Sess 7, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Sword

Kincaid Tournament: Sword On Foot - Part One
Summary: Third day of Tournament in the City of Stormvale, Hosted by House Kincaid, The Sword On Foot
OOC Date: 21/02/2014 (OOC)
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Tournament / Faire Grounds — City of Stormvale
The fairegrounds are big enough to hold a great many people, during festivals. They are really just a huge field, with a platform at the center, which is used for performances and announcements as is required. Grass never really seems to grow though, as the tents, pavillions and feet of each festival stamp it out. And just as it is beginning to regrow, the next festival arrives.
During a festival, the fairegrounds bustle with activity, whichever festival it might be. Many vendors set up tables and booths, selling everything from hotcakes to swords. Bards play music and poets recite their latest poems. Artists of all shapes, sizes and typse can be spied around and about the grounds. The scene is quite festive.

It is a spring day. The weather is cool and fair. The planet Cri is not visible.

It is day 7 of the month of Sess, 229 2E - 02:58 PM

Harmon darts about chasing and being chased by a squad of rangers, a fleet of children, a handful of lords and a choice selection of ladies. Each are armed with tiny bows and arrows with clot bundle tips that have been dipped in chalk. Not a one of them is unscathed as the 'battle' has been going on throughout the day. Harmon looks quite riebald with patches of black, white and blue on his face where he's been struck, though he looks better than most. The rioutous group begins to break off with a few final volleys as the horde disperses to find places to watch the sword on foot competition.

Emma is already here, quite excited as this will be the first tournament she's ever attended. She's sat with her handmaiden Helena, a lovely rotund woman of brunette hair. Emma is dressed for this beautiful spring weather in a lovely dress of deep green with a neckline that skims just below her collarbone, dress fitted to her form though the skirts flare out, sleeves down to her wrists, neatly embroidered in silver. The incredibly tall girl rises above her contemporaries easily, and thus gets quite a good view as she sits above even some mens heads. Her smile is bright and wide, young woman leaning down and into her handmaiden to murmur, her keen green-blue eyes keeping watch for other lady nobles she calls friends, lifting a hand up to wave as she spots a few here and there.

Watching the game before the games, Kyra stands on the sidelines, laughing at the chalk puffs decorating the noble man playing with the children. As the participants begin to gather, she switches her attention there briefly, but since nothing is happening, she walks over to the familiar Harmon. "It looks like you lost," she observes, trying to keep the glee at that fact out of her voice.

Kierne is finally dressed appropriately for the event, having looked rather ungainly shooting arrows in his armor and even odder playing his damned harp in it. At last he seems more or less in place, lurking alongside his master Knight and now and then murmuring softly aside to him.

Ronan has arrived early to see the set up, to speak with several people and see that his squire, Kierne, and Sir Jarvice, Sir Cass, and any others representing Sutherland in the Sword on Foot today have everything they require. Rosley stands attentive to assist with refreshments or an extra pair of hands if straps need to be checked or adjusted. The Duke himself stands near to the ring kitted out in chain maile instead of his more usual blackened plate armour. A blue surcoat lays over the metal links displaying the House Crawford crest. As the final preparations for the first round are being sorted out by Duke Kincaid and the Marshal of the List, Ronan turns his head to look for Roslin in the stands where he hopes to see her seated to watch the day's event.

The third day of the tournament is marked by the morning spring rains, puddles slowly drying out now as the sun makes its appearance in the afternoon. The air is full of movement to fill the grounds with the constant flap of damp banners and flags. Over the entry gate to the tournament grounds flies high the Kilgour flag, in honour of the Ruler of Mobrin, as is customary. On either side of the great Kilgour flag, are the standards of House Kincaid - black and silver stirring up with each breeze of passing.

Within the tournament grounds themselves, even more decorative heraldry has presented itself, as if the Tournament was one of all Houses and not specifically sponsored by the Kincaid Family. Upon the rises of cushioned seats for nobility, there seems to be marked representations for each of the Great Houses of Mobrin, with luxurious seats provided for the Head of these Great Houses. One will find Greenshire, Sky Forest, Sutherland, Weston, Lakeshire, and Darfield - divided and spaced out by obvious decorations, such as having the railings painted and cushions made of the major house colour. The fans of such houses and the vassals to them, will undoubtedly find themselves wishing to close in around said areas, while the commoners suffer the spaces to stand where they can.

The tourney grounds have been altered to suit the needs of a pitched battle of blades on foot. Stacks of hay bales have been built high at intervals around the arena, each one posted with a pennant of the competitor who will start the competition at the bales. The grounds have been made muddy in patches by the spring rain, making the going treacherous by foot in places that aren't necessarily obvious to the eye.

Once the galleries for the nobles have filled and the noise of the commoners begins to escalate as they wait for the games to begin, the Duke of Lakeshire stands from his seat and the Tournament Steward on the field begins the speech, "Welcome back good people of Mobrin to the first Tournament of the new year, made possible by the generous host, His Grace, Duke Aidan Kincaid of Lakeshire." The Steward points up toward the decorated suite in the gallery to where the Duke stands, now offering a wave to the cheer that follows.

The Steward carries on once the crowds have calmed, "As your Tournament Steward, it is my delight to welcome back all those who will be competing in this day's event, the most anticipated and talked about, the sword on foot! Please welcome Sir Caswallawn Maxwell, Sir Shepard Kerrigan, Lord Squire Kierne Kincaid, and Lord Benedict Eberlin to the ring!"

Jarvice stands on the side lines, His maile drapped over his body as he wears his tabbard, sword on his hip as he watches the group of fighters getting ready to enter the ring to compete and then checks the board to see what his group is and whom he'll be fighting. Upon seeing the names listed he arches a brow a bit and grins "Well this should be an interesting event. "

Ah, another day, and the tournament continues. Solara is out, muddy day or not. Her skirts are lifted slightly to walk, her boots quite solid creations of leather, meant for the mud, and to keep the Lady from landing embarrassingly in said mud. Her guards in Ruxton Livery are there, as is her maid, the group moving towards the Ruxton suite at a lazy pace.

Old Gus, Harmon's guy-Friday, hands the count a damp cloth. "Testing out a new type of woad, milord?"

Harmon laughs, "That's quite good, Gus, have you been thinking on that since this morning or did you just come up with it on the spot?"

Old Gus sighs, "Since yesterday, milord, when I saw the toy vendor and knew it would not escape your notice."

Harmon then turn his attention to the woman approaching him, "I'll excuse the slip, Miss, as I'm not exactly dressed in my finest, but you will address me as your excelency or my lord." He sets the cloth to his face wiping away the chalk, "Do I know you in some fashion?"

Cass has been oddly quiet, much like he was during their trip out to the woods during the hunt a bit ago. There's no attempt to make jokes, no effort made to engage many in conversation save the Duke if he seems inclined to a chat pre-contest. He's currently standing by the Duke on his left, he too in naught but chain, his blunted sword in hand.

Benedict has readied himself for the tournament and gives his armor and weapon a once last over before he deems it ready for usage, he'll look to the stands a moment trying to spot a few people before hearing the call for them to join the in the ring for the tournament to begin, he'll grab his helm before stepping over into the ring placing it on easily. He has prepared the best he can and now it's just time to see what happens.

Already in the stands, Aemy is seated, watching several of the participants, likely the Kincaids and Ruxtons for the most part. She is dressed in the colors of her house and sits straight and proper, her handmaid at her side. As the competition is set to begin, blue eyes seek and find Robben.

Having arrived with a few servants who are carrying his equipment, Hadrian moves onto the field. The man seems to look calm and relaxed. His hands are behind his head as he walks and a soft whistling can be heard from his lips. His spirits were high. Maybe he knew something that no one else did. He moves to the waiting area and then turns to his servants, nodding to them. One brings his armor to him and they help him with it, putting it own and start to secure the straps. A glance around the area is given, looking towards those gathered. A few nods are giving to such like Ronan, Harmon, but his attention draws to Kyra, who seems to have the nobles eye for a moment, briefly.

The tourney grounds will find Blian with mud caked up to his knees, Some on his arse as well. No instrumetn today but he does carry some cheap bottle of wine. A glaze to his eyes to match his happy smile. With his maimed appendage he lifts the jug and drinks deep. "WOOOOO!" He shouts now as he turns and swats some poor lasses behind in passing. "TOURNEY!!!" Yea, he seems happy, or in his cups and ready to watch folks beat on each other. He sees Kyra, but she is mixing it up with some noble so he strays futher into the crowd where there is standing room only. With the Stewerd speaking up he quiets down and adds to the cheer for the duke. Yeaaa!!!Something somethig!!theDukeyayyy!!!1" He is more drinking as he shouts but the shouts are loud.

Emerit sits where Emma and Roslin are seated. The Moniwid wears a dress of dark green sammit, with silver snakes embroidered onto it. Two Moniwid guards and her trusted chaperone Valaria are close by to watch over her. Emerit's cheeks are slightly flushed from all of the excitement, she smiles as she leans over to Emma as she addresses her. "Oh my, so many people. Have you ever seen such a great event, with so many valiant men?" Her voice is trembling a touch, as she adds: "One of our knights is to compete too, Sir Benedict Eberlin, of Rustles isle… I only hope he fares well…!" Moss green eyes lighten up as she glimpses him. "There… there he is, can you see him, Lady Emma?"

Victoria is stood with the commoners, despite her new position with House Haravean which would allow her to join the throng of nobles quite easily. However she is not here today to cheer for the noble-born, no, she's here to cheer on her fellow common born, the Huntress dressed in her usual tight leather pants with knee grazing leather boots, though now with spring having sprung she's able to show off her sense of style with a lovely blousey tunic of white that's neatly tied at the front with lacings, a rib snugging and waist trimming (not that she needs it) leather bodice of black worn that cinches up beneath her ladies which are wantonly shown off beneath those lacings. Long black hair has been tamed down, loose natural waves than the usual crazy curls that usually come about with humidity, the woman already having snagged a drink and a snack. Sat upon a bale of hay she has ankles crossed, skin in hand that she drinks from, waiting for the delightful tourney to begin, raising up her voice to hollar out, "BRING OUT THE COMMONERS!!! Test them against the might of the nobility!!" A few choruses will join up with her, the Huntress grinning broadly.

Kierne lets Rosley check his fastenings, turning his back to the young man and looking over his shoulder with a brief shake of his head when asked if he needs a nip of something to drink before heading onto the field. There will be time for drinking later tonight, and Kierne will surely take advantage of said time. But for now he's being summoned from his Master's side, and he turns and looks back at Ronan with eyes like those of a lonesome hound about to be abandoned. But Ronan is looking into the stands, so he looks back to the field, finally squaring up his shoulders and hustling out that way.

When Ronan casts his eyes to the stand, he will be able to see his wife rather easily. She's wearing blue again, in support of the house of which she is now the female head - blue brocade with cream paisly embroidered into it, a matching bodice and underskirt. She wears her usual eight-pointed star of silver, and a few strands of pearls woven into her crown of braids. She is smiling, brightly and proudly at the man down below, but she is enough of a Princess to smile to the other contenders too. She has a firm hold on Elizabeth's hand, beside her. She sits beside Emerit, and on the other side of her is Emma. She speaks low, so only the ladies will hear.

Lifting her shoulders, Kyra offers a careless shrug. "Or I won't address you at all." Easy as that, she pivots on the ball of her foot and changes direction, ignoring the last question he asks, tossing her head, leaving her red hair to tumble down her back in a mass of waves as she heads for the stands.

Hey Sutherland knights aren't the only folks from Sutherland that are here to compete today in the tournament, you have commoners such as a member of the city watch like Allyn, he didn't do too badly in the last tournament and has decided to enter todays, though his group is later on. He wanders around aimlessly to watch the first group of people get ready. Well, no Prince Logen of Prince Tyrel this time, maybe next time he'll get a chance to avenge his loss to Logen last time, though this time he wont be doing it unarmored.

Present here as well, Robben is looking around at the other competitors, expression rather distant as he watches them now. After a few moments of watching the others competing, he looks up towards the stands, gaze moving along the various people until he spots Aemy. His expression lightens up for a few moments, giving her a wide smile and a bit of a salute. 'For you!' he mouths towards her, hoping she'll catch that.

Being in the first group of competitors for the day, Sir Shepard Kerrigan arrived a bit early, taking a few moments to make sure his Cousin Rozenwyn was situated in the Greenshire cheering section, before letting his squire give one more inspection of his chain mail, and placing his open-face helm on his head. Always need to protect your noggin in events like this! He gives Rozenwyn a smile, and then moves towards the bale of hay that's marked with the Kerrigan pennant. Of note, a length of black silk is tied around his upper right arm, decorated with embroidery of gold and white lilies. As he takes his position, he offers a salute towards the host's suite, eyes searching for a certain Lady for a moment, before offering a second salute towards the rest of the nobles gathered, and finally a third inwards towards the arena, for his opponents. A brief grin can be seen beneath the open-faced helm. It's been a while since he's competed…he's actually finding himself looking forward to it.

Harmon looks to Gus for a moment, Gus looks back, then both men look towards Kyra. "A woman who gave you a night you would never forget, milord?" Gus hazzards a guess.

"Apparently not, Gus, apparently not, but apparently I gave her one." Harmon replies.

There is no one in the stands for Cass to look for, no one to seek support from. Such is the life of a man who has dedicated himself solely to the life of a knight and sought out nothing else for himself. Ronan is given a bob of his head before the commoner knight makes his way towards the field, his helmet slipped onto place over his head and buckled in place, the strap under his chin tight enough to hopefully make sure that the helm will stay in place if he takes a good blow to the head.

Emma will blush at Emerits words, nodding her head as she searches the round of men to look, easily spotting the men, "Oh! There he is! you must be so excited, I'm sure he will show quite well." Emma breathes out enthusiastically, a hand upon her chest as already her heart beats so quickly with all the excitement and naught has happened yet! "Will you cast him your favor, Princess Emerit?" Asked with a glance of her sea-broiled gaze of blue and green, tilting her head in to listen to Roslins words, lips pressing together in uncertainty, her head shaking as she leans in to murmur back.

Aemy does catch it and places a hand over her heart briefly, her smile loving as she directs it at her husband. The talk around her is missed completely and she concentrates on her family for now.

Lynette is sitting with her handmaidens within the gallery , near the front mind you, alright right near the front and why not? Best view after all! The young Kincaid is dressed in a silver dress, black trim across the collar of her dress, along with it found across the skirts in a slight pattern. Her hair is done in braids and pulled back in a lose ponytail, several hair pins of black and white jewled lilies rest within her hair pulling a few strands from her face. Her gaze drifts over the field, taking in the voices and comments before there is one knight that does indeed get her attention. A warm smile is seen and a wave is sent towards Shepard. Yep she sees him over thar.

The Tournament Steward is ensuring that the four called have made their respective shows of honour to the Host before they are each shown to the 'four' corners of the arena. Another man stands in the middle with a raise flag, about to wave it once all have shown their readiness.

Arriving to the field is Charles Leask, lordship of Brookfield. He stands close to the field awaiting his turn he observes. Charles wears the chain armor that many would wear for such things, his surcoat of yellow with the black bear displaying his house's sigil. A sword is held in his right gauntleted hand, and his greathelm crafted to look like a bear's head in his left. There should be some pity given to the armorsmith, having to craft armor so wide and tall. His jovial tone is evident as he cheers loudly for the herald's calls. "HAAHAHA!" To be fair, there is nothing quiet about Charles.

Solara smiles as she arrives near Aemy, moving to give her goodsister a brief touch on her arm, and then taking a seat. The guards take up position, and her maid settles at the back of the area, with her embroidery. "Aemy, good day," Solara says. She glances out and catches sight of Robben as well, chuckling at his gesture to his wife. She waves his way, in case he's still looking.

A warm smile is given to Roslin up there in the stands, from her husband. The Duke watches her for a moment, then Ronan turns his attention back to the first group about to fight. "Good luck unto you, Lord Squire Kierne, and to you, Sir Cass." There is a polite nod also to Sir Shepard but the Rioga doesn't know Benedict. Ronan is keen to watch how Sir Cass and Kierne both do in this event.

