Sess 8, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Joust

Kincaid Tournament: Joust
Summary: The people gather round for the last show. The Kincaid Tournament shows the Joust to the good people of Mobrin.
OOC Date: 22/02/2014 (OOC)
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Tournament Grounds
The fairegrounds are big enough to hold a great many people, during festivals. They are really just a huge field, with a platform at the center, which is used for performances and announcements as is required. Grass never really seems to grow though, as the tents, pavillions and feet of each festival stamp it out. And just as it is beginning to regrow, the next festival arrives.
During a festival, the fairegrounds bustle with activity, whichever festival it might be. Many vendors set up tables and booths, selling everything from hotcakes to swords. Bards play music and poets recite their latest poems. Artists of all shapes, sizes and typse can be spied around and about the grounds. The scene is quite festive.
It is day 8 of the month of Sess, 229 2E - 08:25 PM

The turn of spring brought more people from their homes these day. And with the excitement of the warming weather and day's events mixed to bring a palpable anticipation to the area about the jousting arena. The stands were filling with those wishing to see their favorite Knights, to see them bring about valor and honor. And equally so to boos and jeer at those they disliked, wishing to see tumbles from horses. Nobles were already taking to their cushioned seats, commoners to their hard benches or standing where they could. Vendors worked their way through the crowds calling out their offerings from gizzards and pigs feet to stews and fruits and never to be forgotten the wines and ales. Little flags with House colors and banners even seem to be offered, right along with small wooden swords for aspiring young lads.

In the direction of the lists, knights and their horses can be seen reading for the day's events, their squires attending to them as they need. Those first up already having their horses saddled, their armor in places. As those later in the day, spend more time observing their potential competitors. And all the while, a few men consider the odds of the matches as well as overall tournament champion and take bets from those interested in such things.

Among the knights that are waiting to prove themselves in the lists is Sir Ruthgar Ruxton, Baron of Dellhaven and Knight of the Rioga. The tourney armour he wears is dark, with the crest of House Kilgour etched onto it, the cloak the characteristic Kilgour purple. The helmet, for now held somewhere beneath his right arm, as pale grey eyes scan the crowd in the stands before they move to assess the other contestants. His mien is calm and composed - almost arrogant it must appear to those that do not know him, his face pale below those dark brown locks of his. His black steed Nightshade shows its temper less reluctantly, one very young timid looking squire holds it by its reins, flinching a little when the horse starts to prance.

As promised, Solara is in the Ruxton suite, where she is ready to cheer on her brother. Again. But perhaps she will prove better luck to this brother. At any rate, she looks over the field with a fond smile to her brother, and a wave if she sees him looking her way. Her maid and guards are there, though this time Aemy is not with her. Nor Conall. Solara's bright red-gold hair is the only sign of life in the Ruxton area, but she is there, bright blue eyes attentive on the field.

Cian prepares his own black horse for riding in the joust. He is checking over all the armour and straps with his new squire, showing the young man how to adjust and tighten here and there. Once he is content with the horse, Sir Conwy tends to himself. There is a slight limp to his step, though he has mostly recovered from the sword lists. Right now it is clear his focus is on the tourney today. As he dresses in his plate with the aid of the squire, he looks down to the ground in front of him, tuning out the noise of the crowd and vendors.

Of House Benthur, a Knightly house, Cole is already armored up and on his horse. One of his teenage sons, his squire, is assisting him today in the competition. Eagerly,, the young man is already holding a lance, prepared to give it to his father when the time comes. Cole is watching the others…

Only just arriving, Aemy is moving to the stands, front row. Of course she would come.. she always comes when Robben or Ruthgar compete.

The mood from the Kincaid suite is a little different today. The Host is not in attendance. Yet. The Tournament Steward carries on the show as before, welcoming the good people of Mobrin to enjoy the feasts and the splendor of the shows to come. There -might- even be excellent poetry on the field if the heralds are up for the task today! It entirely depends on the men who are entering, but if the men entering do not have a Herald to announce them, they will be simply be asked to the lists by their name and that is it. Today, it's all about show before the excitement. The first on the list to square off are Sir Ruthgar Ruxton to joust against Sir Cian Conwy - their heralds will be told and allowed a moment to announce them. Meanwhile, the crests of each rider are hung between the score keepers nest, who will place white posts for each point made, so the good people can keep up with the winner.

Sir Shepard Kerrigan rests atop his own black Darfield Destrier, both rider and animal seeming quite calm. He's of course bedecked in the heavy plate suited for jousting, with the additional plates usually used to protect one from harm during the potentially dangerous sport. The black, gold, and white silk scarf granted as favor by Lady Lynette is again tied around his upper right arm. His own squire is young as well, a blonde haired young man by the name of Peyton Leask, holding the reins of the big black horse and looking eager, but mostly calm. The Greenshire Knight wears a blue and red cloak representing the colors of his house. His own eyes scan the stands, giving a grin and a wink to the familiar face of Lady Brendolyn Haravean in the Greenshire section of the stands, before looking over to the Kincaid section. His expression is a touch pensive as he notes the absence of their host, though it shifts back to a smile when he spots Lady Lynette watching as well.

Finally his attention goes to the other competitors, and he gives each a nod and a brief, polite smile before the first match is called.

Clad in green and white Brendolyn makes her way to a seat, guards and maid in tow, the former taking up positions near the rear of the tent, the latter sitting beside Brendolyn. She brightens at the wave from Shepard and waves in return, "Oh let us hope for a good result," she says, and her maid nods then hops up to scurry off in search of refreshment.

Upon seeing Solara, Aemy moves to sit with her, eyes moving to the field briefly, watching Ruthgar. She has a seat and offers a warm smile. "Robben should be coming.. He was getting his armor on."

Even though the host himself is absent, the Lady Nylie Kilgour is not. She is a Kilgour and well duty becomes all, and there is a duty to put in an apperance, to have the House represented amongst the stand. And oh, by the Gods, now she actually has to worry about who to cheet for, the fine young Knight to the Duke, or her cousin's husband and Rioga who so finaly laid Aldren out on the flat of his back!

As he hears his name, Cian nods to the steward and finishes off the final preparations before pulling the tabard for the Knight of the Lake over his armour and securing it with his knight's belt. He mounts up on his dark mount wearing the black and white fittings of House Kincaid. It is clear to anyone for whom he fights for. No lady in the crowd draws his attention save the one in the Kincaid box whom he salutes to before closing his visor. A herald comes forth to announce the young knight. "Here I do present Sir Conwy! He found valiently in the sword list coming second. The highest ranked commoner in the list by far!" Cheers no doubt from the commoners. "He is a dark Knight and conquerer of Sutherland Boars!" The last causes Cian to just shake his head and he urges his mount towards the ring. He will never live that down.

When his name is called, there is but a tiny twitch of his brows, before Ruthgar mounts his horse swiftly, the helmet is donned, the visor not lowered yet; a fresh lance accepted, as well as the shield that shows the crest of House Ruxton of Dellhaven. The knight's gaze will flicker as he notes the absence of the host, still he will ride over to the Kincaid box to offer the salute as usual by lowering his lance. Pale grey eyes will flicker a little when Aemy is glimpsed and for a moment a smile will brush over the Ruxton's mien. After the salute is given he will proceed to his place in the list.

Assessing his opponent from afar, the Ruxton will salute, along with a good-natured call, "May the better knight win!", before he lowers visor then lance, avoiding any monologues to praise his own valor. Nightshade is spurred on to a gallop, hooves thundering as the Rioga flies at his opponent, his weapon aimed carefully to unhorse the knight sworn to House Kincaid.

Movements a bit more stiff than they're supposed to be, Robben's in his armor and has made his way to the field. Looking around at the proceedings so far, he keeps quiet, just watching now.

