Inouv 39, 228: Honeycakes and Hounds

Honeycakes and Hounds
Summary: A gathering of people helping to determine who will be the new provider of finer baked goods for the Riverview Inn.
OOC Date: 28/12/2013 (OOC)
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Riverview Inn
The main doors to this inn open into a fair sized common room, with a moderately high class feel to it. The kind of place where Nobles think it's not quite beneath them and commoners think it's not quite too high brow. It's set up with a fireplace at the back, and several tables and chairs for customers to sit at. Near the door, there's a small desk, with someone generally there to help travellers check in, find a meal, or with general questions. To the left, there is a door to the back hall, which leads both to the kitchens, and up to the rooms for patrons.
Inouv 39, 228

Bella is seated alone and she watches Ray and the other lady. She smiles over at them but she doesn't move from where she is seated, nor does she offer anything further right yet, just watching.

Bella had been invited to witness the goings on and she comes in, stomping her feet just outside the door to get the snow off her fur that covers her feet. She comes inside and closes the door behind her waving to all and sundry. "Hi I'm Bella." She doesn't interrupt Ray or anyone, but she goes to take a seat somewhere she can see.

While tending the books, Daelina taps a finger on the desk where she sits, looking up a moment, here and there, to peruse the floor. Fire's tended, tables are clean and clear. One table, especially is set up near the fire, already upon it a smalls election of other baking prowess from the town, not only from establishments but from individuals; customers (only a few this evening) being tended by some of the staff. From the back of the Inn, out from the kitchen area, a voice calls for Daelina. It is a familiar voice to her, one she's heard since the day she was born and one that always makes her smile.

"Where are the pots for the outdoor hearth? And the spits? I've a mind to roast that half a venision Berndt and I were allowed to get the other day and then you can make some stew with it after! I shall return shortly after I get the spit going."

"Papa, they are were they always are - pots in the kitchen, in the back pantry while the items for the spit remain in the outdoor root cellar."

And, with that, the sound of heavy footsteps is heard going out of a door in the back of the kitchens, as Daelina looks back from that direction. Spying Bella and Ray, she rises from the desk, secures the book she was entering figures into, and brushing her dress smooth, goes over to greet them, smile pleasant and ready as always. "Greetings and welcome to the Riverview."

Ray pauses, hood looking to the back where the pastry offerings are, and smiles, turning back to look at Bella, smiling, but when approached by Daelina, he pulls the hood back, "Thank you very much. Raymond Trevens, from the Shire Bakery." He looks across the room and points, towards the group of displayed foods, "Here to add my wares. An honor to meet you."

Bella is seated alone and she watches Ray and the other lady. She smiles over at them but she doesn't move from where she is seated, nor does she offer anything further right yet, just watching.

Daelina's hands go together, clasped beneath her chin. "A great pleasure, Master Trevens. Papa" glancing towards the back, " then back,"…has stepped out for a time. He had thought to taste each and decided in that matter; but they were all so good, so we decided that what customers we had, could decide for us - after all, they will be the ones eating them in the end. So far the appleberry pie, made by a local woman, seems to be in the front running. But, she does not have quite as light a touch, in my mind, with the smaller pastries." her ensuing laugh, is not a mean one, simply a heartfelt trilling enjoyment of life and the entire process. A glance goes up for a moment, over the doorway, where a silver lantern sits, etched in some fashion indiscernible from where everyone stands, that smile of hers still ready and warm. "And so, master Trevens, what pray have you brought?"

Ray nods, looking to the other entrances, considering, "Um, three dishes, two using Riverview Honey. Two larger cakes and one smaller pastry. I have a man outside, and we have everything to set up, all we need is a table and I would be more than happy to show you." He says, smiling, "Bit of a larger table, if you could?" He winces a bit. "Please?"

A small group enters the Riverview Inn: Two guards with the foreign coat of arms of House Moniwid, a chaperon in her forties and a young noble maiden with fiery red curls which she wears in a braid today. The dress she reveals beneath that warm woollen cloak is of dark blue sammit, with tiny snowflakes embroidered around her waist - suiting the season. Moss green eyes scan the place, until Emerit has picked a table that seems appropriate for her. "Good afternoon," she greets in the direction of those present, her tone is elegant but not arrogant and has the timbre of the young sixteen year old she is.

Hands on her hips for a moment, one toe tapping lightly, her gaze sweeps the Inn, then "There is that larger one there, near the fire but not too near. That is the one we use for larger groups. Do you need cloths or linens to cover the table? We do have some if you would like?" She starts in the direction, assuming perhaps that Ray will follow, "And," taking a cloth from a pocket on her apron and dusting the spotless table off, "Would you also care for some tea or something?" looking back up at him, then over to the Bella.

