Sess 6, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Bard

Kincaid Tournament: Bard
Summary: House Kincaid Hosts a Tournament in Stormvale, Day Two of Events: Bard
OOC Date: 20/02/2104 (OOC)
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Tournament / Faire Grounds - City of Stormvale
The fairegrounds are big enough to hold a great many people, during festivals. They are really just a huge field, with a platform at the center, which is used for performances and announcements as is required. Grass never really seems to grow though, as the tents, pavillions and feet of each festival stamp it out. And just as it is beginning to regrow, the next festival arrives.
During a festival, the fairegrounds bustle with activity, whichever festival it might be. Many vendors set up tables and booths, selling everything from hotcakes to swords. Bards play music and poets recite their latest poems. Artists of all shapes, sizes and typse can be spied around and about the grounds. The scene is quite festive.
It is a spring day. The weather is cool and clear. The planet Cri is not visible.
It is day 6 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

Pith along slowly, his pace set to mask the limp from his left leg. A soft tune sung low to the beat of his steps,
On and ever on I roam
My songs, my friends
The road, my home.
Onward ever my path wends
With trails, it twists
With river bends
On a thought my mind is set
My loves embrace
I'll earn it yet.

Bella is just roaming in from the public gardens for the event. There was going to be music and singing, so that's where Bella planned to be. Wearing the same makeshift boots she'd used all winter, furs wrapped around her feet with bits of rope, and a bright, sunny yellow dress, she has her blonde hair pulled back from her face and a yellow bow tied around it. Hearing Pith, she skips over towards him, until she almost catches up, then she slows her pace so she doesn't interrupt, but can hear his singing much better.

Pith draws a worn and dented fiddle from his the case hung on his shoulder. He takes up the bow holding the instrument carefully.

On our backs worries pile

We work, we plod
the rank and file

Till music plays and voices sing

Spin round, link arms
Let feet take wing.

As the near dirge draws to a close Pith begins walking a slow circle, those who know the dance joining in, following after until they've formed a spiral. On the last verse he reches the center turning slowly in place as he sets the bow to string and in a bounce that sends sharp notes out counting off an accelerating beat. Those that had followed start moving in a circle, their feet stomping in time. The distinct notes continue to speed up until they blur into music and the true dance begins.

Pith plays quickly, an intricate bit of music, that simplifies as he lifts his head to call the song. Each verse he begins is answered by those who dance around him.

On and ever on I roam
We are your friends
This is your home

Onward ever my path wends
You have been missed
Here it ends

On a thought my mind is set
She awaits embrase
But we're not done yet!

Kierne doesn't know this dance, but is fine to watch it, one elbow resting on his knee and his hand balled into a fist near his mouth, worrying at his thumbnail with his teeth and taking stock of the field of play, filled as it is with players— or dancers, rather. He can't help but feel rather out of his depth, far much more so with the psaltery than with the bow.

Watching Pith playing, Bella is obviously as enchanted as always with his songs and she dances along with the others dancing to the tune, with great abandon, her fur covered feet spinning her around and around, moving along with the tune.

<FS3> Bella rolls Dancing: Success.

Pith plays faster and faster the rings circling him speeding, those on the outside running at top speed to keep up, men and women linked hand in hand and arm in arm. When one of the dancerst stumbles they are swept along, bouyed by those beside them until they can find their feet again. Women in the inner circles jump into the air swung about in a swoosh of skirts. Men kick their feet up high turning nearly upside down. The dance reaches a near frenzied pace, an entire ring collapses as too many members loose their footing but the other rings continue on.

On our backs, worries pile
We jump, we fly
in grandiose style

The music plays the voices sing
Spin round, link arms
Our feet have wings!

"Competing again tonight, Young Sir Kierne?" Shepard Kerrigan's voice pipes up from just a bit behind Kierne, as the Greenshire Knight moves over to stand beside him, his blue-and-red doublet bearing the colors of his house. "I thought I'd heard you were entered in every event." He glances towards the younger man, smiling with a touch of humor…and perhaps a glimmer of sympathy. But mostly humor.

A circular dance is falling apart, energetically, in the center of the field. A great mass of arms and legs that have been rushing about to the furious fiddling of Pith scatter and spin off as arms are unlinked sending men and women staggering away, dizzy and laughing. As each ring breaks away the inner ring spreads and speeds until they too fling themselves out in the crowd. In the end Pith stands alone playing a slower and slower tune. The notes grow slower and futher apart until his bow drops to his side and he starts walking away, "On and on…" he sing-songs.

Kierne is dressed in the same light Squire's armour as he'd worn yesterday; while it looked vaguely out of place with his bow, it looks even more so with the psaltery harp sitting next to him, which creature he seems mostly to be ignoring, for the time being. Maybe they're not on speaking terms. He turns to look over his shoulder when addressed, the humor touching off a crooked smile in the Squire. "It's true. My master will have the measure of me one way or the other, I suppose. Even if it means I make a laughingstock of myself playing this dratted thing for people," he cocks his head aside to the instrument. "Especially if it means so, in fact," he adds with a dry smirk, as though Ronan were playing a cruel trick on him and he didn't mind it half so much as he claims to.

Having managed to get through another day with no reports of hostile sails, Eoin is back at the tourney ground once more, although this time very much to spectate rather than compete. Besides, he promised two of Morbin's finest ladies that he'd do his best to be here, so where else would he be. Spotting Shepard he heads over in the mans direction, the Greenshire lot needing to stick together a bit with the Count and so may others returning to the County for the spring festivities there.

When the dance begins falling apart, Bella continues dancing, though she slips off her boots and dances barefoot, laughing as much as the others, her world spinning. When the music slows, she stops her spinning and dancing and just raptly listens to the music as Pith walks away playing.

Elisabeth is free of her duties with the Duchess of Sutherland today, for only because the Bardic competition is on today and such will keep her otherwise busy. She has dressed in a style of a Greenshire maid, her hair loose and hanging down her back with a circlet of flowers atop of her head. Green and blue ribbons twine around the circlet and hang down her hair. In one hand she carries her antique Lute and she scans the crowd looking for someone or several someones.

A new day, a new turn of the festival for everyone. The buzz about the crowds that had come out was not as electrified as it was for the jousts and sword events, but there was yet an energy to it as people met up with friends long missed, or long avoided. Children ran and played about the pavilion, games of chase were about as well as small matches of aspiring knights in mock battles. Tables and benches were set up along edges of the great tent, with a raised stage ready to welcome the contenders who wished to try and wow the crowds with their abilities this day. An area before the stage was left open for those who might care to dance to the music that was about to come.

Smaller tents existed beyond the pavilion with vendors selling various foods and drinks, but also trinkets and souvenirs. The occasional juggler or face painter to be found moving about the milling crowds trying to earn a coin or three for with their entertainments. A stray minstrel giving song to aid some young lad to entice his love to dance with him. Whilst others can be seen beyond the stage with instruments, tuning and testing string as they awaited for the contest to begin to see who amongst them would have the gods with them this day and come out as the best.

Shepard reaches over and claps Kierne on the shoulder, "I entered my first tournament when still a squire, albeit as a Mystery Knight. His Grace wouldn't have put you up to it if he didn't think well of you." He glances to the harp and grins, "And even if we cannot be the masters of every challenge before us…sometimes it's less important that the battle be won, so much as that it was fought to the finish." Shepard smiles, then turns his attention to Eoin when he arrives, giving the man a grin, "Lord High Admiral." Shepard inclines his head to the man, "Good to see you. I heard Lady Elisabeth will be performing tonight?" Clearly, he hasn't yet noticed Elisabeth's arrival.

Kierne's shoulder is cuffed in plate, and clatters when clapped, though the Squire gives a big grin at the gesture, looking grateful despite all that. "If nothing else I will learn proper humility," he jests pleasantly enough, his attention following Shephard's to Eoin, but not interjecting into their conversation with further greetings.

Eoin recognises the young lad with Shepard but doesn't believe they've ever spoken before so just gives hi a quick nod to acknowledge his presense, then a "you're competing tonight as well?" Clutching a harp gives that impression certainly. Then Shepard's question is rewarded with a smile. "She is, along side Lady Nylie, which not only promises music from the Gods themselves but also a far easier choice about who to wager on." Kierne gets a brief 'no offense' look at that, but he's heard the pair of them rehearsing.

There are Ruxton colours out and about, as Solara is wandering the fairgrounds. She's got her maid and guards with her, but no instrument of any kind. There might be some needlework to be worked on, but that rather goes without saying. She makes her way along to find a seat, the better to watch and listen to the performances.

"Yes, Lord," Kierne answers briskly when bidden to speak, crisp and efficiently spoken. Then there's a breath of laughter when he's asked not to take offense. "Oh, I have no fancies of winning this thing. If I can get through without having rotten vegetables thrown at me I will consider myself thoroughly blessed."

Pith waves towards Bella, "Come along, lass, the song is done." He moves to clear the field looking about and listening for cues as to where to be to perform. "Did you enjoy the dance?"

Elisabeth comes over to where her family has gathered, Kieryn amoung them. She steps in between her brother and her suitor and looks to the others, "Wish me luck and cheer well and loud today for all the players." She says with a grin before spinning away and seeking out her partner in crime, Nylie.

