Sess 28, 229: Kilgour Moniwid Wedding

Kilgour Moniwid Wedding
Summary: Kilgour Moniwid Wedding
OOC Date: 15/03/2014
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Darfield Beach
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a tannish brown in color, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
Sess 28, 229

Long wooden benches create a seating area divided by a center aisle that ends just shy of the the dampened tan sand where the water kisses the shoreline. Dozens of halved abalone shells float along the shallows and ride the gentle rocking of the waves. Each one bears a candle casting little motes of light across the water's surface and glistening inside of the shell. Mingled in with the floating shells, the blooms of various island flowers float in the ambient light, sending little wafts of sweet fragrance in the light breezes off the water. Potted palms from the Isles themselves sit near the water flanking a canopy of driftwood timbers draped in shimmering white silk. A small altar sits near the back of the canopy and is topped with two cups and a small crate. This is where the Priestess Luna and Prince Logen wait.

Past the seating area to the left more potted palms have been placed to form a backdrop and border for an area of refreshments and mingling. Wide swathes of satin in the colors of Moniwid and Kilgour drape from the trees to add a splash of color and represent the joining families. Wood planks are fitted together to form a stable floor atop the sand. Driftwood stumps are topped with large, round, bevel-edged mirrors to form tables and reflected on their surfaces are the glowing lanterns that fly high above, tethered to various trees by sparkling, beaded ribbons.
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The Prince of Mobrin has clearly attempted to clean up for his wedding. His curls are gone and his hair is cut short much like his brothers. His jaw is without a hint of hair which shows how young he is. The man is wearing his finest clothes made of leathers and linens. His pants are fitted leather pants under high dark brown leather boots. He is wearing an off white tunic which is shows under the dark purple fitted vest which is done up. His belts are tied over the vest and they are made of the finest metals and hold a sword at his hips and a knife upon the other. Over all this is an intricate dark grey jacket which hangs down to his knees. The buttons on the jacket are made of the finest pearls. If one looks closely there is a design on the jacket of waves. Around Logen's neck is a simple leather string which hangs the tooth of a shark.

Harmon is dressed in his formal finest, that is to say dark green leathers that have not yet faded from wear and that still bear the emblem of his house on the breast. Thankfully his wife is close to hand to lend the couple an air of dignity and grace as they enter.

Lord Arlen Kincaid is there to represent his house since Lord Aidan is absent. It also means the lucky Admiral is accompanied by two women - his wife Lady Senga on one side, the Lady Nylie Kilgour on his other side. Arlen is dressed in his finest navy uniform and manages to look moderately pleased to be present for the big event, nodding greetings to people he knows or at least vaguely recognizes, as they make their way to the sand find seats.

At her husband’s side, Brienne holds his arm. She is wearing a lovely gown of dark green silk with embroidery around the sleeves and the hem. Leaning in, she murmurs a few words to Harmon.
Brienne mutters to Harmon, "… lovely today, though you missed… flying. I… decided… wed… rather… as…"

Emerit is there as well, her dress a dark green with flowers in orange and red flowers embroidered on the skirts and bodice. Her fiery hair, that may show a few traces of moisture for those who care to look, arranged into a braid that falls down her back. Devoid of any jewelry but the heavy Ambassador's pendant that hangs from the plain necklace she wears. Her face is pale, a stark contrast to the colour of her hair and dress, her mien outwardly composed, but so very nervous below that facade.

Hobbling along with the others from Weston to arrive is Robben. Looking around at the various people present, he leans on his crutches a bit heavily at the moment. Looking around to see what other people that might be present there at the moment.

Since beginning their family, Tyrel and Ciarrah have spent little time in the public eye, using the time to get to know one another and their new little sons. The wedding of the Prince though, brings almost the entire royal family. Those that are in town anyway. Ciarrah is dressed in the colors of Kilgour, her hand tucked into the bend of his arm as she smiles up at him in a quick and meaningful glance.

Valarius is also in attendance, though he has nothing to do with the ceremony. He's standing in the back for the most part, robes of white and belt of gold, announcing him a priest. His arms are folded across his chest loosely so that his sleeves cover his hands. A pendant of the eight star of Sheat is around his neck, otherwise, he knows little of the people who come to wish the Prince and Princess their well wishes on this ceremonious day.

Even if he isn't moderately pleased to be at the event, Arlen is surely looking moderatly pleased to have to such women upon his arms? Nylie is dressed in deep silver silks with purple accents and embroidery. A simple silver circlet has been used in the styling of her hair. Wearing a small amount of jewelry for once, silver with purple gems, likely amythest. A faint incline of her head to Alren in thanks for the escort, before she gives a faint incline of her head before moving to take a seat amongst those reserved for family. Certainly just behind the immediate royal family members.

Tyrel looks back to Ciarrah with a nod, all pressed and dressed in the colors, with his wifes arm tucked to his side. He nods, and looks to the crowd, smiling as the pair step into the public for the wedding.

Benedict has cleaned himself up, and dressed in his finest attire. In the house Moniwid colors though usualy saved for official visits to the Royalty as a vessel house he'd have to make. He looks about as people begin to arrive he spots one of his charges and will make his way towards her. "Your Highness?" he says to Emerit if he notices her worried expression this might have called him over "Might I join you?" he will ask with an offical bow to her.

The Duke and Duchess of Crawford are dressed to the nines, both wearing heavy, fine clothes of their house colors. For such an event as this, Roslin wears the gems of the Crawfords, that huge necklace of diamonds, sapphires, and rubies that her husband gave her on their own wedding. Both look happy and pleasant, arm in arm, though the Duchess' eyes focus mostly on Logen.

Once he's delivered Nylie to her seat, Arlen goes to find seats for himself and Senga a bit further back. They are not important enough for more. And it's the best place from which to watch people. Exchanging whispers once in a while to comment on who's who and who has the worst taste in dress that day.

Harmon settles in on one of the benches looking over to Brienne, "Oh yes, much simpler. I'm a bit surprised the Kilgour's are risking the wrath of the gods by not having the wedding in a temple. You'd think the royal family would learn eventually."

Brienne gently nudges her husband with her arm, a wry look upon her features. "Perhaps this day, their happiness matters most. Surely they will have it blessed in the temple afterwards." Her words are softly spoken, not wishing to incite the ire of any of the Kilgours. Or the Gods for that matter.

There's a shift in the air, and both priestess and prince turn to watch as the Princess Draventa makes her appearance.

Draventa looks regal with her long dark hair drawn up in an arrangement of curls, secured just above the nape of her neck. Dainty hairpins tipped with silvery pearls secure the curls in place in a random pattern that traces upward to a silver haircomb of a mermaid . The comb rests just above the nest of wavy curls and suspends a swathe of midnight blue lace that trails down her back, fanning out over the skirt of her gown. Subtle patterns in the lace indicate cresting waves and the scalloped hem is weighed down with black pearls adding just enough shimmer to catch the eye.

Soft messaline drapes her tiny figure, the midnight blue color stark against her pale complexion, a dramatic contrast. The neckline is modestly scooped from shoulder to shoulder with a panel of lace centering the fitted bodice down to the waist. The gown is as dark as a moonless night lit only by little sprays of silver beads adorning the hem, as if stars flung across the sky. The sleeves are long and bell at the elbows consisting of midnight blue lace and dotted with silvery white pearls that peek out like treasures nestled in the dark sands of island beaches. Any that knew the her in her younger years may recognize the altered dress as one of Queen Laetita's.

In her delicate hands is a bouquet of dewy, white island flowers with the tips dyed deep blue and the stems bound with pearl-trimmed ribbons that cascade almost down to the ground.

She is lead down the aisle by her eldest brother, The Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid of Rustle's Isle, looking as proud as he can be. The Princess looks slightly dazed. Their foot prints are left in the sand as they approach. He kisses her on the cheek and hands her off to Logen with a small nod.

