Alasair 5, 228: Kilgour/Ruxton Wedding Feast

Kilgour/Ruxton Wedding Feast
Summary: The wedding of Ruthgar Ruxton and Caillin Kilgour is celebrated in the Great Hall of Darfield Castle.
OOC Date: 23/08/2013 (OOC)
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Great Hall, Darfield Castle
The Banquet Hall of Darfield Castle is an immense room, easily capable of holding the entire population of the Castle. A processional aisle, covered in a rich purple carpet, leads to the dais which is the focus of the hall. Purple and white marble extends in patterned rays from the raised dais, stretching to stone walls curtained in purple velvet to dampen sound. Tables line either side of the processional, all covered in white linens and set with candelabras. Fresh cut flowers from the gardens adorn small tables around the edges of the hall, lending their light fragrance to the ambiance of the room.
The wide arch to the south leads out to the western hall. The dais is raised three short steps above the main level of the hall. A servant door sits unobtrusively along the north wall, leading to the kitchen.
The 5th day of Alasair in the year 228

The Great Hall has been decorated with banners of House Kilgour and House Ruxton. Long trestle tables have been put up with benches for the guests. One slightly elevated table is standing to the far end of the hall, intended for the bride and groom and their families, the wall behind them bare for now, apart from a broad roll of cloth, a banner perhaps that might be revealed later during the evening.

A space in the middle has been left free, of sufficient size to allow for some dancing a bit later, with a group of three musicians sitting beside it. For now the sounds of a flute, a lute and a fiddle intertwine into a tranquil and pleasant melody, sprinkling the hall like small droplets of rain, the delivery as relaxed as the players who sit there leaning back in their seats; just as the guests slowly start to filter in through the massive double doors.

The relaxed atmosphere is a nice contrast to the dramatic tension at the Temple two hours ago, when the bride had almost failed to perform the sacrifice as required, and it had taken a second try and the assistance of the bridegroom to accomplish the task - some bending of the wedding traditions that still is a hot topic among some of the guests as they enter the Grand Hall. Another one of course the wonderful dress of the bride, and the long shroud that had to be carried by six maidens. And a last maybe how handsome the Baron had looked with that spray of blood across his face.

Servants and maids stand at the ready to the sides of the hall, to offer beverages and small hors d'euvres to the people arriving. One of those servants is waved over to the high table by the bride groom himself. Lord Ruthgar Ruxton seems to be composed as usual, at least outwardly; one corner of his mouth twitches a little, as his pale grey eyes observe the activity at the doors. "Wine.", he says in the servant's direction and casts a glance towards his bride, his mien lightening up with a nervous smile. "For the both of us, I'd say? Or would you like something else to drink, Caillin?" He wears the finest attire he has ever worn, a doublet of sammit, black at the torso, with red slitted sleeves, permitting a glimpse of white here and there. Black breeches cover his legs, and the boots at his feet are made of black leather and shine from recent polish.

The bride is sitting near the groom. This young girl looks much more nervous than the man besides her. She is staring at the point on the table, known just for the young baroness. If she raises grey eyes, it's just to peek at the man, who is her husband now, but the young girl just can't look at the gathering people. Likely, because of the strange shyness, because of all the possible attention, because of these curious glances and… and chuckles, which are floating around, because everyone knows how the wedding starts, continues and finishes. Ladies, servants and even men are whispering playfully winking or cheering the young married pair.

All this brings more and more heat to the bright face of the Caillin Ruxton nee Kilgour, but she tries to keep that polite smile in her feature. The only one thing, which obviously is a saviour, flaxen curls, which slightly hides all the blush. For this occasion, Caillin wears her flaxen tresses in long, intricate braids that look like elaborate golden ropes of hair. Amid each long intertwining of hair are many shining, carved pieces of golden amber set in silver ringlets. Each ringlet has a loop in the back through which the strands of hair pass before the hair loops around itself in a small knot to hold the amber setting in place. Each braid, like the points on the crown that she wore at her wedding ceremony, has a small perl set in antique silver to bind the hairs together. On either side of her face is one long braid with the same line of amber ringlets, dangling from her temples in long strands that reach almost to her waist. These braids have slightly larger perls set in antique silver to bind the hairs together.

The bride nervously tugs the white fabric of her wedding dress under the table and just the close standing people could see that. It's a spotless gown so white that it, and girl in it, seems to radiate a dazzling, holy light. The gown is of exquisite silk that clings to her slender shoulders, arms, and upper body. As does all silk, it has an additional shine that illuminates and diminishes shadows that other lights around her cast. A delicate garland of small white flowers with vivid green leaves rings her hips. Those close enough to the princess will notice that the garland is not a solid strand of flowers, as it appears from a distance, but many flowers and leaves interconnected with a chain of finely wrought polished gold.

When the words of girl's husband are spoken, her lips nervously flinches and shyly sparkling eyes glance at the man. Soft voice whispers "I… I… Don't want…" Grey look falls on Gaela for a few seconds and Caillin shakes her head "Yes, wine, please…"

The King, followed by the waves of his purple cloak, walks through the Great Hall with a tiny smile in his face. His left eye slightly opened wider than the right one, both covered in the shadow of their own tint. His attire is as elegant and regal as it can be, with a golden eagle on his chest that glances at the presents in the celebration. A cup of wine is suspended by his hand, and the scarlet liquid dances at the movement of his steps.

