Sess 19, 229: Infirmary Gathering

Infirmary Gathering
Summary: The infirmary at the Lakeshire Castle hosts an impromptu get together, for those to gawk at the injuries of those who sparred the previous day.
OOC Date: 05/03/2014 (OOC)
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Lakeshire Hold - Infirmary
The high arched doors lead into the open space of the infirmary. The ceilings are high and arched, rounded with the ornamental frames and rosewood embellishments often found in other areas of the castle. The infirmary room is quite large requiring two large hearths to see it heated during the colder months. The open room has beds lining the walls as well as running down the center of the room. Between the beds rest small tables that range from being empty as the bed next to it to being covered with bandages, basins and countless jars of salves, and perhaps the stray memento or three for the patient it is near. Several of the beds have privacy screens that are set up around them, and other screens can be seen resting towards the back of the room with the row of cupboards that most likely hold countless bandages and herbs, salves and teas for the healers and apothecaries that work there. Additional supply cupboards have been placed between every third bed or so as well.
Several alcoves exist the back of the room serving as work areas for the apothecaries and healers to mix and ready the remedies they need for a patient or to restock their reserves. The infirmary is never truly empty, there are always healers and apothecaries around to offer aid.
It is day 19 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

Kierne just had a visit from the Duchess Roslin, who brought him a book of poetry, something to which the Squire, to all evidence, is particularly given. But for the time being he's got one knee up in front of him, the book resting against his thigh, a piece of folded paper held against the flat surface, on which he's writing with a little nub of graphite, some missive or other. His neck is poulticed to reduce the swelling of the welt imposed by the blow from his uncle, and he's being kept pleasantly drugged on some palliative herbs to ease the pain while the medical sorts come to make sure his neck is coloring properly.

The Duke was taken to his room, where personal healers came to ensure the man wasn't going to die over night. There might have even been some whispering of him not recovering properly, though he awoke in the morning, as it was. And while the men had been sparring with blunted weapons, it was still a blunt force to his head and still a threat that could've killed the man if it hit just a bit higher. He appears now in the infirmary, shuffling through the door with wrappings around his forehead, guided toward a seat by one of the healers who wants to check on the split in his brow to ensure no infections take hold and that it's stitches have held well. He's wearing casual robes and such, obviously not going to see anyone today, by the looks of it. At least not in official capacity.

Kierne isn't so engaged in his letter-writing that he doesn't glance up when motion in his peripheral vision draws his attention. He doesn't miss much, this kid. Most of the time it's just a nurse or some such wandering hither and thither, but when it's his Uncle, he plants one hand onto the bedding behind him, sitting up straight and grinning impishly over there. "Oh, look, your head stayed on, uncle. Good on it!" he jokes around, though beneath the drug-laced jocularity there's a real pleasure to see his uncle alright after their little spar.

Aidan looks over toward Kierne, the one eye nearly covered by bandages. Healers, they get a little dramatic and overboard when it comes to men in leadership roles, don't they? There's a quiet smirk on his lips for his nephew's remarks, "Yeah, just barely they say. A bit higher and we would have a new Duke ruling Lakeshire. I'm sure that would've pleased some…" he notes with a sardonic chuckle, looking over at the healer who comes to stand before him and start unwrapping the bandage around his head. "You okay there? Didn't cleave your neck off your shoulders did I?"

It would seem the news didn't reach someone til rescently about the little sparring session that was, but it has reached her and has Nylie briskly entering the infirmary, since whom she was searching for was not in his chambers when she checked there. Concern touches her expression as her smokey eyes search over the infirmary, til they come to land upon the Duke, the wrappings taken in and the fact he is alive and not seemingly in some comatose state on a bed. A breathe is drawn and let lose slowly before she makes her way towards him. Oh no, she's just not going to make any comments to what she hears as she walks up.

"Pssh," Kierne grins, waving off the giant welt that's poulticed over on his neck, "I'll just tell people my girlfriend likes to leave her mark— oop!" he brings his hand up over his mouth, clapping it in place there to stifle a giggle as Nylie enters and he'd best put away the saltier language. Still his eyes glisten with a boyish mischief as he looks to his uncle, then folds the note he'd been writing and tucks it into the book of poetry. He wrinkles up his nose at the report. "Well, I'm glad you're well," he speaks less facetiously. "I'd hate to live with your blood on my hands. Next time with helmets, eh?" he smiles.

