Thedor 19, 229: Just Dropped In

Just Dropped In
Summary: Altair makes a little visit to see how Rowena is doing. Cayden does the same thing.
OOC Date: 19/01/2014(OOC)
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Laniveer Suite, Darfield Castle
This spacious sitting room is simply but stylishly decorated. Finely woven patterned rugs cover most of the marble floors and compliment two white leather sofas arranged to face each other near the center of the room. The wall to your left as you enter contains an oak door on the near portion and a spacious hearth on the far portion, where two additional sitting chairs and a small table rest. To your right as you enter is a mahogany door next to an extensive bookshelf which hosts a collection rich with both art and science titles. Tapestries of places throughout the continent adorn the walls on both sides. Directly in front of you, the far wall is covered with lush foliage, hanging and potted plants collected from exotic locales. The room is kept lit by small brass and crystal chandeliers.
Thedor 19, 229

Several hours has passed since Rowena's visit with the Prince and, for once, they parted company without her feeling as if she was starting down the gallows. She still feels rather upset by everything but at least this time it wasn't because things did not go well for them. With the conversation they had still echoing in her head, she is sitting with Odelia, both of them working on needlepoint while they chat quietly.

Making his way along the corridor outside, Altair pauses outside the doors to the Laniveer suite. Waiting there for a few moments, before he asks one of the guards to step inside and announce that he would like to visit, if the Princess is feeling that it is okay.

Odelia looks at the door and offers the guard a smile but Rowena sighs a bit, the fact that she knows the guards will stand post inside the door while company is here bothersome to her. "Show him in. Odelia, see to refreshments, if Prince Altair would like any." She stands and awaits for Altair to be shown inside.

As he's shown in, Altair offers a quiet smile, before there's a polite bow to Rowena now. "Thank you for letting me visit," he offers quietly, before he adds, "I thought I should check in, and see how you were doing, with all that has happened since the last time we spoke."

"It is I who should be thanking you, Your Highness. I got your letter. I am sorry I did not send one back to you. The poem was lovely." Rowena smiles as she curtseys. "When did you return? Is your sister with you… oh, forgive me. Would you care for some tea?" She motions to Odelia who prepares to see to it in cause their guest does.

Altair smiles, "I am very glad you liked the poem. When you and your brother left that evening, I thought a poem like that might help." A brief pause, before he adds, "We returned a few days ago. I would have come to visit earlier, but with all that has happened lately. And yes, both Nima, Dastan and I returned." Nodding a bit at the offer of some tea. "Some tea would be wonderful, thank you." Going silent for a few moments as he studies Rowena carefully now. "How are you doing, with all the recent events?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Rowena motions for Odelia to attend to the tea making which she does, opting to serve Altair and Rowena a lovely black tea that is commonly enjoyed in Laniveer. While that's tended to Rowena gestures, inviting Altair to sit and make himself comfortable. "It did. Thank you. It made me smile and not feel quite so bad. If you'd be as so kind, please pass on my greetings to Nima and let her know that if she'd like to come visit my door is open to her." The smile slips and fades soon, however and, with a light grunt, she throws herself back into her chair unladylike. "I have been treated well, save one time that was borne out of a flaring of temples. I have since made amends with that person, however, and I do think that we might be finally on the path to understanding each other." Her hands rest on her lap as she continues, "As for the… most horrible actions of my brother, I find myself angered and put in a position no man's child or sibling should ever have to be put in."

Moving to seat himself as well, Altair nods a little as he listens. "I am glad to hear it helped." A brief pause, before he nods a little bit at the words about passing on greetings to his sister. "I will pass them on to her," he promises, before he nods a little as he hears the rest of what's said. "I can understand that. I know I would never do anything like that to my siblings." A brief pause, before he adds, "I was quite surprised when I heard what he had done. No matter what his intentions might have been." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I am sure I speak for both me and Nima when I say that if there is anything any of us can do to help, you just need ask."