"Congratulations, Baron and Baroness." he says as he reaches the table of bride and groom, without showing too much excitement or disgust, with the neutrality he uses to have. The strength of his gestures has diminished a bit, but he still seems healthy enough. "A beautiful ceremony, and a pleasant banquet. I only hope the Gods will grace you both and bring prosperity for your lands. You have all my prayers." he nods a little and slowly, very slowly, painfully slowly, sips from his wine.

Solara attended the service as expected, and perhaps surprisingly, Prince Conall of Aberdeen was also in attendance, though he stayed back and quiet, watching more than anything. Solara has dressed to shine, but not to outshine the bride. As the guests start to enter the banquet hall, Solara follows, her hand maid and guards addding to the hub bub. She lets the King go first, though she does follow closely behind him - just not close enough to be considered rude. And she stops, offering a quiet curtsey but not interrupting His Royal Majesty.

Gaela picks up the decanter, and with a swift motion, she is pouring it into Caillin's glass with the precision of someone who's been doing this since an early age. Which, considering how her father ran a tavern, she has. "There you go, My lady! Enjoy it, it's a special vintage, kept in store specifically for this occasion!" That said, she hunches over, to whisper. "And don't worry about later! As I've told you, I've got tons of experience with patrons at the tavern, and the exact effect wine has on them! Just follow Gaela's Personalized Wine Intake Program, tailor-made specifically for you, and you'll be all snuggly and giggly when the right time comes!" She smiles beatifically, so much that someone might expect to see a halo above her head, then glances towards the groom. "May I serve you some wine as well, My Lord? You look like the kind of man who might use about…" She looks at the groom sideways, closing one eye. "…about three quarters of a glass, right now!"

Having taken a seat in the appropriate place at the table, and without Caitlyn present… alone. Logen is in royal finery befitting a prince who's attending a wedding. Since he's in the castle, and part of a large gathering, none of his new guards are with him right now. They are stationed somewhere in the hall for whenever their prince decides to leave.
However, Logen isn't leaving just yet. This is his dearest sister's wedding feast, he wouldn't have missed it for the world. Sadly, in some opinions, Logen is continuing his sobriety and still just drinking water or chocola depending on his fancy. Tonight, it's water. He sits quietly, that rigid glacial composure etched into his caste features. His siter would know that look, the 'deer ready to bolt' look even if his eyes aren't wide or staring. He might look cool, but Caillin knows her brother well enough to know he'd be gone in an instant if it were alright.

Present where the groom's family's supposed to be, Robben smiles a bit as he takes a sip of his wine. Looking between the people present for the moment, he seems to be a little thoughtful. He looks to the happy couple, but seeing as the kind is speaking with them, he waits for now, taking another sip of the wine.

As the King approaches them, his father in law, Ruthgar bows to him, the greeting of a baron to his King. The movement has him wince a little though. "Your Royal Highness. I am glad you enjoyed the ceremony, I am sure it is much more delightful to the spectators though than the protagonists." A glance is shot towards his wife, the Baroness of Dellhaven. "Your daughter was incredibly brave though." A polite lie, certainly, but offered with a wink that tries to play the tension in Ruthgar's demeanour down a little. Glimpsing his sister behind the King his mien lightens up at once with a warm smile. "Solara. It's good to see you." Then his gaze flits towards Gaela, acknowledging her question with a nod. "Three quarters will be fine." His gaze brushing Prince Logen who is already seated at the table, Ruthgar will incline his head if their eyes should meet. All politeness.

Girl glances at her father, when he approaches. At first, grey eyes light with sparkles, but when the father decides to be the king, girl lowers her head, understanding, that she should keep learning all the proper manners for baroness "Thank you, Your Majesty…" she whispers and her gaze slips to the goblet, which is filled with wine by Gaela.
When handmaid leans to whisper, she distracts girl from her husband's speach. Caillin blushes more and more with each word of Gaela. Young baroness inhales and suddenly, she chokes on the air. Fingers quickly cover rosebud lips to muffle the sound.

To forget, what was said, girl stabs her eyes at her brother in the crowd. Brief smile jumps up and she almost raises from her seat to run near her brother, understanding, how he feels in this crowd. But she manages to keep herself on the chair, but her grey eyes, turned to Logen obviously says, how she would like to hug him now.

However, now she is a big girl. Not a daughter, not a sister, but a wife. Grey glance finds Ruthgar. White tooth bites the rosebut lip, maybe slightly playfully, and a smile is formed, but shyness wins and girl lowers her head once more.

The festivities have begun already when Voice of the King arrives, but he seems pleased to see the crowd already enjoying themselves. He smiles and nods to familiar members of the court, and even pauses at the high table to offer a deep bow to Gaela, who has served her lady faithfully for so many years. The baron is wearing his finest clothes in the colors of the Kilgour house, dark gray cotton pants, a silk shirt of lighter, silvery gray, and a doublet of deep purple velvet with silver buttons. On his feet he wears a pair of highly policed black leather boots. He walks slowly and carefully, with the Baroness Blackforge holding his arm and looking more colorful than she has in a long time. The baroness is dressed in rose and white the colors of Blackforge, her brown hair has been braided and coiled and placed in a net of gold that is studded with rubies. A ruby and gold ring rests on her finger and it catches the light. The gown is of silk and at the hem of her skirt there is scene that has been woven and embroidered into the fabric that depicts a hunt and on the horses trapping and on the banners there is the sigil of Blackforge, the eagle holding the snake. The sleeves of the gown are bell shaped and show off her white silk undergown. The only black of mourning that can be seen are two simple armbands that she wears on her upper arms.

