Thedor 16, 229: Indirect Interrogation

Indirect Interrogation
Summary: Interrogation the old fashioned way
OOC Date: 16/01/2014
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Various Locations
Watch Captains Office/City Jail
16 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

Laine happened to be catching a little sleep when the Princess was kidnapped. He thinks his men acted admirably, but he still waits for the axe to fall. Ever since Laine was woken to be informed of the kidnapping he has been awake and wandering the City. He's increased patrols as much as he can. If he went any further his men would get as little rest as he does. The Captain, who some think never sleeps, is currently on slow patrol of the market place, nodding greeting to those merchants he passes. He pauses at the chocola Emporium just long enough to grab a cup of the brew, promising to return the cup, before moving away and continuing his patrol. In this weather he has a thick winter cloak clasped at his shoulders, with a fur collar that may partially obscure his captain's insignia… but there aren't that many men with an eye patch in the Watch.

It's been a hell of a night for Kylan Fletcher. After having met with Dwyn Ystin and received some…worrisome information…he had been on his way to make a report of it when the rumors first started reaching his ears. So after the few hours it took to separate truth from rumor, and verify that a man had been captured, Kylan returned to the House of Repute and retrieved an equally-sleepless (and now looking it) Dwyn to see if they might verify the identity of said prisoner.

And so it is that the Royal Ranger, makes his way along the street with Dwyn on his arm, albeit at a hurried pace. Upon spotting Laine, however, he moves sharply in that direction, calling out: "Captain Rhenfeld!"

He briefly looks to Dwyn and murmurs something quietly to her as they approach.
Kylan whispers "It will be all right. Captain Rhenfeld is a good man."

Sleep? What is sleep? The little blonde woman on the Ranger's arm looks like she hasn't slept at all last night and the yawn emerging on her lips as she nods her head to Kylan's whisper confirms it. She looks nervously to the captain of the guards, knowing who he is well as she's been in the city for two years, and hopefully unknown to him (though one can never be sure of a captain's knowledge), "It is fine Kylan, doesn't matter anyways right." She takes a deep breath as she is dragged towards the man she fears meeting officially.

Laine works at least 18 hours a day, 7 days a week… most of it on patrol. Sleep is not something he's often familiar with. It means he can function a long time without it. He pays for it, but he can do it. At the sound of his name he turns, lone eye focusing on the approaching Ranger and the woman with him. His brow arches up and his shoulders straighten slightly, "Scout… what can I do for you?" He may not know Kylan by name, but being a former Ranger himself, he knows one when he sees one. Dwyn is given a look and if the man recognizes her or he catches any major hesitance on the woman's part in approaching him he does not comment upon it, simply waiting patiently for the pair to present their business, his hands casually clasped behind his back.

Kylan releases Dwyn's arm, but only so he can salute Laine properly before adding, "We've not met, Captain. Scout Kylan Fletcher, Royal Ranger." He gestures to Dwyn, "This is Miss Dwyn Ystin." He looks back to Laine and notes in a voice -just- loud enough for Laine and Dwyn to hear but not likely any others unless they're trying really hard to eavesdrop, "She has information that may well relate to the…incident last night." With that, he beckons Dwyn forward, adding to Laine, "And it might mean there's something else to worry over besides just…well, the obvious."

Dwyn's arm is released and she idly reaches over to rub it before catching herself and curtsying to the guard's captain, not quite knowing the proper etiquette for this man. "I do not mean to bother Captain Rhenfeld, but I am worried and heard some things." She pauses for a moment before saying, "Down by the docks. Is there a rather burly man you have in custody Captain? I mean if you can tell us that." She still seems nervous as she talks but her accent is a mix of street and higher almost noble, not quite just a ruffian's.

Laine offers Kylan a proper salute, "Scout Fletcher, well met." He inclines his head in Dwyn's direction, "Mistress Ystin." He pauses and listens quietly to their words, not outward showing that anything really registers. Once you have imparted things he lets out a soft sigh, lone eye swinging around the market a moment before settling back on the two of you, "Perhaps this would be better handled in my office?" There is no confirmation and truthfully no denial either.

"Kylan nods, "Well met, Captain." He lets Dwyn speak her piece, and when Laine makes his suggestion, nods in agreement once more, "Aye, that'd likely be for the best, Captain." Kylan replies to Laine, once again offering his arm to Dwyn so they might follow the man.