"Or just wrestling-" Aidan interjects over toward Kierne, trying to stay still for a healer that currently strips his brow of bandages to check on the long gash along his brow, where it had split wide open from the devestating blow from Kierne. As the healer steps away, he notices that there's a lovely Kilgour walking on over to him with a look of concern on her face. There's a rueful smile for that and for her, "He really didn't mean it. We were just having a good bout of fun," the gossips had it wrong again! As always. A look over toward Kierne, "That boy is going to make a name for himself, aren't you Kierne?"

The group was just sparring the night before and it seems these three copped the worst of it. Cian less so than the other two, but as he comes into the Infirmary this morning to check in even he is sporting a poultice bandage on his neck. Yes he got beat by a girl. He might say he let her beat him, perhaps there is a small amount of truth in it. He was not quite so agressive with her as he would be with another male fighter, but well she held no similar consideration from him from the look of his neck. "Good morning your grace, Milady, milord.." He says to each in turn.

Nylie manages a bit of a smile, even if she is checking out that gash on Aidan's forehead now that it is fully revealed. "I am sure he did not, though you should have not taken such measures to try and get out of marrying me, you could have just told me you changed your mind." Oh yes, she is going to entirely tease him in such a way. Leaning to place a kiss to his cheek, as long as doing so does not get in the way of the healers. Glancing over towards Kierne, Nylie manages to give Kierne a smile as she catches that saliter touch of language from the Squire. She knows more than her share of sailors, so one might be surprised at the language the refined Kilgour is up on. "It seems he is well on his way to making that name." Turning as Cian comes in as well, offering a polite bow of her head to him.

"One way or the other, uncle, probably so," Kierne replies with a faint ruefulness in his voice only cut by that merry smile he's sporting, sounding jestful even as he's rather ambiguous about the nature of his future fame— or infamy. "Cian! Ah, we're cut of the same cloth, to-day. Or at least are wrapped at the neck by the same cloth," he jokes. "What color's your neck under all that?" he chuckles.

When young men and old decide to risk limb and decorate the area in hues of red, the mopper ups are dispatched to assess everything. Often the people tasked with clamping the injuries shut and other, onerous acts. Faerinia is present, a pale shade liable to vanish as she melds into the walls. It is the dark knight Cian that she makes her presence fully known to before anyone else, marked frown lending severity to a level gaze. "Yet again." All she grants him, accented reproval speaking more than any long winded speech. Glancing at the group, she gives her uncle, cousin and future aunt her best attempt at smiling. Retaining the frown seems to be where she falls flat.

"I reckon the boy has already made a name for himself." Cian comments in regards to Kierne. "Best drinker amoung the squires, best hugs…and I think…I hear he isn't so bad at fighting either." He continues with a half smile to the squire. It seems some of the squire's merry disposition has rubbed off upon the brooding knight. He has learned to relax…a bit more. Well until he hears those words. Oh yes, he recognizes the voice and that tone and glances over to Faerinia, "I fear so milady, but just a bruise upon the neck this time. My leg is fully healed." Indeed he only walks withthe slightest of limps now and that may never fully go away.

Kierne graces Cian with a big goofy grin that makes him look very much the seventeen year old that he is, utterly tickled by his list of honors. It even makes him produce a rich cackle of laughter, even if doing so makes his neck ache somewhat. When Faerinia arrives via epiphany to Cian, he gives her a chipper smile, as well. "Rini," he calls her by his own cousinly nickname for her. "I didn't even know you were here. I sent the Duchess off in search of you, hoping you would come by and see me. I fear I'll have sent her on a wild goose chase."

Aidan looks up at Nylie as she checks out the gash, which will likely scar over when it fully heals and a chunk of his brow will be missing forever more. It's not like he doesn't have other battle scars, but this one was pretty good. It made him dizzy after all and interferred with his vision for a while. Aidan shrugs a shoulder, "Nothings ever easy with me my Lady, you'll soon learn as much." He notes as he reaches a hand up behind her when she leans close to him to lay a kiss on his cheek, attempting to pull her into his lap. A look over toward Kierne, "Yeah yeah. Likely so."

"Not fully, as it could have given adequate treatment early on." Faerinia reminds the knight, shifting subtly whenever her look falls upon Cian. A faint crease between the brows that lengthens, though mollified slightly by her joyous cousin and his unflagging spirits. "She'll be thrilled at the chance to feather her bed this fortnight with the story, for once you are married…" Abruptly, she swallows the rest of her words, gaze flicking to the entwined couple to be and flushes. What merriness scarpered to inhabit a more congenial looking host. "I came to oversee the infirmary. Check you were all still breathing."

