Heraldry for House House Kincaid
House: House Kincaid
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Lakeshire
Fortification: Lakeshire Hold
Motto: By Sword And Sea Our Fate Shall Be
Colors: Silver & Black
Liege: Mobrin
Vassals: Counties: DeSails (Deceased - Laetitia's lineage)
Baronies: Wuold, Moselle, Bellerose
Lordships: Auer, Tolbert
Knight Houses: Conwy, Porter
Rank: Duke
Head of House: Duke Aidan Kincaid
Predecessor: Duke Daemon Kincaid
Heir: Lord Bowen Kincaid

Lakeshire is the seat of the House of Kincaid. Lakeshire is a popular tourist port with one of the largest ports around. There is a famous market square that hosts a large variety of commodities and rare items imported and exported throughout the world, as no nation is necessarily excluded from such trade agreements. The horizon is lush greenery with the grey-blue sea, sandy beaches and fertile farmlands. Exports of supplies to the nearby towns without ports from ships that come in, thereby making a tax from the trade industry.

The Kincaid's have been the ruling family to the Duchy since the foundation of the Empire, but grew stronger when the Royal Kilgour's took rule over Mobrin. The history of the family is quite extensive and while there are mysteries surrounding the Kincaid's at times of succession or over their superstitions, Kincaid's are known for being a great House in Mobrin, often with steady and clever rulers at the Head. Their direction has always been economically driven, however, Kincaid's are also known for being a house of vast knowledge. They study sciences fiercely and have been known to have grown quite a few inventors amongst their ranks. As well, the Duke has built a famous infirmary to be recognized as the place to study as a healer, producing many leading experts in the field.

While Kincaid's, like other great Houses, do have a military presence, they have never established a renowned Knighthood, preferring the traditions of infantry on land and warships on sea. It is more often that a man would seek to become a renowned captain in Lakeshire rather than a knight. It is not to say they do not have knights, just not in the number and greatness of other Houses. Soldiers and Seamen have become the pride of Kincaid, hence their motto: "By Sword or Sea Our Fate Shall Be."

The Kincaid sigil comes from the Lake Kincaid Water Lily. The Lily is in abundance during summer and clogs the shallows to the point of frustration, even if celebrated. The lily itself plays an important part in everyday life in Lakeshire, involved in many of the traditions and customs adapted in the region.


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