Thedor 23, 229: Just A Simple Little Talk

Just A Simple Little Talk
Summary: Lady Lynette Kincaid invites Lord Shepard Kerrigan to Kincaid Manor to discuss his interest in her.
OOC Date: 23/1/2014 (OOC)
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Kincaid Manor
Before you is a villa style home that is set in behind hedgerows. It is low to the ground and has smooth orange rust colored walls. The roof is made of terra cotta tiles, stacked atop each other. Directly in front is the large wrought iron gate with sturdy wooden slats spiked onto the gate to make what lies beyond a secret. From the gate, the wall spreads to either side and then turns sharply to form a square, at the back of the square, the only raised structure and just barely visible from the front. The 2 story main section of the villa stands directly opposite the gate. In peeking through the wooden slats of the gate, there is a glimpse of a lush courtyard and the open-air rooms that make up the sidewalls, as well as the face of the house proper. Plain and even drab from the outside, clearly this place saves its beauty for within.
Thedor 23, 229

Winter is still found across the city, and at the moment it is snowing adding to the piles that have shoveled to the sides and the somewhat clear ground that has been trampled on by ones walking over it. The Kincaid Manor has been rather quiet place as of late which many are dealing with after the death of the beloved Queen. Guards are stationed at the door ways around the manor, all keeping a close eye on this to make sure nothing is a miss. Lynette did send word to speak to a certain noble, one that is looking to marry her as a talk was in order it seems, at least in her mind. She is off in the library looking out the large window that overlooks a small courtyard below, she has on a black dress with silver trim across the neckline and down across the center of the bodice, the sleeves are long and for the moment tucked up as her slender arms are folded before her, hands tucked into the sleeves slightly. A pale blue shawl rests across her shoulders and is wrapped a bit tight to offer her some warmth, her hair is pulled back in lose curls and hair pins that have small white jeweled lilies upon them that sparkle slightly. There is a fire burning within the library's fireplace offering some warmth to the room, and recently placed tray which holds a teapot, cups, sugar and small cookies sits upon a table between two chairs near the window.

As tends to be his way, Shepard arrives just shortly before the appointed hour for this meeting. The midnight-black coat of his Darfield Destrier seems quite appropriate this week, and it's only enhanced by the black attire he's donned. Coat, pants, boots, gloves, cloak….all black. Indeed, the only splash of color is an enameled brooch upon his left breast, which bears the heraldry of his house…so a small shield of blue and red and brown and green, trimmed in silver. Unsurprisingly, his cheeks are a bit flushed from the cold and his hair a bit windswept when he makes his way to the entrance, an expectant servant escorting him inside while a stablehand moves to take care of his horse.

And before long, he's standing in the entrance of the library, offering a bow and a smile, and though the smile is warm and genuine, there is, perhaps…a tiny bit of uncertainty to be found in his eyes. He had not heard any word from Duke Aidan that the contract was off, so he had assumed she had consented to the match, but he didn't really know for sure.

"Lady Lynette. I was honored to receive your invitation. How might I be of service?"

Lynette had indeed gave her father a answer on the matter, one that he would take care of giving to Shepard and his family, though that was before the Queen died, since then everything has been off to say the least. She has caught sight of Shepard riding up to the manor so knew that her message was indeed received. A soft breath escapes her while she turns in order to face the door waiting for the servant and the guest to arrive. Once the pair enters a soft smile is seen along with a nod back. "Sir Kerrigan, thank you for coming to speak with me." She's not talked to him since the night they had the pleasure of having a dance. She lifts a hand offering a slight wave to a chair inviting him to come sit it would seem, with this done she moves to settle upon the free seat, hands smoothing out her dress as she goes. Anne her handmaiden is there, along with several other servants in the room to keep a close eye on the pair it seems. "Just a simple little talk. I promise not to take up much of your time. I'm sure you must be busy."

Shepard moves over to settle into the offered chair, seeming comfortable enough in the motion, the smile still in place. A brow tilts at her mention of not taking up too much of his time, and a soft chuckle escapes him before he adds, "While I do have other duties, I would mark any opportunity to spend time in your presence as time well worth spending, milady, if you will not think it too bold of me to say so." He smiles, "And should you wish a very great deal more of my time in days to come, it would certainly please me to no end."

