Heraldry for House Kerrigan
House: Kerrigan
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Ashenfell Manor, Ashenfell, Greenshire
Fortification: Manor House/Keep
Motto: Honor is Strength
Colors: Red, Blue, Silver
Liege: Haravean
Vassals: None
Rank: Lord
Head of House: Rinder Kerrigan
Predecessor: Caden Kerrigan
Heir: Shepard Kerrigan


House Kerrigan has always been one of the clans of Greenshire, a Kerrigan has always stood at the side of, and in support of, House Haravean. If there has been a battle the Haravean have gone to, men of House Kerrigan are sure to be there as well. Cadditt Kerrigan marched alongside Gaelor himself with Count Badden Haravean during the unification of Mobrin. Upon their return, Cadditt was named the Lord of Ashenfell Manor and one of the prime vassals of House Haravean.

History & Culture

It is said that when the first Kerrigan was given a spot of land to warden in the center of Greenshire, he took an arrow made of applewood and shot it into the air. Where that arrow is said to have landed is where he began building a manor house to be called Ashenfell, later having a keep attached . Also where this arrow landed, it is said that an apple tree began to grow while the manor was being completed. To this day, in the center of the courtyard of Ashenfell Manor is the largest and oldest apple tree in the Vale. It has never failed to bear fruit.

Since then, the Kerrigans have served as the faithful right hands of the Haraveans, often to the degree that many outside of Greenshire tend to all but consider them little more than a particularly distant branch of the Haravean house. While Kerrigans have indeed fought alongside Haraveans in every major engagement, campaign, or battle that the Haravean Counts have found themselves in, they are known more for stability, humility, and quiet competence than deeds of surpassing glory. While no House is completely immune to scandal and misfortune, the Kerrigans have suffered far less of these instances than many noble families, and as such despite not being particularly distinguished when it comes to martial matters, they tend to enjoy a reputation for honesty and strong moral character.

Though they have not often been known for great deeds on the battlefield, the Kerrigans do not hesitate to defend their lands and the interests of their Count. In 1466 While Daeren was thrown into civil war and unrest, Greenshire would not escape the chaos. When Jaddan raiders gained a small foothold in Weston, Gregon Kerrigan along with his Liege lord, Kennan Haravean, raised every able bodied man and boy they could on their way south. With dedication and strength, the Skingardians were pushed back into the sea. During the Haraveans’ long feud with the Riverwynds, the Kerrigans steadfastly remained at the side of their Haravean lieges, and during the most recent battles with Laniveer, the Kerrigans have again answered the call, most notably the current heir to Ashenfall Manor, Shepard Kerrigan, a knight who distinguished himself as a fighter and commander during the battles leading up to the Battle of Westgate in 224.

When the most recent Lord of Ashenfell, Lord Rinder inherited the mantle of leadership, he married a woman from one of the minor noble families of Skyforest named Ganina. She gave birth to Moira, followed by Shepard and then Drogan, passing away shortly after Drogan's birth. Before her passing, the rose garden she and Moira worked on together became famed for it's beauty and the fact that they chose what had seemed a perpetually barren spot of ground in which to plant it before the roses brought it back to life.



"Gentleman farmers" they call themselves at times. One custom perhaps unique to House Kerrigan is that when a child is born, a packet of seeds, flowers for girls, oak or applewood for male children, is given shortly after the birth. In hopes that by giving new life to new life, life will be long and healthy.

The Kerrigans greatly prize those that bring forth the fruits of the land, and are, perhaps, a bit more considerate than some that their bounty comes on the back of common folk. Being a farmer or even a simple gardener is considered a prized skill in Kerrigan lands, and during the Harvest festival, many of the Farmers of the land present their finest samplings of crops or livestock to be Judged by the Kerrigan nobles (or their representatives) and hopefully earn the honor of being named a Master Farmer (as well as other prizes for good showings). The title can be given for both those that grow crops and those that breed and manage livestock. Master Farmers are given a badge that they can wear signifying their accomplishment, pay slightly less in the way of taxes, and are generally accorded greater respect from their fellows. Of course, in order to avoid causing a lack of revenue, there are only a limited number of Master Farmers at any given time. Additionally, one carefully-vetted Master Farmer actually sits on the Lord of House Kerrigan’s personal council, and is consulted on matters concerning the planting and harvesting of crops and livestock (as well as earning a generous stipend during his term of service). This position is rotated (like crops!) every year.