"I certainly did when it was my turn." Shepard laughs softly in response to Kierne's comment on humility, "But I was granted my spurs not long after." He grins at the further comment and nods, "That's the spirit." His attention turns back to Eoin and he nods, "Can't say I've placed any wagers, but I'll certainly be glad of having come to witness such a performance." He inclines his head to Elisabeth when she passes, smiling towards her but not interrupting her progress towards her partner.

When Pith waves her over, Bella goes willingly, leaving those makeshift fur boots wherever she had shed them, her bare feet light and carefree as she moves. "I had fun, Pith, thank you for playing it. It looked like a lot of people were having fun."

Dressed in a gown of deep green trimmed with black and gold, Nylie makes her way into the tented area as well. Her hair was down as it often was, pulled back from her face and held into place by golden combs in the shape of leaves. The woman looking a touch more Sky Forest this day then Kilgour. And yes, she arrives upon the arm of the Duke of Lakeshire, cause all the gossips care about these sorts of details. But the pair soon part after Nylie gives him a smile and the Duke makes his way to take a seat. Nylie for her part scans the area before heading on wards to her partner in crime, taking that dulcimer on up from her one attendent. A smile is offered to Eoin and well..the others before Elisabeth,"Shall we head along, I think things will begin soon."

Dwyn Yestin seems a touch out of place for those that know her. Dressed in a newer outfit the little blonde woman's blue dress is modest and proper. She fiddles with a guitarra as she sits with the others waiting for this particular competition. The sight of Nylie has the young woman nodding to the noble, "A pleasure to see you again my lady." She looks back to the guitarra and doesn't curtsy since her position doesn't allow it at the moment but her head does bob in a deep nod.

Eoin reaches out his arm to briefly drape it around his sister and pull her in gently for a quick kiss on her forehead as is their custom. "Good luck, although I doubt that you will need it." Releasing her then he follows her progress towards Nylie and offers the Kilgour lady a deep bow of his head across the distance between them before lifting his hand to tap at his arm, where he'd warn the token the previous evening. It's perhaps not the clearest of gestures, but it's as close to 'good luck' as he can think of at range. Then back to the pair infront of him, "and good luck to you as well," he offers, not a hundred percent sure on Kierne's name, so opting for caution. "Good luck finding one offerng favourable odds," Eoin replies to Shepard with a smile, "or maybe they just saw me coming and realised the relationship."

Pith nods, "Aye, lass, well that do be the reason for playing. Folks are willing to pay for a bit of fun." He chuckles, "Though I think folks'll be playing for bragging rights today." He limps a little as he moves to find a seat.

Bella follows along with him, looking around at the others who are gathering, seeing a familiar face or two. When she notices Dwyn, she lifts a hand and waves, not calling out to draw unnecessary attention on the two. "Maybe so, Pith, but I really like listening to you play and sing."

Pith chuckles sing-songing, "
For the love of a lass that loves to dance
I've swallowed my pride and learned to prance
I've spun flipped and twisted, priouetted and turned
Then fell on my bottom and found myself spurned."

Bella laughs at the impromptu song, "You could only do that when your knee isn't hurting," she teases him, obviously knowing him quite well. "Will you be okay to manage getting up to sing and play and dance today?" She had noticed his limp, always there.

Pith smiles, "Fall on my bottom? No, lass, I can do that just about any time, I'm very skilled."

A smooth curtsy is offered to Eoin by Nylie, the woman smiling to see the tap of his hand to his arm in that fashion and bringing a small bow of her head in thanks. Before Nylie looks to Elisabeth,"Shall we perhaps give a bit of a song to warm up the crowds further?"

Benedict has shuffled in as well to at least watch the events. He doesn't really have the talent for this but it doesn't mean he cant enjoy it. He will look about a moment to see if he knows anyone which would be preferable to not but ends up a tad short on this front instead he'll just find a good place to stand or perhaps sit and listen and watch for the moment, he still is people watching though which is always a good thing.

Elisabeth nods to Nylie and moves with her towards the stage area. There is an energy about her as she readies to perform. Her gaze keeps shifting to the crowd, mainly focusing on where her family does sit. As Pith does a little song, she applauds him before looking to Nylie. "I think that would be a grand idea." She says to the lady before she moves to take the steps up to the stage. She slips the strap of her lute over her head so that it can rest upon her shoulders. "This piece we have decided not to enter into the competition, but for the love of the performance and the people that do listen." She starts and looks to see if Nylie is ready.

Kierne tosses Elisabeth a brief salute, eyes not quite making contact as she stops by the group. Finally he seems to discern some trepidation from Eoin's direction in regards his name. "Kierne Kincaid, Lord. Squire to Duke Ronan Crawford." Just in case. He nabs his dratted psaltery and stands up, stretching his back.

Solara is just settled in, watching at the moment quietly. She does appear to be perhaps more social minded, being seen at more and more events and happenings. She picks up some wine, and settles down, enjoying the outside time and the chance to people watch.

Dwyn smiles as she lifts her hand to Bella and green eyes look over Pith quickly, "Good day as well Bella." She greets the other woman as finally gets up, satisfied with her instruments tuning, "And who might you have arrived with my dear?" She looks to Pith again questioningly then offers him a bright smile.

Eoin smiles faintly once it becomes apparent that Nylie spotted and understood his silent message. With the two ladies getting ready to perform, even if only as a warm up he folds his arms across his chest and tilts his head towards teh stage to give those with him the indication that something is about to start. Just in case they hadn't seen. "Well met then Squire Kierne," he offers, "you'll know my lady sister no doubt then? The Lady Elisabeth." Tilting hishead to Kieryn he mutters something to his fellow sailor then turns back to give his full attention to the stage.

Pith smiles, "When first I appear I seem delirious, but when explained I'm nothing serious."

"I don't ever see you fall down, Pith." Bella teases in return. "I only see your knee hurting." She tips her head to the side and regards Pith as he makes his rhymes. When Dwyn asks, she grins. "This is Pith, Pith, this is Miss Dwyn, she's one of my friends." Eyes immediately go to the instrument. "Are you competing too?"

As Nylie and Elisabeth move to take the stage, the announcer for the day steps up,"And to get us all ready for the fine entertainment, the Lady Elisabeth and Lady Nylie shall be starting off us with a number. All others competing shold be making their way to the stage and ready to be called forth!"

Nylie nods to Elisabeth as she to steps up to the stage, seeing her dulcimer setup as the announcer speaks that short introduction. And that which Elisabeth gives before giving a nod to the woman. Those dulcimer hammers given a twirl within her fingers before they set to the strings of the dulcimer in perfect timing with Elisabeth's start upon her lute.

Elisabeth softly taps a toe on the stage to mark the time then nods to Nylie. The young Lady Haravean then starts to play the music upon her Lute smiling to Nylie as she joins in. It will be easily recognizable as a common song, about companionship and singing together in harmony. When she gets to Chorus she stops her playing and sings by voice alone to the accompanyment. "Here's a health to the company and one to my lass, Let us drink and be merry all out of one glass, Let us drink and be merry, all grief to refrain,For we may or might never all meet here again." The song sung is bright and cheerful and there is encouragement from the Lady for the crowd to join in with the chorus those that know it.

Dwyn nods her head quickly before her shoulders shrug a touch, "Oh well yes, I figured I had best attempt it or how else will I find work about her as a bard." She smiles to Bella though and then looks up to the stage as Nylie and Elizabeth start playing, "Not as if any of us stand a chance with Lady Nylie playing." Her voice stays light and teasing. Looking around she catches sight of her blonde ranger waiting in the stands and touches her fingers ot her lips quickly before she starts to tap her finger on her side to the songs beat.

"… uh-huh," Kierne remarks, by way of an answer, somewhat distracted by the call to stage, or, possibly, other matters. "I think I've got to get over there," he goes on, glancing back somewhat apologetically to the Lord, then to Shepard, before he hops down from where he'd been sitting and heads for the tourneygrounds.

<FS3> Pith rolls Dancing: Success.

Eoin glances briefly sideways to Kierne as he departs, giving the lad's departing back a vague nod before he turns back to the stage. It should become rapidly apparent to Kieryn and Shepard who are stood either side of him that while the admiral is no doubt enjoying the song, which he knows well enough, his attempts at tapping his foot along in time leave something to be desired. Still it's the trying that counts right? Or something like that anyway.

Araltaidan arrives, a little late. He has brought his lute to play, but perhaps more for contributing to entertainment than to try to compete. The Royal Ranger is passable at singing and playing but he's not on the scale of real bards, or even serious students. Despite his mediocre shooting in the archery tournament yesterday, he seems to be in a good spirits, having snagged a tankard of ale.

Pith makes his way through the crowd to the competitors area, as the music strikes up he adds a quick step and a pivot, a kick and a slide, a drift to the left, then to the other side.

With the noble Ladies wrapping up that tune, the announcer returns to the stage clapping along with many of the others about the pavillion,"I think I need a drink after that! Everyone give them a hand! And I'm sure we'll be seeing them back later. Now let us see about getting on with the true competition! Prepare to be dazlled and amazed, and surely get a toe or two a tapping." Looking down to a piece of parchment as he continues,"And the first up to give us moving on, Master Pith!"

