Nar 25, 228: Incident on a Bridge

Incident on a Bridge
Summary: Nobles and a commoner encounter an infamous baron and his henchmen. Carnage ensues.
OOC Date: 28/07/2013 (OOC)
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Great River Bridge, Darfield
West from Darfield Village, the road travels fairly straight to the Great River, and the large stone bridge that crosses it. The bridge has secure guard houses, two to each side, and is made entirely of grey stone. It is wide enough for two carts to pass each other, and has weathered grey stone half-walls at the edges to prevent anyone or anything from falling off. That does not prevent anyone from jumping, and during certain holidays, it is said that those who successfully jump from this bridge will have good luck for the rest of the year. On the west side of the bridge, the West Road continues through farm lands and rolling plains while to the east of the bridge, Darfield Castle and Village can be seen down the road.
Nar 25, 228

The storm has passed but the clouds linger, holding the heat oppressively over the land like a blanket. Still, after a day of torrential rain, many people have left their homes, shops, and the great castle to enjoy some any semblance of fresh air. Among those are three nobles - the Lord Chancellor, the Count of Greenshire, and the Baroness of Baroness of Blackforge, all on horseback. Following behind them are the baroness's handmaid and the her two guards, to make a nice little parade heading toward the city. The chancellor glances back to Wenna and he calls, "I am glad that you agreed to come on this ride, lady. Even though the heat bears on us, you have needed this." He uncorks a clay bottle of water and sips from it before he nods down the road. "We will come to the town soon."

Approaching the town from a slightly different direction, the infamous Baron of Blackforge has a dozen men with him as they head towards the town. Spotting that little group, Fallon turns to look at the people present, gaze stopping on Wenna now. He doesn't bring his group further towards the other group at the moment, just observing now.

Upon a chestnut charger is the count of Greenshire, Dressed in mossy green he is puffing away on a little corn cob pipe as he treads slowly towards the town. A little curly haired puppy is trodding along in their wake. "That dog will get himself killed running about with these horses." He smiles as he says this to his sister. Agreeing with the chancellor he adds, "Yes, it is good for her to get away from the confines of the castle."

"I needed this Chancellor, I am not certain how far we will be able to ride. Or I will be able to ride. If I tire I can always ride back to the castle with my guard and handmaid." Wenna calls to Caedmon. She is riding a grey warmblood gelding that stands at sixteen hands tall. She holds the reins lightly in her hand and her seat looks quite good despite all that has happened to her.

"Brother, Jester is more nimble than both of us combined." She tells the count with a laugh and the smile she offers him is as bright as the sun.

It is the sense of eyes on her that has her smiling suddenly fading. She turns her head to scan the area and her eyes land on her husband and the color drains from her face. She uses her seat to bring her horse to a halt. She opens her mouth to speak but the words do not come.

<FS3> Wenna rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Caedmon rolls Perception: Great Success.
<FS3> Caedmon rolls Heraldry: Success.

Coming along the road is the Kundari, Shazaa, riding his beautiful desert eques, his front legs prancing in the air as he walks toward the bridge. Shazaa is alone, seemingly just out for a ride. He has a bow across his back, with a quiver. He may be going hunting. He sings a song from Kundar, "Tolas ubuli tolas…" His singing is not that great, but bearable. He glances toward the nobles gathered, offering a polite nod. It is then, however, that he notices the Baroness' sudden stop, and her expression. He follows her eyes toward the Baron, his eyes twitching as he search. After a moment, he narrows his eyes, his lips pursing together. He nudges his horse forward, and suddenly he is stopped beside Aldren. A sideglance is given to the Haravean Count, along with a nod, before he turns back, glaring at Fallon and his men.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Perception: Good Success.

Caedmon is laughing at Wenna's joke when the usual clatter of a group on horseback approaching from another direction. He peers toward the sound, and then slows his own mare with a nudge of his knees and a light tightening of the reins. He glances to Wenna, then to Aldren, and finally back toward the group that has now stopped. "We might have trouble, count," he warns under his breath. Then he sees Shazaa, and inclines his head to the Kundari. "Greetings," he acknowledges solemnly. "You have my thanks again for your hospitality. I am glad to see that you are you in spirit to hunt again."

"Hello, Wenna." Fallon offers, as he sees his wife looking at him, smiling as he studies her for a few moments now. "You look well today," he adds, words kept rather quiet for the moment. Glancing to the others as well, he offers a polite nod to Aldren. "My lord." And a bit simpler nod is offered to the Chancellor, along with the same greeting, before his gaze goes back to Wenna now. Shazaa is either not noticed yet, or just ignored, although a few of his men looks to the Kundari a bit carefully now.

Wenna's sudden stop is not lost on Aldren. Seeing her mouth open and words fail he searches the area. It is then that he sees the Barron. Shazaa's nod is returned as the big man approaches. "You seem well." He says to the recently bludgeoned man. "I hope you are feeling spry." His look is now back on Fallon as he stares at the infamous Baron. Without removing his eyes he remarks to the chancellor, "Surely."

When Fallon speaks, Aldren says, "Quiet. You and your men will move on, we will have words though." His tone is venemous as he scowls.

<FS3> Wenna rolls Reaction: Failure.

