Sess 7, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Sword pt 2

Kincaid Tournament: Sword On Foot - Part Two
Summary: Third day of Tournament in the City of Stormvale, Hosted by House Kincaid, The Sword On Foot Part 2
OOC Date: 21/02/2014 (OOC)
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Tournament / Faire Grounds — City of Stormvale
The fairegrounds are big enough to hold a great many people, during festivals. They are really just a huge field, with a platform at the center, which is used for performances and announcements as is required. Grass never really seems to grow though, as the tents, pavillions and feet of each festival stamp it out. And just as it is beginning to regrow, the next festival arrives.
During a festival, the fairegrounds bustle with activity, whichever festival it might be. Many vendors set up tables and booths, selling everything from hotcakes to swords. Bards play music and poets recite their latest poems. Artists of all shapes, sizes and typse can be spied around and about the grounds. The scene is quite festive.

It is a spring day. The weather is cool and fair. The planet Cri is not visible.

It is day 7 of the month of Sess, 229 2E - 02:58 PM

It would seem there's certainly seem that the ability of strong Mobrin men have made their mark! The crowd roars approval of the Duke Crawford's victory and the Tournament Steward heads on over to the central grounds, nodding and applausing as he will. "No time for the weary to gather themselves! Refreshments are making their rounds, so keep your throats watered down for there needs to be a lot more cheering for the next round! Our third and final of the qualifiers!" He calls out, "Please help me to welcome, Sir Cian Conwy, Lordship Charles Leask, City Watchmen Allyn Rhenfeld… and Lord Bo… oh and it looks like we've had a scratch, so we invite Prince Conall Aberdeen to the arena!!" A surprise but the men will be invited to enter the ring and the Flag Man will wait to give the signal, once the presentations have been completed sufficiently.

And then the fight is over. Roslin lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding, and she releases her tight grip on the cup of wine. "Well fought," she breathes, and sets the wine aside that she may rise and clap for the victor and the other particpants. Slowly, a smile creeps across her features. It's a proud smile indeed.

Jarvice accepts his graces hand and nods. "I agree, he fought valiantly. " as he makes his way off the field so that the next bout can commence.

Solara's eyes widen as now Conall gets to go fight. Blink. "Oh, gods and goddesses preserve me," she murmurs, suddenly worried all over again. She looks to where Aemy has Robben, knowing well her healing skills, and then she edges forward in her seat, to watch the next round.

As Sir Cian Conwy's name is called he finally pulls on his helmet and straps it himself. Though he is used to fighting in plate, he seems to be move easily in the chainmail. He draws his sword and holds it gripped in his hands, giving it a practice swing before nodding in satisfaction. Only then does he approach the field. He gives a salute to the others called to the field and prepares for the beginning of the right.

Charles has watched the two matches rather quietly. When his name is called he roars in delight, dons his helm and takes the field near his own banner. He takes a few practice swings and awaits the signal to start.

Emma has a wet cloth in hand for Jarvice as he walks off the field, the young, but nearly as tall as he, woman smiling tentatively, "Sir Jarvice, Lady Elisabeth asked me to look to you."

Allyn heads for the tourny field once he's armored and such, he bows to Conall as he sees the prince and that he'll be one of the opponents "Ah, we get to cross swords again?" he remembers the last tournament though him and Conal didn't really trade blows too much then. Well at least the watchmman knows one of his competitors. He notes that Sutherlanders one the first two rounds and wonders if he can win this round well, here's to Sutherland.

There's Kierne! Ronan will embrace is squire once more and give a tired laugh, "The Gods have smiled upon us both this evening, and they did not ill favour Sir Jarvice either!" The Sutherland Duke gives his wife Roslin a long look, his face somewhat bloody as Ronan scuffs the coif back from his head. His dark hair is curly and tossled with sweat yet he offers her a warm smile, pleased all the same. His attention goes back to Kierne as the Duke leaves the ring to make way for the others, "Wine! Where is Rosley? I want for a cup of wine, and to send a cask to Lord Robben."

Jarvice looks to lady Emma and blinks. "This is most kind of you. " he looks to the favor that the lady Elisabeth gave him and he slowly undoes it and carefully folds it. "I will have to make sure the lady Elisabeth gets this back as it served us both well. " as he goes with Lady Emma so that she might tend to him.

"Oh Robben," Aemy says with dismay, her hand moving to his shoulder then to his arm to offer assistance. When one of her guards catches up, she has him go gather Robben's sword and her handmaid to get on the other side of Robben to assist him. "Do you truly think I will unblock the door so that you may leave the castle tomorrow?" There is gentle teasing in her eyes, a quiet smile playing over her lips. "When my husband is in danger, I believe it best if you avoid the contest all together. However," her smile turns slightly more impish, "I know you too well, and I realize that nothing will keep you from participating. So I will stay up all night sewing and stuffing pillows for you."

It takes a bit of time and several swallows before Solara realizes that there is also a Leask in the competition, and that's something that now has the poor Lady slightly worried. Perhaps she can cheer both, at least to start with. She does stand up, to better watch, her hands clasped in front of her. Stolen glances at Robben and Aemy to make sure her brother is okay. At least mostly.

Once the four in the middle now seem ready, the flag will flap back and forth to announce the beginning of the third round.

Kierne returns the embrace vigorously, clapping arms around his master and almost weeping with a laughter that contorts his features. "He waits in recovery," he tells Ronan gamely, "With wine and bandages enough. Holy crap. What a fight."

"She is tending to my brother, is it the least I could do." Emma will murmur shyly, bowing her head slightly before she moves to assist him where needed, her handmaiden down with her, Helena, who will also move to assist as guards follow, "You fought very well, Sir Jarvice, it was a delight to see the sport."

Conall gets himself ready. On his arm is a favor in the colors of house Ruxton, most likely from his betrothed. Raising an arm to the crowd before focusing on the start of the fight. Seeing who he will aim for.

As she assists Robben, Aemy looks over towards Solara to give a reassuring smile, letting her know that Robben was fine and holding his own. She will not remain behind and watch the rest of the matches if her husband does not wish it, but she leaves it to him to decide if he feels well enough to do so.

