Sess 9, 229: Kincaid Tournament: Closing Ceremonies

Kincaid Tournament: Closing Ceremonies
Summary: The Tournament finalizes with the closing ceremonies and naming the Tournament Champions.
OOC Date: 23/02/2014 (OOC)
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Tournament Grounds
The fairegrounds are big enough to hold a great many people, during festivals. They are really just a huge field, with a platform at the center, which is used for performances and announcements as is required. Grass never really seems to grow though, as the tents, pavillions and feet of each festival stamp it out. And just as it is beginning to regrow, the next festival arrives.
During a festival, the fairegrounds bustle with activity, whichever festival it might be. Many vendors set up tables and booths, selling everything from hotcakes to swords. Bards play music and poets recite their latest poems. Artists of all shapes, sizes and typse can be spied around and about the grounds. The scene is quite festive.
It is day 9 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

Settled where she had been for most of the event at the field, Nylie Kilgour watched the display of the knights put on from the Kinciad suite. Not with the host, for he appears soon enough on the tournament field itself in time enough. Dressed this day in a gown of silver, with purple and black trimmings to it, as a light clock of purple rests upon her shoulders. There are appropriate clas and cheers for the display of such fine horsemanship as well as the appearance of the tournament host.

Unsurprisingly, there are really sort of two waiting areas for the competitors at this point. Oh, there's no official dividing line, but those of common birth and those of noble birth just sort of naturally group with their own. Not that there isn't polite and pleasant conversation passed between them, with the occasional accolade or congratulation made from both respective parties, but the division, as always, is there, for those sharp-eyed enough to see it.

On the "commoner" side, Ranger Kylan Fletcher waits, wearing his finest clothes…not quite up to the standards of Noble finery, but certainly a step above the average commoner. Something a member of a Knightly house might be seen in, really, the livery of House Kilgour plain upon it for all to see, and marked as a man of arms by the sword he wears at his belt. He stands with Dwyn Ystin on his arm, occasionally leaning over to speak quietly to her, and laughing softly at whatever it is she replies to him, a bright smile upon his face. Whatever path may have brought these two together, the Ranger, for his part, seems quite comfortable to be seen here with her, and enamored of her company. Is he lucky, a fool, or a lucky fool? Perhaps only time will tell.

Meanwhile, over on the "other" side, Sir Shepard Kerrigan awaits with the Lady Lynette Kincaid upon his own arm, a brilliant smile upon his face as he speaks amiably with her. While their displays of affection are not nearly so obvious as that which came at the end of the joust yesterday, there is a certain warmth to the glances they exchange, and the occasional blush that touches Lady Lynette's cheeks that speaks of this particular betrothal being quite agreeable to both of them at this stage. As the Duke and the steward arrive, he joins with many of the others offering cheers and applause for the efforts of the host.

No exactly expecting anything but showing up to watch anyways Dwyn Yestin is still watching to proceedings of the tournament from her vantage point near Kylan. A hand reaching out to loop in the Ranger's arm lightly as she says, "Gosh, these things are showing aren't they. I do not envy Lady Nylie and being stuck up there." The mention of the older noble lady has the little former harlot lifting her hand in greeting to Nylie if she sees.

Staying a bit back today, Altair is dressed in a nice cloak as he watches the proceedings. Keeping quiet as he does, he watches the people a bit curiously at the moment.

Having spent two days in tournaments, including a fall from a horse, Cian has sat out the Knightly display this time. He sits with some of the other competitors next to his squire, one leg extended. As the duke enters the arena the Knight of the Lake rises to his feet and gives bow to the Duke of Lakeshire before taking his seat once more.

"Part of the point, love." Kylan replies to Dwyn, smiling a bit wryly. "It's as much to show off the prestige, wealth, and power of the house hosting it as it is to help keep the skills of the men sharp." He adds, "And House Kincaid's one of the wealthiest. Many tournaments aren't nearly so fancy, but with it being held in Darfield, His Grace had to make sure it was grand." He shrugs a shoulder, grinning a bit as if to say "Nobles, eh?"

Kierne is in the same squirely colors he's been wearing for the duration of the games, although with a fresh tunic underneath. He's carrying himself well enough, despite being rather thoroughly intoxicated for the second day in a row. He walks straight, back upright, but doesn't seem to regard the division between noble and commoner competiors, stepping up to sit among the commoners.