Her eyes lower and she shakes her head, Rowena's expression equal parts sad and annoyed. "The thing that upsets me the most about it is that it has been assumed that I was involved. Elisen acted on his own…" This is where she tries very hard to smile but she can't make it stay in place and, after a few moments where she feels the corner of her mouth twitching, she gives up entirely. "I might need help someday, Altair. I don't know when, nor do I know what it is I'll need, but I do know I will need… kindness shown to me." The guards at the door are nodded to as she adds, "They have been good to me. More civil than I had expected," as if in afterthought.

Altair nods as he hears that. "I know that is one thing that would upset most people, yes." Another pause as he listens to what's being said, before he offers another nod, and a supportive smile. "I will be here for you when that time comes, Rowena," he promises, before he looks to the guards as well as he hears that, offering a quiet nod and a brief smile to them. "I am glad to hear they have been good to you."

"I am sorry if this put you in a difficult position, Your Highness. I know you were forging a friendship with Elisen as well. I just hope his misdeeds won't reflect poorly upon you." The tea is ready and Odelia hands their guest his cup first, Altair asked how he takes his. While he's served Rowena continues to talk. "I would like to stay in touch with you once I am gone, if I may."

"I do not know if anything has been made more difficult for me," Altair replies, before he takes the tea as it is handed to him, offering a quiet smile and a nod to Odelia, along with a quiet word of thanks. "And if that is so, I will have to discuss that with your brother the next time I meet him." He smiles as he hears the part about staying in touch, before he nods, "I would be very happy to stay in touch with you after you are gone from here as well."

Rowena frowns. "I do not know if such will be made known immediately, Your Highness. If anything, whatever fallout those who we know might experience will be sometime down the road." The tea is sipped as she considers her next words, Rowena quiet for several seconds. "I fear that the longer I am made to stay here the more the danger will be known to us. I do not fear for my own life, mind, but that of my people who came here with me."

Altair nods as he hears that. "Wise words," he replies, before he adds, "I guess we will just have to see what the fallout might be when the time comes." Sipping his own tea, he pauses as he hears what's said now. "Then let us hope that a way can be found so you and your people can get safely out of here." Another sip of his tea, before he adds, "That was actually one of the things I was thinking about on our trip back home. But if there is a way that I can see, it is still hidden for me, sadly."

Two figures are sitting and enjoying tea while discussing the recent events, one being Prince Altair and the other Rowena. Odelia is close by, attentively seeing to their needs as they arise between bouts of packing and setting aside things they will need for their extended stay.

"I wouldn't go as far as to call me wise," Rowena says with a laugh, "I just spent many hours thinking about this while I've been unable to sleep at night." Another sip almost empties her cup and she sets it down so her Lady-in-Waiting can serve her another cup. "Did you hear about Elisen's poisoning," she asks curiously. "I am uncertain as to who the responsible party might be. Assuming there is one. I have my doubts." Which pains her to say as she loves her brother.

Altair smiles, "Well, even if you may not go as far as calling yourself wise, I have no hesitations about doing so." A brief pause, before he takes another sip from his own cup now, and he raises an eyebrow. "I have only heard some rumors about there having been a poisoning, I fear." Nodding a little at the doubts about the responsible party's existence. "The doubts are quite understandable, given the recent events, I fear."

Rowena shakes her head. "You are too kind, Your Highness. Thank you." Altair is watched curiously before she nods, finding herself agreeing. Yes, it is indeed very understandable. "I haven't heard from the Kilgours as to whether or not they've made any headway with their investigation but with Ciarrah being at the hands of my brother and father I will wait since that is so much more important." Odelia sweeps up the empty cup now that she's noticed it and it is not long before she has a fresh cup of tea. "But there will be answers soon enough, I am sure."

Prince Cayden Aberdeen comes to the Laniveer Suite, being announced just before he strides through the doorway. He is looking reasonably well, all things considered, and he does offer a smile towards the pair, bowing slightly at the waist, "Ah, my apologies to you both. Am I intruding? I merely wished to stop by and make sure my Cousin was as well as could be hoped for." He turns that smile towards Rowena as he speaks, waiting to see if he's shooed off or invited to join.