Aidan does sit up a bit before he puts an elbow on the arm of the chair so that his face can slump into it, apparently, his youngest son scratched from the event. Instead, they get to watch a Prince, which isn't necessarily bad thing. It's likely due to the Mobrin Crown Prince having scratched, something had kept them. His eyes look over toward the other great House suites, making note of whose attended and who didn't. A frown settles on his lips as he shakes his head quietly, putting his attention to the four last men who deserve to be granted their Host's attentiveness. He mumbles to Nylie, "Let us see how young Cian will do."

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Charles with Long Sword but Charles DODGES!
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Conall with Long Sword but Conall DODGES!
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Cian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

Jarvice smiles brightly and nods. "Well her favor helped me wonderously and I hope your brother is well, and Im thankful that I not only got to have her grace me wiht her favor but then to get another lovley lady, to tend to my injuries. Your praise of my skill, lightens my heart and Im glad that I could bring you some joy of the tourny."

Conall moves in to face off with Charles, wanting to get a feel for him before doing anything stupid. testing his skills as Conall keeps moving to be a hard target, managing to dodge but not able to get his own swing in. Grinning at the other man. "Come on now, stand still." He says rather playfully. Continuing in the same manner as earlier.

Robben grimaces as he hears the part about not being allowed out of the castle. "But…" he begins, before he hears the rest of the words, unable to hold back a chuckle, even though it might hurt a bit. "You're the… best…" he offers to Aemy, with a smile now. A glance back to where Aidan's seated. "Think… your father… approve?" he asks, quietly. Waiting for a few moments now.

Rosley is beside himself with a cup of wine in one hand and a dampened cloth in the other, "Your Grace!" He motions for Kierne and Ronan to come and when they arrive, the elderly man servant goes to wiping Ronan's split brow once his Duke has taken a seat. Ronan accepts the wine, knowing Rosley tasted it for poison and brought the flagon from their suite. Rosley then motions to Kierne, "Here is a cup for you also, Lord Squire."

Ronan drinks half his wine down in the first taste. He takes a long breath and starts to relax, to rest as he watches the next round lining up to begin. "Sutherland has done very well in the lists, today. I am quite pleased."

Emma listens to the mans words, laughing softly as she puts her healer in training skills to work to tend to his wounds, "You flatter, Sir Jarvice." Emma will respond with the same shy smile, avoiding meeting the mans gaze as she does as she was asked, "Are you in any other events, Sir Jarvice?"

As the flag drops, Charles roars out "HERE WE STAND!" and avoids the attack from Conall, the Weston nobleman swinging his blade but not finding any luck with his blade. "Haha! Come at me!" glee evident in his voice, reveling in the fight. With that, he takes another swing at Conall.

A small breathe comes as Nylie glances to Aidan as there is that bit of slumping going on. Likely Bowen was kept by the Crown Prince. Admittedly, for much of the events, it seemed that Nylie was the highest ranking member of her House to actually put in a full and proper apperance. The Voice had gone to Greenshire, the others…had been largely absent at the main events. Her hand gives his a squeeze at the mumble, his mood vastly altered from when she first arrived. Nylie speaking to him softly,""I am certain he shall do you proud, my Duke."

Solara's attention is all on the fighting, watching Charles and Conall, as they face off against each other. Truthfully, she pays little attention to the other competitors, gaze flicking to them only briefly. The start of the fight, and she does look towards Robben and Aemy, catching that smile from Aemy, relaxing a little as she at least knows that Robben is somewhat okay. Her breath echoes out in a bit of a sigh, as her gaze returns to watching her betrothed and the Weston noble.

Cian faces off against the other commoner in the ring, letting the nobles fight it out in the other area. As he is struck, he chances his stance to a more forward stance and swings his sword once more. "For house Kincaid." He calls out as he swings.

Jarvice grins "tis honest truth dear lady and yes, I'm also Signed up for the joust, figgure that two events are about all this old man can handle." as he chuckles softly. " I dont think I could be in better hands then those im in now. "

"Yes, sir," Kierne reverts to his usual manner of speech, content in subservience and casual ceremony, continuing to glow with a subtle but radiating pleasure that doesn't quite find words.

Conall chuckles at Charles. Swinging his sword as he spins, able to land a hit to the other man's arm. Though not a hard one as he soon get a sword to his chest which makes him back away a bit. Amusement and almost seeming pleased as he grins wide. Moving in again to try and cut down his opponent.

Allyn grins as he dodge Cian's next attack and has his attack dodged as well, he grins to Cian, "I know, change of plans, how about we attack the Prince and the noble? then we can finish each other off afterwards? They are a bigger threat."

"Ha!" Charles exclaims as his blade finds some success in striking Conall, but does not seem to be too upset on taking the strike on his sword hand. The large man does not drop his blade, but instead takes another swing at his opponent. Instead he sees the approaching opponents and lashes out at Cian with his sword.

Seeing the others approaching and Charles changing target makes him cautious as he turns towards Allyn, grinning at him. "Why hello there." Piercing gaze going to the new opponent.

<COMBAT> Conall attacks Allyn with Long Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Cian with Long Sword but Cian DODGES!
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Charles with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Solara flinches as Conall gets hit, but she continues to watch. Especially since Charles too gets hit. And then there is a switch in plans, and her eyes widen slightly, a hint of laughter. "This is most interesting strategy. But I don't think I like it," she says, shaking her head. Her laughter fades swiftly, as she continues to watch, hands clenched so that her nails are digging into the palms.

Rosley manages to get most of the blood off of Ronan's face. The brow area is bruised and much swollen where the Rioga knight was clobbered in the head, leaving an imprint of chain from his coif at his temple. Ronan watches the fight going on as Cian nails Charles with a serious blow, "That's a good hit." He looks to Kierne to see if his squire is paying attention to the fight, "Keep a sharp eye and study those men. One of them will be fighting you and I tomorrow."

Charles howls in anger as he takes a sword to the chest and his own sword failing to strike his new opponent. "Oi! Come here, you!" He roars and takes up his sword and charges the man who so rudely struck him.

Cian nods to Allyn, a unity between the commoners and a certain commoner's pride to be upheld. He at least goes for the larger of the opponents though hopefully his age balances it somewhat. A heavy swing is directed towards his chest and a strike is made before he takes another step to make another strike upon the man. There is little defensive in the way he fights, he is out for the 'kill'.