Shazaa furrows his brow toward Aldren as he tells the men to move on. Not if Shazaa has anything to do with it. They shall all meet Inouv today. He leans forward on his horse, whose head jerks a few times as adrenaline rushes through man and beast. His gaze falls directly on Fallon, and suddenly he is speaking Kundari, "Gegi, O podr dial ar tud on, as cyd ar dirrin gau fo non." Of course, unless you know Kundari, you would have no clue what he says. Perhaps it would be chilling to some of Fallon's men as he speaks the wild language of the desert.

"Lord husband, Baron." Wenna manages to get out. She swallows hard and looks over to her brother and the Chancellor. "Well enough." She responds back. "Are you leaving city?" She then looks down at her horse's mane and she flinches. The words deserting her again, she remains there for a moment sitting there on her horse and not moving. She looks back to Fallon then she looks at her maid. "Return back to the castle." She tells the woman.

The woman looks at her curiously and then shocked and finally she nods and does as she was bid.

Caedmon fixes his eyes on Fallon when the man calls to Wenna, and then move slowly from one man to the next in the baron's group. He does not look to Aldren, Shazaa, or even Wenna herself when they speak. However, he does nod slowly. "You should do as the count suggests, Baron," he says. "You have exceeded your authority once already, by ordering your men to put him in the stocks." He nods to Shazaa. "If you had a grievance with him, you should have brought it before the crown. I am sure that his majesty would have ruled justly."

"I'm sorry for what happened the last time we spoke. I guess I lost my temper again," Fallon offers to Wenna. "You know how I have trouble with that every now and then." He then shakes his head a little at her question. "No, not leaving the city. I got a message from home, though. The staff are missing you, and hoping you would come back home." There's a brief pause as he looks to Aldren again, offering a quiet smile to the man. "I will do that very soon, my lord. However, your sister is still my wife, so I would like to talk with her for a little while, before I go." Glancing to Shazaa as the man is pointed out, and at the words in Kundari, he offers a quiet smile. "I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with your language." He then nods to Caedmon as well. "I made a huge mistake that day, which I fully admit."

A puzzeled look enters Aldren's face when the Kundari toungue is spoken. Though the general meaning does not seem to be lost. When Fallon speaks, Aldren holds his poisinous look. He glances to his sister and then back to Fallon, "If that is her wish." The tone in his voice indicates that it is clearly not his. Now Aldren takes measure of the small host Fallon has with him. Eyeing each man up and down, he sits a up a bit straighter in his saddle.

Shazaa clicks at his horse, jerking the reigns to the right to approach Fallon. He stops about ten feet short, between the nobles. His eyes are narrowed on the Baron. "Sommo O riod. Gegi o fidr lie. Gadr ar porno as ar hav dreiro as himmo ar buno pof Sess. Cer gegi, o fidr lolo pof Inouv." His nostrils flare as his words are finished. His horse jerks his head a few more times, in anticipation. He knows Shazaa too well. The horse knows blood will be spilled here today. Suddenly, a crowd has gathered, and is watching from either side of the river, and along the edge of the bridge.

"Fallon, your temper is more than legendary." Wenna says after she finally finds her voice and the words seem to pour out of her. "Do you still have a staff Baron?" She asks him, her tone is neutral and schooled. Looking to the Shazza she says "I think he is asking something of Sess on his behalf. Good Master, Please forgive our house for my sake. I am sorry for what my husband did do when he overstepped the laws of the city. I will do anything and anything to make wrong this right."

She then looks to Fallon. "If you wish to speak to me then I ask that you swear on the light that you will not harm that the woman who is the huntress. If you do may both the shades and the light come to curse you and may you not know a day's peace." She then looks to her Brother and the Chancellor, her moss green eyes are wide and she still is pale as ghost.

Caedmon also turns to study Wenna's fearful countenance for a moment. Then he glances to Aldren when the brother answers. His eyes shift to watch Shazaa interposing himself between the two groups and then speaking in that curious tongue. Some of the syllables are the same as those that the big man used previously. The chancellor's eyebrows flicker when he hears the names of curtain deities, but he cannot be sure even of that. Still, his eyes return to Fallon and he shakes his head. Squaring his shoulders while he sits in the saddle, the chancellor recommends, "You should offer your apology before the throne, Baron. You have offended the crown. If you wish to speak to your wife, I would ask that you also swear that no harm will come to her body, mind, or heart as a result of your words, and that she should be the one to decide whether such harm has come. I have seen the results of your … temper. Apologies do not return what has been destroyed forever."

"Huntress? I would not hurt that woman. She has a certain… spark. Most people would find that interesting, I believe." Fallon offers a nod now, before he looks to Shazaa. "Asking something of Sess? Ah, I see. I hope you get what you were asking for, good master," he offers, before he looks back to Wenna. "And yes, there are still some staff left back home." Looking between Aldren and Caedmon now, he offers them both another quiet nod, keeping his hands carefully away from any kind of weapons. His men tenses a bit as the Kundari makes his way in closer, but a gesture from the Baron makes them stand down now.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Tactics: Good Success.

No such nod is returned from the count as he stares at the Baron. He looks about now as he notices the crowd that is forming. He frowns a bit as he takes the Kundarri's movements into consideration. Now he urges his horse forward slowly, putting himself between Fallon, and his sister. He motions to one of Wenna's guards and the man pulls up beside her, a second nod is given to the other and a look is cast to the place at his side. The second guard urges forward to Aldren's side. Both men are now posistioned right behind Shazaa, and to the right of the Chancellor.

