Inouv 41, 228: Kincaid Open House

Kincaid Open House
Summary: Duke Aidan Kincaid of Lakeshire opens the Kincaid Manor in the City of Stormvale to those who accepted his invitation. The Forrester's and a Kerrigan makes it out.
OOC Date: 30/12/2013 (OOC)
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Kincaid Manor - City of Stormvale
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
It is day 41 of the month of Inouv, 228 2E

As the snow keeps falling upon the landscape of Stormvale and the dark days of Inouv continue, more and more social gatherings are happening in well to do places, if not the Castle Darfield itself. Those who have actual Manor Houses have a better opportunity to be gracious Hosts to a larger crowd, compared to those who just have managed suites within the Castle itself. Now, some may say one is better than the other, but both have their advantages. Namely, Court is close by for those in the Darfield Castle and gatherings happen spontaneously there with little effort. It's a tad more difficult for those with Manor Houses to secure the same result. Yet, Kincaid's doors are open on this fair evening, a social event that wasn't as official as it could be, though careful invites had been placed to allow those of interest to find themselves a guest.

The Manor itself hasn't been specifically decorated for any particular occasion, though it plays host to a great many customs all the same. Servants line the halls and welcome the guests. There's a hint of soft harp music which floats over the general gathering, a bard of the House or some other means seeing to the continued strum and floating melodies. There's not really a place to dance, it's more for ambiance than anything else. As for food, well, a large table has all the makings of a feast, for hungry guests. There are numerous places to sit and eat, as well as a parlor for smoking and games, if anyone takes interest. There's not a certain amount of people who are expected to attend, as again, it was more of a whispered invitation to those who perhaps wanted a chance to meet the Duke while he was in town.

The man himself is dressed in a rather royal long doublet - of black corduroy, trim of silver on the hem of sleeves and waistline, and a rather elegant structured chest piece of silver brocade. He's greeting the guests as they arrive, with his daughter Lynette beside him and any Kincaid cousin or relative in the line doing much of the same.

It wasn't long before Trevian and Nimue Forrester arrived at the Duke's door. Trevian was wearing clothes appropriate a ranger- albeit ones that were quite nicely clean and far better tailored than most non-noble rangers would be able to afford. He was with his is sister, Nimue Forrester, clearly as her escort for the evening in proper fashion. He smiles brightly to Aidan as they arrive, "Ah! Duke Kincaid, thank you for the invite to your beautiful home away from home." he offers, "I'm Trevian Forrester, and this is my sister, Nimue." he adds, doing all those introductions.

Nimue bobs a bit of a curtsey once she releases her brother's arm, she too dressed nicely for the occasion. "Your Grace." She is looking well although she does go through great pains to keep her left hand concealed as much as possible, still ashamed of how she was maimed. "Your home is so lovely. It is so very kind of you to invite us."

It is indeed a lovely time at the Darfield Castle, everything is set up in its finest for certain including the ones greeting everyone at the door. Lynette is indeed at her father's side, she is dressed in a rather lovely gown that is rich black and bright silver that starts at her neck line and works its way down across the snug bodice and then across the slender waist line. The sleeves of her dress are long and flowing, tucked up just slightly so there is no worry of stepping on them, the skirt of the dress is long and flowing when she walks. Her hair is pulled back in a lose braid, tucked up with silver and blue hairclips and a bit of ribbon. She offers a warm smile to the ones coming into the Castle, speaking to them and greeting each polite and friendly as ever. Her gaze settles upon Trevian and Nimue and she offers a little curtsy to them both. "Greetings, and welcome Sir Trevian, Lady Nimue, welcome to our humble home. Thank you greatly for taking our invitation and joining us this evening."

Aidan turns from the last guest who was meandering into the Manor, escorted to the rooms set up to manage the guests, coats and cloaks taken as they go. His eyes now fall upon the Forrester twins, a brow lifted as he likely hadn't seen them since infancy or perhaps even as younger children. There's a smile in return for the enthusiastic response he gets from Trevian, "Glad of you to come," he nods his head in a tipping of respect, "Trevian Forrester and Nimue Forrester, it is good to see you again." In some process of Court, in some decade, as kids or not, he's related to the Forresters by his mother's side, and thereby had likely seem them in some manner shape or form. To Nimue he smiles, "Not as lovely as some things in this world," oh the charmer in him comes out, but he smiles at the same, "Please enjoy yourselves. I'm anxious to hear about Sky Forest, it has been a while." A pause as his hand flourishes over toward his daughter, "This is Lady Lynette, my youngest daughter." As for his other kin, "I'm afraid my son's could not make it. I'm sure they will be remise for their chance to see their Forrester cousins." Cousins distantly, at least. But still. Nothing like adding in a little family root to tie the bonds.