Pith blinks looking startled, "There's a masterful version of me competing? Gods, I'm doomed." He chuckles, "Thank you, though it is just Pith."

<FS3> Pith rolls Fiddle: Good Success.
<FS3> Pith rolls Singing: Good Success.
<FS3> Pith rolls Fiddle: Great Success.

Eoin is feeling decidely too sober to make a great big noise in clapping and cheering, but family is family, and promises are promises. Elisabeth and Nylie's warmer-uper is greeted with much cheering and stamping of feet on the ground and he elbows Kieryn in the ribs to ensure his fellow captain is showing his appreciation with the same amount of gusto.

"Oh all music is pretty, Miss Dwyn." Bella watches Pith roaming off and smiles to Dwyn. "He is always going away." Lifting her shoulders much as Dwyn had done herself. "I think you will do wonderful, and I look forward to you playing." Then Pith is announced and she excuses herself to approach the stage so she can dance!

The initial performance by the two noblewomen is regarded with quite some amusement and joy, an obvious love of music showing. Solara is near enough the stage to see and hear Pith, so she chuckles softly at his comment about being doomed. Her blue eyes gleam, as she watches quietly, otherwise.

Pith sets bow to string drawing across a long slow note. "If you're up in the stands, I appologize, as you'll be missing half the fun." The fiddling then speeds the music another dance tune, quick and sharp. His voice calling out, quick and clear despite the tilt of his head. The song is pleasing, the crowd alive, and the fiddling at the end is quite strong as he closes out and bows.

Aidan has taken to a table somewhere off to the side of the dance floor on a higher seat, to see over the tops of the heads of those who would be dancing to the music which is the highlight of this nights events. No blood, no fighting, just… simple pleasure of music, hopefully. There's a few shadows with him, of course, given the murmurs from the previous days events, though he doesn't necessarily look in need of it, a bastard sword ceremoniously at his hip. He's received a glass of wine and has the taste taster go through the motions to ensure there's no poison, as most Heads of Houses should do or have had seen too. The beginning of the music has him consider Elisabeth and Nylie for thoughtful moments over his glass, sitting there in black with a bit of golden trim to match the Lady he had escorted to the pavillion. His applause is first for the duet and then secondly for the Master Pith.

Eoin's not the only one who's trying to keep up with the rhythm of the music, as Shepard bobs his head a bit along with it. When he seems to catch himself doing it, he glances to Eoin and notices his toe-tapping, and then chuckles softly, grinning to the man and shaking his head slightly, before applauding enthusiastically for Nylie and Elisabeth's performance. Then falling quiet as Master Pith takes the stage and the competition begins in earnest.

Elisabeth moves off stage once her duet is over, energized herself by the performance with Nylie. There might be some discord between the haraveans and Kincaids, but it surely does not show between the pair. She then settles to watch the other performers that are going on before her. Applauding enthusiastically for Pith as he performs.

Bella dances to the music playing from the fiddle. With such a lively tune, how could one keep ones feet still at such a time?

<FS3> Bella rolls Dancing: Good Success.

Eoin enjoys Pith's performance, that much is clear, and once it comes to an end he gives a solid round of applause to the man. One thing Greenshire is known for after all, is an appreciation of the bardic arts. It does not raise him to cheer though, that he's saving for when the ladies take the stage again. Not that he's partisan or anything.

With the fiddle playing, the announcer is doing a bit of toe tapping himself, not quite dancing to the performance. Clapping loudly though as Pith finishes up,"Well done, well done, Ma….just Pith!! Everyone give it up for Pith, wasn't he a fine way to get this going. And oh, don't think I didn't see you dancing over there Mistress Vena." The man giving a wink over to the woman in question before he's drawn back to his parchment,"And to keep us moving and tapping, put your hands together to welcome Mistress Dwyn!!!"

Well, things are getting off to a merry good start! Araltaidan hears someone razzing it up on a fiddle and he looks but it's not Virah. He can't help but tap his toe as he drinks his ale because it makes him feel like dancing. Where is Eliylw anyway?

Solara's foot taps to the fiddle as well, not quite dancing but definitely enjoying the music. There's a smile on her face, as she continues to regard the performances.

From nothing Eight, from Eight come all
From silence noise, from noise comes song
From fiddle music, from me the call
From you comes joy, a dancing throng!

Having taken to the side of the stage after the opening duet, Nylie does a little bit of toe tapping herself, perhaps a few steps that might be considering dancing. She does notice Dwyn, having not meant to miss her earlier, a smile offered to the woman with a "Good Luck!" when the blonde woman's name gets called.

Pith is still laughing and encouraging those who were slow to dance with a quick chirp from his fiddle as he makes his way back through the crowd to his place to wait the results.

Eliylw is here, although late. One of the royal smiths hurt himself and needed a bit of tending to, hence her being late. Araltaidan is evnetually joined by the healer who is flush-faced and her hair a mess thanks to her having ran all the way to get here.

Dwyn claps for Pith when he seems done then her eyes widen at the announcer saying her name. She smiles and says, "I think if I say Mistress does not suit me it will not come off as humorous as Master Pith." She winks to the fiddle player before stepping up onto the stage and grinning to the lady wishing her luck and giving Nylie a graceful curtsy, and despite the guitarra she is holding it is graceful.

Oh, yeah. This is Kierne, way out of his league. He can barely even tap a toe, for how impressed he is with the performance, or how much he's dreading stacking up against it. He nods his head to himself, forcibly running his own verses through his head, lest they be gobsmacked straight out of his head.

Dwyn spends 1 luck points on To keep her fingers nimble?.
<FS3> Dwyn rolls Guitarra: Success.
Dwyn spends 1 luck points on To keep her fingers nimbler?.
<FS3> Dwyn rolls Guitarra: Amazing Success.
Dwyn spends 1 luck points on To keep her fingers nimblish.
<FS3> Dwyn rolls Guitarra: Great Success.

She's probably been skirting around the fringes of the crowd, watching and listening but now that the contest has started, Brendolyn makes her way to the Greenshire contingent of Eoin, Shep, and Kieryn. She smiles and clasps her hands before her, nodding toward the bards, "Enjoying your evening, gentlemen?" she asks, though quietly.

Dwyn starts a touch timidly into a song about the ocean and lost sailors. The tone of the tune isn't the liveliest to dance to at first but the former brothel worker's fingers pick up speed as her voice describes the sailor's homecoming. The guitarra responding better to her movements and a smile leaps to her face as she sings and her foot taps along with the beat until the song comes to a graceful close and the petite blonde woman offers the spectators a curtsy before quickly attempting to find her way off the stage.

Elisabeth finds herself quite moved by the playing of Dwyn and gasts her gaze to the two sailors who she carries oft in her thoughts, Eoin and Keiryn. Oh yes, it is a song that touches the young Greenshire lady quite well. When Dwyn finishes the song she raises her hands in applause for the woman.

Oddly enough, Eoin knows that particular song as well, and his appreciation once it's over is clear. Sailors making it home is always a good ending to a song in his books. There's more applause and this time even a cheer as the last chords die away and it's only once Dwyn is leaving the stage that he even notices the arival of his cousin. She gets a smile though and an offer to switch places if it'll afford her a better view.

While the announcer is certainly tapping along to Dwyn's performance, he also certainly has his eyes fully transfixxed upon the woman. And stares far more than is proper, for quite some time after the music even ends. Oh wait, clapping. The man blinks and starts a bit late to that end,"Very nice, very nice!! Can't help but moving ta that! Or being moved by it!" Oh yes, he was moved! Staring after the woman as she exits the stage. Clearing his throat as he remembers himself and looks to that dreadful parchment,"Yes, yes….Next to regal us is Lord Squire Kierne!"

Shepard applauds for Dwyn, cheering a bit himself. The sailors' song doesn't speak to him as directly as Lord Eoin or Elisabeth, but he certainly recognizes a song that's very well-played. "She was really quite good…this may be a real contest after all." Shepard notes, then smiles to Brendolyn, giving her a nod, "I am indeed, Lady Brendolyn. So far the performances have been excellent." He looks around a bit, as though searching for someone, but doesn't seem to find them, so his attention turns back to Bren, "And you, milady?"

Pith lifts his voice cheering, "Well sung, well sung." He continues making his way through the crowd.

Bella remains lost in the crowds near the stages, dancing with the others to the music, enjoying herself. When she notices Pith had roamed off yet again, she just wanders off on her own, looking around at the different people.

Such good music cannot help but bring cheer to everyone listening, and Solara is no different. She taps her feet in time to the music, enjoying herself quite nicely. If someone comes near enough she smiles and nods politely. There is room at her table, and certainly she's not so shy and retiring as to be afraid to share it.

Kierne swallows subtly, jaw tense as he steps up slowly once, twice, feeling like he's mired in quicksand, then finishes up bounding upstage to make up for lost time, feeling the eyes of all and sundry upon him, looking briefly suffocated by the attention. Finally, he announces, "I have composed a verse rendition of the philosopher Cirleteus' treatise 'On The Vanity of the Fear of Death.' I will accompany myself on…" he lifts his small harp to his side, "This confounded thing," he finishes up, trying to cut the tension with some levity.

