33rd of Sheat, 229: In Vino Veritas

In Vino Veritas
Summary: A Haravean and a Kincaid find they have more in common than they might have thought.
OOC Date: 20/Jun/2013
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Eoin Kierne 
Riverview Inn - City of Stormvale
The main doors to this inn open into a fair sized common room, with a moderately high class feel to it. The kind of place where Nobles think it's not quite beneath them and commoners think it's not quite too high brow. It's set up with a fireplace at the back, and several tables and chairs for customers to sit at. Near the door, there's a small desk, with someone generally there to help travellers check in, find a meal, or with general questions. To the left, there is a door to the back hall, which leads both to the kitchens, and up to the rooms for patrons.
33rd of Sheat, 229 2E

It's evening. Dusk has faded into darkness but it is by no means yet the witching hour. Being just that bit out of town the Riverside has more travellers than local drunkards, and also a few of the more nobly born attempting to escape from the press of the capital, or perhaps just enjoy a drink somewhere quieter for a change. The common room is only perhaps half full with most of the patrons in the half containing the fire but in the corner away from the crowd is Eoin. He's not exactly hiding himself away, but nor is he in anyway advertising his presence, prefering instead to take his drinks, and he's had several, alone.

Kierne isn't a rare sight out this way, himself. He tends to start at the taverns closer to the middle of the city, and make the rounds, when he goes drinking, a few drinks here, a few drinks there, and when he gets out to the Riverview Inn, it's to top off for the night. He's a regular drunkard, for his age, but to his credit he holds his booze miraculously well, such that you would barely think him to have ten or eleven drinks in him already. He's dressed down from his full Knightly kit to his riding trousers and comfy red tunic, and… honestly, doesn't look that much different than he'd looked three nights ago. "Admiral!" he calls out, jolly enough when filled with wine and given good company.

Eoin hasn't been counting how many he's had, but likely enough he's somewhere in a similar vacinity to Kierne's total. Tomorrow's consiquences have long since ceased being cared about in favour of another drink. Draining the last of a pitcher of red into his glass he's about to down it and order another when the knight' greeting catches his attention and he turns to seek him out. It's not hard, not really, but there is a bit of a squint involved as his gaze goes past the fire. Hmm, bright lights bad. Taking a moment to consider the lad, he eventually seems to come to the conclusion that he might be willing to share his solitude for a small while and so gives a brief nod in acknowledgement before turning back towards the bar and qesturing for another pitcher and of course, another glass.

Kierne looks from the Admiral to the bar and swings by that direction to pick up the pitcher and second glass and save the waitstaff a trip. He's thoughtful, like that. And/or disregarding of class distinctions. "How fare you, Admiral? Not worried for your sister, are you?" he grins goofily as he sits down and pours for the admiral first, then for himself, "Ah, she'll be fine, I'm sure of it!"

Eoin almost considers changing his mind when Kierne approaches with that grin, he hit the morose stage of drunk a while back and that amount of energy and enthusiasm does not bode well. The fact that he comes laiden with the wine mollifies things somewhat though and he takes his refilled glass with a brief nod before he shakes his head at the enquiry regarding Beth. "She'll be fine," he replies, half to the company and half to his drink, "she had Kieryn to watch over her, and her cousin is the finest healer in the kingdom. She'll be fine."

Kierne is a happy drunk as long as there are people around him. Left alone with his thoughts, it gets dark pretty quickly. But who in the world could know that, other than a few select folk? "Well, there you have it. Nothing to worry about. You know, you know," he shakes his head, "I once nearly died of love for that sister of yours." Oh, yeah, he also rather embodies the spirit of In Vino Veritas. "I remember once, and I don't know whether she ever told you, I crawled drunk into her garden and stayed the rest of the night there, howling like some dog that'd been hit by a cart. But I was cured of it, you know? After that, I knew nothing good would come of pining. I went to the temple and they… just… strangest thing. I confessed, and it was as if they… lifted it of of me, and freed me from it."

Eoin can certainly be a happy drunk, tonight however he is not and his features darken further as the escapade in the garden is recounted. His expression likely shows that he did not know about that incident previous, nor indeed about the infatuation. Once the tale is complete he gives a snort that might have been close to derission if he'd had the enthusiasm to spare for it, then downs the wine in one. It's a red, not a Greenshire red, but drinkable all the same. Setting his glass back down he asks as he pours himself another, "is love something that must be confessed of to your eight Gods knight?" The stress is subtle, but then the lad is the one who's just gone and sworn a load of holy vows. A sip of the wine this time and his demeanour changes a little, the hotness that had been so quick to appear starts to fade again and after a silent pause he asks, in a far more civilised manner, "did you tell her?"

"Love, in and of itself?" Kierne asks, draining his cup while rolling his eyes one way and then the other in consideration, then setting it down and answering, "No. But if that love is unwelcome, or threatens to put the object of your affection in a precarious situation? I mean, Sheat only knows what might have happened had someone else discovered me crawling in thus? For a normal woman, maybe not such a big deal— for a Lady? Could have been devastating to her reputation. That's when you've just got to put a stop to it, isn't it? I was putting the interest of my own loins above the interest of her well-being, and that wouldn't do." He pours himself another glass. "I told her. But her heart was already set on her present husband."

Having swung through anger and curiosity, Eoin slips straight back into good old comfortable morose. Lifting his glass and taking a large swig before setting it down he slumps a little into the wall behind him and states, staring at the wine infront of him as he does so, "then you and I have more in common than I thought." Still not looking at Kierne he reaches for the stem of the glass and tilts it first one way and then the other, watching the liquid flow back and forth as he adds "and now she is pregnant," although if he's refering to Kierne's love or his own is unclear even to him.

