20 Alisair, 229 E: Insult to Injury

Insult to Injury
Summary: Baron Brennart decides to inform the Lady Nerissa of their betrothal… the news isn't greeted quite as he expected.
OOC Date: The other day
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Tournament grounds
The fairegrounds are big enough to hold a great many people, during festivals. They are really just a huge field, with a platform at the center, which is used for performances and announcements as is required. Grass never really seems to grow though, as the tents, pavillions and feet of each festival stamp it out. And just as it is beginning to regrow, the next festival arrives.
20 Alisair, 229 E

Brennart is out ready to start his sparring session and is stretching out using his waster to assist with the stretching before he starts going through a few attack combos to start warming his body up knowing he's likely to need it… and it does appear that he's in chain this time expecting pain much?

With her two maids in tow, as well as her usual guard, Nerissa approaches, wrapped in her silvery-gray cloak and wasters wrapped in their wool covering. Her greeting to "Baron Giantslayer" is perfectly proper, well, except for the name itself, then she walks over to the stands nearby. Glancing around the arena, she gives a nod to her servants, and as the guard stands between her and the arena, she quickly tosses her cloak over her redheaded servant, and pulls on the hood that hides her identity. Unwrapping her wasters, she steps out to face her instructor. Underneath the hood, the mail is noted with an upraised brow, but no comment. After all, she has started training in some borrowed leather armor.

Moray running a bit late perhaps due to a meeting at a food vendor with a certain other noble woman. He does see the practice field and will increases his pacing to get there just that much quickly. "Afternoon sister." he looks to the other man giving a nod "M'lord." he says though remembering the reminder of usage on names he is still apparently not used to. The heir steps off to the side of the actual training area.

Brennart offers a salute to Nerissa before he takes his neutral combat stance, "So m'lady have you heard I've been betrothed?" He motions with his sword for her to be the aggressor this time.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Brennart=defense
< Nerissa: Failure Brennart: Good Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

"Betrothals are not the sort of news in which I care to keep myself current, my lord," Nerissa replies. "This is not a surprise however, as you had mentioned a need for such an action." Being caught off guard by the unwanted subject of conversation, she almost doesn't respond when he motions to her, and when she finally does, her footwork is off.

He watches as the sparring begins though it seems a bit off focus. Though his eyebrow raises when The Baron mentiones a betrothal right off the bat, but no explination is given. Moray is still silent though just watching not wanting to interrupt at the wrong time.

Brennart spots her telegraphing the attack from a mile away, "Aye, it's not a surprise that I've gotten betrothed." He bats her attack away as he steps back slightly, "The surprise is actually who the future Baroness of Huntingdon is going to be." He sets himself for the next attack but doesn't seem to be attacking back just yet.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Brennart=defense
< Nerissa: Good Success Brennart: Great Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Marginal Victory

"I am sure that the rest of The Court is waiting on tenterhooks to see who the next Baroness of Huntingdon is going to be," the lady replies drily, frowning with frustration at herself for what she knows is a poor opening. She resets, and this time makes a more credible showing. "I applaud your ingenuity, my lord. Goading my temper didn't work last time, so this time you seek to put me off my game by speaking of the subject I find most distasteful."

Brennart chuckles and nods, "I try future Baroness I try…" Although she didn't telegraph near as much that time he was still able to avoid her attack although now he's sure that chain will come in handy…

Moray watches and listens to the pair. It is a dangerous game the Baron playes a dangerous game in which a loss not only has his sister quite angry, but he may get thwapped soundly with a faux sword which still wouldnt feel great really. The last words from him he cannot help but chuckle but glances back down the way he'd come. before back though his focus shifts to his sister to see if she catches the words.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Brennart=defense
< Nerissa: Success Brennart: Great Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

The mention of 'future Baroness' goes right over her head, as Nerissa has now moved into the tactic of ignoring the Baron's words as they are meant to interrupt her concentration. She feints, seeking a hole or a weakness, so far not finding any.

Brennart chuckles as she's still telegraphing her attacks, "You're putting too much into it can see your attacks before you even begin. Can't have my future wife dying because she made her attack too obvious…"

Assana comes over to the fields from their chambers, her maid and guard in tow. She heard that her sister was getting more practice in… and perhaps luckily or unluckily she's just in time to hear the exchange between Nerissa and Brennart on the field. Walking up next to her brother she greets, "My lord…?" She looks up at him briefly before her attention goes to her sister and what her response is going to be.