Conall takes it slow as he studies Allyn, but still is unable to dodge as the sword quickly hits him. Though it just causes him to grin and tries to push closer. Missing with his own but continues to go on offense instead, not quite seeming ready to go down just yet.

Kierne is mostly watching Rosley's hands mopping up the master's bloody visage, brow lowered to attend with his eyes to the extent of the actual wounds once the mess is cleared away. But when he's reminded to watch the third round of the fight, he nods his head, once, a brisk and serious gesture, and he leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees and balling his hands together, resting his chin on them as he angles his attention out to the field.

Allyn grins to Conall as the blow is stopped by the armor he's wearing and then nods as his strikes true. He then backs off some and bows to Conall, "I've gotten a little better since the last tourny where we crossed swords once and this time I'm armored." he winks at the prince, though not sure if he remembers the last tourny.

Robben does a little wave in Solara's direction, just to make sure she'll see hie's mostly okay now. "I thought he was supposed to hit them?" he remarks as he sees Conall out there, before he looks back to Aemy. "Let's go back?" After all, his body feels that a bath and some rest would work better than staying out here.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Charles with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Cian with Long Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Critical wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Long Sword but Conall DODGES!

Once he sees that his Grace is going to be all right and Ronan's needs seen to for the moment, Rosley departs to pass on the order to two Sutherland knights to go and fetch an unopened cask of fine, deep red, strong Sutherland wine. It will take them a little time, but when they return with it, it is taken and presented to Lord Robben with Sir Ronan Crawford's wishes for the Ruxton's recovery.

Charles roars in anger as he again is struck, but it turns to an almost gleeful cry when his blade strikes Cian. Taking up his blade again in both hands, the Leask lord swings it down at the knight, seeming to rather enjoy the contest, even if the older lord did not look the part of a tourney knight.

Ronan finds the damp cloth left on the bench beside him, red with blood from his brow. He picks it up and folds it to a cleaner side and wipes his whole face with it. "That's a stout blow, there." The Rioga says of Conall.

Angry cheers from some, squeals of delight for others. The crowds continue to hail on their chosen warriors! As the man left standing here will have to face the Duke and Squire of Sutherland! The four in the middle surely know this. Which one can prove his mettle! One little boy is held up on his father's shoulders and they point and wave Leask flags!!

Conall grins and nods, "That is good. So have I, when I've gotten the chance." He offers in return. Though he is quick to go in for the attack dodging and weaving to keep being a hard target. Swinging his sword towards Allyn laughing as it makes contact with Allyn's arm. Enjoying the fight.

"Mead! Ale! Wine! Get it here!" So shouts a man as he carts a box full of mugs around the stands,"Get it while you can! Ale! Wine! Mead!" The man pauses to pass off a few mugs as coins come his way before continuing on along as he takes to calling out again,"Wine! Mead! Ale!"

Allyn winces as he gets hit pretty hard in his left arm, well at least it wasn't his sword arm, but it still throws his swing off so that Conall can dodge it, but then he makes another quick attack.

Solara for the moment can cheer both. "Aberdeen! Leask!" she calls, chuckling softly, as she joins in the cheer. "Mobrin!" Well, and why not? She at the moment can watch quietly, hands not in too much danger yet.

Emma listens with keen interest in a polite manner, nodding her head as she dresses wounds and applies poultices, "The joust as well, Sir Jarvice, I shall have to ensure I am there as well, if I am able, to cheer for you." She will lean away then with a satisfied nod, having dressed most of his wounds with bandages, smile soft, "I am quite certain there are many hands more skilled than mine, Sir Jarvice, though I do hope this does you well."

"And it seems to have made him mad, too," Kierne remarks, drawing his lower lip into his mouth. "Has it put him off balance? He returns the attack so quickly."

It certainly does seem that Morbin isn't the only one with rather stout warriors! Nylie giving the third round fair attention, though as with much of the others, little is offered up in the way of cheers or words. A bit of wine sipped at times, while her hand remains upon that of the broody Duke of Lakeshire. Fingers giving an absent sort of caress, likely noticable to none but him.

A few ladies cry out as the clash of weapons sounds, their concern for those competing easily heard

Cian gives a little nod of acknowledgement to the Leask lord though he does not pause too long as he gives another swing to the man. He is young and quick, will it be enough to balance the older more experienced man? He can not give a thought to the man he has chosen to ally with for a round. Each man will have to defend themselves.

<COMBAT> Conall attacks Allyn with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Cian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Long Sword - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Charles with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

Jarvice smiles softly. "that might be true dear lady, but they are not here and you are. I would not change a thing as your tenderness and charm is most refreshing. " as he enjoys the cooling touch as you clean and bind his wounds with your skill and gentle touch. "I will be delighted then should you grant me your favor for the joust, if you'd honor this knight with it."

Conall goes for another hard cut, but unable to give enough force for it to hit hard against the armor on Allyn's chest. Instead taking another hard hit to his abdomen. Stumbling back just a bit but still grinning wide. Dashing in again to clash.

Charles scowls as he is struck again on his abodmen, which is not a difficult target. He tries again to take down the knight, swinging down with full force at the young knight.

Allyn grins as Connall's sword clangs off his chest, well he's a little surprised by it, but not suprised enough that he isn't able to slash at the Prince's abdomen. He's grinning as well, he'd been waiting for another tournament just to see how he'd do and while he's having to wear armor, well not his rpeferred method, but still he's happy enough. He circles around Conall, trying to find a weak spot in the man's defenses as he attacks again.

Aidan's wine sits untouched, he's just resting his face into a hand, while the other is responding with a twitch or so to Nylie's touch. He sighs a little and eventually straightens up when it appears the last round really wants to show their strength. "They're really leaving themselves open.. defensively, but look at that, how they fight." He is starting to sound impressed!! Actually, he even watches Cian a bit more closely, "And our Knight Conwy is keeping up with them. Marvelous. Though if Conwy gets in, I cannot leave him standing alone against the Duke and his Squire." He grunts a bit, turning to Nylie, "Would you give me permission to enter the finale, if good Sir Cian wins?"