Cian takes his lance from his squire and salutes his competitor before spurring his own horse on.

Solara looks over at Aemy and nods her head. "You made it, and Robben - why am I not surprised?" she asks, with a rueful smile. "Ruthgar is up first," she adds, as she turns her attention back to the field.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Cian=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Success Cian: Good Success
< Net Result: Cian wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cian=Polearms Vs Ruthgar=Horsemanship
< Cian: Great Success Ruthgar: Great Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Marginal Victory

Benedict has shown up as well to watch the joust he's of course much more comfortable today he's dressed up knowing that there will be royals and other nobles and knights here and so as a guest he's got to be presentable. He is wearing the clolor's of his paramount house and his own a smaller emblem. He will move into the stands to see where he should sit finding a suitable space he'll sit lightly down to watch the event also taking in those around him to see if he knows anyone.

When Cian salutes towards the Kincaid box, Nylie dows bow her head to the Kinciad Knight, a bit of a smile for him. Giving up applause and a bit of a whistle for the young man. It does seem Nylie does have the choice easily enough made for her. Though surely she can cheer for Ruthgar as well…if he's not facing Cian! The Kilgour woman and future Duchess of Lakeshire…hopefully…Still, has moved to stand at the railing of the Kincaid suite. And it seems inthe absence of the host, she acknowledges the knights as they offer their salutes to the box.

Brendolyn sits up straight and mostly on the edge of her seat to peer forward, watching the powerful take off of the horses, smiling to watch them thunder down the lists. Her maid, Gwyn, arrives with wine and something on a plate but Bren waves them off for now, intent upon the jousters. Who knows who will end up facing one another, may as well keep an eye on all of them. "First pass.. no one fell," she comments and Gwyn nods dutifully as she takes her seat. "Yes m'lady."

As it is the next day and tempers, Gods willing, have cooled after the excitement over the Sword on Foot finales, Sir Ronan Crawford returns. He is not mounted nor wearing his armour to joust. Nor is his squire Kierne even presant. He arrives with his man servant to join his wife in the stands to watch and mingle with others. While he could yet perhaps join the event if he so chose, it doesn't seem to be his intention. The Rioga Duke makes his way, pausing to greet others and have a friendly word.

The two knights clash in the middle with a deafening clatter, and a murmur seems to go through the crowd when both remain ahorse, neither of them defeated. Ruthgar turns, opening his visor to get a better view, his stare cold and assessing, before he spurs his horse on, wheeling it about at the end where he charges, one fresh lance grabbed and aimed for the next pass, the visor again lowered.

Cian spurs his dark steed along the rail, seating his lance as he draws closer to the opposing knight. Strikes made but no lance broken and he easily keeps his seat for now. As he gets to the end he checks to see if Ruthgar is ready as the fresh lance is passed to him. Barely is it seated before he is racing down the line again!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cian=Polearms Vs Ruthgar=Horsemanship
< Cian: Good Success Ruthgar: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Aemy notes the look from Ruthgar and a quiet smile tugs at her lips as she silently wishes him to win in this match. She smiles at the words from Solara. "Nothing I said could keep him from it, so Robben will indeed be riding. I wonder will it be a Ruxton and Ruxton finale." Looking for all the kingdoms like that would be the favored way for this to go.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Cian=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Great Success Cian: Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

The Score Keepers put up two markers for Ruthgar in that round. The crowd cheers for the Knight.

Alas for Nylie, it is Cian and Ruthgar in the first joust. Staying to the rail of the suite, as they make their first pass, smokey eyes intent upon the field. Strikes are made but there is no clue winner to the pass. The Lady only mildly cringing as the lances strike the men, it can't feel….good. Continuing to watch on as the pair set to take another go at one another.

Solara nods to Aemy, a smile on her face. "That would be quite something, certainly," she says, with a nod. Her gaze returns to the field, and then she adds softly, "Sir Cian did well in the sword on foot as well, I think. Ruthgar has quite a challenge." Not that she knows a heck of a lot about it other than who made it to the finals. She presumes that means they are skilled.

Ronan pauses in greeting and speaking with someone to clap for Ruthgar's score, "He rides well. I was told to watch for him in the joust." The Sutherlander can appreciate fine horsemandship.

Quietly from the sidelines, Cole Benthur sits, mounted on his horse, watching the current match, gauging the skill of those involved. As the score markers go up, his eyes squint to catch the score, not as young as he used to be. Lifting a hand, he shades his eyes from the glare and finally reads it. Standing beside him, his son bounces from foot to foot. "Dad, they're pretty good.." sounding a little trepidations, obviously concerned about his father. Cole gives him an indulgent smile as he leans down and ruffles the boys hair. "They're damned good, son. Let's see who wins."

Cian charges forth to strike Ruthgar's armour but it is a glancing blow. Ruthgar's own lance shatters against his chest, but the young knight easily keeps his seat and makes his way to the end of the line. His lance is dropped and he reaches for his next lance, against seating it as he takes off down the line. The dark knight spurs his horse onward to attempt to unhorse the other knight on this last pass.

While he manages to deflect Cian's with his shield, Ruthgar manages to place a better hit, his lance shattering from the impact. Reigning his steed in for a brief moment, the Ruxton will once again check if his opponent is still ahorse, his mien unmoving below that slightly raised visor, pale grey eyes flitting from the knight to the lists where Solara and Aemy sit. The broken remains of the lance will be dropped, a fresh lance accepted. Nightshade prancing a little before he launches into a gallop again, for a last time, as the third pass will decide the tilt.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Cian=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Good Success Cian: Good Success
< Net Result: Cian wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cian=Polearms Vs Ruthgar=Horsemanship
< Cian: Success Ruthgar: Good Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Marginal Victory

Watching the happenings out on the field now, Robben smiles a bit as he sees the shattered lance. "Good job," he mutters, mostly to himself, before he looks around, gae stopping at his wife and sister in the stands now.

The last pass leaves both men with solid lances and still seated. As the score of the round is announced, Cian wheels his horse to face his opponent to raise his lance in Salute. "My congratulations to you sir!" He calls out before passing his lance to his squire and riding off the field to rest before he is called forth again.

The Tournament Steward doesn't seem to be hindered by the lack of a Host, for there are enough Kincaid's present to represent their household, as it would seem, most if not all the rest of the Households have absent head of Houses, save for Crawford of course. Perhaps there is a war council going on somewhere? It's quite possible. The Tournament Steward hails forward and declares the victor to be Ruthgar, before he calls forward Sir Shepard and Sir Cole.

And then Ruthgar wins the round and Aemy is on her feet and applauding, pleased no one was unhorsed or hurt. "Well done!" Though possibly her voice does not carry to him, she is still supporting the brother of her husband. Once she cheers, she seats herself again and listens for the next round.

Ronan takes notice of a knight in the lists who awaits his turn to joust. The Crawford excuses himself and makes his way around as Sirs Ruthgar and Cian go at it. Eventually the Rioga comes around to join his fellow Sutherlander, "Sir Cole!" Ronan lays fist over his heart to salute the other knight, "So good to see you made it. And this, is your son or your squire? He has something of a Benthur in his cast, I think." As he comes to stand near to Cole, Ronan's dark eyes take a moment to sweep over those gathered. Where is his uncle, Aidan?

Solara rises as Aemy does, for much the same reason, clapping loudly, and cheering. Then she too sits back down quietly.

As the Knights conclude their third pass, Shepard applauds for the two men, pulling his helmet on and strapping it down properly, then reaching down to accept a lance from his squire. He gives the boy a grin, then moves towards the jousting field. He offers his salutes to the Kincaid Suite, and to the other nobles present, and to Cole as they pass on the way to their starting positions.