Gaela nods at Ruthgar, and with all the properness that is required in these circumstances, she proceeds to pour the quantity required. She does nod in agreement with the King. "I am sure they will be a great couple, yes. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to both you, your Majesty, for letting me leave the castle to continue being in service to Lady Caillin, and to Lord Ruthgar, for welcoming my continued services to my lady, who is now his wife.", he nods in deference to whoever is being nominated at the moment, accompanying the gesture with a slight flourish of her hand. Nothing is too much in this day of sumptuous celebration!" She does cast a sideways glance at Logen. And then curtises back to Caedmon, still unable not to be surprised at people bowing this deep at her.

Solara smiles at Ruthgar, and once it is safe to do so, without incurring the Wrath of the King, she moves to give her brother a hug. "Congratulations, Baron," she says lightly. And then she turns to Caillin to offer, "And welcome to the family, Caillin, if I may call you that." She seems pleased to be welcoming a new sister.

"Is that so?" Callem asks Ruthgar, raising a brow at his daughter for a moment. "Of course she is brave. She may be your wife, my lord, but she is a Kilgour and carries the blood of the Kings." his hand moves to rest, warmly, on Caillin's shoulder and a bright smile is given to her. Of course, it is not an easy moment for him, but he can't hide the happiness he has for the moment. "And your children will, as well. The blood of heroes, Baron Ruthgar. Rise them well, to be like their mother and father." the smile slips to the Ruxton and then to Solara, accompanied now with a respectful nod. "My lady, welcome." and as they hug, he steps to a side to face Gaela. "There is nothing to thank for. Unless, that is, that I thank you for your continued service for the Baroness." the Voice of the King and Wenna receive a salute as well, and he steps back a little to continue enjoying his wine.

Caillin raises her look again. Modest and polite smile is offered for lady Solara. Totally different smile when they first met. "Thank you very much, my lady…" whispers girl "Yes, of course, please, call me Caillin."

When she feels the touch of her father, Caillin's smile becomes so wide, that if it would be the sun, it would light so bright, that everyone around could become blind. Her pale fingers touch the hand of her father and girl cants her head, to lean it on his hand. Words of the King obviously calms the girl down and she sighs. Even the blush fades slightly.

While the King is walking away, baroness' gaze still rests on him, before she catches the sight of Caedmon and Wenna. Bow of the head is offered for them.

Ruthgar accepts the glass of wine from Gaela, his mouth even twitching into a little smile at her words. "Aye, certainly you can stay, as long as the Baroness enjoys your company as she obviously does." Then his attention switches to said baroness, and noticing that shy smile he offers her a long assuring look and leans over to her whisper something into her ear. Solara's friendly welcome for Caillin seems to please him. "Shall we be all formal today, Vice Chancellor?", he quips back at his sister with a wink. Then the King requires his full attention, and hearing Callem's words he inclines his head. "She certainly is." Then, as children are mentioned, Ruthgar seems to pale a touch, a nervous glance is shot towards Caillin. "Why, certainly." Is all he manages in reply, and takes a sip from the glass of wine in his hand.

Caedmon smiles at Gaela's reaction to his kindness. Then he steps forward and bows to the happy couple, princess and baron, and bows deeply to them. After straightening, he looks at them and offers, in a friendly and cordial tone, "I am pleased to have witnessed this joyous day, Lord baron and lady baroness, my dear and sweet cousin. My you enrich the kingdom with your own distinctness, both separately and together, so that all might rejoice at the union that you have begun."

Letting go of Caedmon's arm, Wenna offers a curtsy to the newly married couple once they have approached their table where they are seated. "Baron and Baroness, may your lives be rich and may you both be blessed with many children." Rising from it she takes his arm again. "Enjoy your evening, and rejoice in the union of these two families."

Looking to Callem, Wenna offers him a warm smile and another curtsy. Her eyes move over him and she nods her head. "Your majesty, I thank you again for everything." She then grows quiet.

Arriving only a little late, Aemy is dressed in modest attire and now that the babies have been born she looks much more comfortable walking around. Immediately, her eyes seek her husband and upon finding him, she approaches, slipping her hand into the bend of his arm. "Our little ones decided they were hungry while I was getting ready." An apologetic smile is given and she brushes her lips over his cheek. "Have you already wished the couple our best wishes or should we make our way over?"

Simply watching the procession of people, Logen sips quietly at his cup of water. The goblet normally for wine remains but is unused by the prince. He does look to Ruthgar and nods to him when their eyes meet, he looks to his sister, and offers her a reassuring look in his eyes before he goes back to just watching the crowd with his glacially rigid composure.

Solara smiles at Caillin, in a warm and friendly fashion. "Then you must call me Solara," she says. That first. Then to her brother, she says, "No indeed, but I did want to congrtulate you, Ruthgar." She curtseys again to the king and then smiles back at Ruthgar and Caillin. "I shall go take my seat so as not to monopolize you both. Congratulations again." And then she slips over to her seat near Robben and Aemy. A glance around and when she catches sight of Logen she inclines her head his way, offering a friendly smile to him as well.

