4th of Nar, 229: Inter-Service Co-Operation

Inter-Service Co-Operation
Summary: A Kincaid and a Haravean walk into a room, both survive to walk out again. Something must be going on.
OOC Date: 06/Jul/2014
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Eoin Hadrian 
Council Chambers - Darfield Castle
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head
4th of Nar, 229 2E

Having been meaning to talk to either the Lord Marshall or the MAster at Arms for a few days now, Eoin has finally remembered the need while a) he's at the castle and b) while one of the aforemented is free. Waiting in the council chamber, as good a place as any really, he has a servant bring wine (Greenshire of course, and watered slightly given the early hour).

Walking into the chambers, comes Hadrian, shortly after the summons. The man looking as if the world was against him. His eyes spoke silently in a defensive glance towards Eoin. He makes his way over to the table, merely standing before it before he wonders, "You wanted to meet with me Lord Haravean?" He wonders as his arms fold over his chest.

Eoin eyes the man and his manner a moment, but then merely gestures to several of the many empty chairs. "Thank you for coming Lord Hadrian," he starts, letting a hand drift towards the wine to ask silently if Hadrian would like a cup. "I find myself in a situation where I think putting a small number of rangers on some of my ships would have the potential to cut our losses significantly," he starts, "and given your position, and training, I thought you might be the person to speak with to see if it would work as I invisage or not." He knows only to well how some fantastic ideas knights have about naval warfare would effectively cripple fleets after all, and he doesn't want to make that samemistake.

Hadrian listens to him a moment and then wonders, "How many ships are we talking?" He wonders before he takes a seat and declines the wine for now. He had bigger plans in his head and did not wish to fuzzy up his mind with wine. He sits down and folds his arms over his chest a moment, watching Eoin a moment before he continues, "I can offer a certain amount of Rangers but I need to know the number of ships you wish to have fortified by our Rangers."

"Exact numbers I'mnot sure of yet," Eoin replies honestly, "I'm thinking somewhere between a dozen and two dozen rangers all told though." A sip of wine to wet his throat. "They need not be fully trained rangers either, as I am sure you can appreciate I would have little use for a master tracker. What I need is men who are sneaky, men who can swim, and men who can fast talk when they need to. Archers is an added bonus of course, but I'd hope to have them deployed elsewhere in case of closing for battle."

"If I have men assigned to ships, then I need to know the number of ships and I will assign a certain number to each ship. I can give what rangers I can and will make sure they are Lakeshire rangers, who know how to do all that you mentioned. Once you get me a number of ships you are going to deploy then I can give you a number of men for your cause." He states matter of factly, "Some of them will even have sailing experience so they will not be useless when it comes to securing the rigging of a ship."

"I will get you the numbers as soon as I can then," Eoin offers with a nod of agreement. "I don't know how much you're aware of the nature of the war we are fighting at sea at the moment, but my need boils down to the fact that our Priest declare a substance called Greek Fire to be sourcery, where as the Laniveer priests do not, leaving their fleet free to unleash it on ours. I need men who'll be capable of swimming ship to ship, boarding quietly and disposing of stocks. Or, if we come across a supply depot, infiltrating and destorying, although I feel an action like that would need a more co-ordinated effort." Leaning back in his chair again he adds, "if you have any queries or such then please, do not hesitate to send word and I will answer as best I can."

Hadrian listens a moment to this and nods, "You'll be given fifty rangers for this mission. They will be highly trained. For the safety of this kingdom, Laniveer must be shown that they can not have their way. Lives depend on it." He ponders a moment, "No, make it a hundred rangers. You shall have your men and they will look forward to doing what they were trained for." Naval warfare was something they had been trained on as most will have been trained in Sky Forest and set roots in Lakeshire. Use them to bring victory to our great cause."

Eoin sets his wine aside and pushes himself to his feet, offering a hand out to Hadrian as he does so. "Thank you, I will seem them deplyed as can bring greatest benefit. I have no doubt in their abilities and look forward to seeing them in action." There'll be some on his ship have no doubt. "If there is anything the navy can do to assist in your duties please, just let us know."

Hadrian nods his head softly as he shakes the man's hand briefly, "I will set forth the orders given as soon as I return to my study." He says softly before lowering his hand. His tone calm and without an expression of emotions right now, "I may indeed call upon that favor one day." He says before he wonders, "Is there anything else I can help you with Lord Haravean?"

Eoin shakes his head slowly. There's a moment's temptation to wish the other all the best in his upcoming nuputals, but he figures it's likely still a seriously sorepoint all told so he leaves it be. "Not that I can think of thank you. Good day to you Lord Hadrian."

Hadrian offers a nod and comes to a stand. The man pushing the chair back under the table before he turns to leave. He had much bigger plans to worry about right now. He doesn't look back as he exits and begins to return to his study.

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