Nar 27, 229: Itches and Other Dire Things

Itches and Other Dire Things
Summary: Brennart and Nerissa in the infirmary talk with Kadlin about the strange sitings around Mobrin.
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Infirmary Darfield Castle
The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
27 Nar, 229

The young blonde Lady sits up in her bed, with Nerissa behind her brushing out the freshly washed strands and plaiting them. "At least you can be in our cabin again, the harbor is calm enough that you won't be jostled. Father already knows we've put the journey off for Kampidon to recover before returning," the redhead is chattering away as she works. "And they've finished repairing the hold, so there won't be that incessant pounding ringing in your ears and making your head throb."

Brennart happens to be heading into the infirmary around the same time scratching at the bandages on his arm and wincing each time he does it, "Bloody thing is just itching away and hurts if I do it or if I don't do it…"

Every so often, Kadlin makes her way to the infirmary to see to the wounded and the sick. It is not as if she is going to heal them, but more so to do her priestly duties. This evening she enters in a long white flowing dress, not typical of her robes. Pausing in the doorway, she speaks to one of the caregivers and with a polite nod makes her way towards Brennart's bed, a nod given as well to Nerissa in passing.

Glancing over as she hears a voice that is becoming familiar, which in itself is irritating, Nerissa gives a little sigh. "And, you won't have to be in the same room as His Honorable Lord, Baron Giantslayer," she adds to her list of advantages of leaving the infirmary. As if Brennart's scratching has a strong power of suggestion, she holds the braid with one hand and absently scratches over the clavicle bone where the stitches closed the wound she recieved from flying wood and metal when the stallion went berserk. The priestess, however, receives a much more polite nod and almost a smile as she resumes her work making her sister ready to travel.

Brennart glances over towards the stubborn noble woman… "I take it you've heard the news from the king then…" He offers a nod towards the priestss, "Evening priestess." He stands off to the side to allow the healers the opportunity to change out the bandages and clean up the wound some before rebandaging it.

Kadlin is more than willing to allow them to have their conversation, moving to sit beside Brennart's ned and listening intently. She always listens, always learning. She then decides to venture a samll question when their is a pause in the conversation, "When you have a moment Your Excellency, I have a few small questions for you."

"Rissa," the blonde's calm voice admonishes softly as the redhead opens her mouth to retort to Brennart.

"They itch. Doesn't that mean they're ready to be removed?" Nerissa deliberately responds as if she was being taken to task for scratching, rather than having some acerbic comment forestalled.

"Yes, it does, Lady Nerissa," one of the healers tending to Brennart says wearily over his shoulder. "I shall be over when I am finished here."

Brennart nods towards the priestess, "Of course priestess I was instructed to answer all the questions the priests and priestesses may have for me." He glances down at his arm as the healers finish up with the rebandaging of his wound. Of course it's looking much better now that it's actually clean and getting properly taken care of… "Think you could stitch her mouth shut? I jest, of course. much prefer somebody who tells it to me how it actually is."

"It is not my place to entrench myself in the midst of your little quarrel as it were. I have little time to do such." She leans back in the chair in which she sits and adds, "Bluntness is welcomed. Best tell it like it is and deal with it, then try and convince yourself to believe that it never happened." Her hands move to fold upon her lap and she exhales softly, "Who instructed you Your Excellency..I mean to speak with a Priestess?

Nerissa's wide open mouth ends up letting out a little, frustrated mrow of irritated pain when her sister manages to punch her in the thigh when she wants to retort something about stitching her mouth shut. She takes a deep breath and exhales it, managing murmur a thanks to the healer, and temporarily excusing herself.

"She's a bit biased lately, I'm not sure you'll get it like it really is," Lady Assana, the blonde remaining behind confides Brennart. "The only man free from the bias is Father. And maybe Ranger Theron." She gives a smile to the two, then leans back on her pillows again with a relieved sigh after sitting up for so long.

Brennart smiles towards the noblewomen and nods, "I understand… But it's still better than having folks just agree with me to agree with me." His attention returns to the prietess, "I was told by the King that I'd likely have priests and priestesses wanting to question me and to ensure I make myself available for such."

There is a polite nod of her head to Nerissa as she slowly turns her eyes back to Brennart, studying him a moment before venturing her inquiry, "What did you see? What happened. Anything you can enlighten me on will go very far in helping the Temple understand what is going on and what potentially could be coming."

Brennart hmmms, "Well we were staged on the battlefield the day Cri went dark with the ring of blue fire… As we're getting ready to commit to the battle the planet vanished and two giants with flaming swords just kind of appeared. I'm sorry that I don't really know from where it was like there was nothing then a giant… The two giants started to lay waste to the armies so we had to join forces to defeat them which still was a difficult fight."

Kadlin listens carefully to Brennart speak, her eyes narrowing in thought as he continues with his tale, "Two giants with flaming swords?" She does not seem overly surprised by the fact that he has mentioned two giants, "There have been many monster sitings since the Eclipse. It is all connected."

The prospect of having those cursed stitches removed means that Nerissa isn't gone for very long. She returns, in her best-behavior regal posture as the healer is cleaning up from changing Brennart's wound dressing, and turns to look over towards her. Since the stitches require a loosening of her bodice and undergown, he pulls a curtain before he begins.

"It looks well enough, despite your scratching," he mutters as he sets to cutting and tugging out the string. There's nothing heard from the young woman in protest to either his criticism, or the pulling of the thread leaving her flesh.

As she waits for her sister to reappear, Lady Assana reaches for the abandoned embroidery hoop on the little table next to her. As she stitches, she surreptitiously eyes Brennart with a curious, appraising eye. A little smirk plays briefly across her lips.