Much like Ruthgar, he seems to eschew a herald that talks him up much, and instead the fellow simply steps forward and speaks in a loud, clear tone, "It is my pleasure to present Lord Sir Shepard Kerrigan, Knight of Greenshire and Heir to Ashenfell Manor." And with that, he retreats to the safety of the sidelines, while Shepard lowers his visor, and his lance, and prepares to charge.

Ruthgar returns the salute, for once offering the Kincaid knight a smile. "Well ridden indeed, Sir. You have proved yourself as a most worthy opponent." He inclines his head, letting Nightshade trot off to the side, while he waves to the Ruxton faction in the stands.

With the final pass made, Nylie does clap and offer up a cheer that is surely lost amongst the crowd. A bow of her head goes to Cian, should he come to look up to the suite. He had done well, Ruthgar had simply done better. The woman continuing on in her duty to be…well…present. Again offering a bow of her head to the knights and their salutes as the next pair take the field for the joust. She might need more than a poem to make up for this.

Cole notices his liege Lord arriving and places a fisted hand over his heart and bows as well as he can in his armor. "Your Grace, thank you. This is my son, Blakley Benthur, also my squire." A look of pride crosses his features. "He'll be a knight soon in his own right." Then he hears the announcement made and his son hands him a lance. Cole offers a salute to the Duke and a quietly offered, "Congratulations on your recent marriage, Your Grace. Hold on tight to her." A widower himself, he knows loss. Flipping the visor down on his helm, he spurs his horse on to position.

Shepard waits until Cole is well and truly in position, and with the signal given, spurs his Darfield Destrier into the charge!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Cole=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Good Success Cole: Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Marginal Victory

Ronan smiles to Cole, "A find strapping lad. Good to meet you, Blakley. See to your father's needs and we'll speak more, after his joust." The Rioga Duke gives Cole a nod, "Gods favour thee, ride well, Sir. And thank you. I have every intention of keeping her, Gods willing."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Cole: Good Success Shepard: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

The score keeper puts up one white post to mark that Sir Shepard scores the first. There are cheers erupting from those who wave Greenshire and Kerrigan blazons.

Brendolyn reaches for Gwyn's arm, "Shepard is up," she says with a smile, her eyes fixed on the lists. "I do not know the man he is against," she says thoughtfully. Shep scores and Bren applauds, joining in with the others who are cheering.

As he sees his brother making his way off to the side agin, Robben makes his way over to the other Ruxton competing, offering a grin. "Nicely, done, Ruthgar. Good to see you've started well here," he says, a bit lightly. Watching the next pair taking to the field now.

Shepard feels his lance strike against Cole's shield, but not as solidly as he might like. He wheels his large black stallion about, making sure Sir Cole is properly situated as well, before lowering his lance, leaning forward in the saddle, and charging forward again!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Cole=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Good Success Cole: Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Marginal Victory

Blakley offers a bow to the Duke. "Yes, Sir! It is good to meet you too, Sir. One day I hope to be a Rioga like you." The exuberance speaks of his pride in his own position and the idol worshiping he does for the Crawford, and he hustles off to have another lance prepared, should his father need it.

Cole isn't sitting in the position he wants and adjusts just a little too late and doesn't get a good hit and turns at the end and spurs his Sutherland mount towards the other Knight, head down, lance out.

Ruthgar has dismounted, leaving Nightshade again to the care of his squire. A smirk will appear on his mien at Robben's praise. "I'm still a bit rusty," he plays his victory down, glancing to where Cian is. A soft chuckle escapes him, when his gaze flits back to his brother. "Is it true? You want to ride as well…?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Cole: Good Success Shepard: Good Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Marginal Victory

At some point there's a bit of action to the side lines. The arrival of the Duke of Lakeshire with a few armed knights. He himself isn't geared up, instead he climbs toward the galleria with his courageous protectors behind him. There's a look toward the field as the event has already started. Good that it did. No point waiting on the Host. He sneers a bit as he passes his daughter Aemy, leaning down to whisper to her, "I would like to see you sometime dear daughter." And then there's a kiss to her cheek before he carries on, doing the same for Lynette, a kiss to the cheek. Bowen and Hadrian, neither are present. Next in line is Nylie and he finds her at the railings. He approaches her with eyes assessing the grounds, "What have I missed while I was sending my dear son from Darfield?"

The score keeper adds a point for Shepard and now one for Cole. It appears to be a good close joust so far!

Cian stands alone with his squire, the knight checking over his horse as he waits to be called up again. There are words being passed between him as the Knight is pointing out things to his newly appointed squire. The boy keeps glancing up and around looking rather in awe at the proceedings, to the point Cian keeps having to nudge him to draw his attention back to the matter at hand.

The next pass ends with both men's lances glancing off their shields. Hits…but far from decisive. It's still very much any man's match! He reaches the far end of the field and turns about once more, adjusting a bit in the saddle, and readjusting his grip on the lance. Once he's sure again Cole is ready, he spurs his Destrier and leans forward into the charge yet again, adding one more touch of the spurs than usual to try to get a bit more momentum out of beast and rider for this pass.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Cole=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Good Success Cole: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Managing to make contact this time, Cole circles round at the end again, but doesn't manage to do much more than that. He prepares for a third pass, lance tucked in nice and tight, determination in the set of his jaw and he leans slightly forward, giving less of a target as he rides hard for his opponent.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Cole: Good Success Shepard: Failure
< Net Result: Cole wins - Solid Victory

The crowds cheer as it seems the last pass has seen to favour Sir Cole Benthur, to a hail of cheers from the women no doubt who find Cole to be quite the looker! THe score keeper marks the winner to be Sir Benthur. What a battle!

Ronan smiles to Blakley, most of his attention for the joust, "Perhaps you will, some day." That of course is up to the King. Ooh! Sir Cole's been having a rough time of it a little bit there, but then he strikes a good solid blow to Sir Shepard! "Very well done!"

Solara notes Robben down there with Ruthgar and smiles at both brothers. She nudges Aemy if her sister-in-law hasn't noticed her husband yet, crazy man that he is. She claps politely for the two competitors, admiring their skill, and then settles back to see who will be up next.

Robben grins, "Are you trying to say that if you weren't rusty, you'd have unhorsed him?" It's spoken quite lightly, before he nods, "Any reason why I shouldn't be riding?" Raising an eyebrow momentarily, before he adds with a wide grin, "See, I really thought the two of us would be meeting early, and I'd do something to get you past that. But you managed on your own, I see." Looking up to the stands, he sees Aidan's arrival, but keeps silent for now.

The Tournament Steward offers congratulations and lets the field set up for the next round, between Lord Robben and Sir Ruthgar.

To hear that voice behind her does have Nylie glancing back, a smile offered when it does indeed seem the Duke of Lakeshire has appeared. "We are upon the second match, the first was between Sir Cian and Sir Ruthgar. Sir Cian showed well, but Sir Ruthgar took the match by two points." Giving a small nod towards the field,"Sir Shepard and Sir Cole, now," even if perhaps crests and attire might speak well enough of that. As well as the final result to the match being called. Noting,"It was close, they were well matched."

As her father passes, Aemy glances up at him, blue eyes slightly rounded at the kiss and the message. A hand lifts to her cheek and she turns slightly to give her acknowledgement. "Yes, Father." She had always obeyed him and now was no different. Her attention on the field had waned for this particular match, not rooting for either or the other, but she watches Robben and Ruxton speaking, thinking what a fine silhouette the pair made just as Solara nudges her. Her whole demeanor relaxes.. until the pair are called up together. "Oh my.."

Shepard hands off his lance to his squire and lifts his visor, raising a hand to Cole as they depart the field, "Well fought sir!" Another salute is given towards the Host's Suite and the audience, and then Shepard trots off to wait again, removing his helmet in the meantime to have a better view of the proceedings.

