Thedor 7, 229: Kings Council on War

Kings Council on War
Summary: Compared to the previous council meeting, this apparently is the opposite. Silence reigns. No one speaks against the matters at hand nor whose presenting them.
OOC Date: 07/Jan/2014
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Council Chambers
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head.
Thedor 7, 229

It's likely that ever single person on the last council has been grilled in some fashion by the Queen considering recent events. And as if anticipating that there would be more than one topic on the docket for discussion this night, Aidan has arrived early. The doors of the council chambers are flung open, to welcome any of the other council members who are seeking to be the early birds. It may give some of the Heads of House an opportunity to converse prior to the official meeting being called as folks gather, ensuring that those who have issues on the agenda which are similar come together to speak to them. In anycase, there may have been a bit more … planning put into this council meeting than the last.
Aidan was the first in the room, though he has put his things down on the traditional seat he's typically used in the past, he is standing and sipping wine. Drinking is certainly going to help this night go by a little more smoothly, perhaps. He's wearing a dark green longer styled tunic with a belt of black and silver around his waist. Silver clasps keep the collar closed and otherwise, he has in trend breeches and boots. The impassiveness from the other night remains, presenting those who wander in a head bob and respected greeting. Waiting.

Aidan may think he's first in the room. But Roslin was here before him, haha! She left, stepping out for a few moments, before returning with an extra few stacks of parchment, moving to a corner seat. She bobs, respectfully, for the man already there. "Your Grace," she says, glancing up at him and then turning her attention to her own seat, down and far away from everyone, apart from the table even. A scribe's location. It is well-known now that Roslin is scribing for an old Master of Laws, and it seems the Council Meetings have been added to her duties as well. Her maid sits nearby and out of the way, and the Princess with all professionalism sets about readying her workstation.

Though she is a scribe, she is dressed as a Princess - hunter green velvet dress with a dipping neck in the front and a high neck in the back, embroidered with gold leaves and vines. A gold eight-pointed star around her throat, and a gold tiarra set among her crown of braids. Perhaps she's just a little pink in anticipation for this meeting. After all, her name was bandied about the last one quite a bit.

As it turns out that Sir Ronan Crawford has /not/ been banned from the next Council meeting though yes, somebody did get his chewing out and a bit more. Dressed in black as he was before, and still armed, the Sutherland Rioga arrives with his man servant as before. Rosley sets the falggon of wine on the table, a small tray of cups, and his Duke's leather folio out with quill and inkwell so that all is in order. He then bows to all and departs the chamber as quietly as he entered.

Ronan himself rumbles his thanks to his man servant and shares a look with his Uncle, Aidan, before the Crawford draws out his chair next to the Kincaid. As he takes his seat, his gaze snags on Roslin as the Princess moves to take her own seat at the other end of the room.

So far, the Sutherland Duke hasn't said a word to anyone. Greetings can wait until everyone is arrived, perhaps.

Eldan has thought long and hard on the last council meeting and decided that maybe he will remain in his chair, even if he might not sit at the same height as everyone else. At least then he can make a hasty exit if need be and not rely on the kindness of the other council members. Cai brings him in, and moves a chair away, placing Eldan in the empty spot before making a quick exit. Of course Cai bows to all as he exits. Eldan gives a bow to Aidan and Ronan, and one to Roslin before he is settled in, "Your Graces, Your Highness. Good evening to you all."

Having had a few glasses of wine before entering the council chambers, Robben auses right at the door, taking a few deep breaths before he walks through the door. Looking around, he moves over to find his seat, nodding a bit absently to those present at the moment. A brief smile is offered in the direction of his father-in-law, but it's gone again very soon. All business, now.

It's been a while. A very long while, as one Solara Ruxton has been at home making sure all is well back in Weston. And visiting with family there. Perhaps even working on wedding preparations but who knows? And now she steps into the room, quietly, curtseys to those present, and simply moves to find an empty chair so she can get all caught up, having only very recently arrived back from Weston. So recently in fact that her quiet approach is stalled as her smile lights up her face. "Robben," she says simply to her brother. Her direction changes and she moves to go sit next to him.

Aidan continues to bob his head to those who are wandering into the room and even if the Princess was there before him, she wasn't when he arrived. Regardless, his gaze turns to Ronan as the Crawford Duke makes his way, only a perch of a brow questions some manner of question toward him. Though Ronan is here and his head not on a pike, so matters seem for the most part, settled. In any case, he nods as the Crawford Duke takes a seat beside his own. Meanwhile, the Kincaid will continue to stand off to the side of his chair, closer to the wine server, getting a top up as people start streaming in. For Eldan, he offers a subdued smile, "Honourable Lord," spoken, in address, before he's sipping wine again.