Now Solara winces again, as the men don't seem to do. She takes a breath, hands clenching again, and now her nails might be leaving slight red marks in her palms. She can't stay seated, so takes to her feet again, hands on the rail. Weston has had at least one Lady present for most of the events, indeed, that redgold hair surely beginning to be recognized, even with her absence for some months. "Come on, Conall," she murmurs, glancing at her maid, but surely nobody heard her. "And Lord Leask, you can do it!"

There is no grin on Cian's lips, this is serious business for him. He has many a reason to fight well this day. Things to prove to family and Leige Lord. His attack does not let up as he steps in for another swing at the Lord he fights. He may well be a head shorter than the man, but his slight form makes him quick and he manages to strike hard.

Emma looks a bit stunned as she cleans up the supplies, ducking her gaze as she puts everything away, tossing items that need to be tossed with blood upon them before she returns to Jarvice, "I ..If you wish it, Sir Jarvice, I would not deny you favor for the joust. I'll ensure that if I am unable to attend that I at least send you such." As of now though she has naught to hand him. This is her first tourney and her first time being asked to give favor! With an oh she will suddenly reach back to pull a ribbon from her hair, folding it neatly and handing it to him, "Here you are, Sir Jarvice, I hope it brings you favor you wish for."

"They are, going all in. I think they have some energy and drive after watching the last two matches, not caring to hold back from what I have noticed." Nylie glancing Aidan's way as he starts to actually pay a bit more attention, her fingers continue those light little caresses. "Aye, Knight Conwy is doing quite well." The questoin that comes her way causes Nylie to blink and turn to look more fully upon him. Did her really just ask for her permission to do….something? Her smokey eyes study hi a moment before Nylie gives a single nod of her head,"Aye, if Sir Cian wins this match, you would have my permission to enter along side him."
Robben has disconnected.

Jarvice smiles softly as Emma presents him with her favor. He'll gently take it from her his hands lightly touching her own in the process. " I think It'll bring me all I need to win the joust. Dear lady. " While he watches you disguard the soiled Items while you pack up the supplies.

Ronan is resting, drinking wine and watching the final round as the men have it out with each other, "Fast and furious." he smiles though because that's more like he prefers, going all out. The Duke is tired and wants a bath and to get out of his mail. Soon as this fight wraps up, he'll retire.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Charles with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Cian with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Long Sword but Conall DODGES!

Going all in and being aggressive, but still smart. Aiming for the wounded arm while moving swiftly. Enjoying himself and the more they fight and the more hits that land the more furious and powerful he seems to get. Although mostly from his attitude, his body slowing down as he takes both injury and fatigue. "Come on now. Time for one of us to go down." He offers to Allyn as he hit his arm while avoiding getting hit himself. Wanting to get his opponent down.

Emma needs an adult! As her hand gets touched she will blush furiously, fingers curling inwards to her palm as she nods her head quickly, "Of course, Sir Jarvice. I - I only hope for it to bring you a w-win." A bit flustered she will glance up at the older fellow with a faint smile, "I should return to my seat, Sir Jarvice."

Aidan smiles a little at least, a quick thing that doesn't necessarily last, "Well. If he wins, then we shall give this whole city a bit of a surprise." Now it's all depending on Cian to get his Liege Lord into the frey. As for the way they're handling their weapons, he nods, "It gives the people something exciting to watch four men holding back nothing. They'll do well out in battle … if they remember they also have to defend themselves, for real blades will cut them to pieces and leave them weak…" He notes toward the field, "I can tell most of them, if not all are slowing."

Kierne looks aside at the blushing girl tending Sir Jarvice, then to his other side to grin to his Master. "Tomorrow we'll make quick work of it, and one another. Well, you of me, to be fair," he grins.

Allyn grins to Conall, but winces as his already wounded arm is hit again, once against causing him to miss as the Prince dodges his attack. He chuckles and winks, "Remember how long it took Prince Logen to take me down last time? Lets see if you can do it faster." yeah, he's having fun it seems and then goes in for another attack of the prince ignoring the other two for now.

Cian strikes a blow to the Lord's neck and strikes hard. The young knight not seeming to let up, fighting well next to the Commoner from the City Watch. It will be a close bout to be sure. Would he fight any different with a live blade? Who is to know, for now though he holds nothing back, the strikes upon his torso not seeming to slow him down. "For Liam." He grunts as he strikes the next blow on Charles.

Taking another hit, Charles grumbles and again lunges forward, keeping his sword in two hands, hoping to bring down the knight with a strike to his opponent. For his age, he seems to do fairly well, though it could be his size provides some advantages. He is not pleased with taking a strike to his neck, but his armor prevents any serious damage.

Jarvice smiles and nods. " Of course dear lady. I believe your favor will bring me great luck. " as he smiles and lets you move to your seat as he moves down to the fence as he looks for his grace and a glass of wine.

Solara smiles tightly as Conall manages to dodge. That's good, she's happy to see that! A glance to the other current matchup and she frowns slightly as she watches Charles and Cian. "Weston!" she cheers, seeing if she can get any one in the crowd to cheer on the Leask. "And Aberdeen." Well. Perhaps they might hear her.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Charles with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Charles attacks Cian with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Aidan has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Charles has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Conall has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Charles spends a luck point to keep fighting!
<COMBAT> Conall spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Ronan looks to Kierne, "You hold your own decently enough against me in sparring lad. Chance and the favour of the Gods can be as fickle as a woman's heart. You try your best and anything is possible." His attention goes back to the fighting in time to see some hard blows delivered!

Nylie offers a soft smile to Aidan after seeing that rather brief smile of his own. "It would make the finale something more to look forward to." Not that she would care exactly to see him amongst the fray, yet it would be something to see….she had seen him at the hunt that day. Just….mrowl!! Nodding as she looks back to the field,"Aye, real blades would take a different need. But do they not need to sometimes push themselves in training and moments like these so that their skills might become greater?" Taking closer interest as Aidan speaks of them slowing, and indeed…two soon seem to falter.

Emma won't return to her seat, but she will grab her much shorter handmaidens hand to walk with her around the grounds, Emma not content to watch the fights any longer. Instead she will wander while chatting with her lady.

Taking a huge blow by Allyn, but delivering a good one as well, it has Conall stumbling. Enjoying the exchange, while at the same time being frustrated at the tenacity. "You're starting to be a bother now, mate." He offers, securing his weapon before charging in for the attack again. Wanting to end it swiftly.