And Aemy too!

Having gotten to his feet as his wife entered, Robben smiles as he hears that. "Well, I'm sure that their uncle and aunt can forgive them," he offers a bit quietly, before he adds, "And I was about to give them our best wishes, but His Majesty got there first, so I decided to wait a bit. So we should make our way over now, I believe."

Caillin glances at her handmaid "You shouldn't ask for that. Everyone knows, that I won't go anywhere without you," girl chuckles, before her husband leans to whisper into her ear. Caillin listens with the polite smile, but some kind of disbelief in what was said, shows up in her eyes and she sighs, slightly chuckling again.

At first, when Caedmon and Wenna approach, girl looks pretty happy, but mentioned children bring the heat back to her cheeks. She grabs the goblet of wine and takes a prolonged sip, staring through the edges of the goblet at all the people around.

Gaela replies, "You are too kind, My Lord… Lady Caillin is so lucky to have married such a considerate and gracious man." She turns to Caillin, and adds, "…but my Lady, you know that etiquette is etiquette! There are rules to follow, motions to go through, and people /do/ have a say…" Her attention is taken by the new arrivals. She curtseies at Solara, and Aemy, and to the latter, she chimes in "And thirsty. Let us not forget thirsty!" She glances at Caillin's glass, at Caillin's pupils, and when Caillin drinks, she nods approvingly. "Right amount, right time. Perfect!", she whispers.

Laetitia hasn't been able to stop bawling her eyes out since the ceremony, the Queen holding a hankie to her cheek as she continues to bubble over with the water works, cheeks a bright red, her nose a ghastly red as well though her smile is bright and warm, those pale green eyes of hers full of absolute delight and adoration. But she's a momma and her little Caillin is going to be making her own babies soon and, and …baaawwwwwwwl.
Walking up to the table with the couple the Queen will go to the side of it, then around it, hankie nestled against her nose as she offers a few blubbering words of encouragement and love for the happy couple, her shoulders raising up as she drifts into even more sobs, hankie drawn away from her nose as she spreads her arms wide to try and get the couple to hug her as she draws in from behind them. Tears stream down her face and quite truly she's unintelligable at this very moment. BUT IT'S ALL LOVE.

"Chancellor," Ruthgar greets, lowering the glass of wine from his lips as they part in a smile. "I thank you for your kind words." Then towards Wenna, he adds: "Baroness. We are blessed that you grace our festivities with your presence. My wife is very fond of you. You being here certainly means a lot to her." The remark about children is something he already seems to get used to, as he manages to meet it with a polite incline of his head. Again his pale grey eyes wander about the Great Hall, and suddenly stay fixed on a ceratin person that makes her belated entrance. His gaze flits downward. The glass is raised once again to his lips, yet his thoughts seem to be engaged elsewhere. A halfhearted smile is offered to Solara as she gives her reply to him and moves towards her place at the table.

Caillin lowers her goblet, when she catches the sight of her mother. For some reason, the view makes young girl chuckle silently, before her mother comes closer. Then the girl can't stop herself from standing up and falling into the armful of her mother. This is the moment, when the rivers from the girl's eyes ripples through her cheeks. Thankfully, nobody can see that. The hug lasts for quite a long time, until girl manages to calm down and brush the tears with her sleeve, because she has no handkerchief.
Then girl takes a seat again and her hand finds the goblet once more. Second prolonged sip is taken, while eyes runs from her husband to all the guests.

"Aemy, Robben, go on up - I think it is safe," Solara says, as she catches their conversation. "And it is good that you are here, Aemy. It wouldn't be the same without you." She settles into her seat, acquires a goblet of wine and an appetizer, and relaxes a bit, ready to enjoy herself. Prince Conall does make his way to congratulate the happy couple as well before he moves to his own seat.

Ruthgar seems to instinctively back away from so much motherly love, yet… he manages to hold his own then, accepting the hug and the tears of both his mother in law and his wife with stoic calm. "Your Royal Highness, we are… overwhelmed indeed.", he remarks politely.

The Queen's reaction has touched the King's heart too, who -and only when all the proper hugs and words of affection between Laetitia and the couple have finished- moves to embrace her from behind and gives her a reassurance smile just after. And, of course, he leaves his cup on the table before, preventing any incident in the midst of the feast.

"I would like to go and greet them." Aemy gives Solara a brief hug. "You look beautiful today. We are just going over to greet Ruthgar and Princess Caillin. We should not be too long. I thought I was going to be later than I actually was." Allowing her husband to lead her, she keeps her hand on his arm.

Having waited for his parents and almost everyone else to give their congratulations to the couple, Logen finally rises and quietly makes his way to them. He comes around behind them, giving his sister a hug and whispering to her. Then he clasps Ruthgar's shoulder with a knowing look, "I am proud to call you brother, Ruthgar. You'll have to stay in Darfield so we can spar more often. How is your side feeling?" Then, after whatever answer is given the prince retreats to his sit and resumes his quiet people watching.

Offering Caedmon a wink Wenna motions towards the table where they are to seat away from the main. Her eyes are bright and there is a hint of both mischief and humor in them. She looks to the queen and her smile gets brighter. She murmurs something to Caedmon.

