These icons are used in logs, memoirs, and character pages. All characters should have an icon representation. Ask staff to add an icon, for now.

Icon meanings

The bars to the left are indicators of the house they belong to. These are not permanent and can change depending on what happens to the character during the RPs. If one would need a new one just feel free to send in a +request or speak to Thedor. This, make your own, Link can offer you explanation if you are uncertain about shields or color and what they mean.

Those characters that are alive have their pictures in color while the deceased ones will be in black and white. It should make it easier to know what is going on in the world, if only a little. Idle characters does not show in black and white as they can be used for RP purposes, or similar. So until further the only ones in black and white are the deceased.

The name on the bottom can be changed as well depending on what it might be for. A person's name is their name of course but with being disowned, marriage or other things the last name might at least change.

Make your own

For those that feel that they have the skill they are welcome to make their own icons for their characters.
To find the instructions to do so press this Link

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