King Kilgour rises, turning with the rest of the crowd. Looking dapper and amazing as usual.(ooc his wording!)

Most of her family is traveling, but Lady Rorey would be remiss to be absent from a Royal Wedding if she could be in attendance… and so, of course she attends, with her maid and a couple guards (her brother's orders). Rorey is elegantly attired from head to toe. Haravean green and silver are the day's choice for her floor-length dress, longsleeved, which flatters her shape; with matching slippers, and a pair of drop-earrings, which dance in the light. Her hair is swept up off her shoulders and neck, pinned in soft ringlets; she is content to watch, and be a little bit of a wall-flower for now.

Near the front, Tyrel and Ciarrah sit, and she leans into her husband, "I hope your brother has found genuine happiness in my cousin. And that she will in him, in time." Then Draventa makes her appearance and Ciarrah reaches for her handkerchief.

Emerit inclines her head towards Benedict, a smile flickering over her young features. "Why, certainly, Sir." Gratitude for his attention clearly visible in her mien, befre her own is drawn towards the arrival of the bride - and the Grand Duke himself.

Tyrel passes Ciarrah his kerchief, prepared for these things. He nods, "We'll hope." He whispers, and squeezes her hand, closely.

Harmon rubs his arm, smoothing the dimple she made in his leathers, "I should think, love, that the last thing you want the gods thinking is that you put your own happiness in front of respect for them. Good way to run into foul luck." He fishes a little round stone from his pocket and rubs it with the thumb of his left hand, "And they're not exactly heaped with blessings of late, here's hoping our good wishes and prayers at least balance things out to even."

Valarius blinks and stares openly at Tyrel, recognition fluttering through his gaze even if he has only seen Tyrel once before. His eyes then flicker to Ciarrah and for an uncomfortable moment, he bites his lips as he shuffles to the side to watch them. It was however the mention of gods and the royal family learning that has Valarius' gaze trying to find the speaker of such words. Still, nothing seems to be pointed out to him in that regard, for all eyes turn to Draventa when she appears in such a wonderful gown. For her, he smiles, genuine adoration for the Princess, flicking his gaze up the aisle toward Prince Logen, to see his reaction to his bride.
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No grand entrance and just the normal order of attendants doing what attendants do, staying out of sight and out of the way. Jennah at least beat the couple to the wedding site and found an empty spot on a bench to wait, then there they are. She watches the ceremony as it begins, looking over those gathered as well, people watching as it were, from her spot in the audience on the beach.

Benedict will return the smile the best he can understanding the nerves or well believing he does. "Thank you." He will move to be beside her though they don't have long to wait, he turns as the procession begins watching as the bride walks, down lead by another he recognizes her brother. He will give a salute to them both while they pass and a bow but when he stands back up he is smiling at how she looks strong and regal clearly.

Having found himself a seat, Robben drops into it a bit heavily, as he watches the happenings with a smile now. Keeping silent as he does, he looks around at the others present for now.

Prince Cayden Aberdeen seems to be at least one representative of the Kingdom of Tanara in attendance. He's clad in white, black, and gold and standing off to one side, watching the proceedings with a pleasant smile upon his face. The smile grows a bit warmer when Draventa appears. Whatever else, she does look beautiful today. Seems he's here by himself today, though, simply observing largely in silence.

Logen appears to be nervous even if he's grinning and bowing his head at all the people there. Then, as if nothing else mattered, into his vision walks Draventa and he holds his breath while she walks towards him. He takes her hand in his own and gulps. He smiles at her and turns towards the Priestess and the alter.

Brienne looks at Harmon with confusion, leaning in so their words do not carry as far. It is unable to be helped that others would hear some, for the beach was crowded.

Brienne mutters to Harmon, "… gain… dear… a… all…. to… our own… be respectful… their… we… gone?"

Conspicuously absent is the kings recently betrothed Princess.. word has spread that she has gone back to Kundari for reasons known only to her and the King.

The ceremony itself, done by Priestess Luna, is quick and simple. But definitely has a flair of foreign that the Morbin folks are not used to. The couple kneels, facing away from the crowd on exquisite kneeler set into the sand. Luna places a hand on each of their heads and speaks the vows, which each repeat.
The white haired priestess smiles softly as she picks up a kelp rope, which has an almost silvery sheen to it.The rope is a long tradition of the Rustle Isles, This particular rope as been used in every Moniwid marriage for the past century. Luna twists it around the couple's clasped hands, she says the words for the tradition. As she finishes the knot, she'll pour water from the sea near Rustle's Isle over the pair's hands and knot. As any sailor knows, the sea weathers such things into an unbreakable fusion.

After the knot is tied and the water poured, Luna leads the two to stand at the edge of the water. The sacrificial piglets are revealed, the one that was brought from Rustle's Isle is pale pink, almost new born, while the one from house Kilgour is slightly larger and black. The two sacrifice the squealing pigs, both with a small wince. The blood is collected to bring back to the alter for Alasair, while the bodies are given to the sea. The piglets' blood soon starts to darken the immediate area of water, slowly dispersing as the waves move.

Stepping back, Luna smiles brightly and announces the couple married.

Harmon shrugs and goes quiet to watch the proceedings.

The Duchess of Crawford - Prince Logen's sister - sighs a small sound of relief, as the ceremony seems to go on so well. She applauds with the crowd as the couple are announced man and wife, and leans in close to say something to her husband, which makes him smile and touch her hand for just a brief, tender moment. Her eyes scan the crowd to see how others are faring at the end of the event.

As soon as Rorey comprehends what's going to happen to the two squealing piglets, her face pales visibly and she shifts, finding another place to look entirely… the decorations, the ocean waves (away from the blood), the horizon, the puffy pretty clouds, the light streaming down through them… Her maid hands her a handkerchief, in which a small packet of smelling salts is well-hidden, in case she felt faint. Rorey might be just a *little* off in the timing of her clapping, but nothing overly noticeable… at least, she hopes. It's a crowded beach, after all; not everyone can start clapping at the exact same time!

The young priest in the back, the shaggy blond haired one, starts to narrow his eyes away from the ceremony, toward the waters in which the ceremony was being held beside. As if beholding something unseen, his eyes widen and he quickly averts his gaze back to the rituals of love. Valarius does look away at the sacrificial piglets, closing his eyes as he whispers something in prayer himself, as the ceremony is undertaken and the alter laced with blood to appease the gods. At the final announcement of the couple being married, he lifts his eyes up and there's definitely a sparkle and hint of tear in them and an approving smile on his face.

Emerit watches the sacrifice of the piglets with stunned fascination, exhaling when it finally is over, and the announcement of the marriage is made by the priestess. Relaxing visibly she will smile at Benedict and join in the cheering of the couple.
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With the ceremony underway, Nylie simply watching on. Some interest going to the foriegn turns in the ceremony, likely some comparision made to the various turns and customs that have been seen in other recent weddings. Perhaps some mild consideration for her own future wedding, especially once those piglet get brought out and sacrificed in the traditional Morbin fashion. The older Kilgour Lady, rising to clap after the couple is announced, a warm smile offered to her young cousin and his new wife.

Robben applauds as they get to that part as well, but keeping silent for the moment, after having taken a little time managing to get to his feet again now.
I lost you. The bastard of a Captain, Roderick killed you and I will do everything within my power to assure you that your daughter Emerit will never feel the pain that he has caused me. I will take her and raise her as my own, on that I vow my life. No one will ever know. She will be raised as a Princess and my favored child, for she is yours, the only part of you I will ever have now.

Brienne glances up at her husband and sighs softly to herself before turning her attention back to the ceremony and the sacrifice.