Wenna mutters to Caedmon, "… leaving… be… will…"

Robben offers a grin to Solara as he hears her words now, unable to hold back a chuckle. "Oh, you mean they won't bite?" Nodding a bit at Aemy's words, he starts leading the way over to his brother and sister-in-law, smiling as he does.

Logen mutters to Caillin, "Congratulations… always love… sorry… a few days…"

Sniffle. Bawling hug is given to Caillin by the Queen who then blubbers out some words to Ruthgar along the lines she's so happy and proud to have him as a son now, and then clutching her daughter tightly, murmuring words to her, crying some more, fixing her daughters hair with a soothing hand only to mess it up again and then fix it until the embrace is left and she's moving into her husbands arms. Into his robes her face goes, the hankie replaced with his chest as she delves into tears there.A high pitched sound comes from her throat, the Queen speaking in tones a dog could likely hear, so wrought with emotion that all she can so is squeak out those high pitched notes. Then a laughing wail and she's back to sobbing. This would be a great time for some wine. If only …sooobb.

Gaela glances at Ruthgar's pupils, quickly, to assess the reaction the three-quarters of a glass had. And tsks in disappointment. Seeing the Queen's greeting, she sniffs, taps her eyes with her hankerchief. "Ah, the love of a mother… reminds me of when they would come to the tavern to celebrate weddings… those were the days! The groom would engage in a drinking contests, and the bride would cheer him, and everyone would have so much fun!" She dries a tear that is not really there, and then adds as an afterthought, "Of course, in some cases, the bride would be the other contestant, but…" she shakes her head. "But that's just good old memories. I mean, what are the odds that something like that could happen in such a noble establishment?" She casts a glance towards the king.

Caedmon smiles warmly when he sees the queen ambushing the happy couple from behind with a matronly hug and whatever words of encouragement and endearment she can manage between the blubbering. He bows briefly to her, knowing that her focus is on her daughter and new son-in-law. When Wenna motions toward another seating area, and then whispers soothing to him, he chuckles and ncos. "Indeed," he agrees. "That might be in the works already." Then he leads the baroness toward a table where they can sit quietly and talk while enjoying the feast that continues around them. He stops a server and gives instruction for what they would like. While the server leaves, he bows his head to murmur a few words to Wenna.

Caedmon mutters to Wenna, "… guess well,… might… be… suppose."

Ruthgar's pale grey eyes narrow a touch as he notices Logen, but he inclines his head to the prince as well with a polite smile. "You honour me, your highness. And… I would be glad if you would offer me a revanche. The side… is not that bad, I assure you." The Queen on the other hand, with all her emotional state, elicits little more than another polite bow from the Ruxton. "Your daughter is in safe hands, your royal highness."

Caillin hugs her brother and chuckles at the whisper and peeks at Ruthgar. She does not want to let her brother go, but must. She places a kiss on his cheek and slips back to her seat.
Now, girl listens for her handmaid and chuckles "Tell me, there was a time, when a bride won the drinking contest?" another chuckles follows the question. Girl whirls the goblet in her hands, but does not take the third gulp. Better, she just places the goblet on the table and whispers to Gaela.
Caillin mutters to Gaela, "… don't want… if we… that…"

"Do it, it's good. Baron Ruthgar seems to be a good contender in a fight," the King answers to Gaela, glancing a little in Logen's direction for a bit, "And he could surely smash anyone in a drink contest. You have to be a winner in /all/ aspects to marry a Kilgour." his hand trails through the Queen's hair, very softly, trying to comfort her, and a kiss is given to her head with the same aim. "My love, do you want to sit? Or a drink? Perhaps you can test the Baron's skills in the contest Gaela is proposing?"

Solara laughs lightly at Robben's reply, and sips her wine. She nods to Aemy, with a smile, and then concentrates on her drink for a moment just listening to the conversations.

"Of course the Baron could handle a drinking contest, Your Majesty," Robben remarks lightly enough as they get close enough now, reaching out to give Ruthgar a brotherly hug now. "He's my little brother after all." A brief pause, before he grins to the Baron in question now. "Congratulations, Ruthgar." Letting Aemy offer her well wishes as well, before the Ruxton Heir looks to Caillin, offering her a smile. "Congratulations, and welcome to the family," he offers, moving over to give her a hug too.

Gaela mutters to Caillin, "… you… rest… you when… drinking more. If needed.""

Taking a seat Wenna then looks to Caedmon and she raises and eyebrow at him. While she arranges the skirt of her gown around her she leans over and murmurs something to Caedmon again. She then casts a look at the others as she watches them interact.

Wenna mutters to Caedmon, "Is… do… mean… Roslin?"

Laetitia sniffles as she moves to go and find a seat, any seat will do, the Queen trying to press her hands to her cheeks as that hankie gets handed off, "Oh no, no no, I'm fine, I'm fine. It's likely the drink I had already that's brought me to this state." Her voice is sweetly hoarse by this point, fingertips gently gliding over her cheeks as she sniffles. If she drinks anymore the poor King will have her pawing at him in no time and dragging him beneath the table. She's quite the drunk.

