Thedor 10, 229: In the Mourning

In the Mourning
Summary: Elisen and Rowena discuss her removal as Ambassador.
OOC Date: 10/Jan/2014 (OOC)
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Laniveer Suites
This spacious sitting room is simply but stylishly decorated. Finely woven patterned rugs cover most of the marble floors and compliment two white leather sofas arranged to face each other near the center of the room. The wall to your left as you enter contains an oak door on the near portion and a spacious hearth on the far portion, where two additional sitting chairs and a small table rest. To your right as you enter is a mahogany door next to an extensive bookshelf which hosts a collection rich with both art and science titles. Tapestries of places throughout the continent adorn the walls on both sides. Directly in front of you, the far wall is covered with lush foliage, hanging and potted plants collected from exotic locales. The room is kept lit by small brass and crystal chandeliers.
Thedor 10, 229

It is the morning after the encounter with Prince Tyrel and Princess Roslin in which Elisen removed his sister's authority as ambassador. The apothecary sent courtesy of Princess Roslin is in the room, waiting for Rowena to emerge from her room. Elisen sits on the arm of the couch, a glass of tea in his hand as he, too, awaits to emergence of his sitter.

Any attempt to speak with Rowena since then has been met with refusal. Not even Odelia has been allowed in her room and was made to find another place to sleep for the evening. It isn't until the next morning that her Lady-in-Waiting is summoned to help her get dressed. The princess comes out an hour after that, dressed in a gown made of velvet the color of cranberries with an undergown of cream-colored linen worn under it, the sleeves long and dagged and the gown itself fairly streamlined in design. Her hair has been left down and straight and she is not wearing any of her crowns, yet.

Looking at her brother after she comes into the main room of their suites, Ro pauses and speaks, her voice held level. "I love you…" her eyes lower as she adds, "but I can not say I like you right now." Her gaze returns to his face, her expression held blank with nothing to give away her emotions.

Elisen nods, "I imagine that's so." He sighs, "I love you too." He gestures at the apothecary that Roslin had arranged. "Princess Roslin sent an apothecary to check on you, as she promised." The apothecary stands and bows to Rowena, and approaches her, awaiting permission to check on the Stewert princess should she allow.

"It would have been my preference to have not had to do that. Certainly," Elisen adds, "not to have had to do that in public. It brought me no joy. I'm sorry, Row." He looks at her apologetically, "I am."

The healer is looked at before she shakes her head, Rowena motioning towards the door. "I do not need your services, but if I find myself ill I'll come and see one of you, I promise." Rowena turns away then, expecting for the apothecary to do as she says and leave. "I am not in need of anything but for this all to end. I want to wake up from this nightmare Father sent us into and find myself home, in my bed." A quick look is given around the room to see if breakfast has been sent up. If not, Odelia will be sent to fetch food.

Now that the crux of their current issues is brought up Ro turns slowly, looking at him as she considers her words, carefully. "It is not your decision I take issue with, Brother, but how you chose to do it. It was not anything that had to be done in such a public way. You could have spoken to me here or somewhere else in private and then make the announcement upon the next meeting with them." Her hand comes up and is brought to rest against the side of her neck, her blank facade cracking. "But you did what you felt was needed to be done and how it had to be done and now I look more the fool for it." A slender shoulder lifts in as much of a shrug she can summon the energy to give, the gesture of helplessness.

Elisen lifts his hand to the healer, "Wait," and then he looks at Rowena. "You have been ill since we arrived. Please. At least let her give you something to ease your stomach?" He looks at the apothecary and nods, and the woman begins to remove a few sacks of leaves and spices from her small bag. She begins to prepare a mixture of herbs in a tea ball.

Returning his attention to Rowena, Elisen shakes his head, "It did have to be done then. You dismissed me every time I spoke. At the end, you actually allowed Princess Roslin to dismiss me, and supported her dismissal of my words." He shakes his head, "Row, I DID try to speak with you about my concerns several days ago." He straightens, "And you ran straight to Roslin with them." He furrows his brow just a bit, "Straight to our enemy. You betrayed my trust in you, even as I expressed my concern of your sympathy towards them." He scowls just a slightly, "Treason. From my own sister." He closes his eyes, clearly hurting. "I don't understand what has happened to you. To us."