It is a strange thing to be surprised and not surprised all at the same time. When the invitations came, Lord Rinder almost seemed more surprised than Shepard was, but after but a brief conference with his father, the Lord of Ashenfell was convinced that his heir should speak for himself. So Sir Shepard Kerrigan arrives at the manor at the appointed hour, handing the reins of his Darfield Destrier to a waiting stablehand, and then making his way into the manor. He's seen into the presence of the Duke, and after waiting for the Forresters to make their greetings, he places his hand to his chest and lowers his eyes, "Your Grace, Sir Shepard Kerrigan, at your service. I am most gratified for your kind invitation, but sadly my Lord Father sends his regrets. I fear he had business of the House to attend to." A polite but not uncomfortable smile remains on his face as he raises his eyes and looks to the others present, briefly making eye contact and inclining his head "Ladies, Milord."

The act of greeting guests. It would be mandatory given Senga's position, but also something that she finds herself tardy in attending due to unforeseen circumstances. Whatever the issue, it would be enough for the dark haired woman to enter the room, attired in an ebony gown which finds silver trim along the long-sleeves and hem of the bodice. Not, that she betrays anything more than calm assurance as she steps into the hall in attempts of not drawing much attention to herself as she attempts to catch the names of those arriving for this evening's festivities.

Trevian smiles quietly, "A pleasure, and many thanks for your hospitality." he replies with a nod of his head, "Ah! Lady Lynette, a pleasure to meet you." The older of the Forrester Twins says with a smile and a bow of his head. "Sky Forest? Still full of trees, I'm afraid." the Lord Scout jests with a quiet smile. "Otherwise quite the same as always. Filled with bears, wolves and faeries." So lighthearted this one- he gives his sister a little squeeze before he begins to pack his pipe and take a quiet look about the area. He smiles to Senga as she arrives.

Some of those present are family which helps to calm Nimue although she finds herself a bit fidgety as more and more people come to greet them just the same. "It has been so long," she murmurs to Aidan just before she leans in to give him a peck on the cheek before greeting everyone else. "It is almost like being home." Her gaze shift and she looks at Shepard. She watches him for a moment before she returns Trevian's hug. "To what do we owe the pleasure of your company tonight, Lord Aidan?"

Lynette has no problem letting her father introduce herself, works out rather well honestly. She cannot recall meeting the twins before, though perhaps it was over looked at some point in time. A warm smile is still offered and she chuckles softly. "Trees, sounds like a lovely place indeed." Oh if they only knew of her hobbies they may understand better. There is a slight pause an a bit of amusement seen. "Faeries? Have you seen any then?" This is questioned with a curious tone to Trevian before he can move off too far. She looks to Nimue and offers her a warm smile once more before nodding. There is a moment that her attention is pulled elsewhere and she curiously watches Shepard as he makes his way forth to make his greeting. Well now this is interesting, first she got to meet the father and now the son that was spoken about. She offers a curtsy along with a warm smile. "It is a pleasure to meet you Sir Kerrigan, and welcome to our home. We are ever so thankful that you have joined us this day. I do hope the trip was well for you?" A faint glance is sent towards her father though she soon lets her attention settle back upon Shepard.

Aidan keeps his face impassive and friendly at the same time, favouritism not recognized from Forrester to Kerrigan. Each seem to be greated with as much respect as the other, a polite tip of his head and a greeting that goes along with, "Sir Kerrigan," his voice hinting at an increase of curiosity, "Glad that you can join us this evening." As the Lord Rinder is excused from the invitation, Aidan quickly admits, "While that is quite the shame, I'm momentarily relieved, as certain business is not yet presentable to your Lord father." If Shepard is kept up to date on Rinder's business, he'd know that Aidan is referring to both matters at once, though any other would assume trade, since that is what House Kincaid is best at. "Have you met Lady Lynette, my youngest daughter, and Sir Trevian Forrester and his sister Lady Nimue Forrester?" The offers of invitation go out and that's when he spots Senga, offering her a quiet smile that while admonishes for her tardiness, welcomes all the same, "And my brother Arlen's dutiful wife, Lady Senga Kincaid."

His eyes flicker toward the door and assumes that if there are any others who wish to attend the social, they would arrive on their own time and not his. There are certain ways nobles send quiet messages to one another, after all. "Come inside. There's drinks of every nature that you could wish, foreign or domestic. And food as well." Foreign pastries for example, certainly spiced meats and a variety of cooked meals. It's no wonder though, the staff of House Kincaid as are varied as his family Tree, apparently the man doesn't just deal in traded goods, but knowledge and people too. To Trevian, he laughs, "Knock more down and sell them I say, bear skins are good on the markets in the North, live bears more so in the island regions." Like Skingaar or some such islands further south than that. The kiss is received casually on the cheek by Nimue, though he pretends not to notice the fidgety state of the lady, "The pleasure? Oh perhaps I've been too long spent now swimming around in that great lake of ours, I needed to socialize with those of friends and family." His answer, a billowing charm of baritone.