Lynette looks a touch amused as she hears Shepard, a soft chuckle escapes her. "No That is alright to say I do suppose." She offers with a warm smile seen. Anne doesn't seem to amused and looks up from her knitting to eye the pair, a faint clearing of her throat picked up. Ly continues on while moving to pour some tea into a cup for herself. "Would you like some tea?" This questioned with a curious look to him. "I'm rather happy to hear that. My father told me that you wish for my hand in marriage." Her tone soft as she speaks pouring some tea into the other cup if he agree to it. "He went over the talk that you both had and that you almost beat him at chess. No small feat there for certain." Her blue gaze lifts to settle upon him a moment. "I wish to know why from your own words." Anne is left in a slight coughing sputter, one should not ask such things but let's face it Lyn never was one to fully follow the rules. So this is on the conversation begins it would seem.

"Well, this is a conversation that may send your maid running to the apothecaries for a large sack of lozenges, I think…" Shepard deadpans, though there's still that glimmer of humor in his eyes. "Tea would be lovely, thank you, and so far as chess games go…I had the best of teachers. Your late uncle Lord Desmond, actually, if your father did not already inform you of that." He adds, before leaning back, considering his words, "Well, would you prefer to hear the practical or the less-practical reasons first? Or just have me try to pour it all out at once?" He tilts his head, considering Lynette fairly intently, though not with any sense of worry, just a bit of curiosity as to her answer.

Oxley slowly makes his way into the room from the hall leading to the sleeping chambers. His movement is a bit labored, stiff, as if maybe he'd pulled something in his back. He's dressed in fine leather pants and a beige button up shirt that's a bit puffy at the sleeves. There's a one inch cut across his right eyebrow. He moves to the wine, pouring himself a small glass, nodding to Lynette and Shepard. "Lord sir. My Lady." He then concentrates on his wine, drinking it with a bit of a grunt as he straightens his back.

Lynette grins just a moment at the thought of what may send her maid running. "It is possible But seeing how she has been with me for some time now I'm sure she has heard me speak of worse." This said with a teasing tone as she places a small bit of sugar into her cup and les her slender hands rest around her cup of tea which is still rather hot from the looks of steam floating up into the air. A slight nod is seen while she takes in a soft breath. "Yes, my father did tell me that you knew my uncle and a bit more" A slight frown is seen but that is it before she goes on and chuckles a touch. "Oh really?" This questioned while lifting her head slightly as she ponders. "How about just pour it out and see what falls where then?" This questioned while she curious watches him while sipping at her cup. Hearing another voice she looks over, a soft smile and nod is sent to Oxley. "Hello Oxley, would you like some tea?" Well at least he isn't trying to get dressed this time. There is a moment as he goes about getting wine so she doesn't comment more about the tea.

Shepard looks over at the sound of the new arrival, inclining his head and smiling towards the younger man, "Good day to you, Young Sir Oxley. A pleasure to see you again." He sips from his own mug of tea and considers a few moments, and since Lynette gives no indication of intending to halt the conversation due to his presence, he simply continues, "Well, you're doing a wonderful job of evidencing one reason just these few moments." Shepard smiles, "You have a healthy…and I suspect a bit mischievous…sense of humor. You've not had occasion to spend a great deal of time around my family, but rest assured that this will certainly go a long way towards helping you feel welcome." He chuckles, "The practical aspects of things are likely all that you would expect. You are well-educated, of high station, and part of a most respectable and powerful family. I will not begrudge you a great deal of skepticism when I say that in all truth aside from the education, the latter two truly mean less to me than they do my father. I have the greatest of respect for your family, and if fate had worked out differently and you were in the position of your cousins Faerinia or Sorcha rather than the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the Kingdom, I would still have chosen you, were any choice given at all." He sips from his cup of tea, adding, "And should matters proceed, I will gladly spend the remainder of my days working to prove the sincerity of those words to you."

Oxley finishes his glass of wine, looking at Lynette. "I'm not really a tea guy…" He pours a second glass. "It sounds as if you have quite a suitor, My Lady." He offers her a gentle smile, he looks tired. "I look forward to celebrating, should it all be approved." He lifts his glass to Shepard, and takes another drink. "Would you prefer I leave you two? I won't be offended…?"

Lynette looks a bit amused once Shepard talks about her mischievous side being one of a few reasons behind this. "I can assure you Sir that could be a reason why you regret at some point. So at least a reason that my maid would think on." She sips at her tea while Anne just grumbles in her spot looking rather mad to say the least, maid is grumpy! The rest is taken into account, a faint nod seen from her while she ponders it before her blue gaze drifts back to Shepard to watch him curiously. "I must say that you do indeed know what to say." This said with an amused tone, a slight twinkle caught within her eye perhaps. " Oh I am rather sure that you will indeed. You don't seem like the type to say one thing and then do something else in this sort of situation." She is quiet for a moment pondering before glancing to Oxley, a soft smile seen. "No you may stay if you wish it. If Sir Shepard is alright with it as well of course."

