Heraldry for House Kilgour
House: Kilgour
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Darfield
Fortification: Darfield Castle
Motto: Fortune favours the bold
Colors: Purple & Silver
Liege: None
Vassals: Crawford, Ruxton, Kincaid, Forrester, Haravean
Rank: King
Head of House: Callem Kilgour
Predecessor: Cynfad Kilgour
Heir: Tyrel Kilgour

House Kilgour took the throne of Mobrin when the forces of Clagorn Hammerfell invaded the empire with his Kinsmen. Lord Gilmesh Kilgour brought his forces to Crosswynd Castle, laying seige to the glorious seat of the empire. When the dust settled, there were three kingdom's once again, and Gilmesh was named King of Mobrin.

Typically, Kilgour's are light skin, while most have red hair and blue or green eyes. Some, however, are born with brown hair and brown eyes. For instance, King Callem was born with brown hair, while four of his six children were born with blonde or red hair.

The Kilgour family is made up of proud honourable people, who are fiercely loyal and diligent. They are typically outgoing. The men like their drink, and love their women. They have fielded some of the greatest heroes in times past, dating all the way back to the founding of the Empire.

The House of Kilgour has ruled on the throne for 228 years, since the day the Empire collapsed.


The Sword of Kings

The sword of the Kings, passed from generation to generation from a Kilgour to the next. It is said that not only Kings have wielded it, but Kings have died by it. This blade has tasted the blood of many - and many legends and songs have been sung about it.


Ordained by the gods

The House of Kilgour has been ordained by the Eight as the rightful rulers of Morbin and Laniveer. Over the years they have shown their blessings in many ways.

The Blessings of Nar

At the end of Callem's glorious speech declaring the truth of the Kilgour family's rightful rule of Laniveer all heard the laughter, and saw a faint shimmer. A mirage of a face, translucent before the King. A beard of fire, eyes blue embers in an ashen face. Nar looked at the King, and smiled, a sense of anticipation washed through all present.

Political Relationships

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