<FS3> Kierne rolls Philosophy: Good Success.
<FS3> Kierne rolls Poetry: Good Success.
<FS3> Kierne rolls Psaltery: Failure.

Pith calls out, "Lord, if that's how you speak to it, no wonder it is confounded, I've no idea what you've said!"

Applause comes from Eliylw who has been moved to near-tears by Dwyn's song. "That was so lovely," she comments quietly to Aralt, her expression awed. Yes, the musically-inept Eli definitely appreciates anyone who can play and sing.

Kierne is by no means anything but an amateur musician, sitting down and setting the harp on his knee, a visual oxymoron, a tall, strapping fellow in squire's armor sitting there like a schoolboy at his psaltery lessons, beginning to pluck out a simple melodic rhythm, such as would easily accompany a recitation. Looking aside to the crowd in the stands, he briefly looks as though he might have forgotten the words to the poem, but he finally picks out a face in the crowd and begins, positing the theme of the philosophical treatise right off of the bat, the opening words a recognizable quotation from the piece:

Nothing, therefore, be death; it would touch us not at all,
if we could learn the nature of man's perishible soul.

He closes his eyes, nodding his head slowly to the beat of his strumming, interspersing the melodic thrum with a tickle of trilling notes which fill out a boyish song behind the recitation.

And just as once in days of yore we stood brave against the pain
When the dread host from all sides advanced, our city walls to gain,
When everything the sky can see shuddered from the clatter of war,
and no one knew which power would fall, which hold both sea and shore..

Kierne lifts his head, hesitating over the image of impending warfare, letting it linger perhaps a half-beat longer than he meant to as he takes a breath to bring the counterpart to his simile,

Just so, when we exist no more, when split are body and soul,
from whose very union comes our undivided whole,
nothing then will bother us, we who, then, shall not be,
not if the very sea on th' land, and sky crashes down on th' sea.

Kierne performs a short, somewhat tormented bridge on his psaltery, hands straining to hit all the requisite notes at once, and comes out of the melodious but awkward bridge in a different key, playing a little more briskly as he comes to the narrative portion of the poem,

And so if you should see a man who thinks he'll be done wrong
to think that, when he dies, the wild-furred and feathered throng
will gnaw his bones, or that his flesh will be consumed in fire,
know then that this man's plaints are false, his mind stuck in the mire
of false belief: though he may claim he knows he'll feel no pain,
he does not, in my opinion, make good upon his claim.

He does not in truth imagine himself wholly torn from life,
but in his mind he can't but feel some part of him survive,
and in his ignorance, while alive, project his living sense
unto his corpse as it is wrecked by dogs and birds, and hence,
and only hence, he mourns himself, and feels himself in pain,
unable to grasp he'll be no more, nor feel aught e'er again.

Kierne slows, shifting keys once more, the notes careening into something desperate-sounding as he breaks into narrative, beginning to sing the lines rather than simply recite them, lifting his voice and merging the poetry and the music:

He cries, "Ah, ah, no more, no more my happy home will see
my loving wife, on my return, nor children, run to me
with kisses in sweet silence to press against my chest,
nor will I've means to run my flourishing estate as I see best.
One savage day will steal away all that I hold most dear."

Kierne falls his palms all suddenly upon the strings, voice choking to silence as the strings are muted, as well, lifting his eyes from his instrument and uttering simply,

He adds not, "Nor will any yearning for them linger here."

Kierne begins to move his fingers over the strings once more, plucking out a faint reprise of the opening melody over the concluding couplet of the poem,

Which if he could but understand, his dim eyes would see clear,
and his perishible soul be freed from its eternal fear.

Araltaidan has finished his ale and finally finds Eli in the crowd. He has his lute with him, still in the leather carry bag he often has it in slung over his shoulder with his quiver and bow. "There you are… whoever she is, she's very good, isn't she?" The Royal Ranger slips an arm around Eli and gives her a kiss on the brow before he adds, "I suppose I should check the tuning of my lute. No way I'll make such a good impression as these people." He quiets to listen to the squire singing, next.

Perhaps he may not be bardicly inclined as the other entries, but such words from a squire, a fighter, given a certain validity to the performance. Oh Elisabeth /might/ even forgive the torture of the poor Psaltery for the words clearly hold a meaning to the young squire. When he finishes Elisabeth offers her applause for the young man she has come to know as Ronan's Squire.

Brendolyn ohs as Dwyn begins, her hands tapping at the fingertips in a quiet marking of the song's cadence and she smiles up at Eoin as he lets her step in front of him. "Thank you," she says then smiles at Shepard, "Oh yes, I enjoy it all, I have no talents in this arena," she says.

Whatever it was that Eoin had been inspecting Kierne to perform, it's fairly safe to say that that was not it. As it starts he seems content enough to listen along, but as the less than cheerful subject matter drones on he starts to fidget slightly, even glancing his head away to see if there are any ale sellers near by. Leaning over to mutter to Shep he suggests, "do you think that is what they spend their time doing during the long winter nights in Lakeshire? Are you really sure you want to marry one of them?" Once it's over though he does applaud,although it lacks perhaps some of the genunine enthusiasm he offered the previous act.

As Kierne takes the stage and starts of with a little something different, Nylie takes a touch more notice, trying to offer an encouraging smile with the hint of stumble that seems to occur, stage fright perhaps? Not quite toe tapping the poetic tune to the song, but Nylie does find the lyrics interesting enough. Offerig up applause as he does reach his end.

The announcer gives a bit of blink at the performance,"Well then, let us give him a hand folks. Very moving words there young man. Fine job! Fine job!" Looking once more to the parchment,"Ah, looks like we have Master Ranger Araltaidan up next!"

Araltaidan spends 2 luck points on One for the money, two for the show….
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Instrument: Great Success.
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Instrument: Good Success.
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Singing: Good Success.

Solara's eyes widen a bit at Kierne's topic, more than anything. She claps, as she's done for each of the contestants. There is reaction from the young Ruxton lady, certainly, as she watches and enjoys the show.

Araltaidan checks the tuning of his lute as he's quietly told he's up next. He gives the page a nod and goes on up to the stage where the others are gathered, feeling a little out of place with such musically inclined people here. If nothing else, the ranger has chosen a popular tune well known to many, something you can dance to or sing. His baritone lilted of Sky Forest lifts up to sing along once his hands get the tune going:

"I've been a wild rover for many a year,
And I spent all my money on whiskey and beer,
But now I've returned with gold in great store,
And I never will play the wild rover no more.

And it's no, nay, never
No, nay, never, no more,
Will I play the rover
No never, no more.

I went down to an ale house I used to frequent,
And I told the landlady my money was spent.
I asked her for credit, but she answered me "Nay.
Such custom like yours I could have any day."

I took from my pocket ten sovereigns bright,
And the landlady's eyes opened wide with delight,
She said, "I have whiskeys and wines of the best,
And I'll take you upstairs, and I'll show you the rest.

And it's no, nay, never
No, nay, never, no more,
Will I play the rover
No never, no more.

I'll go home to my parents, confess what I've done,
And I'll ask them to pardon their prodigal son.
And if take me back as oft times before,
I never will play the wild rover no more!"

Pith roars approval!

Despite botching his harp playing Dwyn claps loudly for the youth after he plays, her previous blush from the announcer's words finally fading. Smiling to Pith when she catching sight of him the woman says, "You play quite a lovely fiddle -Master- Pith." She says with an emphasis on the word master and a wry grin on her lips. Pushing back blonde curls the young woman fidgets again with her instrument and then grins at the new player's song and claps once again.

Shepard leans over and listens to Eoin, chuckling with genuine mirth in his eyes. "I cannot speak for all the folk of Lakeshire, Lord High Admiral, but I am fairly sure my betrothed enjoys somewhat different hobbies." He adds with a smile, "And if you saw her, you'd know that it'd be rather difficult for any doubt to enter my mind on the topic." He applauds heartily for Kierne when he concludes, though, and gives the squire and enthusiastic cheer for his efforts. Fought to the end, indeed.

And then Araltaidan begins his own performance, and Shepard notes to Eoin, "Seems the Royal Rangers are a talented bunch."

Kierne survived. Just barely, but survived. He settles back in his waiting position with a mumble of something inaudible before he falls still with a gracious smile aside to Dwyn and Pith while he's freed from his nerves to listen to the rest of the performances with less nervous pounding in his ears.

<FS3> Pith rolls Prestidigitation: Good Success.

Well, if nothing else, Araltaidan chooses a popular, well known tune to liven things back up after Kierne's somewhat more weighty verses. The Royal Ranger manages to pull it off decently enough, good enough for a pub anyway, or dancing, if not for winning musical competetions. Aralt smiles at Eli as he sings, tapping a foot along until his song begins to wind down.

Pith offers Dwyn a flower he was not holding a moment ago and bows towards, "Just Pith, lass, I gave up any titles I might have had years ago."

Well! That was unexpected. Either Aralt told her he was going to perform and she forgot or he just didn't tell her, perhaps to surprise her. Whatever it is a case of, Eliylw gasps in surprise, partically when she sees him ascend to the stage and then when she realizes what song he chose to perform. It's the same song he sung when they all wound up at the inn the night of their reunion. Smiling broad enough to make her face hurt, she cheers!