Accepting the handkerchief, Ciarrah gives Tyrel a grateful if somewhat watery smile. "I have become a complete mess since becoming a mother myself." She dabs at her eyes and leans her head on his shoulder to watch.

Benedict will watch as the ceremony goes on, it's familiar to him at least most things anyways. The sacrifice doesn't get much reaction from him as it seems like many are having, as at last the priestess announces the pair are married he will have the smile return to his face he gives a look the other at his side to see if the tension retracts some which it seems to he will clap and cheer along with the crowd very grateful so far all is well. "I do hope all will be happy." he says somewhat to himself but no doubt she can hear it.

Tyrel watches the ceremony with a smile, mostly from the weight of his wifes head, and nods a little at the sacrifice. Yep. That's about right. He stays quiet, smiling faintly.

Logen turns to Draventa and keeps her hand within his own. He glances towards the crowd and bows his head to them all and his eyes slide closed, saying a silent prayer to the Gods for strength and wisdom. He turns the couple around so they are more or less facing the crowd. "Thank you all for coming. Please, the tent over there has a lovely meal provided for you and there is even a place to dance if you are not one to dance barefoot in the sand." He smiles warmly. "Please enjoy yourselves."

"Oh, how I do wish that!", Emerit sighs in response to Benedict, her moss green eyes lingering on both Logen and Draventa for a moment. Smiling at the birdegroom's mention of dancing barefoot in the sand - which she may do indeed, later.

Draventa watches her husband a moment, then looks out over the crowd as well, eyes not lingering long enough on anyone to actually make eye contact. She'll smile softly though and lets her hand sneak up to rest on Logen's arm, so when they start moving, she'll be able to have him help her, this dress weighs a ton.

The Lord and Knight watches the Bride and Groom a moment and does smile, Benedict turns though at the voice of the princess beside him. He hears the sigh and looks over to her concern on his face a moment he will reach up if allowed and give a reassuring squeeze to the others shoulder "You have done and are doing your best m'lady." he will say either way turning back to listen to the speech and grins a bit further himself.

As soon as it's acceptable — in other words, almost immediately after Prince Logen announced they should all head toward that tent he indicated — Rorey finds her feet, slippers ending up with a minimal amount of sand inside them (but it's the beach, and to be expected) as she traverses the short way across the beach. She enjoys the sound of the surf crashing on the sand, and takes her time in the walk, no hurry, the blood's behind her after all.

Served on shell-shaped plates, pink steaks of cedar-smoked salmon are topped with sprigs of fresh herbs and twisted slices of lemon. Verdant stalks of asparagus lay beside the steaks in bundles secured with a wrap of a single slice of bacon and drizzled with balsamic butter sauce. Small cups of creamy tomato bisque come first to tantalize the tastebuds and prepare them for the rich dinner dish.Platters of blueberry filled star shaped pastries and chocolate orange tarts are circulated for dessert.

The wood plank floor extends past the dining area to provide ample space for dancing and the bards who provide the music. The area is illuminated with more of the tethered, flying lanterns floating in the dark sky above.

With the ceremony complete, Mantilo rises and takes his place at the side of the bride. His expression is schooled polite and somewhat neutral. In his hand is a small bundle of letters. "From our Mother for your wedding day. Words of wisdom, I assume, I did not read to find out in advance." He dips his head and brushes his lips over her cheek in a customary kiss. "I will go and find refreshment now." Turning on his heel and departing to the tables.

Ciarrah glances up at Tyrel, a secretive smile playing over her lips and she rises, offering her hand to him. "Shall we go and have a dance barefoot in the sand and skip the food?" Mischief shows in her eyes and she laughs softly, wondering would he accept the challenge.

Draventa blinks at the letters handed her, and then looks up at her eldest brother as he kisses her cheek. She's still upset at him, but takes the comfort of him begin there. The letters are tucked away, to keep safe. Words of wisdom will do her little good currently. She'll need to read them later. A deep breath and she'll look to Logen, "Shall we go to the tent?"

Her moss green eyes lighten up when Emerit sees Mantilo approach the pair, although her brows knit a little when she glimpses the bundle of letters which he hands Draventa.

Harmon rises and offers Brienne his arm, "Come along, Countess. I should like to be off this beach." The thumb of his other hand continues to rub at his stone as he glances out towards the water darkened with blood. "We'll visit the temple and pay our respects and offer a prayer on behalf of those that stay."

The new husband takes his wife's hand and helps her towards the tent. "Of course. I need to give your brother his gift…" He helps Draventa right to the tent and their rather large table, mostly for the Kilgour family. "Just… give me a moment. I'll be right back." Logen moves to the Grand Duke and bows his head to the man. He takes a linen wrapped mask from one of the twins and hands it to the man. It's a masquerade mask that is quite old and it's clearly been in the water as it's got the startings of coral growing on it. There is also what looks to be a crafted kraken made from iron that's big enough to be a pendant or belt clip. He bows his head again. "I am sorry it was not a kraken or a shark. Gifts for the Grand Duke." He lifts himself up and his lips curl up in a warm grin directed at his new brother in law. "Sorry it is a little late."

Tyrel looks at Ciarrah, and then glances about, leaning in privately to her, taking her hand and smiles, "Certainly. Today I'm all yours." He grins to her before straightening, holding her hand, to be taken away.

Taking the offered arm, Brienne smiles at Harmon, a quiet nod of acceptance. "Wherever you would like to go, I would always go with you." Sappy, but true. She tiptoes and brushes her lips over his briefly, accompanying the gesture with a smile. "Lead the way, my Count."

Harmon shakes his head moving away from the kiss, "Not now, Brienne. This isn't a time for foolishness."

Getting to his feet again, Robben leans a bit heavily on the crutches. Standing where he is for a while as he looks around at the people, and out at the sea, before he starts making his way along a bit slowly now. Muttering to himself as he does, he moves along rather slowly.

Brienne looks surprised as he evades the simple gesture and hurt darkens her eyes. She gives him a simple nod, echoing his word. "Foolishness…"

Draventa tilts her head, but stays when Logen told her to. She'll watch her husband and brother now, waiting to see if Mantilo accepts the gifts.

"Oh, gifts for me…?" Mantilo smiles, the surprise on his features obvious, as he accepts the mask and the kraken crafted of iron with an elegant bow, the wide sleeves of his shirt billowing in the light breeze. "I thank you, brother-in-law.", he says in his usual proud but friendly tone, before he gives Logen a hug. "We are family now! Moniwid - and Mobrin!" Then turning towards Draventa he will hug her as well. "My lovely sister! You've got yourself the best husband there is."

Benedict watches the transaction as well an eyebrow raises. He looks to the other wondering what they are but as she seems a tad confused as well "Would yo care to head to the tent or are you going to wait m'lady?" He asks after the moments silence. He seems to be glancing around the wedding party for the moment keeping track of those he can.

From the shadows just beyond the immediate area of the party, men and women dressed in brightly colored clothes join the party, each one carrying a tall woven basket. They all wear flouncy pants or skirts, each in a different color; green, gold, black, and blue. They wear sashes of deep purple with feet bare, hair dark and sleek, pulled back from their faces. Once the baskets are set down and the lids removed, some draw out small wind instruments and begin a haunting tune. the others reach into the baskets and bring out a variety of different snakes. One by one, snakes and handlers begin swaying, dancing to the charmer's music.

Valarius regards a pair, apparently a Count by the use of a title from the woman on his arm trying to kiss him but being rejected. These two he watches closely for a time. There's a soft exhale of breath from the Priest. He cannot truly save everyone and he notes the hurt in the woman's eyes. So he only gives a silent prayer for them, "Let those filled with anger and sin remove themselves from this blessed day," then he moves to mingle through the crowd.