Airysse had made sure her ladyship was safely settled with the Kincaids. It is after she has provided Lady Senga with another cup of wine, that the handmaiden will drift off and over towards the commoners' section, a smile offered to Victoria as she reaches her. "Oh my, this is so exciting!" Deep blue eyes sparkle with delight, as they focus on what is going on on the tourney field. Airy's red hair is worn in a braid, her attire a light grey dress with black and silver at the hems of her sleeves, marking her as member of the Kincaid household. Her cheeks slightly rosy, as she scans the crowd.

"I'm Sir Cass, the mighty vanquisher of boars!" A young lad swings about a wooden sword as he faces off with another lad. "Hey! You said I could be Sir Cass this time!" And so the swords start to swing so they can settle just who is the dashing Sir Cass.

Elisabeth sits with the ladies in the Sutherland area her gaze looking out over the crowd for a moment before turning her attention to the duchess, giving her hand a squeeze in return. Whispered words are passed between them.

Cass turns and first raises his sword in salute to Duke Crawford and then it is lifted higher to salute those in the stand, commoner and nobility alike. A similar salute is given to those he's about to fight. "Well met and good luck, sirs!" And with that, he signals his being ready.

Kierne moves in a lanky lope upfield, taking direction from the steward and sort of following suit with the other competitors through the ceremonial salutations. He seems to look past the field of spectators, rather than at them, as though the assembled masses were naught but a bright tapestry he could scan but barely begin to process. His usual lazily-lidded look could possibly coax some into believing him bored, but his heart's racing at about a mile a minute, the sound in his ears like a horse's hooves at full gallop, and he gladly retreats to his corner and haybale, glancing to one competitor, then the next.

Kierne signals his readiness with a curt nod.

Rozenwyn waves excitedly to her cousin Sir Shepard from where she sits with the others from Greenshire, her dark brown hair plaited down her back and dressed in a kirtle of Kerrigan blue with brilliant red needlework blossoms. Beside her is her maid. Occasionally the young woman must lean forward to peek between the shoulders of the persons she is with. But it doesn't seem to bother her, and she seems pleased to be present at all.

Shepard brings his blade up into a fairly standard defensive posture and nods, indicating his own readiness.

Jarvice gives Cass a nod to his fellow knight and hopes he does well for house crawford. As Jarvice watches from the sideline. Giving and occasional glance up to the stands and to those who are watching.

Aidan looks over toward his daughter Aemy and then Lynette, turning toward Lynette as Shepard is on the field, "I assume you gave him a little of your Kincaid luck this day?" Otherwise than the conversation held with his family, it is likely he's going to be content to be an observer to the events below.

Once seated, Kyra looks out towards the field, catching sight of Hadrian before moving along to Blian, since he's nearer. She lifts a hand and waves, glad to see the commoners putting in a show as well. Hearing Victoria, she grins, a wide, even smile though she doesn't shout out anything as of yet.

Another smile as he sees the gesture, Robben glances back to the field for a few moments, before he offers a wave and a half-salute to his sister as well. Watching the two ladies for a few moments, he turns to look at the other competitors for a few moments, offering a smile and a nod to Charles as he sees the Leask on the field. "Looks like a good day for this event, Lord Leask," he offers.

The young knight still scans over the stands a moment as he awaits for the further instructions on how things will proceed. Benedict will look to those who are set to do battle a moment giving a nod and salute though he indicates his readiness as well testing his sword in his hand a moment he'll need to feel things out a bit though it seems he'll at least square off and be prepared.

Being around and seemingly ready to see how the first round goes is the island prince Conall. Finding a spot to rest against as he keeps his eyes to the fighters. Though with a brief glance around the area as well, letting his gaze sweep over the crowd. Having arrived a bit late perhaps.

The Tournament Steward nods his head, a signal sent to the man in the middle who waves the grand Kincaid flag, announcing the contest has begun!!!

Cass roars once, sounding very much like a lion about to leap for the attack. It's Benedict who gets his attention first and the tall, lanky Crawford knight charging in, sword swung.

Solara grins at Robben, perfectly willing to cheer her brother on. Her gaze goes over the people, and she catches sight of Conall all on his lonesome. She waves his way as well, offering him a seat with the Ruxtons if he so chooses. "Aemy, I hope you don't mind if Prince Conall joins us?" she asks, with a glance to her sister-in-law.

<COMBAT> Aidan has started the combat! Pose and pick your first action.

"I can't really toss him my favor," Emerit objects with a wry grin at Emma's suggestion. "He'd have to ask me for it, does he not?" Roslin is spared a warm glance and a smile. "You must be very excited too, Duchess. When His Grace, your husband will compete as well." Her moss green gaze flits to Benedict again, and she will wave, all royal countenance suddenly forgotten. "Fight, and fight well, Sir Bennedict! For Rustles Isle!"

Cian awaits on the sidelines with a young squire readying his armour for the day though he keeps his attention on his fellow competitors. No words pass between him and the squire as he is armoured up for his round coming up, a serious set to his features. How will the newest Knight fair?

Hadrian feels his Servants secure the last of the armors latches and leather straps onto him before they hook the sword that everyones to fight with on his side. The armor and the sword inspected to make sure poisons were not used of course. He would not want to be accused of foul play. He looks around a moment and notices that the event is about to start. He was glad. He wanted to get this over with. He felt he was not favored to win but he would give it all his best. Another shift of his eyes over to Kyra a moment before looking down at his armor. His hands move to his side and then one hand moves to the front side of his right thigh, tugging the pants a little to straighten them up. He then nods to the servants to dismiss them from him for now.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Kierne with Long Sword - Critical wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Shepard with Long Sword but Shepard DODGES!
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Cass with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Benedict with Long Sword and MISSES!

Roslin smiles to both Emma and Elisabeth. "You are so kind, dear ladies. I thank you for your words. In truth I am terribly excited to see how dear Kierne does - His Grace's squire. He's sure to earn his spurs quite soon - he's a year my senior and as His Grace says, very accomplished." She sits up a little as the fighting begin, squeezing Elisabeth's hand a little harder. "And you, my dear lady?" She asks, turning to Emma. "Do you have a gentleman who you shall cheer for above the others, today?" Her smile is slightly conspiritorial.

With the contest joined, Shepard maintains his defensive posture, moving across the field at a measured pace, and seeking out he who seems most seasoned on the field…that being Sir Cass, which he lashes out towards with a series of quick, probing strikes, taking advantage of his distraction in attacking Benedict to score a quick strike to the man's chest. Thankfully, his cautious approach gives him the opportunity to swiftly redirect and deflect Kierne's attack with the flat of his own sword, before he shifts his feet to make sure his balances is firm and directs a swift counterattack towards the squire!

The initial clash is loud and even with the blunted weapons Cass finds his chest suddenly feeling like it is on fire thanks to Shepard's swing connecting. Not as bad as it could've been thanks to the chain mail but it still will leave a mark. Gritting his teeth, Cass changes his tactics and goes for Shepard, now, the man having proven himself a threat, his stance shifting as well as his attention.

Lynette glances over to Airysse as she hears the other, a soft chuckle escapes her and she smiles. "It is rather exciting now isn't it?" She questions before turning her attention to her father. "Of course I have father." Was the only right thing to do after all! Her gaze drifts over the field once the spar has started, her attention is for certain following Shepard.

The bard sees Kyra coming back now and returns the wave. "Hey there!" He shouts to her and offers up the cheap drink. "Ready to watch these bastards pummel each other?" He asks with a grin. "OH! I think its starting!" He is trying to lean up and look over the heads but decides he can't realy see anything and the red head looks better anyways. "Whats new with you" He says as he turns back to her. The words drawn out in a sing-songy manner.

Victoria is quick to see Airysse, amber gaze bright as she nods to her, "Indeed, I'm hoping the commoners will slap some backsides with those swords of them and show the nobility up a bit here tonight, if not take the competition entirely." Her words are loud, meant to carry to the field itself, her grin absolutely wicked, not above riling up the crowd of commoners who are left to cheer for nobles for the time being, but each has their favorite of course. The skin of wine will get thrust towards Airy, Vic's gaze easily capturing Kyra in her sights, a hand lifting up as she waves the woman over, Blian also spotted and waved on over, "OI! Come join in, I've wine!" She'll call out, leaning back on her hands then with a small kick of her feet, crossing then the other way now.

Ronan watches as the bout begins and winces when he sees the man he doesn't know come right in and deliver a gruesome blow right off to his squire. Kierne's a stout lad but that's nothing less than a stunning blow that will leave a large, nasty bruise later. If it had been a real sword it's the sort of thing that could have killed a man. So the Duke grimaces, "Poor lad, ill start." As for himself, the Duke leaves the ring side for a moment to walk over before the gallery where Roslin is seated, "Lovely Duchess, might you have a favour for your husband to wear in the next fight?"

Conall looks to the Ruxtons before glancing to the field. Having been a last minute entry he is not certain if he will get a chance to fight or not. For now making his way closer to where the Ruxtons are. Giving a bit of a nod in Robben's direction before bowing to the ladies. "Greetings. All well I hope?" Looking away to study the fighters as it all starts.

Elisabeth smiles to Roslin in turn, "I am as well. He quite impressed me in the bardic, though I felt for his poor Psaltery. I dare say he will put on a better showing on the field today." Elisabeth says as she looks over the field, "Kieryn was to carry my favour, but I fear duty has called him elsewhere. Something I admit to being both relieved and yet disapointed for I wished to return the favour of his support Yesterday." She smiles to Emerit's sudden call to the field.

Allyn spies Vic and such and he heads over towards where she is and grins, "I was feeling better, so I thought I'd enter the tournament after all. Not a hundred percent, but I guess it'll do." he chuckles. "Wish me luck, hmm?" he raises an eyebrow at her.

Kierne sweeps his attention across the field, and, seeing Shepard moving across to meet Cass, he makes a run through the mud and slaps a hand down on top of a fencepost, jumping over and attacking from the flank, but the maneuver is deftly avoided by a cautious Shepard, and while he's getting himself into position to press the attack, he evidently almost gets decapitated by a sword he hardly sees coming, the blow catching his neck and sending his head whipping aside and the squire's knee to the ground, though he stands, somewhat wobbly, a moment after, and tries his best to counter the incoming blow from Shepard.

Benedict steps in to the fight trying to keep an eye on the others it's a hard task but as in combat reflexes must be heightened. He will make his first swing as he joins nearer to the others picking a nearer target for an exploratory strike at the squire though he'll also be prepared for the attack coming to him stepping back and out of the way after though stepping back in and now taking a swing at the newest attacker to him

<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Kierne with Long Sword - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Shepard with Long Sword but Shepard DODGES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Cass with Long Sword but Cass DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Shepard with Long Sword but Shepard DODGES!

"More than ready. How can I not like watching nobles getting pummeled?" Kyra's lips twist in a sardonic smile as she talks to the bard. "Is it?" She cranes her neck and looks towards where the event is being held, but she doesn't look long before she's reaching for the offered drink. "Thanks," lifting it lightly in a silent toast of thanks, she takes a sip of the drink. "New? Nothing. Nothing at all, really. Just avoiding work." She winks. "What about you?" Seeing the action from Victoria, she nudges the bard gently, "Shall we?" Offering his drink back to him. "Escort a 'lady'?" Laughing at the last word.

Jarvice catches sight of his grace (duke Ronan) as he approaches his Dutchess and requesting a favor. He see's the assembled ladies with the Dutchess and decides to head over and after glancing to those assembled his eyes fall upon the lady elisabeth, Jarvice bows and smiles to Elisabeth and then the dutchess and the other ladies assembled. Then Jarvice faces Elisabeth and asks. "My lady, Would you honor this poor knight with a favor, so that I might bring honor to your house, as well as my own.?"

And the sword on foot turns into a dance recital! Cass deftly moves out of the way as do two of the others, making him laugh. Oh by the Light… One more tactical change and he presses the attack, moving in towards Shepard more aggressively. It might bite him in his well armored ass but at least he might stand a better chance to hit the man.

Solara smiles at her fiance, nodding her head. "Indeed, we are here to cheer on Robben," she replies. "But are you also competing?" There is curiosity there. "I watched the archery and the bards, such fine competitors in both of those. I do not envy the judges making their decisions."

Aidan slams his fist down on the chair he's at to see Kierne almost loose his head, "Damn it! He would've bloody well lost his head if these had been real swords!" He scowls and actually gets off his chair as the action starts heating up, "Come on KINCAID." Obviously cheering for his own family. Why wouldn't he? Though there's some ready attention for the Kincaid Kerrigan quarrel going on down below.

Airysse inclines her head towards Lynette when she is addressed. "Aye, M'lady. I've never seen anything like it.", she offers with her gaze lowering for a moment, before she moves a little closer to where Vic and her wineskin is. She accepts it and takes a sip from it, very discretely, that the Kincaid lords and ladies do not take offense. Her blue gaze lightening up when she notices Blian the bard approaching.

Emma will laugh softly, her brows lifting up, "Is that how it works then? I've not been to one of these ever, I thought luck was luck." Her voice will lilt up with amusement, the girl far too happy to be here to find embarrassment in her mistake. She is here to learn afterall, and will lift her shoulders up slightly as things begin, her hands gripping her skirts at her thighs as she takes it all in, eyes wide and cheeks flushed with excitement, "Oh, no." Emma's words are delivered as her creamy visage deepens to a dark red all the way up into her hairline and down her neck, head shaking with fervor, "None." At least not the one she may wish to have cheered for if one such person were here.

The bard is smiling at Kyra and when she gives the drink back he takes it and says, "Me? Oh nothing. Just trying to avoid the idea of even having a job!" He is quite loud and her little nudge gets him saying, "IT would be ma' pleasure." Seeing Vic and Airry he grins and says, "Maybe we can get a better view over there."

Shepard's strike towards Kierne glances harmlessly off the squire's armor, but Shepard carries the momentum of the strike and sidesteps away from Kierne's own slash towards him. Another deft pivot keeps Cass' own strike from landing, and seeing the Crawford Knight bearing down on him, Shepard steps forward into the attack, still mindful of his balance and waiting until the last possible moment to try to deflect or evade Cass' attack while returning one of his own.

As Jarvice approaches their seats, Elisabeth offers a polite nod to the Knight she met in Sutherland. Then there are words directed to her and she rises and steps forward to accept the favour. "For the service you have given Sutherland and the Realm, I do accept." She reaches up and unlaces a ribbon from her hair and leans to tie it about the Knight's arm above the elbow. "For the honor you do me , please accept my favour for the day so that it may inspire you in your fighting today." She says says with a soft smile before stepping back and taking her seat once more.

The knight doesn't have much success this time though well none of them do really. Benedict is able to take a moment to allow his reblancing and to come in with a more balanced strike this time hopefully not wishing to embarrass himself too much at least if he can help it. He will stick with this target for the moment at least.

Kierne tries his best to leverage his strength by shoving at Shepard's sword with the end of his blade closest to the handle, and gets his hand wrenched slightly with the force of the blow he blocks as he struggles for better footing in the mud. And since he's there, he's pressing on through the motions he's trained, using the force of the blow to swing the blade around at Shepard again.

<COMBAT> Cass attacks Shepard with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Cass with Long Sword but Cass DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Shepard with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Cass with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Victoria will reach out to slap Allyn on the shoulder with a lopsided grin, "Luck, Allyn, if you've as much skill with a sword as you do a bow." A teasing jab, those light brown eyes of her dancing with mirth as she glances up to Lynette as she addresses Airy, smile ever there and a respectful bow of her head given before she's looking back to the sword play, woman rising up on her bale of hay to a stand, hands cupping over her mouth as she calls out, "COME ON! Enough with the courtly dancing! Give us MORE!!" Bouncing up on her heels she'll laugh, a hand slapping down upon her thigh as she begins to shift from foot to foot, hips swaying to and fro, Victoria getting into the competition, her hands clapping every so often as she sees something she likes, a hiss given out to plays she doesn't. And more hooting and hollaring, of course.

