Thedor 25, 229: Illuminating Discussions

Awkward Discussions
Summary: Elisabeth is asked to help Prince Logen through a meeting with the Princess Draventa.
OOC Date: 25/January/2014 (OOC)
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Royal Suite 3
Should you enter the room at day, you will immediately notice the sunlight entering the room at every angle. The wall to the west is a wall of glass, towering windows reaching to the ceiling and overlooking The Great Sea. The wall curves at the top, resulting in an arched ceiling, thick oak slabs crossing the ceiling at the base of the arch. A grand piano is before the window, a scattering of sheet music along the top. The floor is a thick lush carpet, the color of red wine. The middle of the room holds a cushy divan and love seat, facing one another. Large overstuffed cream colored chairs rest by a fireplace, along with a matching couch, and a low table in the center. On the center of the table is a vase, with fresh lillies resting in a bouquet. A bookcase is on either side of the fireplace, each containing a large collection. The walls hold various paintings of country scenes and horses, with a large painting over the fireplace, a scene of royal hunters on the move, painted by none other than Valous the Great. By the door to the hall is a beautiful and highly detailed grandfather clock, which chimes every hour.
Thedor 25, 229

It was afternoon when the raven was sent out, luckily missing any arrows. He asked Elisabeth to join him, giving her instructions to help him watch his tongue around the princess and try to get him to act more like a Prince. He's wearing his fine dark clothes with the black bands to show mourning for his mother. He is standing in the middle of the room glancing around. He actually appears to be nervous. His hands are behind his back and he keeps looking over at Elisabeth. "Are you positive about the cider?" He speaks quietly to her, unsure still about the glasses of cider on the table by the fireplace.

While normally Elisabeth is the Lady in waiting for Roslin, it seems she has been attached to her brother the prince this afternoon to help him mind his P's and Q's. She stands a pace or two back from the prince with her hands clasped before her. She too is wearing a dark gown of mourning. Her long dark hair is in a single braid down her back. "If it does not suit you can always offer her something else. It is a nice flavour, not too strong that appeals to many women." She suggests though gives a little shrug. One can not account for tastes if they should be different.

Draventa's hand maid brought the note, and the two chaperones actually discussed what to do about it. Go? Not go? Make Princess Emerit go with? At that suggestion Princess Draventa finally stepped in and said no. She had them help her dress in a pretty, but subtle dress, the black mourning bands on. Her hair is pulled back in a simple looping braid, nothing too fancy. In fact, she has a few locks that are starting to escape. The 3 Moniwid guards are present, and the two handmaids enter the room first. Draventa seems nervous, but or one not too practiced at politics, her face is as smooth as can be hoped for. When she enters and her eyes land on the two, she'll bow her head to Logen , "Your Majesty." A small smile is given to Elisabeth, she thinks she remembers her with books, in the hallway.

Logen bows his head to her and grins. His hair is all gone. It's short to his head, much like his brothers and it makes him look less wild and more like a prince should. "Princess." He stands upright again and glances to Lis, almost looking for approval from the woman. He gestures to the woman. "Princess, this is Elisabeth. The lady in waiting to my sister, Princess Roslin. She's here to set me straight if I say something wrong." He clears his throat. "I have a feeling she will be helping a lot." He grins to the floor. His eyes lift to the chaperones and the guards. "Welcome." He bows his head to them as well. "Um… we got off on the wrong foot, I think."

Elisabeth looks up to the door as Draventa enters the room with her enterouge and dips a curtsey to the princess from far away. There is a remembered smile on her lips as well, "We have met though I do not recall that names were exchanged. It is a pleasure your highness." She says softly as she rises to standing straught again. The words of the prince make Elisabeth work very hard not to smile at his worries.

The guards look un impressed, but rarely do guards look impressed. That's not their job. Draventa is also slightly skeptical, but she'll smile softly, "Thank you, Prince Logen. I appreciate your efforts." Her smile picks up some, "Hello Elisabeth. I'm sorry we were cut short last time we spoke." It was a bad night, for everyone. The island princess lets her eyes wonder around the room a moment, not sure exactly what to say to the prince. "This is a very lovely room." She doesn't know who's room it is, but it's got so much sunlight! "The sun comes in wonderfully…."