Moray turns back to the newcomer on the field but he does hear the comment from the sparring pair as well. "Ah, Sana." he says fondly giving her a warm smile though he can tell she's heard the words spoken and do so will lean over and speak softly so only she can speak "I have negotiated a match with the Baron, it was just the previous day though that I was approached. Appologies I couldn't warn you in advance."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=Blades Vs Brennart=defense-1
< Nerissa: Good Success Brennart: Great Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Marginal Victory

Finding an opening, Nerissa makes a bid to get through his defenses, only to be blocked at the lost moment. There's a pursing of her lips, but she almost had it. "Well, then. Better teach her to use a blade. You did say you wanted a wife who wasn't a waste of space," the redhead quips back. She disengages slightly, looking for a new strategy, and circling slightly to make sure she's not in danger of backing herself into a corner again.

Brennart chuckles as he manages to get the blades blocked just in time, "I am teaching her."

"And you thought for some reason it would be a good idea to give her a /sword/ and /then/ tell her?" Assana looks incredulously at her brother briefly before she gives her gaze back to the field again. She hears that Nerissa doesn't seem to catch on… yet… but then Brennart seems to feel as though it's a good idea to make things quite clear and the blonde shakes her head a bit,"Oh dear…"

"It was not my choice to speak of it here Ana, it was m'lords. We can hope for the best" Moray motions though he'll smile to his sister at his side at her words though he'd thought about it himself of course. He watches the two sparr and does wonder how long it may be before something clicks but he is not rushing this allowing the Baron to speak in his own good time.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Brennart=defense-1
< Nerissa: Failure Brennart: Great Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Nerissa rolls Body: Good Success.

Turning to try and get a sudden reverse direction attack, Nerissa's ankle twists and her attempt at a surprise attack fails miserably. She shakes her head as she pretty much stumbles into Brennart's sword as he had time to prepare for her new direction. "Well, I hope she is a better student than I am, else you'll be a widower before your honeymoon is over," she grinds out with frustration. She barely lifts her foot and rotates the ankle to make sure it is all right, then nods and indicates that she's ready to continue.

Brennart chuckles and shakes his head as he lets her get resituated. "Lady Nerissa the banns haven't been posted yet but you're to become the next Baroness." Then he gets ready for the screeching banshee style attack.

"Hope for the best?" Assana says as she looks over to her brother and says in a forceful undertone, "Do you recall how hard I had to work to keep her from killing the /last/ one? And she quite liked him at first. I'm not sure that we can say the same here."

Moray looks worried though for his sisters safety as she tumbles after the attack. He looks to her twin standing at his side. "Um, if she does come for me, please don't allow yourself to be harmed hm? I do remember indeed but this is to be different more assurances than the last." He does offer a wink, but his words are at least of serious nature. He looks back to the field of battle and it seems that the Baron has spoken in more direct term and he can only sit and wait

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Moray=defense-2
< Nerissa: Failure Moray: Great Success
< Net Result: Moray wins - Crushing Victory

Nerissa backs off a step as she studies Brennart for a long moment. Then she stabs at the ground, intent on driving her weapons into the earth and leaving them standing to be able to return to them and draw them again without bending down. Problem is, wooden swords don't cleave into the packed dirt the way steel does… the merely wait for her to leave and then plop on the ground. She strides over to Moray, stopping just short of her brother, clenched fists pushing into her hips. "Did you have a part in this?" she demands. "I knew that the family really couldn't accept my wish to remain unmarried, but this…" she waves her hand vaguely behind her, "is your idea of a good man for me? One who must gird himself with extra armor because he's afraid of the decision he's made?" She spins on her heel and looks across the distance that now separates her from Brennart. "Is this how it is to be, my lord? Shall I always have forewarning that I'm about to hear something I don't wish to hear when you enter wearing mail, because of course, I shall always lose my temper and attack you like a 'creature' when you tell me something unpleasant?" She stands with her chin high and spine straight… and hopefully no one else is around because in that posture, even with the clothing and the hood, she couldn't be mistaken for anything other than an affronted noble woman.

Brennart just starts to chuckle and shrugs. "With what I've seen of your temper and what I've heard from the last betrothal I felt it prudent to wear a bit more extra armor…" He plops his sword down and starts to strip off the maile, "But since you're still telegraphing your attacks I don't feel that this is necessary."

Not one to stand in the way of her sister when she's in the right, Assana steps aside and does as her brother asks, giving her twin free room with her address. At Brennart's comment she narrows her eyes a bit, looking over to the armored man, "Baron Huntingdon, are you expecting this betrothal to have much in common with the last one?" Looking between the two men, she lets her sister's words settle in and glances over to her without any of her usual rebuke.

He is watching and so isn't surprised when his sister comes over to him. Moray stands still in his same place "I did sister, our parents asked that I conduct the negotiations in their stead." He doesn't look ashamed but is saddened by the past events which haven't helped this all he looks to the Baron "M'lord please." he shakes his head it isn't quite the time for jokes. He will take steps to move towards her "Rissa, please listen to me.. its a lot to take in. I am facing a match myself, but I truly believe this will be different I would have denied it right away. I have taken additional precautions above and beyond the normal dowry." he is trying though

"I see you are adept at adding insult to injury," Nerissa's left eye winces slightly as she speaks. "Not content with revealing that, for some reason known only to you you wish to wed a woman you deem to be incapable of handling her problems with anything but physical violence, you also have to belittle skill as well. It is good to know what you think of me… that all your pretty words before were just that, pretty words." She turns back to her brother. "If it isn't different, then I'm joining the priestesses."'