Chicks dig scars, right? Nylie just gives a faint shake of her head as she takes in the fullness of the gash. "You say that as if I have not already learned that, my Duke." Had anything been easy between or with them? Nylie had not been expecting the arm or that attempt and thus there is a little squeak of surprise as she gets pulled off balance enough for him to accomplish that goal. A blush coloring her cheeks as she ends up in Aidan's lap. Her maid over by th edoor no doubt scowlling quite deeply. But Nylie is able to give a kiss to Aidan's other cheek now as well.

Cian moves to sit on the edge of a cot so his own 'injury' can be seen to. Mercifully the ranger left his face alone and seem to concentrate on trying to chop his head off. He lifts fingers to start to remove the bandage from his neck less the healer takes over on that score. She will find a few overlayed welts and rather intensive bruising. Oh she struck some blows to his chest as well, but none so hard and repetitive as the ones to his neck. The words of admonishment from the healer cause him to look down slightly, molified by her words.

"I wanted you to know that I meant to call after attending the reception, Rini," Kierne will present his cousin with a boyishly apologetic glance, "I found myself in the library, trapped by an overabundance of books to read, and soon was conquered by the weariness of the road." Ronan's entourage had, in fact, only arrived a few hours before the wedding itself. "But I hope that my colors come through such that I am released of here this noontide, or not much later. And perhaps I may call upon my sweet cous for tea?" he asks her, hopeful-eyed.

"Have you? Then clearly, we must be wed soon," and he smirks a little knowing he's beyond propriety here but not really caring. It's his House, his turf, people can scowl at him all they want. He'll completely take advantage of the moment, before the healers can come pester him some more. Maybe he did get hit in the head a little too hard? Public affection? What!! There's a return kiss to her cheek, his arm around her not necessarily firm to keep her there but reluctant at the same point to relinquish her. His eyes settle over toward Faerinia and Cian, spotting the knight there too with his own sores being treated. "Niece, Sir Conwy," greeting them, though he shortly turns back to murmur something to Nylie.

Aidan mutters to Nylie, "I… I… you… I never… it would get as… And I've… thinking,… wedding. A… a… equinox."

Faerinia acknowledges the request with crisp assent, unable to completely hold back a grin. Her eyes study and absorb the litany of wounds before she begins to reapply the long, winding strips of cloth to bind tight. Head turned to present her cousin with a meaningful twitch upward of an otherwise immobile countenance. "If you can prove yourself to me, cousin. Demonstrate the powerful recovery boasted by youths." A glimmer in her vivid eyes, accompanied by a small yet sincere smile. For Cian, he may be in close contact with her fingers lacing up his bandages and gliding across his chest, it stays a cool and impersonal action.

Cian most assuredly does not look over to the nobles being all 'improper' and stuff. What he does not see he cannot tell! Then he is greeted and he looks up and nods to the Duke. "Your grace." He greets once more. "I think we need to work on our sparring technique." He says in a neutral tone, though there is some hint of jest to it, then he settles to quiet as Faerinia works upon his injuries. At least for him there is no broken skin, but there are bruises upon his chest and a mighty overlay of welts and bruises upon his neck. If they had been real blades his head would have clearly been cleaved from his neck.

"Aye, I have," Nylie yet blushes with having been pulled into Aidan's lap. "I do think you may be on to something there." It was a touch improper, but there were betrothed, and what was going to happen with so many people around? Glancing towards some of the others that have since seemed to join them, offering a bow of her head. Not entirely moving to quickly leave from that seat, especially as Aidan starts to murmur something to her. A faint shake of her head at first, before a blink, then she is murmuring something back.

Kaylee had put off going to the infirmary after the sparing match seeing how the others would have been there as well. Her neck hurts and it is a throbbing pain that runs down into her shoulder. It's been a while since she's sparred and ended up with a good hit for her troubles. She peers in slightly, the Ranger quiet as the voices are caught and she steps in after a few moments sending a glance around. Perhaps she should just return later..

Nylie mutters to Aidan, "I… they… And…I… that…"

Kierne is settled in an infirmary bed, in his doehide breeches and a long, comfy-looking woolen tunic, one knee bend ceilingwad with a book planted against his thigh. He barely glances at the lap-sitting happening on his uncle across the way from him, engrossed in watching his cousin's fingers work over Cian's neck and chest. He vaguely taps the graphite stub he'd been scrawling with against the side of the book, smiling more sedately but no less warmly in the wake of his cousin's condition for his visiting her. "How would you have me demonstrate myself, sweet cous?" he wonders, lifting his free hand to wave at Lee.