"I have not met your lovely daughter, Your Grace. Milady, it is a pleasure." As Lynette makes her own greeting and asks her question, a flicker of humor reaches his eyes as they meet hers and he notes, "The ride was bracing, Milady, but reasonably enjoyable nonetheless. I confess I do find the Castle, comfortable as it may be, to be a bit stifling at times, so a reprieve from those environs is most welcome." He looks then to the Forresters, a smile still upon his face. "I have had occasion to ever-so-briefly meet the Lady Nimue, but not Sir Trevian." He places a hand to his chest and notes, "A pleasure, regardless." And finally his attention turns to Senga and he concludes, "Milady…at your service." His hand falls from his chest, and he follows the party further inside, brows raising just a bit at the vast and varied array of refreshment that awaits.

Trevian's arm is grabbed before he can get too far and his sister whispers briefly into his ear, the last Nimue will do that so she won't be thought of as rude. "It is good to see you again," she offers sincerely to Shepard. "I am sorry I could not stay longer that evening but I was already starting to feel overwhelmed and decided to return early." She makes with a gesture to her brother, then. "This is my brother. We're ususally fairly inseperable but he was unable to attend the festival that evening." Hence why she was with Ronan and Roslin instead.
As more names are given she tries very hard to memorize them although she will probably have to hear them all more than once before she'll be able to keep them in mind. "It is so wonderful to make new acquaintances. I haven't had much of a chance to do so since my return."

Lynette curiously watches Shepard, a soft chuckle escapes her and she nods. "Believe it or not it sounds like a rather lovely ride. I've not gotten the chance to go on one for some time now." She sends a pointed glance towards her father before she lets her attention turn back to Shepard. "Oh indeed. Staying in one place for too long of a time makes my mind wander to it being very stifling indeed." She has no reason not to state what is on her mind, this is her home after all. She won't keep the Lord's attention though as he is moving onwards, there will be plenty of time to talk later on. A glance is sent to her father and she chuckles. "I'm starting to think that you ran into the dragon out there with how much time you do spend out there."

Senga nods towards Trevian and Nimue, a smile easily coming to rise to her lips in return. "A pleasure to finally meet both of you, milords and milady," she says, voice cordial as both hands brush together in front of her gown. Falling silent, perhaps on purpose, dark eyes catch the smile from Aidan. Almost imperceptible, there's a tilt of her head in silent communication before her attention shifts back to the company at large. More for an explanation, she adds, "I have not been present at the manor until recently, given my husband's recent orders."

Trevian blinks a few times a his sister speaks to him, he just smiles. "Of course not, my dear. Only just enough." he replies with a little smile. "Don't you worry now, I'm sure plenty will enjoy a good smoke before the meal. It does make things more flavorful, I've found." Still, he smiles to his sister- even as he continues that look around. Very curious, that Trevian Forrester.

Aidan listens quite carefully to the conversations that are starting around him, nodding to his daughter as she seems to move right along into socializing with the Kerrigan boy. He'll keep tabs on that but, it's the Forresters that will have him turn. Trevian causes the corner of his eye to twitch at the correction, something with rangers of course, "Ahh, well, I'm sorry for my ill manners." That's all he can offer, before lightening it back up with a question, "Is your brother Harmon, the Count, around at this time? I know with the tensions of military movement, that I should like to address him before I too have left, if he is, of course present," this to Trevian, more than Nimue. Though his attention swings to other matters, especially when he overhears the mention of Sky Herb, "We have spare rooms, Lady Nimue, if anything should delay your departure this evening." There's a hint of mirth in his eyes but otherwise, he is polite and walks them all toward the parlor, fire place crackling, food smelling delicious and the harpist playing neat rolling waves of music. To Lynette he offers a smirk, "You know, I was very close to capturing it once. I had my hands around it's wing. I just couldn't hold on." He is good with jesting with his daughter in public, it removes some of the tension or formalities at least. He shoots his eyes toward Senga, offering her an apologetic look, a shrug all the same, "Stormvale is a pleasanst city my sister," he remarks, "We can hope to meet only the finest of people here."

"Have I seen a faerie? What Ranger worth his salt doesn't have a faerie story?" Trevian wonders, "They look like little lights out on the peat bogs that stretch in the forest. You have to be very careful, otherwise they'll draw you right down into their hollows and *never* let you go." Trevian says to the young lady, even as he's lead towards the parlor- already packing that infamous pipe. "Care to join me in a smoke, your Grace?" he asks of Aiden- holding up the pipe stuffed with Sky Herb.

