Nar 22, 229: Horse tales and Silver Manes

Queens and Goddesses
Summary: The Queen of Laniveer goes out for a ride and gets proof she asked for.
OOC Date: 22/July/2014 (OOC)
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Courtyard - Castle Meade
Above to the east, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle Meade, set on the side of a rocky shore overlooking the sea. A road leading to the west leads through the gatehouse and to the City of Belcrest. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
Nar 22, 229 2E

It is a warm late afternoon in Laniveer and the Queen has decided to go for a ride today. She is dressed in skirted riding attire, looking rather as elegent as ever. Following in her wake are a few maids, only one of which is dressed for the outing and several knights who are. There is a glance towards Cri by the queen to take in its position and current state. Some quiet words are muttered before she looks away once more before looking around the courtyard for those here gathered.

Kierne has been escorted to the stables. Who knows for what reason? Kierne's never asked when he's been taken from place to place, and it's worked out well for him, so he'll stick to the pattern. While he's here, he'll check in on Nylie and the rest of his pack, give him a little brushing before he turns about, spotting the Queen in riding gear processing through the courtyard.

The ends of days, the beginning of days, just another day in the neighborhood…It really depended upon whom you spoke with on what was going on in the world. It didn't matter in the end, because Matteo still had a job to do. And that job required practice still. The woman was making her way from the practice area, a few bruises sported on her arms. A thing easily seen with the typical outfit worn by the Forza, the sleeveless blue dress. Pausing at the corner of the stables to take in the courtyard and seeing the Queen of Laniveer, or perhaps first the gaggle of people that tend to give way to the passage of the Queen.

Benedict is heading down from the castle a erand perhaps or just getting out and about being inside cant really help anything things. He is heading the way towards the stables himself though he is taking his time in the travel as he is obviously not in a hurry today. He spots a small gathering continues onward though.

By now Ophelia has gotten used to the style of dress worn by the Skingaardians and their enterouge, though the female guard does still seem to grab her notice. She pauses in her steps as she notes the woman. An appraising glance for her current state with a slightly arched brow. She clasps her hands before her before speaking to the female guard. "Good evening Mistres Bellini." She greets the woman formally. "Have my guards provided you a challenge?"

The blue gown was really all the Forzas were ever seen to wear, whether it was Matteo or the other that saw to guarding Karissa and keeping her company. Dropping ot a deep and graceful curtsey to the Laniveer Queen,"Good Evening, Your Highness. " The bruises not seeming to be given any notice by the woman , least they do not seem to hinder her movements. "One or two seemed up for the challenge, I believe the lack of armor," never mind being female," gives them pause. "

The young man finally reached the stables or well nearly enough to it. "Your Highness." he says to the queen giving a low bow to her only straightening a moment. Benedict looks to the other and remembers meeting her briefly in the company of the other visiting royals. "Good day, don't believe we met properly i'm Benedict Eberlin." he will offer his hand over in friendly greeting.

Ophelia manages to look amused at the response from the woman. "Surely that is it. It is a beautiful face, they would not wish to mar it." She says before looking to the arrival of Benedict and inclines her head ever so slightly to him. "She is one of the guards for the Princess Karissa. It is their manner to have female guards for the female royals I understand." She offers to the man.

Matteo glances to Benedict's hand before reaching to give it a shake in that customary form of greeting, the woman having a firm and solid grip. "It is a pleasure. Sir Benedict, I am Matteo Bellini." Giving a nod as Ophelia explains her place and function. Adding,"It is, the Order of Forza e La Bellezza was established long ago to ensure that the honor and safety of the Princesses might always be seen to. "

Benedict will listen turning first to look at the Queen as she speaks before back to the guard herself shaking the others hand with his own properly firm handshake. "Ah, a pleasure to meet you, that is a most honorable duty to keep indeed. I share it as Lord Ambassador as well as guard to Princess Draventa of the Rustle Isle." he explains a bit further his own position. He doesn't seem it at all odd it would appear having the female guard.

"I see that such makes sense, but surely it makes you a target to be so…open in your protection." Ophelie comments to Matteo in a curious tone. "Sometimes the best defender is the one that is not known to be defending." The says politely at least, not as judgement per se. She glances at Benedict then, "Ah, yes. I have means to talk to you in that regard. It turns out one of my little birds is a Lost little Eagle that is well known to Princess Draventa. I will let you determine if he is a threat to her. For now he is under guard in the Mobrin Suite."

"Yes, it is quite the honor. We are chosen when we are young and trained to the task, it honors our families greatly when we are selected. For few are ever given the chance. " Matteo gives a dip of a curtsy when Benedict speaks of his titles,"Double honored to hold such position and trust, my Lord. " Matteo inlcines her head to Ophelie,"It can be true, however, it is no different for knights or male House guards more commonly kept. I have however seen and know those who also employee rangers to the task of watching from a distance. "

The young man will nod to the guards words and even manages a small smile knowing how he was selected to become a knight as well. "I believe so as well." he doesn't speak about how he got the ambassador title. Benedict turns back to the queen though as she speaks "Of course your Highness." he ponders who she could be speaking of "Any possible danger to my charge. Perhaps I should seek this one out when i'm back to the castle."
Valarius arrives from the Grand Foyer.
Valarius has arrived.

There is a small gathering near the stables of the Queen and her enterouge, Benedict and Matteo. The latter fresh from a sparring session. "For now he is under my protection and I ask that no harm come to him, but you may visit him." She says with a nod towards the Ambassedor. She glances back to Matteo thoughtfully, "Well your princess is safe, you do your job well. Perhaps I will come watch your treatment of my guards someday." She says with a slight teasing tone.