<FS3> Shazaa rolls Archery: Success.
<FS3> Shazaa rolls Archery: Great Success.

Shazaa raises a brow as the huntress is mentioned, then his brow furrows. "You right. You no hurt huntress, for today you dine with Inouv." His voice is a deep growl, his words broken and unrefined. Suddenly, the barbarian of the desert has his bow in his hands, and with a flash an arrow is notched and shot toward one of Fallon's men, one involved in the beating of Shazaa. The arrow strikes his shoulder, and plants. The man looks across to the guard next to him in shock, then falls from his horse into a lump. As people are looking at the fallen guard in shock, another arrow slices through the air with a *Whzzzz* and plants straight into the heart of another of Fallon's guard. This man is dead instantly, falling backward off his horse. Shazaa then reaches back for a third arrow, sliding the bow string into the notch. His gaze rises to the guard who clubbed him mercilessly as he was being put into the stocks. His eyes narrow…

<FS3> Wenna rolls Mind: Success.

Wenna's eyes open wide and she cannot for a moment move again. She can almost feel the tension that is now rising. She looks at Fallon and her guards. Taking a deep breath she manages to speak as the guards fall. "Please no more, they were following orders as they are like their master." She pleads on behalf of the guard. She tightens her thighs around her mounts sides and her face remains pale. "Enough blood has been shed, I ask you all to keep the kings peace."

Caedmon sits more stiffly in his saddle and clicks his toung softly. The horse lowers her head, affording the chancellor a better view of what he suspects might happen next on the basis of Shazaa's movements. The arrows fly in rapid succession, zing solidly into their targets, and unseat two of the men, one surely to rise no more as the gush of warm, red blood testifies upon his lifeless chest. Caedmon cautiously slides his right boot out of the stirrup and his right hand reaches to touch the hilt of the sword at his left hip. If this becomes more violent, he is ready, but he watches Fallon with a steely gaze to see how the man will respond.

Fallon had been focused on the movement of the guards, and blinks as he hears Shazaa's words, and sees the arrows hit his guards. Moving his head a bit to create some distance between himself and the Kundari, he glances briefly as Caedmon now. "Just to check, would I be allowed to reach for my weapon in self defense, unless this barbarian ceases his attacks, or a man of the crown takes charge here?" Words spoken a bit coldly now, while his guards scatter a bit to make themselves harder targets for the Kundari's arrows.

Aldren waits in silence as he watches the arrows land. As the blood spills, some of the onlookers let out gasps and groans as one man dies and the other shrieks in pain. Nodding to the guard at his side, the man urges forward just a few steps back from Shazaa. He looks back to the count and a simple nod is given. The man stands ready, his hand upon his pommel. Aldren now inches closer as well, waiting to see the chancellors reaction. All the while he is staring at Fallon, his fingers tightening on his reigns.

<FS3> Shazaa rolls Archery: Good Success.
<FS3> Shazaa rolls Horsemanship: Amazing Success.

*Whzzz!* Shazaa releases his arrow on the other man who beat him over a week ago. The arrow plants in his chest, and a second man is dead, falling from his horse. He then tosses his bow to the side, the weapon flying over the edge of the bridge and to the river below. Shazaa then kicks his horse, which rares back only a moment, then charges forward - straight for Fallon. When he is near, Shazaa rises in his saddle, then jumps from his horse, diving toward Fallon as his throat emits a loud, deep battlecry, "Aaaaaagh!" His horsemanship is flawless, as he handles the steed perfectly, and suddenly his is in the air, headed straight for the ruthless Baron, his eyes wide!

"My Brother and Lord Chancellor, I beg of you both. I do not want you hurt," Wenna says to them. "Fallon! Enough! There has been enough.." The words die on her hips as Shazaa reacts. "The master is going to get himself killed!" She cries out to both her brother and Caedmon.

"If he strikes you, baron, you have the right to def—" Caedmon begins to reply in a level tone. When Shazaa lunges for the baron, however, Caedmon reacts instantly. He draws his sward with a sound of metal upon metal, and he squeezes his mare with his knees, commanding her without a word to move forward. "Hold! Both of you!" he commands. " Then looking to Shazaa, he calls, "I do not know what your customs say on such matters, but among people of this land, we have laws for settling such things. Hold, I say!"

Looking about to say something, Fallon gets knocked off his horse by the flying Kundari, and ends up hitting the ground with his back first, getting quite a bit of the air sent out of his system. Grunting, he tries to move his hands up to defend himself, while also gasping for air now.

As Shazaa takes Fallon to the ground, Aldren watches intently. Moving forward with the guard, he now has the small bearded axe loose, and he attempts to corral Fallon's guards, with the intent upon keeping them away from aiding their master. "Hold!" He shouts to Fallon's men at arms. "Stay your blades!" Now he is looking to the combat upon the ground. He says nothing more, he justs watches as the men roll about.

<FS3> Shazaa rolls Melee: Good Success.
<FS3> Shazaa rolls Melee: Great Success.
<FS3> Shazaa rolls Melee: Amazing Success.