There. Everything is situated just so. Roslin stands back. The ink, the seal, the wax near the candle, the pen, the paper - it's all situated just as it's supposed to be. She hopes. Of course a true scribe would notice the setup is decidedly mixed - candle should be above the seal, not below it, and the pen should be above the paper, not beside it. But who will notice here? Lifting her green eyes, of course Roslin's gaze looks almost straight to Duke Crawford as he enters. And she turns a bit of a shade pinker in the cheeks. She oes what one does best, bowing her head respectfully to the man and folding her hands in front of her, remaining standing by her writing station as others come in. Solara. Robben. Caedmon. Each gets a bow of the head appropriate to their title and station, and otherwise little is said.

When Caedmon breaks off to talk to Eldan, Eoin simply gives the man a brief nod and then moves ot take his seat as well. Nods, bows and other formal greetings are offered as appropriate once he's set down his drink, although today he appears to be lacking the rolled parchment he was carrying two days ago. Taking a moment or two to get comfortable in his seat he then takes a sip of his drink and waits for the meeting to be called to order.

For the moment, until he's sure all or most are gathered, Ronan is going to remain seated and pour himself a cup of wine. The same deep red Sutherland vintage he favoured the other evening. Once Caedmon speaks up to greet them, the Crawford rises up from his chair.

Ronan clears his voice and offers a bow to them all, "I do believe I owe this Council a formal apology for my conduct, last meeting. I promise I shall make no such disturbance this evening. As some of you are aware, I have pressing, urgent business and been delayed months to see it settled. I am running out of time. Nonetheless, that is no excuse for me to give /any/ of you insult. And," Ronan's gaze goes to Cademon, "Especially not yourself, Voice. I ask you to forgive me. If you would rather I not be presant this evening, I will remove myself without complaint."

Eldan looks to Caedmon and smiles, listening to his words. At his suggestion some tension leaves Eldan's shoulders and he nods his head, "Thank you Lord Caedmon, I would very much appreciate that. As long as no one would have an objection." Eldan doesn't usually think about himself as disabled very often, but the last council meeting, facing the glare of the Queen and unable to actually leave the room without help, he was very uncomfortable. "I am certain Cai could follow that oath." Seeing as how few ever hear the man speak, the odds of him rattling off secrets are low.

With a heavy limp Wenna makes her way into the room. She is dressed simply in a charcoal grey wool gown and her hair is pinned beneath a linen biggens. Once she is in the room she goes to find a seat. Quietly she settles herself down on a chair.

Aidan finally takes his seat as it looks like the council is about to officially begin. He says nothing as Ronan stands and invites himself to be removed. Instead, the Kincaid Duke just carries on with his drink. Nope, nothing from him yet.

"Solara! When did you get back?" Robben asks as he reaches out to squeeze his sister's shoulder very briefly, smiling at her. Then there is a brief pause at Ronan's words, but no words are spoken in return, now.

"About an hour ago," Solara replies, easily. "Perhaps a bit more, but not much." The redhead settles into her seat and glances around, nodding to those she knows but keeping quiet for the moment.

A servant comes in, a man dressed in livery moving q uickly. He moves immediately to Princess Roslin's side and whispers in her ear. She flushes red, an angry red now, and reaches for the candle to blow it out. She stands and quietly but equally quickly makes her way out with the livery fellow.

Caedmon bows to Eldan and then leaves the man to claim his seat. He watches while the others find their places, and then he clears his throat. "Welcome, lords and ladies," he greets, sweeping his gaze across the room. "As you know, the war presses at us, and it is the main item on the agenda. However, before we turn our attention to that, you should know that the royal steward has informed me that he is retiring. I have nominated Lord Eldan, Baron of Mowbray, to fill his position."

With things seemingly coming to order, Eoin straightens in his chair a little and gives Caedmon his attention. He gives a nod to the comment about war and then turns to Eldan once the nomination is announced. Reaching for his goblet he raises it slightl to the man in congratulations, and perhaps a wish of good luck too.

Aidan leans forward, waiting for Ronan to sit back down as it doesn't seem anyone is about to kick him out, though for whatever cause the Princess is leaving. Well, the Kincaid turns to Caedmon, as the room seems a little more civilized than the way they left it last. As for the nomination of the Royal Steward, this has Aidan turn an appraising eye on Eldan, seemingly pleased with that. In any case, he has no objections to it, hoisting his wine glass instead. Yet it was the matter of the war that he was particularly interested in. So to keep the flow of the conversation in the directed way of the Voice, he does not comment.