Currently the infirmary is full of the insular Kincaids and would be Kincaids, three sporting their newly acquired battle scars. In order of age, the Duke entangled in an entirely intimate sense with his claimed bride, one sullenly quiet knight and a single upbeat youth that still bears a gawky adolescent aspect to him. A pale haired healer tends to Cian, the dark haired and eyed knight, authoriatively.

Aidan is indeed sitting on one of the cots there with a stolen Kilgour in his lap, the two *gasp* showing themselves in public and not being *gasp* totally appropriate, affection *gasp* witnessed between them. Although, most are really looking away and the healers are being a little thoughtful, allowing the Duke to share those quick moments with Nylie before they attempt to even come close with fresh bandages for his head - where the length of a nasty gash hangs over his right brow and cuts through it. His ribs, well, were injured as well, but not something anyone could necessary do anything for. Time was the factor. He smirks at Nylie, "Then we should consider it and send out invitations to close family and friends. If you want a lavish wedding tell me, otherwise I'm happy with a quiet one after so many…" A beat, "I'll be riding out shortly—" a little delayed now by the head thing, but, "We need to ride up to Caerwyn and meet up with Donnal, ride the lines and do my duty to encourage the men." All that, before the war gets going on a fierce level, "So I recommend you take care of what you need to while I'm away."

Cian spots the female ranger and lifts up an arm in greeting. Nevermind he is topless and getting bandaged up at the moment. "How fare you Ranger?" He asks with a slight note of concern upon his voice. Well he has not sparred with a woman before and he did get a few decent blows upon her even if he was holding back a little. He glances back to Faerinia as she works upon his bandages. "If time allows, perhaps a lesson later?" He offers in a low voice, though an agreement had been made a couple of weeks ago, travels to the wedding did interupt it.

Oxley makes his way into the infirmary. He looks around, specifically looking for the Duke. When he spots the man, he moves to his bedside, ignoring Nylie. "Duke, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?" He then glances at Nylie, then back to Aidan, "Anything else, sir?" He smirks.

Faerinia lifts, reverie of the minute dispelled by the two men and newly arrived lady, loosely termed. Before then she had kept at her work and filtered out most background fluster when his chest had called for more intensive scrutiny. "My first lesson will be for you to stop tensing. Express the pain, for your expression is hard to read when I must constantly shift between it and your affliction. Self inflicted…" Left to hang, there is a suggestion of humour, dry and brittle as dead leaves. Raising the voice above her murmured aside, she gets round to answering Kierne, "Show me you are ambulatory, capable of standing and walking with minor impediments. For one."

Kaylee lifts a hand slightly to scratch at her neck a few moments as she turns to perhaps leave. Though Kierne's wave and Cian's question to herself causes her to pause. "Good afternoon.. I am fine Sir Knight." There is a slight pause while she looks to CIan. "How fair ye?" Is questioned curiously. A slight glance is sent towards Oxley and she makes sure to stay out of the way of people coming and going. She looks back to Faerinia and Cian looking a touch amused for a few moments.

Except Nylie's maid who is all to happy to scowl at Aidan! Though maybe not as much as she should, but she's still scowlling! A bit of color yet exists in Nylie's cheeks for the bout of inapporpriateness going on, even if she's not been as quick about 'correcting' that as she should. "I do not wish for anything lavish, something quiet would be more than fine. " Or more so, quiet as they might get away with considering he is a Duke. The next bit of news brings a slow nod,"I shall manage to see to what I need to in that time. " Then there is Oxley beside the bed, and when Aidan having nylie in his lap, is it really that eay to ignore her? The color flares up a bit in nylie's cheeks at the squires words. A light kiss is placed to Aidan's cheek,"We can speak more about the details later, I should let the healers get back to seeing to applying fresh bandages. " Slipping out of his lap /finally/. "I will come see you later?" Half question-half statement, before the Kilgour does slip along to tend to some matter or another.

Kierne's brows rise and he gives a little huff of laughter, tossing the book he'd been reading onto the bed aside himself with an easy plop, swinging both legs down to the floor and angling his torso to give himself the impetus to rise without the use of his arms to help him. "He battered me about the neck, not the legs, cous," he teases Rini gently, crossing the distance between them at a genial saunter, "Are you convinced of it?" he asks her with a big grin. "Or shall I do a jig for you, as well?"

