Nar 04, 228: In Need of Practice

In Need Of Practice
Summary: Lingering on old memories, Ruthgar tries out a lute and is soon joined by his brother Robben and his sister Solara. A conversation about music and the importance of practicing one's skills ensues.
OOC Date: 07/07/2013 (OOC)
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Weston Suite, Darfield Castle
The sitting room of the Weston Suite is a cozy room, with a general seating area centrally located. Several comfy chairs and a small sofa with a settee, in a simple tan colour have been placed around a black wood table. There is a fine carpet underfoot, its dark brown with black waving throughout a contrast to the light wooden floor. A couple side tables against the walls can be used for storing small items. Various vases with bright flowers can be found as often as they are in season. One corner of the room houses a full sized harp and various other musical instruments; the opposite corner has several shelves which house some books, but also writing, art and embroidery supplies. On the wall in place of prominence, the Ruxton coat of arms can easily be seen. Elsewhere, some tapestries of day-to-day life in Weston have been artfully placed. There are doors leading off to the private areas for the Duke and other family members.
Nar 4th, 228

The sitting room of the Weston Suite does seem a touch darker than usual today. Torches at the walls and a fire in the hearth do their best to fight the gloom with their flickering light, as dark clouds gather outside for a massive downpour. Leaning against the wall, Lord Ruthgar Ruxton looks out at the dark sky, sipping from a cup of wine in his hand. He wears a casual attire, a red tunic, black breeches and comfortable leather boots. His armor is in his quarters, as is his sword. Ruthgar's grey eyes look empty as he turns to let his gaze wander over the exquisite interior of the room, lingering for the fraction of a second on those instruments in the corner. He lowers his cup to put it on the table and strolls casually over, eyeing the lute for a moment before he extends his hand to grab it.

Stepping out from the room he shares with his wife, Robben closes the door carefully behind him now. Looking around the room for a few moments, he smiles momentarily as he spots Ruthgar, but as he sees his brother reaching for the lute, he decides to keep quiet for now, so he can enjoy listening to the music that hopefully will be played.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ruthgar=Perception Vs Robben=Stealth
< Ruthgar: Failure Robben: Success
< Net Result: Robben wins - Marginal Victory

Oblivious to his elder brother entering, as he is turning his back towards the door to Robben's and Aemy's room, Ruthgar hesitates but takes the lute, caressing its strings like a long lost lover. Then he tries out some chords and tunes the instrument with swift moves of his hand that suggest he has done this many times before. His gaze, averted from Robben and hence impossible to see, is directed at some past memory far away. The first tones of a sad love song of his home, the Duchy of Weston resound from the walls of the room, but then the Ruxton knight stops abruptly in his delivery and puts the instrument back.

<FS3> Ruthgar rolls Lute: Good Success.

A brief pause as he watches and listens to what's being played now, Robben lets out a bit of a sigh as he sees Ruthgar putting the instrument back down. "You should play a bit more often, Ruthgar," he offers a bit quietly as he takes a few steps further into the room now.

Solara comes out of her room, her maid with her, the two chatting about something or other. As they come out, Solara pauses, the sound of music catching her attention. And then she steps forward as she spies not one but two brothers there. "Good afternoon," she greets. "Did I hear music? What happened?"

Ruthgar turns, obviously startled as he hears Robben's voice, had he supposed he was alone… The corners of his mouth twist upwards momentarily in a not very convincing smile. "Maybe." he offers a rather short reply, moving to the table to pick up his cup. "If that thing with swords doesn't work out." This added with a voice coated with sarcasm. Ruthgar eyes the wine in his cup, contemplating to say more on the subject, as his sister enters.

Ruthgar's features soften as his grey eyes focus on Solara. "I… made a mistake. Lingering on old memories. I haven't touched a lute for… many years." He seems surprised as he makes this observation. "I am not a bard, though. But I am glad to see you, my sister."

"It sounds to me that you are good with both, brother." Robben offers with a smile, before he adds, "Try playing a little every now and then, at least?" A brief pause as he hears Solara's words, and he offers her a smile. "Hello, Sunshine," he greets her a bit softly. "How are you both today?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Solara moves forward to give both her brothers a hug, if they will accept it, in turn. And then she looks at Ruthgar, at his answer, and she smiles a bit. "If we must needs be only good at one thing, I shall forever be a disgrace," she says after a moment. "But if you will play something I will sing?" she offers softly to Ruthgar. And then a bright smile to Robben. "I am doing well so far. Trying to decide what to wear to the masquerade ball. So far all I have determined is that I must hide my hair, or I will be immediately found out."

"Not good enough to beat you, apparently.", Ruthgar replies to his brother, his grey eyes resting on him for a moment, before he adds: "You defeated me at that sword on foot thing." The tone of his voice is either indifferent or cold, possibly hiding some deeper anger or displeasure within.

Solara's hug is returned, in a heart-felt way. "I haven't felt like playing in a long time, sister. But… if you insist I will certainly oblige." And he moves over, grabs the lute and settles himself on one of the chairs, awaiting Solara's choice of song.

<FS3> Solara rolls Singing: Failure.
<FS3> Ruthgar rolls Lute: Success.