Seated quietly Wenna moves to get a piece of parchment a quill and she uncorks a bottle of ink. Not saying anything she begins to write. Her gaze goes to Eldan and she nods her head as she continues to write. Her gaze then goes back to the paper she is writing on.

Tyrel enters, late, he looks fairly worn as though he has not slept. "I have had, a remarkably bad day." He says as he steps in and moves to takes his seat. He looks to Eldan, "I'm sure the Baron will do fine work. Do see that more mead is secured from the western provinces as that from the south is far too sweet." So saying he takes up a bottle and works to open it. "Caedmon when should we expect the matter announced officially or shall it be done now?"

Eldan gives Ronan a look, though he doesn't say anything. Frankly if Eldan has to be here, then he isn't about to let Ronan off the hook of Council meetings. At Caedmon's words Eldan swings his head in his direction, resisting the urge to narrow his eyes at the man. Eldan looks around the room, not finding anyone wishing to apparently vote him off the island, so to speak and he lets out a slight breath before speaking, "It is an honor to serve. I hope I can do at least as well as my predecessor." Damn you all… Ah well, hopefully at least not all council meetings are like the last one…. but what a first one to be in on.

Solara's gaze goes to Tyrel as he comes in, as it does to all the new arrivals. Caedmon gets a smile, and then her attention goes to Eldan curiously as he accepts his new position. He too gets a small nod of acknowledgement. She folds her hands in front of her, and continues to listen.

Tyrel rises as Laetitia enters, and bows slightly.

Robben pauses a bit as he sees Tyrel enter, but doesn't say anything at the moment. At Caedmon's words about Eldan, he offers the man a polite nod and a brief smile.

When Ronan arrives, pauses, and then speaks, Caedmon rises from his chair. His movements are slow, deliberate. He bows to the man and answers, "Anyone who has made mistakes should be willing to forgive, lord. I have made mistakes. Although her majesty has the final voice in this matter, I forgive, and I understand that stresses can cause problems of many kinds." He looks around the room. When his eyes come to the back and he sees Wenna, he smiles and nods to the empty chair beside his.

Laetitia is announced when she enters into the room, the woman wearing a dressed that's fancy and her hair all nice in deep grey and purple, a quick nod given to everyone as she glides her way to a chair, wearing a cloak of furs, feeling the chill today. She will wait until it's pulled out by whomever is tending the room, sliding into the seat, leaning to the side to murmur that she'd like wine, and then she's settling her gaze on the room at large, listening. With those daggery eyes of hers.

Eoin rises for the Tyrel's enterance which means he's already in place for the Queen's. Bows are made to both as is appropriate and he waits for Laetitia to sit before he retakes his own chair although he's still saying nothing for now.

Tyrel seats himself again, "Eldan is to be named steward in proper time then. Is there any other business at hand? Mother, were any matters brought to your attention? Caedmon, were any brought to yours?"

Solara too rises for the Queen's arrival, offering an appropriate curtsey. She stays quiet, and merely returns to her seat as is proper. She has a thoughtful expression on her face, taking in the council and the changes to it.

Aidan does the up and down bob, greeting the Royals before he sits back down. He looks expectantly toward the Voice. The meat of the matter was yet coming, so too, his eyes darting back to Eoin with some roused speculation that the Admirial was supposed to speak last council. As if anxious, the Duke starts to tap his rings against the wine glass, the other hand dipping into his pocket for a moment. His eyebrow lifts up at Tyrel when the Prince asks of any other business, foremost causing his attention to drift to Laetitia. At least this Duke had spent some time with her speaking of the many matters he brought forward to her personal council, demanded on the last day before this.

Wenna rises from where she was seated and offers an awkward stiff curtsy to the queen. She then moves to go and sit down again. Her gaze rests on the queen and she waits.

Robben rises to offer the proper greeting as well, before he drops back into his seat. Keeping silent as he waits to hear if there's something brought up now.

Caedmon is already standing when the queen arrives, and he remains so even after her majesty has taken her seat on the throne. He looks to Tyrel and answers, "I received no items, your highness, only word that those with issues would take them to her majesty." Finally, he bows deeply to the queen and then reclaims his seat.

Tyrel nods and looks towards Laetitia.

Eoin is lacking the rolled parchment that he had carried into the meeting two days ago and indeed, seems to be showing no indication that he's expecting to be called upon to speak to any extent beyond passing opinions on other matters raised as usual. HE glances briefly to Caedmon as the Voice declairs he has no items, then reaches for his goblet to take a drink before focusing on the royal pair to see what they might have to raise.

