29th Thedor, 229: How Was The Trip?

How Was The Trip?
Summary: Aldren and Eoin catch up after the admiral's return.
OOC Date: 29/Jan/2014
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Greenshire Attache Office - Darfield Castle
The attache office has a freshly painted look. The south, east and west walls are done in a dark green color leaving the north wall in a bright white for an accent. Rich mahogany floors match the crown molding that trims the ceiling. A single window with emerald curtains is open slightly behind the desk that sits in front of the white north wall; on the other end is a wooden chair. The desk itself is a bit cluttered with papers and quills. A large pewter plate that seemingly has the remnants of past pipe smokings sits upon it as well.
To the left of the door when you enter is a over-sized couch with flowered patterns about it. Across from that are two large chairs with a small table between them. Atop the table sets an oil lamp with a dark shade over it. Wall sconces also provide light in the evening and are spaced every few feet from each other. In the corner of the room are a few lavish pillows on the floor that serve for the dog's bed. A steel bowl with a bit of water is there as well. A large banner with the Haravean likeness hangs upon the eastern wall and upon the western are some water color paintings of what seems to be Greenshire lands. A large thick rug lays in the center of the room making a small leisure area. It portrays a setting sun that can be seen through the opening of some trees and fits allmost perfectly between the couch and chairs.
29th Thedor, 229

Aldren is sitting at his desk, a half fnished cup of wine and a pipe nearby atop it. Both look to be neglected for some time. Pouring over his paper work he takes a deep breath and stretcheds. Standing now to turn and open the window. Ciricket is snoozing on his little doggy bed by the door and the room itself is well lit, the door open.

Knowning that Aldren is wanting to talk with him, Eoin takes advantage of the open door to stick his headinto his cousin's office. Spotting that the count is indeed present he steps all the way in and pushes the door to behind him. "Cousin."

The Count turns, a smile for Eoin given. "Ahh! Cousin. Come. Sit." He motions to the chair in front of the desk and reseats himself. Wit hgreat ease he pulls a bottle from his desk and two small cups, disregarding the one from earlier. Pouring he says, "How was the trip? Have you learned anything useful for this upcoming /council/" The word used in the loosest of terms.

Eoin takes a seat as indicated and waits for Aldren to pour. "Nothing that will excite the assembed I am afraid, but comfort perhaps. For now at least, the coast to our west appears quiet and all is as it should be. Once winter finally breaks then that will change of course, but we found nothing untowards for now."

Aldren nods slowly, taking a sip of the finer vintage he pulled out. "That is good. I have no doubt you have heard of the trouble with the Kincaids? Seems the Duke took my increased security as a slight." He shrugs, not seeming to care too much. "No matter, our export is done for the year. And last I checked they cannot ship us any tourisim so it seems more a power play. As if to remind me of something. I truly had no intention of thwarting the mans trade. Only to ensure the waters were being navigated by friends. Weston has not responded so I do not think they take offense."

Eoin considers that as he takes a sip of his own. "I had not heard, but then I fear I would expect little else. You know the Duke cousin, he will find a way to take offense with anything we do for we are Haraveans, even if what we do is make our waters safer for his ships." He gives a faint shrug, "I do not know if he believes what he says, or if he is merely using it to manouver for a better position for himself, but I would not convern yourself too greatly. We have a war to fight after all, and any squabbles he wishes to invent between us can wait until that is delt with surely?"

"Aye." Aldren says tiredly to his remarks on the Duke and his ability to take offense. "I agree. It only muddy's political waters, perhaps he seeks a change on taxes. But, as you said, it is surely of little importance now." He dismisses it now and continues. "I have thought to arrange our ships along the ports on the coast of the sea. So that they are more easily accesible. Do you have any reason to fear naval attacks from the Kundars or the Jaddans? OR would they be better utilized with the majority of them here? IF those from the finger isles choose to side with Lanniveer they will surely have the upperhand on Lakeshires northern coast with this /alliance/ they seem to have forged."

Taking a large gulp of the wine this time, Roin then sets his glass down on hte table before answering. "The fleet will have to be split now Jadda has allied with Lanniver. I would hope to keep the majority of our ships, along with the Kincaids, on or own coastline, where the captains will know the waters, but this I will need to discuss with the Crown Prince before any final decisions are made."

Aldren nods along, surely respecting his opinion and not too surprised. "Yes. The Ruxtons surely command a large force as well but that is where there power lies. I am quite sure we will have to bolster their numbers on land. If they werre to fail to secure the waters it would leave us at a disadvantage. Hopefully the SKingaardians will be able to lend to our war effort. The Dynast sending his daughter here only gives me reason to believe that is his plan." He too, now sips healthfullly at his drink and adds, "But we will wait for the marshall and the rest to speak before we truley know." A smile is given now, "But tell me, have you seen Lady Nylie since your return?

Eoin nods to the comment on the Ruxtons. "Aye cousin, and I am hoping to use one of their Captains to control operations on our coast, so as to avoid any issues between the Duke's and yours. I was thinking Captain Mowbray perhaps, but we shall have to see." He reaching for his glass as Aldren changes the subject, then just gives his cousin a smile and a quick shake of his head. "No, I have not, not yet at least, but I intend to change that in the next day or two."

Aldren nods affirmitively at the Mowbray suggestion. Obvious he too, thinks it a good idea. But he smiles at the rest and says, "Good. Move forward, Coz. I have managed to strike my sister from harrying your intentions." Shaking his head he speaks candidly, "This whole marriage thing. It is a fucking obsession of hers. She claims to have been seeking alliance with the Rendens and try to pair the two. But, Avi was not the only one she was making introductions to. I have spoken with Nylie. In fact, she came here seeking word of you and your safety." Another smile given. "It is my opinion that her marriage will not be a political thing. You are treading the proper course it would seem and high above any other prospects. If I were asked I would say continue to apply your Haravean charm on the woman. That will be the best way to achieve your goal. She surely enjoys your company and I have convinced her that I do not seek to attempt any marriage contract involving her. She appreciated that /very/ much. While WEnna, has fallen from her graces, hopefully ruining any betrothal possibilities she was trying for." He laughs now as he thinks of the scolding he gave his sister.

Eoin's features notably darken at the thought of a union between Avi and Nylie, and he has to take another drink of his wine before he feels safe enough to speak once again. "Well, I am glad at least that that prospect has been shelved cousin. I have been talking to Caedmon on he issue too, and he agrees that he does not want to see her married for politics but for now I will ask of you what I asked of him, leave us be. It will happen or it will not, we have yet to find out which, but it is best left to develop at it's own pace."

Aldren looks confused for a mometn and then grins "Surely. Is that not what I just said should be done? I have no wish to meddle. As stated. I assured the woman I would not press her or her family on the matter and she was thankful. This is in your hands Coz." He swallows the remainder of the drink and stands, "Now that that is settled let us eat. I am tired of this tiny room."

Eoin drains the remainder of his glass and then stands as well, flashing Aldren a smile. "Forgive me cousin, if I decide to make my will on the matter clear, I would hate for things go wrong through a misunderstanding. You are right though, it is high time we ate, come, I think the servenats were laying lunch as I arrived.

"No need for apology." He smiles, "It is a touchy matter." He leaves now with his cousin.

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