Inouv 41, 228: Kincaid Soiree Continues

Kincaid Soiree Continues
Summary: Sir Shepard Kerrigan gets pinned down by two ladies of Kincaid.
OOC Date: 01/01/2014 (OOC)
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Kincaid Manor - City of Stormvale
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
It is day 41 of the month of Inouv, 228 2E

Duke Aidan's little soiree has now continued apace for a couple of hours, and while nobles have come and gone, and many have been well-lubricated with great quantities of wine and other strong drink, as well as rich and exotic foods, it shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon. Lord Shepard Kerrigan is a relatively sociable man, but after a few hours of this, it's become somewhat trying. Oh, some of the people are perfectly pleasant and interesting and others…considerably less so. So when he finds himself with what appears to be a moment alone, he moves to lean against a nearby patch of wall, shaking his head slightly in wry amusement at himself while watching the other party goers' revel.

Sorcha holds a mug of mulled wine, a suggestion from the Duke in order to calm her nerves. Sorcha believes that this is just another touch of the bad luck that afflicts her and sips at it gingerly. A drunken Sorcha is an even clumsier Sorcha. After being relatively social, despite her awkwardness, she too searches for a respite from the chaos. She finds a piece of wall to occupy, not noticing that there was an occupant already there. "Oh, forgive me, M'Lord. I… I did not think that anyone else would be… w..wishing for an.. well, uh, an escape from the f..festivities."

Shepard glances towards Sorcha, and smiles quite pleasantly, "Indeed, Lady Sorcha, but no forgiveness is necessary. I am the guest in your home, after all." He tilts his head, looking back out to the crowd for a moment, "I find I sometimes need a brief respite from all this cycle of introductions and pleasantries, if for no other reason than to try to commit names and faces to memory before being bombarded with more." His smile takes on a glint of warm humor and he looks back to Sorcha, "I would say that in some ways it is understated how much courage and endurance affairs such as these may require of us."
Sorcha nods and sips at her wine. "Courage and endurance for those who's… courtly manners comes e..easily. Even moreso for those of… of us who must work… harder.. at it." She swallows nervously and pulls a stray hair from her face, blushing. "N..Names I can remember. Conversations I can recall.. 'Tis the actual social in..interaction that becomes awk..awkward." She swallows more wine, trying to help her stammering. "I work doubly hard, ensuring that my guest is not befallen with my own clumsiness while holding said conversation."

"And I would imagine there are many that are eager to speak with you." Shepard opines, regarding Sorcha with a polite smile, though it shifts to a curious expression a moment later, "If I may ask…and forgive me if I am too forward in this…is there some particular thing that makes it seem awkward to you? Or is it simply the combination of maintaining the conversation and the coordination at the same time?"

Sorcha blushes. "You speak too kindly, M'Lord. I am nothing special. A daughter to the Duke's cousin, sent to court to keep out of trouble in Lakeshire. A refugee, so to speak." She smiles awkardly, sipping her wine. "I can hold a conversation just fine." She says, a tad insulted. "My mind is sharper then most blades here. I just seem to be attached with bad luck. Physically, I…" She stops, realizing that this may be lowering her stock, which would do no good to Kincaid or the Duke Aidan. "Tis nothing really. I just need to focus a little more. I'm typically quite shy and can't seem to act courtly." She drinks more wine, making a pained face, as that explanation didn't help her cause any. "I'm mush more comfortable behind my harp, or reciting from a book on philosophy." Yes… totally boring the good Lord now.. Good job.

"Ah. I would beg to differ, Milady. I hope you will take it as no more than the sincere compliment it is intended for when I say you are among the fairest of ladies I have had the pleasure to meet." He smiles and shakes his head just a bit, "You seem to be doing fine, Milady. But while I would hardly consider myself a deep scholar of such things, I have dabbled a bit in philosophy and history. Have you any works you particularly favor?"

Sorcha sits there, a deep red in her face to contrast the gold in her hair.. "I.. I.. Well, thank you, M'Lord. It is impolite to argue with a guest, so I will take your compliment as you so kindly give it." She bows her head slightly. "A particular favor? Oh I don't think I can pick out a mere one or two pieces of work. I like to consider myself a perpetual scholar. I'm constantly reading from.." Here she goes again, sure to bore the man. "I enjoy a well-rounded education. I believe that nearly every treatise holds some merit. What of yourself? We've spoken far too much of me tonight. What brings you to see my cousin?"