Yes! Cass grits his teeth in a sneered grin although the enclosed face of his helm will hide how he does. It is pleasing to finally get that hit in and he allows himself one moment of celebration. But, at the same time, Shepard hits him as he's moving out of Benedict's way, causing that 'smile' to turn into a frown. "Damnation!" Good thing there are no ladies around to hear him swear. Seeing Kierne, he spins, seeking the younger man for his next target, never lingering on a single person for more than one attack at a time.

Roslin smirks a little at Emma's blushing. "One will find your interest soon enough, I daresay. Court has plenty of interest to go around." She turns her eyes, then, as her husband aproaches, and she seems to beam with brightness. At his request, she rises and moves to the edge of the seating, leaning down over the railing so that she may offer what he desired. She's had a favor made up for her since her marriage, it seems, and when she withdraws the strip of silk, it is a rich blue, trimmed in purple and held together with gold thread. She stands by Ronan's side, then, and ties the thing around his arm, customarily. She'll step back, then, lowering herself respectfully toward the man, but looking ever-pleased.

Allyn chuckles at Vic and nods, "I'm better with a sword than a bow, but not as good as using my fists." he chuckles, "Why can't they ever have fist fighting tournaments. I'd kick some major rear then." he sighs and winks at Vic, "Well, suppose we could always have a unofficial one somewhere." nah, he's city watch he can't do that.. probably would be illegal. "Though just once, you know?"

Conall ahs to Solara, nodding a bit. "Ah, I see. Well, we shall see. I just came in a bit late to sign up. Not sure if they managed to fill me into the fighting or not. We shall see." He offers with a smile. Nodding about the previous events. "Ah, unfortunately I missed it." He admits then looking to the crowds. Studying people and greeting people he rocognizes, such as the Kilgours and so forth. Even Roslin and the gathered ladies over there. Finally looking to the commoners, bowing and studying the for a moment. Seeing Allyn, who he competed against before, as well with Victoria who's been a pretty helpful ranger so far to the foreigner. Giving them all a smile.

Having just arrived with Kyra Blian pretends not to notice the close proximity to the LAdy Lynette but will wink at Airry. "How goes fair Lady?" With Vic hopping up he will step back and admire her backside for a bit. "Hyymmm?" He says to Kyra and Airry and Allyn as well when he notices him. A brief laugh had before he goes back to drinking and then shoving the bottle out for one of the redheads to take.

Kierne presses after Shepard and is left taking on the empty air as Shepard goes after Cass. He's barely time to recover his stance before squaring off under the assault from Cass, just trying to hang in here, at this point.

Benedict misses again and has to move quickly to avoid getting caught up in the others battles. It's no long before he'll move back in though to make another strike as he tries to land another blow if possible it seems to be a few different pairings, and attacks going on all at once.

Aidan is on his feet and hollaring just as loud as some of the commoners below. He's certainly invested himself in these games, at least the sword on foot. If he could be, he'd be down there with them, fighting the urge to jump down there himself.

Ronan smiles up at Roslin as she stands slightly above him to tie her favour to his sword arm, "Thank you, my lady. I should be a very poor man indeed if I did not have your favour upon this day. I am honored." It doesn't matter at all that she is his wife, they newly married, for he has never had the opportunity to request such favour of Roslin for tournament before. He bows his head slightly to her, dark eyes bright, "I shall endevor to do my best to make you proud today, my lady. The Gods allowing."

Jarvice smiles brightly as Lady Elisabeth bestows him her favor. Jarvice stepsback and brings his fist over his heart in salute to Her. "May my arm never faulter, and my swings always ring true." he smiles softly as he turns to see Roslin and Ronan and grins as his duke is also bestowed with a favor. Before Jarvice moves back to his tent where he double checks his armor and blade to make sure that everything is in readiness before his turn on the field.

Shepard's partial lunge forward spares him from Kierne's counterattack towards him, and though he grunts as Cass' own weapon crashes down on his shoulder, his own strikes against the Crawford Man's midsection as they pass, but instead of continuing the battle against Cass for the time being, he picks up the pace of his steps and moves swiftly towards the Knight from Rustles Isle, perhaps sacrificing a bit of his defensive posture in an attempt to score a solid strike on the fellow that's looking a little too unblemished for Shepard's liking!

Hadrian didn't have the favor of any woman that was of noble blood. Even had he invited them to the tournament to cheer him one, would they come? Most likely note since he tends to get stood up. The man was indeed going to wash his hands of noble princesses and such. He had no need for silly little girls. But for now, he leaves the safety of his mind and turns to watch the battle. This man taking great care in watching who is doing what, tactics, motions. Hadrian was a war vetern. This was how he truly fought.

Airysse's smile broadens at Blian's wink. "Ah, you know, I'm fine, Master Blian. Got me a place in the Kincaid household. It's quite respectable, for a change." The latter part offered at a lower volume as she leans over to the bard, snatching the bottle for a brief swig, before she hands it back again.

Lynette lets her gaze following after the spar, a soft breath escaping her now and then as one hit flies and then another. She shifts up slightly to sit a bit straighter. A slight glance is sent towards her father once he is on his feet and hollering out, which she finds a bit amusing for one reason or another. Though soon enough she is looking back to the battle.

Roslin kisses the tips of her fingers and raises her hand in a gesture to her husband, waving him to the field. She seems most pleased, and even a bit flushed, as she turns back to make her way to her seat. She retakes it, and reaches anxiously for Elisabeth's hand. But her attention is soon caught by Aidan Kincaid, and she can't help but grin. "You know," she says to the other ladies. "His Grace of Lakeshire has quite a few handsome sons and brothers," she comments, idly. Entirely idly. And innocent.

There were always things that required doing, and that didn't seem to pause in the least just because the tournament is on. And thus Nylie arrives late with things already well in motion for the days events. Surely with everyone focused, there will be little notice as the woman slips her way up through the crowd, and into the stands. The vague 'pardon' when she steps past blocking a view here or there briefly. A light nod to those she knows before she slips into the area just back and to the side of the hollaring Aidan. Nylie looking..amused. Though she does nothing at the moment to grab his attention away from the action on the field.

Solara glances at the field, watching briefly, but her attention returns to Conall. "Oh, I hope you do get to compete. I shall look forward to cheering you on." There's even a bit of warmth there, enough to be noticeable. "I sang a song, but I didn't compete. I could not resist after the announcement made by Duke Kincaid." Her own gaze goes over the audience as well, noting some faces she's seen at the previous two events with a smile.

<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Cass with Long Sword but Cass DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cass with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Benedict with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!

Charles grins and says in his booming voice to the Ruxton heir, "Lord Robben! Indeed, it is always a good day for a fight. Though sadly I am denied my favored armor and tourney blade! Haha!" He chuckles loudly and looks to the field watching the others fight, "A good day indeed."

Rozenwyn cheers her cousin, totally oblivious for the moment to the conversation going on in the boxes and among the people standing, especially as down in the field Shepard turns to go after the Rustles Isle knight. Beside her her maid stirs. "Would that really be the thing to cheer, my lady?" she asks. "I don't see why not," Rozenwyn replies, undeterred and sitting very straight on the cushioned seat. Ealga just shakes her head but laughs merrily enough all the same.

Kierne's head wobbles a little bit and in the periphery of his vision he spots one of the stretches of fencing set up to provide obstacles in the melee. When Cass' sword falls after him, he drops ahead of it, rolling aside in the mud to veer underneath the lowest post of the fence, rolling up sluggishly on the other side, with some obstacle between him and his pursuer, hoping to get a little time to breathe and recover.

Victoria is quite the helpful ranger! Though given her preoccupation with the fights and the commoners near her, Vic doesn't notice nor return the smile offered by the Prince of Aberdeen. Indeed her attention is snapped away even within the moment from the group now gathered, the woman shouting out, "OH COME ON! EARN YOUR SPURS!!! YOU CAN DO BETTER!!" If she's going to cheer for any noble, it's going to be the lowest ranking on the field. So Kierne earns her cheers this time.
She will of course jump in place, bouncing oh so nicely for Blians view, though with those fists pumping in the air it's probably best she's up high, wouldn't want to catch someone accidentally. Finally with a laugh she'll drop down with one leg cross, the other up against her chest on the bale of hay, snapping back up her skin of wine and giving notice to those who joined, "Blian." She'll say his name with a grin, nodding to Kyra, "Kyra, lovely of you both to join us. Our very own Ally here is to compete in the sword play!" Another slap out to Allyns shoulder, Vic grinning, "Apparently he's more skill with a sword than a bow, so he will show well, no doubt."

Cass hisses. This is not going the way he hoped it would. But he's getting up there in age and is facing off against not one but three men who are in their prime. He truly should be grateful that he his not getting his ass handed to him! Swinging while spinning out of the way of one more attack leveled at him, he's hoping beyond hope that he'll catch Benedict unable to get out of the way.

Roslin he watches closely but the clang of weapons, of men grunting, boots slipping in the mud, chain mail rustling, panting breahes and blows of strength lure Ronan's attention back. The Rioga leaves the gallery to go back to the ringside and watch, catching up on what he missed. Ronan says low to Rosley, "Sir Cass and Squire Kierne should be working /together/ against the other two, not fighting each other. Tsk. They should only fight one another if they were the last two standing."

Scoring a quick strike against Benedict, Shepard quickly brings his blade back into a defensive posture, mindful of a potential counterattack, striking towards Benedict with a few quick feints, and when he sees Cass moving towards the Rustles Isle knight as well, Shepard presses the attack with a strike of his own!

Conall keeps his eyes moving all the while. Studying his competition, if he will get his chance that is. And also grinning at the antics of some. Smiling to Solara at her words as well, "Why thank you."

Robben grins as he hears that. "Well, I have no doubt you will do well even so, my lord." Turning to watch the fight out on the field, he studies the current fighters a bit carefully.

Aidan is at the edge of the suite really, giving into a few more hollars that either encourage or not those below, his calls lost in the throng of cheers as the crowds get invested into the fight. A man made to sit as Duke made to play Host, made to keep his sword at his hip. This was entirely a new restraint that he was wishing to break but fortunately does not. Otherwise the infamous blade of Kincaid steel would wipe the field with his practiced sword arm - or would it? A fact that will remain unknown. "COME ON! He's opened himself up! Drive in for the kill!" Such things… such distractions from the world.

The one he's attacking is quick for certain, he's able to sidestep another blow. Benedict isnt as lucky his time as another attack comes his way, he tries to move but takes a thwap to the armor which is still no fun really. It does take his focus away though he'll turn to fight now though he has to be more cautious.

Emma would totally give Hadrian her favor if he asked for it, though the young woman knows none of the men competing, still blushing furiously though she will shake her head at Roslin's words, "I am sure there are many handsome men in many families." Of course these topics would take place in the stands, "Which would you recommend, Duchess, for a woman to pin her favor on?" A bit boldly asked, Emma attempting not to be a shrinking flower.

Joining the others, Kyra finger wiggles Hadrian when she looks over and sees him.. adjusting himself. Wearing a smirk, she reaches for the offered drink from Blian, tipping it back for a long drink. Good stuff. Offering it back, she looks towards the others gathered there. "I'm Kyra," she tells Airy.

<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Shepard with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Benedict with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cass with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Benedict with Long Sword but Benedict DODGES!

Roslin's innocent remark will make Emerit's head turn and shoot her an amused glance. "Is that so? Handsome sons indeed?" Then raising a brow at Emma. "Oh my, Lady Emma. One does not pin a favour, just like that, on a knight." Tis strange the Moniwid's favour is sported on neither of the competeing knights thus far, despite her proclaiming she knows how the game is played. She will let out a sigh, her attention returning towards the field for a moment.

A bow of Nylie's head does go to the others sitting near Aidan, but oh no. She i so not going to distract the rather energetic hollaring that goes on by the Duke. It amuses her to much to watch quite honestly. Her gaze going to the field to try and catch up on where the state of things are, a mild cringe to see the young Cass not fairing quite as well as he had against the boars.

So much for age and cunning over youth and speed and everything else the younger fighters have going for them. With a swing he's out, his chest about caved in it feels like. Cass is slow to get up on his feet but he manages to, eventually and, with his sword in hand once more, he swings for Shepard.

All the shouting and such is lost upon Blian. The wine seems to be about gone and he can't see a damn thing anyways. "I will be back when you ladies are a bit more wine soaked. Or perhaps I will see you later." A rolling sweeping and silly bow is made with a flourish of hand activity as well.

Jarvice exits the tent as he now has adjusted his gear making sure his tabbard with sutherlands crest is open for all to see, as he takes a look to the favor given to him by the Lady Elisabeth and cheers on his fellow knight of sutherland.

Lynette chuckles softly and sends a glance back to her father, she seems a touch amused. "Perhaps next time you can join in the spar father?" She looks to Lady Nylie, offering her a warm smile. "Hello Lady Nylie, how are you during this excitement?" This questioned before a glance is sent towards the sparing match once more as she sees that Shepard is under fire once again. She knows very well that this is a sparring match, blunted weapons but still it leaves one to worry at times. Bits of conversations are caught now and then, though mostly thanks to one of her dear handmaid's being a bit of a busybody so the speak.

Benedict is lucky that not all hit strike, but he's still hit even as he strikes out another small wince from the young knight, but he's still standing so he can still fight it would seem. He'll continue his assault for the moment on this same target it seems the battle is taking heavy toll and all this time however not moving quite as fast.

Shepard growls as Benedict's strike does no-doubt leave another bruise on his chest, but takes some satisfaction when he feels his own weapon strike against Benedict's hand. He doesn't let up, though, instead continuing to hound the foreign Knight. Whether from some sense of national pride, because he feels the man a worthy foe, or a serious threat (or perhaps some combination of all of the above), he continues to lash out, with more ferocity than before, this time, perhaps trying to keep the man off-balance.

Roslin waves down a servant, taking a cup of wine happily. She nods graciously to the servant and takes a happy sip. "Well," she says, thoughtfully. "That is an interesting question. There is, of course, Lord Hadrian, heir to the Duchy of Lakeshire. He has something of a reputation of a rouge, you may have heard. But I will tell you - in my time, in Lakeshire, I knew him to be a polite and exceedingly clever young man. And then there is -oh!" She gasps at Kierne's swing. "Kierne Kincaid, the Duke's nephew and squire to my own husband, and how things seemed to have turned for him!" She claps, lightly, on the inside of her wrist. The Duke of Lakeshire has another son, my brother's squire, but he doesn't appear to be here today …." She hmms softly, at that. "There is of course Sir Benedict, whom I notice the Princess Emerit has spoken highly of." Her redheaded friend gets a grin. "And handsome Sir Jarvice is the steward to Trueborn. I should say Sir Shepard would be a fine man to boast your favor, but I daresay he is seeking the favor of his betrothed." She hmms softly, taking another sip of wine.

Kierne hovers on the other side of the fence, just catching his breath, and when he sees a glint of mail through the slats he swings the sword two-handed through the slot, hitting something, though he barely knows what or who for all his head's spinning. Then he staggers from one length of fence to another, just trying to slow his breathing and concentrate on getting himself mroe focused.

There are voices behind him. Oh yes, his family. Aidan turns a look back over his shoulder to answer Lynette, though his eyes widen at once at seeing Nylie there. Could there be a bit of colour to his cheeks just then? Ahem. Yes, well, he straightens himself up and goes back to his seat, answering, "I would hope so. It's been a good long time since I've gone into tourney, though I suppose it's better left to the younger men and those not hosting." He turns to his Lady, "Forgive me. I had not seen you arrived." Clearly, his face was red from all that hollaring and muscles in his neck were popping out here for the exuberance of it. He dips to kiss Nylie on the cheek before taking her hand in his and settling there in the seat next to her. He does see Kierne covering on the one side of the fence and hisses, "Come on boy, get up off your arse." Fist clenched as he turns back to watch.

<COMBAT> Cass attacks Shepard with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Benedict with Long Sword but Benedict DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne treats Kierne:
< Neck (Critical): successful
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Shepard with Long Sword and MISSES!