Logen nods and gulps down. He glances to Lis and since she's not glaring at him, he thinks he's doing well. He bows his head and nods. "If you go to the window you see the Great Sea." He walks towards the window. "This is my suite right now but it's going to be yours. I thought you could have the sun, watch the sea, and make art here." He nods out to the sea and stares at the waves he sees flowing over the banks. He takes a few steps back and glances back to Lis as if asking if that was right.

Elisabeth nods to the apology, "It was no fault of your own your highness. I hope you found the library in the end." She says before stepping back to let the prince take the spotlight…or in this case sunlight. She listens to the words of the prince and when he looks to her she smiles and nods encouragingly.

Draventa gives a nod to Elisabeth, she did find the library fine. Her eyes follow Logen to the window and she'll take a few steps closer. Her eyes, despite her calm face light up some at the view. Even seeing the water makes her feel better. Not so…alone. She'll blink, looking over to the prince as he announces it's going to be her's. She'll lick her lips once, eye going over the room again, "Really?" It's the first soothing news of this betrothal since the Queens death. It's all seemed so dark and doomed from that point on. "It's….Thank you." SHe'll try to keep her face smooth, but there's relief creeping in the edges of her face. "It will be perfect for painting.."

Logen nods his head and glances around. "I thought the light would be perfect for your paintings and you mentioned wanting to see the Sea." He takes a few steps back from her to beside Lis. He's clearly unsure. "I don't have to live here with you, this can be just yours." He nods quickly. "It would be a place that… is only yours. A place to feel at home without …" He glances to Lis, as he just lost the words to use. "Without… ruining it." The corner of his lip upturns and he bows his head. "Just yours."

Elisabeth watches the reaction of the princess and can not help but smile. Score one for the Prince. So far there has been little intervening to do, so her gaze settles on the Princess. A silent appraisal of the foriegn woman. As the prince starts to ramble on though she shakes her head just a little and holds her fingers to her lips in a silent shhing gesture. Too much. Though it is a little endearing.

Draventa nods, the light is perfect. Her pales eyes go around the room again, appeasing it some. The flowers get a small quirk of her lips. She loves flowers. "i miss begin able to see the water form the room I'm in. It's stifling without rhythm of the waves." SHe'll not comment on him being here or not…she just doesn't know. That's so far ahead, and things are so..tentative. Fragile, like glass. Her head suddenly tilts, "Is that a Valous painting?" She sounds pleasantly surprised and will take a few steps towards the painting over the fireplace.

Logen sees the shush and instantly stops talking. He watches the woman walk around and then nods at her assessment. "Would you like to … move in here now? I can move out quickly. That way you can be close to the sea. I can stay in a guest room." He bows his head, giving Lis a quick glance. He's not sure what else to say. He points. "Cider." He grunts at the princess and winces at the tone it takes. "T-that wasn't an order, Princess. I was just pointing it out."

Ah the awkwardness of noble betrothals between relative strangers. Elisabeth watches the reactions of the princess to the young man's words. Ok things are going well so far. There is a faint grimace as Cider is grunted, she bites her lip briefly but he recovers. Well sorta. "A lovely local Cider your highness, he chose it especially. I hope it will please you." She offers to soften the words.

While the guards are doing nothing but guarding, the two hand maids are soaking in every word. Both sets of eyebrows go up when he offer's the Princess the room now. It's as if Draventa can feel the look though. She's not only juggling the prince, but the ambassador as well. "That is quite generous of you, your majesty….But I think with the concerns that the Ambassador has, as unfounded as they are…It may be best if I say in the Moniwid suites till everything is official." She will give the sea another another longing look before turning towards the Prince again. She'll frown slightly at his grunt , but then smoothes her face. She'll listen to Elisabeth and then nod, "That sounds lovely. I would love to try it."

Logen clears his throat. "Right. Sorry, Princess." He glances out the window and seems to stare off into the waves. "Can you stop calling me, your majesty?" He glances to Lis. "That's allowed right? She doesn't have to if I ask her not too?" He is really trying and that is coming through. "The cider is good. I had some earlier on the battlements." He frowns. "It tasted like… cider." He winces and face palms. He slowly looks to Lis and gives her a 'of course it tastes like cider, it is cider' look.

Elisabeth steps forward to serve the Princess and Prince their ciders. There is a nod to the Prince's question. "Yes your highness, in such informal situations certain pleasanties can be eased upon if the parties agree." She offers to him in a quiet voice. The refusal causes her to look around for a moment before looking to Draventa. "Would the Ambassador be opposed to you having access to an art room? You need not move to these rooms, but if they were made accessible to you instead would that be a suitable compromise?"