Wild rover's a song that Solara is well familiar with and she sings along softly. not loud enough to be heard, but enough to enjoy. A sip of wine, a bit of embroidery and the young Ruxton lady taps her foot to the music

"Oh I don't know," Eoin mutters back to Shepard, "I'm thinking of giving up on that whole women thing. Far simpler that way I feel." Keepin ghalf an eye on Bren to ensure she isn't jostled by the crowds he listens to Araltaidan for a verse then replies the the Kerrigan beside him again. "He plays well for sure, but poor song selection I think. Still, at least it'll lighten the mood once more."

With the ranger from Sky Forest taking the stage, Nylie does take a bit closer interest in the performance to come. A smile coming when to hear the strains of the familiar tune soon coming there after. Humming along to it as she does dance a little, a bit of clapping to the temp before offering up a round of applause and a whistle of apprciation for the well performed song.

Clapping loudly the announcer again takes the stage,"Who knew our rangers were just as skilled with a lute as a bow! Must be the strings! Give him a hand!!" Applauding on for a time before he references the parchment once more,"And looks like we'll be asking the Lady Nylie to return to the stage!"

<FS3> Elisabeth rolls Dance: Great Success.

Nylie spends 1 luck points on Because my brother told me to win, and perhaps if I do he'll not hate me as much..
<FS3> Nylie rolls Dulcimer: Amazing Success.
Nylie spends 1 luck points on For my champion amongst the archers.
<FS3> Nylie rolls Dulcimer: Success.
Nylie spends 1 luck points on To get a smile from the broody Duke of Lakeshire.
<FS3> Nylie rolls Dulcimer: Good Success.

As the strains of Wild Rover are played upon the stage, Elisabeth can not help but be caught up in and sets to dancing a little greenshire jig to the side, merriment in her eyes. As the song finishes she applauds greatly for the ranger. Then Nylie is called up to perform and she applauds even louder for her musical friend.

Brendolyn turns her head to look at Eoin and her brows wrinkle slightly with a little frown then turns her attention back to the performances. Her expression is thoughtful, perhaps on the songs, perhaps other things. It is a rare moment of stillness and grace for the youngest Haravaen with her chin held aloft, shoulders back, back straight, expression set in a distant gaze.

Anything else Eoin might have said to Shep is cut off once the announcer summons the next guest. "Hey" he cries, although likely no so loud that it'll carry far given the applaude and cheering for the ranger. A quick glance is given to where Aidan sits to see if this is some cruel trick from teh event organiser but then he's turning abck to the others sounding faintly indignant, "they were supposed to be performing together.." A swift elbow in the ribs from Kieryn shuts him up though and he settles to listen.

When Nylie's name is called, she draws a faint breathe and moves to take the stage again, this time alone. A moment is taken to settle the dulcimer to it's stand. The little hammers are given twirl about by rather nimble fingers before they descend upon the strings, the music starting slowly. Before the tempo is picked on up and the hammers are soon flying about the strings, and unlike the many performers before her, her voice is not added into the performance, perhaps a thing that does not raise it to the same level as the others. But it does become quite the performance, soul and heart put into it as the hammers are given that occasional thertrical twirl as the lively jig ends up playing out, yet never does she meet a single beat of the song. (

"Well then Pith a pleasure to meet a fellow performer." Dwyn chimes with a smile on her lips still before she turns her attention to the stage, "Oh Lady Nylie will be fantastic as always." She tells the man before her eyes roam the crowd again a touch hopefully, "Oh where did Mistress Bella go?" she asks Pith like he ought to know.

Araltaidan takes a little bow and steps off the stage as Nylie is tuning up. He gives her a warm smile and stays close by to enjoy the entertainment with Eli by his side. He looks pleased enough and is mostly enjoying the music. Ooh, a jig! Aralt lays his lute aside where he hopes it'll be safe and taking Eliylw's hands, he draws her out to dance with him!

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Dancing: Success.

Kierne gives Aralt a crooked grin of appreciation as he comes off of his tourney showing, reaching out, if the gesture's appreciated, to give him a congratulatory clap on the upper arm, but otherwise sees him eager to be off and dance and doesn't detain him longer. He doesn't seem to be much one for dancing, himself, but nobody who's heard him try playing music (which is now everywhichbody) would necessarily be surprised.

Eliylw is truly caught up in the moment and the music and the energy from those here it's hard not to feel very joyful where normally she might keep herself a bit more reserved in public. Taking Aralt's hands, she dances merrily and for once doesn't care one lick that she is not very graceful at all.

Elisabeth watches as Nylie rises to the stage and can't help but dance along to her little dance as well, though not as enthusiastically as the one before. She must save herself for her own performance after all, but there is no less merriment and enjoyment on her face for the performance.

Pith looks about, "Dancing, isn't she? She were up near the front dancing while I were working my way loose." He continues looking about, "Mmm, not seeing her about. Keep an eye for her, would you, lass? If you see her afore I do tell her I'm searching round."

Dwyn nods her head to Pith saying, "Will do," then looks to the crowd gathered saying a touch loudly, "Now where might a person find a dance partner with all this lovely music happening." She flutters eye lashes and just laughs at herself not expecting an answer, but it never hurts to try none the less.

Haha! Kierne gains a grin as Aralt feels the hand slap his shoulder, but yes, he's busy with his lady of choice. The Ranger gets little Eli's red hair flying if she'll jig along with him. Ah, but she's graceful enough for him and if he'll get to hear her laugh, all the better! "Remind me to play Gypsy Rover for you later, Eli!"

Pith smiles, "Were just thinking the same, lass, but I think mine is wandered off."

After the last notes fade from the strings so swiftly played, Nylie offers a smooth curtsey before taking up that dulcimer and making to exit from the stage. A flicker of a smile, pleased enough with the performance, even if it was not her best. It'll certainly do.

With the dulcimer jig comign to an end, the announcer bounds up to the stage, a look watching the lady leave the stage, staring a little to long perhaps before he clears his throat,"Now that was some fine playing, fine indeed." Oh where is that parchment to look at, there it is! "And our last performer for the contest, put your hands together for Lady Elisabeth!"

Eoin has his head down on his chest and his arms folded as Nylie plays, almost as if mere movements on his part might detract from the music itself. He sways slightly as the tune goes on, still never quite in time, but he sentiment is certainly there and as the last note hands in the air he explodes into thunderous applause and loud cheering.

Elisabeth spends 1 luck points on One for the dress she wears…
<FS3> Elisabeth rolls Singing: Good Success.
Elisabeth spends 1 luck points on One for the ribbons in her hair….
<FS3> Elisabeth rolls Singing: Good Success.
Elisabeth spends 1 luck points on A one for the Captain who inspires her so..
<FS3> Elisabeth rolls Singing: Good Success.

Lynette has been about here and there during the tourney, at the moment she's been able to escape (well if one could escape with two handmaids following them), and is moving along heading towards where the music has been playing to see whom all is there now that she was able to dodge a few people that she was pulled over to speak with. The young Kincaid is wearing a pale blue and silver colored dress, black trim starts around her neck and curls down across the bodice of her chest to her hips, the skirts of the dress are long and flowing and she is holding them up slightly as she walks. Her hair is pulled back in tight curls and held in place with a black and silver hair clasp, several pins rest tucked into her hair to keep a few curls from her face, the pins themselves are made up for white and black gems in the forms of lilies. Her gaze turns towards the music that is being played, and she smiles at the site.

A touch of laugher escapes Dwyn as Pith just up and disappears after his former dance partner. The young woman then steps back out of the group of people closer to the stage to folds her hands politely in front of her and listen.

There is a grin to hear that thunderous applause coming after her perfromance, perhaps simply because of those who are cheering the loudest for her playing. Nylie does send out a smile to the audience. Pausing off the side of the stage as she hears Elisabeth being called, murmuring a 'Good luck!' to the woman when she moves to take the stage Nylie just left.

Araltaidan stops as the music fades, laughing a bit himself and out of breath for a second. He makes a playful bow to Eliylw and then steps in close, taking both of her hands, "Do you wish for anything to drink? If you'll watch my lute for me, I'll get you anything you like."

Kierne turns his attention back stageward as Elisabeth takes it. He doesn't clap, so much, since he's still holding onto that damnedable psaltery, but she's got his attention, even as he smiles his congratulations to Nylie.

Elisabeth applauds Nylie as she finishes her competition and pats her arm in passing as she heads up to the stage to start her performance. She is dressed more to the commoner style of Greenshire today, with a circlet of wild flowers bound in ribbons that trail down her unbound hair. She has left her lute to the side of the stage for this song. She starts to stroll along the stage like a lost maiden before she starts to sing, her sweet soprano voice lifting in song. The song about a lass of Greenshire who is approached and wooed by a Lord and could not at first be woo'd by his offer of riches and wealth and fancy castles. When he then wo'd her with love and caresses only then did she consent. As she sings her face holds the expressions of the maid to be woo'd. A bit of theater to the song. As she finishes she blows a kiss to the crowd towards a certain Lord Captain who did woo her before darting off the stage.

Eliylw looks at the stage before, once more, the Ranger's given her full attention. Rising up slightly on her toes after she curtseys to him, she presses her cheek against his before they temporarily part ways. "Some hard cider or mulled wine would be perfect. Thank you." He is given a quick peck before she hurries off to where he stowed his instrument.