Hearing his name called, Cole lifts his visor and nods his head in silent salute to the man he had just bested. "Well done, sir." Before the common born Knight takes his place back on the sidelines with his son and Liege.

Brendolyn winces at the result but applauds no less, "Well fought," she calls out then sits back. Now she'll have that wine and a cookie. She smoothes at her skirt with one hand and takes a wine glass with the other sipping. Once settled she plucks a cookie and takes a bite, "Mmmwell, hopefully his strikes will be more true next time," she says, then sips her wine again. Gwyn nods her head and then lifts a brow at Bren then the cookie and the Lady huffs lightly and holds it more daintily. There, happy?! Gwyn just smiles.

Aidan offers Aemy a quick smile, though it is fleeting. There doesn't seem to be the same amount of excitement to him as he showed in the swords event. Perhaps because neither of his sons are putting themselves on the line this day. To Nylie he nods at her news to catch up him on the events, though he says nothing as he decides to take a seat, ordering wine as per normal. He's here just to be seen no doubt, for these were his games to Host. By all that look upon him, he's in no mood to be cheering. Even Lynette's future husband gets a grimace, perhaps somewhere down he would've encouraged the man on, but not today.

Ruthgar looks up towards the stands where Solara is seated, a warm smile offered to both her and Aemy who sits beside her. "I'm not sure," he replies to Robben. "Sir Cian is not to be underestimated." A low snort the reaction to Robben's latter remark. "I don't need your help to get ahead in this contest, brother." The voice low, and the smile suddenly gone. How convenient, their names are called. "Good luck, brother." Ruthgar mounts Nightshade and prepares himself, before he rides to his place in the lists. "May the better jouster win, Robben." A salute with his lance, a cold glare of his pale grey eyes, before his gaze is hidden behind that visor. Nightshade launches into a gallop, and the lance is aimed, once again, to unhorse.

The crowd erupts at hearing that brothers are going to be squaring off against one another! Which brother would conquer the other!

Solara bows her head to the Duke as he passes, politely. Her eyes widen as the brothers are called to face each other and she clasps her hands together now, watching.

A grin as Robben hears their names called. "Don't kill me out there, Ruthgar. Good luck." Spoken a bit more quietly as he looks to the stands, to offer a quiet nod to Aemy and Solara, before he mounts up, getting the helmet and lance in place and moving out for his spot on the field. There's a salute with the lance to the host, before he sends his own horse thundering down the field as well, lance aimed.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Robben=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Great Success Robben: Great Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Robben=Polearms Vs Ruthgar=Horsemanship
< Robben: Good Success Ruthgar: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Crushing Victory

As Aiden moves to sit, Nylie withdraws from the railing to take a seat beside him. Not trying to seek further information about the reason for his delay, or idle chatter as she reads of his more dour mood. Thoguh she herself, does yet add her own clapping to the applause when the next round of knights are called to the field. Her hand likely to seek to lightly rest upon Aidan's as the joust is watched.

Ruthgar's lance hits home, but with little impact, as it skitters along Robben's shield. It is Robben's lance that causes a problem, as Ruthgar catches it with the rim of his shield, then turns a little, pulling Robben in a direction he does not expect. Ruthgar pulls the reins of his horse, though and leans over to watch his brother get back to his feet. "I hope you didn't hurt yourself…?" The voice is friendly enough, yet that malicious spark in his eyes unmistakable.

Ronan awaits Sir Cole's return and smiles to him, "Well done, Sir Cole! Well done. Your experience showed there at last. Sir Shepard is an able knight - I've sparred against him, though we have not jousted." The Duke turns to watch the next clash and claps for Sir Ruthgar, "That's some fine horsemanship. He and I should hunt together or practice the joust." You know, since Ronan decided to abstain from competing in the rest of the tournament.

See, it starts too well, until he tumbles out of the saddle, and hits the ground. There's a groan at the impact to his already battered body, but it doesn't take too long before Robben gets back onto his feet. Removing his helmet, there is a grin offered to his brother now. "Hey, I'm not that old, yet," he remarks, before he adds, "Good job, Ruthgar." Starting to move off the field, a little stiffer movements than before.

As it seems there is one brother who gets unhorsed on the first pass, the round is abruptly ended. The Tournament Steward waits until squires and the such attends to Robben to ensure he was okay before calling the next two to prepare their mounts, Sir Cian vs Sir Shepard.

Aemy returns the brief smile to her father, though her attention is quickly brought back to the field where her husband and brother in law will be fighting it out. One after the other, the brothers look towards the stands and Aemy wears a warm smile for the both, though something more as Robben meets her gaze. And then the pass… and Robben is unhorsed. Once again, she is on her feet, watching her husband. This time though, she does not rush to the field, since there is too much danger there with so many horses and knights about. Mixed emotions war on her expression as she debates whether to applaud or..not. She finally applauds Ruthgar, for it was truly a good round, though Robben gets a sympathetic expression and later will get tended to in a hot bath.

As his name is once more called, Cian and his squire move back to the field. Cian straps on his helmet once more before mounting upon his horse. A salute is given towards the Kincaid box, noting that now the Duke is in attendance. His horse prances on the spot, drawing on the energy from the event and Cian has to settle him before he takes up the lance and salutes his opponent across the field.

His herald has been fired for the boar-ing remarks.

Shepard once again brings his mount forward, as his name is called again. He offers the proper courtesies once more, and a salute towards Cian as well, before lowering his visor. And once Cian is ready and the signal is given, Shepard lowers his lance, and drives his mount forward once more!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Cian=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Great Success Cian: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Thank you, Your Grace," Cole replies to the Duke. "He is indeed an able knight, he held himself very well." A nod of acknowledgement about the spar. When Ruthgar unhorses the other Ruxton, the Benthur knight shakes his head. "Fascinating. A formidable opponent, should our paths cross. I imagine he would be a good hunter as well."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cian=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Cian: Failure Shepard: Good Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Solid Victory

Shepard frowns under his helmet as the first pass proves so inconclusive, though he takes note of the fact that Cian's lance made no contact at all. He wheels his steed about, focusing on his target, and the very moment it's clear Cian is ready, Shepard rushes forward into the second pass, leaning forward and once again pushing his mount for a bit more speed and momentum.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Cian=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Good Success Cian: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Cian charges his horse down the line, though he struggles to seat his lance till the last moment and does not strike a blow upon his opponent though the other breaks a last upon him. He wheels his horse around at the end, keeping his whole lance in place before making another charge down the line at Shepard, spurring his horse harder.

Ronan gives a slow nod, watching Ruthgar, "Makes me sorry I withdrew from the lists." But, alas. The Rioga glances back to Cole, "It doesn't matter. I never was much for competing in tournaments. My father didn't approve when there were more important duties so … nonetheless, it's good practice and sport. Good luck to you in your next round, Sir Cole." The Duke begins to make his way back to the stands.

Solara watches as well, her own pride in BOTH her brothers obvious. She smiles broadly, and continues to cheer for Weston and her brothers. As Robben is unhorsed, her gaze too goes to making sure he's okay, and then to Ruthgar with a smile and cheer. Then she settles down to watch the next match.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cian=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Cian: Good Success Shepard: Great Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Marginal Victory

There's as of yet to be a score marked by the keepers. This could be a draw! The last pass may decide it all. The crowd rolls into a murmur and excited buzz.

Shepard shakes his head slightly at another inconclusive pass, and wastes no time re-setting for the third. Maybe he -is- rusty after a few years of not being involved in these contests. Still, that's a concern for -off- the field, and so once again, he drives forward, aiming the lance towards his younger opponent. It may all come down to this….