Draventa exhales and then smiles softly. Knowing Mantilo, Logen's gesture could have gone either way. She'll even except the hug with a smile, "Everything was alright?" She worries that one culture over shadowed another. Her eyes flicker to the snake handlers, even in the middle of her own wedding, she feels that pull.

As most drift towards the tent to partake of the meal and music, Nylie moves in that direction as well. A hand lightly rising the silken skirts of her dress as she steps through the sand, paying little mind to what sand finds way into her slippers. A flitting smile to a familiar face here or there, a soft greeting exchanged with those better known.

Emerit has stared at the exchange between Mantilo and the pair, her lips curving uopwards when she sees the hugs, her hands clasped before her, as another bit of air leaves her lungs. "Oh certainly, Sir Benedict. I'll be right with you…" she mutters, moving over now though in the opposite dircetion towards the bride and groom. "My best wishes to you sister," she smiles, "and you, your highness." A deep curtsey is offered to both, not lacking in reverence. She will move on to join Benedict now, after a glance towards Mantilo, her smile tinged with a bit of sadness.

Logen wraps his arms around his brother in law. "I am glad you like them." He bows his head again and watches Mantilo hug his sister. He blushes at the compliment. "You are too kind." He turns to see Emerit. "May the Gods bless you, Ambassador." He bows to her and then takes hold of Draventa. "So, food or dance first?" He smiles brightly at her and he's trying to help as much as he can since her dress is heavy.

Managing to get to the tent a bit slower than the others, Robben smiles a bit as he looks towards the happy couple, but not making his way over to greet them yet. Letting out a quiet breath as he leans on the crutches as well, momentarily wincing, but it's gone as soon as it came. Watching the people present for now, it would seem.

Emerit will likely feel a small touch at her arm. When she turns her head, there will be a smiling Duchess Crawford. "Forgive me, my dear," Roslin says. "I didn't mean to interrupt. I saw you with the bride adn groom - I'll have to speak to them soon, but I could not help b ut come and find you. How are you faring?"

Draventa face is unreadable, not happy or angry, just smooth as Emerit gives her wishes. Her voice matches her face, "That you, Emerit." Pale eyes look at at Logen, "Perhaps the dance first?" She knows her strength will not last the whole night, better to do those things first.

Emerit's face will brighten at once when she finds herself being addressed by Roslin. "Oh… Ros… I mean Duchess. I am well, I suppose." A content smile as she gives a pointed glance towards the married couple. "It seems Moniwid and Mobrin are finally united."

Benedict will watch the other as she moves to the Bride and Groom. He chuckles if he'd known that is what she was doing he would gave gone with the other to do the same. He watches on the way back however as she is stopped by another royal. If he catches Emerit's gaze he will nod "I'll be right back I wish to give congratulations as well." he will branch off briefly towards the pair. "M'lady and your Highness." he says with a bow to each "Congratulations to you both. I wish you both happiness."

"Indeed," Roslin says, allowing a sigh of relief in front of her friend. Her arm slides in with Emerit's. "And I am ever so glad for it. I am quite fond of your sister, you know. And naturally I will see that she feels welcome as a Kilgour, as much as a Crawford can." She pats Emerit's arm. "It is a profitable match for both your family and mine. It was well done, and I daresay she shall make you very proud in her duties."

Logen hears someone else. He bows his head. "Sir Benedict. I thank you for the kind words and may the gods bless you." He bites his bottom lip. "I would like to dance with my wife but I will be back." He turns and nods to Draventa while he takes her hand and moves towards the sand. He reaches down and removes both his boots, putting them beside the tent and he moves to slowly wrap one arm around her. "I'm not doing this wrong right? Lorraine isn't going to glare at me is she?"

Draventa's smile brightens just a touch at her friends words, "Thank you, Sir Benedict." She'll nod to the knight and then let her husband lead her off. Her own slippers are left next to his boots. A soft sigh escapes her and for a moment, the new Kilgour princess looks like she's trying to not roll her eyes, "No. Lorraine does not get to glare at you anymore." It's hard to tell if the look is for Logen…or Lorraine.

Having let Robben go ahead of her to the tent, Aemy looks around a moment until she finds someone she had been looking for. She steps up beside Nylie and offers a warm smile. "Good day, My Lady. I do hope you are faring well?" Her tone is friendly, open, and she looks genuinely glad to see her.

Benedict returns the smile though as he leads the other away he will nod "Of course. your very welcome" he turns away to allow them to dance, his face does fall though he cant let that last long. He looks back to see his other charge speaking though he will work back that way. Though he will stand off to the side a bit away so he's not seen as interrupting..

"Aye, I am certain of that," Emerit will reply to Roslin, a warm but slightly pensive smile curving her lips. "I thank you for welcoming her into your family." Even if Roslin is not a Kilgour anymore. Her gaze shifts towards Benedict, and the Moniwid princess will smile, accompanying Roslin and him over to the tent now.

Mantilo will follow as well, his gaze lingering on bride and bridegroom expectantly as they prepare for the dance.

Having taken those few moments to catch his breath again, Robben looks around to see where Aemy went off to. Smiling for a few moments as he sees her approach Nylie, he remains watching them at the moment, a bit thoughtfully.

Logen grins and takes one of Draventa's hands and keeps his hand on her lower back. He starts to dance slowly at first, looking at their feet since he is horrible at this. He finally starts to work with the Princess and they start to dance in the sand as the sunset crests, causing colors in the sky that only the sun could gives. Hues of orange, red, and purple streak across the sky.

Valarius has plucked a strawberry from some tray and the like set out for this occasion. He's holding it aloft as if he's never seen such a thing before. It's quite comical, before he actually goes to bite down into it. A brow will lift and he'll go back for a few more to pile up into his hand, eating of them as he looks to check where the bride and groom are. Oh, dancing. Good for them.

"Good evening, Sir," Roslin says to Benedict with a little smile and a small nod of respect. "I do hope I've not taken Her Highness from your attentions too greatly, Sir. We are friends, and I only wished a little word with her. Still, I am glad to meet you - I recall your showing at the Kincaid tournament. You struck quite a figure, if I may say." She looks back to Emerit. "Her highness said so too, many times, as I recall."

Draventa's grip tightens on Logen, she's not a dancer either it seems. Her eyes stay down as well, making sure to not trip, which just causes her to move slowly. "I think my brother is pleased." Her head turns to take in the sunset and there's her soft smile. Colors like that usually can bring it forth. Her voice stays low, "How are you feeling, Logen?"

A gentle incline of Nylie's head goes to Aemy when the woman steps along side her,"Good day to you as well, I am faring well this day and would hope the same to be true of you, my Lady?" Her tone soft and open enough, her glance straying just a touch to watch that first dance between the new couple.
"Oh I am doing wonderful, thank you. I do look forward to the next wedding though." Eyes twinkling with delight. "I am so glad my father has found happiness, finally. I am truly happy for the both of you." Aemy says softly, though like the soon to be Kincaid, her gaze drifts to the couple as well. "I have seen the way my father smiles when you enter a room. Or a tournament field for that matter." Transferring her gaze back to the Kilgour, the smile she wears widens. "I admit his smile is not something I have seen a lot of, of late."

"Good Evening, your Highness." Benedict gives a small bow of respect to her before he continues "No of course not, I wished to say my congratulations to the Bride and Groom as it was." he glances back to see then dancing already before back. "I thank you very much it's a pleasure to meet you as well. I am glad that I brought honor to the Rustle Isles, which was my goal." the fact that his charge thought he did well gets a look to her and a thankful smile.

Her cheeks don't look so pale anymore when Roslin mentions the Sword of foot. "You did make Rustles Isle proud," Emerit confirms, directing her gaze towards Benedict now. "I was quite impressed with your showing, Sir Benedict."