"So far as I am concerned, the decision was entirely Lady Lynette's, and I certainly take no offense or discomfort in your presence, Young Sir Oxley." Shepard looks to the man and nods once more, still smiling. Of course, his attention does turn back to Lynette and nods, "I am mindful of my speech, milady. Some make no effort in understanding that words have power, and I have long held that any sort of power should not be wielded carelessly. Though I would imagine I am hardly unique in that viewpoint." Shepard's tone doesn't sound lecturing, merely explaining his point of view in a conversational manner.

Oxley nods, "Thanks," and he makes his way over to a chair. He sits very slowly, painfully, wincing a little as he gently lowers himself into the seat with a quiet groan. He takes another sip of the wine. "Is the betrothal arranged, if I may ask? Or is this still courting?" He smiles, "You'll have your hands full with her, sir. But she's incredible," he offers, giving Lynette an almost brotherly nod of approval.

"Words indeed do have great power. I try to watch my words but I will fully admit that it does not always work out that way." This said with a teasing tone at the idea of it. Honestly she has said some rather strange and unlady like this in the past after all! Onwards though and there is but a pause as she hears Oxley with a soft smile seen and she lowers her head a touch to look at her cup. "I've Given my father a answer. Though I am rather sure he has not sent the answer to Sir Shepard and his family just yet." Given everything that has happened after all. A chuckle is heard and she glances towards Oxley with an amused look seen. "Thinks so do you?"

"Well, I would be a liar if I said that there were not times that my tongue has run away with me as well, milady." Shepard chuckles at some particular memory. He looks to Oxley, clearly amused, "I should think having my hands full would not be so bad a thing. I should allow that it would be a constant reminder that a good marriage is not something that can be taken for granted, and that requires effort. Though I do confess I am inclined to agree with your assessment thus far." He looks back to Lynette, eyes alight as she mentions having given her father an answer. He nods his head in acknowledgment, not bringing up matters that would have most-understandably delayed certain matters of communication.

Oxley smirks, "I do, My Lady." He nods at Shepard, "Good luck, then."

Lynette chuckles softly and nods a moment before looking back to Shepard, pondering if she should tell him or not it would seem. A soft breath escapes her and she lets her finger tap upon the cup. "Perhaps I should wait for my father to tell you and your father." This said with a teasing tone. There is a warm smile seen though. "I'm very happy to hear you say that Sir Shepard. I would wish the same for who I am to marry I do not wish to be seen only as I have told you before." She goes on though and looks to her cup pondering. "I told him yes that I would ok this marriage Sir Shepard. I do hope you can still hold some excitement over for when my father does tell you the news."

"Thank you, Young Sir Oxley." Shepard grins towards him, then looks back to Lynette, smiling more brightly, and, perhaps, almost imperceptibly, a tiny bit of relief flashes across his eyes. He held hope, but confirmation is always better. "Somehow, I will have to summon my deepest reserves of restraint and hold a bit of said excitement in check until the appropriate hour." He smiles behind the rim of his teacup and sips from it. "Assuming that all proceeds, then, would you wish to bring your maid with you and into the service of my house?" It's a genuine offer, but still laced with no small degree of teasing humor in its' tone, projected indirectly towards said maid.

Lynette catches the smile, which only makes her offer a warm smile back to him along with a slight nod. "I will not lie… I think you have managed to win my heart to some degree Sir Shepard." This said with a softer tone, perhaps trying to keep her dear maid from saying it. So only hopes that she did not make a bad choice, though only time will tell on that matter. A soft chuckle escapes her and she glanes towards her maid watching her a few moments. Anne stiffens at the talk is brought up with her. "If she so wishes it then yes. But… I would not expect her to leave her family. I'm rather sure one of the others would be so interested." Anne is not a young woman after all, and she does have a family here and would always have a job of course.

Oxley lifts his brow, and then shakes his head. With a grunt, he pushes up to his feet, "Okay, you two sparrows flit. I'm going to go check the horses." He moves again with some labor to return his wine goblet to the tray near the wine, and then smiles, "Sir. My Lady." He bows to them both appropriately, and then heads to the door.