Shazaa catches Fallon, and is expecting the fall, so he is braced against the shock of the fall. After hitting the ground, he plants his huge left hand on the mans chest, pinning him to the ground, as he rocks his hips forward to straddle him, using his massive body to keep the man at bay. His right fist is then balled up, and with wide, furious eyes, his hand comes down smashing into the Baron's nose, one… twice… and the third is rather brutal, as he uses his hand as a club coming down on the bridge of Fallon's nose instead of merely punching him. After the third shot to Fallon's face, Shazaa stands to his feet, Fallon's blood splattered across his chest and face. Shazaa spits in the dirt, then brings his arms out beside him, flexing his entire body as his muscles flare against the sunlight, and letting out a roar, "AAAAAGH! Sommo o riod. Gegi, o hyl Inouv!" As soon as his words are out and echoing off nearby buildings, Shazaa reaches for his blade, pulling it from the sheath. He motions to the man, "Up!" He motions for the Baron to stand, "Now, you die."

<FS3> Wenna rolls Presence: Success.

With Fallon the ground and her brother doing nothing. Wenna shouts. Her words are odd coming from her, but she shouts them in desperation to keep them all from getting into trouble for not keeping the king's peace. "I challenge you Fallon to a duel, I will choose a champion." Her words are loud and she shouts them so other can hear them. She is still pale as a ghost and she looks to her brother as she shouts them.

Fallon's guards have now moved into the fray. Their weapons are drawn. They are moving towards Shazaa and the glare a challenge at the Count.

As soon as Shazaa lunges, Caedmon swings down from is saddle with his sward in his right hand and strides forward. "In the name of the king, hold, all of you!" he shouts again. "If you have grievances, by law you have the right to challenge that person to trial by combat." He glances to Aldren and the guards before he continues, "You have the right to go before the crown and plea your cases before the king." His attention returns to Fallon on the ground, and he notes, "The king has been waiting to see you, baron, for some time, even before you overstepped your authority. A case has come to the crown in which you are party." Then he glances slightly behind him to Wenna when she adds her plea to the din. He frowns but returns his eyes to the two combatants. "That is how we do it," he concludes. "Your wife has issued a challenge to you, Baron Fallon Riverwynd of Blackforge. How do you answer?"

Wenna's words seem to go unheeded as blades are drawn. Aldren hearing her shouts has little time to acknowledge or react to them as some of Fallon's guards now are eyeing him. He has no shield, just his ceremonial axe. The chancellors words are heard but not heeded as one of the guards is now rushing forward steel in his hands, bloodlust in his eyes. The guard on Aldren's side attempts to place himself between the man and the count. Fallon's guards swoard bites him in his shoulder and the man goes reeling off his horse. The mare he is riding sneers at the smell of blood and scatters leaving just a few feet between Aldren and the guard. The shine of the sun upon his axe is blinding as it moves forward, quick as lightning, the axe lands in the man's thigh, slicing through and biting into his horse. He ignores the man's screams and reels back, looking to make sure the other guard is near his sister. "Take her!" He shouts as he points down the road. "Get her away! Now!" Turning back he readies himself for that chaos that will surely ensue.

Taking those punches that's hurting him badly, Fallon rolls over on his side, head moving so he can spit some blood to the ground, and wiping at his broken side of the face now. Starting to get to his feet, he pauses as he hears Wenna's words, looking over to her for a few moments, as he raises an eyebrow, as if saying 'is this really what you want?'. Looking to Caedmon as well, he shrugs a little, as he pushes to his feet. "As long as I can get a few days to heal from my current injuries, I, Fallon Lucus Riverwynd, accept your challenge, Wenna Meredith Riverwynd." Spoken loud and clear, before he nods in Shazaa's direction. "Someone keep this savage away from me, please?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shazaa=Blades Vs Fallon=Defense
< Shazaa: Great Success Fallon: Good Success
< Net Result: Shazaa wins - Solid Victory

Shazaa ignores the calls to stop, and the fact that Fallon didn't draw his blade. He did give him plenty of time to pull his weapon, yet he chose not to. Any fool would know, the barbarian is not going to stop until he is either stopped by force, or the Baron is dead. He spins his curved blade around his body, feeling the weight, watching his opponent and ignoring the others who may be coming toward him. After several long moments, he lets out another war cry, "Aaaargh!!!" He charges toward the Baron, the steel in his hand flashing against the sunlight as he swings his blade toward Fallon's right shoulder, coming down from the top.

Several of Fallon's guards are now charging toward Shazaa, their swords drawn as the rush toward him, letting out their own shouts of warning. The other guards are shouting at Aldren instead, as they rush toward him with their blades drawn as well, meaning to take him out of the fight between Shazaa and Fallon, knowing which side he lies on. Caedmon does not get a second glance from any of them.

"Stand back! All of you!" Caedmon roars. "Shazaa has challenged the baron. It is now a matter of honor. See how the man stands and waits? He waits for the baron to decide - now, later, or yield." Then he glances to aldren and urges, "You as well, count. This is their fight."

Wenna stays where she is, and after gaining her composure, in a clear, strong voice that might surprise even her, she announces, "Yes, Fallon! I challenge you, and I choose him as my champion!" She nods toward Shazaa.

Not managing to get quite out of the way when the attack comes in, the blade bites into Fallon's shoulder. "Fucking monkey!" he calls out, before he hears Wenna's words. "Inouv take the lot of you," he calls out, as he moves to get out his sword now, before swinging it forcefully for Shazaa's ribs.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fallon=Blades Vs Shazaa=Defense
< Fallon: Good Success Shazaa: Good Success
< Net Result: Shazaa wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Aldren rolls Bludgeons: Great Success.