A soft smile comes, Nylie saying softly,"Thank you, I do not deny that I look forward to it as well. I had long thought such a day would not come for me." Her gaze coming back to offer another smile to Aemy,"I am glad to bring such smiles for him, for he causes me to smile so when I am with him. I would pray we are both able to continue to bring each other such happiness."

Roslin moves with the two from Rustles Island to watch the dancing. She looks back to the redhead on her arm. "I hope that that the rest of their lives together will be a peaceful and enjoyable as today." She notes, before lifting her eyes to Benedict. "Tell me, Sir Benedict - how do you find Mobrin? I do enjoy asking that question to people from your homeland, as apparently your home and mine are very different. I think everyone I have asked has decried our cold winters, but truly I would love to hear your opinion."

Logen keeps taking his steps carefully as it's really in him to screw this up. It's natural for him to do stupid things. He grins at her and pulls her closer. She should be able to feel the Princes stomach turning and making sounds as they dance on the beach. "I'm not sick anymore." He kisses her temple as she glances to the sunset and his cheeks flush while he turns to see the sky.

Robben turns to look at the dancing couple now, smiling momentarily as he looks at the dancing, although one hand moves to his wounded leg for a few moments. Remaining where he is at the moment, it would seem.

"It seems as if the two of you are both happy and that means that I am." Aemy glances towards the tents where her husband is at. "Though the match my father arranged with Robben has brought me more happiness than I could have ever imagined." The look she gives is warm and loving. "Though with his broken leg, I find it most convenient there are so many dances I am missing." The tone lightens the words, since they were meant in jest, and she laughs softly. "Would you care to join us in finding something to eat? I believe we will be traveling back to Lakeshire tomorrow, for I want to be there when father returns from his expedition. I do hope he and Hadrian have made some sort of amends, being together so much."

Draventa's cheeks blush as well as she's drawn closer, causing her to misstep to the dance. Nothing drastic, and it may not even be noticeable to those watching. "We can sit, if you'd wish. Some ginger tea?" Her head turns to look at the guests, we should give opportunity for everyone to greet us, if they wish."

Logen sighs and nods to her. "You are right. I shouldn't steal all your attention." He dips her quickly and presses his lips to her's shyly before standing them both back up and wrapping his arms around her so she doesn't have to drag her heavy dress through the sand. He gets to the planks and puts her down slowly.

Benedict looks to Emerit at her words "Thank you M'lady, I really could ask for no more honor then that." He says and does seem to be proud at this fact. He turns to the other noble and listens to the works and tehe question. "I do as well." he agrees with her words of them being happy though turning back at the question. "It is much different from home, there is no doubt but I have enjoyed it here. "I have had no problems so far, with simply matching my attire to the weather." he chuckles a little.

Nylie smiles, sending a glance back towards Robben before looking agian to Aemy,"You both do seem happy together. Even with all the missed dances," a soft bemused lightness to the last. Some did prefer to avoid the dance floor. The Kilgour often seeming to be behind an instrument providing music for such rather than donig so. "I think I shall join you in a few moments, I do have wish to catch my cousin and congradualte them before they get to lost amongst those hwo have attended." A small nod about returning to Lakeshire,"It shall be a few days before I am set to return, there are some matters I need to see wrapped up first." Something about moving households required some manner of arrangements to be made.

Roslin chuckles, reaching for a glass of wine from a passing servant. "Well, stay with us awhile longer, Sir. I daresay you shall find a bit more to enjoy. It gets quite warm in the summer - and of course you are always welcome to visit Sutherland with us again. Both Her Highnesses have standing invitations to join us there at their leisure, and you might find the temperature much more similar to those you are familiar with." She sees the Bride and Groom moving away from the dance floor. "Do excuse me a moment, I must pay my regards." She moves over toward Draventa first.

Draventa's eyes widen as she's dipped, instinctivly throwing her arms around his neck to catch herself. Her cheeks stay flushed as he sets her down. Eyes down cast, "T-thank you, Logen…" SHe'll smooth her dress some, trying to calm her cheeks.

"Of course, my lady. I do wish you well and hope you enjoy the remainder of the party. I look forward to getting to know you better in the future, if you would like to as well." Aemy offers a brief curtsy and a warm smile. "I will find my cousin and the Prince soon and give them my own best wishes, until now I should seek Robben before he fears I have abandoned him to his own devices."
Robben smiles momentarily now, as he starts to slowly move towards the food again now, rather slowly. Takes time, moving with these crutches.

"Aye, I would like that as well, my lady. I truly would," comments Nylie with a soft smile, seeming quite sincere on the matter. "Perhaps once we are both back in Lakeshire we might spend some time together then?" A hint of a curtsy given in return as she smiles, a light turn to her words, "He may fear you have found others to dance with, best to see he has not gotten himself into to much trouble in your absence." Giving a last smile before she does go to seek out the new couple now that they have exited the dance floor.

"Of course not, and I likely will be here as long as my charge is at very least." Benedict says he will bow to her "Thank you for your hospitality of course please. do." He will say moving to find a drink himself feeling likely that he could use one. He will take a drink but hangs back a bit in between the tent and the beach.

Valarius has been watching the married couple, in between eating those strawberries… having gone back a few times for more. He'll regard Benedict quietly as he's about where Benedict is now, loitering in the back while all the nobility do their thing and treat the Prince and Princess to all the formalities that their titles demand.

Logen takes Draventa's hand and takes a steadying breath when he notices quite a few people headed in his direction. He puts on a smile and lifts his very clean shaven chin. "You look stunning." He whispers to Draventa as he takes another calming breath.

Benedict will look about after taking a few more drinks faling to the priest a moment giving a nod "A good evening to you." he says in greeting to the other though he finishes off his glass a moment later. Placing it back on a tray. "I am Lord Sir Benedict, of the Rustle Isle's." he introduces.

Roslin moves over to Draventa first, pausing to curtsy low and respectful to the new Princess. "Your Highness," She says, with a comforting smile as she waits to be aknowledged. She's not the Princess anymore.

Draventa does not feel stunning, she feels like a overly done painting. Perhaps the pearls were too much? Looking up she smiles at Roslin, "Sister!" That's what she said they would be, right? Her hand slips out of Logen's to give the duchess a soft hug. "I'm so glad you could make it."
You paged Roslin with 'there's a look , a small flash of fear in Drav's eyes though she's covering up well enough for most. A nervousness that Ros probably felt on her wedding day as well.'

Valarius watches the Rustle Isle's lord finish off his wine as if he were in a hurry to do so. Though there is a quiet curiousity about Valarius' eyes as the other is introducing himself. A quiet smile, and a respectful return greeting, "Hello Lord Sir." And for a few moments he forgets as his attention darts back to a strawberry held, oohing softly, "I'm Valarius Micha." A simple pause in between, "Are you a friend of the bride and groom?"

Logen bows to his sister and shakes his head. "You don't have to bow to us." He stands there with his hands made into fists at his sides. His eyes glance around before locking on Roslin. He watches Draventa's affection to his sister and glances down and away.

After departing from Aemy, Nylie does make her way over to Logen and Draventa. Dropping a proper enough courtsy to her cousin and his new wife, a turn of one as well to Roslin. Though with the two women caught up in that hug, Nylie takes the time to focus upon Logen. A smile and alas, her younger cousin will just have to suffer one of her hugs, a quick and warm embrace,"Congradulation cousin, you look handsome tonight too." A lightness to her tone, everyone does always compliment the bride, not so much the groom afterall.

Roslin laughs as she finds the other girl in her arms, and she returns the gesture. "I was not bowing to you, Logen - I've seen you wearing Christmas pudding in your hair and across your bare chest shouting war cries at Jaddan invaders. With such memories it is hard to bow without giggling." The words are said fondly, as indeed that is a quite unspoilled memory of her older brother. A hand comes up to cup Draventa's cheek. "Come then, my dear, how are you holding up? I remember my Wedding Day, I did not think I could ever know such exhaustion. So many people with so much to say and so much to be done. Do you need anything?"