Nylie doesn't envy herself either, but there are simply duties that must be seen to and done. Showing up at tournament for..well all the events…is amongst them. A presence, it is a matter of show for the House, as well as to aid the moral of those who respresent the House on the field. Though at least wine shows up when you wish for it. Taking note of that blonde, Nylie does offer smile and a light wave towards Dwyn, her fellow bard.

The Tournament Steward begins with the announcements to the field, "We wanted to thank everyone for their participation in the events of the last week. There have been many exciting clashes and amazing skills witnessed over the last week. We know that Mobrin stands strong with the might that was shown in the arena, witnessing the spectacular distances shot with the bow, to the voices of the musicians that could be the envy of sirens, to the clash of swords and crushing victories of the joust. We've tested the best and the victors are now hence forth declared Champions in their own right!"

"To begin, we would like to call forth Royal Ranger Kylan Fletcher and Count Harmon Forrester. The two were evenly matched and it was declared there was no foul upon the field. Though as it stands, Count Harmon Forrester has withdrawn his contention and in the most honourable way, bestowed the Championship on Ranger Kylan Fletcher. Today, we award him with a Whitewood Recurve, a rare bow in the lands of Mobrin that will be best served in the hands of the one who serves our glorious King. Ranger Kylan Fletcher!!" A pause for applause to welcome the ranger out.

Aidan will personally shake his hand and present the whitewood recurve bow in a velvet case. And as to its name, the wood is white but durable and likely to stand strong throughout the ages. "Congratulations Ranger," from the Duke as the prize is presented.

As the Champion of the Archery contest is called forht and announced, Nylie does clap on with a small bit of a trilling whistle. Easily all mixed into the other cheers and thundering applause the man surely gets from the stands at the announcement and presentation of prize is made.

Kierne sits up straight when the first champion is called, and, his usually quite staid demeanor slackened by two days' drinking, he lifts his hands to his mouth to issue forth a loud-howling whoop. "YEAAAH!"

Kylan blinks in surprise as he hears of Harmon's withdrawal, glancing to Dwyn for a moment to share his mild astonishment. He grins and disengages from her arm, stepping forward and bowing deeply before Aidan before accepting the handshake and the finely-made weapon. "Thank you, Your Grace, it is an honor." He replies, offering a second bow before he withdraws from the stand, lifting the case carrying the bow in triumph for all to see before crossing back over to Dwyn's side.

Altair applaufs the winner of the event, unable to hold back a brief smile as he looks around a little thoughtfully now.

Cian offers applause as the first Champion is announced, no doubt adding to the resounding cheers from the commoners here present. As he notes Kierne has joined them the Knight raises a hand in greeting to the squire he has shared some drinks with before looking back to the awards ceremony once more.

"We had many bards and skilled musicians enter our bardic competition. There were many probable champions, the competition was fierce and delighted the crowds. We did not put rules on who could compete in the bardic competition, as we know most that talent often comes from the heart and soul and from the gods, not necessarily from where we were born and where we hail home to be now. Please welcome Dwyn Yestin. She inspired the judges and the crowds with her beautiful renditions. Today, we award her with a coin purse and the gift of a personal instrument to be crafted to her designs. May it serve her well in continuing to bring cheer to the city of Stormvale and beyond.!!" A pause for applause to welcome the commoner out.

Aidan will personally shake her hand and present a coin purse with ten gold crowns and the scroll that outlines the favour from House Kincaid to pay for any instrument she chooses to be built specificially for her hands. "Congratulations m'Lady," from the Duke as the prize is presented. There's a faint smile from him, "You will have to come by once your instrument has been made to play for our House." A grand gesture.

Dwyn looks excited as Kylan's name is called and she hugs his arm tightly, "Oh love." She practically bounces as she stands on tip toes to kiss the Ranger rather improperly. She smiles oh so brightly to him as he gets his prize, then her own name falls from the duke's lips and the petite blonde's eyes widen, "Um…Oh my your grace, thank you ever so, so much." Once over the shock Dwyn is rather graceful and pleasant to the noble man as she accepts the 'gift' and looks to Nylie with surprise, "I had so thought your betrothed would win your grace, we have played together before and she is a wonder."