Shepard finds himself thoroughly absorbed by Nylie's masterful performance, once again applauding and cheering nearly as exuberantly as Eoin as the song concludes, giving the man a grin. Elisabeth then takes the stage, and when she concludes, Shepard cheers just as loudly…have to root for the home team, after all! He laughs merrily at Elisabeth's blown kiss, grinning over towards Kieryn a moment. Then his eyes spot a vision in blue and silver, noting to Eoin, "Well…now I suppose you -can- see the cause of my steadfast resolution on the matter of marrying a Kincaid. Excuse me a moment, Lord Eoin, Lady Brendolyn."

With that Shepard moves across the room to where Lynette has arrived, bowing at the waist with a bright smile, "You look stunning, Lady Lynette, and my heart does soar at seeing you here." He offers his arm towards his betrothed and tilts his head curiously, "Would you allow me the honor of introducing you to a few of my friends and relations, milady?"

Another good song and more joy and half dancing feet. Solara certainly enjoys the competition quite happily. As things continue forward, there's a relaxed lady watching, clapping, enjoying the performances quite thoroughly. She claps and cheers at the appropriate times.

Eoin doesn't actually stop his cheering and clapping until his sister is ready to play, rolling support for one lady into support for the other. A quick sideways glance shows that Kieryn is being just as appreciative and then he quietens once it becomes apparent that she is ready to play. Adopting the same stance as he had for when Nylie was playing his listens, intently. The song he knows, he's even heard her sing it many a time before and he does give Kieryn a brief sideways glance partway through before he's allowing himself to get lostin the music once more. As she finishes more clapping ensues and he only just hears Shepard speak to him, turning his headas the knight departs so as to follow his progress through the crowds.

Aidan has been there the whole time, silently for the most part, speaking in low tones to those who walk by to speak to him in passing, but generally the Duke isn't really going to interfer too much with the musical sea of talent. He's enjoying, wincing just slightly at Kierne, though otherwise he's slipping out of his seat a shadow in a sea of dancing and merriment. He finds Nylie as she exits the stage. How'd he get there? He will grab her hand and hold her at the side of the stage, keeping her from escaping so entirely, while Elisabeth plays.
As soon as Elisabeth has finished her play, he draws Nylie back up onto stage, clapping for Elisabeth but out of politeness since his mind is on something else. Once he's given the room, a certain silence accompanied by a lifted gesture, he will call to the room in his baritone, "Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for attending this night. We have heard many a great performances tonight and I must say that Stormvale is clearly holds some splendid talent, but I have one announcement to make before we carry on with the rest of the evening." There's really no secret what he's about to announce, "I would like to officially announce my engagement with Lady Nylie Kilgour." He promptly offers a smile to the Lady, "So with that, I would challenge all of you who have performed tonight to write the good Lady Nylie a song as is fitting her talents!" He nods his head, "With that, have a good rest of your night."

Kieryn applauds and whoops and hollers as loug as he can for Lis and grins some to Eoind, "She really is good at that, isn't she?" he's near beaming towards Lis and her performance, trying to be louder than anyone else.

Dwyn quietly starts to make her way towards Lady Nylie to properly greet the woman but as Nylie is being dragged on stage by the lord and then apparently engaged the little blonde woman just claps and cheers for her older semi-friend, "Congratulation and many blessing upon your household my lord, my lady." She says it loudly but it's probably lost in the drone of cheering and clapping for the future couple.

It's really the best part about being a musician, most really only care about playing rather then who is best or not. It's about the jam sessions! A mild blink going as Aidan manages to just suddenly seem to be at her side, her hand being taken by his, a smile does go to him. Another hint of a blink comes as he takes to leading her back on to the stage, though she does cheer and clap for the good and solid performance that Elisabeth does!! And then Aidan is making an announcement, certianly not a surprise the news…But here now and…the challege. Nylie blushes a touch, but does look happy. A warm smile going to Aidan. And then a slight curtsy to the crowd, before they surely exit the stage again to collect well wishes.

Brendolyn turns when Shepard takes his leave and she follows his path toward Lynette, smiling, watching him take his bow, seeing the apparent happiness writ on his face. Yes, that would be a wedding she will not miss. She applauds for Elisabeth and then appropriately for the announcement made soon after though she steps back besdie Eoin, ready to take her leave whenever the crowd begins to thin.

And there, right there, there's the perfect way to ruin a splendid evening. Yes, Eoin knew it was coming at somepoint, had tried to prepare for it, but it still feels like he's been stabbed in the gut with a punch dagger. Muttering a brief excuse to Bren, something about too much beer earlier, he turns away from the stage and pushes his way through the crowds in the direction of the road.

Elisabeth looks up to the stage as the announcement is made and for a moment she is happy for her friend, but quickly her gaze scans the crowd to seek out her brother. The excitement of the performance lost as she makes her way through the crowd to find him.

Solara arches a brow at the announcement, but she smiles, not really all that familiar with anyone. She grins at the challenge, amusedly wondering if she could find such a song. Not that she thinks of herself as a musician on the level of these folks, no, so she gets to her feet, now that the show is over. And as quietly as she came, she heads off.

Kierne was surprised enough, but he's been off on his master's honeymoon for the last little bit, and his uncle's affairs are hardly his own. Still, it hardly seems to move the youth one way or the other. Perhaps he's reached that pessimistic ataraxia so many young philosophers strive for. At any rate, he gives Elisabeth the same sort of congratulatory smile he'd given Nylie, not quite making eye contact as he gathers his psaltery up to his side and find his way off the fields. Spotting Elisabeth struggling with the crowded area, he steps after her and silently offers an arm to escort her if she needs it. "Who are you looking for?" he wonders.

Lynette offers a warm smile as she hears Shepard's voice, she looks to him as she pauses. "Sir Shepard it is a pleasure to see you once more." Her gaze drifts over the other curious a moment before she looks back to Sheaprd and nods. "Of course, I would enjoy meeting them." Her gaze turns towards the stage once the music is over once more and there is the quick speech from her father. A bit of amusement crosses her face and she smiles before lifting her head to clap along with a few others as she shows her thoughts on the matter at hand on the engagement between him and Nylie. "I had a feeling he was going to do that soon." This said with an amused tone to Shepard seeing how he is near her.

Eventually Araltaidan returns with two cold tankards of hard cider. One for himself and one for Eliylw, who's been watching his lute for him. He gives one of them over to her, "Thanks, I'd hate for someone to swipe it." He takes a sip of his drink and then looks around to see who's playing, if there's more dancing. If no one else is playing right now, due to the music competetion winding down, the Royal Ranger sets his drink down and takes his lute back up. "Do you want to hear that Gypsy Rover song now?" He asks Eli.

Elisabeth looks to Kierne as he comes up to her, perhaps glad to have someone tall and armoured to provide escort through the crowd. "My Brother…he was there when I performed…" She motions inthe general direction of where the Haravean clan had been standing, concern drawn upon her face.

And if the armour isn't enough to part the crowd, everyone is probably afraid Kierne will play his instrument at them again. "Your brother, hm," he murmurs quietly, looking in the same direction she is, then scanning briskly for the Lord in question.
<FS3> Solara rolls Singing: Good Success.
<FS3> Solara rolls Singing: Good Success.
<FS3> Solara rolls Singing: Amazing Success.
<OOC> Araltaidan says, "Very good, Solaria."
<FS3> Kierne rolls Perception: Success.

Aidan isn't going to be going up there and performing himself. Nope, as Host, he's completely staying as one for this Tournament. Any song or poem is reserved only for one person, to whom he's currently escorting off the stage, receiving the official congratulations as the news ripples through the pavillion and out to the world beyond. It's official, as official as it can get. He keeps the Lady on his arm for a time, until she's asked away by fellow Ladies wishing to pull her aside and ask more pointed questions. The forgotten Kilgour is not so forgotten in this moment, to soon become into her own glory as a Duchess of Lakeshire. Aidan himself nods as he walks through the crowd, though there are two that he wishes to seek first and foremost. His daughter Lynette and soon to be his Kerrigan son Shepard. "And you two, when shall we announce your wedding?" he smiles broadly, nodding his head for Shepard and greeting Lynette if she allows it with an short embrace and a kiss to each cheek.

The tankard is taken and sipped from as she smiles, Araltaidan thanked by that at first and then a kiss when she is done with that first drink. "I would love to, please," she answers quickly, Eliylw of the impression that he does not play or sing enough for her. "Would you like to stay here or go somewhere quiet?"

Slipping back through the crowd Dwyn starts off to find her wayward ranger, a tune on her lips that sounds still rather upbeat.

Now that the competition is over and it's nicely safe, Solara does flash a look of mischief to her maid, before she steps up on the stage. She has no instrument, but the songbird of Weston might not need it. She pauses to look around, and then she says, "For the newly engaged couple." She stand straight, takes a breath and starts to sing,
"I suppose that I look different, without the robes and crown.
I come this day before you with no riches, no renown.
For here I am no leader, I'm just a humble man,
and I only ask you take me, you take me as I am."
Solara continues to sing to the end, her voice getting stronger as she quite enjoys the song. ( And then she drops into a very polite curtsey.