Brennart shrugs, "You choose to insult me and expect me to just take it standing? Last training session we had you were so much better now" He shrugs, "You seem to fight better while angry. And the words before were truth and remain that way." Once out of the maile he picks up his waster and points towards hers, "Unless you're done training already."

The scene isn't so shocking. Brennart with a waster, Nerissa’s wasters on the ground, people looking on with awkward expressions while the pair trade insults. Another day in Mobrin. Brendolyn walks up, quiet, watching, listening, her maid in tow, guards not far behind, but not making a big production of arriving.

Assana stands near her brother, watching the exchange between him, her sister, and her apparent intended. However at the Baron's last sentiment, the normally mild twin's blue eyes flash and she turns to give her attention to Huntington, "Honorable lord, you seem to act under the misapprehension that the breach of honor in the part of my sister's last betrothal was in any way her part. It seems that given the circumstance, it would be best for us to retire before you say something more regretable."

Moray frowns slightly "It will be different." He looks to Nerissa as she speaks to him though he knows that he can mostly only allow the two to settle things for the moment and so listens back and forth. He does look back to Assana a moment trying to judge her reaction too it is only than that he spots Bre he does manages a small smile but nothing like his normal simply due to the tense situation. "I believe Ana is correct, this is a lot of new information for all."

"I insult you?" Nerissa's voice raises incredulously. It didn't seem possible for her spine to stiffen any straighter, but somehow she finds another couple inches and her head rears slightly back like a cobra about to strike. Her sibling's suggestions are just a little too late to have any effect on her. "You, sir, have done nothing but insult me from the moment you stepped onto the field today. You arrive dressed in mail, preparing yourself for an attack… when you know full well that even in your leather armor that you usually wear, and me at my best, I couldn't hurt you. Then, you beat around the bush, you can't even come straight out and say, "Rissa, I've come to an agreement with your family and we are bethrothed," and let the chips fall where they may. Instead, you play another little game with a subject that you know is a sore one for me. At every turn you laugh at me, and then you call me out for insulting you in the middle of all this?" She doesn't even look at the waster on the ground as she steps forward. "Today wasn't about training, it wasn't ever about training. It was about your little cat and mouse game. Therefore, there is no finishing what hasn't even begun."

Brennart nods, "Very well I do believe your sister is right and it is time to retire." He turns his back and starts to collect up his armor before he gets ready to head off offering a bow, "Just so you know it's always about training."

Brendolyn's eyes widen somewhat to hear the exchange though she keeps quiet still yet, like a little critter on a branch, an invisible one that hardly breathes. When Brennart starts to just go she frowns just slightly looking from him to Nerissa, her expression pained. She finally walks closer to Moray's other side, silently inclining her head toward Assana if she looks, and Moray, though with the current state of things, no one may be able to tear their eyes from the lovebirds.

Assana nods to Brendolyn but doesn't give her a great deal of attention given the circumstances. She links her arm with her sister, "Come. We should go and clean up for evening meal." She doesn't send a pleased look to either her brother or the Baron as she starts to try and direct Nerissa to join her walking from the field.

With her fists still clenched, Nerissa watches the man pick up his belongings and go. She turns back towards her siblings, hot tears streaming down her cheeks now that he can't see them, Brendolyn is barely seen through the haze. Once he is out of range, she turns to pick up one of her wasters, swinging around in a circle and letting it go across the tourney grounds, her growl following it. It's clear from the moment it leaves her hands that it isn't intended for Brennart, and she stumbles almost to her knees, but her sister is there, linking arms with her, followed by Chassidy who wraps the cloak around her shoulders, remembering to try and protect her secret before they reach the palace. Without a word or needing to be told, her guard collects the wasters and wraps them, following along as well.

Moray watches the Baron go off and his sisters start to go off the later don't see happy with him. He tried to act in his parents stead as they asked and well it hasnt turned out well so far in the slightest. He notices the familiar Lady step up to his one side giving a confused look as to what to do, but he'll offer his arm if she accepts for the moment he'll give his sisters some time before he seeks them ou t but he will find them after too much time has passed, for now he'll look to see if the lady will mind accompany him for a while in the other direction.

Brendolyn gives sighs softly and her expression is that of perhaps worry for her friend as the sisters exit the area. She says a few quiet words to Moray when he offers his arm and her hand rests atop it as she moves to walk with him.

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