Robben finally reaches the food, getting himself some of it at the moment, as he looks around for a place to seat himself. Keeping both crutches together so he can be able to hold the plate of food as well now.
You paged Benedict with 'no worries'

Logen tenses when he's embraced and he bows to Nylie. "Thanks, Ny. You are gorgeous today." He glances down to what he's wearing and smiles. His cheeks flush. "It's good to see you. May the Eight bless you." He turns to stare at Roslin as his cheeks flush. "You've also seen me running naked through the halls with dinner chicken stuck on my head." He grins slightly and then notices the women speaking. He takes a deep breath as his nerves start to hit him.

Draventa's smile brightens and she'll shake her head, "No, I am fine, Roslin. Thank you." She'll gentle squeeze Ros's arm and then step back, next to Logen, should he wish to hug his sister next. Her eyebrows raise and she'll look between the two siblings and smile. She never had that kind of interaction with her's.

"Of the Bride more so then the Groom, I am a Lord of a Vassel house and a Knight to her house." Benedict says or rather explains. His relationship to the wedding party "It's good to meet you." he returns to the other at the returned introduction. He does glance back down the beach to where people are still speaking.

"Have I?" Roslin asks, her brows shooting up. "Gods be good, I am glad I was too young to remember that." ROslin does have a bit of Tyrel's dry humor, given how much time they tend to spend together. The Duchess turns her attention back to her new sister. "Well, alright. If you're sure you don't wish to come and sit for awhile. But before I leave you to everyone else, I wished to let you know - among your gifts you shall find my collection of crowns, tiarras and circlets that were selected for me when I came of age by my Mother." Her smile is soft and sympathetic. "I know, were she here, she would have selected some new ones for you particular. But as she is not, I thought perhaps you might like to have some of those that she herself had a hand in. And they have seen me through many difficult times - there is strength within them."

"And may They bless you, Logen, this day and every day." Nylie giving a slight shake of her head and a gentle chuckle at his comment to Roslin,"And I'd just managed to surpress that particular memory." Giving a slight glance to Logen, dropping her voice to a soft murmur to him before she offers a smile to Draventa,"You look quite lovely, an absolutely beautiful and stunning bride.. And welcome to the family," as dysfunctional as it surely is. A warm smile is offered to Roslin as well.
Nylie mutters to Logen, "Just remember to…"

Valarius looks over at Benedict, nodding, "And are you going to stay with her now that she is married to a Morbin House?" He does too look toward the group swarming the newly wed couple, offering a strawberry suddenly over to Benedict, "Strawberry? The Prince told me they are without regret if you eat of them." If Benedict declines, he'll just smirk and nibble on those that he has, regardless.

Logen smiles at Roslin, "You pointed and laughed." He turns back to Nylie and nods her, giving her a grin that is an attempt at 'It's all good'. He reaches his hand out and lightly pats her shoulder before returning to his stiff back position. He puts his other hand lightly on Draventa's lower back.

Eyes flickering back and forth, Drav smiles more. She likes this banter. But then Ros is gifting her with something more precious than she deserves, "oh….Roslin…" There's a small shake of her head and her eyes start to tear up at the thoughtfulness of the gift, "I…I couldn't take those….they are yours…from your mother…" Says the girl wearing one of the Queen's dresses. Takign a deep breath the princess turns to give Nylie a smile, "Thank you. I hope we can sit and have tea at some point? I feel as if I hardly know anyone…" in the family…her family, now. She'll glance over at Logen, his stiff posture begin noted.

"Nonsense," Roslin says, leaning forward to kiss Draventa's cheek. "You can take them and you shall. I'll leave you to it now but if you get too tired just wave to me and I'll do what I can to spirit you away to sit for a few minutes." She squeezes Draventa's hand before releasing it, looking over to Logen. She leans up to kiss his cheek. "I'm sure I did just that. In fact I seem to remember Tyrel telling the story in later years with much joy. Anyway, the same goes for you - let me know if I need to make up an excuse to give you a few moments of rest and respite." She smiles to him as well. Turning, Nylie gets a smile of her own and a respectful nod. "Lady Nylie." Then Roslin is able to sneak toward the direction of a refill for her wine.

Nylie gives a not to Logen at his attempt of a smile, a warm smile to Draventa,"Most certainly, tea would be lovely. We have not gotten to spend much time together. I should look forward to it." Some time yet existing before she is shipped along to a new family as well. But does one ever truly leave their old family? A bow of her head responding to Roslin as the woman makes to sneak on along. Soon seeking to do the same after another smile to the pair,"I am sure you both have others who wish to greet you, and would wish to steal a few moments to enjoy some of the fine food yourselves. " Weren't there cute blueberry tart thingies somewhere?

"I would like to do so. She is been in my charge for a long time that I do feel responsibility, not to say that the security here isnt more then suffient. I am sure you understand." Benedict answers the question "I am bound to my other charge, the other princess of the Rustle Isle's so I suppose we will see."

Logen bows his head to his sister. He mouths thank you to her and then turns his eyes to his cousin. He nods to her and stays standing tall beside Draventa. He pulls his hand from her and keeps his hands at his sides. "I am sure the soup would be lovely."

Draventa nods, not wishing to argue with her new sister, so she accepts the gifts. To Nylie, "Yes, then we shall. Tea I have tea from-" Drav stops herself from saying home, "From Rustle's Isle, if you would like to try it." Head tilting up to look at Logen as he pulls his hand away, "Would you like some soup then? We can sit, if you'd like?" While she's smiling, there's a touch of worry in her voice.

Valarius nibbles away and nods at Benedict, surely he doesn't understand, but there's a nod anyway for it. "Is a man unable to decide who he is to serve? Could you not ask the two of them to continue on, if it would better ease your concern? I'm sure that Logen-er-The Prince would hear your request." Though here he is speaking for the Prince. Bad Priest. He shakes his head, "I should go say hi to them, I think. Before they leave for strawberry making." And with that he steps forward to greet Logen and Draventa.

Logen grins and nods to his wife. "Soup would be lovely." He pads barefoot towards where the soup is and gets himself a rather large helping then pours another large helping. He brings them to their table and points at the bowl, indicating he got some for Draventa as well. He hunt food good.

Nylie smiles to Draventa,"I should like that, I have found I enjoy trying new things. " Explaining briefly,"I have traveled much, so have often had the chance to sample different things." Offering a drift of a curtsy to the pair before she moves on and the pair are off for soup. Which Logen hunts up so very stealthfully. The great hunter of food! And Nylie goes to hunt up one of theo starfish blueberry tart thingies that someone mentioned…at some point.

Nearing the end of the evening, servants will hand out small boxes to all the guests.With the instructions to open the candy before eating it. Smooth, rich chocolate has been cast in perfect replicas of clam shells. The opening of the shell is parted the tiniest bit, hinting at the option to twist the pieces apart to see what might be inside. Some have pearls, some have nuts.

ooc-for a chance to get a pearl, roll chance. If you get a Great success or higher you find a pearl. If you roll an Embarrassing Failure you find a pearl but accidentally swallow it, or drop it in the sand, losing it forever.

Valarius is stumped. As he approached the Prince and Princess walked off for soup and now the others were following. Awkward much? He lifts a pointed finger as if to say something, mouth open, but then he closes it and blinks a little as his hand lowers back down. He totally meant for that to happen. He scratches the back of his head and gives a hasty little smile to no one in particular. Instead he's … offered a small box. Inside he'll find chocolate and nuts. Yummy. Good diversion. He smiles his thanks to the servants and goes to wander off along the beach with his box of chocolate.