The mighty blow Charles takes on his chest and steps back, staggered from the strike, but he steps up again and with a roar he takes up his sword and tries to cut down the offending knight.

Allyn nods to Conall with another grin, "I think Prince Logen said those same words before he eventually knocked me out.. Well that was then, this is now of course. I'm tough as an old stubborn ox." he grins and goes in for the final(hopefully) attack.

Cian grits his teeth and makes a hard thrust to the Lord's chest. When will this beheamouth go down! Clearly its not all fat beneath the man's big stomach. The strike hits hard enough to stagger the older man and in a moment he looks like he might defeat the man. As the man roars, Cian raises his own sword to attack him once more.

"The force of chance was proven to-day, if ever," Kierne admits with a dry huff of a laugh, opting for the less liturgical of the options, being, on the whole, a man of philosophy rather than religion.

<COMBAT> Charles attacks Cian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Long Sword - ARMOR on Left Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Charles with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Charles has been KO'd!

Solara watches, her feet tapping and not for dancing, but rather as she worries about the contestants. She is silent now, as the swords definitely hit and hard. Her hands both are clenched, and hopefully not quite enough to draw blood, but she's keeping herself in her suite for the moment.
Cian pages: To be Chivarlic or the easy kill…

Aidan cants his head toward Nylie, hazel eyes looking into those smokey ones of her own, "You would like to see that, wouldn't you?" He asks her with a bit of a grin, "Well, then I shant hope to disappoint." He looks toward the field then, applauding the display that Charles puts on, even as he goes down. Of course there's going to be a moment he cups his hands beside his mouth and hollars out, "CONWY!!!" Yeah, just to make it evident how much he's encouraging this victory, so he himself has the opportunity to climb on down and show how old he is to the world. Indeed. Sitting back, he nods, "They do. Tournies are indeed another form of practice. The real thing, to help know which man is to stand by your side… and how he fights so you can aid him and hope never to be on the other side of him. Each man has his own style." He lifts his chin up to wait to see the results as two go down but both stagger back to their feet, "I have to hand it to them, they're impressively conditioned."

Being a large man has its disadvantages. One of these can often be a lack of balance. Charles is reminded of this as he takes a final blow to the chest, combined with his lunging swing, soon put on his back, his head striking with enough force to actually render him unconcious.

Conall continues the exchange of blows with Allyn. Both hitting and leaving only small damage to their foes now. At the corner of his eyes catching the sight of Charles as he crashes to the ground. Then the change of direction by the remaining fighter, grinning at Allyn. "We shall see, though I don't like my odds." He offers, trying to finish Allyn before Cian comes over.

The last strike upon Charles is good and the Lord is defeated. So Cian turns his attention to the other noble upon the field. There is a moment of hesitation, but a moment before he raises his sword to aid Allyn in his fight. "For the Common folf of Mobrin!" He calls out as he makes his swing. Lets hope he hits or he will not live this down!

Allyn eyes Cian a moment as he notes Charles going down out the corner of his eye and nods, "For the Commoners1" he grins to Conall and grins, "It looks like it may be your turn to fall next." he bows to Conall, "It's been an honor crossing swords with you, but I fear this may be the end." and he strikes again.

There is a hint of color that comes to Nylie's cheeks as he studies her and calls her on that point. Had he know what thoughts her mind had turned to. "I would not mind to," oh no she is not going to fully admit to liking watching him in action. "I doubt you could disappoint me." Giving him a smile ebfore she returns her attention to the field. Offering up a bit of applause with the latest turn. It was an impressive contest of manly brawn and skill. And she certainly does not think of Aidan as old! "They are quite so, they have all held their own quite well. Sir Cian seems in rather fine condition, his leg having healed up well."

<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Conall with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Conall attacks Allyn with Long Sword - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Conall with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Conall has been KO'd!

Conall does try his best but two fighters against him turns to be the end of him as he tries to dodge only to get hit by one then the other. Going down and seemingly out for a moment. But grinning wide still. Taking a moment where people drag him off before he is recovering a bit, trying to get his armor off.

There's a woman who flails to try and get closer to see Charles, her face painted in Leask colours! "Let me help you take your armour off!! I could do much more than that!!"

Cian gives a sword salute to Conall as he is knocked out,"Well fought your highness." Then a salute to Allyn. "May the best fighter win this day." He declares taking a moment to recognize the other fighter before launching his attack. Though they seem to ally for the fighting, it was for this moment and now he holds back nothing.

Allyn whistles when he's hit in the neck and is lucky that the armor stops the blow so his head isn't severed, well if this were real combat it would have been. He bows to CConall, "Good show." and grins and then turns to face Cian.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Cian with Long Sword but Cian DODGES!

Allyn grunts as Cian hits him in the leg and he finally is starting to pant now, the wounds taking a toll on him. He grins at Cian, "I'm not done yet, don't worry." he chuckles and moves in for another attack.

"They talk to one another quite a lot, don't they?" Kierne finally furrows his brow to note as much. "I can't manage to hold up my end of conversation when I'm trying to keep my breathing well-paced."

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Allyn with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Cian with Long Sword and MISSES!

Solara moves now, heading down to check on both the knights from this round. Well, assuming Charles isn't helped right out of his armour and into some one's bed. Ahem. Her maid and guards come along with her, expecting her to head to the sidelines and ready for the relocation. "Your highness, are you okay? M'lord Leask? Well fought both of you."

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Cian with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Allyn has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Allyn spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Cian strikes out to Allyn and hits his chest, managing to dodge the attack upon himself. "Good." He replies to the words before making another swing. He misses one swing, before drawing the sword up to hit strike hard upon the man's hand. Cian managing to dodge the blows that rain upon him. Oh he was teased about his height, but it makes him nimble and harder to hit!

Allyn grutns as he goes down but then gets back up slowly, "I will not fall again.." so it's probably his last chance he's going all out on this attack knight against watchman. What a fight!

Conall nods to Solara, grinning widely. "I am indeed. Hopefully I won't fare this bad if it was real combat." He offers with a chuckle. Smiling brightly to her and letting her check on the Leask. Trying to get out of his armor on his own. "Apologies, seems I can't manage to do your favour justice." He offers to Solara playfully. Watching the remaining fighters as they go at it.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Allyn with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Allyn attacks Cian with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Allyn has been KO'd!