Solara's cheeks tinge a bit pink, and she ducks her head. "It is only the truth, your highness." A breath and then she says, "Do please sit, and join us, at least until you must go to fight?" And there is wine being served, as well as a small tray of pastries. Solara takes one small pastry and a glass of wine, with a smile to the servant who is doing the work. And then she turns her attention to the field. "They are doing well, aren't they?"

Robben watches the fighting out there for a few moments longer, shaking his head a little bit. "Think they'll stop playing, and actually begin fighting soon?" he remarks, a bit lightly, before he goes back to watching the people in the stands now, with a bit of a smile.

Cass grunts, a rather neanderthal-like sound. Shepard finally gets hit again and he shakes his head, ever so disappointed that he (Cass) is not putting on a better show. "Let's be done with this," he yells, more at himself than his fellow competetors, his sword coming up. Kierne's allowed to gather his wits, his current state troubling. Benedict gets swung for, this time the blade aimed right for his head.

Ronan eyes Kierne as his squire stumbles aside to get his breath a moment and adjust his chain at his neck, "Come on, lad! You and sir Cass should at least take down the Rustles Island fellow. Won't do to have knights and squires of Mobrin have their backsides handed to them by an islander Lord." The Rioga Duke smiles, then laughs, "You're Uncle is watching! Make a good impression."

Nylie returns Lynettes smile warmly and inclines her head a touch to the younger woman,"Hello Lady Lynette," giving a mild glance towards Aidan before the match below. "I am doing rather well, I must say. Yourself?" The conversation kept simple and light enough as the match carries on below. Aidan surely hollaring well enough for five people, no need for her to add to it. Then again, if she need, that might distract him from his enjoyment of the event. Opps, to late, seems that speaking alone manages to do that. Smiling, yes there is vast amusement to see him actually color after that widening of Aidan's eyes. The Kilgour Lady is amused. "There is nothing to forgive, you were enjoying the event." A faint hint of color just briefly coming at the kiss to her cheek, hand easily settling into his. "You need not temper yourself on my account, Your Grace."

Allyn chuckles at Vic and shakes his head at her slightly. "Ah, now I feel like I can win it." he winks at Vic, "I didn't do so bad in the last one and that was unarmored.. I think I might do alright this time too." he chuckles, last time he didn't really hit anyone, but it took a lot to knock him out. He teases Vic, "going to tend my wounds if I fall?"

The young knight is lucky he's facing the other and so is able to side step the strike however it also doesn't leave him a good chance to strike and he misses as well. Benedict is able to look over the field and two strikes coming after him he'll protect himself first before even trying another strike, but one does come towards one of his fellow competitors all the same.

Victoria will jump off her bale of hay, amber gaze watching Blian leave, that back side eyed most wantonly. Gaze lingering on the bard a long moment before she makes a decision, "Send word when you're up, Ally, would you? I'm going to go and tag along with Bli for a bit. Hopefully you've not a lot of wounds to tend to." Said as she snags up her wine skin and trots off, passing near enough now that she does notice Conall, a very brief nod given before she's looking away and continuing her way away from the faire grounds to catch up to the bard with a sashaying sway in her step.

Kierne catches his breath suitably that his head stops spinning and starts throbbing in time with the welt growing on his neck. And then he's scrambling up the fencing again, jumping down amid the others ganging up on Benedict, joining them in doing so.

Elisabeth looks to Emma, "Sir Jarvice has served House Crawford for some time from what I was told. I would see him do well if only for the service he has given. At the talk of the Kincaid men, there is a glance out to the field, "I fear I can not abide a man who would treat a bow so recklessly." She says though there is humour in her voice, no doubt speaking of Hadrian.

Shepard's strike is turned asunder when Cass' own attack against him hits his arm, throwing him momentarily off-balance. Still, Shepard doesn't allow the distraction to turn him away from his target, instead continuing to press his attack on Benedict, though perhaps a touch less aggressively than he was just a moment ago.

Aidan smirks at Nylie as she tells him not to temper himself, "Well if you so insist…" He pats her hand and then stands again, his hollaring abaited for now but his arms are crossed as he watches his nephew, inspecting the field with eyes a commander might have in the fields of war. He anxious shifts from time to time, as if he would like to point out the weaknesses and such, shaking his head at some other actions that take away from defense and open one self up.

<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Benedict with Long Sword but Benedict DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Benedict with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Benedict with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Shepard with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Benedict has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Benedict spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Her head turns a touch when Airysse's deep blue eyes follow Victoria as she leaves, her mouth twitching a bit as she looks slightly disappointed - by Vic's departure, or by Blian's who can tell? Either way, Lady Senga requires her attention once again, so she reclaims her place with the Kincaids. A refill of the cup is given, and Airysse will watch the spectacle with blue eyes that are sparkling with excitement.

It takes three men but they finally did it, and with two of the three attacks land Benedict is downed. Chuckling, Cass doesn't waste any time and Kierne is swung for one more time.

Conall Does look to Victoria as she moves to follow Blian. Giving her a nod in return as he watches her leave. Eyes turning to Allyn as he grins, looking forward to facing him again. Then looking to Solara with a grin at her. "You are quite sweet. And that blush is quite the cute one." He teases her with a wink. Moving to take a seat as it is offered. "Happy to. Yes, they are doing great."

"Kierne, yes!" Ronan shouts out at his squire when the youth lands a good solid blow and almost drops Lord Benedict, "And you as well, Sir Cass!" Who also landed a good blow. Seems the Sutherland Duke is starting to get excited about the match, not just his uncle Aidan. Ronan's dark eyes are bright, watching the fighting and how each man moves.

"I have been well Lady Nylie." Lynette offers with a look back to her and a soft smile and nods seen. There is a slight look of surprise as her father goes about speaking with Nylie, mostly seeing how the other was indeed able to get her father to persay calm down a bit it would seem. She chuckles softly before she glances back to the field. The moment when Shepard is off-balanced is caught, a hand lifting just slightly while a soft breath escapes her. It seems for a moment that one is about to be taken down, though this never last for long as the match is rather quickly going back and forth.

Jarvice grins as he watch the two from sutherland,finnaly bring down the knight of moniwid, as they work as a team "good job…" he calls out.

Kierne moves to fall in alongside Cass and press on to finish Benedict, but, suddenly, he finds himself under attack from the man he thought to fight alongside, and he wrenches a turn to try to parry the blow.

Hadrian feels this round was starting to come to an end. He then smiles but at no one. Something was on the young mans mind. What could it be? Plots? A woman? Maybe a drink he wants afterwards? He turns his form towards the area where his family sits and his soon to be dea….err step mother. A slight wave is given to them, much like an over excited child before his arm is wrapped around his waist and a light bow towards….yes…his father. But what could it mean? What is the young Lord thinking? No one knows. Hadrian then turns and makes his way close to the arenas edge, watching those fighting and preparing to enter himself when called to do so.

A gentle nod is offered to Lynette at the young girls response. Perhaps missing that bit of surprise when her attention returns to Aidan. Nylie just smiles at Aidan, some manner of amusement yet had. "Oh, I do insist…" A light squeeze offered as her hand gets patted before he stands again to go and take in the action better. The woman taking to watching him as much as the action below, it is it's own form of entertainment for her.

Benedict takes quite the beating here with all the knights attacking at once, he dodges one but takes to strikes and winces he'll need to take a step back to gather his breath, but he is still in it more or less though he does step back in making a strike towards one of the knights who'd attacked him. He is slowed with many thwacks but still he'll give it a go.

Shepard sees the Moniwid Knight reeling from the onslaught of attacks directed his way, but does not relent in the assault, continuing to move forward, once again unleashing a vicious strike at Benedict, hoping to force the man to finally and truly yield. He's not one to turn his back on a still-fighting enemy if he can avoid it, though in a melee like this, you never know who your "enemy" will be from moment to moment.

"To the Right! To the Left!" Aidan tries to direct, even though his words will not reach the men on the arena, with all the action going on and the cheers from the crowd as one or the other seems to go down. "Come on!" And while he's looking down toward the arena, there's a wave and a few whispering around him enough to catch the child like wave extended toward them from Hadrian. Aidan's shouts die immediately over his wonder at this gesture and the bow that follows. Aidan's features darken at the display, frowning as he watches where Hadrian ends up, settling back on his heels as a hand idly moves to the hilt of his own sword, instinctive and mistrusting.

<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Benedict with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Cass with Long Sword but Cass DODGES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Cass with Long Sword - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cass attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Cass has been KO'd!

Robben chuckles as he watches the happenings now, unable to hold back a wide grin. Turning to look up at the host of the tournament too, he's unable to hold back a wide grin. "Seems that the old man is enjoying himself," he remarks, a bit lightly.

Emma bites the corner edge of her lip as she listens to Roslin with a nod, the young woman watching the events with flinches here and there though she's enjoying the spectacle of the fighting, eyes darting to Hadrian as he moves to take up a spot to ready for his turn, "No, I'm afraid I have not heard of his roguish ways, I try to not engage in talks that will cloud my judgement of a person." She will murmur distractedly, a smile dancing to her lips as she turns her head to look upon Elisabeth, "What happened to a bow and who did the misdeed?"

Cass dodges the squire's attack but that puts him right in the way of Benedict's attack and he's taken out with that final, well-placed blow. He staggers to a knee and takes a second to get his wind back before stumbling to his feet so he cang et out of the way.

Solara smiles at Conall's teasing, her amusement definitely showing, along with a hint of mischief. She glances over towards the Kincaids, chuckling softly at the directions given by the duke. She might be oblivious to the rest of the situation, truthfully. She hears the roar of the crowd and glances back to see Cass getting out of the way. "Oh my, it seems we've our first competitor to fall. What a good showing though."

Nylie does smile to see that it doesn't take Aidan long to get back into trying to direct those on the field. The action yet taken in, even seemingly followed well enough. That wave noted by Hadrian, and the Gods be still, the woman does actually bow her head in return to the Kincaid Heir. Though as she sits behind where Aidan stands, not like a thing the Duke will take note of himself.

Roslin grins just a little, taking another sip of her wine. "The answer to that question may well cloud your judgement on the man just a little, My Lady," Roslin says teasingly, moving to clap for the showing of Kierne on the inside of her wrist. "The young man is making a good show of it, despite the difficult beginnings."

Jarvice watches as Sir cass is taken out and winces a bit but as the man exits the field Jarvice moves over to congratulate the man on his skill and fighting prowess and how well he fought.

Lynette listens to the conversation, or well comments from her father while her gaze drifts back and forth from the ones on the field. The movement of someone close is enough to get her attention and she glances towards Hadrian. She curiously watches him a moment, blinking before she ponders. "I did not Hadrian was going to be in a match." Most likely it slipped her mind, seeing how she is sort of rooting for Shepard here after all.

Kierne dances back along the fenceline, planting a boot back deep in the mud as he squares off with the two extant blades, breathing fast, attentive, watching for either of them coming at him, ready to defend himself, poised with his blade, quivering faintly with adrenaline and nerves.

Kieryn wanders onto the tournament grounds, he'd withdrawn from the competition earlier in the day because he wasn't feeling well. He looks around to see if Lis is about, since he didn't let her know he was ill. He finds where she is sitting with others and makes his way slowly over towards her and takes a seat, he smiles to his sister and the others there as well, not looking like he feels too well.

Aidan keeps his eyes on Hadrian, missing the fact that Sir Cass was taken out of the Tourney and thus the first to officially bend the knee to the others. There's something amiss with that wave and bow. He turns back not toward his family but toward the runners and servants up near the family suite, "Go find out what he's up to." Is all that is asked of them. Clearly, he knows his son well enough that the boy wouldn't ever honestly BOW to him.

Benedict is struck and likely cant take many more like that with being winded and all, but his strike is true at least and he hasnt really much time but to gather himself and turn back to the two others still fighting. He'll close with them trying to decide if he should attack or just defend but he'll finnaly make a movement and a swing at one of those left.

"The duke's son Hadrian." Elisabeth responds as if the man has committed a grave sin. Well to a greenshire lass it would be! "Though he does strike a figure in armour." She admits to before looking over towards the arena to see the fighting men. "Lord Kierne still fights…he may yet win the round." THere is a certain excitement that is drawn all the more as a familiar figure joins them and she smiles up to him, though it faulters to a frown as she notes his look. "Are you not well Captain?" She asks of him softly, "Your crew told me you were busy.."

Ronan moves along the list to go where the Sutherland knight exits. While much of his attention is for his squire still fighting, the Duke goes to lay a hand on Cass's shoulder, "You fought well enough and held out. None of the rest of them are likely to last much longer either. Rosley! Bring Sir Cass a glass of Sutherland Red, or whatever he prefers. He's earned it."

Her slender fingered hand moves to cover her mouth, as Emerit watches the combat, and it seems the spectacle has finally managed to attract all of her attention, rendering her almost unable to take part in any ongoing conversation. Delight at Sir Benedict's good performance has her mutter now an then. "…Good, Sir,…yes hit him there…. Careful now…" Until her voice is raised again in a totally unladylike manner. "Come on and stand up! Teach them!" Then she flinches as she watches the Moniwid knight being struck, but smiles as she sees he is still standing. "Incredible! By the Gods." Her moss green eyes flit to Hadrian and then Kierne, as they are being indicated by Elisabeth, faces being noted and memorized for a possible encounter later.

"Hah!" Not really a laugh so much as an exclamation borne of pent-up adrenaline as Shepard feels his blade lightly glance against Benedict's chest once more. Seeing the man move past him to attack Kierne, Shepard once again lunges forward, putting everything he has into the attack to try to make the fellow regret taking his attention off of him!

<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Benedict with Long Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Benedict with Long Sword - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!

Sir Cian watches over the combatants on the field as he paces on the sidelines though he should be resting for his bout, there is too much energy to him to sit still. His hands clench at his sides as he paces, ready to get onto his fight.

Shepard continues to press forward, swinging a vicious flurry of strikes at Benedict, seeing to put an end to this contest between them!

Benedict misses his attack and is unable to avoid another light tap though it does draw his focus that direction changing his opponent as it seems they will both attack him which only makes sense as he's slowed by many attacks he's taken.

Kierne feels his sword strike armor and he dances back to miss the retort, then, finding an opening at Shepard's flank while Shepard goes after Benedict, he swings around for the strike.

<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Shepard with Long Sword but Shepard DODGES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Shepard with Long Sword but Shepard DODGES!
<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Benedict with Long Sword but Benedict DODGES!

Cass is already stripping off his helmet and what he can of his armor without causing a scandal by disrobing in front of the noblewomen, each piece removed set aside neatly. "Sir Jarvice. Your Grace." Ronan will see it in his knight's face, that faint mask of disappointment. "My thanks for your kind words. It was a tough fight." He only wishes he could've fought in the next round.

Kieryn shakes his head at Lis and sighs, "I've been asleep in my cabin on my ship all day. I've had a fever the healer said and that I needed to be alone to rest. Sorry that the men told you I was busy, guess they thought that was the best way." he chuckles some "I think the weather has gotten to me and I'm coming down with something. I am feeling better than I was this morning though." he smiles and then shrugs, "I wasn't feeling well enough to compete thoug, sorry." he tells her quietly.

Kierne presses on, keeping to form and defending himself.

Despite the flurry of attacks directed his way, Shepard barrels through, though his attack finally shifts away from Benedict for a moment, lashing out towards the Duke of Sutherland's bold (and clearly skilled) young squire, seeking to answer that strike towards his flank!

AIdan might be distracted by his son, but Cass striping away down on that side of the field is far more a distraction to Nylie. A faint cough comes and turns her attention back to the combatants yet on the field.

Jarvice smiles and nods. "Aye tough fight indeed. " as Jarvice turns to face his Duke. " your grace, looks like it'll be an eventful day after all. " as he turns to look at those still fighting and the plethra of miss's. "or we might be here all night if they can't connect. " though his tone is teasing.

Benedict will side step but like wise he misses, though he'll press his attack further it would seem while he can.