Brennart nods his head, "Yes two giants with flaming swords. When they died they just decayed and reabsorbed into the ground leaving just a little bit of goo behind them and no trace of anything from them arms and armor included."

The Priestess listens carefully, taking all that he says with a narrowing of her eye as if in thought, "Back to Inouv's realm. It is because of him that all of the monsters are plaguing our countryside. The God's have awakened, and one of those God's is evil incarnate. I fear that we have only just begun to see what will eventually come. I wish I had more answers myself, but I simply do not." She offers a polite smile to Nerissa as well, "Are you a healer?"

As Nerissa re-emerges, her lips set for a moment, then a sigh as she gives a little rub along her gown over the livid mark that will probably leave a scar, she looks up as she realizes she's being addressed. "No, Your Holiness," a little bit of a smile curves her lips. "I'm a Ranger, though. Ranger Theron taught me a bit about survival." She glances at her sister, catching the bemused smile, and narrowing her eyes. She lets out a long exhale. "Giants that dissolve. Interesting."

Brennart nods, "Do we have any information about these beasts and what we may see in the future? I mean if the people are prepared for it they're less likely to completely panic over something like that happening…" He shrugs towards Nerissa, "Wish they hadn't at least then there'd be more proof rather than just eye witness accounts."

" I assure you, nobody will doubt your story. Yours is not the first account spoken of in regards to monsters and beasts being encountered. Te Illuminated are meeting to discuss what course of action should be taken. However, even they are not able to predict what is to come. It makes planning a bit difficult to besure." She casts her smile to Nerissa now, "It is a good thing to have some healing skills. I only wish I had more myself. I guess I tend to be the one to inflict the wounds, and my fellow Preist Valarius hanfdles much of the healing."

The talk between Brennart and Kadlin is heard, the redhead narrowing her eyes slightly, head titing slightly to one side. "Are you saying there are others that will be just 'appearing' anywhere?" The skepticism also holds a trace of wariness. "Even in Sky Forest?"

Brennart nods, "I think now that my story would be believed but when I first got back nobody really believed me… Of course if I'd heard myself I wouldn't have believe it either." He glances over at Nerissa and nods, "Thats exactly what it sounds like that there will be more and they'll be all over."

Kadlin readily agrees, trying to add a level of comfort to her companions, but her words speak otherwise, "Who knows where they will show up. To be honest there is no truthful way to know. All we can do is be prepared for anything. It is my hope that in time the Illuminated will discover more answers to help deal with this situation before us. I will not lie, it is certainly a concern, and we have not seen the worst.

It is the words of the priestess that gain more of Nerissa's attention, rather than Brennart's. "We should send a bird to father as soon as we reach the ship," she notes to her sister. "The Rangers will need to be more on alert. Do the Illuminated have any idea what can kill these things? Can normal weapons kill them, or does it have to be something special that counters their magic?"

Brennart shrugs, "I don't know about all of them but a lance through the chest kills the giants. Just took a lot of work to get the chest down to lance level…"

Kadlin turns her attention to Nerissa and exhales softly, "It is my understanding that there is no need for magical weaponry to kill them. From what I understand, they have been slain by normal weapons and then simple returned to Inouv's domain. There are little answers thus far, but having your Rangers on high alert would be best I would suggest."

"It is true, then? The Eight have awakened?" Nerissa asks, and Assana sets down her embroidery to listen to the priestesses answer. "Will the others be sending minions of their own to trample those of Inouv? How will we be able to tell the difference if they do?"

"It is true. Or they are in the process of awakening. What is going to happen is a great mystery, but the illuminated are having meetings to determine what needs to be done." Her hands move to settle lightly on her lap, "I cannot speak for what the Gods will do…however, I can promise you that I shall do my best to make Nar well aware of what is needed from him. I pray to him daily, and the Lord of War listens, I am sure of it."

There's a silence from the Lady, one hand resting on her hip, the other idly rubbing at her newly healed wound again. The war of skepticism and belief wages in her gaze, until she is distracted by her sister's suggestion that they should said back to Horizon right away, and not just rely on a bird to relay the news. Nerissa shakes her head once. "The healers said you shouldn't have the jostling of the ocean voyage before your ribs are completely healed."

"Maybe I should stay here, then. You can come back again to get me when I'm fully healed. I'd rather ride a horse home, anyways. You know I get seasick sometimes," Assana suggests.

"She has a point M'lady, moving you when you are not fully healed maynot be a good idea. However, considering the cirucmstance, sometimes such risks are needed to be taken." She casually shrugs and looks to the wounded girl, "You are more thn likely safer within the city anyhow. Staying here to heal may not be a bad idea. However, leaving sooner might be a good idea as well, I mean before things get worse." She looks back to Nerissa and adds, "Both options have their pros and cons.

Standing there for another moment, Nerissa looks around. "Having stout walls around you isn't a bad idea. There are guards all over the place here, and the king's message mentioned something in the water, too." She thinks for another moment, then gives a nod. "You are right that we should have better word than a bird sent home, who knows, maybe something will eat the bird." She glances to the baron that originally brought the news, and that seems to tip her hand. "I will sail home when the tide favors a leave tomorrow, and inform father of what is happening and Horizon Hold will be on alert. Then, we'll bring some rangers back to escort you safely home overland."

Kadlin listens carefully once more to Nerissa's explaination of what she itends to do, "I think that is a solid plan M'lady. A solid plan indeed. One I could easily stand behind. I wish I had more information for you M'lady in regards to what dangers may lie ahead, but I simply do not. If I hear anything else, or anything else is discovered, I will make sure that I seek you out and let you know."

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