"I believe I've heard the proper technique is to grab both wing and leg at the same time, but I fear the information was more than thirdhand. I'm certain you've far more expertise in the matter than I, Your Grace." Shepard actually tacks on to Aidan's jest, smiling with just a touch of wry humor lacing the expression. He looks to Lynette and nods, arms folding comfortably behind his back as they meander towards the rest of the party, "I would agree, Milady. I do believe that may be why I took so avidly to riding." A brief flicker of that humor paints his features once more, "Well that and like so many little boys of that age, I dreamed of fame and glory as a Knight." He looks to Lady Nimue when she offers her apology and shakes his head slightly, "Think nothing of it, Milady. Certainly no offense was taken."

Oh no. Aidan's encouraging her brother to smoke. Thankfully it is just Sky Herb, something more likely to make someone relaxed and perhaps even hungry instead of making them loud or violent but still. Nimue really wishes Trevian's bad habit wouldn't be egged on by others. Shaking her head while looking down, she tries to conceal a quick smile by ducking her chin close to her chest. "Perhaps the next time we wind up at a festival together we will be able to enjoy a dance," she offers boldly to Shepard. Taking a deep breath, she follows along, falling into place near the ladies whom she whispers towards. "The three of us should have tea together, someday…"

Aidan considers the offer of the pipe, perhaps already smelling the Herb that's packed so heavily into it, "That is an offer I would not refuse," he notes with a lift of his lips. As for Shepard's willingness to jest right along with the stories of dragons and faeries, he cants his head, "Indeed, which is likely why I slipped right off. A shame. Dragon eggs are exceptionally valuable." Especially when they're myth and legend. He nods an encouragement to Senga, toward Nimue and her offer of tea, but he's bold enough to answer, "The ladies of the House are quite readily available for tea socials, Lady Nimue. I'm sure my good sister Senga, recently arrived, is in need of more acquaintances." Not to mention his daughter. Then he turns back to Trevian, "Lord Scout-" there he said it, "-I take it you must have plenty of tales of Sky Forest. I do not believe my daughter has had the opportunity to hear about them. If it pleases you." And put the poor ranger on the spot, but includes, "She has a fondness for the outdoors."

Lynette grins as she hears her father and nods with a soft chuckle escaping her. "Oh I bet you nearly had him in your grasp He wiggled out before you had a firm grip?" This questioned with an amused tone. She turns her attention back to Shepard a warm smile seen once more. "Indeed, I do imagine that plenty of young boys think of that when they go riding off into the sunset so to speak. Me, well I feel it is a time to just escape" There is a pause. "All this to some degree.." Hearing Trevian talk about the fairies she grins now and soon nods. "So you have seen them yourself then? I imagine you never followed after them to see if that tale was true? After all you are standing here at the moment in time." Her attention turns to Senga and she offers a warm smile to the woman. "It is a pleasure to see you Aunt, tell me how have you been, your travels have been well then?" There is that talk of tea and she nods at the idea. "Of course, we shall set a date and go from there how is that?" There is a bit of that conversation between her father and Trevian, a curious glance is sent towards the ranger at the bit on tales, oh yes now someone has her attention.

"Well, I do spend most of my time out of doors." Trevian notes as a on-the-spot professional servant seems to appear with a lit match for him to puff that pipe to life with. He inhales, before offering the thing over to Aidan with a smile. Trevian, however, doesn't really seem to much mind being put on the spot. Stories are how one passes the time in deep nature with your fellow rangers. "I suppose the question, M'Lady is what sort of story you'd be most interested in?" he asks of the young woman with a quiet smile. "Well, the Faeries are an odd folk. Some, they say, are quite helpful and kind. Others, they look only to steal babies and hurt good hearted people. Sky Forest is rife with them." he continues with a grin, "But, I'm guessing you want to hear a tale of dashing adventure?"

Walking alongside with the two visiting ladies, Senga's first response is to Nimue even though her eyes sharply cut to Aidan with a rueful press of her lips before exhaling just enough to make the point clear. "I suppose that my dear brother has a point, in hopes of keeping me preoccupied. Though, I would be quite pleased to attend or even to host tea should we make it a rotating sort," she says, the latter being something of a question before setting her gaze onto Lynette with a warm smile that lasts for a few moments. "I have been alright, though I doubt that my travels could be that interesting. Your Uncle would send his best wishes, I am sure."

"Milady, it would be my honor." Shepard replies to Nimue's suggestion of a dance at some unspecified future time, smiling towards her and inclining his head. His attention then turns to Trevian as he queries as to the nature of the tale to be told, and chuckles softly, "Aren't those nearly always the best kind?" Shepard notes towards Trevian with a congenial smile, accepting a goblet of wine offered by a passing server, sipping from it and falling silent for the moment, allowing Trevian to spin his tale uninterrupted. By him, anyway.

"That'd be perfect," Nimue says to Lynette and Senga both. "We can take turns hosting. Perhaps make it a monthly affair for us?" Her eyes sweep the men as she adds playfully, "We can spend afternoons gossiping about the men in our lives and all the silly ways they find to make fools out of themselves." The last is said more than loud enough for any of the males here to hear her, her joke not kept private between the three of them. Addressed by Shepard again, Nim smiles and nods. "I look forward to that time, My Lord."