"It will simply add color to the persons characters until I am able to meet them myself, Duchess." Emma will murmur with a smile, listening to Elisabeth and chuckling softly, her hands still twined in the fabrics of her skirts before her brother comes, "Kieryn! You made it, I thought you would not be here today." Her tone is not one of excitement, but rather disappointment, what is he doing out in such a state.

Conall does cheer a bit as well. Nodding to Solara. "Indeed a good showing. I am sure it will continue to be in the coming rounds as well." At that he does give a teasing grin to Robben.

<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Kierne with Long Sword - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Shepard with Long Sword but Shepard DODGES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Shepard with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

Roslin smiles to the Captain as he approaches. "Sir," she says, smiling pleasantly at the man who will soon take her Lis away from her. Still, Roslin shows nothing but happiness at the idea. "Do sit with us, then, if you can stand the chatter of ladies. The first round has become surprisingly tough. Although the Rustles Island knight makes a good showing," She grins at Emerit. "Let us see if Kierne can take the day."

Roslin looks back to Emma. "He is a colorful one, I will give him that," she says, half teasingly and half fondly.

Shepard continues to lunge forward, but just as it seems he's going to attack Kierne again, he swiftly reverses his attack, pivoting and swinging forcefully towards Benedict once again!

Kierne braces himself below the blows that strike him, gritting his teeth and shoving into the mud, pursuing Shepard's flank.

Benedict strikes out as he is not the target this round it's a lucky strike all the same but he'll continue to press while he's still able to hold out.

Elisabeth shakes her head at Kieryn's apology, extending a hand back to him. "I would rather you safe and well." She says softly and glances out to the field, "The Duke's steward, Sir Jarvice has asked to fight for me today, I hope you do not mind." She informs him in a light voice though her gaze slip over his face with concern upon her own features, "Are you sure you are well enough to be out?" She looks to Roslin with gratitude in her gaze at the invitation to the Captain.

"MY HERO!" screams someone into the throng as Cass is stripping, which strikes a goodly amount of laughter around them, mostly from the women folk.

Robben just keeps on watching the combatant, expression once more a bit absent as he studies them now, unable to hold back a brief chuckle at some point. He doesn't speak to the others at the moment, seeming lost in his own little bubble.

At least half of Ronan's attention is yet for the fight, and Kierne. That boy is like a son to him and naturally the Rioga is watchful, hoping the boy can hang in there a bit longer to be one of the last two standing, despite his young years. He looks back to Sir Cass, "As you well know, in a real battle, a man can only do his best and the rest is up to the Gods and chance. Until then, you train hard and often to hone your skills. In the end, we all die and hope to die well." The Duke loosely hooks his thumbs into his arming belt, "Today, you fall back, rest, and live to fight another day." Ronan smiles to his Senechel, "Sir Jarvice, you look fit. Shall we pair up, you and I, to vanquish our foes in the next round?"

<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Benedict with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Shepard with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Benedict attacks Shepard with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Benedict has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Shepard has been KO'd!

"Oh!!" Rozenwyn jumps up to her feet, seeing her cousin attacked on two sides now, and seems about to shout when her maid very sensibly tugs her back down into her seat, rolling her eyes. Roz plumps back down with a rustle of linen and wool.

<COMBAT> Shepard spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Shepard feels his strike hit home on Benedict….and then feels a TERRIFIC impact across his chest that sends him staggering back several feet, wheezing for breath. He manages to get his sword up to defend from a potential attack, but only just….

Hadrian had no idea he was being talked about but he does manage a small sneeze before he brings a hand to his face to cover it a moment. He was too busy watching the fight coming to an end. He fet the surge coming on that comes just before a battle. His hand grabs the hilt of his sword, gripping it tightly for a moment.

Jarvice chuckles as he hears the scream and looks to Ronan and nods. "Aye.. we'll show'm the strength of our steel and the courage of our hearts My Grace. " as he places an hand on Cass's shoulder lightly.. "Go rest Sir cass and have a drink for me. " as he smiles softly turning to look at the stands where The dutchess of suther land resides and the ladies, before turning back to look at those still fighting.

Kierne barely pauses to acknowledge the retreat of another combatant, pressing on his line of attack, figure after figure, disciplined and cautious.

There seems to be some rise of cheers as it would seem…! As there's a Greenshire Lord and a Lakeshire Lord Squire left to find out who wins the round!

Kieryn nods and smiles as he sits beside Lis and bows to Roslin, "Thank you Duchess. I hope you are well." he nods to Lis and sighs a bit, "I was tired of being cooped up. I think that I will be alright, so try not to worry too much. I may not stay too long, but will see how I feel." he watches the match goning on, "looks interesting."

As two people are beaten quite badly and one of them finally goes down there is applauding from Conall. "Good fighting!" He offers to them, mainly the one that went down. Having given his all. Grinning at Robben as well as the Ruxton seem to be in his own little world at the moment. "Does he often lose himself like that?" He asks playfully to Solara and Aemy.

A request for a glass of that suggested Sutherland Red is asked for by Cass who is turned slightly, still conversing with Duke and knight alike while they watch the rest of this round of combat. "Aye, that is very true, Your Grace. Very true. I wish you and Sir Jarvice both the best of luck and the Light's blessing in your round." The screem from the woman in the background has Cass turning slightly and he actually goes a bit red in the face. Holy gods. He only stripped down to the padded gambeson he wore under his chain mail and the pants worn under that. Gods only know what would have happened to the poor lady if he had stripped down any further than that."

Solara grins, and she too glances to her brother as well. "I do expect so," she says, gently amused. Her gaze goes to the event and she watches as the fighting seems to be getting far more intense. She has a small hand fan, and uses it, fluttering the island coloured piece of lace and wood gently, with a sidelong look at Conall. "Goodness - that was a bit of excitement," she manages, those blue eyes now on the fight. She does pause to chuckle at Conall and Robben. "It might be so," she says softly.

Some buxom blonde woman yells, "Squire Kierne Kincaid!" Seems the youth has made an impression upon some of the women who are impressed. The youth hasn't earned his spurs yet but he's putting in a good showing all the same! "Show him who's boss and I'll show you a good time!"

Aidan looks back to the arena now… now that it's his future son in law against Donnal's son. Here, for a bit, he can stop worrying about Hadrian and watch the end result. No doubt the result of the two left in the arena has started to create a competition amongst the crowd - those who are favourable for a Greenshire win, others favourable for a Lakeshire win.

Roslin blinks a little at the noise of the crowds. "Well, it's rather early for people to be so deep in their cups, I would think," She muses, but then Kierne is left standing, and one man is left staggering, and Roslin grins from ear to ear, clapping against her wrist. She looks immediately over to Emerit and smiles. "Your man did your home quite proud," she says, honestly.

<COMBAT> Shepard attacks Kierne with Long Sword but Kierne DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kierne attacks Shepard with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Shepard has been KO'd!

Benedict positions himself for a strike and does strike hard and true, but it doesn't leave any room for defense the strike he's thwapped once more it's not a hard one but his harm is a bit numb already from repeated strikes and he cant quite hold onto the sword very well he'll nod before he makes his way off of the field to the side to watch the rest of the goings on though he faught well it's a sigh that escapes him none the less.

No, Nylie did not give another glance Cass's way to see just how much further the young lad ended up striping down. Eyes on the field below the whole time. Well perhaps a glance or three towards Aidan. Yup.

Emerit jumps to her feet, her moss green eyes widening as she sees Benedict go down. "Oh no!", she exclaims, her hands clasped before her. A nod is given towards Roslin. "Aye, he did well." A smile appears as she raises her gaze to meet that of the Duchess. A wave given to the Moniwid knight as he clears the field. "Well done, Sir! Well done indeed!"

Rosley is there to hand Sir Cass a cup and one also to Ronan. The Duke takes his and quaffs a goodly sip of it to wet his throat - and then suddenly is shouting! "KEIRNE! YES!" Ronan throws a fist into the air, wine to slosh out of the cup he nearly throws, "Good lad!" Man, all those endless days of kicking that poor boy's ass in sparring has paid off! "Now, if only he can live through war, he'll do his family proud, that boy."

Cass also cheers for the squire although not as enthusiastically as Ronan does. One does not want to spill their wine and waste it, after all. But while he doesn't throw up his hands Cass does lift his voice, offering his congrats to the lad from afar.

Unable to maintain a solid defense while still staggered from the hit he took from Benedict, Shepard is pummeled by Kierne's follow-on attack, and drops to a knee, putting up a hand to signal that he yields. He shakes his head, laughing still-breathlessly, "Well fought, Young Sir." He climbs to his feet, and salutes the young man, before turning and bowing towards the host, and the audience again, and moving out of the arena.

Elisabeth is well divided by the end of the round. Favouring one house by blood and the other by service. A good showing was had though and she applauds the final outcome. "He is young yet, but might well go well to earning his spurs with his accounting today." She comments of Lord Kierne. She nods to Kieryn, "It has been quite brutal, I am loathe to admit it , but I am glad you sit here instead of out there." At the calls out from the 'ladies' towards the squire she shakes her head a bit, though there is some amusement in her gaze. "Well I think he will have several lining up for him to teach chess to after this."

The Gods stuff their ears, the cheering that errupts from the crowd for the upset Kierne has caused this day could make anyone go deaf! The better was strong against the lad and those few who did bet on him? Well, they just won a heap of coins. The young girls especially are swooning, "He's so young!" "Did you see how strong his arm?!" Another laughs, "Did you hear his poetry?" No mention of his music.

Jarvice turns at the Dukes outburst and smiles as he see's that Squire Keirne still stands. "Well seems we'll be up next your grace.. lets see if we can't do as well for sutherland as your squire has done. "

The Tournament Steward nods as the actions on the field seem to determine the winner. He walks out toward those on the field, clapping politely as the stands erupt into cheers for the young victor. "Well done," the Tournament Steward says to those men still about, though he declares officially for the good people of Mobrin, "After a long hard fought battle that tested the might and wit of each man, Lord Squire Kierne Kincaid moves on!" He waits for the cheers to erupt again before he nods to the young man and then draws up his hands, "While we would very much like to give a rest from all the glorious fighting, we have many yet to see tested against one another! Please, welcome forward his Grace Duke Ronan Crawford, Lord Hadrian Kincaid, Lord Robben Ruxton, and Sir Jarvice Stormguard for our second round!"

Kyra leaves her place near the stands and roams around towards the participants, trying to judge just by looking at the who will win it. And then the announcement is made and the next group is called so she stands near the area vacated by Robben and Hadrian so she can get a good look at the participants. Three heirs and an unknown, to the best of her knowledge.

Roslin truly can't believe that young Kierne has taken the day. She finishes her cup of wine and hands it off to the servant - just in time to hear her husband's name announced. With Hadrian Kincaid's. She glances, a moment of worry flashing across her features, toward Aidan. But nothing else can be done now, so she takes Elisabeth's hand in a white-knuckled grip. "Gods be good," she prays, softly, under her breath. "Let him do well."

Kierne follows through the motions until his point's in place to accept Shepard's yield, and then he lifts his blade in salute and bows faintly to his opponent. "Thank you, my Lord," he replies, stepping closer to utter something quieter to the man before somewhat dazedly turning and following him off of the field. Is he supposed to salute someone? He never thought this through all the way to winning. Or even surviving any other competitor.

"Well done," Solara calls out generally, in a polite sort of way. And she follows that up with a, "Good luck, Robben!"

With a winner of the round being achieved, Nylie offers up cheers and applause as well. The break in between before similar comes to welcome the next group to the field. Some manner of interest had with the combination amongst the group.

Kieryn smiles at Lis and he applauds those who were fighting and then nods to Lis, "Well, I certainlly am, at least being sick, I wouldn't have performed my best for you." he gives her a grin, "I don't feel very flashy right now anyway, I'd probably be bood off the stage as it were." he gives her a smile and pats her on the hand, "next time though I promise. I am sure there will be a next time."

Emma doesn't know what's happening other than the young squire has won. She's jumping out from her seat, clapping soundly, woman turning round to look at the others around her with a bright smile, "That was /incredible/!!!" The young woman breathes out, cheeks quite flushed and her sea stormed eyes holding quite the delight in them. Oh, she's almost too much energy to sit! But sit she does, breathless, watching as the next ones line up, "Oh! That's your husband, Duches!" Der, "And Lord Hadrian!" Oh, she's not sure why the pairing is so ..scandalous, but she enjoys it no matter.

When she hears her husbands name called, Aemy sits a little straighter, grateful once more this is not a real fight with real steel, so much. She clasps her hands together and leans slightly into her maid and whispers to the woman beside her. Hearing Solara, she offers her a smile before going back to watching Robben, cheering him on.

Kierne finds Ronan entering the field of combat as he's entering it, and, riding high on a cloud of endorphins, he fully embraces the man, putting a filial kiss to his pseudo-father's cheek.

Aidan smirks at the announcement of seeing Ronan and Hadrian pitted together… along with Robben. He shall see which one of them is the better swordsman apparently. If there's a worried look sent to Roslin, he misses it as he takes a seat beside Nylie, "This should be interesting." He notes, with a quiet, "Though I wish I was down there with them."

There's a brief smile as Robben hears his name, and he steps forward, raising his sword in salute, first towards Aidan, then towards Aemy and Solara, and then again towards the other participants, giving them a brief grin now. Taking a few quick steps from side to side, almost like a dance, before getting himself ready for the fight now.

Ronan and Jarvice are given another 'good luck' from Cass who then heads over to stand by Kierne. "How are you feeling," he asks quietly, genuinely concerened for the boy as if he was his own squire.

Jarvice steps onto the field as his name is called, and once there he'll bring his sword up to salute the tournyment steward, then those apponents in the field with him.

Benedict will remove his helm brushing over his hair though he'll offer a waive and salute to the stands he finally does spot one of those he'd looked to at the beginning, a princess of his house. He gives a nod and extra salute to her, the lord and knight though will move to change in the staging area set up only reappearing after a bit in his proper clothes to watch the other rounds he'll join in the stands it would seem now.

There it was. The victor of that round was a Kincaid. Being the unfavored son and unfavored noble of the gods, Hadrian was sure that he was going to get ganged up on. He draws in a breath and then looks over towards Kyra just before heading into the arena. He draws his sword and looks over towards Ronan before he says, "I want this to end with only you and I….if you can handle a one on one. Then again assume you or I do not go down before this chance comes to pass."

Ronan thrusts his now empty cup at the startled Rosley. He strides forward to intercept Kierne coming out to give the young man a good, stout slap on the back, "I'm proud of you, Kierne!" And then he's embraced by the boy and Ronan laughs, "You took hard hits and you held on, as a knight should! Your uncle will be pleased." Another slap to the lad's back and then the Duke rumbles to add, "Now it is my turn. If the Gods see fit, may I do so well." Or well, at least not shame himself. Haha. As they break apart, the Duke heads into the ring to take his place, gathering with the others and for Ronan to have a good look at them; Hadrian, Robben, and his own Senechel, Sir Jarvice.

Lynette is up watching as the last spar has ended, oh yes she did see that Shepard was not the winner, though truthfully that doesn't bother her at the moment. She won't poke at it that is for certain. A glance is sent towards her father and Nylie, a soft smile seen to them both. "If you would excuse me for a few moments." If her father doesn't stop her she is off to check up on dear Shepard, her handmaidens following after her that is for certain. It may take her a few moments but she will for certain find him at some point most certain.

Nylie nods to Aidan as he retakes his seat, least for the moment. Her hand drifting to settle upon his. "It does sound like it shall be an interesting round this one, quite the groupping." A soft smile is offered at his quiet words, gently murmuring,"Perhaps for the next tournament, my Duke." Smokey eyes turning towards the competitors about to go into action upon the field, more curious to see how it'll go then anxious as some are.

Conall cheers for the winner before doing the same for Robben, "Go get them lord Robben." He offers. Glancing towards the city briefly before looking back to the contestants.

The Flag man in the middle waits for everyone to mark their readiness for the combat to begin.