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Cian=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Good Success Cian: Great Success
< Net Result: Cian wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cian=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Cian: Good Success Shepard: Great Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Solid Victory

Shepard doesn't make any sound of frustration as the third pass in a row once again proves completely inconclusive. He lifts the lance and his visor, saluting Cian as they pass once more, "Well fought, Sir Conwy!" He calls out, before rendering his courtesies to the host and audience, and moving off the field once more.

It seems this pairing is well matched indeed. As the final pass Cian breaks a lance upon Shepard as one is broken upon him, but the Lakeshire knight keeps his seat steadily. He turns his horse once he disposes of his broken glance to go back down the line and Salute to Shepard. "Well ridden good sir." he calls out to him before heading off the field once more.

"Maybe you and I could have a spar someday, Your Grace. Even practice jousting." Cole nods when he begins making his way back to the stands, offering him another silent closed fist to the chest and bow. "Be well, Sir."

A draw!! Well it seems such things happen in the Tournies. The Tournament Steward announces the next pair! Robben and Cole.

As the joust continues on, Nylie does give much attention to the field, though the brooding Duke at her side does occasionally have her glancing in his direction. A unhorsing and a draw! The matches had a fair amount of excitement to them with such skill being displayed. Acknowledgement going to the various knights when salutes are made towards the suite.

Still atop his Sutherland mount, Cole flips his visor down and touches a small, worn ribbon tied around a small hook on his armor. A ribbon from his dear, departed wife. Taking as deep a breath as he can in the heavy armor, he rides over towards his end and waits for the wounded Ruxton before rushing headlong into the pass, determined and fierce.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Polearms Vs Robben=Horsemanship
< Cole: Amazing Success Robben: Failure
< Net Result: Cole wins - Crushing Victory

Taking a few moments to stretch out a bit, Robben gets back onto his horse, and puts on the helmet again. Getting to his own spot on the field again, he takes a few deep breaths, before charging forward now. Let's see how this goes…

Cole gains a nod from the Duke of Sutherland at the request to practice jousting at a later time. Ronan doesn't seem to be in an ill temper today. He yet wears the silk favour Roslin tied to his arm and finds a place in the gallery to take a seat to watch the next match.

Aidan is trying to pay attention, honestly, for he remarks blandly, "There aren't many draws in such events…" And Nylie seems not to be earning much of his conversation, not because she isn't trying, just because the man is in a morose mood. "I am anxious to return home…" he admits, as he looks over at Nylie, "I've spent enough time at Court… It is no wonder I left it for three years…" He turns his eyes back to the field, "Besides, my daughter deserves to have Lakeshire well prepared for her coming wedding."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Robben=Polearms Vs Cole=Horsemanship
< Robben: Good Success Cole: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Crushing Victory

Solara pays more attention as Robben is called back up again. She murmurs under her breath, as she watches, still not so sure Robben should be competing after the beating he took yesterday. But she stands, quietly, not cheering today, just watching.

Ronan is duly impressed with the Benthur knight! He lifts his hands to his mouth and raises baritone to carry, "Very good, Sir Cass! You do Sutherland proud!"

Ruthgar shakes his head when the draw between Sir Shepard and Sir Cian is announced, his pale grey eyes lingering for a moment on both. Then the next pairing is called, and the Ruxton watches attentively, flinching when he sees his brother flying off the horse, in a perfect unhorsing. "By Inouv's foul breath…", he mutters incredulously, his gaze shifting to Cole.

Ronan is duly impressed with the Benthur knight! He lifts his hands to his mouth and raises baritone to carry, "Very good, Sir Cole! You do Sutherland proud!" (repose because I'm a dumbass!)

The crowd gasps, some scream, some cry out… as they see Robben take a very hard hit that unhorses him violently.

Aidan straightens in his chair as he watches the spectacle below and the hit that Robben takes, swearing under his breath. If the kid ends up dead, guess whose fault it is? Oh yeah, wouldn't that be a proper scandal to ice the cake with?! His jaw tenses as he waits to see if the poor bastard can stand after that.

Shepard winces as he witnesses one of the most forceful unhorsings he's ever seen. He doesn't know Sir Robben, but that man's certainly taking a lot of punishment these last two days. Hopefully he's all right.

As the Ruxton lord is unhorsed, Cian looks up from where he is resting. He quickly rises from his seat and starts to approach the edge of the ring to see if the young man rises and already he is removing his gauntlets and passing them to his squire in preperation of going out onto the field should he not rise.

"I have not heard of it happening much, or seen so mayself," comments Nylie gently in return to Aidan." She does try when he makes some attempt, but she does not seem to try to force conversation from him. A faint smile is offered back to him, understanding in her expression, she had spent most of her life escaping away from Court herself. "She does deserve it to be well prepared for her wedding, so that everything is right for her and her betrothed. I know only so much can be managed from afar. Will you seek to return once the tournament has wrapped up then?" Though she is soon gasping herself to see the rather voilent unhorsing that takes place down on the field, Aidan's hand perhaps getting squeezed a little to tightly for a moment.

Luck of his former lady is what Cole would call it if asked. When the pass is completed, himself completely unscathed and his opponent on the ground, he brings his horse around and moves to his side, hopping off and offering a hand to the fallen Knight. "Well ridden, Sir.." Intent on helping him up.

Someone yells out to 'catch' Robben's horse…

There is concern for the well being of Lord Robben, the Ruxton heir. Ronan has gotten back to his feet to try and get a better look as everyone awaits with baited breath to see if the man can rise.

As Robben is unhorsed, Solara's hands rise to cover her mouth, and she stands, staring. There is every bit of worry showing on her face for a moment, but she manages to not run down to the field. Yet.

Aemy gasps when Robben hits the ground so hard and she is on her feet, wanting to run down to him, needing to.. she hesitates at Solara's side, waiting… waiting..

Moving forward rather quickly, Robben blinks as he then ends up flying rather quickly in another direction due to the lancework of Cole. And somehow he manages to get turned around a little in the air, so when the ground comes towards him, far too fast, it's his right leg that takes most of the impact now. And it's a hard impact, causing the oldest of the two Ruxtons that's taken the field to cry out in pain, before rolling over to his side now. That surely did not go well at all. Trying to get to his feet, he gets partially up, before slumping down to the ground again. "Just… one moment." He gets the words out through clenched teeth, trying to hold back the pain now.

Those on duty to help with injuries this day rush over toward the fallen Lord, to assist him off the field so he can get proper medicial attention by healers and the joust can continue.

Aidan stands up and will clap when the Lord is helped off the field, shaking his head and murmuring back to Nylie, "I don't think he's going to continue if he broke a leg."

With all the shouts rising and Robben still laying there, Ruthgar mutters another curse and walks over to where his brother is at a hurried pace. As noone really moves to do anything it is he who catches Robben's slightly nervous horse by its reins, and leads it to the side, while gesturing for someone to look after his brother. "Where's the healer?"

Brendolyn rises to her feet just like most of the crowd when Robben goes airborne then she gasps when he hits and cringes. "Oh no, that looked awful," she says sidelong to Gwyn how is downright pale at the sight of it.

There is hesitation at the edge of the ring from Cian. The cringe at the hard fall, but then the man is moving. When the man fails to get to his feet he starts to move out to the field before he stops as others come onto the field to tend him and steps back out of the ring once more. At least he is talking and there will be healers here to attend him.

After the shock of witnessing the rather energetic unhorsing, Nylie does stand with Aidan to clap as well when the Lord is helped from the field. Nodding to Aidan,"I agree, surely he cannot. Not after that." That just didn't look like something you could 'shake off and play through'.

Cole had gotten off his horse and offered a hand yet when Robben is still unable, he lifts his visor. "Broken?" The word is spoken with regret and he waves over his son who will take his horse while his other son helps him with Robben. "Let's get you to the tent with the healers."