The tea is allowed to be made but it's debatable as to whether or not it'll be consumed if only as a sign of defiance from the princess, petty as it may be, Rowena digressing to the mental age of five by doing so.

Elisen is approached and looked at intently, her eyes holding to his unflinchingly. "It was not dismissal that I intended, Elisen. I was trying to remind you that we are truly lucky to be allowed to live…" Pausing, she realizes how her actions were wrong. "So she came to you and told you what I said, it sounds like. Yes, I did but only out of worry did I, Elisen. I worry for you. I worry that you will let your ambitonss consume you like it seems like Father's have him and I love you and I do not want that to happen." While he might be angry she is saddened, made to feel a deep, aching sorrow in her heart and a deeply seeded ache in her stomach. "I want you to rule but not if it means more bloodshed, Elisen. This war needs to be brought to it's end otherwise it'll be the end of us all. Subjects of Mobrin and Laniveer alike." Stepping close, she goes to hug her brother, if it'll be allowed.

Elisen purses his lips, "Father isn't as wrong as you've been convinced. You and I are not careless sacrifices here." He swallows, shaking his head a bit. He allows her to hug him, but doesn't return it with enthusiasm. Instead, he returns it with simple acceptance. "The slaughter at Belcrest was not a slaughter. There's more to that story. And we've yet to be offered any proof of King Kilgour's claim to father's throne other than one day that absent-minded man woke up and said so. Stop cowing to them. Please." He sighs, and then he moves to the apothecary. He takes the tea ball and nods, dismissing the apothecary. As she goes, Elisen moves to the warm water and spends a minute preparing the tea for Rowena. He walks back to her, teacup in his hand. "I need you to place effort in getting well," he says as he hands it to her. "I keep telling myself your behavior is maybe somehow related to the fact that you've been ill practically since we've gotten here. Telling myself your mind just isn't clear." He shakes his head a bit. "I need the sister I trust to be at my side again."

Rowena looks at the cup and then at her brother. "It is just headaches and I do not have them all the time. Only when upset." Which has been a lot the past couple of days. The tea is taken but then set down, Rowena uncertain as to whether drinking a 'cure' for a sour stomach would make her sick if she were to drink it while not suffering from any ailments of that sort. "Wrong has been done on both sides, Brother. I feel it. Niether side's intentions are as pure and just as they're trying to make it out to be. The only ones truly innocent are those who have been killed without justification." Tears starting to well in her eyes, now, Rowena lifts a hand and cups Elisen's left cheek. "I will act as your adviser, Elisen. But understand that I will not say something just because I believe you would want me to or just to keep the peace between us. I will give my opinion truly."

Elisen nods, "Well…" He smiles, "Just do me the respect to not share your opinion in front of the Kilgour's if it could hinder our efforts or support theirs." He nods, "I hope we can leave soon." And he moves to lay on the couch.

Once he's laid down she kneels by the couch, her head allowed to rest beside him. "I know you do not approve of how my desires seem to be like theirs. I don't know how much of that is the case or not. I do support you, though. I just…" Rowena sighs and then whimpers, sounding very much the little child she feels like. "Why can't this all just have a simple solution we all can agree upon." Turning her head slightly, she looks at her brother and whispers, "I don't know if we'll ever be allowed to."

Elisen smiles, quite confidently. "We will. Soon." He closes his eyes. "I think I'd like to nap." He opens one eye, looking at her playfully, "I am sorry, Row."

"I will have Odelia bring you a blanket before we finish getting ready to go out into the city for a while." When she's apologized to Rowena kisses her brother upon the cheek. "I know. I am as well." Rising, she waits for the blanket to be fetched before she turns to her Lady. "Let's do my hair so I can be more presentable for our outing."

Odelia smiles and nods and the two disappear back into Rowena's chambers. Time to make the princess pretty.

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