Hadrian's voice draws his attention. Ronan inclines his head politely, "We shall see, my cousin. May you fight well, the Gods may favour you today." His own sparring blade is drawn and the Sutherland Rioga turns to salute Aidan, as the tournament Host, first. He then pays his respects to each of the men he will soon fight with or against.

Kierne completes his retreat to the sidelines and gives Rosley a great hug, as well, before trying to remove the armor that was probably the only thing that stopped his spine from snapping from that first blow he took. The whole side of his neck is already bruising rather impressively, and he winces as Rosley pulls back the chain mail from over his sweat-sticky, bruised skin.

Kyra catches the look from Hadrian and offers him a wink and a lopsided smile before giving a quick thumbs up, then the redhead wanders around a little so she's nearer the action and can watch better.

Shepard claps Kierne on the mailed shoulder before parting from him, moving over to his squire to hand off his helmet and weapon, and accepting a cup of wine from the lad, which he drinks of heartily. As he sees Benedict emerge, he lifts his cup in silent salute to him, smiling a bit towards the man. Then his betrothed arrives, and he offers her a warm smile, "Seems I'm a bit rusty at this Tourney business. Should've remembered never to underestimate -any- opponent on the field. Kierne fought very smartly. As odd a thing to say as it may be…he played to his inexperience…fought defensively, and took the opportunities that presented themselves. Duke Ronan has trained him very well." Shepard grins, removing a mail glove so he can lift Lynette's hand and kiss the back of it, "And I -may- have been a bit too focused on one opponent. Your father might remember something similar from our chess game." He leans forward and murmurs something quietly to her then, before leaning back to rest a few moments more.

"Indeed," Roslin agrees with Emma, though Elisabeth may feel an unusual tightness in the Duchess' grip. "Much of the future of Mobrin is on the field now." And yet, where before the match was a bit joyus and interesting, now it's a bit more tense. Roslin motions - another cup of wine is brought. "Let us see how they fare."

Hadrian signals he is ready as he takes his stance. He offers a nod to Ronan, "Unless you fear me cousin. Then I understand if perhaps you have to….I don't know, gang up on me? Then I will understand. I would fear me too. So lets get this going." He looks over to Jarvice as his first choice to attack of course. "I fear nothing." The last bit said with a strong confidence.
Shepard mutters to Lynette, "… someone of… the victor rather… the…"

Ronan lets out a breath, "Fear you? No, I hardly know you, cousin." He waits until he sees which men will pair off, and then he'll go with the other.

Having already done his saluting, Robben watches the others for a few moments, before he brings his sword ready, and shows to the man with the flags that he's ready for the fight to begin. Waiting for a few moments as the fight is starting, looking carefully at the others now, before moving into a defensive stance, facing Ronan at first.

The Flag Man gives the Kincaid flag a wave to signal the beginning of the next round!

<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Hadrian with Long Sword but Hadrian DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Jarvice with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword but Robben DODGES!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword but Ronan DODGES!

It starts out a cautious, testing round it seems for Ronan doesn't charge Lord Robben, but does press him when the other acts cautious. The Rioga Duke's dark eyes are watchful, not very familiar with Robben nor having seen the other man fight before. "Greetings, Lord Ruxton. A pleasure to see you again. Shame we hadn't sparred before but now we shall!" His own blade licks out for Robben's sword arm but the man evades him, and when Robben's blade comes for him, the Duke proves to be as light upon his feet, wary.

Hadrian makes his move and seems to dance with his blade. He was quick on his feet, the experience of a experienced combat fighter, as he manages to dodge Jarvices attack, his sword come right to strike the mans armor but not enough to do what needs to be done. A smile on Hadrians face is shown as his feet shift around in the mud, preparing himself again. His eyes still on Jarvice but no words are spoken. Kicking off, he moves to prepare another strike against the man. He had his target, that's all he needed.

Lynette sends a glance towards Kierne, whom even though beat Shepard she does offer a warm smile and nod too. She'll have to speak to him later if the moment presents itself, her attention is back to Shepard though and she is looking over him curiously, making sure perhaps that he isn't /that/ hurt. Look she's worried! "I'm not surprised that my dear cousin would do no less." This said with a soft tone and she lets her hand rest within Shepards as she smiles at the kiss to it. "I am rather sure my father will indeed remember such things, though that can be spoken on later. Are you alright?" The questioned is finally brought forth and she tilts her head slightly as she hears the whisper. A slight nod is seen, and she smiles. "Indeed it shall be a good story for one to speak of for certain."

Jarvice turns as he was expecting robben to the one to go after him but when lord Hadrian comes at him he reacts and swings but his blow Miss's as he feels the Lords blade impact his armor on his chest, causing him to stagger back a bit. "Well landed sir.. " as he shifts and readies to attack the man again. His gaze partially on the Heir of Ruxton, so that he's not blindsided.

Well. If Aidan couldn't sit down to watch his own nephew's battle, he can hardly sit down now when his eldest is out there. Despite what people might think is between the two, there is some show of support for his eldest. He walks to the ledge of their suite where a railing seperates them from the lower crowds on the galleria, hands going to the tops of the railing to watch the movement of his son with quick eyes. Though, not to say he doesn't watch with curiosity what is happening between Robben and Ronan either, for Robben was his eldest daughter's husband and so there to, was vested interest. For now, Aidan doesn't hollar, quiet and studious as the roars of the people around them urge on their favourite… Weston, Lakeshire, and Sutherland… fighting together but against one another.

Benedict looks back in time to catch the salute "Well fought all." he returns the nods and salutes in turn it was a good fight and nobody can deny that much. The young lord and knights attention turns back to the field as the next round starts. It's the usual first testing round of a combat but he's still watching close.

There's a brief chuckle as Robben hears the greeting from Ronan, as he sidesteps the incoming attack, but unfortunately not succeeding with his own either. Stepping back a few steps, before he swings for the man again. "A pleasure, Your Grace," he offers, before he adds, "And congratulations on your wedding. Sorry I couldn't be there."

<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Jarvice with Long Sword but Jarvice DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Hadrian with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Kierne turns away a drink which Rosley offers to him, but does ask him to find an herbal poultice for him to apply to his neck before the swelling gets too bad for him to put his armor back on. Other than that, he crouches in the dirt at the side of the field, sitting on his heels with his toes in the mud, riveted to watch his master compete.

Seeing Robben hold his own, Aemy breathes a sigh of relief, sitting more towards the edge of her seat. It was difficult watching her husband put himself deliberately into danger so that when he does get hit, she is immediately on her feet. "You can do it, Robben!" She calls out to him, her support unerring.

Kieryn cheers for Robben, well it's only natural since his family is vassal to the Ruxtons tht he would cheer for the heir of Weston, since he himself isn't in the tournament he can at least show some support for someone from his home. He smiles to Lis.

Shepard nods to Lynette, "I'll be fine. Just bruises. One more stinging than most, but that's always the way with these things." He finishes off his cup of wine, handing it back to Peyton, before rising to his feet, Lynette's hand still in his own for the moment, "I should be good and ready for the Joust tomorrow, where hopefully I'll be able to honor you with a better performance." He smiles with a touch of humor, then says, "Please excuse me for a few minutes, my dear Lynette, I had best change into something more presentable." He glances to the stands, "I'll join you in the stands in a few minutes."

"Your letter was appreciated, and I thank you." Despite the dialog, Ronan is keeping his wits sharp and his attention focused on what Robben is looking at, what the other man's body is doing. His blade moves to deflect Robben's and doesn't quite stop the Ruxton from tagging his armoured chest but it does manage to deflect most of the blow's force, gaining the tip of the Rioga's blade to jab Robben's arm in passing. They each scrape chain mail and move, the men circling wary. The Crawford also spares a glance to keep tabs on Jarvice and Hadrian, to peripherally stay aware of their locations and progress.

Roslin has gone quiet - she does not clap, nor does she cheer. She watches the men, particularly her husband. Their swings, how they stand, how they move, where their weaknesses may be. She's still got a tight grip on Elisabeth's hand, though.

Hadrian brings his sword around but Jarvice is too quick then his eyes blurry for a moment as the mans attack seems to strike him hard to the neck. His lights almost fade out and he staggers forward. He growls a moment and shifts his feet, catching himself and then draws his focus. He slaps his face hard to bring about his senses. "Good hit." He then shifts his feet again. This time more aggressive. The pain in his neck almost makes him want to leave but he fears nothing.

Emma cheers for everyone! She's so beside herself with excitement that really she hasn't a clue whats happening, and with the men moving all about as swords clash and grunts sound out, she's happy enough to immerse herself in the cheering crowd, rising up a few times as good hits are gained!

Jarvice studies his opponet and waits for his chance to strike, and as Lord Hadrian makes his move, Jarvice dips his head under the mans blow as he brings his own blade back up and impacts the armor protecting Hadrians neck.

"I'm glad to hear that," Robben replies, before he smiles as he hears his wife's words from the stands, moving forward a bit more aggressively, this time focusing his attack towards Ronan's arm.

A glance goes to Aidan from Nylie as he stands and goes to the rail again to better take in the action. Before her gaze is return to the four facing off on the field, watching as they pair off and the action takes off. Sitting up a little bit more, but not quite taking to standing as the Duke has.

Solara's now watching the battle, since her brother is out there. Sorry, Conall. She glances at Aemy and smiles, but at the moment, she stands to show her support, that flame red hair visible easily, even with all the redheads around. "Come on, Robben," she says, though her voice is surely not loud enough to carry.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword but Ronan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Hadrian with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Jarvice with Long Sword but Jarvice DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hadrian has been KO'd!

Lynette nods slightly once Shepard does indeed tell her that he will be fine. She had a feeling of such things but it was a question that she felt the need to ask when she did. "Of course, though one still has to ask after such times after all." She points out with a soft smile seen. "I am rather sure that you will do just fine tomorrow Sir Shepard." There is a slight pause. "Though I wish you to know my thoughts for you have not wavered after tonight." She smiles and nods while she turns to move back to the stands. "I certainly hope that you join shortly.. Shepard." His name is said a bit softer before she smiles to him once more and turns to move off to head back to her seat.

<COMBAT> Hadrian spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Elisabeth may well need to soak her fingers after today's fighting, but she is gripping the Duchess's fingers in turn. This will definately be an interesting round. Who to barrack for? Well the Knight who holds her favour at present. "Well struck Jarvice!" She calls out to him and looks to Roslin, "His grace is fighting well this round…" A look back to Kieryn and she smiles before turning her gaze to him, "I know you will fight for me one day, whether in the arena or out at sea. You have already earned my favour."

Aidan's response to what's happening down on the ground has his hands tighten around the railing. His shoulders rise up as the tension fills his entire frame. There's only the simple railing from keeping him back… and the whole thing about being a Host. Gods help him for not charging down there. It would not be so in a real battle, that's clear as he watches his son suffer the blow to the neck.

The hit from Jarvice off sets his balance and HAdrian falls into the mud. His eyes close for a brief moment as he hits the ground. It looks like the man is down and out but his eyes open. He then reaches out and grabs the edge of the arena, slowly coming to a stand. He'll never make it to fighting Ronan. Maybe his father was right about him, he was weak. He staggers to a stand, "Not….done….yet." He says and shifts his feet, sword rising, ready.

Jarvice nods to Lord Hardian and smiles "Thank you lord.. " as he once more ducks under the mans blade as his blade barely catches the mans arm as Lord Hardian was staggered from his previous blow.

Kyra watches Hadrian fall and clenches her hands into fists. "Get up and fight!" She yells out from the sideline. "You can do it!" She paces anxiously, unable to look away from the fight.

Kierne hitches forward, his body tensing with excitement as his master's blade strikes true, but he eases back when it's Hadrian and not Robben who falls, his head turning, then immediately regretful of his turned head. He winces when his cousin goes down, then applauds gamely when he gets back up. "Hail, cous," he calls out, not quite a cheer, but a call of encouragement.

Quietly does the Lady Nylie finally slip to her feet, watching not only the battle below but the silent one that occurs before her in the box. Taking the few steps to join Aidan at the rail, saying nothing as she does so very often. But a hand does lightly drift to atop one of his that has taken to such a death grip upon the rail itself.

Kieryn smiles to Lis and he nods to her, "I know I will, do not worry too much." he winks at her and then lowers his voice to whisper to her, though he doesn't want to get her sick as well. She might get mad at him if that happened. He looks over at his sister Emma and grins, "She seems excited doesn't she?" he waves to his sister trying to get her attention.

Ronan has most of his attention on Robben, for he is an unknown to the Duke and must be watched. All the same, the Rioga is in a good position to catch Jarvice's strike against Hadrian and for an instant, it is distracting and unexpected to see his cousin go down hard so early. The Rioga grimaces but gives Sir Jarvice a nod, keeping light on his own feet for his large size. Likely Robben will move in just then and Ronan must be quick, lunging to see if he can strike the Ruxton a blow aimed for the other man's chest.

Kieryn mutters to Elisabeth, "everything… from… on…"

Taking a blow to his chest, Robben grimaces a little, taking a few steps back, and moving back into a more cautious stance. Glancing around for a few moments, as he once more swings for Ronan's arm, to see if he can't get something done there.

<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

Conall does not seem bothered as he keeps his eyes on the fight as well. Mostly just curious to see how it will go. Which ones will go on. Though he does look to those that have yet to compete as well.

Elisabeth smiles at Kieryn's words and extends her free hand to him for a moment, "I know.." She says softly before her gaze to Emma and can't help but grin, "Lady Emma, is there one you are hoping for to win? It is a well matched field.." She asks of her as she turns her gaze back to the field once more.

Elisabeth applauds the chivalry shown by Sir Jarvice!

Kierne adds his own applause on that score. Classy move, Jarvice.

Jarvice holds his action as he see's Lord Hadrian stumbling around in the mud. Until the lord regains his footing, then Jarvice salutes the man and readies to engage him once more.

Cass nods his approval. Jarvice is behaving as a knight should, in his opinion. "GO SUTHERLAND," he shouts, forgetting himself now that his wine is finished and his excitement gets the better of him.

Ronan manages not to hit Robben's chest as he had hoped, but he does soundly tag the man's arm a good blow! In pressing the attack and doing so, Robben is able to get his arm in turn! Arg. That'll leave a light bruise. Now they are warmed up and starting to really go at it, men are breathing a bit more, starting to sweat and feel the sucking mud trying to drag at their boots as they move within the ring. Dark eyes intent, Ronan suddenly drops his blade low, to see if he can hit the man's legs - unless it's a feint.

Shepard moves towards the arming tent nearby, followed closely behind by his squire. A few minutes later he emerges sheathed in something a little more comfortable than chain mail. Or a lot, as the case may be, but after seeing Rozenwyn off, he moves to the stands, climbing up to where Lynette has seated herself, and rendering proper courtesies to those present before seating himself beside her, turning his attention to the battle below while a hand reaches to entwine his fingers with Lynette's.

Aemy tenses when Robben is hit in the chest and she takes her maids hand, squeezing it. "He keeps getting hurt.." Worry laces her voice and concern refuses to leave her eyes as she watches every strike, every swing of the Duke's blade towards her husband. And her brother.. wincing as he goes down, she looks as if she is about to leave the stands and rush to his side, but when he stands, she keeps her place.

Hadrian doesn't make a move this turn. But instead holds his footing. He listens to Kyra and he suddenly feels inspired. He notices Jarvice give him a small break and so he raises his sword in thanks. A glance upwards as his eyes close and a soft mumble is done before his sword. He knew he was looking weak infront of everyone, including his family. This just may be the day he's disowned and striped of his title and heir. He opens his eyes once more and prepares for his next attack now. "Thanks." He can hear the clashing going on with Ronan and Rob.

Emma has been steadfastly ignoring the interplay between Elisabeth and Kieryn, though she will slant a glance that way, her smile tempered down though she keeps it polite when she sees that extended hand. Euch. Emma will shake her head, flushing again, "No, I had hoped another might compete but I see him not here. No doubt he is very busy." Said with a nod of her head, Emma blushing a little deeper at that admission as she clears her throat politely, glancing away "Though with how well matched everyone is, it is most hard to choose one that I would hope to win."