Lynette can't help herself and sends a curious glance towards Niume and Shepard, hey she heard that talk of possible dancing. Le gasp and the like. She smiles and nods to Senga, a curious glance is sent to her father but she won't be commenting on things about that at the moment. "I am so very glad that you have been well my dear aunt. I also look forward to the time we may possible spend over tea time and talk over such things." Her hands clasp loosely before her while she is now looking back to Trevian once more, amusement crossing her face and she chuckles softly before nodding. "Of course dashing adventure is always one that someone looks forward to hearing. Though how about you pick a tale that you truly enjoy and tell us that?" This questioned with a curious tone.

Aidan nods at the offering of the pipe, a fish to water as they say, though while Trevian seems particularly fond of the Herb, Aidan is at least experienced enough not to choke down on the smoke or inhale it to his lungs. The man simply enjoys the tang of the smoke on the roof of his mouth, the curls of it as it licks out between his lips upon passing the pipe back to Trevian. There doesn't need to be any indication verbally if he approves or not, the mellowness of his lips already tell the story. As Trevian handles the attention and spot light easily enough, Aidan has his eyes quick on the servants, who start to shuffle about with offers of beverages and trays of ahdor d'oeuvres floating around now between the guests. He'll take himself a glass of brandy, delivered unto his hand after what he wishes passes by his lips in an absent remark to a server. It's one of those things that doesn't keep him from losing pace with the conversations, his gaze finding Senga at that familiar tone and rueful expression of lips. "There is much to do to keep you preoccupied good sister," he explains with a wave of his hand, "I recently sent my brother to duties beyond Lakeshire. Laides, I do hope you'll help me with that." A good natured remark, though his eyes hang for a time on Senga. He notes what transpires between Nimue and Shepard, though settles himself in for a good tale. A smirk on his face for Nimue's joke as well, eyes flicking to Trevian, "It would seem the ladies are fast friends." A lift of his glass to toast such.

"Well, I'm afraid most of those are *not* for polite company." Trevian says with a rakish grin and a quiet laugh. He goes to it, though. "Once as I was hunting a great white stag, I came across a group of bandits and poachers. They had clearly been successful in their hunt- for they had managed to catch themselves one of Sky Forest's great boars." He pauses a moment, inhaling once more on his pipe as its returned. "Now, these men were not of Sky Forest. Sky Forester folk have a particular accent, and way of doing things. They are not so loud, so raucous. They have respect for the great wood- they know just how dangerous it could be. Typically, we also don't cook our food in the camp we mean to sleep in. It has a way of attracting bears." Trevian smiled at that little bit of information, snagging a drink as it went by to join in the silent toast. "And, as it happened, I knew of a nearby bear den." he gives a grin at that.

"I doubt," Senga remarks to Nimue with a glimmer of wryness to her response. "That Lynette would enjoy any of my stories of her uncle. So, I shall decline from mentioning him thusly." Stating that with a look to Lynette, it is a fond expression for the younger girl before adding in suggestion. "If you had any other topics of interest that we could discuss? Starting off on filling me in on what has been happening in Laketown as of late would be for the best." With the suggestion made, she pauses to accept a glass of wine from one of the passing servants with again a look towards Aidan as he finds himself in her line of sight. Purely by chance, or so her demeanor says. "I hardly spend my days languishing, dear brother. That, I do assure you. Speaking of," she notes to the two ladies with her. "Have you any suggestions on who to visit with sizable collections of books? I may be in need of some. New hobbies, I suppose, can never be terrible to pick up as well."

Shepard looks to Lady Senga now, replying quietly to her question so as not to speak over Lord Trevian's story, "The Castle of course has an incredibly expansive library, milady. I would imagine that as part of the Duke's family, admittance would not be a problem. Also, there is a bookseller in the city, though I do not know how large her collection is. On…Sutherland Street, I believe."

Lynette grins a moment as she hears Trevian, looking amused over that idea for some reason. "I see Perhaps another time for those types of stories then." This said with a teasing tone, she is a curious one that is for certain. Once the tale is going she is listening to Trevian closely. "A white stag? That must be a brilliant thing to see. Did you ever find it?" The bit of bears is picked up as well and she ponders before sending a curious glance towards a window. "A bear den around here Truly?…" Oh this could be rather /bad/ information to let Lyn find out. She grins hearing Senga and sends a curious look towards her. "You would be surprised. They could be used a leverage after all." Her use such stories against her uncle? Possible! Onwards though to the talk of books. "I have managed to get new books here in the library. So perhaps some will be ones that you have not read dear Aunt." She does like to read so this shouldn't be a real surprise that she has managed to get new books into the place.