When Wenna calls for Shazaa to champion, Aldren scowls. Now his prideful nature has taken force as he ignores the Chancellors shouts, or perhaps he did not hear them… Reeling about he makes way towards the glaring men with steel in their hands. Raising his Axe high he charges forth sending it into the nearest foe's hip in a bloodthirsty manner. Wrenching it free, he dismounts and begins to make way towards the chancellor, backstepping, his eyes scanning the blackforge men waiting for the next assault, "Chancellor, stay your words, keep vigilent. This does not seem to be declining." He shouts to Caedmon as he attempts to align himself near him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shazaa=Blades Vs Fallon=Defense
< Shazaa: Good Success Fallon: Failure
< Net Result: Shazaa wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Shazaa=Blades Vs Fallon=Defense
< Shazaa: Good Success Fallon: Failure
< Net Result: Shazaa wins - Solid Victory

Shazaa spins his blade around his right side with a simple twist of his wrist. When Fallon swings his sword at Shazaa, the big man from the desert easily sidesteps the Blade of the Blackforge man, watching the blade go by with an amused look on his face. Monkey? Did he call Shazaa monkey? He then takes the moment to mock the Baron of Blackforge, letting out sounds like a monkey, "Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh…" He mocks, then spins his blade back around his body, spinning on his heel as he uses his momentum to drive the blade toward the man once more, swinging the large curved blade for his left ribcage fiercely.

A horse bearing Sutherland colors, clue and white, heads up the street towards the crowds, drawn by the ringing sounds of steel and shouting. Upon her back rides Caitlyn, an unfamiliar face to be sure. She is followed by her chaperone, a young lass who attempts to keep her back. Cait, heedless of any danger, recklessly presses forward an d dismounts, quickly heading towards the downed soldier with the gaping leg wound. She seems unaffected by the blood and gore, her lips set with grim determination.

Having gotten bogged down yesterday due to the rain and the missing princess. Cedric has decided to try this again, He is in accompanyment of his guards and From a distance saw something going on but wasn't sure but as he got closer adn started to hear combat Cedric hastened his mount. Catching his guards off guard for the moment as they too spur their mounts into action.

Caedmon nods to Aldren. "Aye," he agrees. "So it seems, but this is between the baron and the Kundari. The rest should stop and allow them to settle their difference." Still, he raises his sword, ready to defend himself if necessary but not planning to attack.

Caitlyn manages to get a tourmiquet around the guard's affected leg, hands becoming covered in his blood as she quickly stems the flow. As she ties the bandage her eyes are seeking out the next most pressing injury. She glances at the still fighting combatants, anger flashing in her sky-blue eyes.

When one of their own goes down, two of the other blackforge men move forward, steel drawn. The first flies hastily towards Aldren swinging wildly. The cut is easily sidestepped as the Count sends a counter blow to the man's knee. Instantly it is seperated from the man's body. He does not scream though, he just looks down and feints, falling to the ground, there is an audible /flop/ as he lands. Looking to the healer who has inserted herself he scowls a bit as she attempts to aid his fallen foe. He checks back to see if his sister has been removed, then to the chancellor to see if he is allright. Now he moves to his left, putting the fallen man and Caitlyn between him and the other advancing guard, his knees bent he awaits to see which way the man will travel around the dying man. Aldren ignores the chancellors speech about settling differences, as he has his own wrongs to right. He stands ready as the guard stops short of Caitlyn, waiting to see who will move first. Aldren feints left and when the man moves to meet him he quickly sidesteps and moves to the right, the guard attempts to correct his movements and trips. When he falls The Count circles and moves in for the kill. But, he is cut-short as another of the guards comes crashing into him from behind with a shoulder. The blow lands between his shoulders and sends him stumbling forward. He holds his footing though. He turns now and readies himself for the two foes that are now in front of him.

And once again, Fallon is too late in his defense now, and as the blade bites into his ribs, there is a huge howl of pain. One hand moving to the wound, to try holding back some of the blood, he takes a few moments to ready himself now. Then he dives forward, trying to drive his sword into the big man. It's a gamble, but with a bit of desperation in it.

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<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fallon=Blades Vs Shazaa=Defense
< Fallon: Good Success Shazaa: Great Success
< Net Result: Shazaa wins - Solid Victory
<FS3> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Fallon=Blades Vs Shazaa=Defense
< Fallon: Good Success Shazaa: Great Success
< Net Result: Shazaa wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Wenna rolls Horsemanship: Great Success.

There is a thunderous Roar of steel shoed hooves Comming down the roads towards the bridge. For anyone not in combat, they can see clearly see the Sutherland banner flying on one Standard and on another The Deputy Marshals. There apprear to be no less than Eight men on following the Duke.

Four of those on horse back appear to have lances, each one tiped in a deadly steel point, behind the four apprear to be the famed and dealy horse archers of sutherland. Cedric seeing the carnage and his own sister dealing with it. Has gone from concerned to Outright pissed. He rides his mount to the middle of bridge where he calls out.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!! The next person to swing a blade…" as he looks to Aldren "Or Axe will find themself thirty days in the dungeons. Stand down Immediately." Cedric makes no moves to draw his blade as of yet, but the lances of his men lower just a tad as if getting ready to affix somone upon them. Cedric's glare for now seems focused on Fallon, Shazaa, and Aldren.

