4th Thedor, 229: I Suspect That We Have Trouble

I Suspect That We Have Trouble
Summary: Caedmon comes to give Eoin a heads upon the Vuk situation.
OOC Date: 04/Jan/2014
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Caedmon Eoin 
Eoin's Room - Darfield Castle
Eoin's chambers have the air of a place that is not used all the frequently, but when they are, are used hard. Divided into two rooms, the first is a reception or lounge type area with comfortable chairs, a large fireplace, and windows that open out onto a small balcony overlooking the grounds. The area is clean and tidy with shelves covered in books and charts lining one wall, with more being placed on top of the oak mantel that surrounds the fire place. Upon the opposite wall are hung a selection of the admiral's favorite bows and above them, paintings of the ship's he's commanded. The biggest painting in the room though is above the fireplace and depicts his current flag ship, the Lady Aoife, is fierce battle with a pirate on the high seas. Trinkets from foreign ports and captured pirates are scattered about the walls and shelves, a torq here, a ceremonial spear there, a compass that doesn't point north, and, possibly most noticeable, a ships bell is attached to the wall near the fireplace, right where it's be really useful for summoning servants.
4th Thedor 229

"If he's in there, I need to see him," Caedmon advises from outside. The servant enters the room to inform lord admiral that he has a visitor.

Having retired from the games room so as not to cause a diplomatic incident with Ari, Eoin is just pouring himself a stff drink in his sitting room when he hears the voices outside. "Come in Lord Caedmon," he calls, then mutters into his drink, "news travels fast."

The servant holds the door open, and h enters the room. He must have been outside because he is still wearing his cloak with the hood up. He nods to the servant. "Thank you," he acknowledges. "That will be all." When the servant leaves, closing the door behind him. He sees Eoin pouring a drank for himself, and the Voice nods. "I will not keep you, lord admiral, especially if you have heard the news. Lord Avi Rendann, the man from the Finger Isles who arranged our recent … adventure, is here. He arrived yesterday with Lord captain Aleksy."

"I have just left him across the hall," Eoin starts, holding up the decanter by way of asking if Caedmon would like one too. The news about Vuks to surprise him though and he frowns slightly at it. He considers the Voice's words, then some of the odder things that their latest ambassador had said, then decides that sitting would be a good plan, indication to Caedmon that he should od the same if he wishes, "tell me Captain Aleksy met him in open water and offered escort. Please, tell me that."

Caedmon shakes his head solemnly. "Neither of them said, although Vuk started to give a full report in the ambassador's presence." He sighs audibly and waves aside the prospect of the drink. "His highness, Prince Tyrel, plans to interview the lord captain privately. Considering that the new … ambassador brought Lord Vuk aboard his own ship, and there is no report of the captain's ship returning, I suspect that we have trouble." He looks toward the door and then bows. "I cannot stay but I wanted you to know. The prince might call on us to meet with him, or he might mention this at the meeting. I made clear to his highness that the lord captain undertook this … enterprise without the king's approval."

Eoin uses is free hand to rub his forehead at that news, then shakes his head. "Our new ambasador" no, he doesn't seem keen on that title, "mentioned words like 'spy' and informed me I should be careful who I get to carry out my orders. I suspect that is what he is talkin about." Taking a big swig of his drink he stands as Caedmon indicates that this is just a flying visit, "would you let his Highness know that I am at his disposal should he require it. Captain Aleksy may have been operating as a free agent but he sails under the Morbin flag."

Caedmon nods. "That he does, even if he flies no colors. He represents the kingdom just as surely as any sailor under the crown does," he agrees. "I'll relay your message and remind the prince that the captain had no authorization for this." He shakes his head once more and speculates, "He'll lose his lands, and possibly his title over this." He steps toward the door and bows. "Rest while you can. I'll speak to the prince." With that, Caedmon opens the door and leaves.

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