Cian strikes another blow upon Allyn and it is the blow the calls the match. "Well fought sir, you would be worthy to be a Knight. It is clear they train fighters well in Sutherland." He offers as he extends a hand to the man to help him off if needed, or at least to shake in honour of the fight.

Allyn goes down and surrenders finally, well he put up a good showing at least and takes the hand up. "Thanks, I've got a bit more lessons to take though I think. I may have a tough body, but I guess that isn't enough, right?" he chuckles, "I don't know if I'd be worthy of being a knight, though if this had been a brawl things may have been different. I'm a brawler not a sword fighter." he grins.

Ronan stands and applauds his fellow Sutherlander even though Allyn is a commoner, "He did unusually well, didn't he, Kierne? A good day." The Duke speaks with Rosley and requests that another cask of wine be sent to Allyn to reward the fellow for his hard effort. "Sir Jarvice already has access to our good wine." Now standing, the Rioga collects Rosley and turns to go and rejoin his wife so that they may return to the castle together.

Charles is still unconcious and does not notice the woman, though two of his guards are able to pull him back and help him out of his armor and bring him around with a well-placed slap. He grumbles as he comes to after his helm is off. "Wha? Eh?" He sees the crazed woman and blinks, "Who is that?" Some concern is in his voice. Charles says to Solara, "Eh, I'll be fine. Could be far worse."

Solara pauses, smiling at Charles' reaction. "Good my lord, to the infirmary with you then, and have someone take a look, Aye?" She waits to see how they're both doing, but it does seem neither is in danger of death at the moment. Which has her relax, until she hears Conall. "You fought very well, your highness. I am sorry that my favour did not provide enough inspiration for you." Her gaze is downcast, her attention on Conall now. "May I tend your injuries, your highness?"

"I would disagree. You have fought well this day and it was no easy fight by any stretch." Cian responds to Allyn with a nod and a speculative look. "If you ever want to spar, please call upon me."

Conall blinks to Solara's words but nods, "Of course." He offers to her. Shifting a bit once the armor is off. Having someone take care of the things. Trying to rise up. "Perhaps at the infirmary though?" He offers, smiling to her. "I have something to attend to later. Duty and all, but will need a bit of rest first I think." He did take quite the beating after all. "So of course." Smiling to her.

The Tournament Steward walks into the central arena and exclaims vigourously, "And so it comes to say that at the end of the round of qualifications, Sir Cian Conwy joins the Duke Ronan Crawford and Lord Squire Kierne Kincaid in the finale. And here, is where we will pause for an interlude—" (OOC: the finale would continue right through, due to RL, we must extend it).

"Yes, sir," Kierne tells Ronan, standing up alongside his Master and heading along with Rosley to help the older fellow tend to the Duke.

Allyn nods to Cian, "I may take you up on that offer, it wouldn't hurt anyway. Going to need to get a little better to protect the city during the war." he nods and then bows towards where Ronan and other Sutherlanders are, well at least he didn't emberass them.

There's been an interlude of a good couple hours between the last round and the finale. As the people return from supping and dining, to repairing armour and weapons, it would seem that the events are about to continue. The Tournament Steward tries to settle the excitement of the crowd with a few gestures, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you back and hope you've had enough time to wet your thirst and fill your bellies on all the good food here today. We welcome you to our championship round! Our contestants are his Grace Duke Ronan Crawford, Lord Squire Kierne Kincaid, and Sir Cian Conwy—" here he pauses for the cheers and then grins broadly as he waves for the attention of the crowds to return, "We've also have a spectacular surprise for you. Our gracious Host, his Grace Duke Aidan Kincaid is also to enter the field!!" And now there might be some startled noises, some murmurs of discontent, some excitement to see the old man get on the field… a varied mix of emotions, but there the Duke is, striding across the field in his chain mail armor, as the steward continues, "May the best sword win!"

Kierne leaves the poultice bound to his neck, the herbs helping ease the swelling and manage the pain as he binds up his chain once more over his neck and over his head. It's a mite ungainly, but better than leaving it loose for the bandages to shift in place. With two other bouts between his and this, other than the bruising on his neck he's back in his right mind, breathing slow and steadily and centering himself to stand beside Sir Ronan on the field, back straight, eyes focused.

Ronan stands over by Kierne as they prepare for the final round of the sword on foot. The Rioga Duke keeps his baritone low as he speaks with his squire, "I had suggested to Sir Jarvice that he and I work together to eliminate the other two in the hope that one of us from Sutherland might make it to the final round. I shall not ask that of you, Kierne. While tactically it makes the best sense, I rather expect it will annoy our host. More so as you are a Kincaid, so teaming up with me against a knight of your own House … is perhaps in ill taste. So I shall leave it up to you what you choose to do in this matter." The Duke offers his hand to Kierne, "If this Cian fellow and I wear each other down and you should finish me off, you're to have no fear of hard feelings, agreed? You fight your best and I'll be pleased with thee."

Ah, and then there is the last part announced and Ronan frowns, he steps forward, "I cry foul, Your Grace. As Host, you should abstain. Further, you are not unbiased, three Kincaids against one Crawford. And further, Uncle, you did not partake of the qualifying rounds and therefor would be cheating. Is House Kincaid not an honorable house?" Yes, the Rioga is not pleased with this change.

Kierne can't help but smile to see his uncle enter the field. Now the parameters are pretty clear; he'll fight in support of his Lord Knight.

Cass returned some time ago after seeing the healers, his chest now bound in so many layers of bandages that they show despite the baggy tunic he has changed into. The announcement has him coming up short on his quest to find something to eat and Ronan's following protests has him startled, his expression that of absolute shock. "The hell…"

Kierne turns with his shoulders rather than his head to look to Ronan when he protests. He might argue counter to the complaints, but is too disciplined to do so out here in front of so many people. So he plays seen-but-not-heard while the grown-ups talk this one out.

With Aidan joining the field, Nylie is certainly standing for this particular match. Already settled at the rail, though her hand rest lightly upon it for the time being. Looking upon the field as there are obviousprotests given about the change.

Cian returns from having taken a small meal with his squire and armours up again with the young man's help. The knight looks lost in thought and focus though the words of the announcer draw his attention and he looks to his Duke and bows his head. Well that puts another dimension to this and he steps up to the ring. Then Ronan cries foul and such as Kierne does he lets the big boys fight his one out. There is sword salute toward the younger squire.