A final tradition unique to the Kerrigans is that of the Sending. Twice a year (usually shortly before the first tilling and shortly before the final harvest begins) the Kerrigans send out a handful of Rangers disguised as common travellers. These Rangers ask for hospitality at the homes of Kerrigan farmers, and if they are granted hospitality and treated well, they will leave a small pouch of gold coin behind for the family in question. It is rumored that on occasion even members of the Kerrigan family themselves take part in this tradition.

Otherwise their culture is the same as the Haravean, it is as if they are the mirrored response. In animal husbandry, they are famed for the raising of sheep and weaving the byproduct - wool, into marvelous woolen cloth which they export along with a wide variety of grains and fruits. There is little they seem to need to import, as the land has always seemed to provide well for them. This perpetually favorable balance of trade coupled with sensible stewardship has made House Kerrigan considerably more wealthy than many vassal Lordships of similar size.


It is said (even among houses outside Greenshire) that marrying a Kerrigan bride is a sure way to insure bountiful harvests for your land in the future. This legend coupled with the Kerrigans’ reputation for sensibility and good stewardship has made Kerrigan women rather desirable as marriage prospects. However, Kerrigan daughters tend to be considerably more rare than sons. This has held true for nearly their entire history, and made female children greatly prized by the Kerrigan Lords.


Their home is a holding in the center of Greenshire - a manor house called Ashenfell with an attached keep, nestled in a vale that looks out upon vast orchards of apples and cherries, as well as fields of wheat and barley. The nearby town is, itself, called Ashenfell.

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Current Members

Rinder Kerrigan, Lord of Ashenfell Manor
Shepard Kerrigan - Heir to Lord Rinder Kerrigan
Moira Kerrigan - Oldest child and daughter of Rinder and Ganina Kerrigan
Muffin the Great! and all her progeny!


Drogan Kerrigan, youngest son of Rinder Kerrigan
Kayla, maid to Moira
Any assorted aunts, uncles, cousins, denizens of Ashenfell

Political Relations

Kilgour_icon.png House Kilgour As our Liege Lords are loyal to them, so too are we. We have not been a frequent presence in their courts, and have never shared a marriage-bond with any of their name, but if they call upon us, we will serve them every bit as faithfully as we do the Haraveans.
Haravean_icon.png House Haravean They are our liege lords. We have served them faithfully since before the Kingdom of Mobrin was unified, and our fates have been intertwined ever since. We follow them in peace and in war, and will continue to do so…to whatever end.
Forrester_icon.png House Forrester House Forrester and its' vassals have been occasional marriage partners for us in the past. Like us, they have a strong bond with the land, though Sky Forest is a very different kind of land than the fields of Ashenfell. They are frequent trade partners, and often have much need of the bounty we help provide for the Kingdom.
Ruxton_icon.png House Ruxton We share more blood with the rulers of Weston and their vassals than any other Great House beyond Greenshire, and hold a good number of valuable trade agreements with them. We rode to assist in their defense in the most recent Laniveer invasion and would do so again if called upon.
Kincaid_icon.png House Kincaid Aside from a few trade agreements, we have not held close ties to the rulers of Lakeshire or their vassals, as they have less need of what we provide than most, or can more easily procure it from other sources. This is a relationship that has been strengthened with the betrothal of our heir to the Kincaid Duke's daughter.
Crawford_icon.png House Crawford The proud people of Sutherland have long stood beside the folk of Greenshire in common defense, but intermarriage with them has been infrequent at best. Still, we enjoy cordial relations with the Crawfords and their vassals, and a fair bit of Kerrigan goods are purchased with Crawford gold. Their recent tragedy is a grave injustice, and we should do what we can to help their new Duke.

Family Tree


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