Aldren may not scream but the scream that comes from Wenna when the Count gets hit between the shoulder blades is loud and filled with pain. Not thinking as part of her brain turns off she pushes her horse forward and moves to ride down the two guards left facing the count. The grey gelding whirls around with her commands and leaps into a gallop. The horse moves at a ground eating pace and she slams that horse into them and misses her brother and the other noble woman.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shazaa=Blades Vs Fallon=Defense
< Shazaa: Good Success Fallon: Success
< Net Result: Shazaa wins - Marginal Victory
<Public> Ambrosia Cri offers to build Hadrian a wall.

There is much ado as Caitlyn realizes she is essentially surrounded by the sound and fury of battle, Aldren behinde her and those that would do him harm in front. Not an advantageous spot and yet she refused to run away and hide, stubbornly glaring over her shoulder at the Count before scrambling towards the man who just lost a leg. She looks a sight as well, blood and dirt stains ruining her fine clothing.

Once again, the Kundari Shazaa easily sidesteps the attack from the Baron, his movement very graceful for such a huge man. Once again, his blade spins around to the side, as the Kundari twists his wrist around, keeping the blade ready. He either does not hear the Sutherland Duke, or he ignores his commands. As the baron stumbles forward, he pulls his blade up and across his back, choosing now to toy with him. Fallon and his men may have beaten Shazaa nearly to death a couple of weeks ago, but the Kundari definitely has this situation in hand. With Aldren keeping others at bay, the huge Shazan is handling Fallon, and has no intention of stopping now. He smells blood, and he likes it. Once again, he is speaking in his native tongue, "O gen o, gegi en fo li o hyl Inouv. Aro o mugio? Himmo ar buno."

<FS3> Caitlyn rolls Healer: Good Success.

<FS3> Aldren rolls Cheater: Good Success.

The duke's words are slightly heeded as Aldren takes one step back, still in combat stance. Wenna's gelding comes crashing into the men and Aldren steps back a few more paces. He looks for the guard that was suppose to remove her but sees nothing. Now he turns his attention back to the remaining foes, ever ready. No glance or nod is given the duke as he is now considering his sisters safety more so than anything. "Wenna! To me!" He attempts to move forward towards her and her horse as he eyes the fallen men to make sure they will not be rising. When he seems satisfied they will not be he attempts to grab the reigns of his sisters horse and draw her away from the chaos. Assuming he has done this, as he backs away a cloud of dust is kicked into the air near Fallon's face as he pulls the horse and his sister with him away from the fray. Whether it is a quick turn of step or intentional is not so obvious.

The lancers move in to separate combatants from non combatants and Cedric looks at Aldren for amoment as the lancers give a clear line of fire for the four archers. Cedric moves up past Aldren and says again "You two, lord baron Fallon. and you Shazaa will cease this immediately, I dont give a rats hind end why your fighting but you will stop now, or you'll both be needing healers aid of another sort. If you both have a itching for fight then we'll set this up properly but not on a Damn bridge. " he glares aboth of you harder, " so the choice is yours, stop the fighting until I find out the reasons and set up a proper challenge, or face me now and neither of you will live to regret it. " upon saying that all four archer draw back their bows. Two of them on Fallon and two On Shazaa. Even Cedric's hand is on his own hilt waiting their reply.

Caitlyn orders one of the guards who remains standing to hold his friend, voice clear and steady, brooking no refusal. Anorher tourniquet is employed to save the mans life, even if she cant save his leg. She looks up as Cedric speaks, her countenance softening as her brother attempts to take control of the situation. A brief smile graces her lips before she is back to it, the blood, gore and body parts piling up.

When the gray horse passes him, Caedmon tries to grab for the reins to stop the beast but misses terribly. Then, seeing that this has spired horribly out of control, the chancellor digs his hand into his tunic and pulls out a small whistle on a cord. Placing the device to his lips, he takes a deep breath and blows a long, piercing blast in some hopes of gaining the attention of as many people as possible. Then he commands loudly, "Stand down, EVERYONE!" He turns to Cedric and adds, "The Barron and the Kanduri are in a lawful duel. They should be free to continue if they wish. This is a matter of honor for them. The others should maintain order. You and your men have my permission to subdue those who will not stand down. I have tried. They will not listen." He sweeps the area again, urgently seeking something. When he sees Wenna, he gives Cedric one more glance to signal without words for him to proceed. Then he runs toward the horse and lady. "Come with me!" He shouts. "The marshall will settle this crowd."

Not stopping, since he knows that would be the death of him, Fallon tries taking the Kundari down, before he gets sliced over the back. Dropping his blade, he lifts his head to try meeting the eyes of his opponent, offering the barbarian a slow nod. And this is the moment when Fallon knows he will not make his way out of here. While he notices the cloud of dust from the horse, he stumbles back a bit, but doesn't take his eyes off the Kundari. Pointing to a spot on his stomach now. There, stab him through there.

"Brother I am safe." Her face is tear streaked now from pain. She reaches town to touch his arm. She looks to Caedmon as he pulls her away. Then, she stops her horse as Fallon is stabbed.