Matteo smiles at Ophelie's words, bowing her head,"Thank you. And it would be an honor if you came to watch one day, I would only hope the show of skill did not disappoint you. " Or it to distressing how many guards ended up laid out. The talk of this unnamed visitor having her fall silent and a simple glance between the noble and royal.

Valarius was making his way down from the foyer, toward the courtyard with a slow tantric gait. He looked rather at peace, even if there was a guard tailing him around like he was a criminal. While at first he might be recognized from the red robes, it's the strange white hair that might get a second glance from those who know him prior. No longer a blond haired priest, the young man is wearing also, symbols of the Cosmos and symbols of the Eight. His eyes turn almost at once, in a pointed direction toward the Queen and that is where he starts to move.

Benedict will bow once more to the Queen's words "Of course your highness, I would not harm a guest of your house unless at great cause." He says politely and eh will have to visit the one she speaks off he stll is pondering who it could be. He looks back to the guard after a moment "Perhaps you would honor me as well? A chance to train with you?" he asks allowing the question to fall to the back of his mind for the moment.

"I think it will be interesting to watch, perhaps my own maids might be inspired." The last words cause at least one of her maids to pale at the very thought. Ophelie looks to Benedict and nods to his words. "Of course you would not. He wishes not to see the Princess, but that I will leave up to you both." She says with a dismissive tone to her voice before turning to the arrival of the red…and white priest. The change causes her eyes to narrow slightly as she looks upon his form. Her guards step in between the priest and her he approaches them. "Well you do have a flair for the dramatic. I expected words…but this is quite a change."

Valarius will be polite as he can be, to not interrupt the conversation. It does take him some time as it is to walk over toward them. He gives Ophelie a little bow of his head and a blessing of his hands in gesture, "Your Majesty," his expressions nothing but welcoming and content, "You wished for evidence. I have delivered." He looks toward the other in her attendance, before he smiles at the guard who steps between the queen and himself.

Matteo smiles at Benedict's question,"I would be pleased and honored in turn to have the chance to train with you, Lord Benedict. If you schedule allows, perhaps we can find sometime in the coming week. " Looking on to the Queen,"And of course, if we find the time, I am certain we will see that your are informed so you might watch if you wish and have time. " The blue clad guard taking in the newest arrival with some measure of curiosity.

"I apprecite your warning, your Highness." Benedict will speak in regards to this guest who may be trouble for his charge which he takes rather seriously of course. He looks back to see the new arrival giving a nod in greeting to the man before looking to the other guard again and returns the smile. "I am sure that time will be able to be made for such an important cause as training."

Ophelie steps through the wall of guards who part at the lightest touch to examine Valarius. Her gaze takes in the whiteness of hair, brow and beard as she does a circuit around the man. She gives a glance to his guard, "Did you witness this change?" She asks of him in a neutral tone before looking towards Benefict and Matteo, "Either of you have experience with this priest before?"

Matteo nods to Benedict,"I am sure as well." Though the apperance of the priest does seem to grab the attention of everyone and the conversation. To the Queen's question, Matteo shakes her head,"I cannot say I have had any experience with him. Though if you all would excuse me, I am expected back by Princess Karissa and would not wish to keep her waiting." Dropping into a smooth curtsy to Ophelie, her head bowing to Benedict as she raises. Before giving a slight nod of her head to the white haired priest as she moves towards the castle.

The guard that was with Valarius is the one that answers, as Valarius' blue eyes slowly turn in that direction to hear what the man has to say. The guard clears his throat, bows to his queen, then responds in a military drone, "Your Majesty. I took him to prayer at the Chapel. He went into the booth as he stood before you when you sat the Throne. He came out, long hours later, long enough that candles had to be reset for they had burnt down to their wicks, as you see him now." Valarius simply folds his hands over the other, one hand over the other wrist, sleeves hiding them from view. He waits with some apathy apparent on his features, for the Queen to decide if the change was ample enough for her proof or if she demanded to know more.

Benedict turns to look at the Queen again nodding "Yes, your Highness. He traveled with our party with Princess Draventa." He can speak this much at least though he looks between the two parties a moment before to the last. "Please give my greetings and well wishes to Princess Karissa." he will say lightly once more bowing slightly himself before looking back to the grouping.

Ophelie listens quietly to the words of the guard, her face betraying little emotion. "Was the booth inspected once he left?" She asks of the guard, almost is blaming him for this change. Her gaze flicks over to the ambassedor. "What then say you of his temperment and appearance?" There is a faint note of agitation about her now.

The guard nods, "Nothing but candles burnt down and a prayer pillow, your Majesty." Though she might know this if she ever used the prayer booth herself. The guard looks a little nervous at the change in the Queen's demeanour. Valarius continues to look impassive to the woman's skepticism, a white silvery brow arched as he turns his silver blue eyes over toward Benedict, who it was true, he had little interaction with. The fact that she would ask others settles a gentle play of a smile over his lips, as if bemused over it.

"I have had issue with either your Highness, but admittedly my dealings with him have been few thus far." Benedict will say for himself speaking truthfully though he glances back to the castle a moment "I am sorry your highness but I should return to my charge but I hope to see you soon again for conversation." he nods to the priest before he also heads back towards the castle.

Ophelie looks to Valarius finally once she hears the words of the guards and Benedict. "I will summon you later." She inclines her head towards Benedict, "Have a good day sir." She manages in a polite tone before turning back to the castle to hunt down her husband no doubt.

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