Dwyn's green eyes widen but she doesn't protest just putting her hand lightly on Kylan's arm, "That would be better, you of course are right." She nods her head finally and waits for the men to move. Eyes look around the market street as if she is looking for listeners.

Laine steps into his office, motioning for you both to follow and sit before he goes behind his desk and sits down. He steeples his fingers in front of him and regards you both for a long moment before he speaks, "A man that could be considered burly was captured by the Watch and is being held for interrogation as a person of interest in the kidnapping of Princess Ciarrah Kilgour. That much I can tell you.. so now you tell me what you know."

Kylan sees Dwyn seated before settling into a chair himself, and when Laine makes his imperative, he looks to Dwyn and nods, encouraging her to speak, since she is, after all, the firsthand source.

Dwyn settles into the chair, smoothing her gray-green dress down with her hands before finally looking up to the captain. Some of her nervousness gone but being in the captain of the guard's office isn't exactly her idea of fun. "This man, is there a way I could see him? I just need to know if it is the same man who was asking so many questions round my house." She clears her throat and her back straightens, "A man came in and was asking all sorts of questions Captain, things like Princess Ciarrah's walks on the beach, where Prince Tyrel goes when he leaves the palance, the Baroness' trips without her guards, even about the queen's new love of tarts. People think I don't listen, but Scout Kylan asked me to keep me ears open." She explains with a blush.

Laine arches a brow up, "At this very moment… No." He pauses a moment, though he holds his gloved hand up to hopefully hold off protest until he explains, "At the current moment, whether the man I have in custody is the same man or not sounds irrelevant. I need to know all you have heard and once I have we will confirm if it is him. If it is not then you will sit down with me and provide a description for a sketch because this man sounds like he is someone I need to have a long and detailed chat with. "So, what all did he ask, who did he ask, and do you know what all he was told?" He pauses a moment, "And before you concern yourself too much Mistress, I know who you are. I know where you work, and as far as I am concerned I have yet to catch you doing anything the Crown finds to be illegal. As long as you are careful with your words not to accidently confess anything illegal outright, we shall be good. Besides I think the Crown has more on its mind then things it is rumoured you have done." Laine can be rather black and white most of the time, but he is not incapable of recognizing the odd time when shades of grey are a good idea.

Dwyn looks over to Kylan before she nods her head to the Captain of the Guards slowly, "I…I understand." The corners of her lips curl up slightly in a small smile at the acceptance since it might help attitude. She takes a deep breath and then starts on a tangent of information, words seeming to flow as she purposely and obviously changes some to make it not sound illegal.

"The Tavern I work at Captain had a man come in quite a few times, when he first came it he was so dirty he was told to ge wash before he came back. Almost seemed he was hiding himself maybe." She shrugs. "He didn't give any information but ya could tell when he was looking for if you knew what to pick up. Habits of the royal family it seemed, ya know, he seemed interested in the king's absence as of late. Um how Baroness Caillin has her little visits all unescorted out of the castle, the Princesses twice a day walks on the beach and the Queens favorite tarts from that bakery…" She pauses and then adds after giving Kylan as apologetic looks, "He also seemed to brag about having a ranger friend who fed him information…an insider you know." She slips into her working accent a little more often as she tries to get it all out.

"Miss Dwyn had informed me of all this just yesterday afternoon. I was on my way to make a full report on it when the news of the abduction reached me." Kylan adds after Dwyn concludes her piece. "Might not have been able to stop the Princess' abduction, but we might be able to find a turncoat in our ranks."

Laine draws in a breath, "That is disturbing to hear." He looks to Kylan a moment, "As a former Ranger I am displeased to hear of a possible turncoat, but I recognize things happen." He tries to keep his own men in line, but one never knows. "If I can offer any assistance in discovering the person's, as I refuse to call them a Ranger, identity do let me know." He then looks back to Dwyn, "So his questions were only surrounding the Royal Family? I need to know before I go to the Crown with information that I have all my ducks in a row so to speak. Was anyone who is not part of the Royal Family mentioned?"

"It was all the royal family Captain. Nothing else seemed to matter to him." Dwyn confirms with a firm nod of her head. She pauses though and wrinkles up her nose, "There was another man, don't know if he had any relations or doings with this one. But he comes in every three days or so for some time. He asked directions for the castle then came back three days later and asks direction to somewhere called Issani Manor, he didn't cme back for siz days that time when every other time it's been three days. I don't know if he's in on it, but just seems mighty suspicious to the likes of me." A hint of a blush creeps up on her cheeks as she leans forward towards the captain then, "Can we…can we leave where you got the information out of it? If it's known I'm telling all like this I won't see a copper…" She bites her lip and shakes her head, "I'm already seen being dragged to you by a ranger, going to look bad enough."