Draventa hesitates, but will then nod after Elisabeth speaks, "Very well. Thank you, Logen." She'll tilt her head and gies a very small smile at his description of the drink. "That's good. I would think if it tasted like something else, we should be worried." Alice steps forward to test the coder, habit more than anything, but Drav waves her off. If he's trying to poison her, he can at this point. She doesn't have the energy to fight that. She'll consider Elisabeth's words, a quick glance to the older chaperone, "I can see? If should think that wouldn't be an issue. But the Ambassador has been fretting over this match for some time." There. a slight dig, but nothing too harmful to her ISland. She'll bring the cider to her lips, but before sipping will give Logen a small smile. She's trying too.

Logen nods to her and there is a wince on his face about fretting over the match. He bows his head and doesn't move now. He looks rather hurt at that particular dig. He takes the cider from Lis but doesn't take a sip. He moves back away from the woman and leans back against a wall. He finally takes the sip and notices the small smile and he tries to return it but it dies quickly. Another quick sip, and he's giving Lis begging eyes.

Elisabeth steps back from the table and looks to the prince as he backs away. There is a moment's hesitation before she speaks again, "Should he not be fretting over the match I would be more worried. Any betrothal comes with so many uncertainties, especially between royal families of distant lands." Elisabeth suggests before looking to the Princess, "Especially with all that has happened of late." She motions towards the window and the paintings. "Perhaps this…gift might help appease his mind and shows the consideration the Prince has for your happiness."

Draventa blinks, unsure of the sudden shift in the prince. Slightly concerned eyes will glance over to Elisabeth, and then will bluntly say, "She is concerned that I will mess this up for her. She's not worried about my happiness. She just wishes what is best for Rustle's Isle. This match is what she desires. And that no one questions of my virtues up to that point to endanger the match." She'll look to the two chaperones. the younger looks mortified and the older slightly annoyed. Her voice softens and her eyes go back out to the window, "It won't matter to her that this is lovely, and would make me happy."

Logen winces at the Princess's outburst and he keeps his head bowed. He doesn't know what to say so he just stands there listening. Finally he grunts out, "Well, she doesn't matter to me." He glances away. "I'm not making her happy. I want to make you happy, Princess." He pushes off the wall and stands there firm. "No one will question… what you mentioned. I'm not going to say it because then I would be glared at. Nothing will endanger this match from your side." He offers a grin. "It's not like I can say I have an virtue." He winces at the phrasing. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to come out like that…"

Elisabeth nods to the princess's words and is about to open her mouth to say something else when the Prince does step forward. Content he is doing quite well she actually steps back toward the wall. Well he starts off well at least. Always one line so far.

Draventa's cheek flush a light pink once she realizes she just kinda blurted a lot out there. She'll listen to his words and then glance down to her hands, which are now clasped in front of her . Her voice is rather soft when she responds with a simple, "Please call me Draventa." It's a small thing, but important.

Logen bows his head and grins towards her. "As you wish, Draventa. Call me lughead." He grins and shakes his head. "You see, I knew that wasn't right. Logen. Or honestly, anything you want to call me." He clears his throat. "Oh hey, change of topic! I know you like drawing and …you've sketched people… I can be a good model. I can't guarantee I will sit still but I'll try. What… " He winces and glances to Lis before he glances back to Draventa. "What do you want for your future? I'm honestly asking. I want to know."

Elisabeth watches the prince, ready to step in, but as she notes the princess's reaction to his awkwardness she remains quiet for now. Well it is a little endearing truth be told. No doubt clear to both ladies how hard he is trying. A certain…honesty to the stumbling that can be consdered almost flattering. As Draventa offers the courtesy, Elisabeth relaxes. That is a good sign. His response causes her to lift a hand to her lips to hide a smile before making a gesture for him to continue on.

Draventa won't now, but will file the name for later when he's being out of line. Her pale eyes blink and she'll tilt her head some, watching him change subjects. He doesn't really wait for a reply before he continues on with questions. "What do I want?" Why do the Kilgour's keep asking her that? Her face softens and she'll look down again, "Your mother asked me the same thing. I…Up till the Temple, I did not think I would ever have much of a future beyond painting. Even if I was to be wed, I did not think I would be able to bear children. Now…" She'll shrug lightly. Not very princess like, but sometimes a shrug is the best answer. "I would like to continue painting….There are some things I'd like to try, that I could not before with my legs…but it isn't…I've not been schooled in anything that could be helpful with the pending war…" A very small bite to her lower lip, she wishes there was something she could help with. The thought of war makes her stomach hurt. She'll take a sip of cider, to try to cover up her discomfort.