Robben is unable to hold back a growl at the hit to his hand now, once more moving in for an attack, still cautious as he works on another attack to the Duke's arm. Muttering something under his breath now.

Roslin would rather not chatter. There's too much to watch, too much to focus on. Her breath catches when she sees Hadrian go down, but then he rises and Jarvice steps back. She lets her gaze flit back to Ronan, squeezing Lis' hand again when the Duke is hit. "Who did you wish to see compete, My Lady?" Roslin asks, a little distractedly.

Aidan grimaces against that last swing from Jarvice, as if he had felt it himself. Truly, no one would ever think such a thing from him, but there he is, watching what is happening between his son and Jarvice. "All that training… seems not to have helped him in the least…" he mutters to himself, a disappointment there, before he growls out, "SHAKE IT OFF." Though, such words can be lost in the mix of things, of course.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Hadrian with Long Sword but Hadrian DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Jarvice with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

Kieryn grins to Emma, "The battle is qutie interesting, though I'm betting money on the Heir from back home I think, but then again, that's just me." he chuckles some and then sighs a bit and then clloses his eyes and shivers a little, hoping Lis doesn't sense it. "I don't think I will stay out here too much longer though."

Kierne stands up and steps back to a crude bench over past the fields, sitting down when Rosley arrives with the poultice, and he leans his head aside to allow the manservant to apply it, his eyes craned over to keep an eye on the fighting while he's treated.

Jarvice grins as he see's lord Hadrian ready to go and as he advances on the man his footing slips in the mud causing his blow to go wide as he watches the blade pass past Hadrian but then feels the hard impact of Hadrians blade bite deep into his belly, his armor protecting him from the full amount of the blow.

So far, the men are each holding their own pretty well, except for Hadrian's slip in the mud. Anyone might slip in this wet muck though, mightn't they? It's only a matter of time before another of them will either take a hard hit or slip. Ronan doesn't seem to have to worry about Hadrian or Jarvice, though he still keeps his back away from them as much as he's able. He evades most of Robben's blow, taking some of it on his own sword, some of it on his armour as his blade whips back up from the low guard stance. The Duke steps in fast to thrust his blade point first into the Ruxton's sword arm!

Perhaps the small pray to his sword and the gods and dodges the mans attack only to land one himself. But he knew he still had a long way to go. He felt the strike of his blade against the man as he back foot catches his balance. Maybe it was perhaps he heard someone cheering for him somewhere but he was too combat focused to see you. Hadrian prepares himself again. His sword rising up and another whisper to it is given but his eyes remain open watching Jarvice.

Kyra watches as Hadrian makes contact and the Knight fighting him fails to. She applauds then places two fingers between her lips and whistles, cheering for the Kincaid heir. Might as well cheer for someone, yeah?

Robben may have taken some hits, but he's not going to give up this easily. Once more stepping back at that his to his arm, he swings once more for the Crawford, growling a bit as he does.

<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Jarvice with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Hadrian with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).

Lynette has taken her seat back with her father and Lady Nylie, her gaze drifts towards the field once more watching as her cousin and brother, and also brother-inlaw is now out there. Her gaze follows after them, one this way another that way and a soft breath escapes her. The movement near her makes her look to Shepard and she smiles while allowing him plenty of room to sit, and let's her hand rest within his, fingers entwining back. "Seems no one will be disappointed tonight with the show everyone is putting on." This offered to Shepard with a soft tone.

Solara's hands clench into fists, but she stays quiet. Her gaze goes to Aemy and then she nods. "He does, Aemy, that he does." There is concern in her voice too as she watches her brother. But also pride.

Jarvice grunts as he brings his left hand up to instictively blow Lord Hadrians blow (no shield) as he brings his own blade around to strike the lords right arm. "Well fought sire.. Glad to see you've gotten your second wind. "

Aidan looks over toward Nylie and her warm hand that settles over his tightly clasped fingers which bite into the wood of the railing. His palms might come away with slivers. "It's hard to stand by and watch this…" he admits to her quietly, turning his stern looks back toward the four on the arena. He watches how Hadrian is doing, starting to come back to fight back, "I was afraid Hadrian was done for… Must've been the mud." Must've been. Yes.

Elisabeth looks back to Kieryn as she notes his shiver and frowns slightly. "Excuse your grace, I need to see to Kieryn if I may be excused." She asks of Roslin as she gives her hand a gentle squeeze before releasing it and rising to move next to the Captain, fingers brushing to his forehead. "Have you taken anything yet?"

Hadrian charges forward and seems to keep still a cuatious form in his progression. As his sword swings roung, he feels the connection to the man's hand and suddenly reminded of his father wounding his just last week. This distraction for a breif moment is changed when about the same time his right arm feels the strike. A loud grunt his heard before he steps back to recover, "Good form." He readys again, mumbling something to his sword. Seems that's working. Eyes on Jarvice.

"Of course," Roslin murmers, bringing her hands together on the cup of wine at her lap and watching, quietly.

Aemy offers a reassuring smile to Solara, knowing how it felt to have a brother out there getting hurt also. "Yet he fights on.." Echoing the pride in Solara's gaze, she wears similar. Unable to look away for so long, she watches the fight, silently cheering on Robben and praying Hadrian does not get hurt. After a moment, she looks towards her father to get his reaction to her brother and the fight. Seeing the stern look, she prays all the harder to the Gods, for her brothers sake.

Ah, and there he lands the blow to Robben's chest but not with enough force at that angle to deliver the force he would have wished - it's too glancing to count for much. It leaves Ronan open for a split second, and he senses that Robben barely parried, awaiting that opening and taking a chance he'd been hit so that he could strike. The ploy works! The Duke takes a blow to his head that rattles him, and Ronan sidesteps to keep his footing. It will leave a bruise but the blunted edge nonetheless cut his brow, opening a trickle of blood despite his coif. The larger man shakes it off, staying focused, as Ronan steps back in, intent to thrust at Robben and breathing a bit harder now.

Benedict remains mostly quiet as he watches the next round of fighting. The young man will turn though gazing back to the stands a moment trying to find other people he might now, but doesn't at this time at least. He'll people watch a moment before looking back at the crowds reaction to something happening on the field.

This time, Robben's swing is a bit wilder than the earlier ones where he aimed for one particular part of Ronan, the arm. And so the blade seems to be going for the Duke's head, while it remains uncertain if that was or was not the original target. As the other's blade hits his chest, without making much trouble, he nods a bit, once more swinging at the Sutherland ruler now.

Nylie's hand give Aidan's a light squeeze, certainly compared to how he gripes that railling. "I know it must be, but it is his fight to manage." To win or lose, it goes without saying. Her hand keeping lightly settled upon Aidan's as they watch the match continue on. "Certainly, a missed footing in the mud. He has recovered well." No, she'll not point out Jarvice's knightly jesture to allow it.

Kierne jumps up when Ronan takes one to the head, upsetting Rosley's efforts to bind his wounds. Rosley fairly well has to drag Kierne back down to his seat to continue the procedure… or, rather, start over.

"Indeed so." Shepard notes to Lynette, cringing internally when he sees Ronan take a hit to the noggin. He's seen men get hurt pretty badly from strikes like that in past tournaments, but thankfully it appears Ronan's still very much in the fight. "A little less…wild…than our round, I think." Shepard notes with a light chuckle.

Kieryn nods to Lis and gives her a smile, "Of course Captain, I sailed us to the right of that last island. Isn't that what you told me to do? or was I supposed to take a left." he frowns and shakes his head and looks ill, "Lis? oh… yeah I've seen the healers, I'm fine, really I'm fine, don't worry. I think I am going to go home though. I think I need to lie down or something." he begins to rise and woggles a little and frowns, "Which way is home?"

<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Hadrian with Long Sword but Hadrian DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword but Robben DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Jarvice with Long Sword and MISSES!

Emma will reply to Roslin, "A man of the sea, I've heard much in the way of good things of him." A look to Kieryn, "If my brother-" Who looks terrible, "Were taking part I'd favor him above all." Said with a firm nod though she's frowning as Elis rises up to tend to him. Not because she /is/ tending, but because of how her brother is acting, "Lady Haravean, would you help me home with him?" Oh but she wants to be there and watch! But, brother! Ill!

Conall clears his throat as he rises. "Give me a moment, I shall be right back. I just need to run away for a moment." Keeping a proper language instead of just saying that he needs to pee or so forth. Giving a bow. "Tell me how it goes." Besides, he might need to prepare. Disappearing for a moment then.

Elisabeth looks to Emma, "Could you watch Jarvice for me. I will see your brother home. I am sure he will be fine." She assures the young woman with a warm smile and gives a glance out to the field. The Sutherland Knight doing fair well out there. She slips an arm around Kieryn's waist as he wobbles, "Let us find a carriage for you milord."

It seems that Hadrian might be getting tired. Oh how he wished he could attack from the shadows. Seems that him and Jarvice were starting to match each others combat prowess. Hadrian was starting to have a little fun now. But he still knew Jarvice had the upper hand and there was not much he could do to change that unless Rob took Ronan down and joined him against Jarvice. He prepares for another attack tothe man. A light smile to his face.

Roslin hardly flinches when her husband takes a blow to the head. No, she's entirely focused on watching, on critiquing, on anticipating what will happen next. But then there's a bit of a scruffle beside her as Kieryn, it seems, is too ill for the presentations. "The healer's tent is just below, if he requires it." But then Roslin goes back to watching the match. She cannot focus on anything else, just now.

Jarvice is shaking his hand as that last blow from lord hadrian stings, as he swings at the man who dodges his strike. "Curses!!"

Emma gets to stay! She will nod her head, "Of course, Lady Haravean." Though she will move around to go and embrace her brother in a tight hug.

Solara turns her attention to Conall, and she nods her head. "Of course, Your highness. And thank you for sitting with us for a time, keeping us company while we watch the event." She glances back over to Aemy, and then moves to take Aemy's other hand, assuming Aemy will let her, turning back to watch.

This time, Robben managed to use some steps that seems to be more or less dance steps to get out of the way of the incoming attack, but his own blow delivered seems mostly harmless as well. There's a brief chuckle now, "Ah, getting slower, Your Grace?" he remarks, once more going in for a strike at the other man.

Kieryn hugs his sister back when she hugs him and he nods to Lis, he leans against her when she puts her arm around his waist, though not too heavily, he doesn't want to knock her over. He lets her lead him off once he's done hugging Emma.

Robben's blade swipes him in the gut - not hard, but Ronan can feel it through his chain. His own blade misses and he begins to become annoyed with the slow pace of it. Blood is in his face, in his eye. The Duke shakes his head to try and clear it, doesn't dare spare his arm to wipe at it. Shaking his head isn't the best idea either. The Rioga grits his teeth, "You aren't a knight, Lord Robben? You are holding your own well enough." Especially against him. The Duke will see if he can push the Ruxton a bit more cautiously himself, and lure the man to give him an opening.

Aidan grunts a little at it being Hadrian's fight. So it was. Yet it was hard for any father to watch their son get flattened on the second hit. Well, regardless of propriety, he wretches his one hand back from the railing long enough to settle around Nylie's waist. "At least Sir Jarvice allowed him a chance to regain himself. He's doing good from the recovery. He's connected a few hits at least." Certainly not the hollary he was doing before for Kierne, a more subdued nature of encouragement now, standing there trying to keep himself calm.

Lynette frowns as she sees Ronan take a rather hard hit ot the head, but he at least doesn't seem too badly hurt at the moment. A soft breath escapes her and she nods slightly before looking to Shepard once more. "I suppose a good many injuries can happen even in such settings as these?" As for her brother's problems on the field it is indeed noted, and it makes her frown a moment.

<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Hadrian with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hadrian attacks Jarvice with Long Sword but Jarvice DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hadrian has been KO'd!

Aemy gratefully takes Solara's hand when it is offered and sits back down now that it seemed as if Robben and Hadrian were both fighting back. She smiles to Conall, dipping her head into a courteous greeting. "Your Highness, a pleasure seeing you once again." With one hand with her sister and the other with her maid, she looks back to the competition and watches Robben, willing him to win.

Jarvice watches as Hadrian swings and he slips under the blow as he brings his blade up and swings with all his might, He can feel the impact thru his arms as he strikes Lord Hadrians chest. Jarvice breaths a bit hard from the dance he was doing with lord Hadrian.

The moment the strike hits his chest, Hadrian stumbles back hard against the fence of the arena. He staggers back, dropping his sword. Words were hard to say from such an impact and serious hit that left him barely able to stand. His servants quickly rush over to help grab him from arena, "My Lord is unable to fight any more!" Says one of his men. They both help him walk out slowly, away from the fighting and move him over to a resting area where they sit him down. Hadrian sits and is leaned over, trying to find air to breath.

Taking another blow, without managing to deliver one, Robben doesn't switch from his defensive stance at the moment. "I am, although that has always been the secondary to my other duties," he replies to Ronan, once more moving in for an attempted strike now.

A slight glance goes Aidan's way from Nylie when that arm does go about her waist, well the man was stressed! "He has made some good connections. " Though she has to cringe a little when Jarvice gets in that hit to the chest on Hadrian and it sends him staggering back into the fence and out of breathe it would seem.

Kyra rushes over where Hadrian had been taken, kneeling beside him, a hand on his shoulder. "Hey," she speaks softly, quietly. "Want to just get out of here? I'll buy you a drink at the tavern, if you're interested."

Blood and sweat, the salt sting in his eyes, it's familiar even if this is not the grevious pace of actual warfare combat with it's butchery. Ronan is a large, strong man, but he's also easier to hit and has a higher center of gravity. He tries to crouch, to make his movements unpredictable, dark eyes sharp upon Robben. There is a glance to the side as he moves suddenly, not to attack but to buy a precious second to register that Hadrian goes down. He brings his own blade up to block Robben's strike and sees if he can twist and force the point of his own blade below it for Robben's throat.

Kierne looks aside to Hadrian as he's settled down on the bench down the way from him, where he's presently in recovery, as well. He doesn't say anything, though, especially when Rosley uses his fingers to hook his chin and pull his head straight again so that he can finish poulticing his welt.

As Hadrian falls back, Roslin lifts her head, concern flashing over her features. She raises a brow as a common woman runs over to him, too, but can't help but breathe a sigh of relief as the man is out of the competition for now. Her eyes once more refocus on Ronan, with a final glance at the common girl. Strange, that.

Emma hands are now up and over her eyes, all the blood and the sort has her cringing, "Do the fights always go this long?"

"It's not uncommon, it's true." Shepard replies to Lynette, wincing just a bit as Hadrian takes another hit, and this time it seems he's finished for this fight. "Most of the time it's not too serious, though." He doesn't bother adding that every so often someone dies at one of these things. She likely already knows and there's no point tempting fate by bringing it up in conversation. He does tilt his head though, studying Lynette a moment, "Is this your first time watching a tournament such as this?"

Roslin nods to Emma, without looking over at her. "They can," She says. "If the fighters are skilled enough. It is not enough simply to wack one another with weapons. There is precision required, and keeping themselves in motion means that they can lessen the impact of hits that they cannot dodge. Exhausting, the whole thing. But the longer they can go, the more likely they are to survive in warfare."

Aidan watches as a woman he doesn't know rushes over to aid Hadrian and as much as he would like to go see the boy himself, he restrains himself. The concern flashing in his eyes might be conceived as cool anger as he regards the his son who is bending over for a breath and struggling to. He sighs a little and shakes his head, looking back to the field where it looks like Ronan might have the upper hand on Robben even after that heavy handed hit to the head.

Hadrian's servants quickly take his armor off so that he can breath easier. This does indeed help as he tries to say something to his men but doesn't. It's only when someone touches his shoulder, light and gentle does he look up and see the sight of Kyra, glad. But his servant speaks. "That is not how you address the future Heir of Lakeshire." The man barely got the sentence finished before Hadrians pushes him away and comes to a slow stand, "Sound…" He coughs a little bit, "…perfect…" He then starts to walk on. He nad no other reason to be here now. His walk is slowly and his hand is on his chest. It hurt.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword but Robben DODGES!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Solara squeezes Aemy's hand. "Do you need to go down there?" she asks softly. "I can come with you, if so." Her gaze is on Robben though, watching with big blue eyes and not noting that Hadrian is actually on his feet and moving.