Solara looks at Aemy and then she says, grimly. "Go, Aemy. I think Robben has hurt himself." She is on her feet as well, though she looks for a moment rueful.

Someone near by where the Lord fell faints… Another groans, "Broken leg!" … The murmurs circle about the violence of the hit.

There's given enough pause to see the man off the field before the Tournament Steward clears his throat and calls for the action to continue, only -after- a respectful applause for Lord Robben. The next to joust is Ruthgar and Shepard.

Needing no further encouragement, Aemy is out of the stands and rushing completely around the field so to stay out of danger as she heads where they are taking her husband at the moment, following as quickly as she can, hearing Ruthgar's name called in the process, she silently prays for him.

The excitement of the crowd thrums from the news. It'll apparently the last joust that Robben makes today. It's easy enough to see, as he needs to be assisted from the grounds.

Shepard frowns pensively as Robben is carried off the field, then hearing his name called again, he once again makes his way to the field. Courtesies are of course again rendered to host, audience, and opponent. No announcements are needed by this point, of course. Shepard waits until Ruthgar is in place, and the signal given, before launching into the first pass!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Ruthgar=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Good Success Ruthgar: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

The reins of Robben's horse are handed to another squire, as Ruthgar watches his brother being carried off the field. There is little time though to give in to worry, as his name is called again. A rather grim expression is on his mien, when the Ruxton swings himself into the saddle, going through his routine of accepting lance and shield. No words are spared for his opponent, when Ruthgar charges at Shepard, lance aimed at the knight.

"Good… work…" Robben gets out to Cole, before he nods a little now. "I think so.." Glancing out onto the field again, as he hears his brother's name called, before he sighs to those that helps him now. "My wife is going to kill me…" he mutters, quietly.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Great Success Shepard: Good Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

Shepard grunts as Ruthgar's lance shatters upon his shield, and his own does little more than skid along the side of Ruthgar's shield. He remains firmly in the saddle though, and waits for Ruthgar to take up his next lance before charging forward again.

Ronan retakes his seat when Robben is helped from the field, limping but not seeming to be more seriously injured than his leg. The next match has begun and the Duke's interest is peaked, "Hmm… Sir Ruthgar looks in fine shape to win the tournament joust, today." It is said to no one in particular. Rosley has poured a cup of Sutherland red wine and offers it to his liege lord.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Ruthgar=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Great Success Ruthgar: Good Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Solid Victory

Solara remains standing, watching Ruthgar in his match. Thankfully there are two of them so she and Aemy can help both brothers? Or at least cheer them on.

The remains of the lance are tossed into the sand, a glare from pale grey eyes directed at Shepard when Ruthgar sees him still being ahorse. A fresh lance is grabbed, as the Ruxton wheels his horse about, then charging forward in the second pass. "RUXTON!" The call breaks free from the depths of his chest as the two knights clash in the middle of the lists.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Good Success Shepard: Great Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Solid Victory

As it happens, Ronan's gaze slips from the jousters to the Host's suite to watch his uncle, Aidan, for a long moment.

"Thanks, my lord." Cole murmurs, seeing Robben is cared for. When he mentions his wife, a lonely ache enters the Knights eyes and he offers a curt nod. "At least you have her worrying about you. Hold on tight, that's the good stuff." His voice is a little gruff and he nods politely before making his way out of the tent, making way for the blonde woman coming in.

Aemy is too worried to be angry and as she pushes past the Knight, she finds Robben alive. She rushes towards him, arms going around him, despite his armor and condition. "Oh Robben.." she laments. "Are you hurt too terribly?"

Aidan watches Robben being escorted off the field, though remains standing to show his good support for the valour shown on the field. Such things were part of the risk and the danger, though he never wanted Ruxton's heir to break a limb, for such things could impede his years ahead of him. Either way, there is a shared look toward Nylie, making a soft grimace at the results of Robben's match. Of course then, he looks onwards as he watches Sir Kerrigan come back with some fight in him. This time, there's a whoop of encouragement for the Greenshire Lord. "That's how it's done, good show Sir Kerrigan!" Alright, now he's getting back into this. Violence does that.

Another lance shatters, but it isn't Ruthgar's this time. A rain of splinters comes down about him shortly after Shepard's lance hits him hard, too hard to keep in the saddle. And so the other Ruxton flies this time, his pale grey eyes incredulous.


And Ruthgar hits the ground.

Brendolyn is about settled down from Robben's injury when Shep unhorses his oppoonent. "Oh!" she yelps, then applauds, standing again to see if this Ruxton jouster ends up with a broken limb. No. Good.

Two Ruxton boys down now. The crowd is abuzz with it! More shrieks of terror, some hollars, ladies weeping… Oh my, the dramatic excitement of the joust!

Shepard feels the impact, feels the lance splinter, and hears the clatter of armor behind him as he passes, then wheeling about and bringing his steed to a halt, lifting his visor and watching to make sure Ruthgar is hopefully not too seriously hurt.

He was looking away at a bad moment and nearly misses Sir Ruthgar being unhorsed! Ronan is warned by the thunder of hooves, the crash of lances, and the collective intaken breath of almost every living soul presant - just in time to see Ruthgar hit the ground! Ooph! The Rioga winces, "That's too bad." His dark eyes then follow Sir Shepard and well, he can't help but smile a little at the unexpected victory.

"I will…" Robben replies to Cole, before he adds, "Good luck out there." And then as the knight makes his way out and Aemy makes her way in. "Hey…" he begins, before he reaches out to place his own arms around her now. "I think my leg is broken…" he replies, a bit quietly, before he offers her a brief grin now. "This is when you're allowed to say 'I told you so'," he offers, unable to hold back the comment. "Sorry for being an idiot."

With Aidan remaining standing, Nylie does stay upon her feet as well. Or more so again, she had spent the start of the joust upon her fett until the host had been able to arrive. Not quite whooping, or other such energetic cheering, when ever had she? But there was some clapping for the Greenshire Lord, a faint wince though to see another man, being sent from his horse. More so with it being her cousin's husband.

Everyone seems to be on the verge of holding their breath to see if this Ruxton can get himself up onto his feet.

Solara stays there watching, praying fervently to the gods, as her second brother is unhorsed. At this rate, she's going to stop attending these events.

Cole is just mounting his horse when he sees the other Ruxton go down. He continues the action with fluidity, grasping the reins as he takes them from his youngest son.

Aemy gives Robben an incredulous look. "Your leg is broken?" Odd that she looks not at all angry, or upset, or disappointed. Is that.. glee? "It means you cannot go off to war right now." Ah that explains it. "You should rest." She looks out and flinches. "Ruthgar was unhorsed.." Worried, she continues to watch, holding the flap opened enough so that Robben can see what is happening as well.

All sound seems to be muffled, for a moment. Everything about him a blur. Ruthgar is on his back, the visor open and his pale grey eyes blink, as they try to regain their focus. His head comes up, and he shakes it as if to get rid of the haze, and he comes to lay on his side. The helmet is tossed aside. Is his nose bleeding? Ruthgar slowly rises, probing his limbs. Nothing is broken, thank the Gods. A nod is given to Shepard, as words seem to fail him at the moment.

The Tournament Steward once again waits for the field to be cleared of men and horses, cheers for Ruthgar once he stands and is seen off the field. Once that is complete, Cian and Cole will be announced as the next pair.

Solara takes a breath, and then a second, as Ruthgar makes it to his feet and off the field. She sits back down in her seat, keeping watch over the event, though glancing every so often to the healer's tent.

Shepard salutes Ruthgar before returning the nod, moving to vacate the field after the proper courtesies are observed. A touch of relief can be seen on his features as Ruthgar appears to be all in one piece.

The Tournament Steward declares as a runner from the tent gets the message out, "Due to injuries, Lord Robben Ruxton can no longer compete." And as such, his shield is covered to inform the crowd he is out of the Tournament. There's disappointed jeers and worried sounds from the crowd, though nothing can be done for it.