Laine brings a hand up to rub at the bridge of his nose. He is well practiced in this as the eye patch doesn't even shift at all. This means he is going to have to purposefully seek out someone from the

Royal Family to speak to… or someone associated with them. Laine hates speaking to nobility. Laine lets out a soft sigh, "I believe in the concept of Confidential informants Mistress. Sometimes one is forced to let little things go in order to tackle those things which are really important. If it would assist you we can always toss you in a cell for a short fashion and spread the rumour that our Ranger friend here brought you in for a violation of the law, but there was ultimately not enough evidence to convict." Small, white lies… useful little buggers. "I will go with your decision on the matter, whatever you think will make you safer in the long run."

Kylan glances to Dwyn, then looks back to Laine as she concludes, "That latter bit's new to me." He doesn't seem to think it's something she knew beforehand and held back though, given his lack of angry reaction.

Biting her bottom lip Dwyn looks to Kylan for advise or just his reaction, it is hard to tell. She sighs though and nods her head to the Captain before shaking it again, confusing much. "I will be fine, I'll just get Kylan here to make it look like he's angry when he throws me out or something." Small shoulders as she looks between the two men, "If it helps can I see if it is the same man Captain. Pretend to throw me in the same cell or something even? I'm a good actress I have been told. He won't know a thing but you didn't have room elsewhere I swear…and I can defend myself if need be."

Laine runs a hand over his face and nods, "You will be monitored as best as we can while allowing you the chance to get information if possible." With that he rises to his feet, "I suppose I should lead you to the cells. Don't try anything heroic Mistress. The man will be properly questioned." He walks around his desk and heads to the door to exit. It isn't until they are outside that he moves to 'take custody' of Dwyn before leading the pair to the cells.

A flicker of emotion flits across Kylan's face when Dwyn makes her plan. Concern? Surprise? Something in between? Maybe just enough for a perceptive person to gather that there may be more than a purely professional relationship at play here, though he remains silent on the matter, if frowning as they depart towards the cells.

Dwyn's head nods as she carefully stands up, "Do I look heroic?" She jokingly says and nods her head, "I will not try anything Captain, it just seems in any kidnapping time is of the essence is it not." She finally looks to Kylan and gives him a little, bright attempting to be reassuring smile.

Laine leads Dwyn and Kylan into the cells, "Thank you Scout for bringing this to my attention. We will take care of things from here." Dwyn is being led with her hands bound. Laine leads her to a cell, "I would give my apologies for being unable to place you in a cell with other women, but I don't have one. Perhaps you should think on that in the future." The tone is hard, as it is when he speaks to other prisoners. He motions to his guards who open the door and Laine releases Dwyn's hands before giving her a slight push towards the now open cell. Laine looks to his men, "Do keep an eye. I will not allow anything to happen in the Cells. Remember our Mantra… they are all merely suspects." With that he does turn his back to leave for now.

Sitting with his back against the wall of whatever the cell he is in, the bulky, burly man from recent rumor that the City Watch had captured has his eyes closed, arms crossed, looking for all the worlds as if he is there of his own free will. Hearing the approach of others doesn't bring his eyes open, nor does he show any sort of reaction at all.

Kylan forces himself to adopt a position of neutrality, nonchalantly replying to Laine in a conversational tone of voice, neither too loud nor too soft, "It's no trouble Captain. Bit outside my usual duties but we -are- s'posed to work together, after all." He does look after Dwyn when she's led off, but his expression remains cold. Sometimes you just have to switch it off, so to speak. "If there's anything else y'need, just send word."

Dwyn struggles against the bounds and curses at the Captain of the Guards, "Honestly, I was just talking to him. This is -beeping- uncalled for." She kicks out at his shin with a slippered foot but misses as she is pushes into the cell (hopefully hands unbound, maybe?). A little off kilter the petite blonde stumbles into the cell with more curses, "And you call yerself a damned gentleman Ranger, you ain't nothing but…" But she doesn't finish her sentence and instead just kicks the cell door and lean her head against the heavy thing, not looking around yet.