Laetitia says, "Indeed. Though I only had one take up the offer of discussion with myself, though it was rather ..thorough and ..verbose." Ah, yes, a very faint smile is slanted Aidans way, the Queens green gaze still full of ice and steel, "I will be succinct. The Kings well being. What we intend by going into Laniveer, what directives are going to be given, battle plans, that sort." A pause, two points down, Lae waiting for them to be written down so they can be addressed, "Concern that the Kincaids will be relied on heavily for support on the northern lines, and the hope that Sutherland, Forrester and Haravean will get leaned upon moreso, in order for Kincaids to protect the ports of Lakeshire and Weston." A pause, "Oh, yes. Worry about trade issues depending on whom we go to war with, in terms of concerns of being seen as traitors or putting their fleets at risk .."
Another moment of waiting, the Queen taking her goblet of wine, setting it down in front of her as she wraps slender fingers around the stem, "Concern that the Crown is seen as too eager with placating foreigners with our royal daughters and sons …"
"And the Kincaids wish permission to study new weapons based upon ..foreign concepts without fear of persecution from us, so he is seeking assurances and securities that we will not bring up charges of ..what have you, I'm thinking …witchcraft ..upon them."
"And, lastly, correct me if I am wrong, Duke Kincaid, issue with house representation on the Council, and a lack of variety in terms of those from the houses on the council."

Laetitia finally takes a drink from her goblet, a nice slow sip, gaze drifting about the table, "I assume there was nothing else as no one approached me."

Ronan had given the new arrivals his bow, fist over his heart to the Royals and retaken his seat without saying anything else. He sips his wine and listens.

Aidan gives a long exhale as it seems that no one else at the table deems the world out of order. And… evidently no one else is giving a shit either, as it would seem that only his matters he brought to the Queen are tabled in short order. He looks over his wine glass as Laetitia announces that there had been only one person, him, who brought up any matters to her - did she not force anyone else to go to breakfast with her? He looks around almost accusingly and then puts his wine glass down as the enter council is mandated to hear his quibble, through the voice of the Queen. His lips tweak a bit as he waits expectantly for the table to say something, but they really didn't think he'd not come here with a plan, right? So there it was.

Tyrel considers for a few moment, "The King's health is quite good, I saw no trouble in him when we spoke, though I would guess you assured him much the same. Directives and battle plans will be given at such time as they are appropriate, the longer they are released, the more likely they are to fall in the hands of the enemy. Everyone will be called upon to support all aspects of the war, I play no favorites. The last I heard my sister was not bound for a foreign shore, but that is for later discussion. Trade amongst the kingdom would benefit from the construction of a road, and it would improve trade with our allies, that is under discussion. I only expect to go to war with the Usurper and those who support him, all others are outside my field of battle for the moment. If he does not practice withcraft he need not fear, we are not mindless. The Baron purchased that curious timepiece and we have a larger assembly in the salon." He picks up his mead to take a drink. "Does anyone else have question or comment on the matter or shall we move into the discussion regarding the war?"

Eoin is not here as representative of his house, but since Aldren isn't here he can provide a little information for the general consumption at least. "I am sure the Duke will unerstand that I am not my cousin the Count, but it may set his mind at litle at reast at least to know that House Haravean has already committed more troops to the Royal army than was our required levee. Mostly more archers I believe, putting our contribution on that score to over half of all of those in the army." Archers that is, not soldiers in general. "I am also sure that Count Aldren would give a kind ear to any request from the Lord Marshall for additional support if such is required."

Ronan hasn't had time to do shit since the last Council meeting. He's been up to his eyeballs with fallout from the last one. Man is tired and keeping his mouth shut, tonight. Aidan he watches and clearly wishes to speak with but it won't be here and now. His gaze moves on to Tyrel.

Listening to what's being said, Robben's expression as he looks to Aidan is an apologetic one. But so far, there's no words coming from him, as he looks between the ones speaking, taking a few deep breaths every now and then.

Aidan gestures quite frankly toward Tyrel to go on with his matters of war, "Please carry on with the discussion of war, I will seek council directly with the King if he is well." The Duke goes into his wine now, clearly not entirely pleased with the answers given. The matter of a road has Aidan sitting up a bit more attentively, putting in gently, "Of course my House would support the design of a road." Though, as for the witchcraft remark, his eyes do flash toward Laetitia, then back at Tyrel, nodding.

Everyone Eldan might have to commit is really under the command of Robben, as Eldan's leige. Of course the talk of new weapons and witchcraft peaks Eldan's curiousity. He looks around the room, then back to Aidan, "I am curious… What sort of new weapon and why even the mention of a potential for talk of witchcraft." He pauses a moment, "Please forgive me if I speak out of place…" He's new and all.