As yet another commoner is called up to receive awards, the cheers from the common folk do raise once more! It was a good tournament for them it seems. The kiss gets a few hoots and cat calls!

Kierne sees Cian waving at him and grins all big and goofy over there to the guy, excusing himself with a little stumble as he makes his way through the stands to go see if he can catch a seat closer to the common-born Knight, obviously not at all ashamed to share a seat with him. Or just too drunk to care. When the hollers raise up around him he joins in.

A trilling whistle does come from Nylie when Dwyn is announced as the winner of the bard's contest.The blone woman had performed well, and Nylie knew she's slacked at parts in her piece. Certainly no ill will had, for the noble clapped loudly and cheered quite enthusiastically at the announcement.

Altair applauds again, smiling as he does, from where he's standing in the crowd now. Listening to what's being announced, and otherwise just watching curiously.

Aidan nods, "Then you must play with her again, I'm sure she would like that. The margin was quite close and the judges seemed moved by what you had shown." He also looks back once toward where his future bride was standing, nodding as he turns to wait for Dwyn to head back off, so that the Tournament Steward can announce the next victor.

It seems despite the discord between their 'masters', Cian and Kierne have seemed to find common ground. Well they are both fighting men…and they got drunk together. Yep, that was more likely the cause of their current comradeship. "Think you will be steady enough to make it up to the stage Squire?" He asks with a hint of bemusement in his voice.

Kylan grins at Dwyn as she passes him on his way back from the stand, applauding and cheering loudly until she makes her way back to his side, upon which he slips an arm around her waist.

Shepard has also been quite enthusiastic in his cheering for the winners, and looked a bit surprised at the announcement from Count Harmon. So many twists and turns in this Tournament! People will be talking about it for years…for good or for ill, but hopefully the former in the long run. He spots Kierne and Cian and gives the younger men a nod and a grin, before turning his attention back to the stands.

Of course Nylie would like that, and so would the patrons of the Riverview now doubt. Or anyone within ear shot. When Aidan looks her way, Nylie does give him quite the smile. Clapping for quite some time for Dwyn, before falling quiet again as the next winner is to be announced.

Dwyn slips back to stands next to Kylan looking excited and a touch dumbfounded still as she leans against the man and waits patiently.

"Pff, I've been more drunk than I am now many a time," Kierne tells Cian in a low murmur, leaning close to him and grinning rakishly through the words, "And I intend to be even more so tonight. I found this girl… eh.. eh-heh," he gives a bashful sort of giggle before leaving it at that, laying one finger aside of his nose and tapping it in a sign for Cian to keep it between them, even though he hasn't really said anything. Oh, seventeen year old boys. What are you supposed to do with them?

The Tournament Steward claps and then begins with the third, "The sword on foot drew most of our attention this Tournament, for the displays of skill and indeed, the infraction of our good Host at the end of the games. He would like to publically declare he was in fault and offers his sincere apology to House Crawford and all the good people of Mobrin." Aidan stands tall at this moment, hard eyes turning toward the crowds. Yes, here he was, giving public apology and accepting the humiliating dishonourment from his Nephew. "For this ill decision, House Crawford will be presented an axe most fine and rare. It's name is borne from the storms it creates in the field - Maelstrom. May this help mend what was broken and if not, allow House Crawford a fine axe to defeat our common enemies." The axe is carted over toward Aidan and left to present to Squire Kierne as the Tourney Steward goes on.

"The real story that we should not fail to remember during this tournament is the outstanding results of a young squire, who battled his way against the most hardened veterans to earn the title of the Sword on Foot Champion. For his honourable win, Lord Squire Kierne Kincaid will be presented with the sword (Kierne can decide what type of sword) called the Wings of Dawn, a famously crafted blade from the blacksmiths of Kincaid." The blade itself will have wings 'etched' into the metal. "The Wings of Dawn gives honour to the Eight and it should serve is new master well. We present your Champion!"

Aidan will wait for Kierne to show up and shake his hand, "Well done Kierne. Please, give my respects to his Grace." And with that, he'll hand over the blade and the axe to the young man. "With hopes, you'll have your spurrs soon enough."