"So, I crept along.." Trevian taking the motion- creeping through the salon as he spoke, "To the bear den, and I quietly picked up one of the cubs as the mother bear slept. I managed to grab him without too much fuss and then I crept back to the far side of the camp. Kept him busy with a little honey I'd collected not long before." The Sky Forest ranger grinning as he spoke. "He'd finished that before long and found himself lost, without his Momma anywhere in sight- so.. He'd started to cry, and wander back towards his den. Right into where the Poachers were at. Now, Momma bears, they're real fussy when they don't have their cubs. And these men, drunk and stuffed on stolen boar-meat were a bit sleepy by their fire as they told their own stories in the cold. It wasn't long before Momma bear heard those cries. Of course, the men just thought the cub was a cute little thing- a brown ball of fluff they could treat like a pet. They were throwing him scraps of fat when Momma bear rolled into camp. And that, my friends, is when things got *very* interesting. She crashed towards her cub, with a mighty roar- and the men were so frightened they ran off into the woods. Seeing as I couldn't catch so many men all together, that little stunt broke them up. It gave me the chance for a hunt of a different type." Trevian nods to Lynette, "Well, this was in Sky Forest, m'Lady. Its many days ride from here."

There's no news for Nimue to give, her own efforts to keep up with such given up on long ago as she found it impossible to do so. She instead listens, perhaps hoping to glean some information herself. Between that and listening to her brother entertain Lynette with stories of his excapades as well as watching everyone as a whole, she has plenty to occupy herself with.

Aidan grins at Trevian to listen to the Forrester's story, approving of the young man's adventurous mannerisms and expressions. He does excuse himself long enough to go toward a page he had caught wishing to address him. The boy whispers something into the Duke's ear and for a time there is a darkening look on his features, one that expresses something untoward has taken place. A swift word back to the page has the boy nodding and trotting off. Well, whatever it is, the Duke rejoins the company with an apologetic bob of his head, drawing up near Shepard now as the tale continues of bears. Senga's remarks are regarded cooly, any retorts now held behind the uplifted rim of his brandy glass. Shepard's answer to where Senga might find books has him nod, "Sir Kerrigan is correct in that. You may find your way to the castle unbarred and the library at your whims." He will wait to see what the conclusion of this story from the Forrester lad has to be, falling into respective silence, even if he seems truly pensive on other remote places. Until at such point that his eyes drift toward Nimue, her politeness or shyness, either or, has found his attention loitering.

Nimue happens to look over just as Aidan looks her way, her eyes lingering on his face for a moment. By the time she looks away her face is red with a warm blush that has her feeling fairly flustered once the heat upon her cheeks registers. Hopefully no one will notice the way she went flush like that or how she's trying to conceal a little smile. "Please, brother… do not keep us waiting," she eventually says, her voice hovering on the verge of giddy in tone.

"With the men scattered, I was able to set traps for each of them. I kept them lost, and alone in the forest- making sounds to lead one away from the other. I had no chance of defeating all those men together- but on their own in Sky Forest.. I had the advantage." Trevian grins, "So, I set four traps- one for each man and led them on paths through the forest. Sometimes I'd let them see me, dressed in my winter-fox cloak. Other times, I'd just leave them be for a day and pick up the trail later in the evening. The first I lead towards a snare- the sort that would snap up and pull him into a tree once he set it off. He hung up there for half a day before I came to get him. His face was red like a tomato from hanging upside down so long. The second fell into an old pit-trap I fixed up. I didn't have time to dig one myself, really- but that old wolf-trap was still deep enough to keep a man down it for a day if he wasn't prepared. He was crying like a babe when I finally helped him out." Trevian says with a grin, "The third I trapped in a Cage trap- one set up for catching bears for baiting." A rather gruesome sport- but one that's popular among some. "Just lead him into it and *SNAP!* The door closed. I let him sit a few days waiting- but the leader. The man who'd brought these men to my Family's lands without permission and hunted without permission. Him- I decided ot have a little fun with."

For all of her conversing with the ladies, Senga does seem to be paying fair attention to the story being relayed as evident by the small smile that continues to linger behind the wine glass. Occasionally sipped, the mention of books and adding to her own library finds her inclining her head to Shepard for the information given. "I shall have to plan an outing soon enough then. Thank you," she says softly, mindful of the story before nodding to Lynette. "Indeed." Any retorts between herself and Aidan are also disregarded with a brief hand placed on her niece's arm. "I should take a perusal of such. You can accompany me if you wish, but I know that the story is quite intriguing."