Elisabeth eventually makes it to the place her brother was and Brendolyn and Kieryn now stand with Kierne's help. "I need to go find my brother…" She says as she looks up to Kieryn, an apologetic look in her eyes as she motions to her own escort to follow her as she goes out in search of Eoin. Family first.

Kieryn spots Lis from where he is standing, well at least her family were standing where he is. He's not sure where they went to, well except for Brendolyn and he grins then when Lis comes by he smiles at her and whispers something before she leaves.

Shepard of course disengages his arm from Lynette so that her father can greet her, and places a hand to his chest, bowing slightly towards the Duke and smiling, "My congratulations to you both, Your Grace, Lady Nylie." He smiles to Nylie as well, "I hope you'll thank me for not frightening away all the guests were I to attempt any sort of song in celebration however." He jests lightly, letting Lynette reclaim his arm after her father is properly greeted, and nodding to Aidan once more, "I should think I am inclined to leave it to your discretion, Your Grace. Though if you wished to wait for the end of the tournament, then it can either be a wonderful addition to any victory I might earn…or a soothing balm and consolation in defeat." He grins, "Even if my eye is firmly fixed upon the former."

<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Instrument: Success.
<FS3> Araltaidan rolls Singing: Success.

Araltaidan fingers the opening notes to 'Gypsy Rover' only after Solara's piece begins to wind down. He smiles to Eli, "I don't wish to be anywhere else, right now, than here, with you. There's music, good company, plentiful food and drink, and a fine spring evening to dance." His fingers caress his instrument to draw forth the notes and once he's playing softly, he begins to sing the song he promised to her.
"A gypsy rover came over the hill
Down through the valley so shady.
He whistled and he sang 'til the green woods rang
And he won the heart of a lady.
She left her father's castle gate.
She left her own fine lover.
She left her servants and her state
To follow her gypsy rover.
He whistled and he sang 'til the green woods rang
And he won the heart of a lady."

The song is listened to intently by Eli who has found a place to sit close by while not so close that his playing wil be hindered. "This is lovely," she agrees, the setting, the company and being with him indeed too wonderful to part from. Her cider is also enjoyed while she rocks in time with the music, her expression blissful.

Lynette smiles as she catches sight of her father moving towards them, she legs go of Shepard's arm in order to give her father a short embrace back. "I should have known that you would not wait long." This said while she chuckles softly. "I am happy for you father." As for the question about her own wedding to be she glances back to Shepard smiling and nods a moment to the idea that has been given on the idea of when to announce it. "I am alright with waiting until the end of the tournament, this way it is a bit of an added bonus in a sense." This said with an amused tone at the idea. "Also I feel that your and Lady Nylie's good news should linger with them for a bit longer." No reason they can't share the attention, just not yet so to speak.

Aidan looks toward the stage as soemone goes up there and dedicates a song to them. Solara has his full attention at this point and he looks across the way to find Nylie is also appreciating the music from where she was surrounded by well wishers. Somehow he's got wine again in his hand and he hoists it up to toast the musical dedication from Solara, marking her face so that he can personally welcome her for further gratitude later. As Solara steps from the stage, he makes sure to WHISTLE his appreciation loudly for her. There's also a wave sent to her, should she catch it, inviting her over to speak with him. If not, then a servant will be beckoned to send such invitation to the Lady Solara.
Then it's back to the greeting of his future son-in-law and his daughter. "Thank you Sir Shepard, I admit, we did not want to take away from your own excitement, but I couldn't wait any longer. You must forgive me for my own bliss in the coming weeks." Nylie will no doubt be there to offer her gratitude before she's slipping away to speak with her family and friends, leaving Aidan to figure things with his daughter and son. "The time has come for you two to be rambling on together. I would not expect we'd be given enough time to prepare if we hosted the day after the Tourney comes to an end, unless you two do not mind a more intimate display. Otherwise, I would say a week from the end of the Tournament should suffice as a proper date." Because, can they get Lynette's dress, all those decorations, all the invites out… and everything else needed in a matter of four days? Oh hell yes, but, did they want to? That's another question.

Cheeks flushed, Solara makes her way off the stage, letting more professional musicians take their turn. But there is a bit of satisfaction that she did get herself up there on stage, and sing. She catches the wave, just as she steps down, and makes her way over to the Duke's location. As she arrives, handmaid and guards in tow, she offers another proper curtsey. "Your Grace," she says, with a smile.

Brendolyn watches Eoin take his leave and she steps back a little more, edging her way toward the road though it's hard to tear away with people still singing and performing. She watches the redhead take the stage to sing a capella then one of the rangers is singing again and she is held in her spot, watching all the happenings, like a child watching snow fall in a sparkling glass globe.

Araltaidan smiles at Eli as he plays his lute and sings for her, his voice quieter now. He's not trying to drown out anyone else playing, singing, or dancing, this song is for her and anyone else close enough by them to who cares to listen.
"She left behind her velvet gown
And shoes of Sutherland leather
They whistled and they sang 'till the green woods rang
As they rode off together
Last night, she slept on a goose feather bed
With silken sheets for cover
Tonight she'll sleep on the cold, cold ground
Beside her gyspy lover
He whistled and he sang 'til the green woods rang
And he won the heart of a lady.
Her father saddled up his fastest stead
And roamed the valley all over.
Sought his daughter at great speed
And the whistlin' gypsy rover.
He came at last to a mansion fine
Down by the river Claydee.
And there was music and there was wine
For the gypsy and his lady.
He whistled and he sang 'til the green woods rang
And he won the heart of a lady."

Kierne drops Lis off where she needs to go, and for a moment thinks he spies Eoin over yonder, turning around to call to Elisabeth, but then losing track of her, in turn. He slips down through the crowd, seeing whether he can track the fraternal half of the pair through to the streets. Or find an ale. Whichever comes first.

"I think I may understand some degree of bliss, given the circumstances, Your Grace." Shepard smiles towards Aidan, then nods at the proposed dates, "A week from the end of the Tournament seems most agreeable, Your Grace. I will send some preliminary invitations to those that may have a bit of traveling to do. While I might personally be quite content with an intimate ceremony as soon as possible, I should not be -entirely- selfish on the matter. I know I have close friends and relations who would be most wrathful with me if they were at least not invited." He looks to Lynette and smiles warmly, "And I'm certainly not opposed to displaying my own happiness in the matter for any who might wish to witness it."

Can the Ranger play while he has someone leaning against him? It's a question that'll be answered quickly as Eliylw snuggles up against his side, her head bobbing lightly in time to the music.

Why yes, he can! Aralt smiles at Eli and finishes the tune more softly still for her, singing low as he wraps up the old favorite for her pleasure.
"Have you forsaken your house and home?
Have you forsaken your father-o?
Have you forsaken your mother dear
For a whistling gypsy rover?"
"He is no gypsy, my Father," she cried
"but Lord of these lands all over.
And I shall stay 'til my dying day
with my whistlin' gypsy rover.
He whistled and he sang 'til the green woods rang
And he won the heart of a lady."

Aidan nods his head in greeting to Lady Ruxton as she meanders her way over and accepts the invitation, "Lady Solara Ruxton, if my memory serves me well," as the last he would've seen her, she would have yet to be considered of age, "You have certainly blossomed into a beautiful young lady. How is your father and mother, and your brother? I do hope they've been able to make it to the Tournament. I'm not going to lie, I do hope for a glimpse of my eldest daughter and my grandchildren in the days to come." Perhaps any measure of news would be good in that regard of his Aemy.
To Shepard, Aidan toasts that first sentiment with a lift of his glass, "It could not be stopped, the need to announce it. I had tired but the gods would not allow me proper rest until the world had known it and stopped whispering of it so scandalously." Lynette earns an apologetic, "I surely did not want to steal your thunder my good daughter…I truly never thought I would find myself marrying and yet when the opportunity has come along, I cannot keep myself from wanting it to be tomorrow." He apparently now understands Shepard's pain, because the last time he had been in this boat, it wasn't of his choice and he had been a mere 17 yrs old. He smiles a bit at the matter of the announcement linger, "Surely it will." His head turns to appreciate the good music, adding to the applause for the good ranger. After such, he carries with Shepard, "You would marry here in Darfield then?" A quick look to Lynette to see how she thought of that.

"Truth be told, Your Grace, while my heart may say Greenshire, my head tells me that if you and Lady Lynette would prefer a marriage in Lakeshire, in all truth it's not overmuch further to Lakeshire from Greenshire than it is to Darfield. Swifter if they travel across the lake." He looks to Lynette and says solemnly, "For my part, I would place your preference of the greatest import, milady." He looks to Aidan then and notes, "My father will have no objection in either case."

That was the nicest way possible that this evening could be concluded. When the song is over he will find Eliylw murmuring something into his ear before she rises again. The cider is finished and the tankard set down and her freed hand is how offered to him.
Eliylw mutters to Araltaidan, "… for… give… host…"

Brendolyn slips out at the end of the ranger's song, weaving a path through the crowd to slip to the road, kidn enough to pause for her guards and maid to catch up.