Hugging Solara back as he's hugged, Robben takes a few moments of pause as he hears Ruthgar's words. "Ah…" he begins, looking a bit unsure of what to say now. "I guess I just had a good day. The next time, I'm sure it will be you defeating me." There's a bit of a sigh now, before he opens his mouth to say something, but pauses. "I hope you find good reasons to play again, brother…" Going quiet to listen to the music now, he moves for a seat as well.

Solara picks a song haphazardly, by trying to sing. Nobody said she was good at this, did they? Alas, she has a difficult time finding the notes of the Lass with the Nut Brown Hair, and even totally loses the words, coming to a bemused and absolutely embarrassing halt. Then she laughs, shaking her head. "I fear I must be out of practice far more than you are, Ruthgar," she says with a shake of her head.

Robben's remark is met with a nod, Ruthgar's demeanour not as cold as it was before. "Maybe. All I know is I have to train a lot harder in the yard to achieve that. And to attain a spot with the Knights of Rioga. Time to grow up." His glance shifts to his brother, even offering him a wink.

Ruthgar does his best at catching the song Solara has picked, his chords trying to give an adequate accompaniment to her haphazard singing. When she finally starts laughing he joins her, grinning widely. "Indeed, sister. But… you have a lot of potential. I am sure we can make some great singer out of you. If you practice."

"We both need to train harder," Robben offers, with a quiet smile, before he adds, "But no matter if you manage to attain that spot you are aiming for, you should know that I'm proud of you, brother. I'm proud of both of you, and I know Mother and Father are too." It's spoken a bit quietly as he looks between his siblings.

Solara chuckles softly for a few moments, and then shakes her head. "I usually do far better than that," she says. She grins at Robben and adds, "Thank you, Robben. It's good to hear that." She finds a seat, and then says, "Are you both going to go to the masquerade? And Aemy?"

Putting the lute back into the corner, Ruthgar pauses as he hears Robben's words. Raising his gaze to meet that of his brother, the younger Ruxton knight nods, some of the coldness of his stare diminishing, if only momentarily. Additionally, his face twists into a smile - a seldom sight, as anyone who knows Ruthgar can acknowledge. "Proud of me, indeed?", is all he offers in return, his voice heavy with emotion, before he lowers his gaze, needing some time obviously to recover his composure. "Maybe you can help me out, as it would serve us both. About the sword practice, I mean."

Ruthgar's attention soon turns to Solara. Hearing her words, he nods sagely. "You are by far a better singer than the one you have showed us today. The Nightingale of Weston, they call you, Solara." A fond smile appears on Ruthgar's face as he looks at his sister. "Alas,… the masquerade. I'm not in the mood for such a foolish diversion as this tonight. Forgive me, sister. But I am sure you will look great, whatever costume you will choose."

Robben meets Ruthgar's gaze calmly, before he nods, smiling a bit as he sees that rare smile. "I will make sure to help you with the sports practice, brother." He then looks to Solara again at the mention of the masquerade. "I will have to see how Aemy feels about going. She's resting right now, but if she doesn't feel like attending it, I'll stay here with her. And Ruthgar's right about how you will look great, no matter what you will be dressed up in."

Solara makes a face at her brothers. "No now, there you are wrong. It's a masquerade! I don't want to look great, well, in some sense of it, I guess. I want to be disguised so nodoby knows it is me." She does sober a bit and looks over at Ruthgar. "I am sorry to hear that, Ruthgar, but well, it does happen sometimes. You will perhaps save a dance for me, when I get back?" she teases gently. "It won't be quite a party if I don't dance with my brothers, you know."

Ruthgar inclines his head a little, as he hears Robben's reply. But that is all. The mention of Aemy though has his glance shift to the door of Robben's and Aemy's quarters. His grey eyes widen a touch but he remains silent.

Emptying his cup, Ruthgar casts a glance towards his sister now. "Save a dance for you? Hmm. If I were to join this folly, it would be in the disguise of… death, I suppose. Would you like to dance with Death? Sister? I'd think you won't. So… if I should happen to be awake upon your return… feel free to dance with me, Solara."

Noticing the glance to the door, Robben doesn't say anything now, before he smiles at Solara. "Well, if I go, I'll make sure to dance with you," he replies, after a few moments now.

"I did say after," Solara says to Ruthgar gently. She looks at Robben and then says, "It wouldn't be the first time we danced in the dining room after the ball was over, would it?" A brief smile, and a wistful memory of by-gone days. "But if you are both getting old and asleep when I return, then I shall find someone else to dance with."

Air leaves Ruthgar's nose as he notices Robben's reaction. "I am sorry, brother. I didn't mean to get too morbid for your tastes…" He chuckles, but there is little mirth to be found within. Mistaking his reaction as to his words, when it was instead to his glance to the door.

"I'll probably be awake upon your return, sister. And I swear it will be me, not Death, that will be most happy to dance with you." A pause. "No need to dance with anyone else…"

"It would not be the first time, that's true," Robben replies, with a quiet smile as he thinks back a bit, before he looks to Ruthgar again, offering a brief smile. "Don't worry about it, Ruthgar." Spoken a bit quietly as he looks around now.

<FS3> Solara rolls Singing: Good Success.

Solara smiles at Ruthgar. "Thank you," she says. "I will look forward to that." She gets to her feet, twirling around once, and then she makes a bit of a face, before she starts to sing one of their mother's favorite lullabies. This time, she does a far better job of it, perhaps only needing a bit more concentration.

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