Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza as Jadda
Region: Jadda
Kingdom: Jadda
Rulers: god-King Nazir Kassem
Wealth: Moderate
Population: 3.4 Million
Language: Various, Daereni (Common)
Religion: god-King
Demonym: Jadden
Primary Revenue: Self sufficient, exotic.
Cultural Niche: Tribal
Weakness: comprehended as barbaric
Fortification: 98 Castles, Keeps, and Holds
Specialization: {$armyspecialization}
Knights: {$knights}
Soldiers: {$soldiers}



The Kingdom of Jadda lies to the northwest of Mobrin. Jadda consists mainly of harsh jungle terrain, with two large deserts. The people of Jadda are generally considered barbaric by others on the continent, and are often looked down upon.

Each tribe or enclave in Jadda is ruled by a female Shaman and a male Elder, while the Kingdom as a whole is ruled by the god-King. At the age of maturity, every child in the household of the god-King is 'possessed' by a natural god. The citizens of Jadda worship the household of the god-King, and often build temples and statues in their honor.

Citizens of Jadda view themselves as being at the height of culture, the center of civilization, while those from Mobrin and Laniveer view the Jaddans as savage barbarians. Jaddans view their culture and religion as the right and true way, and believe the proof is the god-Kings they serve, who live and breath with them in the flesh. Jaddans believe that the first living god was Hasan Gilmesh, and that he chose them as his people because of their supremacy.


For most of time, Jaddans were nomadic tribes people, wandering the jungles and deserts of the region. When Gaelor Manghem invaded Jadda with his massive army, the tribes were nearly destroyed.

During the reign of Gaelor Manghem, thirteen castles were built in Jadda. The capital was called Perfedd Hold. Nobles from Laniveer were imported to govern the land, and a new regime was setup that would last nearly 1500 years.


When the Empire collapsed, a warlord from the Jungles of Ilhas rose up against the Laniveer nobles who ruled his land, massacring many in the wake of his path. It has been said that Hasan Gilmesh was so fearsome that his enemies trembled at the mention of his name.

Hasan Gilmesh united the old tribes of Jadda, who came out of the deserts and jungles by the droves, to expel the Laniveer who had been ruling over them for generations. After successfully overthrowing their overlords, Hasan Gilmesh was declared King-god of the people of Jadda, setting up a hierarchical system of god-lords that has ruled ever since. After the recent death of the god-king Nazir Kaseem, the god-queen is ruling in his stead and recently committed to a temporary alliance with Laniveer.



According to the god-King religion worshiped in Jadda, one who serves as a completely devoted soldier for the god-King, will earn a better life and position in the next reincarnation. As a result, many fathers send their sons to fight for the supreme being when they are just five years of age. The sons are trained to fight and serve their god-King until they are able to be respawned in another incarnation.



Jadda is currently ruled by god-King Nazir Kassem. Upon his recent untimely demise the god-queen, Yaretzi Kassem, is ruling in his stead and she is said to be fierce.

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