Cian just shakes his head at Kierne's comment about 'the lady' and gives him a clap on the back,"I think you are up next milord squire." He says and there might be even a grin on his lips, "Go get the award you so richly deserved." He encourages as he leans back in his seat to watch the proceedings. The apology though draws his attention and he glances up to the Duke with a more serious look.

At the announcement that comes in conjunction with the awarding of the sword on foot, Nylie does smile down to Aidan. It took much to make such a public statement, ego and pride were not things to be triffled with and all men tended to have much of both. It took the bigger man to often take the first step to close a rift once it was created. There is a far bit of cheering and clapping once more as the young Kierne i announced as the winner, his prize announced.

Shepard bows his head slightly as Aidan makes his solemn and quite public apology. That certainly takes no small amount of backbone. But when Kierne is called to the stands, Shepard looks up and grins, sticking fingers in his mouth to whistle loudly for the Squire in between bouts of applauding and hearty cheers. He's clearly pleased to see the young man have performed so well. Perhaps he remembers his first tournament, where he did not perform -quite- so splendidly, but nevertheless made quite a favorable impression.

Kierne is true to his word, standing steady enough, although trying not to step on anyone on the way down is a little bit of an obstacle course, but he hits this guy and that on the shoulder on his way down, commending all who competed with him and in any other tourney, starting out with a brotherly clasp of Cian's arm before he finds a place from which to LEAP from the stands and land sprinting on the grounds, slowing to a jog as he reaches his uncle, whose arm he clasps before bringing the man in to embrace him with his other arm in a gesture of high emotion freed by copious amounts of liquor. Perhaps it can also be interpreted as an acceptance of the offered apology. "With hopes, your grace," he affirms weightily, "I will do both you and my Lord Sir proud." This, somewhat gravelly-voiced with emotion, as if he might cry. But he only squeezes Aidan the harder and swallows it down before he lets go of him and takes up the blade in his blade hand and the axe in his off-hand, standing with them for a moment before the crowd before he retreats to one side of the stands, not trusting himself to climb back up there without decapitating someone by accident.

Altair smiles as he listens, both to the announcement and the apology, and to the words about the squire. Applauding the young man now, there is an extra smile at the display of emotion.

Aidan… didn't expect that. He saw how Kierne addressed Ronan, but that was a matter between squire and knight. Aidan did anticipate the same affection would be granted to himself from the young squire. As his arm is clasped he's about to shake it when he's shouldered into an embrace. Well now. Let's just say that Aidan is caught off guard and is brought to a sudden laugh by the young man's energy, claping him hard on the back with his other hand, hand going to settle on Kierne's shoulder, tightening there as he nods, "You do both us proud and your father. Here, he-" at this point he withdrawls and pulls out a sealed envelope, "He sent you this." And it'll be letter of congratulations from his father, not necessarily overly long, but well enough that his Kincaid father acknowledges the win. There's another clap on Kierne's shoulder and the Duke of Lakeshire forgets about his ego being put to the test, celebrating with the young Kincaid in his first victory. There's a firm nod as he watches Kierne saunter off with the prizes, turning back to face the crowds and the final announcement.

The Tournament Steward seems to appreciate the moment before he gathers attention again. "At last, we come to the Champion of the Joust. What a harrowing experience it was indeed! The spills, the shattering of lances, the show of chivalry between brothers in arms. While we do hope those who have taken injury recover well, we must salute the competition and all those who participated! In the end, we had one victor that kept his saddle throughout the competition and proved in the end to have the strength to defeat his opponents. Sir Shepard Kerrigan, ladies and gentlemen, is not only your Champion of Joust, but comes to us as Overall Tournament Champion!"

He waits for the applause before he continues, "And for his valiant efforts display on the field, in sword and in joust, we honour him with a suit of Guardian Plate armor to be custom fit by the best armorsmith in Lakeshire and declared his own. May it serve him well to shield him in times of great need!"

Indeed, the actual armor is not presented today but instead a scroll is, declaring the ownership and the eventual customization of the plate armor, lighter than most but harder than any other. Aidan will nod to Sir Shepard and offer him a customary arm shake, "Congratulations Sir Shepard. May it serve you well in the future and keep you always coming home to my daughter."