Logen moves to take a seat as she's talking, listening. He is sipping at the same time which is not a good idea as the children thing comes up and he almost misses the chair and dribbles cider from his lips. He covers it quickly and swallows, coughing but covering his mouth. He puts the cider down as his face turns red from the coughing. He stands back up and finally clears his throat to make a sound of distress towards Lis. He doesn't know how to reply to that. "Of course you can keep painting and if you wish to learn about war, I can teach you how to be defensive but my brother is better at offensive war strategies." His eyes are watering. He turns and moves over to Lis. "It went down the wrong tube…"

At the next fauxpaux of the Prince, Elisabeth steps forward to take his glass and offers him a napkin. Might be safer this way. "Just take a breath your highness." She says in a soft voice, "You were doing alright." She says as she moves to stand behind him again. As she notes the reaction of the princess to the talk of war, one all too familiar to her she leans in once more. "Art could be diplomatic gifts." She suggests in a whisper.

Draventa remembers the prince's words in the dinning room about no children and will look down at her cup. His choking on the cider just solidifies that. Well, that possibility had only resurfaced, it's an easy one to squash back down. "I'm sorry…I didn't mean to throw all of that at you…."She'll nod, but doesn't make eye contact. "I had hoped to learn chess." It's a lame offer, but at this point, she feels foolish enough and will give that up, as she know he's fond of the game.

Logen takes the napkin and wipes his lips. He turns and shakes his head. "No no." He lifts his hand. "If you want kids, I can…Help…with stuff." He huffs out trying to be oh so proper. "Just… you know… um…" He winces and coughs again. "When we are married and -you- are ready." He nods his head quickly and rubs his chest. "I can teach you chess too. Ladies generally are better at it. Men take the logical steps and yet women think outside the box and entrap. I can teach you anything I know. Just ask and it will be yours." He glances at Lis. "I'm not good at art." He whispers back to her looking rather confused.

His response to her suggestion has her nodding to Draventa, "But she is…diplomacy helps in war." She hints lightly trying to explain her suggestion. If only she had a time machine and be ready for the things that come out of his mouth. There is a slight tap as he talks about helping with babies, but she steps back as things move on to chess. Safe enough topic surely.

Draventa can see the two whispering , but can't hear whatever it is that Elisabeth is suggesting to the prince. When he talks about helping with kids, her cheeks flush again. "Oh course…it would be afterwards…" She's very glad he moves onto chess as well. "I know nothing of the game, beyond what some of the pieces look like." She'll turn her glass in her hand, trying to release some of her nerves by the movement. Hoping this will be another good topic, "My cousin Cassius has offered to teach me to ride a horse when the weather allows." Horses are not really a Rustle's Isle thing. Too many snakes. And she was crippled. "Once I learn, we can go riding?" Don't all knight sleek to go riding? She hopes, anyway.

Logen gets tapped and he frowns. "She brought up babies." He whispers a little louder than intended. "Draventa… your art. That can be diplomatic. Giving a gift of art can help diplomacy." He nods to Lis. He grins at Draventa and bows his head to her. "I can explain the pieces and how they can move since each piece can only move certain ways." He listens to her riding idea. "Sure. I can ride…HORSES. I CAN RIDE HORSES." He flushes bright red and turns to Lis looking unhappy and distressed.

"Yes, women do that." Elisabeth says in a whispers,"You will need to get used to it." She suggests quietly before he brings up the art suggestion, if a bit awkwardly. Well it can't be helped now. She looks up at the discussion of Chess and nods, "It looks to be an interesting game, despite its lack of archers." Oh yes, a Greenshire less would say that given their focus on Archery. At his loud declaration Elisabeth places a light hand on his arm. "Just take a breath between sentences. Now offer to teach her." She murmurs to the prince before dropping her hand once more. There is almost a sisterly look to way she is trying to help the prince.