"Too kind? I would simply call it honest," Altair replies, before he nods a little at the rest of what's said. Draining the last of his tea, he looks about to say something more, but Cayden's entrance makes him turn towards the door. "Prince Cayden. Always a pleasure to meet you." There's a smile, and a polite nod to the Aberdeen prince as well now.

Good thing Rowena hasn't taken her tea in hand yet otherwise Cayden might have found himself burned when he's rushed in an attempt to be given a hug by her. "We were catching up now that Altair and his sister and brother are back. Please join us." He's escorted to a chair and made to sit if he doesn't seem inclined to do so, his cousin very insistant. "I have been well enough, thank you, Cayden. I do hope the same can be said for you. Would you care for some tea? Odelia makes a lovely cup."

Perhaps to Rowena's relief, Cayden doesn't dodge or otherwise protest or avoid the sudden embrace. He does laugh with a bit of surprise lacing his voice, giving her a brief but warm squeeze, "Well…I'm glad to see you in better spirits than before, certainly." He nods to Altair, still smiling when he's released, "And you as well, Prince Altair." He doesn't protest being led to sit down, either, answering Rowena's question, "I do think "well enough" is a good way to describe it, yes. Tea would be fine."

Altair smiles as he watches the two cousins, keeping quiet until Cayden's been placed in the chair. "She sure makes a lovely cup, yes," he offers to the part about Odelia, before he looks to Cayden. "I am sorry I had to leave during the reunion between you and your brother last night, Prince Cayden. It was the travel back here from Kundari that finally caught up with me, so I was too tired to stay in the room."

Odelia moves into action, pouring yet another cup, leaving Rowena able to talk without interruption. "I am trying not to let things weigh me down," she says honestly while nodding, perhaps doing the latter to make it come across as a bit more believable than she fears it sounds. "I am glad you are well also, Cousin." The two men are allowed to talk as she's now addressing her maiden, whispering something into her ear that spurs her into leaving the room.

"Think nothing of it Prince Altair. As much as I may love the sea, a long voyage still takes its toll, and the call of a warm bed on dry land can easily be too great to withstand by the time it ends." Cayden grins, accepting the tea and sipping it a bit before chuckling, "I do think my younger brother was more than a bit smitten with your sister, Prince Altair. Or at the very least so astounded by her beauty that he was…a bit off-balance, I think. Not that I can blame him on that particular issue." He looks to Rowena then, studying her intently, as though weighing the truth of her words, but whatever conclusion he comes to he doesn't share aloud, "Ah yes, you may not have heard…my brother Cassius has newly arrived in Darfield. Sent by my father, it seems."

Unable to hold back a grin as he hears Cayden's words, Altair nods, "She often has that effect on people. Which is why her older brother is around, just like a bulldog or some other scary beast." A brief pause, before he looks to Rowena again now, offering her another smile. "The way you are doing so speaks volumes of your strength," he offers to her now.

Rowena looks surprised at Cayden's news. "I didn't realize that. When did he arrive?" Gossip over-rides the need for anything in the form of refreshments and Rowena looks between Cayden and Altair. "Who can blame him if he was. Your sister is so beautiful." Enough so to send Rowena into a fit of self-doubt where her own beauty is concerned. "I am surprised you do not have to threaten young men with bodily harm to keep them at bay, Altair."

"I would not be surprised if he has had occasion, Rowena." Cayden chuckles, sipping the tea again, "Cassius arrived just last night. Found me while I was paying a visit to Prince Altair and Princess Nima." Cayden smiles behind the rim of his teacup, "And yes, while I am sure that you are more than equal to the task, Prince Altair, your sister might warrant an army of very protective siblings."

"Who says I have not had to do that a number of times already?" Altair replies very lightly at Rowena's words, before he adds, "And yes, she is a beautiful woman." A brief pause, as he looks between the two of them, before smiling to Rowena again. "And so are you as well." A brief pause, before he grins at Cayden. "You mean three are not enough?"