Word of a fight had reached the ears of Victoria and to the bridge she ran, swiftly dodging through city streets and up and over to the bridge where the crowd has gathered. The Huntress Victoria is dressed in her full gear, bow across her back and chest, quiver between her shoulders, pushing through the crowd with pressing leather clad hands, her hood pushed back, long hair left free about her shoulders as she finally reaches the front to bear witness to the scene.

Caitlyn looks appalled, rising slowly to watch the desert dwelling warrior, her lips part as if to speak, her brow furrowing. Disheveled and bloodstained, she moves tha back od her hand across her broe, leaving a bloody trail behind. "Please, my lords please stop, let there be no more blood shed." Just a plea that may fall on deaf ears, but she says it anyway.

Circling the wounded Fallon now, Shazaa has a wild beastly look in his eyes, his nostrils flared. Once again, he completely ignores Cedric, engulfed with his vengeance. "Himmo ar buno pof Inouv, cer gegi o lolo ev tadr. An Sess cer harrio as hathro to podr fich el." He circles back around to the front, leaning in toward Fallon as he grabs him by the chin, making him look Shazaa in the eyes, "No man touch Shazaa woman. I kill man that touches my woman." He is definitely a foreigner, as his language is broken, heavily accented with quick syllables. He then pushes the man's chin away from his hand with a sneer. He steps back, then spits in Fallon's face with a disgusted look in his eyes, before pulling his sword back and running the Baron through his gut, his blade coming out Fallon's back at least a foot, bloodstained. He lets the blade rest in Fallon's guts for several moments, before raising his massive foot, and kicking him away while retracting the blade.

Now that the deed is done Cedric has his men disperse the crowd while he looks to see how many died and are injured so that they can get proper treatment. Upon hearing the words from Shazaa he looks to see Victoria and arches a brow. Wondering if this was all because of her. He then looks to Aldren "Count Aldren, I would like your assitance in making sure the wounded are properly escorted to the temple for further treatment. " he looks to Caedmon and says. "when you get the time My lord baron I'd like a word with you. " he then looks to his sister, moving his mount up and reaching down with a cloth to wipe her blood smeared forhead. "Save how ever many you can, I am greateful that you were not injured in this debockal."

Hearing the duke he immediatley backs away, things seeming to slow down. "Of course my liege." He bows, just slightly before he scans again making sure there are no threats. Wehn he is satisfied there are none he begins to look at the after math, determining the best way to do so. "Wenna, return, now." His words are stern but loving. "And send two more of our household guard to assist me."

The sight of Shazaa's brutal act (at least by Cait standards) wrings a gasp from Caitlyn's lips. At the sound of hooves approaching she looks up, nodding weakly to Cedric as he wipes her brow. No further prodding is needed and she rushes towards Fallon, murmering gently to him to remain still as she makes her assessment of his wounds, She is heedless of all else.

There's a bit of a groan as the blade enters him, but for some reason Fallon looks more at peace when that happens, than he has done for a very long time. And as he's kicked away from the blade, he slumps to the ground, gaze looking around for a few moments as if he's looking for someone. Stopping on Wenna, he opens his mouth as of to say something, before he raises one hand in her direction now, as if to call her over.

Death is something that happens but is the one thing that Wenna is familiar. She sees Fallon's hand and she moves towards Fallon she rides ignoring now her brother and Caemdon. She does not seem to notice the guards shouting at her and calling her names. She rides her horse towards Fallon and then she ignores Caitlyn for the moment as she moves to dismount off her horse. She falls to the ground and pulls herself to towards him. Next to him she looks at him and leans in. "You know you deserve this. You killed them. But I will not let you die alone, unlike what you did to them." She takes his hand.

Much has happened in a short time. After telling Cedric to restore order with a minimum of violence, even though Shazaa and Fallon still are intent on continuing their duel, Caedmon sways slightly. He takes a breath so deep that his shoulders heave and he shudders. He clutches his head in his hands for a moment. Then he lifts it and his eyes sweep the area agin. He sees Aldren urging Wenna to leave. Grimacing, he takes another steadying breath and moves slowly, deliberately toward them.

Caitlyn continues to try and stem the flow of blood, her face grim as she assesses the damage done. Such a wound though rarely bodes good for the recipient, yet still she tries, brow beginning to shine with perspiration. After a while though, she bows her head, wobbling back on her heels tiredly, a glance to those gathered showing her distress and frustration. There is nothing she can do.

"Shazaa!" Victoria calls as she pushes out then past the crowd, cloak billowing about her as she rushes in, watching as Fallon falls from the Kundari's sword, amber gaze dark as she looks up to the back of Shazaa, real fear in her voice; was he hurt? Staying a step back she doesn't rush into the large man, instead stops short, chest rising and falling quickly, lips parted slightly as she waits for him to turn around.

Wenna sees Fallon's glare and moves towards him. Aldren screams and attempts to hold her reigns, but, she stubbornly moves near him. The count's jaw drops and so does the blood soaked axe. Staring he seems amazed as she continues. When she falls he grunts a little when she hits the ground. Now he makes his way near them, slowly, indecisive, a puzzled look upon his face. He now seems oblivious to anything happening around him. Stepping over knees, other random flesh, he just continues, as if in a haze.

