How To Make Icon

Each icon is a representation for characters and their house. To create an icon, click one of the links below to be shown that base icon. You will place your picture in the gray spot and using Footlight MT Light (Should exist in most windows computers), you will write your character's given name in all caps, in white text in the colored nameplate. Please do not exceed 20pt font. The file shall be as follows: '<Bitname>_icon.jpg' Do not forget to start with a capital letter.

You can also place a +request to staff with a link to your picture and House, and we will happily create one for you!
New houses that show up will come up here as well. If it hasn't after a bit do feel free to +request on the game and we will see what we can do.

Kilgour Crawford Ruxton Kincaid
Kilgour_icon.jpg Crawford_icon.jpg Ruxton_icon.jpg Kincaid_icon.jpg
Haravean Forrester Leask Riverwynd
Haravean_icon.jpg Forrester_icon.jpg Leask_icon.jpg Riverwynd_icon.jpg
Aberdeen Moniwid Laniveer Ruxton of Dellhaven
Aberdeen_icon.jpg Moniwid_icon.jpg Laniveer_icon.jpg RuxtonofDellhaven_icon.jpg
Al-Milan The Light Cosmos God King
Al-Milan_icon.jpg Light_icon.jpg Cosmos_icon.jpg GodKing_icon.jpg
Sherer Finger Isles Kerrigan No Affiliation
Sherer_icon.jpg FingerIsles_Icon.jpg Kerrigan_icon.jpg Commoner_icon.jpg
Mowbray Kiraric Benthur
Mowbray_icon.jpg Kiraric_icon.jpg Benthur_icon.jpg
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