Logen before he sits he sees Valarius appearing awkward and he moves over to the priest and grins. "You ate all the strawberries." He chuckles warmly. "Come sit with Draventa and myself. Eat something." He pats the priests back lightly and moves back towards soup. He waits for Draventa to sit before he does.

Still trying to move along with the plate in one hand, and both the crutches in the other, Robben wobbles a bit, looking dangerously close to losing that plate of food now.

Aemy comes in to save the day, scooping the plate of food from her husband and laughing. "Oops, love." Taking the plate and motioning to a place to sit. "Here you are, forgive me."

Draventa does sit and gives Logen a smile from getting her soup. Although it's way too much for the princess to eat. She'll sip at it, and then picks up a chocolate shell. She's had no luck with them yet, and none now, it seems. Looking up to the priest, "Hello Priest Valarius."

Valarius is stopped in his intent to steal away to the beach and eat his nuts, looking back and over to Logen, painfully aware that he might've hoarded all the strawberries, "They were good." He insists with a hint of colour on his cheeks. Though there's an enthusiastic, "Okay!" for the offer of sitting with them. "This is really good…what is it?" He asks of the chocolate, as he moves back with Logen to the table, bowing his head to Draventa as he's welcomed to their table. "Highness," he smiles to her, see, he's learning how to do all this title stuff. And a look toward an empty seat, pointing to it to see if he can sit there or… maybe the other empty chair. Who knows, these weddings had seating arrangements, he didn't want to be out of place more than he was.

Benedict will watch a moment before he moves a bit closer to the party however he pauses and moves to sit down lightly for the moment. He looks over the beach and sort of just scans between the tent and here reaching for another glass of wine. He will sip from it.

Logen chuckles and puts a seat right in front of and between Draventa and himself. "Sit there." He points before he walks around the table and serves up three meals and sets them out in front of himself, Draventa, and Valarius. He's clearly not seen the woman eat since her portion matches his own. He sees Robben wobble and then he sees Aemy help. He bows his head to them both before he finally takes a sip of his soup. "Once dinner is done, we will need to retire."

Blinking a few times as the plate is snatched from him, Robben is unable to hold back a grin as he sees that it's Aemy who took it. "And once more you swoop in to save me," he says to her, with a wider grin now, before he takes one crutch in each hand as he moves over to the indicated seat. "Of course I forgive you," he offers to his wife, before catching that greeting from Logen, offering a similar one in return to the Prince. Turning back to Aemy again, he smiles, "I saw you were talking with Lady Nylie."

There is a curious look given to the chocolates that get handed out, Nylie taking a moment to actually go ahead and twist open the little chocolate clam shell. Looking a little bemused to see the nut hidden within, a glance to see others doing the same and finding similar. It a rather cute little touch really. And…ah-ha..there are those tarts she was after, since it seems all the strawberries have already been devoured by the looks of things.

Draventa pales, barely noticeable at Logen's words and nods, "Of course, Logen." She'll smile, and glance around before answering Val, "Some have pearls…although I have yet to see any actual pearls." There's amusement in her voice. Her soup eating does slow though.

"Do you know.. Lord Sir Benedict?" Valarius will arm stretch POINT out Benedict, before waving to him, as if in invite, "He is most polite. A vassal of your land, Highness?" A look in question to Draventa, before he nods at Logen and -sits- where he's told to. But again he gestures to the chocolate, "What is it called?" Watching as Draventa makes to take one of the chocolate shells. The soup is regarded with a delighted smile, "It won't be as good as this-" he says of the remains of his chocolate shell, "Do you think I could have another? It's really good. I've never tasted such a thing before."

"I was," Aemy reassures her husband before offering a smile to Logen in return to his. "Congratulations, Prince, Princess. I am happy for the both of you, truly." She offers a curtsy before moving to get her some fruit on a plate and joining her husband, not wanting to keep the new couple while they are eating and tending other guests. "Robben, I do have some news for you, love."

Logen turns and nods at the point. "Yes I know him." He grins warmly and then he watches Draventa and sees her start to eat more slowly. He frowns and glances back to his soup, keeping his head bowed. He takes a small sip of his soup before he stops eating. "It's chocolate." He tells Val. "You can have more sweets after you have dinner." He sounds like a dad.

Waiting until Aemy rejoins him, Robben starts eating some of his food a bit quietly, before he raises an eyebrow, "What kind of news, Aemy?" he asks, all his attention on her now.

Benedict sips the wine a bit looking back and forth though it's hard to say if he's close enough to hear his name but he turns to see the group and being pointed out. The knight is confused though perhaps he thinks he's needed as he will stand setting the mostly empty wine down and make his way towards the table. "Is all okay m'lord and m'lady?"

Draventa looks up and smiles, "Yes, of course! Lord Sir Benedict has serves my family for a very long time honorably." If the knight looks up, Drav will smile and wave at him. Turning back to Val, "Of course you may, Priest Valarius." She'll give Logen a small look, and then hand Val a candy underneath the table. She'll wave softly to Aemy and Robben. And then Ben is walking up, "Of course, Sir Benedict. Is everything ok with you?" She can't remember ever seeing Ben drink before.

"Chocolate-" Valarius says in a slow rendition of the word, as if it was strange to stay, "What a wonderous thing. It could give much joy to the children." Especially since he likes it. As for the fatherly tone, Valarius looks over at Logen, grinning impishly, "Ok ok." And he puts the remains of his shell down and takes up the bowl with both hands with intent to slurp it down like they do in the country commoner style. Though quite the impish grin comes over him as Draventa sneaks him another under the table, putting down the soup so that he can accept the candy, to which he'll pop in his mouth when Logen isn't looking. To Benedict, he smiles as the knight tromps over, announcing between "Lord Sir. I was just remarking how polite you were."

Logen lifts his eyes and sees the sweet handed to Val. He bows his head to Benedict. "Please join us." He speaks softly. He takes another small sip of his soup. He puts his spoon down and puts his hands in his lap staying quiet.

At the question from Robben, Aemy leans in and offers him a knowing smile, her lips near his ear as she whispers something to him before leaning back and laughing softly, wanting to see his face.

The young Lord and Knight will hear the others words he manages his usual smile to Draventa though she's correct he doesn't typically drink. "I am glad to hear that m'lady, yes of course all is excellent." Benedict answers he looks to the priest "Thank you, I didnt mean to interrupt." he looks to the other as he's invited. "Thank you, m'lord." he doesnt figure he can decline and still be polite. He will move to sit down after a small bow to each.

At the question from Robben, Aemy leans in and offers him a knowing smile, her lips near his ear as she whispers something to him before leaning back and laughing softly, wanting to see his face, though she catches the wave from Draventa and cannot help but to smile in return before looking back at Robben.
Aemy mutters to Robben, "… looks as… you are going… a… love."

Draventa tilts her head, slightly baffled by Ben's answer, but she'll let it go, for now. She'll glance to Logen and give him a soft smile as she continues to work on her soup, but then stops. She'll softly ask, "Are you alright, Logen?"

Robben is about to pick up some more food from his plate, before he hears Aemy's words, and comes to a full stop as he studies her. he mutters to Aemy, "… again… Aemy…." His facial expression cracking into a very wide grin now. "That is the most wonderful news I have gotten in a long, long time."

Logen tilts his head slightly and nods. "Yes, I'm fine." He starts to eat the fish slowly and grins warmly. "I have to excuse myself." He slowly stands up. "Sir Benedict, anything you wish, Draventa can speak for us." He moves around the chair and slides it in. He walks into the darkness and towards the water. He stops when his toes feel the cool of the damp sand. The prince takes a seat and puts his head between his knees.