Cass can't help but to shake his head at the same time he finds himself suddenly aching in the ribs now that he's come down from the rush of the sword fighting. Frowning a bit, he whispers to one of the Sutherland attendants, asking for them to gather up his armor and the dulled sword he used during the fight and take it to the pavilion while he goes to get himself looked at by a healer.

Cian looks over to Lord Hadrian as he is knocked out of the tourney, a slight nod to acknowledge the man before he turns to his own squire to finish armouring up as the round looks to be nearing completion. He still looks much like a restless panther as he is armoured. Checking each strap once the squire does it up. He glances around to cast an eye upon where his own competitors are to get a measure of them.

Jarvice watches as Lord Hadrian is taken away safely and then moves to engage the lord of Ruxton.. His blade catching the man on the chest.. but due to the last strike on lord Hadrian his blow doesn't have th same strength as it did before as his arms recover.

Lynette does indeed know that there have been deaths in such things like this. A slight nod is seen as she follows with what Shepard has said. "It is good to know that it is often not that serious at least. She glances to Shepard curiously. "I've been for a few, though honestly I will admit that I have not given them much attention until rather recently." There is a pause as she catches sight of Hadrian getting knocked out, and then carried off and she frowns while leaning forward enough to watch and make sure that her brother is alright.

Horse piss! Robben dodges and manages to evade Ronan's blade tip. The Rioga bares his teeth but is pleased to see his Senechal step in to take up the fight, "Sir Jarvice! So pleased you could join us!" The Sutherland Duke does what he might to try and come at Robben from one side while the Sutherland knight presses him from the other. Which one of them will Robben try to attack or defend against?

Robben manages to sidestep Ronan's blow, while his own stops on the man, but he takes a hit from Jarvice. Taking a few moments to look between the two, he switches target to Jarvice now, rather quickly.

<COMBAT> Robben attacks Jarvice with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Robben with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

"Do you want to check on him, Lynette?" Shepard asks of his betrothed when he sees her gaze travel to Hadrian, "I'll gladly escort you if so. I should have made a greater effort to meet him sooner."

"It may not be how you address him.. but it's how I address him." Kyra rises and follows along with Hadrian, concerned with the way he was holding his chest. "Are you certain you should leave without seeing a healer?"

Nylie's eyes shift to Aidan again as she hears that sight, better to be looking there than to take to watching the armor getting striped off another man. Fine sight as it might provide. Briefly brushing against him as her hand gives that arm on her waist a small squeeze. Sometimes it is just best to say nothing.

Emma winces some more though she'll part fingers of her right hand to peek out, trying to keep an eye on Jarvice for Elisabeth, cringing with each hit now, "It's all so brutal, as a means to show their ability to last in war." Emma will murmur amongst the cheers and jeers that rise up all around her, biting the inside of her cheek as she sits and forces herself to watch in bursts.

Jarvice grunts as the lord of Ruxton and him seem to exchange blows to the chest. Jarvice staggers back again and winces. "Nice blow!!" as he spotted that His grace also manged to score a hit on the Heir of Ruxton.

Aemy watches Hadrian walking off then shakes her head as she looks back to Solara. "He probably just wants to be alone.. away from here and our father." Blue eyes flicker towards her father and soften ever so slightly. Stern, he was, but he was still her father. She looks back now as the two double team Robben and her jaw firms. "You would think the Knight would go after the stronger of the two."

Returning soon enough is Conall. Moving to see how it is going. Returning to Solara's side. "How are they doing? How's your brother? Also, apologies for my absence."

"Sess!" Ronan breathes, "Won't he go down?" It has to be admired that Lord Robben can take such a beating and manage to keep his feet. It could be that the Rioga who recently stood vigil in the Temple of Sutherland is hoping he could have a little luck from the Gods right now - but the Duke is a practical man, and will save such prayers for when they are really needed in actual battle, with men dying all around him. For surely he will need it, soon enough. Breathing hard, Ronan steps around to try and get behind and get at Robben's back.

Taking a deep breath as he seems to block Jarvice's hit with his third rib on the right side or something, Robben once more grimaces. "You too?" he offers to Jarvice, while getting a lighter hit to his hand by Ronan. "Not allowed to go down yet, sorry," he comments, once more swinging for Jarvice.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword but Robben DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Robben with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Jarvice with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).

Solara nods to Aemy, her gaze going to Conall briefly, and without thinking she holds out a hand to the prince too. "Robben is still standing, but he is now being double teamed," she says, her anxiety obvious.

Conall ahs as he looks towards Robben and his competitors. Taking her hand to try and comfort and ease the anxiety. "Get out of there!" He tries to cheer on Robben. "Duck and weave!" He offers, grinning a bit.

Jarvice is still a bit shaken up form the blow of robbens and miss's his blow as he feels Robbens blade graze his leg.

Either way, /somebody/ would be getting double teamed because there are three of them. Still it makes sense that the Sutherland Knights stick together, as brothers in arms. At least until they are the last ones standing, if that should be the case. Ronan grunts when he misses Robben, slipping in the mud and almost loosing his footing. It's getting a bit treacherous out here in the muck. Be nice if he could get Robben in the head for a bit of paypack…

Duck, sidestep, however he can avoid getting hit, Robben'll take it now. So then it's good that the attack he delivered to Jarvice was a bit lower. He keeps on moving, this time swinging for the Crawford himself.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Robben with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Jarvice with Long Sword but Jarvice DODGES!

Rosley finishes up Kierne's poulticing quite tidily, and Kierne tosses him a quick, grateful smile and invites him to sit by him on the recovery bench to watch the fight from the best seats in the house as the three remaining competitors battle it out.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword but Ronan DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Robben with Long Sword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Robben with Long Sword but Robben DODGES!
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Ronan with Long Sword but Ronan DODGES!

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Robben with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Robben has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Robben spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Conall does sit and continue to watch the match. Smiling to the lady as well. Once in awhile glancing around. Grinning as it seems he might be up against Allyn again, if Con even get to fight that is. Spotting a familiar face approaching him soon enough does make his eyes widen a bit. Making off hand gestures towards the man. Seemingly a messenger. Shooing him almost. Something being in the man's hand. Seemingly of purple color. "Apologies, give me another moment." He excuses himself, moving towards the messenger. Who stopped in his tracks at the prince's gesture. Moving to him and out from the stands. Speaking for a moment before the messenger is sent away. Then he is moving back to the Ruxtons. "Apologies, just some issues. IT's all set now." He assures them, then turning his head to see Robben being beat rather badly. Offering his hand to Solara again.

They are tiring somewhat, the mud is getting deep. The three men continue to struggle in the fight, their sparring blades to clang against each other or against armour as they manuever, trying to get the advantage of one over another. It seems Robben has the luck so far as he is able to keep his feet against them both! Ronan gets a light hit in against him and then slips again, missing his thrust. Luckliy he isn't hit in turn and gets the Ruxton Lord once more in the arm, sending him down for the first time! OOorah! But Robben isn't finished yet! The Duke lets the man have a chance to get back to his feet. "You are more an ox than you look, Lord Robben!"

Solara's fingers squeeze Conall's, as she watches her brother take a beating. "Oh, gods," she murmurs, though then as Conall has to go, she takes her hand back, clenching it into a fist. Sitting there with Aemy. She glances back over as Conall returns, tilting her head slightly. She does take his hand as it is offered, holding it tightly. Quietly.

Dodging and missing and all that goes on for a while, but then Robben takes a few more hits. The one to his head sends him stumbling backwards, almost falling over, as he moves one hand up to where the attack hit, but after a few moments, he moves forward again, this time for Jarvice. Unable to hold back a bit of laughter at Ronan's words. "Other animals… can hang in for a long time…"

Aemy just cannot look any longer. Holding Solara's hand, she finds herself clasping it a little too hard and releases it. "So sorry, Solara.." Turning her gaze away, she does not look back at the fight yet.. but the sounds prove too tempting and worrisome, so she looks back towards her husband.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Robben with Long Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Robben with Long Sword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Robben attacks Jarvice with Long Sword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Robben has been KO'd!

Jarvice finnaly lands a good blow on the heir of ruxton as he manages to avoid being hammered.

And after the last few hits, Robben goes down. Wincing a bit as he works on getting himself into position to crawl out of the way of the two remaining fighters, at least, he's forgotten to drag the sword with him. Getting a bit out of the way before he rolls over to the side now.

"DAMN,…" Aidan pounsd the railing, "Next time I'll make sure the Tourney Steward doesn't team up those Sutherlands. Good brother in arms are they to pick apart their opponents one by one…" Though regardless, he doesn't seem as eager to stand any longer and with Nylie in his arm, he will sneak a little kiss to her cheek, more out of trying to settle down his own nerves than anything else. A soldier didn't like to see one out numbered after all. But that was the way with the events. His eyes do appeal toward Aemy as she has to watch her husband go down, much as Lynette had to do with Shepard. "Let's have a seat and enjoy the rest of the competition. There's one round left to go before the finale."

Kierne finds himself clutching the sides of the recovery bench beside him, leaning forward in tense silence as the combat comes down to two. This is it.

Jarvice is glad to avoid the Ruxtons blade as be brings his blade down, across and into the Ruxton heirs chest, and once more his hands and arms are jarred from the impact.

Emma squeaks softly, still wincing, but she will cheer for Jarvice now in Elisabeths' stead, "You can do it, Jarvice!!!" The young Lady calls out, clasping her hands together now in front of her lips, knuckles pressing back into plush flesh.

It takes both of them but it is Jarvice that makes the solid hit to Lord Robben that drops him! Ronan can't help but suck a breath as he steps back, "You have my respect, Lord Ruxton." Panting a bit himself, the Duke gives the Ruxton a careful look to be sure the other man will be all right, his guard coming back up at once to defend himself against his own knight. Ronan eyes his brother's Senechal, now his steward. The Rioga salutes Jarvice with his blade, then moves in to attack!

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Jarvice with Long Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Ronan with Long Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Nylie cringes and ducks againt Aidan just a little bit to see that hit Jarvice gets in on Robben, across the chest once again. Seeming to give him more than fine oppurtunity to land that kiss on her cheek. Which starles her just a touch but brings a warm smile rather easily. Nylie gives a nod,"Aye, and perhaps some wine?" Giving the light suggestion as she moves with him to rreturn to their seats. A glance back to the field, just ouch for that hit which finally took Robben out.

Solara turns to Aemy and she gives her a hug. "You go, yes? I will stay and watch for us all. Or would you rather I go?" The offer is honestly made, whichever Aemy prefers. "You have nothing to be sorry for, Aemy. He is your husband." At least with Robben no longer getting pounded, Solara's death grip on Conall's hand relaxes.

<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Jarvice with Long Sword - Serious wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Ronan with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Jarvice spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Roslin has been silent for quite some time, simply watching the efforts. She holds her cup of wine tightly.

"Oh dear." Lynette says with a faint tone escaping her as she watches Robben go down. She gives Shepard's hand a squeeze as she still has hold of it before she glances up to him. "I take it you have been in many of these then? When not busy with other things of course." She's curious now it seems.

Jarvice grunts as the heir of ruxton is taken away and then has to fight his Duke, as they exchange blows and Jarvice ends up on a knee as he is staggered from the last blow, taking his time to stand and then salutes his grace before getting ready to engage him again. "well struck your Grace. "

"I used to compete often, when I was a younger, more green knight. Before the last war with Laniveer." Shepard notes to Lynette, giving her hand a gentle squeeze in return for her own, "After I saw real combat…I didn't take as much enjoyment in these things as I used to. Though I still compete from time to time." He grins to Lynette, "I could hardly have declined this particular one."

Kierne jumps up when Jarvice goes down, then eases down while Jarvice eases up. Fidgety fingers grab at the bench's front edge, fingernails digging into it just enough to leave little scratchmarks.

"Yes, wine," Aidan says with a final sigh as he waves over the servants and has them poor two cool glasses for them. The events were going on quiet longer than anticipated. Apparently Mobrin's warriors were well trained and taken this a bit seriously. It's been a good show so far! The wine is handed to both of them in turn, his eyes searching to see the reactions of his daughters to what has happened.

The two Sutherlanders go at it, and the older, more slightly more experienced man lays a very hard blow into Ronan's chest. It knocks the wind right out of the Duke and for a split second, his face bloody from Robben's hit to his head, it looks like the Crawford /might/ topple, but no… he's a stout, hardy man. He regains his balance and keeps his feet, his blade whipping out even before the Rioga draws a breath and hits Jarvice's off hand a stunning blow! It would have taken the limb clean off if the blades were edged. Ronan sucks for breath, hurting some now but he presses the attack, intent.

<COMBAT> Jarvice attacks Ronan with Long Sword - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Ronan attacks Jarvice with Long Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarvice has been KO'd!

Aemy gives Solara a grateful look and withdraws her hand, hurriedly leaving towards Robben, making her maid have to scramble to keep up. Rushing to his side, she cups his face gently to meet his eyes to try and judge how badly he is hurt. "Robben.." she beseeches in a soft voice, tenderly cradling his cheek. "May I assist you back to the room to care for your wounds?"

Jarvice grins as he once more goes after his grace again and brings his blade down on his sword hand (right hand) but the gauntlet blocks his damage as he is hit once more into the chest, and the blow knocks more then wind out of him as he drops once more to a knee. " I Yield my grace, well fought."

Lynette smiles a moment and nods as she hears this from Shepard. "I suppose that would make sense. With seeing something such as real combat these such things could make one not so eager to join in." There is a slight pause at the rest and she smiles hearing Shepard. "Well, I won't lie. I am glad to know I had some part in getting you to come to this one." Her gaze turns towards Aemy as she catches her sister moving off to tend to Robben, an while she is sorry for that she is glad thta she does not need to do the same at the moment.

The glass of wine is accepted once they are served up, Nylie's fingers curling about the glass. Keeping it to her outer hand, so that the one cloest to Aidan might slip agian within his. A small squeeze given, the event had been going on long. And he had gotten quite into it with so many of his House partaking. Setting up just a little when it seems that the second round seems to reach it's close with as Jarvice comes to yield to Ronan.

And then, it is almost as if it were in slow motion… Sir Jarvice's blade tags Ronan's right hand but doesn't manage to knock the blade free of the Duke's grasp, painful as it is against his knuckles. The Rioga bares his teeth, blood sticky and dark down the side of his face as he lays into his fellow Sutherlander, putting the length of his blade into the Senechal's chest or gut for a long slice that would open a man's innards to the world. Ronan pivots his blade, ready for another hard strike when he catches the other man's yield! The Duke checks himself, and breathing rough, he nods and steps back. "Very well fought, Sir Jarvice." A hand is offered to help his fellow up, "We should see to Lord Robben and send him wine to sooth his ails."

There's a few more deep breaths, as Robben seems to realize who it is that is there. "Aemy…" A brief pause, as he focuses more fully on meeting her gaze, before he adds, "I'm sorry for taking that beating…" Nodding a little at the part about assistance back to the room. "Sounds… good…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Extra padding of the armor…. tomorrow… Sounds like an… idea?"

Emma will move to stand once Jarvice has yielded, picking her skirts up slightly to pick her way down the stands, moving along them until she's where Jarvice would walk off to, waiting for him, not quite sure how she's supposed to look after him as Elisabeth suggested, but to the men who were tending to him she'll speak to find out.

Conall does applaud the victor. Rising to his feet as Solara rushes to her brother. "It was well fought. Just unfortunate." He offers to him. Though then it is his turn to move to prepare for a fight. Going to make himself ready, with gear and all.

Kierne leaps up one last time, his muddy boots sucking up out of the mire, letting loose a WILD HOWL of praise for his master while thus airborne. He lands, knees bending into the impact, and he shifts his stance, shoving back against the mud with his boots as he intends to run out to meet Ronan in his victory on the field.


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