Lynette looks amused as she listens to the tale about the bear and the cubs, and the men that go skittering off thanks to the angry momma bear coming to sweep in and save her cub. "What a interesting way to reach them a lesson, which I'm rather sure they have learned something from all that. If not that are rather thick." There is a slight frown at the thought of it being of in Sky Forest, so for the moment she is safe not thinking about trekking out that far to chase down bears after all! She chuckles softly once the story goes on and it seems indeed that the Ranger got the upper hand on the men that caused his hands lands issues. There is a pause though at the touch from Senga and there is a warm smile and she soon nods. "Of course" She looks to the others. "If would please excuse me. Sir Trevian I'm dearly sorry for leaving before the story is over, perhaps I can hear more on it later?" She looks to Nimue smiling to her. "I look forward for that time for when we can have tea." She turns to leave with her aunt in tow, pausing to speak with Shepard before leaving. "Do enjoy your time here Sir Kerrigan, was a pleasure to meet you." When that done she and her aunt are off to who knows where, library most likely though!

Aidan has been out of the market for a long time, truth be told. While he notices Nimue quickly becoming flustered under his stare, red cheeks and all, he does not equate that with anything but his own intimidation. He soundly snaps his eyes away from her, so not to cause her any further duress. He won't remark on it either, simply, wants to keep on with the respect toward the story teller, encouraging as well, "Yes indeed Lord Scout, you must'n stop there." He encourages the story. He does find that Senga seems to be disinterested in the story and gives her an expressive eye that while tries to press her into some interest, eventually fails and turns into a soft roll of exasperation. As for Shepard, well, finally as the Duke has made it closer to him, he asks to the men in the room, "Perhaps while the women are at tea, we should go a hunting. With such a story as the Lord Scout has told, I would imagine we'd have a fair game a plenty. Sir Kerrigan, would that please you?" And then Lynette is suddenly rising with his good sister by marriage, which makes the Duke's brooding eyes more intense as they narrow. "Fair thee well,…" he says as a sigh.

"Of course, I'd be glad to." Trevian offers to Lynette. "That last man, I hunted. I hunted him like he were game. His men were all safe in our modest jail in a nearby town, waiting for me there- but he, I followed. I'd be in the side of his vision- and he'd run. Then again as he slowed: There I was. I'd wait for him to bed down for the night and allow him some restless sleep, before he'd wake.. And I'd be there." Trevian says, "Through Sky Forest I chased him- although, truth be told I led him in circles. He never knew he was going less than a mile in any direction." Trevian laughs at that, "Any time he thought me not a threat, I'd fire an arrow at his feet- past his head. Into the tree. I exhausted him as I would one of the great aurochs of Sky Forest."

Shepard inclines his head to the departing Senga and Lynette, "Ladies. The pleasure has been all mine." His eyes do, perhaps, linger upon Lynette a moment more than strictly necessary, but not so long as to be improper, and if there are any thoughts that he might be distracted, he likely allays them when he looks to Duke Kincaid and notes, "I'm a fair hand with a boar-spear, Your Grace, but I fear I do not quite share the talent for the longbow that so many of the people of Greenshire are famed for. But in either case, I do enjoy the hunt. Should you wish it, I am certain Count Aldren could be convinced to join as well." He smiles graciously to the Duke, before looking back to Trevian as he finishes his story, grinning in amusement at the tale of cunning and skill.

Oxley enters the parlor, coming in from the evening air. His cheeks are flush and he's just a little dirty, rather common perhaps for a squire. He makes his way into the room, quickly taking in each face for a moment, before moving to Aidan. He bows, and quietly reports, "Duke, Sir, the horses and tack are down for the evening. I took care of the errands you left for me as well." He then takes his place on the floor at Aidan's feet, looking about to figure out just what the conversations about this night.

Sorcha makes her way down from her room to find…. a manor-ful of guests! Her eyes go wide as if she were caught in some sort of trap. She let's out a slight meep and finds a doorjom or column to hide behind. Why didn't the servants warn her?!?

Shame Aidan looks away when he does as he'd find Nimue watching him again although this time she seems a bit distracted. It's Trevian's story that has her in such a state and she can not help but to find herself a bit torn. Should she listen to the bear tale more fully or give up and just keep up with her observations of the Duke. Courtesy wins over curiosity, soon enough, and she looks away and just in time for her to notice the arrival of others, each one given a polite half-curtsey.

Surprise surprise. Aidan finds the tardiness of his squire with a grim harsh line of his lips, not only that but the dust and smell of horses. There's a twitch of strong disapproval for the boy coming in unannounced and jabbering to him like no others were in the room. "Mind your manners Squire," he tells Oxley with a terse tone, that tries to educate with the censure, "You dare not attend the room full of guests with the smell of horse on you still. Return when you're cleaned-" and that's given with a bit of a nudge if the boy tries to sit down. Oh the things Aidan has to put up with. And Oxley will have to deal with more, later on, by that squint of eye used to intimidate. "Forgive the interruption—" and well, Sorcha is another story. "Lord Scout Forrester, Lady Forrester, Sir Kerrigan," he announces each with his gaze falling upon them, seeing Nimue perhaps at the last moment with her eyes set in his direction, yet, he's in the middle of introductions again as he waves Sorcha in, "This is my cousin's daughter, Lady Sorcha Kincaid." And a wiggle of his fingers will encourage her in. Test, yes, perhaps it is. Come girl, says his expression. A parade of Kincaid women? Perhaps.