"No please, do continue." Shepard does seem interested in what she's saying, given the pleasantly intent look upon his face. Though when she turns the conversation to his purpose here, it's his turn to turn a bit red in the cheeks, though he takes it in good humor, sipping from his own cup of wine, "Ah well…my family is seeking to revise certain trade agreements held between our two houses, as well as perhaps entertaining new ventures…ah…to include potential marriages."

Sorcha nods as she finishes her wine and summons another from a passing server. She offers one to the Lord as well. "Unfortunately I'm not well versed on our trade, but marriages?" She smiles. "The Lady Lynette is a fine woman. The Lady Faerinia as well. All close to the ducal line with much to offer. A fair gain indeed if His Grace finds the prospect worthy enough. With whom is House Kerrigan looking to match with Kincaid?"

"Well, foremost among them would be myself." Shepard notes with a bit of a chuckle, accepting the wine with a nod of thanks and at least momentarily hiding that tinge to his cheeks behind a gulp of wine. "My younger brother, Drogan should also seek a bride, but indications are that His Grace is not interested in such an arrangement at this time." He gestures, "I believe my presence here this evening is in no small part that his Grace may evaluate me for himself." His tone does not indicate that he finds anything whatsoever wrong with this idea.

Sorcha nods. "I see. So the peacock parade is in full force." She smiles, then stops.. "Not…. that I wish to compare you to a.. well.." She blushes and gulps more of her wine. "Hopefully His Grace will find you suitable, then. Weddings are always much fun to plan and to sepctate. I haven't seen a wedding since cousin Aemy's" She nods, face red from more then just blushing. Shepard and Sorcha are taking a break from the festivities as they speak near a wall, of to the side.

"Ha! No, milady, I take no offense at the comparison. I suppose I am expected to strut a little." Shepard looks to Sorcha and smiles, inclining his head, "I thank you for your hopes, milady. I too hope that our two houses might find a mutually beneficial path." He grins with just a -tiny- touch of mischief, "And finding a good woman to help me run my house and family and keep my head on straight would be a most pleasant boon, as well."

Sorcha nods. "Mutual benefit is the name of the game, is it not?" She smiles, sipping more of the wine, feeling it go to her head moreso now. She places the sup down for the time being. "Cousin Lynette and Lady Faerinia will do well to keep your head on straight. Kincaid women are hardly pushovers, and seem to have difficulty holding back when it comes to speaking their mind…" Case in point. "So you're looking to start a family, M'Lord?"

Lynette has been gone for a short time, showing off the library to her dear aunt, and with leaving her with a book or two Lyn has returned to the party. Her maid is following at her side and the two are speaking quietly here and there. There is a moment when her maid is pulled off to help with something or another which leaves Lynette moving along the path that brings her towards where Sorcha and Shepard just so happen to be. A warm smile is seen along with a nod once she is within speaking distance. "Hello again. Cousin Sorcha, I'm glad to see you have joined in the party while I was away." Her blue gaze drifts between the pair before she looks to Shepard. "I do hope everything has been well?" When it comes to speaking one's mind, well this Kindcaid is very comfortable at doing such things if given the chance.

"It is, milady, though at times I wish it were simply a matter of finding the right person, rather than finding the right person and then making sure the right person has the right family with the right things to offer and…" Shepard shakes his head, "Your pardon milady. Perhaps I've had a bit too much wine and my tongue runs too freely. I simply dislike speaking of and treating people as though they are livestock, whether myself, a prospective bride, or otherwise." He gives Sorcha an apologetic look, then smiles at the latter question, "Indeed I am. I will need an heir…but hopefully more children besides. My family has always been close. I would hope the next generation could be as well."

Lynette arrives, and Shepard inclines his head towards her, "It has been a most pleasant affair, Milady. I fear I simply needed a brief reprieve from the introductions and pleasantries. Your Cousin has been kind enough to provide a more compelling conversation in that interim."

Sorcha nods and waves off Shepard's apology. "No, I understand. For some, romance seems to be a key to relationships. I understand the notion but have been trained far too long to know that romance is but a tool of poets and playwrights. I already know that my place will be at the side of some minor lord, birthing a brood of about ten of my own before my body is absolutely wracked. My only hope is that my wits keep about me and that my legacy may be something of little more import then brood mare." She sighs so cheerily. "Where's that mug…" She finds the one she placed not far from her. At Lynette's arrival, she bows, knowing that she's being replaced by a better. ""Yes, fair cousin. As much as I loathe being social, for some reason I'm finding this event to be most bearable."