Ruthgar had not paid too much attention to Gaela's remark and seems to be surprised at the resonance her proposal seems to be getting. "A drinking contest?" As if there were not already enough other things to worry about. "Your Royal Highness is jesting, I suppose?" Then Robben comes along and Ruthgar ruffles his hair in all brotherly affection as he gives him a hug and a glare. "Oh no, Robben, not you as well…?" Then his gaze flits to Aemy. "You look marvelous today, sister in law." His pale grey eyes resting on her face for a moment before he adds: "Thanks for coming." His voice maybe a touch hoarse. Turning towards the crowd next, the Baron of Dellhaven clears his throat and announces, for everyone to hear: "So… once and for all, there will be no drinking game. There will be wine and food though, for your refreshment and pleasure."

As most of the guests have arrived, the herald signals for the servants to bring in the food. They come with large platters of roast chicken with carrots, potatoes and a broth of herbs of the region and a touch of garlic; also smoked ham with an assortment of various cheeses, including the famous Dellhaven cheese made of sheep's milk, accompanied by steaming slices of bread, fresh from the oven; there are platters of fruit as well, with red and white grapes, apples sliced in the shapes of anchors and gryffons, sliced pears with a dressing of vanilla cream; and peaches and oranges from the far south. Then there is roasted boar with mushrooms and onions, a stew of hare and a soup of fish and vegetables, and to finish the menu off, sweet pies, lemon cakes, biscuits in the dark colour and the taste reminiscent of chocola as well as the famous Dellhaven cherry pie. And last but not least, a pear-pie, which the princess had asked the chef to prepare according the old recipe of Gaela's family.

And wine aplenty.

Girl nods at her handmaid's whisper, before the hug from Robben comes unexpectedly. Girl stands up again and gives a hug back "Thank you, my lord. I am very pleased to join such a family. Thank you for being so kind."
Her attention is fully fixed on the young baron, when he speaks. Some kind of relieve shows up in girl's eyes, when Ruthgar states, that there will be no drinking contest.
Finally the food is braught in and young baroness claps joyfully "Pear pie!"

Gaela is chatting amaibly, the discussion having somehow gotten back to drinking contest traditions. "… and of course, those being a weddings, they did not want a totally wasted groom. Makes sense, right? So the rules people used to go with were a little different." She raises the decanter and her own goblet. "First, set up a plank, raised from the floor, but not too much. So people have to stand on balance. Before each round, both contestants would drink half a mug of wine. Then they would try and push each other off the plank, or run on two separate planks… something that requires balance. The one who won, drinks an extra glass of wine." She taps her chin. "I was thinking that it would be pretty cool if we could do that with a quarterstaff jousting of sorts. Maybe over a fountain…" She shakes her head. "But, heh, just thinking and speculating. Of course there will be nothing like that!"

"The first," Caedmon answers Wenna and then looks to the doors when the servants begin to arrive with their trays laden heavily with all manner of foods for the celebration. When he hears Caillin mentioning one of her favorite desserts, he grins and nods. "Indeed!" he calls. "Tonight, everyone dines as if he or she were king!"

Logen's plate has only a small amount of food, and the prince seems to eat half-heartedly. Not a drop of the offered wine is taken by the prince while he sits quietly for the meal. He doesn't interact, remaining as aloof as possible, and people watching.

Wine is poured at the kings beckoning for the Queen and once Laetitia has taken a seat the King joins her. He places a hand on her arm as a servant fills up his goblet again for him. The food that is brought to him first he samples gives a nod of approval.

Robben grins at Ruthgar, shaking his head a little now. "Okay, no drinking contest then." A warm smile is offered to Caillin as well, before he smiles, "You're welcome. And if you ever need from the rest of us, you just need to ask."

The King looks entertained as he answers Ruthgar, "A jest?" but when he makes clear there won't be a contest in his wedding, Callem adds with a bit of sadness, "Of course, a jest."

But, before the proper feast can begin, the sovereign rises his voice to all the attendants, rising too from his seat but taking care, first, that Laetitia won't be affected by his motion.

"People of Mobrin," he calls, "We are not only celebrating the union of Baron Ruthgar with my child, Princess Caillin," the title may not be a mistake, after all, "But the rebirth of the Barony of Dellhaven. Please, my lord," his cup tilts in the direction of the groom, "Let everyone see the new banner that will be proudly held by your family. Let everyone rejoice and drink in your name and the name of your lands."

Ruthgar turns and bows towards the King. "Certainly, as you wish." He motions for some servants to unfasten the ropes that hold the banner behind them at the wall, and with a rustle the fabric unrolls: The banner of the Barony of Dellhaven, an impressive embroidery carried out by noone less than Princess Caillin, now Baroness of Dellhaven: two horses, one white and one black face each other on a field of red, below them three crossed arrows on black. And below all of that the motto of House Ruxton of Dellhaven is written with black letters on white: 'Light in the Dark'. The Baron exchanges a glance with his wife and a proud smile plays across the corners of his mouth. "Well done, Caillin. It looks… incredible."

Caillin glances at the banner of the barony too as she would be looking at it first time. However, the words of her husband brings some blush to the cheeks, but more important, it brings a pride to her eyes. "Thank you, Ruthgar. I am happy you like it… I really love the motto…" girl winks almost invisibly and she runs with her fingers through one of her locks, decorated with amber, around finger.