Oxley does indeed get the nudge to his leg from Aidan as he's sat. His shoulders slouch just slightly at the chastising, and his brow furrows a little, eyes dropping. Squires are often dirty, so squires are, evidently, often in trouble. He nods, "Yes sir, Duke Sir." He pushes back up to his feet, "Forgive me," he offers to no one or everyone, and then he swallows, and quickly heads out of the room.

"Quite alright. One must learn, after all." Trevian offers agreeably, "Anyways, I'd harried that man for about a weak by the time he was too exhausted to move. Terrified of the *ghost* of Sky Forest, and whimpering about it when I came upon him and offered my assistance. Begged me to forgive him, he did- asked me to keep him safe from the spirits of the woods that had come to punish him for his trespassing. I was sure to tell him I'd do just that." Trevian grins, " NEver for a second did he think it was me once he saw me. His addled brain had made me some monster in his night-times." he says with a laugh, "Was a grand old time that merry little chase!"

Shepard glances to Oxley as he makes his brief appearance, and if he finds anything unusual in Aidan's rebuke of his squire, he gives no sign of it. Then almost immediately thereafter his attention is drawn to the arrival of Lady Sorcha. Intended parade or not, Shepard has to silently admit to himself that House Kincaid certainly isn't lacking for striking and beautiful ladies. Then, of course, before anything more than the initial introduction can be made, a certain Knight of the Rose that has newly arrived recognizes Shepard, and the man and his wife soon engage him in conversation, clearly speaking of times past.

Sorcha's eyes go wide again as she's now forced to engage in conversation. She moves slowly, so as not to trip over anything or cause some bad luck to befall any of the guests. The girl is pale as a sheet due to being terrified. She curtseys to Aidan." Your Grace," and then turns to the guests and curtseys to them as well. "G..Good evening." She says, voice shaky. "I hope everyone's en… enjoying themselves."

The fact that Trevian is still pushing on in his story despite the fact that the one he was to tell it to, Lynette, has long since left the room, makes Aidan start to realize something - profoundly slowly considering. He had a puff of it too, we must remember. Aidan suddenly laughs - at a point in the story or not. It is a rich sound, a royal 'ha-ha' as they say. He moves and claps Trevian on the shoulder, to make it look as if it were a point of his humor. Pat-pat. "That's good Forrester-" and he's turning to regard some other guest, for there are others, slower to arrive. There is a welcome for them as well — and when time calls for it, the Duke will certainly see to it that Nimue and Trevian are guided to rooms in the Manor Estate, as promised so their stay can be as long as they wish it without having to travel the streets back in the dead of night.

Still, this leaves him turning toward Sorcha, perhaps having spotted the approval in Shepards eye. Or not. "Lady Sorcha," he acknowledges her, "You just missed a grand tale from our Lord Scout, though I'm sure there are plenty others to be heard from him in time." He tilts his head, the young woman's terror not escaping his notice, "Here. Have some wine," he flags over a server who presses some mulled wine into her hands.

Trevian does finish that pipe- and that story seems finished as well, "It was an excellent two weeks in the woods. As you say, though, your Grace- we should go hunting. I would be all too happy to take you out into the deep wilderness and show you how to live off the land itself. You can be surprisingly comfortable out in nature if you know the tricks." Trevian grins, as he notes his sister head on out. "She must be tired." he says to himself, as he helps himself to a bit to eat before following suit. Trevian is quite dedicated to his twin, and since her recent ordeal he's never far behind to ensure she's well. "If you'd all please excuse me, I should ensure my sister is well before she rests." he snags a glass of mulled wine for her and off he goes. Likely to join her in rest, although in a chair just outside her door. Never far off, in case she needs him.

Sorcha sips the mulled wine and feels a bit better after all the guests seem to have left. "Forgive me, Your Grace, but it seems that I've chased the company away… Not very surprising." She says as she finds a place to hold the glass of wine for the time being.

Aidan gives Sorcha a long searching look, though he does turn to watch the twins move off and sees that Shepard is in an expressive conversation with a Knight of the Rose. A simple amusement there as the guests come and go for the night, though the coming part is a little less than it has been that night. "It was not you Sorcha," he says on familiar terms with his family, putting a hand on her shoulder, "It is unfortunate you had not come sooner, but soon enough I still believe. The good Sir Kerrigan did look your way as you came in through the doors." He lifts his mug in a conspiratorial gesture, then asks plainly of the girl, "So tell me, it has been some time since we have properly talked. How have you been keeping yourself?"

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