Tyrel says, "The king is in a period of prayer and meditation, Duke Aidan, bring such matters as you need to myself, Caeden or the Queen as is appropriate." He looks to Eldan, "Prudence is understandable, Baron Eldan, the common folk are quick to throw labels when they do not understand that which is happening. I'm certain a servant of the temple and some learned men from the court to assist Aidan's researches in establishling the legitimate basis for their work will do them well." He moves then to lay a map upon the table, this takes a few moments with the help of those around the table giving a moment for others to converse.

Laetitia sits back and sips upon her wine as she settles in to listening for the time being.

Aidan did not provide details with the Queen on the weapon, so he does not now provide them publically to the council, "Details I cannot explain without absolution from the Crown firstly and that is to say, simply for the research, not necessarily the actual production of." He looks rather annoyed right then, as if he's been protrayed already in some ill light. He does nod at the Crown Prince however, answering back, "As it is appropriate, of course."

Wenna nods her head and continues to scratch her quill across her parchment. She casts a look in Caedmon's direction and then she nods her head as the others speak. She is quiet so far today.

Solara arches a brow at the conversation, recalling perhaps a frightening day in which a mad scientist was burnt at the stake for the invention of a weapon called witchcraft. She still says nothing, but does offer a somewhat sympathetic glance towards Aidan.

Tyrel looks over at Aidan, "Absolution is not granted before confession, Duke Aidan, not in temple, not before the crown. You need not make such explanation here, of course, but come prepared to offer such explanation when you request the protection you desire." The map shows the boundaries of the countries. "This, is the current lay of the land, this war season we seek to improve our line by these three points." He identifies three keeps along the southern end of Laniveer. "This is a conservative strategy as our own defenses along the shores must be bolstered while the fleet is strengthened. We field more ships and men, but we have a greater coast and I understand from the Admiral that our ships lack in speed and capacity when compared to the Laniveer fleet, we work to remedy this. Marching orders and relief commands have been issued in preparation, we expect the first push to begin next month. There is some hope that the lords of these keeps will surrender after negotiation so some time will be given before seige weapons are employed, I have no wish to slaughter more of my subjects than I must." He draws a quick outline of the fronts expected and identifies defenses along the entirety of the coast that will be strengthened. "Volunteers are being sought who wish to participate in actions involving greater risk and greater glory, if you have some nephews who could use a name for themselves, there will be opportunity aplenty."

Eldan has no nephews… as so far his only married sibling had a girl. He does have twin sons, but frankly he is hoping they are too young, too inexperienced, or both to be anywhere near a front line in any battle. He does look over the map, studying the various points identified. He sees nothing that jumps out at him as ill advised so far, so he simply nods his head. As for the weapon, maybe he will corner the good Duke sometime later to get some juicier details. His curiousity remains peaked.

Aidan does not make a confession now. The stony expression he wears is one he would show his own son. It seems that the matter of weapon design is off the table, as there's nothing forthcoming from Aidan now. No confessions, no designs, no hint of research to come. Any such documents remain securely with this folio, closed and concealed away. Instead, he turns almost indifferently to the matter of fronts and the intention of the efforts they are all to put in, in the coming months. He goes back to wine sipping.

Tyrel looks around the room giving a few moments for comment, when none is forthcoming he says, "Those volunteers that step forward will receive instruction regarding their efforts as the time for it nears, the fewer who know of this movement the more likely it is to succeed." He moves to remove the map from the table. "I do also wish to bring another matter forward. You may encounter some inconvenience with regard to the temple over the next few days as I speak with the council of priests. I was not satisfied with the security they provided for the scrolls Sess revealed and have placed them in the care of his sworn knights until such time as adequate guard and suitable housing is established either here or at the temple itself. You will excuse the interruption in your schedule this may cause."

Robben's expression turn a bit stonier as talk goes to the war, and he takes a few deep breaths as he listens, keeping his gaze in front of him as he listens now. Not even the mention of the scrolls and the temple brings a change in that expression.

Tyrel finishes, "If there is nothing else then. Duke Aidan, I look forward to hearing the developments made by your people and what protection they should need. We will also talk of the roadway being planned." He looks to Caedmon who then dismisses the meeting with appropriate fanfare and speechifying.

Aidan lets his eyes squint just enough to suggest he was keeping his thoughts to himself. He stands and gathers his things, nodding again to the Prince, "When it is appropriate, I'm sure." He bows and then turns from the council room, with little to do or say to anyone else present. Nope, this is a march of a man whose every stride defines his resentment for being thrown so effortly under the proverbial bus.

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