first time he's used just her name.

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