Shazaa steps back, now that Fallon is dead. His job is done. Honor has been restored. Perhaps not the way a Mobrinite would have done it, but things are definitely different in the desert. He lifts his blade slightly, looking at the blood, and more importantly, the edge. He eyes it closely for several seconds before turning it and casually wiping both sides on his leather breeches, a side glance toward the fallen noble as he does. Then, Victoria shouts for him, and he quickly turns, sliding the curved sword under his belt quickly, he steps toward her. He hasn't a single scratch on him, but his body is glistening in sweat, his long ponytail tied behind his head is also soaked. He takes several quick steps toward her, before wrapping his big arms around her in a tight hug, "Vi'toria…" he says in a tired voice.

"We all get what we deserve in the end," Fallon gets out this before he coughs up some blood now. "And I guess that I deserve a painful death like this, for all the bad things I have done." A brief pause, as he squeezes her hand a little. "Thank you, for being here, even though I know you probably hate me, and has a right to do so."

"You killed them Fallon." She casts a glace over at Caedmon and Aldren. She sees Caedmon hold his head and she frowns. Her attention then is drawn to back to Fallon. "They fell to your temper. I am not a god I cannot judge you. But I will be damned if I do not show you some shred of compassion." She tells him as she holds his hand. "I do not hate you I fear you and Pity you, there is a difference. You monster in my dreams, you are my fear. You will always be my fear; to the moment you take your last breath I will fear you. You have killed all close to you Fallon, I will alway pity you and fear you. You have won."

Caedmon stops and looks around the area again. He shakes his head wearily. People are beginning to clear away the wounded and the dead. He spots Caitlyn leaving Fallon while Wenna holds the dying man's hand. He moves slowly but purposefully toward them. He stops and looks at the baron's wound. Although not a healer, he can see that the prognosis is grim. He rests a hand briefly on Wenna's shoulder. Then he moves toward the wall of the bridge where Caitlyn is standing. He pauses near her and rests his own palm on the warm stone. Turning to look at her, he says, in a slightly foggy voice, "I don't know who you are, but thank you for trying to save lives." How many are there? I will send wagons from the castle to gather them."

The relief that is on Victoria's face is evident, golden gaze welling up with tears of relief, an unusual show of emotion for the Huntress who presses in tightly to Shazaa, arms squeezing in about his waist as her forehead smushed into his chest, cheeks rising up in colour. Kissing his ribs her head will turn to press her cheek into his bare sweaty flesh now, salt of his skin on her lips, a few tears falling, "You were so injured, and still are, I was so afraid I had lost you when I heard you were here in a fight." Whispered, body trembling a little as she hugs oh so tightly to him, not willing to let him go to look up at his face. For now she listens to the beats of his heart, eyes closing.

Sky-blue eyes raise, Cait's head turning towards Caedmon as he speaks. For the faint of heart, she is a sight indeed, dress stained with blood and dirt and the gods know what else. She nanages a less than graceful curtsey, mouth set in grim determination not to fall to exhaustion "Forgive my appearance my lord. I am Lady Caitlyn Crawford of Sutherland."

"Not all," Fallon replies, before he adds, "You survived." A brief pause as his gaze focuses on Aldren, and he coughs again, then spitting the blood he coughed up. "Aldren?" No use of a title now, as the dying man allows himself not to use it. "You're a lousy brother-in-law, you know that?" Looking back to Wenna, he squeezes her hand a little for the moment. "If they let you take over the lands, continue to keep them well…" Another brief pause, before he adds, "You are safe now, Wenna. Farewell." And then he slumps, what little life that was left in him leaving him. And thus passes Fallon Lucus Riverwynd, the Baron of Blackforge.

Aldren continues his slow pace towards the carnage. His sisters last words of Fallon having won, brings a glisten to the count's eyes as he hears it. He tromps through the blood unaware of others words or the moans of the dying.. Reaching down he pulls his sister to her /foot/. He picks her up and turns on the baron's body. Then, he hears Fallon's words and he turns back. First spitting on the man he then kicks one last mound of dirt upon him, then spits again. Walking away, now much quicker than he approached he signals to Wenna's remaining guard to bring her horse.

"May the light have mercy on your Fallon." When Fallon passes and Wenna is picked up by her brother she moves to wrap her around his neck and she buries her head against him. She looks up only to see where Ceadmon is and then she buries her head against her twin's chest. Her head remains' that way until they get away from the stares.

Shazaa lets out a tired sigh as he turns back to glance at Fallon, watching his spirit leave his body. Another sigh escapes his lips. He looks toward Cedric, who is helping the wounded toward the City. Another glance is chanced toward Caedmon, who is given a nod, before the Shazan takes Victoria's hand and moves over toward his horse, who is now at the end of the bridge on a grassy knoll, eating. He moves to the horse, "You ride." He says simply, offering his hand to help her up as he looks over his shoulder to the scene of death once more, and another sigh escapes him.

AFter Caitlyn introduces herself, Caedmon bows to her and answers, "I am Caedmon Kilgour." Like Fallon, he abandons titles for the moment, not due to impending mortality, although that might figure into all of his thoughts. If she wishes, she might enquire of others about his station. He glances around for a moment. "If you have been at the king's castle already, I do not recall it," he admits. "If you have not, I am sure that you will visit soon enough. For now, I urge you to rest. You have served Mobrin well. Until we meet again." Then he bows and turns to head toward his mare who wondered long ago under a grove of trees to graze while waiting on her master.

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