Solara waits with everyone else to see the new banner, and she cheers along with them. "Here here!" she calls out. "Well done!" She then pauses to refill her wine glass and get started on dinner, since the feast has been brought in. Sooner they eat the sooner they can get to the dancing!

Ruthgar shares that smile with his wife, for once apparently forgetting about all the other guests around them. His pale grey eyes linger on that piece of amber in Caillin's hair and his hand comes to rest on his breast, an absentminded gesture maybe, or a way of showing her his reverence as he inclines hin head before her. He sits beside her, the food before him on his plate hardly touched so far, before he leans over again to whisper somthing into her ear.

Ruthgar mutters to Caillin, "… come to… rather leave as… as possible.""

As the feasting occurs, and after the reveal of the banner of his sister's new house. Logen cheers politely with the rest, more out of his need to keep a tight grip on his need to bolt out the door for all the people here. The prince stands up, and from a pocket he pulls out a small cloth too large to just be folded as a handkerchief. He moves again to his sister, and smiles. "I almost forgot, sister, I had sent for this to be made for you. Something of a wedding gift to remember me by." a loving smile accompanies the his openning the cloth to reveal a beautiful black steel spider broach beset with twin trillion cut rubies in an hourglass symbol and eight small amber eyes princess cut to sparkle with any light. He kneels next Caillin but holds the broach out to Ruthgar, "As her husband, I extend the honor of placing this token of her beloved brother's love on her to you."

Caillin thoughtfully glances at the pears' pie, after the whisper of her husband. She licks her lips dreamily, as she would imagien how tasty that pie should be. Then she turns back to Ruthgar to whisper, before her brother interrupts. Grey eyes litghts up once more and admiration grows up, when she sees that spider. A hand raises just to touch it gently "Logen… It's incredibly beautiful… Such a spider… That is so… Thank you so much!" and girl glances at her husband now, full of eager to spruce with this token.

Caillin mutters to Ruthgar, "… We can…"

Smiling as he leads the way back to the table now that there's food, there's a brief moments that Robben looks over to Ruthgar now. "A lovely banner, brother. I'm looking forward to coming to visit you when you get settled," he offers. Smiling as he watches Logen's gift being handed over now.

Ruthgar's gaze flits towards the brooch in Logen's hand before it locks again onto the prince. "And as her husband I accept that honor with all gratitude,… brother." His smile seems to be genuine enough as he takes the piece of jewelry and fastens it at the seam of her dress that borders onto the fascinating view of her decollete if she will let him. Suddenly he looks a little distracted, as the task seems to take a little longer and he chuckles at his own awkwardness, already swaying a little… Yes wine without the soothing company of food can have dreadful consequences indeed. Then finally the brooch is in place, his hands resting gently on Caillin's shoulders and he seems to have come to a decision. When Robben approaches he offers him a grateful smile. "I would be happy to…welcome you there, brother." Although there is a light twitch at the corner of his mouth. "You and your family…"

At Robben's side, Aemy offers the two a dazzling smile after the brooch is fastened. "I am so happy for you both. The wedding was lovely and Princess Caillin, you are a beautiful bride.. best wishes to the both of you, truly." Releasing the arm of her husband, she gives first Caillin a brief hug then Ruthgar gets one after, a bit tighter as she whispers a few words quietly.

Aemy mutters to Ruthgar, "I wish… my brother…. it and…"

After the brooch is in place, Logen stands and nods to Ruthgar. "There is a lot you'll have the pleasure of learning about my sister, Ruthgar, and again I am proud to have you in my family." he then looks at Caillin and winks slightly, "My nephews and nieces will have to come visit their uncle often, and their soon to be aunt. Do try to get a moment in the next few days, I've spoken with her… she sends her congratulations and deepest apologies for not coming in person. She would love to meet you, when you're free again." and he smiles to them both before going back to his seat and falling back into the silent people watcher he is.

Caillin chuckles at her husbands awkwardness too. When the token finds its place, young baroness goes to hug her brother and whispers to him something. The hug is quite long once more. Girl flinches slightly, before releasing her brother.
Then Aemy approaches and her congratulations is listened with the smile too. A brief hug is given, before Caillin slips back to her chair, looking at the young baron and Aemy a few moments, then, looking around the crowd.

Caillin mutters to Logen, "… Thank… again for… here. And… love… And… see… love… will… happy… you… that…"

Robben smiles, "We'll all be looking forward to that," he replies to Ruthgar, before he smiles as he looks between the others again now.

Ruthgar brows twitches upwards as Aemy suddenly stands before them as well, how could he not notice and let her sneak up on them like that? Still that smile… how could he resist that and not grin back at her. Oh dear. The Wine. He watches her hug Caillin, and then as she turns towards him, time seems to slow down. Her hugging him and leaning over to offer those words… The Ruxton cannot help but to return the hug, grabbing her tightly and whispering something back to her.

Ruthgar mutters to Aemy, ""It would… perfect… it… beside me… here.""

As the sister of the bride, Roslin has been quite busy. On-hand for the ceremony, but otherwise in the background, making sure everything is just so for Caillin's day. But the night is wearing on - Roslin knows that her time to visit her sister before the evening ends is growing short. So, dressed in a fine silk gown of deep purple, embroidered around the high collar, the dagged sleeves, and the hem with silver, and even more delicately embroidered with the shapes of dragonflies, the girl and her exceptionally intricate hair make their way to the b ride and groom - though it is the bride she is interested in. She leans from behind Caillin to give the girl a familial kiss on the cheek. All fondness, that gesture.