Lynette lets her arm move to rest back around Shepard's which she gives a slight squeeze to while listening to her father. A warm smile is still seen and she nods to the date that has been given agreeing with it as well. "I think that should be a fine date." She is a tad nervous now, after all this will be her wedding date after all. "Tell me father, have you and Lady Nylie set a date yet?" Well this is her father after all, there is most likely a date already getting rolled around. She grins just a bit and soon shakes her head. "Think nothing of it father. I am truly happy for both you and Lady Nylie, you both seem so happy." Which what daughter wouldn't want their father happy? She looks to Shepard at the talk of where the wedding should be and there is but a slight pause before she answer. "I would wish it to be at Lakeshire honestly." It is her home after all.

The song has died away and Aralt slips his lute into the leather carry bag as he won't be playing more this evening. He smiles and nods to what Eli says and then picks up his cider to drink of it. "Give me a moment and I shall join you, yes."

Solara waits peacefully as it seems there is conversation and aplenty on the go. As the opportunity arises, she looks to Shepard and Lynette, offering them polite courtesy as well. And when there is opportunity to speak to the duke she says, "You've a good memory, Your Grace, I thank you. My brother and good-sister are staying at Darfield castle presently, should you wish to visit with them, and your grandchildren. My parents are well. I have only recently returned to Darfield after having been recalled home for a time." She smiles again and then adds, "But I see you are quite busy with family discussions. Allow me to offer my congratulations and I shall not detain you. Thank you again, your Grace."

It is in Aidan's direction that Eliylw wanders but she stops a respectful distance away from the Duke who is then curtsied to and then so is those who might be speaking with him. She waits to be addressed before speaking.

Araltaidan comes with Eliylw and waits slightly behind her when she goes to try and speak with the Duke herself. The Royal Ranger has finished his drink and set his tankard down to keep his hands free, now watchful. He's never met this Duke of Lakeshire but she seems intent to offer her thanks so he'll wait patiently with her.

Aidan hrms a bit and nods at the matter of ensuring with Lord Rinder's help, that the wedding is what the couple deserve, a measure of Kincaid and Kerrigan's wealth coming together. He does smile though for an actual date to have been set, "And the last little dove leaves the nest-" he murmurs of Lynette, reminiscing of the days having gone by so quickly to see his youngest daughter wed finally. As for Lynette's question to him, he simply shakes his head, "No my dear. We were to wait to see you two officially marry long before deciding our own. And I should think it is not going to be … loud as Sutherland's." Indeed, he wasn't going to go through the expense of hosting another week long party. The Tournament was going to pinch as it was. "Thank you for your well wishes Lynette," there had been some apprehension of course, because he would be essentially allowing another woman to take the role Lynette's mother long had held, even if she was three years to the grave. As for the matter of the wedding at Lakeshire, he nods, "Then it will be at Lakeshire. For she shall send you off warmly into the embrace of your new life as well as she cradled you when you came to us in this world." There's more to those words, he isn't just talking about the Lake.
To Solara, there's a grin, "I would remember the women who share a Court with my eldest daughter good Lady. Though you had been shorter and much… younger, of course." There's an uplift of brow for their presence in Darfield, "I would surely love that and I do believe all of us should sup together for an eve. It has been far too long since I shared a meal with our Weston family." A look of interest, "Please Lady Solara. Offer my wishes to your brother and my daughter, as well as your parents, for I should surely wish a dinner proper with all of you, perhaps once the Tournament wraps." He bobs his head, "We shall soon catch up. It was good seeing you again. And thank you for the well wishes." As such, his eyes fall then to Eliylw, seeing her on the threshold and holding her peace to find a way in. He nods to her and yet doesn't seem to recognize her. Hrm. A look to Araltaidan who follows shortly behind, "Good evening." To the pair.

Eliylw would not be anyone the nobles would know unless they've been to the castle's infirmary or seen her around Stormvale, one face out of many. When Aidan greets them she smiles and curtseys again, this time a little more quickly but no less repectfully than before. "Your Grace. I wanted to thank you. We have enjoyed ourselves so much, so far." At that she finds her face warming and she adds bashfully, "and congradulations upon your betrothal."

Araltaidan bows when Aidan directs his attention most generously in their direction to acknowledge himself and Eliylw, "Your Grace, good evening." He then waits to allow Eli to speak for she is the one who wished to try and say something to their host. They are only commoners though, so the Royal Ranger does hang back, not really wishing to interrupt the Duke's time. He only smiles at what Eli says and adds, "Yes, thank you for hosting the event, Your Grace." If the Lady Nylie is still close by, the Sky Forester bows his head unto her as well with a warm smile.

"It's settled then, it seems. Lakeshire…a week after the tournaments' end." Shepard shows no nervousness in his smile to Lynette, then looks to Aidan, "If you would excuse us, Your Grace? I believe I would be remiss if I did not enjoy a dance with my betrothed on such an occasion." And presuming leave is given, Shepard does indeed lead Lynette away for just such a thing. A few dances, actually, as they both seem to enjoy the activity. And after a time, the sharp-eyed might notice that after a bit of quiet conversation on the sideline, Lynette hands Shepard a small folded bundle of black silk with bits of gold and white embroidered upon it. Gee, think there's a chance that might show up during tomorrow's competition? In either case, the pair seems to enjoy each others' company well into the evening, before it's time to part. After all, the Knight will need to be well-rested for the no-doubt formidable competition he will face tomorrow.

Lynette lets her gaze linger upon her father as she hears him, a soft smile seen which is a touch sad looking for a few moments and she clears her throat softly. "I'll never go that far father." Well, to some degree. She'll always be there to help her father if she can. As the lake, or perhaps her mother is brought up she takes in a soft breath at the thought, her hand lightly pressing upon Shepard's arm even before she nods to her father, the slight smile seen once more. Her mother may indeed be gone but it is her mother after all. "Indeed she shall father." She may become friends with lady Nylie, but for her to take the place of her mother? That would be a very hard thing to do. At the talk of a dance she does indeed follow after Shepard, and the gift is indeed given to her dear soon to be knight husband before they return to conversation for a bit longer.

Solara curtsies politely and then she takes her leave, guards and maid coming along with her, as they turn to head back to the castle.

Kierne returns from his sojourn out of the tourneygrounds having found nothing but a safe place to stow the instrument he claims to hate and an ale to take the edge off as the afternoon wears on. The music is still merry and even if Kierne doen't seem apt to dance, at all, he watches the fellows and lasses with an easy gaze.

Aidan is intrigued at Eliylw's presentation, clearly he doesn't know who she. Indeed, a face in the crowd but one now that comes to settle at his doorstep, as it were. He tilts his head at her bashful felicitations, "I appreciate this personal gesture. And to whom would I be receiving the good wishes from?" No doubt if she was a commoner and not a lady from a house he hadn't known of personally, he would certainly recall her now, henceforth. And to the Royal Ranger, whom he witnessed in the lists and so knows at least from that, "I'm glad you two could find some enjoyment in the events. You yourself, participated, did you not?" A look to Araltaidan, "A ranger if I recall, though there were many. Your name again?" Hopefully with title as well since one didn't necessarily to call a ranger a master or such and Aidan was the worst for remember about -those- types. He turns suddenly to acknowledge his daughter and soon to be son by marriage, "Enjoy the night you two-" this to Lynette and Shepard as they move off the dance floor. Then he's turning back to regard the pair left about him, drawing a gulp of wine to wet his lips while he waits for them to introduce themselves properly.

"I am Eliylw Cadwalader, Your Grace. I am an apprentice healer under Baroness Wenna's tutelidge. This.." she sweeps a hand towards Aralt, "is my betrothed, Master Araltaidan Dubhwyr." Yes, she just introduced him despite how Aralt is more than able to do so himself. Not exactly proper. Anything else left needed filled in can be responded to by him, however.

Araltaidan stays close to Eliylw, a hand lightly upon her shoulder. He has bow, quiver and lute slung over his back and smiles a little at Aidan being so sweet to her, to give them a moment of his valuable attention. He doesn't mind at all that Eli gives himself introduction as well as herself. His baritone only adds quietly, "I am a Royal Ranger in service to King Callem, Your Grace." Obviously of Sky Forest, by his accent though it's somewhate faded after serving a decade in Darfield. A faint nod, "Yes, I competed in the archery event, as well as played, this evening. Though my arrows did not fly as well as they might." He shrugs, not particularly concerned by his performance when others of Sky Forest did his homeland proud.

That -name- …. "Ahh, well met then m'lady Eliylw," a look toward Aralt then, to his official name and a nod as he's declared a master, "Then you have my congratulations as well. Spring is in the air!" Aidan knocks his glass toward them in a toast, "Well meet Ranger," he again tips his head at the official declaration. "Competition does that, a different sort of adrenaline than what experiences on the real field of battle."

"Aye, Your Grace. Thankfully, I tend to shoot much better when people's lives are at stake." Aralt admits quietly. The Ranger looks to Eli to see if she is ready to fall back with him and take up no more of the Duke's time.

"Yes, and now I must wisk Aralt away to his bed so he can be off to bed." Everyone knows how cranky Rangers get if they do not get enough sleep! Eliylw curtseys one last time. "If you'll excuse us, please." The Sky Forest-born archer's arm is taken. "If you're good I'll let you kiss me before we part company for the night," she says to Aralt just as she turns to accompany him back to the barracks.

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