Having taken the time to tend to Conall's injuries, check on Charles and Robben, and a bite to eat, Solara returns now to the Ruxton suite to watch the rest of the match.

Kierne gives Cian a 'Well, THIS is awkward' kind of smile surreptitiously from his Lord Knight's side.

Aidan looks over at Ronan as he steps forward, having expected as much, "As Host, good nephew, the rules are that I may wish to enter, certainly in the finales of any competition. Know today I am only doing so to even the playing field, not to win. I could expect it wouldn't be an even match with just three men on the field, for surely one would be fiending off two swords at once, and we all saw the results of that earlier this day. Of course one of you would abstain from fighting for there to be two, instead of seeing me enter." A look between the three who managed the qualifiers, to see if one would stand down.

Ronan frowns, "You are the one who set the rounds to end up with three men, Uncle. As it happens, you who have no faith that I might fight in good faith, just told Kierne not to team up with me against a knight of his own House. Host's do not change the rules and enter without qualifying like any other man. My objection stands. If you persist, yes I withdraw from the lists. Your actions are not of an Honorable man this day, Uncle, assuming foul of us."

Aidan salutes Ronan and turns from the field. Withdrawing.

The conversation is left among the participants now but while Cass can't hear what's being said he can catch the tone of it via body language and expression. This will not end well.

The Tournament Steward looks confused and clears his throat, "Will the three men please prepare for combat."

At the offer of standing down, Cian almost seems to bristle. No it is clear he will not offer that. "We are fighting men and we are here to fight." Cian says in a clear voice. As the dukes both with draw from the list, there is a look toward the Duke of Lakeshire, then to Duke of Sutherland before he offers a shrug and offers a sword salute to Kierne. "Fight well this day and we will drink on the matter later."

The Duke of Sutherland removes his helm and walks from the lists. He stops by Kierne and lays a hand on the lad's shoulder, "Today is an ill day. I shall not be able to trust our Uncle again, for displaying such lack of honorable conduct. I wish you luck. I'm withdrawing from the tournament." Ronan then turns to go to find the stewards and have his name also removed from the joust.

"Well, that was…tense." Sir Shepard Kerrigan notes quietly from the stands, frowning as he watches the exchange apparently conclude. He takes a swallow from the winecup in his hand, frowning pensively. That could cast a pall on things.

Cass approaches the Duke of Sutherland and murmurs something to the man, leaning in close to do so. Once done he returns to where he had been standing, somewhere close to the side of the arena. He'll stay and support Kierne and go to see to the man he serves later.

Kierne opens his mouth, drawing in a breath as if to speak to his Lord Knight. "…" but, look, nothing comes out. "Eh— b—-" but that sort of undignified nonsense. What the hell just happened here? Left to his own devices in facing Cian, he tilts his head to one side with a, "Heh," by way of amiable enough consent, and, after watching Ronan withdraw, he heaves a great sigh. "Uh. OK, I guess it's just us, then. Yeah, I'm definitely going to need a drink later," he affirms, taking one more deep breath and lifting his blade in a salute before settling it into a fairly standard defensive sparring start position.

Cass mutters to Ronan, "You go and… Your… watch… and… for…"

Solara frowns a bit, simply watching. She is seated, not nearly so excited as she was for some of the previous rounds. But this one has not yet started either. She glances at the dukes, her head tilting slightly, and then she shrugs. Men. Who can figure them.

Nylie frowns at seeing the rather tense moments on the fields, those in the stands perhaps not able to hear all that is said. But certainly no one can miss that both Dukes have left the field, and not on the best of terms.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Kierne with Long Sword - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!

Ronan gives Sir Cass a negative movement of his head, "No, I shall not abandon Kierne. It's bad enough I withdrew and left him, only a squire to face a night. If he chooses not to also withdraw, so be it. I shall stay and support him." His helm has been tucked under his arm. Ronan concludes having his name struck from the jousting list, "Because I will not participate in a tournament where the host will interfer with the finals and interject himself dishonorably. Yes, put that down for my reason." He insists. When that's done, the Duke returns to stand with Sir Cass and watch Kierne, his face stern and quietly now angry.

Cian makes the first strike at the squire, the blow glancing off the younger man's armour. The solid hit against his chest forces him to change tactics. From now on, Cian will attack on a lead foot and swing his sword towards the squire much as he had done the day before.

Kierne never expected to hit much of anything, but in warding off the attack incoming he rankles the armour up along the other man's ribs. And then Cian's coming at him and he's backing off behind the attack, just trying to fend off the aggressive blows, blocking sword with his sword, if he can, and looking for an opening to strike.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cian with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cian attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cian with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Cian has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Cian spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Kierne slams his sword up into the blows raining down on him, forcing it back and tapping Cian's arm once and then swinging up underneath to the ribs again, worrying the same spot he'd hit before.

When Ronan returns Cass gives him a look before turning to watch the contest. While he doesn't cheer now he does grin some and nod his approval.

Ronan stands quite impassive as he watches, his expression dark but his eyes don't miss a thing as Cian and Kierne go at it in the ring. He draws a slow breath when it is not Kierne who takes the first serious hit, but delivers it. Anyone who knows Ronan knows he's fond of that lad, a Kincaid or not.

Indeed Cian is staggered from the blows that rain down upon his arm, and then into that area upon his chest once again that took a few blows in the last round. He is staggered by the last blow and takes a few steps back before taking a breath and raising his sword to fight on. There might well be a limp to his step step now as well.

Kierne retreats, as well, letting Cian have the time he needs to get back up, returning to his default defensive, but ready to meet steel again when Cian is prepared.

Solara continues to watch, though she winces somewhat at the heavy hit taken. Even for someone she doesn't know well.

As Cian staggers back, Nylie draws a slightly breathe that is held until he is rising up again and setting to face Kierne again. Having seen how the man took on the boars. Perhaps that leg injury isn't as healed afterall.

<COMBAT> Cian attacks Kierne with Long Sword - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cian with Long Sword - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cian has been KO'd!