Cian looks to Faerinia at her 'instructions' confused at first by the words. Perhaps not the instruction he had expected but indeed his 'affliction' has no doubt made it harder to be treated in the past and to know his 'limits'. "It does not hurt overly much Faerinia, how do I express what I do not feel?" He starts before closing his eyes and takes a breath to try to relax a bit. He may not feel pain so readily as others, but surely he knows his body and what pain means to it. "The muscles are tensed from the blows, but I do not think there is damage." He responds as he looks up to Faerinia, "Not like before." He glances over to Kierne as he too gets the sharp force of Faerinia's healerness. "It is your uncle I think that may be asked of that. Kierne has the luck of the gods with him and his fighting." He glances over to the Ranger and gives a nod, "I am well enough. Have you been seen to yet?"

Faerinia opens her mouth to possibly remonstrate, twisting sharply to regard Kierne. Wringing out the damp cloth used to swab the open wound curving her patients neck in a macabre version of a red lipped smile. A second smile relaxes her severely set features into a more genial, fitting tribute to her age. "Not unless you can set it to a whistle, cousin. Now, I will confess compared to my other victims of tender ministrations you are remarkably unscathed."

Kaylee has slipped quiet, leaning back slightly upon the wall near the door. When it comes to pain she's rather good at dealing with it, even at the moment it is a dull throbbing ache and the only reason she has come was to try and get some herbs to deal with her aches and pains herself. Help is something she is not use to getting, she only has herself to look out for and it tends to work well so far. At the question she looks to Cian a slight shake of her head is seen. "No, not yet."

Kierne twists his lips into a sweet little smile just for his cousin's eyes, then turns himself about and sits down on the cot right next to Cian, crossing one leg over the other and just deciding to chill with the guy there until Rini's done with him. "Thank you," he tells Rini, "I only feel the pain much more when I turn my head to an angle too extreme for my neck's liking. And certainly that won't be much of an impediment to a nice cup of tea?" he asks. To Cian, a chuckle: "They're saving all their smiting for when the weapons are edged, don't you know?"

Oxley moves to sit in a nearby chair, watching over the Duke in silence. He glances over at the other bed, noticing Kierne. He stares at the other squire for a long moment, and then folds his arms over his chest and sighs.

Cian can't help but give his head a little shake at Kierne's comments but that leads to a slight wince himself. "Then we best not turn our heads then unless we have cause for such." He says to the squire before colouring a bit at the last words, "Perhaps they are." He looks up to Faerinia as she finishes up with the dressings. "Thank you for your time milady, could you look upon the Ranger as well? I think I managed a strike or two upon her." He says lightly as he rises and pulls his tunic back in place and looks over to Kaylee, "You should get a poultice on those bruises so they heal better. I fear I must get back to duties now."

Faerinia straightens up, wiping her fingers clean of the white, clotted paste inlaid in an even smear to aid in Cian's mending process. If she glimpses her cousins sweet tribute, she does not appear to react perceptibly other than perhaps a trace of further amusement to be caught in her tone. Next up is Kaylee and her present intrusion, alerted by the knight. Keenly running her eye over what is visible, she moves with brisk purpose, jar clutched in one hand.

"Agreed," Kierne raps his knuckles once out near Cian's knee to approve of his plan rather than looking aside to him, instead letting his eyes wander the other side of the infirmary, where he finds someone crossing his arms and sighing at him, putting Kierne rather uncomfortably in mind of his childhood. But, all that aside, he twists out a smile and tosses a casual wave over to his uncle's squire and Lord Knight's cousin. Seeing as how they're the same person.

Kaylee is quiet for a moment a faint smirk seen and she ponders a moment. "I suppose that would be a good idea for the bruises." This said with a slight nod. She'd deal with them herself if she had what she needed. "Was a pleasure ta see ye again Sir Cian." Perhaps there get to speak again another time. Her pale gaze turns to Faerinia, there is a good amount of bruises seen across the right side of her neck hidding by the collar of her shirt it seems. "Afternoon."

Faerinia flicks her wrists dismissively at a scrawny, hunched healer intercepting her mission. Even the mildest noble can as liberally shown, don their society drawn authority on others and she is no exception. Depositing the full jar, she curtly transmits orders to any slack jawed apprentices to grant the lady and her cousin full consideration. Then without more than a faint bent at the waist and lingering smile, off heads young Lady Kincaid without even the slightest imprint of her past presence.