Once it is clear the second Ruxton will walk off the field under his own power, Cian returns to his bench to rearmour up and ready for when his name is called. "I have got to get this one Morcan.." He murmurs to his squire as he mounts up upon his horse. He snaps down his visor before reaching for the lance as it is passed up to him. He gives his head a little shake to make sure the helmet is secure before he directs his horse out onto the field. He tilts his lance in Salute to Cole.

Atop his mount, Cole once more touches the ribbon of his former love, bowing his head to his opponent before leaning in, making himself a smaller target, and tucking the lance tightly against himself as he rides on, hard, for his opponent, once the man is ready.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Polearms Vs Cian=Horsemanship
< Cole: Good Success Cian: Great Success
< Net Result: Cian wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cian=Polearms Vs Cole=Horsemanship
< Cian: Good Success Cole: Great Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Marginal Victory

Nodding a bit as he hears Aemy's words, Robben offers her a brief smile. "I guess so…" Nodding to the part about the rest, before he pauses at the mention about Ruthgar being unhorsed, and sits up a bit hurriedly, wincing in the process now. "Is he okay?" Looking out there, quickly. Letting out a brief sigh at the announcement about himself being unable to compete any longer, and the crowd's reactions.

The first pass there is a strike upon Cian, but he remains well seated and he gives a strike upon Cole in turn. There is a shake of his head as he gets to the end of arena and passes off his lance for a new one. He pauses for a few moments he turns his mount and urges it across the field seating his fresh lance as he takes off.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cian=Polearms Vs Cole=Horsemanship
< Cian: Success Cole: Great Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Crushing Victory

Ah well, jousting is exciting and Ronan itches a little to compete, but he glances back towards Aidan's box and .. well, he doesn't approach it. Instead he hands Rosley back his cup once he's finished it and moves to stand, "Let us go and check on the Duchess. She was not feeling very well." Rosley gathers up their things and bows his head, "Of course, Your Grace." Ronan looks to where Sir Cole awaits his next round and he inclines his head politely should the other Sutherlander catch it. Then Ronan departs to check on his wife.

Aidan does this time notice Ronan, only to see the other departing the event. His eyes don't linger long upon the other Duke, for he's made enough enemies from this tournament to last him well into Inouv's sweet embrace. "Come on Cian," he mutters with a growl coming to his throat.

The first pass is not what he had intended, so Cole squares his body up and prepares for the next pass, holding a new lance in place and spurring his horse on.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Polearms Vs Cian=Horsemanship
< Cole: Great Success Cian: Good Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Solid Victory

Cian's horse gallops across the Arena, the Knight spurring it on harder nad faster. The knight does strike a blow on Cole but it is a glancing blow. The blow into his own chest is solid and has him falling from his steed with a thud onto the ground. There is a moment of stillness as the wind is knocked out of the knight. Then a few coughs as he catches his breath and sits up with a shake of his head. He holds a hand up to show that he is alright and works to get himself to standing. He offers a salute to Cole before limping off the field, relying on his squire to fetch his horse.

Nylie does stay at Aidan's side as the jousting continues on, falling back to her usual turn of silence as he seems to actually get more into the event than when he first arrived. Applause given here and there as appropriate. Remaining through the event, before withdrawing for the evening.

Cole prods his horse onward so that when he comes in direct contact with his opponent's armor and knocks him off his horse. He turns again and looks towards the fallen knight, glad to see him getting up. He offers a salute to the man before moving back to his spot with his son to await the the next pass.

Due to the scratches in the field, it appears that Ruthgar and Shepard are called once again to settle the dispute of who moves on to the finals.

Shepard moves to position yet again. Here's hoping Sir Ruthgar doesn't manage to turn the tables on their last result! He doesn't offer any taunts or chiding as they move to their positions, though. He salutes the host, and the audience, and the opponent yet again, waits for the signal to be given…and charges!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Ruthgar=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Success Ruthgar: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Ruthgar stands, a bloody handkerchief in his hand, the nose… clean again. His pale grey eyes narrow slightly when he hears the decision from the judges. Then he snorts and gets ready, his head maybe still a little abuzz from the previous tilt. Somehow he manages to get on the horse, takes that lance, and just in time, before he charges, regains his focus. At least he hopes so.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Good Success Shepard: Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Marginal Victory

One marker is placed on Ruthgar's side, to note that he scored a hit.

Shepard hears the lance strike against his shield, while his own doesn't quite find solid purchase. Mentally he tallies one point in Ruthgar's favor, before wheeling about. And with neither needing a new Lance, it's only a moment before they're charging across the field towards each other again!

It seems enough to score a point and remain ahorse, although Ruthgar's lance remains unbroken.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Ruthgar=horsemanship
< Shepard: Good Success Ruthgar: Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Great Success Shepard: Good Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

Cian offers a bow towards the Duke of Lakeshire and his betrothed before he settles down on the bench at the Lakeshire tent. He gets off his armour with the aid of his squire, each piece being carefully removed and set aside. His gaze though remains on the field as he watches the final rounds of the joust. As the leg armour comes off he is seen to be rubbing the top of his thigh as if rubbing out a cramp.

The joust seems a good one! The skills are matched. Ruthgar's score goes to three, Shepard puts two on the board. Evenly matched. The third pass will decide the winner.

Both lances shatter violently against each other this time! But both Knights remain in the saddle as the pass. Shepard rides to the opposite end, accepting a fresh lance and calling out, "Well struck!" And once they're both in position and ready once more…the final pass begins!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=polearms Vs Ruthgar=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Success Ruthgar: Good Success
< Net Result: Ruthgar wins - Solid Victory

Looking out through the tent flap, Robben grimaces a little as he watches what little he can see from inside. "Come on, Ruthgar…" he mutters, quietly cheering his brother on.

His head hurts as hell. Probably from the fall. Ruthgar shakes his head again, when splinters rain about him and Shepard. Is this real or is it… some strange dream? Kicking his spurs against Nightshade's flanks, the Ruxton aims his fresh lance to win - or to drift somewhere, far away.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Ruthgar: Success Shepard: Good Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Solid Victory

Standing near Robben, Aemy winces, though she props open the tent to step out and cheer for Ruthgar. She applauds when he rides and when it is quieter, she calls out. "Stay strong, Ruthgar!"

Shepard shakes his head, grinning ruefully as this pass results in neither man landing a solid score. He knows, however, that this means Ruthgar will advance, as he has more victories tallied. Still, he finds no shame in it, and by the end, feels as though he performed well. He wheels his horse around and slows it to a trot, lifting his visor and saluting Sir Ruthgar as they pass one last time, "Well done, Sir! I will look forward to meeting you again in the next tournament."

No one unhorsed, but the victor appears to the Sir Ruthgar Ruxton, advancing on to meet Sir Cole Benthur for the status of Joust Champion. The crowd turns eager to see the finale of the days long event! So many spills, injuries, clashes of lances! It was a day that needed a victor! And the good people of Stormvale would see one this day! Trumpets blare and signal the final round, announcements are made, the cheers start to fly, bets are made, the Host stands up on his feet to applaud the two remaining. And so it shall be, with one last glorious joust, the games will wrap and the celebrations will carry on into the morrow.

Ruthgar raises his visor as well. "I am impressed, Sir." He coughs. "We both know, you are the one who should proceed…" Words trailing off, his gaze suddenly unfocused. There is some problem with keeping his balance, when the Ruxton seems to sway a little, as if he were drunk. "…you… should…" He slips off the saddle, not by design, exactly, his hands grabbing for a hold somewhere.

All turns suddenly dark about him, when Ruthgar collapses and all senses leave him.