Cian is staggered once more by a blow to the head and he takes a few limping steps back, before he draws down to a knee and lifts his sword in Salute to Kierne. "To the Champion of the day, the Squire of Sutherland and Son of Lakeshire." He calls out loudly for the crowd. In a quieter voice to Kierne, "I worried about facing you since your round and it seems those worries were well placed. You are finest squire I have had a pleasure to fight."

Shepard can't help but laugh, partially with surprise and partially with genuine cheer. He'd been rooting for the Crawford squire…if nothing else it makes his own loss sting less, but…that was a rather masterful display, all told. He's on his feet, applauding and cheering quite enthusiastically as Cian yields.

Kierne gets his sword parallel to the ground in front of him moving the pommel-ward portion of the blade to punch Cian's blade off-course, and, in the follow-through, the blunt steel he's wielding rises up and bonks Cian's noggin backward. Not whip-lash hard, but a good knocking. He looks… unsure about the victory, looking back to Ronan on the sidelines like a dog caught near a mess it made on the floor. Metaphorical tail between legs. But he looks back down to the man yielding and gives a hapless shrug. "You're fresh from your round, while I've had two to rest," he excuses his win, reaching down with a hand to help Cian up and then, if Cian lets him, give him a hug and a cordial smack on the back. "Definitely drinks, later," he whispers.

The Tournament Announcer is a bit stunned himself, usually there was time for a good ale while the matches went on. But it seems the this one comes to be decided fairly quickly in comparision. Stepping back into the field as Cian conceeds to Kierne,"And there we have it folks, Lord Squire Kierne Kinciad comes out as our Champion of the Swords! Well fought men, well fought!!"

Cass now cheers, that being when he sees the young Kincaid squire win and in an impressive display, all things which reminds him of when he was younger, in his prime, and able to move more swiftly. "He is most definitely your squire, Duke Crawford," he compliments the Rioga, his smile warming. "He put on an impressive display."

The Duke of Sutherland continues to stand quietly but Ronan will meet Kierne's eye and give his squire an incline of his head, well pleased with the youth. The Rioga glances to Cass and gives a nod, "He's a fine, /honorable/ lad. Better than some of his House."

Cian takes the hand up and the one armed hug of a fighter. The matter of the dukes between them, for these men are fighting men and fought they did. "I reckon you will get your spurs soon if you continue to fight as you do. I would be glad to be there to witness it." He offers to the young squire giving a shake at the dismissive words, "You fought well and solidly so, though if you wish to fight with us both fresh one day, I would gladly meet you in the practice yards." He says before offering a bow to the man and limping off the field to the waiting hands of his own squire. A young scrawny man that looks far from the fitness and skill of Kierne, but maybe one day.

Kierne bows his head at the praise, forcing that smile onto his face that Ronan's taught him to put there. "Thank you, Sir. It would be an honor and pleasure to spar with you with fewer…" he glances around anxiously to the holy shit number of people there, "Witnesses, as well." And he makes his own way off to meet with his Lord Knight.

Ronan comments aside to Cass, "Sir Cian conducts himself well. It is a shame the fight did not last longer. Kierne surprised us all. Now I shall have to take him aside for drinking. Kierne has earned it this eve." The Sutherland Duke gathers up Rosley and prepares to depart.

Cian comes off the field and looks toward the Lakeshire box and offers a sword salute to the Duke and Lady Kilgour, "I hope that I may still honour you both in the Joust." He calls out before going back to the business of unarmouring from one event to wait for the call for the next.

"It would have been nice, yes," comes the ready and easy response from Caswallawn, "but sometimes a fight lasts exactly as long as it's supposed to, not one sword stroke more or less." Stopping himself from waxing further upon that line of thought, he merely adds, "Go get that boy a woman for the night as well, if he'll have one. He deserves that as well."

"Or a laddy if thats to his tastes!" A call is heard from the commoners to a bit of laughter.

Nylie bows her head towards Cian to indicate that he shall, a smile offered towards the Knight as well. He had performed well through the event, to come in second wasn't a poor showing considering all the men that had been upon that field that day. No quite yelling back, as that's not be entirely mannerly.

The Crawford is departing but Ronan hasn't gone so far that he doesn't pause to catch Cass's words. Ronan then tips his head back and laughs, "Aye! A very good suggestion, Sir Cass! I shall see if I can find one willing." The Duke smiles and gives his knight a wink, "But do not let the Crown Prince find out." Oih, the heckling about finding Kierne a /lad/ to bed him, well, the Rioga Duke gives them a dark look. Ronan doesn't think that's very funny. He thins his mouth, "He's got to learn to become a man, not be a man's plaything."

When he sees Sir Cian departing the ring, Ronan lays his fist to his heart to salute his fellow knight. If Cian catches it. Then the Rioga goes to mingle with others. Perhaps Ronan will remain to watch the joust even if he shall not take part, now.

A bow is given to Cian and then he turns to bow to the nobles in the stands just before a man and a young boy whose age is hard to tell thanks to the beraggled nature of his clothing and how gaunt his build is. A quiet conversation is had before the three of them leave, Cass only pausing long enough to say to Ronan on his way out of the grounds, "I got a bit of business to attend to, Your Grace. I will be gone for most of the evening. If you have need of me, I'll be at the tavern or the pavillion."

Cian looks up to Ronan and nods to the salute. "You have a fine squire Sir Crawford." He offers, recognizing him in this moment as a knight and speaking to him as a fighting man. "I am glad he was not forced to choose between house and Knight this day because it would not have been an easy thing. I will look forward to the day when I will cross blades with him as a Knight for I think such a day is not far off if this his normal manner of fighting." He calls out to the Duke before giving him a salute in return. Then he is following his own squire into a tent to rest before the joust.

Ronan stops when Cian chooses to speak to him. He gives Cass a nod, "Very well, Sir." The Duke's attention returns to Cian. He smils to his fellow knight, "Thank you, Sir. I had told him not to team up with me against you, for it was not a fair thing to ask of him. It would have been a fair fight, had we been given the chance. Aye, me thinks you are right that Kierne will earn this spurs in the coming year. All that he lacks now is self confidence but war has a way of tempering men. He will learn to lead them, yet." Ronan lets the other man depart with his own squire, and as for himself? Well, now he'll have no more to do with the dishonorable host of the tournament this evening, the Rioga Duke removes himself to go drink with his squire, instead.

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