Heraldry for House Horizon
House: Horizon
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Horizon Hold
Fortification: Horizon Hold
Motto: Where sea meets sky
Colors: {$colors}
Liege: Forrester
Vassals: None
Rank: Lord
Head of House: Morcant Horizon
Predecessor: {$predecessor}
Heir: Moray Horizon


House Horizon is one two noble vassal houses created to server under House Forrester. A branch of the noble families of Lakeshire was selected and took the name Horizon to distinguish themselves from the family they left behind. They constructed a wooden hall and small port facility in the only sheltered harbor on the coast of Sky Forest. House Horizon manages the majority of Sky Forest's navy and their shipping and merchant activities.

History & Culture



Current Members

Moray — The heir to house Horizon, a sailor and shipbuilder.


Nerissa — A wild tomboy, the next best thing that Lord Morcant has to a second son, Nerissa is a handful and a half.

Cordelia — Lady Cordelia Horizon has traveled from Horizon Hold in Sky Forest, to meet and get to know the Count of Sky Forest within Stormvale among others.


Political Relations

Kilgour.PNG House Kilgour: TBD

Family Tree

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