Kierne picks himself back up from Cian's bed as the man vacates it, stretching his back and heading a few beds over to where he'd been lounging, before. He holds out his palm upward, switching his first two fingers toward him in a beckoning gesture to Oxley, who might prefer coming to sit with him rather than being a third wheel in Aidan and Nylie's makeout session over yonder.

Oxley watches Kierne as he beckons him to approach. He looks from the other squire to Aidan, then back again, a clear look of some disdain on his face. He pushes to his feet, unfolds his arms, and then simply turns and makes his way out of the infirmary.

Buh? OK. Well. Kierne is a little baffled by the other squire's sudden departure, but the look of disdain, well, that's one he's seen before, and plenty of times, so he just plants his foot back onto his cot, scrounging at his side for his book, which he opens and rests against his thigh, losing himself in the text, all the better not to think about it.

Kaylee lifts a hand to push a bit of hair back and peers after the healer before she glances over to Kierne whom seems to be on his own now. "So how long do they want ye to stay stuck in here?" She questions with a curius tone while tucking the salve into her bag for using it later it seems.

Aidan had been distracted with Nylie for a time until Nylie excused herself, for whatever reasons. Aidan had gotten his head looked at, but that's not all. He had to have his ribs looked at too so he went off behind a screen and did all that, because no one should see the Duke without his shirt on or something right? In any case, he comes back out, new bandage around his head, his shirt untucked and over his trousers, wandering out to see whose still left milling around…

"I dunno, they're gonna see how it looks after this draught they gave me has time to work," Kierne answers, "I hope before this afternoon. Remember that girl I was telling you about?" he tosses Lee a roguish grin, chatting to her like one of the guys since all the 'real' women have vacated the premises. He doesn't specify his exact plans with said girl, but there you have it. "Hey, there he is!" he grins at Aidan. "I think your squire resents me blooding your brow," is all he can assume. "You and me, we're cool, right, Uncle Aidan?"

Kaylee nods slightly while she settles herself down upon a chair near about where Kierne happens to be. "Aye I recall." She chuckles softly. "Have fun." This said with a teasing tone. Her gaze flicks over to Aidan and she stands up out of showing respect and offers the duke a bow. "Good afternoon sir."

Aidan regards Kierne with some quizzical glance toward the exit where his squire disappeared toward, blinking a few times at Kierne, "Of course Kierne. Sparring often leads to superficial injuries. This was nothing-" he points his brow, "And Oxley shouldn't be upset, he did it too. Hit me square in the head. I think that's what you squires are good at." He touches his forehead, "Of course, I was wearing a helm with Oxley. Boy should've been around to remind me of that." His eyes then settle on Kaylee… sir. Sir. SIR. His expression immediately remarks the irritation there for her lack of education on how to address a man in his station. That or he remembers her from his first encounter. "I don't believe my -son- introduced us properly the last time we met," expecting her to give over her name again.

Kierne gives Lee the 'Oh, I WILL' loft of a brow before he settles in to listen to his uncle's assurances. Then he gets all irritable at Lee, which is weird, because that's exactly what she had predicted he would do. H'uh. Lee must have a knack for puzzling people out. He opens his book and buries himself back inside reading it.

Kaylee is quiet for a moment while sending a faint glance to Kierne and then back to Aidan, whom she never really makes full eye contact with. "Duke… Duke Kincaid." This with hopfully a polite tone. Perhaps she can make up for angering him? Most likly not at this rate. "I am Kaylee Saltonstall, Ranger for Duke Crawford."

Aidan wanders forward a bit. He's still intimidating even with a big old bandage around his head. He commands the forces in Lakeshire, so of course he is. This is his turf, his rules, his chess board. He considers the downward eye contact and the attempt at a polite tone. "Kaylee Saltonstall," a beat, "never heard of you." His grey eyes start to become studious of her, as he wanders closer, looking between Kierne and her, "But you did a fine number on Sir Conwy." A brow lift. He was in mid-battle with Kierne at that point, but heard all about it afterward, even if he went down like a sack of potatoes. "The Duke Crawford, hrm…" there's some consideration there, "And yet, you said you were with Hadrian on the front lines?" Inquisitive now as he sits on the edge of a bed, arms crossed.

Kaylee doesn't think Aidan is any less intimidating at the moment, bandage or not. "Aye" Is offered to her name, a faint smirk seen for a moment as she has not been heard of. "I'm not too surprised in that honestly." There is a pause and she sends a slight glance towards Aidan. "Thank ye for the words Duke." She does not brag about besting a knight at all. "I was at one point side by side with Lord Hadrian, I have only recently started to work for Duke Crawford."

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