Lynette lifts a brow while she curious peers at Shepard, there is a faint smirk that crossing her face and she lifts her head a touch before taking in a soft breath. "I would certainly hope that you would not treat people as such." She offers with a soft tone while letting her hands clasp loosely before her. There she goes stating her thoughts on that matter. A soft ah escapes her. "Yes, your father spoke of such things as looking for someone for you to wed when he visited the other day." She sends a glance towards Sorcha before looking back to Shepard. "I am so please that all has been well, and I'm thrilled to know my dear cousin has been able to keep your attention so to speak." Her gaze turns to Sorcha, a warm smile seen and she reaches out to lightly touch the other woman's arm. "Cousin dear, honestly None of us see you as such, truthfully. For one 'loathing' the social bit you handle it ever so well."

Shepard listens to Sorcha's grim portents of her future, "I…would think your value…or the value of any lady, for that matter, is in far more than simply motherhood, milady." Shepard frowns a bit, recalling similar sentiments from certain noble ladies already close to his own House. He looks to Lady Lynette then and nods, "Yes, as I said to Lady Sorcha I believe my invitation was as much a means of evaluating me as his Grace being social. And rightly so." He offers a faint but polite smile to the pair of them. "And you, Milady?" This to Lynette, "I do hope this gathering has been pleasant for you, as well."

Sorcha blushes and nods to Lynette. "You're too kind, cousin. I do my best, but there are times when my shyness gets the best of me, as it is right now." She smiles, curtseying to them both. "I must away for now. Thank you for your time and company My Good Lord." She turns to Lynette. "Please enoy the rest of the evening."

Lynette shakes her head slightly before looking to Sorcha once more, a warm smile seen. "Just hang around with me a bit more and we will help with that shyness." This said with a teasing tone and slight grin seen. She nods at the talk of her cousin needing to leave and lifts her head a touch to glance off to see who else is nearby perhaps before she looks back to Sorcha. "You do as well. We should speak later; there was a talk of having tea with some of the others in the future which I would love for you to attend as well." She nods while looking to Shepard once more. "I do attempt to reassure her on such matters. Of course knowing my father, he wanted to size you up so to speak. I am pleased to hear you feel that way about a woman's value. Some men think otherwise, that we are to be seen and never heard, as if we were a porcelain figure or some picture to be looked upon." A soft smile is seen while nodding slightly. "I have been enjoying this evening greatly. It is always good to see and speak with ones that have not been seen for a time, or in this case new people such as yourself."

"Of course, Milady. It has been a pleasure." Shepard replies to Sorcha, giving her a polite smile tinged with -just- a bit of genuine warmth, and a nod of his head to her curtsy. He does watch her depart for just a moment before his attention turns fully back to Lynette, "While I can understand the notion of a lady not countermanding her husband before the eyes of those that are neither family nor trusted friend, I should expect a wife to be her husband's most trusted counsel." He smiles ever-so-faintly, "And to not be afraid to figuratively thump him when he's being an ox-brained fool. or perhaps a physical thump if he's particularly thick-headed."

Lynette ahs softly at this, looking a bit amused over the notice of getting to thump a man over such a thing. "What a lovely idea." As if she never thought of that herself before, which she has. "The Kincaid women know well on how not to go about countermanding their husbands in public. In private though, well that is a different story all together." There is a slight pause. "Though I won't deny that I have perhaps had my moments where my tongue chose to get away from me." She shifts slightly while her gaze dances across the people here and there, making sure everyone is well taken care of, and the like as best she can. "Seeing how your father has already voiced the idea of coming here to find you a wife, I am curious to ask if you would allow her hobbies outside of the normal sewing, and housekeeping. Or might you prefer her to stay in the house and not get dirty?"

Shepard laughs a bit at Lynette's suggestion, not in a ridiculing sort of way, but more a sort of familiar amusement, "Well, milady, Gardening is often a popular pastime among the ladies of House Kerrigan, and it is hard to accomplish without getting a bit dirty….we do have the loveliest Rose Garden in all of Mobrin because of it, though. We have lush, relatively open lands well suited to riding. But I suppose the real answer to your question would depend on what those hobbies actually -are-. Riding…falconing…even hunting….I see no reason these should be disallowed so long as proper precautions are taken. Now if her hobby is diving off of cliffs into the ocean as I've heard young men on the Eastern Isles have been known to do to prove their manhood…we may have to have serious discussion." He looks towards Lynette with a good dose of warm humor at the latter.

Lynette looks amused for a few moments, a soft chuckle escaping her and she nods. "Well yes I have heard that of your home. Your father even used examples dealing with trees while speaking with my father." Onwards though! "I'm glad to hear that you think that way. I personally enjoy riding and hunting and I'm rather sure other ladies may have the same feeling towards such hobbies. Not being able to do such things would indeed not be a good thing." In the end it would leave a wife that grumpy and the husband not having any fun for certain, especially if dealing with someone like Lynette. There is a moment where she grins. "They dive off cliffs into the ocean?" Oh dear someone gave her an idea it seems. She does live near water after all.