Somewhere after finding the tart, that chocolate, and some mingling with guests as would be epxected of Nylie, she did manage to 'sneak' along to mix into the bards and musicians. Some hand given in adding to the music offered for the evening, for ambience, for those wishing to dance. It was really where the woman most often ended up, the musical creature that she was. So much easier to tackle a party from behind an instrument too!

Valarius stops eating altogether as he notices this change in Logen. He blinks a little after the man as he excuses himself from his guests. Draventa is so inclined now to treat Benedict, so, Valarius rises up from his chair and politely excuses himself as well, hurrying a little after the Prince to make sure he doesn't go head first into the same water that took his mother. Once he's sure that Logen is not going to embrace any dark gods, he sighs and stands a few short paces away from Logen, muttering to him, as he squats low, confused a little but all the same concerned.
Valarius mutters to Logen, "Are… Lord… Benedict… you… some way?… really sorry if… ate… and… strawberries."

Logen lifts his eyes to Valarius. "No! Sir Benedict is an amazing man. I'm not sick either. I'm sorry. It's not you either. Eat and enjoy all the chocolate and strawberries and put those two together. It's delicious." He grins warmly. "Go back and enjoy the meal. I just needed some time to figure some things out. It's a really bad time to take this time but I will be back shortly."

Seeing the reaction, Aemy laughs, quite delighted at his happiness. "I am glad it makes you so happy, Robben. I only suspected a month ago, but I wanted to make sure. I am certain now."

Draventa frowns, starting to say something, but the Logen's leaving and Val is attending to her husband…which doesn't help her fears. Her eyes dart down and she'll lick her lips, "Sir Benedict…. Do you know if there's any tournaments coming up? Or will you be focusing more on Ambassador Emerit's protection?"

Valarius blinks in confusion at Logen's response but does in the end smile quietly at Logen, "Okay. Don't be too long." And he rises to his feet, dusts his robes off and turns back to the party. He knows when not to push. But he gets distracted abruptly with something seen or unseen for most, turning his direction away from the party and into the darkness, toward some rocks along the beach. "Where?" he can be heard asking just before he disappears out of view.!

"It makes me very, very happy," Robben replies, before he finally remembers that piece of food in his hand, and eats it. "At this rate, I will need to ask Father to expand the Hall back home…" he remarks a bit lightly, before he reaches for Aemy's hand now.

Benedict looks concerned as the Groom gets up to leave and the priest after him. He looks back to Draventa to see her frown and he wonders if this is his misstep. He raises a brow silently questioning but her words bring his focus. "I have not heard any tournaments, but I would like to participate if there is." the next question. "My orders from your brother were to be your protection. I look after Emerit as she is here as well. I.. am not sure Duchess Crawford, saw me compete in the first tournament, and she invited me to stay. I'll admit i'm inclined to do so."

Logen stands up and watches Val wonder off. He rubs his face and brushes the sand off his backside. He walks back to the tent and takes a seat. "You are welcome to stay, of course, if it's what you wish." He sits down and takes a sip of the water from his glass.

Aemy laces her fingers with his when he takes her hand and lifts their hands to brush her lips over his knuckles. "I think it should be expanded, because at this rate, we will have enough to rival a small country." She does seem to be extremely happy, herself.

Draventa inhales and holds her breath a moment. Whatever is casuing bother her husband bother, Drav seems upset now too. A small shake of her head, she doesn't know. "You made Rustle's Isle proud. You will continue to do so." A small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, "Dutchess Crawford is a good woman." As the prince returns, Drav will hesitantly reach for Logen's hand. "Do….do you want to leave now?"

"Thank you, it means a lot to hear that from you. I will try my best of course." Benedict says to her looking more directly to the Princess he nods to her words "She seems to be yes." he agrees he says and pauses but he looks about to explain his earlier words about being okay when the other returns "M'lord I hope all is well." he says instead.

Robben gently squeezes her hand as their fingers lace, and smiles. Unable to hold back a bit of laughter as he hears the part about having enough to rival a small country. "Now that would be something…" It's spoken with a wide smile now.

Logen takes her hand and shakes his head. He takes a sip of his soup. His stomach is calming down with the addition of soup. "I'm fine. It's alright." He keeps grinning while he watches Benedict. "Tell me. You mentioned you were my lady's protection and you were to look after Emerit as she is here, does this mean you are staying at Draventa's protection?"

"Would you like to go back to the castle now? We have preparations to do before leaving in the morning for Lakeshire. I am finished when you are, and I know you cannot dance, love." Aemy tells him with a quiet smile.

Benedict looks to the Prince as he speaks to him "I was just telling M'lady my orders were for her protection." he says though the question catches him off guard he does look to Draventa after a moment, he glances about the table while he thinks. "I would be honored to stay as M'lady's protection only if she wishes it though. He looks to her pausing. "Perhaps if it is cleared by my liege I could be? Commissioned if that is the word, not to say that her protection would be anything less without me." he wishes to be respectful.

Logen shakes his head. "Whenever you want to leave, it's entirely up to you." He lifts his eyes to Benedict. "I would be honored to have you protect her. I will talk with the Grand Duke and see if you could stay a representative of Rustle Isles while staying here. That way, Draventa can be close to home because it would be what you represent." He grins warmly and finishes up his soup.

Nodding a little again as he hears that, Robben smiles. "Sounds like a good idea. And we have a long way to travel, so we should get prepared." Starting to get to his feet again, before he adds, "Let me just offer the happy couple my best wishes before we leave?"

Draventa inhales, her eyes widening. "I….Well, yes. Of course, If the Grand Duke says it's alright…" She'll turn, head tilted to regard her husband, "Are you sure that would be alright?" She doesn't want to cause problems. she'll glance around the affair, looking to who's left, "I…when ever you are ready, Logen. We can go."

Logen grins. "I would be honored to have you protecting, Draventa." He turns his eyes to her and nods. He stands up slowly and nods to the twins. A horse is brought onto the beach while the lanterns all get lit and pushed into the air creating a beautiful effect. He extends his hand to Draventa and grins at everyone blushing slightly.

"Of course, Robben." Aemy rises and offers him his crutches. "I suppose you should hurry before they make their leave," she urges him with a smile.

"Thank you M'lord, the honor is mine if course." Benedict says to the Prince before he looks back to his charge "Yes of course only if it would be no trouble to you and your family." he says if they stand to leave he will stand and give a bow to each in turn. "I will prepare as if it is the case."

Robben nods as he hears that, taking the crutches and managing to get over to where the Prince and Princess are. "Your Highnesses. I wouldn't want to leave without congratulating you both, and give my best wishes for your marriage. May the both of you be just as happy as… some of us are in our marriages." Smiling to them both as he nods politely.

Standing up, Drav gives Ben a grateful smile. The idea he friend will eb around lightens her heart. She'll tilt her head up to watch the lantern, drifting up in the night sky like stars. A twinkle in her eyes and she'll look to Robben and Aemy, "Thank you, both. We appreciate you both coming. It can't be easy on your leg." She'll let her arm rest on Logen's.

Logen turns to Robben and bows his head. "I am honored you have joined us in this celebration. May the Eight bless you." He smiles at the man and bows his head again. He stands up and feels a bite on his shoulder which comes from Rollo, his horse.

"I do wish you both the best, the both of you. Your wedding was so beautiful and your dress.." Aemy smiles.. "I have never seen anything so beautiful. Standing beside her husband lest he need her, she offers a curtsy to the both of them.

There is a smile offered by Robben as he bows his head again at Draventa's words. "I must admit my leg has had both better and worse days, but it was worth it to be here, Your Highness. We should be retiring, though, as we leave for Lakeshire again tomorrow."

Draventa will dip her head to any remaining guests and let Logen lead her off, a final brief glance to the water's edge.

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