Draventa's brow wrinkles lightly at his audible whisper back to Elisabeth. She fights down the urge to point out he asked what she wanted for the future. What else is their union supposed to bring? He seas rather clear there wouldn't be love. She'll take a deep bretah, and then another sip of cider. It takes her a moment to respond, "Elisen of Laniveer said they and one of my paintings in a salon." She doesn't know if that's helpful or not, but if she can paint something and help men from needlessly slaughtering each other, she will. A thousand times over. Her eyes finally cmd up when he starts talking abut chess again, an easy topic. "I would like that. to learn." She'll nod to Elisabeth, she knows a bit about archery. But then her eyes widen and she looks slightly taken back at his outburst. Even her two handmaids , who have been quiet up till that point jump as they are startled. A look of terror passes over Alice's face, like she afraid he's going to throw something for a moment, or flip another table. Drav just looks startled…and slightly embarrassed once she realizes why he specified what he could ride.

Logen stares at Lis. "She brought up having babies and I brought up assisting. Why did I get poked?" He sounds very confused. "Well, if you play it, it'll have an archer." He points out to her simply. He slowly nods to her advice. "Offer to teach her what? She said her cousin offered to teach her. If I offer it will take time away from her cousin time which might insult Cassius and then get me in trouble." He grumbles to the Lady in waiting. He's so very lost with this type of interaction. He sees all the women jump when he clarifies and he winces. "I'm so sorry. I get embarrassed then speak which ends badly." He bows his head. "So Draventa, I can teach you chess, how to ride a horse, and war strategies." He bows his head and sighs. "I want to make you happy. I don't know if that's possible or if I can but I'm going to try."

"Because it is not appropriate to respond so in polite company." Elisabeth responds. Roslin owes her big time. Help her brother she said. Just needs a little help she said. As he directs the conversation towards her, she taps his arm and motions discreetily to the princess. A reminder that he should be talking to her. She stills at the mention of the paintings given to the Laniveers, but as he does not make issue she relaxes once more. "Just take a breath before each sentence and think about what you wish to say." She whispers then lets him loose again.

Draventa seems to get smaller as the two talk, looking down at her cup. She'll nod softly, "It's alright, y-Logen." She stops herself from using a title, knowing that will only aggravate the prince more. Forcing herself to look up she'll smile again. it's got an edge of concern, but not anything like she looked at dinner, at least. "Prince Cassius has already offered, but I am sure he would not mind the company if you would like to join us? We have not seen each other in many years. We were close when we were younger." Her pale eyes study him, she can tell he's being sincere, that he just doesn't know how to do what he's saying…At least she's hoping she's reading that right in him. "I know. We….we'll figure it out."

Logen stares at Lis. "I don't get it." He gets tapped again and turns himself toward Draventa now. He nods to her. "Than perhaps the first few times you can ride with him and those two ladies. After you've caught up, I'll join you." He grins and glances to the fire. He bites his bottom lip and goes quiet, still unsure what to say. It's a few moments of silence before he finally speaks. "Oh. I stopped drinking." He points out. "I.." He rubs his forehead. "Drinking does bad things to me so if you want drink at our wedding… that will be okay but I won't drink any. I'll stick to cider or water."

Elisabeth gives a little shrug as if to say, 'just the way it is.' She steps back against the wall again. As he speaks of giving up drinking there is imperceptible look of relief there. She cants her gaze towards the princess to see how she receives the news.

Draventa isn't sure if she insulted him by asking Logen to join her and Cassie, so she'll nod, "Of course." She'll learn first. It takes a moment to really register what he say next. She'll watch him, she knows. She saw the flipped table and broken glass. She'll nod slowly, "Good. It takes strength to know such things, and even more strength to do something about it." She's not completely convinced, but hopeful. He was scary at dinner.

Logen nods slowly. "You will find out there is a lot about me that's awful so I'm sorry for that." He lifts his chin. "Yet, that is all going to change. I need to be the Prince the people need. I have to… grow up." He seems sad and he takes a deep breath. Something cracks in his visage and he takes a deep breath, clearly holding something back. "I need to excuse myself." His voice is shaking slightly. "I'm sorry. Please… stay and enjoy the cider." He takes a quick step towards the door.

Elisabeth looks between the pair as they speak on drinking and growing up. When the Prince rises to leave the room, she does not stop him. Instead she looks to the princess with a little nod. Ball is in her court now.

Draventa blinks, slightly confused at Logen's sudden exit. She'll scurry to stand and gives a small bow as he leaves. She'll not say anything but frowns softly. This is all new to her, her eyes go to Elisabeth and nod back, although she's not exactly sure what she's agreeing to.

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