Shepard nods towards Oxley, "Until later, Young Sir Oxley." After the squire has departed, he smiles back to Lynette, "I think some degree is better than no degree at all…and that marriages have been made with less." He flicks a glance to Anne, smiling towards her, carrying warmth and humor not that he expects it to crack her professional demeanor. Then he looks back to Lynette, and smiles once more, "Then I suppose you will have to forgive a bit of ignorance on my part when I ask if there are any particular betrothal traditions unique to Lakeshire I should be aware of? We've a few in Greenshire but…" He grins, "Certain aspects have already been rendered impossibly by the will of His Grace. Others, however, I do intend to follow. I hope you will not think them too rustic for your tastes."

Lynette nods slightly and tilts her head, letting her hands slightly across the cup before sitting it down and allowing her hands to rest neatly upon her lap. "Indeed they have been made with much less. I had always hoped that would not be the case for me." This said with a soft tone escaping her. "Though I won't go on with that at the moment." She still is unsure fully on how it might work out perhaps. A soft chuckle escapes her and she grins a touch. "Oh There are a few of course though I have already spilled the beans so to speak not too sure if I should give away everything so close." As for the rest she smiles. "Indeed I don't think my father would agree with stealing me away to someplace. As for them being rustic I hardly think that would bother me in the least."

"Good to hear, though the wedding of Moira and Ald- *ahem* Countess Moira and Count Aldren…" Shepard smiles a bit impishly at his slip towards the familiar, "Was a bit atypical. The wedding itself is not typically held in the location that the bride is stolen off to. However the thankfully-resolved situation with the Temple necessitated that we get…" He grins, "A bit creative."

Lynette lifts a brow slightly at the bit on slipping towards familiar, which she doesn't seem to mind but offers a slight nod all the while. "Oh I'm rather sure it was a bit atypical. As for the rest… Well it'll be dealt with some things back at Lakeshire. The week or two before the wedding the bride is to stay in the highest tower at night to make sure the groom doesn't get any sneaky ideas." A slight wink is seen but that is all. "Anything else though I'll have to make you wait on."

"Fair enough." Shepard replies with an expression that's half-grin and half simply a pleasant smile. "Well then…was there anything else you wished to know, Milady? I certainly would not wish to leave your questions unanswered." He tilts his head, finishing off his mug of tea, though he waves off the offer of a refill for now.

Lynette shakes her head slightly while she shifts slightly in her seat. "No… None that come to mind." Or that she can ask at the moment that is! There is a pause and she looks to him amused like. "Tell me. Did you have any for me by chance?" This questioned with a teasing tone, a slight grin seen. She doesn't think he'll ask, but… Might as well!

Shepard considers a moment, looking genuinely thoughtful, before finally smiling. "No…as potentially dangerous as it may be, given your self-stated penchant for mischief, I should think any further mysteries concerning yourself are things that I would like to savor in the revelation." Now there's a statement that could be taken a lot of different ways, and probably the closest to impropriety Shepard has ventured in…quite some time, if still technically within its bounds. Might send poor Anne running for a switch to try to shoo Shepard out with, though.

Lynette chuckles a moment as she hears this. "Wish choice I must say." She offers with a soft tone, and is perhaps blushing a moment at the thought while she tilts her head sending a half glance towards Anne. The maid is indeed eyeing Shepard and if she had her fingers on a switch she may be thinking about using it! Though at the moment he is safe it seems. "I do not wish to keep you much longer Sir Shepard. I greatly appreciate the time with you here though." There is a slight pause and she clears her throat a touch, a soft smile seen while she lets her gaze linger upon his a few moments. "I'm rather sure we will speak with one another soon?"

"I'm quite sure we will." Shepard smiles warmly once more, rising to his feet and bowing at the waist, "Lady Lynette, I thank you again for your kind invitation, and am most grateful we had this opportunity to speak." He straightens, adding, "Should all go well, I may have occasion to visit with you again…next week, I should think."

Lynette shifts so that she is standing as well, a soft smile and nod is seen while she lets her hand clasp lightly in front of her. "I do hope that it goes well then." This said softly. "I will look forward to the coming week. I do hope that you have a safe trip back to the castle."

"Thank you milady. I bid you a pleasant evening." Shepard smiles once more, and then turns to depart, perhaps a good bit more spring in his step as one of the household servants sees him out. And a smile from ear-to-ear affixed to his face that will likely not leave until after he's dead-asleep in his quarters at the castle.


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