Shepard blinks as Ruthgar begins to slide from the saddle, and suddenly lashes out on arm to catch him, preventing him from falling out and clattering upon the ground. "HEALER!" He bellows out, holding onto Sir Ruthgar until others can come to help him from the horse.

The crowds inhale and excitement makes waves! Ruthgar has collapsed!! And his squires are signalling that he cannot carry on! Oh the drama!

Lynette has been watching the match, and seeing how the one she was truly rooting for is not to advance she is making her way down from the stands to meet Shepard. She has on a dark blue dress with silver trim across the neckline and down across the bodice, which also flows down across the skirts of the dress. Her hair is pulled back in a few tight braids while her normal hair clips of black and white lilies rest within her hair to keep some from her face. Of course her handmaiden's are following close behind her as well. There is but a pause as she catches sight of Ruthgar starting to fall, she frowns at the sight.

More trained personnel dash out across the field as Shepard calls forward, men, squires, all sorts helping Ruthgar from his saddle and consequently into the tent with his brother.

Solara blinks and then she heads down to help out Ruthgar, since Aemy is with Robben. Though since they bring Ruthgar to the same place, that's where Solara goes as well.

"Oh no.." Aemy is at it again, she rushes for Ruthgar as soon as he goes down from an otherwise healthy position. When Shepard catches him, she moves in closer. "Ruthgar?" She speaks quietly, concern etching her voice. She follows back to the tent where he is placed near Robben. She begins helping to remove his armor so he can be looked after.

As he hears, and sees what he can see of the happenings now, Robben almost tries going out there, but it only takes a few moments for him to remember he can't. Watching as his brother is brought in, he watches with a worried expression now. "What happened?" he asks, quietly.

There's to be a delay as the Tournament Steward goes to see if Ruthgar can ride… or if not, he will be disqualified due to injury, which means Shepard moves on! There's bound to be more rumors and scandal afoot about this. Though the show must go on! A victor must be crowned!

As the Ruxton knight collapses, Cian pushes himself to standing once more, though takes no step forward as he sees there are enough people attending him he makes a gesture for his squire to pack up his armour as he limps over to his horse and pulls himself into the saddle using his good leg into the stirrup. His under tunic is drenched in sweat, his tabard dry, but dirtstained as it sits over him again. At least it will be a good seat to watch the last passes with as he guides his horse closer to the edge of the ring to watch.

Brendolyn shakes her head and shares quiet words with Gwyn while the pair watch the lists from the Haravaen seats. She's not like her brother, she's still nursing her first glass of wine. She is, however, on her third or fourth cookie..who's counting?!

It appears that Ruthgar remains unconscious and cannot ride. The Ruxton squire puts the white flag over his liege lord's heraldry, signaling to everyone that Ruthgar has withdrawn from the lists. Cole and Shepard are thusly advanced to the final rounds and have been called forward to see to it.

Shepard looks a bit troubled, his eyes following Ruthgar as he's carried to the healer's tents. Shepard doesn't quite make the connection himself, but the avid fans and score-keepers might notice that all things considered, the final -is- comprised of the only two men to have not yet been unhorsed in this tournament. Shepard puts his "game face" back on though as he moves into position for the final match, he smiles quite congenially to Sir Cole, "We meet again, it seems. Let us hope for a good match to finish off this Tourney." He lowers his visor, gives the proper salutes once more, and finally reaches the starting position. He takes a few calming breaths, and when the signal is given, lowers his lance, leans forward in the saddle, spurs his mount…and charges!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Cole=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Great Success Cole: Good Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Marginal Victory

Still on his mount, Cole watches as the Ruxton is taken away and when the flag goes up he takes a lance from his son before riding to the end of his area, touching the ribbon of his late wife before tucking the lance into place, leaning forward and closing his visor. He spurs his horse on, looking for speed and accuracy.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Cole: Great Success Shepard: Success
< Net Result: Cole wins - Solid Victory

Shepard feels his lance impact Cole's shield, but not too solidly. Cole's lance, however, splinters against his own shield. He lost the last match by a single point, all told. Will this match be the same? He's already satisfied with his performance so far, but that doesn't mean he's complacent! He may have come to the final round by an unpredictable route, but he's sure not giving up now. He waits for Cole to reclaim his own lance, and then lowers himself in the saddle, charging forward once more!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shepard=Polearms Vs Cole=Horsemanship
< Shepard: Good Success Cole: Good Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Marginal Victory

Lynette has not returned to the stands to watch the turn of events. She stands with the others and is left watching and half holding her breath as the pair run at one another upon horseback. Each hit, each charge makes her cringe slightly as she hopes it ends alright.

After shattering a lance on his opponent, Cole gets another from his son and gets into position, lance tucked in and leaning forward. He spurs his horse into action, trying to gain speed as he rushes headlong into the pass.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cole=Polearms Vs Shepard=Horsemanship
< Cole: Success Shepard: Good Success
< Net Result: Shepard wins - Marginal Victory

Robben isn't paying attention to the match outside now. Most of his attention is on his brother, while some of it is also on the rest of the people in the tent. Keeping silent as he looks between them now.

Aidan is up on his feet, leaning over the railing that seperates him from those below in the galleria. He's whistling as he sees the competition heat up, eyes following Shepard as he turns his mount for the second pass and the result of seems spectacular.

Shepard feels the lance impact against Cole's shield once more, and while it doesn't feel the most solid strike he's made this tourney, sometimes you don't need a titanic strike to catch your opponent at that one half-moment of being off-balance. Or perhaps their horse shifts just-so, or any of the other multitude of things that can occur…small things that make all the difference. Shepard can scarcely believe it when he hears Cole clatter to the ground behind him. He reaches the edge of the field and turns his horse about.

He brings the Darfield Destrier to a halt, and climbs off of his Horse after handing lance and shield to his faithful squire Peyton, who's beaming worshipfully at the man now. The lad gets a tousle of his blonde hair with a gauntleted hand and then heads on his way to put the weapons away. Shepard smiles to the young man, but his gaze goes back to the field, a pensive frown in place as he watches to make sure Sir Cole is OK.

Brendolyn stands suddenly and applauds loudly, if not for Gwyn she might put two fingers to her lips to whistle but she'd rather not get 'the look' from the maid just now. With all the injuries today she does manage not to celebrate too much just yet, lets make sure everyone is okay first.

Unexpectedly, Cole takes the hit and is unhorsed, getting knocked off his horse. He's not down long at all before he's back on his feet and gathering his horse, offering a salute to the winner. "Well done!" Before taking his horse to the side with his son, waiting to see what he will be charged for ransom.

Lynette is quiet as there is another charge, and then in the end well looky who won! Of course the only person she thought could honestly win. A glance is sent towards Cole making sure he is alright as well before she slips on towards where Shepard is, Anne her maid working hard to keep up with her. "Sir Shepard, what a marvelous turn of events, and a win to boot." This said with a warm smile sent to him.

Shepard smiles with relief as Cole is quickly back on his feet, and lifts a hand in salute to him, "You jousted like a true champion, Sir Benthur! I'll be happy to test myself against you the next time opportunity arises!" And then a certain lady is there, and caught up in the moment, he impulsively slips an arm around the waist of his betrothed, leans in, and gives her an exuberant kiss. Very much skirting the boundaries of propriety, but she -is- his betrothed, and well…it's a celebration. When he finally releases her after a few blissful moments, he -does- look a little red in the cheeks, but he's smiling brightly to Lynette, "Well…that's a finer prize than any suit of armor." He winks towards her, then seems to realize this enthusiastic display of affection might be frowned upon, so he puts a -little- distance between them, instead offering his arm to her, and then he walks from the field, offering his salutes and courtesies and waving to the crowd, his betrothed alongside him. All told…a fine way to end this particular tournament.

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