Laine nods his head to Kylan, "Yes, well I thank you. If I need anything further I will let you know." He then turns back to Dwyn, lone eye focusing on her as his eyebrow arches up, "Of course you were. You will have your chance to present your side…. eventually." There is a long pause before that last word. The man then gives a nod to his own men and heads out the door, "Come Scout, you can update me on things in the world of Rangers. It has been a few years for me." Many know Laine used to be one, but a primary bowman with one eye? Nope. He motions to Kylan to join him in leaving.

Now that gets his attention, a female voice. Lazily, he opens his eyes, idly lifting a hand to scratch at his stubble on his chin. "What we got here?" With interest, he eyes the little blonde, sitting straighter despite his bulk. "You from that whorehouse. I know you." He turns and lets his large, booted feet drop to the floor. "What'd you do? Piss off the Queen?"

Dwyn twirls around with a look of surprise on her face as her jaw drops in surprise. She moves back towards the door in a look of panic (faked or not it's probably convincing) for a moment before she relaxes, "Oh bloody 'ell I know you don't I?" Her eyelashes flutter in that attempt to get a man to be nice way. "Fucking Ranger told 'em I tried to steal from him. Men who don't want to pay are even worse of a problem when they think they're all important to the bloody crown." She says the last words louder in hope said Ranger will still hear

Seeing the panic, it sort of feeds into his chauvinistic beliefs and he sneers at the helpless female. "You know me." A brow arches. "Intimately." Green eyes flicker towards the door where the Watch and the Ranger just left. "You think a Ranger'd be honorable, don't ya?" He mocks. "The first clue is he's hangin' out in a whorehouse. Says a lot about a man. Ma'self included."

Dwyn's own green eyes widen again, "Oh, I'm…I'm so sorry. Didn't recognize you with that nose." She stutters out and gives him an apologetic smile as she moves away from the door in case someone opens it right into her. She looks like a caged cat, pacing back and forth before giving the big man a laugh, "Honorable my sweet looking behind. All men lose that honorable tone when a nice pair of…legs…pass them by." She winks to the man and changes the word pointedly before stopping her pacing, "What are you doing here? Get caught doing nothing but minding your own business like the rest of us?"

He grunts. "There was a scuffle out at the shore yesterday. Found myself in the middle of it somehow. Was just out mindin' my own business when the Watch came and grouped me with those guys who was there fighting." Speaking of legs. He lets his eyes rake over her body very deliberately, leering almost. "You heard anything about what happened out there at the shore yesterday? There's talk of an escaped prisoner. Did he get away?"

Watching him closely Dwyn wrinkles up her nose but then the leering look comes and eyelashes bat again back to the man as she says in a sweet voice, "Oh that sounds horrible. Silly city watch taking in nice, innocent men like yerself." She moves over closer towards him but not in arms reach yet as she leans against the far wall from the door now and sets one leg up against it, "Prisoner? I may or may not have heard something…" She trails off with a wry grin to the man.

"Yeah?" The man perks up. "I gotta say anyone who gets the better of any royalty around here is doing good. I'm all for the underdog." He leans in with a conspiratorial air, lowering his voice. "I make money helping out people who need shady things done. Hang out at the docks long enough you'll find one wanting to do away with another more often than not. Pays well. So the little Laniveer got away did he?"

Dwyn moves to settle herself on the bench beside him, the pacing over with for the moment at least. She crosses one leg over the other in a practiced manner and gives the big man a wink as she leans closer to him herself, "Really? Ya didn't seem to type when you first came in…" She gives him a doubtful look but then giggles a little girlishly

Dwyn moves to settle herself on the bench beside him, the pacing over with for the moment at least. She crosses one leg over the other in a practiced manner and gives the big man a wink as she leans closer to him herself, "Really? Ya didn't seem to type when you first came in…" She gives him a doubtful look but then giggles a little girlishly (even for her), "I don't know, how much do ya really wanna know Mister?"

"Abel. Mister Abel." He licks his lips, drinking in the petite form of the blonde so near him. He glances around before slipping a beefy hand over her slim thigh, reveling in the contradiction of sizes. He felt so powerful around her. His chest barrels out more and his hand tightens with the thoughts racing through his mind. Lewd thoughts if his expression is any indication. "I want to know everything. Little Laniveer get away with that Princess? I cut down the other one, the maid. So easy.. women can be so… helpless." His smile is terrible and his hand drifts higher on her thigh.

