Sess 27, 229: Indoor Cats and Outdoor Cats

The battle of Thermopylae is played out at the doors to the library. Something about cats?

Indoor Cats and Outdoor Cats
Summary: The battle of Thermopylae is played out at the doors to the library. Something about cats?
OOC Date: 13/03/2014
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Jennah Harmon Kierne 
Library - Darfield Castle
Your footsteps are muffled by the thick, dark blue carpeting of the library. This room has been furnished to encourage the pursuit of scholarship and learning: Several large, comfortably cushioned mahogany chairs invite you to sit and read for hours. A few tables and desks of the same deep red wood are provided for more serious studies. The room is well lit with chandeliers.

Heavy doors to the north lead out to the hallway, and cut off any sound from that direction. To the east, ornate windows let in the indirect sunlight, and a door leads into the royal gardens. An alcove contains a message area, and an archway leads into the Library Collections proper. Stairs lead up to the second level of the library.

27 Sess, 229

Harmon is sitting in the doorway, preventing entry into the room. Upstairs there is a bit of a disturbance as something is being chased through the halls.

Jennah peers at Harmon a moment, "I see, someone's cat run amok?" she asks, then she nods, "Oh I see, a young woman," she echoes. Her guards look mildly annoyed and step back as everyone goes back to what they were doing, Jennah taking her seat in the large chair and reopening her book. The maid sits too and resumes her sewing, occasionally looking to the door. "And, who might the Library guard be?" Jennah asks to Harmon.

Morning with the hounds and horse, noontide on the practice fields; a brief scrubbing and Kierne's almost in condition to be seen in public, scruffy though his chin might be. A large brick-red woolen tunic hangs cozily about his form, making him look on the young side of his seventeen years as he heads for the library, only to pause before the threshold as he finds someone sitting there. He leans to one side, quietly endevoring to suss out the meaning of the blockade.

Harmon stretches and settles in, "Hmm, a cat? Yes, let's go with that, sounds entirely plausible and not at all worrisome." He leans out the door to look around before turning to look back at Jennah, "I believe his name is Stephan, nice fellow, has a daughter named Stephanie, makes dolls from reeds. Quite a clever little thing."

Harmon looks up as Kierne approaches, "Hallu! Don't mind me, I'm just…ah…keeping an eye out for a cat, I believe the young lady said, do go on in." He turns to allow Kierne room to pass.

Jennah squints a bit at Harmon, "What is your name?" she asks him a bit more pointedly, since he didn't take the hint before. Then, there's another new face and she inclines her head to Kierne, "I am Jennah Ai'Alona," she adds, toward the two of them. "If you would not mind, while I appreciate your dramatic flair, what is really going on here?" she asks toward the self-appointed guardian of the Library.

Kierne's somewhat puzzled expression shifts into something mild and pleasant when Harmon turns around. "Excellency," he greets, skirting on past when allowed to do so. "Oh, yeah?" he casts a quick look about for the tell-take flash of a tail about the lip of an aisle. "Better a cat than mice, at least. You'd think mice had nothing better to do than to gnaw away at the edges of man's intellect," he grouses with a moody twitch of lips in time to a wrinkling of his nose. Jennah's introduction garners a hunch forward as something like a nod grafted onto a rather stiff bow. There have been less awkward movements in the history of mankind, to be certain. When she asks after what's going on, he lifts both brows and just sort of looks expectantly back at Harmon, having very little idea at all of what is transpiring, really or less than so.

The official library mouser seems somewhat offended by Kierne's supposition that she is the target of the hunt and gives off a subtly different aura of disdain for humans than her usual aura of being better than humans.

Harmon nods, "Yes, it would be better if it were a cat." He looks back to Jenna, "Count Harmon Forrester of Sky Forest, lady, though it is customary to show appreciation of drama and flair with applause, do not worry, you will not be the first to have been moved to such a display by my prowess." He turns his attention back to the floor outside, "As for what is going on, it is just a minor thing, a salamander has gotten loose and to let it in where all this paper is stored would be a disaster, fire and flames everyw…oh, hey…" He rolls and scrambles and is off running. "Going up the stairs, Warren, mind your back." And with that the count is off and running in pursuit.

Jennah lifts a brow when Kierne uses the term "Excellency" with the other man. She listens, her expression set in bemused indulgence as Harmon carries on about himself and his skills. She nods her head about the salamander, "Hmm, well if you wish to catch him, put out a bit of fish.." she says then he's up and running off and her head shakes a bit at the boys' behavior. She exhales looks to Kierne, "And you are..?" she says in a leading tone.

<FS3> Kierne rolls Animal Handling: Success.

Kierne spots the mouser, squatting down and reaching out one hand for her to come sniff at and bump her head against. Then, collecting up the kitty in his arms, he nestles his nose in against her shoulder and scritches through her neck fur with his thumb, eliciting a purr seemingly against the feline's will, as she seems to snarl even as the purr begins to rumble audibly from her chest. "Uh. Kierne," he makes his name known, peeking from behind the cat, and finally letting her jump down before she can get too fussy and take out her claws against him. "I'm Duke Crawford's Squire," he explains himself a little bit further.

Jennah casts a fond look toward the cat, "Mine at home is black as night with vivid yellow eyes," she says. "Does that one have a name as well, Squire?" she asks him. She closes the book and sets it aside, directing the maid to stand collect it and put it back where it goes. "Are felines common here?" she asks.

"More common outside than in," Kierne replies, "You can barely keep them out of the stables when it rains. But it's fine. They earn their keep well enough in keeping the place free of vermin, and they're pretty clean, keep to themselves unless you take it into your mind to pick one up for a cuddle. Does she have a name? I dunno, not as far as I know. Does yours?" he wonders, heading for the stacks mid-conversation. He's got work to do, after all.

Jennah nods some as he talks about the cats, resting her hands in her lap, "Hmm, mine remains inside," she says in comment between his. "Oh they are not friendly?" she asks, interesting. "His name is Lord Sir Barnacle the Fourth, though we call him Barnie," she answers with a soft smile. "I have had him since I was quite young."

"Friendly enough, if you can cajole the friendliness out of them. Otherwise be prepared with a good bit of bandaging," Kirne replies, voice subtly lofted in a distracted tone as he hunts down the texts he was seeking. "You ennoble your cats? I'd think they thought well enough of themselves already without the benefit of title."

Jennah nods, "I see.." she says of the feral cats. "Oh well, I suppose we do when we are six years old," she says. "I might've been seven," she says, thinking for a moment. "They do think well of themselves, but I've not met a one who did not live up to their own high opinions."

Kierne slides a tome out of place, opening it and scanning through the pages before closing it again, tucking it under his arm and going back to looking over the spines with a brief frown. "It's true. If they are proud, at least they've grounds. Which is more than can be said for many a man," he considers. "I think the other must be upstairs. If you'll pardon me, Lady?" he asks permission before taking his leave.

Jennah nods lightly, "Indeed, Squire, they do have grounds," she agrees. She nods again, "Of course, at your leisure," she answers. "Do be wary of salamanders.." she says then inclines her head in parting.

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