She really wasn't trying to fish for a compliment but is glad to be given one, just the same, it being the cause for Rowena's smile to return. Cocking a brow at her cousin, the way she's doing so is almost like a dare to agree with his fellow royal. "I would like to meet my cousin, if I may. Assuming you won't think being around me will somehow corrupt him." Her eyes are sparkling and with that tone she says that in, it's clear that Ro doesn't seriously consider herself to be a bad influence. That same cocked brow and smile is given to Altair. "Thank you, Altair. It is always a pleasure to be admired."

"Indeed, were she not my cousin I likely would have begged my father for the opportunity to court her already." Cayden notes with a grin and a wink towards Rowena, then a glance back to Altair and a warm, open smile, "Clearly three have been enough, and no doubt will continue to be. But I confess that I understand Cassius' reaction all-too-well. Even if I should like to think I managed not to completely take leave of my senses upon meeting Princess Nima." He looks back to Rowena and nods, though his smile dims somewhat, "It is not fear of you corrupting him that might give me any hesitance, Rowena. Though I will certainly pass your wishes on to him. He is…" Cayden shrugs a shoulder, "Of all my siblings, I know him the least. I was often at sea while he grew, and while he is not a stranger to me, I am not entirely sure he shares my jovial manner." He does grin then, "Though he clearly -does- have a weakness for beautiful women, so I should think he would in fact be most pleased to meet you."

Altair smiles as he listens now. "That is how it can be," he offers to Cayden at the part about not knowing Cassius that well. "And I am sure that is how it will have to be, at least for some people." There's a thoughtful smile for a few moments, before he looks between the others again.

Rowena giggles. "Surely there are worst fates one can endure than court their cousin," is teased. "But I would be loathed to be courted by anyone, cousin or not, before the time my circumstance improves. Which will be awhile, I am afraid." Thankfully she already has ideas forming in her head which means she's got the important step underway but the execution of them will be more difficult.

"We can only hope it is sooner rather than later, Rowena." Cayden replies with a subdued but genuine smile, "Regardless of…the actions of others…I would wish you nothing but happiness and safety."

"Wouldn't that depend on the cousin?" Altair remarks quite lightly, before he nods a little as he listens. "Sooner rather than later would be a good thing, I agree."

"Sadly there has been a delay," Rowena announces. "And I cannot set it right for anyone, myself being the least of my concerns, until the time when my brother can be convinced to make good on his end of the bargain. I should write him and Father. See if I cannot appeal to what common sense they might share between the two of them." Her hand comes out and she touches Cayden's arm first and vows, "I will see your sister returned, Cayden. Even if it means the death of me," and then she touches Altair's arm. "It does indeed depend on that, Your Highness."

"Light willing it does not come to that, Rowena. While there is no doubt I would be relieved and pleased to see Ciarrah returned, I would judge it a poor tradeoff if it meant you losing your life." Cayden sighs, "I am not so naive as to always believe that things will turn out for the best, but you should not have to pay for the misdeeds of your kin." He takes Rowena's hand and gives it a brief squeeze, "In any case, I had best go make sure that Cassius is staying out of trouble." He smiles to Altair and notes, "Always a pleasure, Prince Altair." He finishes up his tea and sets the cup aside, rising to his feet, and leaning over to give Rowena a peck on the cheek, "As always, if you have need of anything, simply send word."

Altair nods a little, "Let us all hope it will not come to you having to give your life for her to be returned. The world would probably be a far poorer place without both of you being here." A brief pause as his arm is touched, and he reaches out to lightly touch her hand, ever so briefly, offering a smile in return.

The kiss and Cayden's words are accepted with a peck returned to his cheek before he can get too far away. "We will have to talk soon. I will ask Prince Tyrel if he'll allow us one meeting in private. Be well until we can next see each other." The cup is set upon her lap and she leans back, the weariness she has felt so much since her arrival in Stormvale returning. "And Altair, when the time comes I'll let you know what I'll need your help with."

Altair nods as he hears that, offering a smile now. "I do not doubt that we will meet again soon, Prince Cayden," he offers to the man, before he looks back to Rowena, offering her a smile. "I will be waiting to hear what you will need the help with."

Scene faded…

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