Dwyn doesn't flinch at the touch, her resolve to see this through strong, or maybe she's just use to men like this. Instead she says in a low voice just for him, "The guard'll stop us Mister Abel, but when you get out of here you come see me promise." She flutters those eyelashes but her eyes widen then a bit at his words and she bites her bottom lip hard before slowly answering, "As far as I know they got away, that Tyrant of a prince is all in a tither over it too, promising to trade the Laniveer princess for his oh so lovely princess' return." Her voice sneers a little at the words and she wets her lips looking at the oh so talkative man.

"I need you to tell them. Tell them I've been coming to you. I spent the night there night before last, paid for the whole night. That's all I need and you know I'll come see you soon as I get out of here." Abel lifts a hand and gently tugs a lock of her hair. "He is, is he? Where's he supposed to do it?" A calculating look comes into his expression. He likely already knows where it's going to be done. Issani Manor. A lazy smile graces his lips. "I'll pay you for the alibi. I've got money aplenty now only I don't have it in here with me."

Dwyn looks to be enjoying the attention, even the tuck on one of her soft curls as she watches him with a look of soft, silly girlishness on her face, trying to not give anything away. "The night before? Wouldn't it be better if I just told 'em you were coming from well…" She moves a hand to run over her hip, "But the night before Mister Abel, why then? I can convince 'em you were just leaving me when you stumbled into that fight couldn't I?" She gives him an uncertain look of confusion, all sweetness and light now that she isn't yelling at the guards.

Abel's expression glowers a little as he hulks over her much larger than her, even though he is seated. "No. The night before is more important. The night of, actually. Not last night, that I spent in here, but the night before that. Before everything happened." He laces his fingers together, clenching them tightly. "It's important. I'll pay you well."

Dwyn swallows hard and puts on her best frightened expression mixed with still trying to be the little seductress she makes herself out to be. It ends up being a wide eyed expression with her mouth a little open in an 'O' as she looks up to him looming over her and nods her head, "Of course…of course mister Abel, but why I don't understand…" She trails off and gives him an apologetic look before answering his previous question, "I don't know about the exchange, maybe um Issani Manor? Isn't that where ya asked me about right, or was that the silly and definitely not as generous blonde?" Eyelashes bat as she tries to win him back with compliments.

The name draws a violent reaction from Abel. In a sudden and unforewarned move, he lifts a beefy hand and backhands her. "You forget you ever heard that name. Get me out of here. I've got to be somewhere and take care of some things before Rowena gets there. I've got to.." Hide the bodies. "You just shut up. You say anything to anyone about Issani Manor, I'll kill you."

"'Ey! Back off, or you'll be eatin' clubs until you ain't got any teeth left!" One of the Watchmen bellows as he hears the backhand, and sees the aftermath from further down the hall. Hey, Laine did say to keep order.

The backhand isn't expected and catches Dwyn off guard. The petite blonde falls onto the hard ground and covers the side of her face with her hand, but she barely makes a whimper as her head bobs quickly, "I don't know nothing about it Mister Abel, nothing." She forces tears or maybe the pain of the hit was that bad, "Don't hurt me please? I only wanna help ya." Her sometimes almost courtly accent disappearing at the the real fear entering her eyes now and she shuffles to pull her lets up under her and calls out to the guard, "It ain't nothing, I just slipped ya see." She looks to Abel again quickly.

Abel lifts a hand again, but lowers it again at the words from the Watchman. He kneels down near Dwyn and speaks very, very softly to her….
Abel whispers "You get me out of here and I'll make you the richest whore this side of Lakeshire. I've got money the Laniveer paid me to deal with things on this end, so they could have their heir and son back. His cousin, handsome blonde hair, blue eyed man, also went to the brothel was helping me. My money is stowed safely nearby, but I can't get it until I am out. You can run away with me."

Laine strides back into the room, scowling as he does so, "Mistress Yestin." He pauses as he catches sight of the results of the back hand and his lone eye narrows but he lets it go, "Unfortunately after speaking to the Magistrate I am unable to press charges at this time. I have to let you go." He says it like it leaves a bad taste in his mouth, but that could be just his distaste for the entire situation bleeding through. He moves to open the cell door, keeping his gaze on Abel, "Move and I will skewer you… Mistress, please." He motions for Dwyn to leave the cell.

Dwyn looks frightened when Abel kneels down next to her but as he whispers she settles down and her head bobs ever so quickly, "Trust me…" She says back in return quietly before the Captain of the Guards barges in. She gives Laine a look that could turn him to stone, filled with acidic hate, "Damn right, ya ain't got anything to hold me." She finally drops her hand from her face and a bruise is already starting to bloom, speaking wonders for the big man's strength and how black and blue her face will be in a few hours. She gets to her feet a little shaky in her movements and brushes off her behind.