"So I am told, milady. I certainly have not seen it myself." Shepard sips from his wine cup, tilting a brow at Lynette's grin, his lips quirking into an expression of wry humor, "Milady, forgive me for saying so, but I suddenly have the inkling that some degree of mischief may have been introduced to your mind."

Lynette waves a hand slightly while tilting her head. "Mischief? Never in the least would I admit to such things." Though that doesn't mean she didn't think about it there for a few moments. She had the thought of going to look of a bear den just a few hours before after the story from the Ranger after all. "Though, I do live near a lake, perhaps a thought did cross my mind for a mere moment of time."
Shepard's expression is laced with considerable amusement as he notes the precise wording Lynette uses, "No, of course not. Forgive me for even considering such a thought, milady." He sips from his wine cup again smiling congenially once more, "Of course, but a moment." Yes, he's thoroughly amused, and not at all in a condescending or patronizing manner.

Lynette chuckles softly as she curiously watches Shepard, pondering a moment before speaking more. "Of course you are forgiven. I won't even think of it ever again." This said with a slight nod. "What things do you enjoy doing Lord Shepard? I have given away a few things that I enjoy already after all, though I will fully admit I'm curious about you at the moment. Your father said you are a good man, which so far I would mostly agree with on that though." She is perhaps fishing for some information in order to relay back to her father at some point.

"Well, my father may be somewhat biased on that score. I -hope- I am a good man, but ultimately my actions are for others to judge." Shepard replies, a bit more serious for a moment. As to the rest of her question he smiles, "I enjoy playing chess. Riding. Hunting, though the latter more for sharing good company than any skill at the sport. I fear I do not share the great talent for archery that Greenshire is famous for…I'm merely an adequate hand with a longbow." He considers, "I enjoy reading…particularly history and philosophy, though I don't find nearly as much time to do so as I might wish."

"Parents do tend to be a bit biased over such things I have come to found out." Lynette says with an amused tone, a soft smile seen even. Once he goes on a slight nod of her head is seen now and then. "I see. Sounds like you are well versed in many things. Archery is a fine sport; I won't deny that I am rather skilled with a bow in my hand." The bit on chess does catch her attention. "When you speak with my father, and I'm sure you will at some point. Offer to play a game of chess with him, he does rather love the game. Not that I can truly blame him, it is a fine game of skill and thought after all."

"I…had some inkling he might play." Shepard has an…odd expression that flits across his face at that…almost wistful or sad, but it quickly shifts back to gentle, self-effacing humor, "I fear he may well rout me, but I enjoy the playing…victory is a pleasant accident when it occurs, but only through defeat do we learn to become better players." Shepard notes this bit of information away, and tilts his head, "And you, milady? Do you play as well?"

Lynette nods at this, a soft smile seen. "I do play when I am able Or when I am able to play when my maid does not hover over me like I was some child." A slight shake of her head seen at the thought. Speaking of said maid Anna has caught sight of the fact that Lynette is speaking to a guest, one guest that is a male and for a rather long time at that. "Last game I had the chance to play was with my father actually." That bit of expression from Shepard is picked up, and stashed away for later usage. Lyn is about to go on before her maid is at her side whispering quickly into her ear while eyeing Shepard with an icy look. Lynette pauses and sends a glance to Anna about to say something but stops herself while biting her tongue a moment before a soft breath escapes her. "Lord Shepard if you would excuse me, I'm needed elsewhere." A warm smile is seen and she offers him a elegant curtsey. "It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope that you truly enjoy the rest of your time here with us this evening. Good luck with that conversation with my father, he is a hard man to speak with at times."

"Of course, Milady. I apologize for taking up so much of your time, as enjoyable as the conversation was." Shepard smiles genuinely to Lynette, and even gives her maid a brief nod. "And I thank you for your insight." Which is true. He does watch Lynette go, perhaps a moment or two longer than entirely appropriate, before he shakes his head and lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. Gods, what a beauty. Dare he hope? No, best not to even think of it. Her name was not mentioned, nor was it really expected to be. Focus on the world you have, not the world you wish for. Only by performing the former can the latter ever have hope of being achieved. His father's words, but he took them to heart a long time ago. With Lynette gone, he empties his wine cup, and sets it aside to move on to greeting a couple of other guests he knows in passing. Once more into the fray….

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