With the anonucement of the winner of the Joust and tournament champoin, Nylie is clapping and cheering loudly, along with eaveryone else, surely. Staying unhorsed for that joust was something, so many had been unhorsed, quite spectacularly at that even!!!

Shepard leans over to accept a peck on the cheek from Lynette, before moving towards the stand, clasping Aidan's hand firmly with a warm smile, "Let it be so, Your Grace." He's not so exuberant in his affection as Kierne, but he does allow his free hand to briefly clasp the Duke's upper arm when they shake, before accepting the scroll with a touch of his chest and an incline of your head, "The honor has been mine, Your Grace. As it always is when faced with such fierce and valiant competitors." Shepard looks to Nylie and inclines his head towards her as well, before holding out a hand towards Lady Lynette, who gracefully steps up onto the stand beside him, taking his arm. They don't seem quite ready to step down, and while it may not exactly be a surprise, it seems there may be one more announcement to make.

Dwyn cheers with the rest of the people, and hugs Kylan's arm tighter as she whispers in his ear quietly. The little -bard- now it seems is generally excitable today, perhaps it's the fact someone just handed her more money then she's ever made before as she murmurs, "Never unhorsed, now I am even more sorry I missed the joust."

With everything that had happened throughout the tournament - and often always does happen at such large contests - there does seem to be one last announcement to make as the applause draws to a close for the tournament champion. Aidan looks toward his daughter as she joins Shepard on the dias. A look toward them to see if they were ready before he, not the tournament steward who is going to need a good drink after all that hollaring, steps up. Aidan's baritone is firm and commanding, reaching the corners of the arena, a natural leader to command such an audiance. "There's but one final happy detail to announce and I gladly do so now. I would like to officially announce the marriage of my youngest daughter, Lady Lynette, to your tournament champion, eldest son of Lord Rinder Kerrigan and the Heir of Ashenfell, Sir Shepard Kerrigan. One week hence our Houses should finally unite in the fair city of Lakeshire." To the happy couple he turns and gestures to them, clapping soon after. For those who don't know, it means the union of a Greenshire Lord to a Lakeshire Lady. How did that happen?!

Nylie bows her head towards Shepard with his look towards the suite and the incline of his own that comes. A smile coming to see how Lynette steps up to the stand beside him. Guessing a bit at the announcement that might be coming, and there it is. The Kilgour woman smiles and claps for the young couple. Indeed, however did that happen. For all the rumors and talk, one would think that Greenshire and Lakeshire would never allow /that/ to happen.

Cian stands for the announcement of the winner of the joust and tourney champion, even if most of his weight is on one leg. He will be nursing bumps and bruises for the next few days like many a competitor here. As Kierne rejoins the crowd he gives the drunk man space for the weapons he carries before he ends up accidently injured with them. The announcement of the betrothal draws his attention back up to the stage. "Well…that is interesting news."

Kylan grins to Dwyn, "I didn't see it either. Sounds like it was quite the event." He replies after finishing his own cheering, then meets her gaze and nods to whatever she whispers to him, his smile shifting to something warm and tender as he leans in to kiss her cheek. He looks a -bit- surprised at the announcement, too. Keeping up with noble marriages isn't usually part and parcel of his duties, but he's heard plenty of the rumors of tensions simmering between "the two shires." Maybe all that could be coming to an end? Not a moment too soon, in Kylan's mind.

Shepard smiles, lifting Lynette's hand to kiss the back of it after the announcement is made, then both their hands are lifted high, clasped together firmly, and smiles upon the happy couple's faces (if an appropriate touch of a blush on Lynette's). Perhaps the rifts are beginning to be healed? Only time will tell, but for now there certainly seems at least one scion of Greenshire and one daughter of Lakeshire that most certainly -aren't- at odds.

The cheers are mixed and of course for anyone who hails from Lakeshire knows there's going to be more celebrations in the coming week! No rest for the weary and drunk! With that Aidan and the Tournament steward shake eachother's hands and the trumpets play as the knights on their horses with the flags make it to center field and salute the Host, signifying the end of the games. The crowds start to dispurse… for last minute shopping, eating, and celebrating!

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