"Married and pregnant," Kierne agrees with a laugh. "The wedding was the worst part. I couldn't even go. I was right across the way, but I feigned my injury was ailing me too badly to make an appearance," he confides in a whisper. "I guess that makes me a coward. But who even cares?" he tosses away the thought. "You know I didn't even know she was having a baby. Or two babies. Or however many babies. But it's fine. You know. I'm happy that she's happy."

"Me neither," Eoin confesses, but while the words are for Kierne he'sstill staring at his wine's meniscus as he tilts the glass rather than at the lad. "She was very good about it, broke the news to me before it was announced to the kingdom, said She doesn't want to loose our friendship, still smiles everytime She sees me." He cuts off what might have been an incoming sigh by lifting his glass again and draining the rest before he continues, "I'm not sure I can do it though, I've tried distance, I've tried time, but everytime I see Her… Everytime She writes.." He trails off to stare for a few moments at one of the droplets on the inside of his glass before turning to finally look at Kierne once more and adding, "Beth said She'd broken my heart. Didn't want me to do anything silly or rash, but what is there to do? She is happy, She has chosen, how could I do anything to risk that?" Turning back to the wine again he reaches to pour himself another glass, refilling both while he's at it, "I think sometimes that I should never have come to Darfield. Only at sea now is there anything left to me, and yet for now I can not sail for there must be meetings. No, the only good that has come of this is that I have had chance to meet Her, even if I must now live with the loss for all my years."

Kierne grimaces partway through the narrative. "She smiles at you? Oh, that's the worst, when they smile, isn't it? Once I put my mind to being rid of her, well, I put effort into not being wherever she might be. She never wrote me any letters, but if she had, I'd have sent them back unread until she stopped. She wants to be friends, she says, but I think it would be friendlier of her to leave you alone!" he gives his opinion with a swat of his palm onto the table that lands a little harder than he meant it to, making him laugh in startlement. "You should find a girlfriend," he advises. "A normal woman, not some Lady. Ladies are so complicated," he wrinkles up his nose. "Someone you can just be with, who wants to be with you, and that's that. Easy as fffffffffff—" he laughs through the rest of the adage, eyes squeezing shut, "fffalling off a log!"

"She smiles," Eoin confirms, "she smiles and for a while it's like there are no troubles in this world. She smiles, and in such a way that her face lights up and I know she is genuinely please to see me." Theres a faint flinch at the slap of the palm onto the table as he's really not been paying attention to what Kierne was doing with his hands at all, but once he gets over that he adds a non-commital "maybe, but she's happy…" More wine then happens, followed by the faintest of smiles at the mention of a girlfriend. "I've buried a wife, love a woman who loves another, and can give advice on whores to young squires who are paying extortionate amounts, I think any woman not part of the profession would be well advised to stay clear of me." There are another few moments of staring into his wine before he takes another drink, still not entirely sure what to do with the younger lad's good mood.

Kierne shakes his head at the description of this mystery Lady's smile. "Oh, man, you're in a BAD way," he laughs sympathetically. "I thank Sheat, Sess, whoever might be looking out for me up there, for saving me from the torment of a smile like that." He finishes his thirteenth cup of the evening and pours the fourteenth. "There are always them, for loneliness. Layla's very good, and she's a good friend, besides. And if she perhaps was asking a bit much from me," he leans conspiritorially toward the Admiral, lowering his voice with an impish glint in his eye, "It's only because I asked her whether I could bring my girlfriend with me," he confides in him with a regularly lecherous grin. "That was a night to remember, I'll tell you that much. And that's all thanks to you, really."

"For loneliness, aye," Eoin agrees, tilting the glass back and forth in his hand again a few times. There isa brief pause at the montion of a girlfried, but he hnestly can't remember if teh lad has mentioned one or not, nor even if it's likely to be a commoner like Kierne mentioned earlier, or a lass of higher standing. It's possibly really a sign of how drunk he is that the answer isn't blindingly obvious to him. "A whore and a girlfiend eh?" is what he offers in the end, "not a bad start to life I suppose." His glass is raises maybe half an inch in mock salute before he downs however much is left in it in a concerted effort to not have to reply to the younger man's comment about just how messed up he is over all this.

Kierne doesn't talk about his girlfriend much. She is, after all a great secret, but the wine makes the words flow freely. At any rate, he wouldn't touch a Noblewoman with a ten-foot pole, for fear of his neck. Commonorn girls are easier to keep, and not so detrimental to the health if discovered. "I shouldn't think such luxuries are reserved for those just starting out," he retorts. "But you've got to work this other Lady out of your system, first. Go to the temple! I swear to you that it worked well for me in putting your sister's charms from my mind."

"Your eastern temples are so different to those back home," Eoin starts, then completely fails to follow up with any reasons, examples, or event context. "I would put to sea once more one," he states instead, "there at least there is peace from such things, even in the midst of the blood of war. Some say the sea is a harsh mistress, but I have rarely found her so." Reaching to lift the pitcher again for another refil he finds it empty, peers into it to confirm his initial suspicion, then raises him arm to the bar to indicate another is required. Tonight it seems, will be a late one.

"I honestly never thought much of going to temple before then, either," Kierne's smile goes from exuerent to quite dim, then flares back up again, "It just goes to show you never do know what'll happen. But it sounds like your own temple lies at sea. So I can only hope you find the peace you're looking for there," he pledges to the Admiral with a raising of his own glass.

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