Caillin's gaze lingers on the crowed very short and returns back on the so happy Ruthgar in the armful of the young lady. They all are so friendly, so close… Whole this Ruxton family. At least now Ruthgar looks so happy and not so nervous. Because of the wine or the hug. Caillin had enough of hugging, but still did not feel relaxed or too much happy. I guess Gaela was right? tells Caillin in her minds and grabs the goblet with unfinished wine, drinking it till the last drop now. The first goblet is finished. She even grabs a piece of that pears' pie. Chews, when her sister approaches unexpectedly and brings a brief smile to the Caillin's face. "Here you are!" she shouts, maybe too loudly or maybe the wine starts working? No… It was just one goblet. Not the wine, fear of the evening, which is comming to the end. Girl waves for the random serving girl to fill the goblet, while Gaela is not looking and girl quickly emties the second goblet thsi evening.

When Ruthgar hugs her back tightly, Aemy remains there in the hug as he whispers in response. His words capture her attention and surprise her, but the only outward difference she can give is an almost inaudible quick inhale of breath as she lifts her head, tips her chin back and studies him for a silent moment. Closing her eyes, she exhales the breath and brushes her lips across his cheek, the brother of her husband. "Everything will be perfect," she speaks softly in return, opening her eyes and once more her smile is in place before withdrawing from him and taking the arm of her husband once more.

Solara is perhaps doing much the same as Logen, just watching. Though Conall does come over to the Ruxton table, offering a polite bow and engaging the Lady Ruxton in casual conversation.

Robben smiles as Aemy rejoins him, offering her a quiet smile now. "Everything okay?" he asks, before he glances around at the others again now.

Everyone has begun to enjoy the feast, but a young page, slips into the great hall and makes his way around the edge of the room. He clearly has a target in mind, because he repeatedly looks to one table, where a server is setting food before Caedmon and other guests. The page slips through the swarm of servers and delivers a folded and sealed parchment to the Voice of the KIng. The man nods to the page, and then he breaks the seal on the message. He scans the lines quickly, and then he takes a deep breath. He reaches for a newly filled goblet. He takes a sip. He folds the page again, and rises from the chair. Making his way toward the large table at the front of the room, he bows to Caillin and Ruthgar. He rises, and explains, "Please forgive my early departure, your royal highness and lord baron. You will understand that duty often requires me to go when I would prefer to stay, and to stay when I would prefer to go. I wish all of the best for both of you, and if you find yourselves in need, do not forget that I am here. Until later, I wish for you the finest of evenings." Having concluded his farewell, the Voice of the king turns and strides toward the great doors, signaling for that same page to follow, which the young man quickly does.

Ruthgar's gaze flits to Roslin, and as he still engaged in that hug he offers her a friendly smile, even though Aemy's reply seems to sober him a little, as does a glance in his wife's direction who seems to have taken a sudden interest in wine as well. Also there is that sour look of hers. After a short moment that he needs to shake a sudden feeling of dizziness off, the Ruxton offers Princess Roslin a more composed greeting. "Your highness." His pale grey eyes follow Aemy as she joins Robben again, as he already regrets those words from before. Then Caedmon appears, and the Baron of Dellhaven bids him farewell with a bow. Smiles. Bows. Greetings Farewells. Curtseys. Another glance in Caillin's direction and he realizes he needs to get out of here. Fast.

Ruthgar moves over to his wife and offers a few words uttered at a lower volume.
Ruthgar mutters to Caillin, "… and… continue… the feast…."

Roslin smiles once more to her sister, giving her another kiss. "I have been seeing everything to its proper place." She says. Ruthgar gets a nod, respectful and low - at least they are not strangers now. But it is Caedmon's quick departure that brings a frown to her creamy features. As Rutghar approaches Caillin, Roslin gives her one last kiss to the cheek. "See to your husband, my love." The girl whispers. Then, lifting her skirts ever so slightly so that she may move more quickly without in any way appearing out of place, she moves to follow the man into the hall. There, she stops to speak with someone else, momentarily, before her footsteps pick up again to follow her cousin.

Girl pours the third goblet of wine herself, watching how Aemy and Robben vanishes in the crowd. Caillin raises it near her lips, but is interrupted by Caedmon "Thank you for being here… my beloved cousin…" she whispers with the smile and glances at her sister. Follows her leaving and then, when Ruthgar whispers something to her ear, girl takes as huge gulp of wine as possible, places the goblet on the table and stands up, nodding.

In quick order, Roslin's maid follows with a cup of unsipped wine still in her hand for her mistress.

The feast is still in full swing, the platters are being brought in from the kitchens, the musicians near the cleared space strum a merry tune, and the bridegroom rises to his feet, clearing his throat as he is about to make an announcement. "Dear guests… The time has come for some dancing. Feel free to make use of those musicians over there, they will accept requests for songs most certainly. Alas… I fear it is time for my wife and me to retreat. It has been a long an wonderful day. But I insist that you continue to feast. And drink to our happiness." The minstrel's launch into a gigue, and soon the cleared space starts to fill with people that are eager to join the dance. While the bridegroom and bride make their way towards the doors, Gaela as she has not been told otherwise following in a secure distance.

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