Abel stands when the Captain of the watch arrives. Both brows lift and he moves back to his original position, taking a seat and closing his eyes, meditating, perhaps, or blatantly ignoring the watchman.

Laine keeps that lone eye focused on Abel, "For the record Sir… I do not like my prisoners abusing other prisoners. If anyone is going to cause harm to a prisoner, it will be after they are found guilty and in accordance with the law. Break that rule and you will not like the consequences." Laine is known to be very law and order. He swings his glare back to Dwyn, "Don't try me Mistress, or I am sure I can put a spin on harrassment of an officer of the law. If I were you I would move swiftly before I think of new possibilities." Once Dwyn is out of the cell he closes and locks the door behind her, turning his back to the woman before focusing again on Abel, "You and I will talk later Sir. If you are lucky it will only be me and not the Crown Prince."

Dwyn's eyes widen at Laine's words and she is quick to get out of the cell and looks a little more complacent. A bite at her bottom lip and she says where Mister Abel can still hear, "He ain't done anything wrong, was with me the other night ya see. I don't know why yer even holding him for the Crown Prince." She gives Laine a warning wink out the Abel's line of sight and then starts up the stairs still shaky on her feet but getting better.

Kylan waits just around the corner, leaning against the wall. When Dwyn rounds it, he gives her a nod, and briefly places a hand on her back, rubbing it lightly as she passes, before following her up the stairs in silence, or at least the attempt at silence, so as not to clue anyone below who doesn't know that there was someone else waiting on the stairs.

<FS3> Kylan rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Abel remains leaning against the wall, eyes closed, but at the warning a quick and cocky smile spreads over his lips. No other acknowledgement is given to him. He listens to the others speaking and the smile widens, hands clasping together. All is right in his world, alibi in check. One eye opens. "Bring your best, Watchmen. You'll get your interview." Watching Dwyn leave, he smirks. "I'll see you when I get out, Princess." A new nickname for her, apparently.

Laine's lips pull up slightly at the corner in his own smirk, "See you then." He doesn't seem concerned at all. With that he turns on his heel to leave.

This area is dingy, with two rows of cells crammed in together. The floor is dank, the rushes strewn over not frequently enough to hide the smell and the clamminess. The walls are stone, the cells barred by thick iron bars. There is one hall through the middle, with access to every cell. Torches are there to light the place, when they are lit.

Dwyn leans into Kylan's touch and it's clear the little blonde is still shivering as they ascend the stairs and get out of there. Once out of Abel's hearing range and back in the captains office she turns to Laine with wide eyes, "You need to get someone to Issani Manor Captain Rhenfeld, there isn't anything good there I promise you. And the Laniveer's cousin is either still in town or got out when they kidnapped the Princess." She slumps down in a chair then touching her face lightly with wary fingers, causing herself to wince before she looks to the captain again, "You let him go, he'll come to me for help or to kill me. Hard to tell with that one."

Laine nods his head, "I will get someone over there immediately." He moves over to take a seat behind his desk. "I have no intention of letting him out for quite some time. You needn't worry, but I would still be careful. I can hope our little ruse works, but we won't know until things play out. If you feel any danger, run to the nearest Watchmen and we will assist you. Promise me you will do that."

"May need to inform the Crown on Issani Manor. No telling what they may or may not know about the place yet. I can handle it, if you prefer." Kylan notes to Laine in regards to the Manor. He looks to Dwyn and nods in reinforcement of Laine's words. "You were very brave, Miss Dwyn. No need to risk yourself further."

Dwyn nods her head at this and then smiles at the two, "He killed her maid, that I can attest to his confession if need be." She sighs and starts to get up with a look of worry still on her face though, "Watch the queen's food closely though, I've seen folks poisoned before, it isn't pretty." She pauses as she looks to the door, "I know their cousin too Captain, I could tell you who he is if I see him." She looks to Kylan for a moment giving him a soft smile before asking, "I should go then? Unless you really are going to arrest me Captain?"

Laine nods to Kylan, "I am going to interrogate the prisoner. If you could inform the crown that would be helpful." And save Laine some heartburn. He looks to Dwyn, "Thank you for your assistance. If you hear anything else that would be of import try and let me know. If you have to send a message and I will receive it."

Dwyn nods again and starts out of the office, the bruise still blooming on her face sure to make it look like she didn't help the watch at least.

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