And that action also coincides with Emerit's arrival. With a smile towards Ray,s he excuses herself a moment, and moves in that direction. Not a running, overly hasty motion but one that says "I have a customer, please excuse me." With a dip of her knees and her ever ready smile, "My lady, welcome to the Riverview. What would you care for this evening>"

Ray points at the Innkeepers daughter, "No. Need nothing, go." He knows, she has to go. NOW. And he moves to the table indicated, pulling off his cloak and throwing it over the table, moving it slightly, and moving the chairs as he's joined by another man eventually, and they begin setting up a Baked goods display. They really have everything that is needed.

Emerit offers Daelina a smile. No, she will not correct the address. For once she might prefer not to stick to courtly formalities. "I hear there are pastries to be had this eve.", she replies instead, her gaze flitting to the tables that are being prepared, brushing Ray and that other man but not lingering overly long on them.

Bella shakes her head, gently refusing the tea. "I don't want some but thank you, Miss." She looks back at Ray and smiles. "Did you bring all your good things, Mister Raymond?" She waves to the newest one coming in, a happy, open and friendly wave. "Hi, I'm Bella."

You say, "Oh, yes. This evening we've opened it up to the customers to help us make our decision. There have been a few excellent ones so far: the appleberry pie, and one woman from the town made this cake that practically melted in your mouth, needing nothing with it perhaps, save a glass of milk or tea. And, Master Trevens, from the Shire Bakery has brought an array of things from which, I am sure, is going to make the decision an even more difficult one to make. Would you care for some tea for you or your party or something stronger perhaps?""

This table. The one the young girl indicated. After Ray and Doug are done a process of a few minutes with the pair of them working they get it properly displayed, and then Ray steps to the side. He takes a breath, and turns around.

"I am… Emerit.", the Moniwid turns to Bella, with that plain introduction of herself. Then towards Daelina: "A bit of tea would be most welcome, thank you." With that said, she moves over to the table she has already singled out and lowers herself onto one of the seats. Her chaperon Valaria sits down beside her, while the two guards remain standing close by.

Shire Bakery Table

This Table is covered with a fine linen cloth and loaded with three separate desert dishes, plated and ready for people to come up, take a plate and enjoy the food, the first dish, amid a sign saying 'Honeycomb Cake'

A large cake, meant to serve many people owning to the fact that it is divided into Honeycomb hexagonal pieces. Each 'Cell' of the cake is its own small tower of honey creme sweetness, and is cut from the top down to seperate each piece, cell by cell, and served on plates carefully to preserve the fact that the cake has thick honey creme saturated cake layers held together with a decadent light creme brandy sauce.

The Second dish, in the middle of the table, surrounding a sign, 'Raspberries and Rosepetals'

A small, single serving desert, topped with a trio of Raspberries nestled within a bloom of rosepetals, settled inside a pink creme. The cake itself is composed of many layers of delicate, light pan fried cake and pink creme with raspberries in it. This individual serving is presented on its own plate with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Finally, at the last section of the table, with a sign 'Honey Chocola Cake'

A solid cylinder half a yard across, and some eight inches high, this cake is a pale yellow color, with a honeycomb beehive pattern. On the cake are small black and white striped blobs with sliced almonds sticking out of them to make them Bees. Cutting the cake reveals a slice of multiple layers of chocota honey cake, mingled with creme. The small layers are delicate and intricate to look at in the cake slice. On the fork, these layers blend into a warm honeyed chocota texture on the tongue. The frosting is a rich honey and chocota mixture.

Daelina nods, dipping at the knees and going off to fetch some tea for Emerit. As she goes a glance goes to Ray's tables and her smile grows wider. "Oh, you have just made everyone's choices /quite/ difficult today, Master Trevens. If I can pry Papa away from his spit out back, and I'm sure the smell of chocolate and honey will do that itself, you will have a very happy man on your hands." And with that, she exits into the kitchens to fetch Emerit's tea.

Ray smiles to Daelina and lets out a breath, as people come up to try the dishes, Doug moves to the cart outside to keep the table stocked, and works making sure there's enough.

"It's nice to meetcha Miss Emerit." Bella tells her quite happily. She watches Ray with his table of goods and smiles brightly. "Mister Raymond has a bakery across from my shop and he makes the best stuff."

"It's nice to meet you too, Miss Bella.", Emerit replies, one brow twitching upwards at the address, but nothing more. She rises again and walks over to the display, Valaria following her at a close distance. "Hmm. I think I will have some of that." the bastard princess mutters, pointing towards the Honey Chocola Cake.

Rianne likes coming into the inn, if nothing else cause sometimes Daelina lets her look through the lost and found and take stuff no one wants. Besides it smelled good outside, and Daelina never charges Rianne too much for food like some others do. Rianne peers inside the inn, searching for friendly faces. Not immediately seeing anyone she knows she decides to make new friends. Rianne doesn't walk really, she more skips along not worrying too much about lines and coming up near Ray, looking at him, "Whatcha doin?"

Daelina returns shortly, but seeing Emerit perusing the delicacies, rests the tray with a pot of tea, a container of honey and (even though she only said a cup), 4 cups fro tea. Who knows, mayhaps the others will end up changing their minds? Turning and brushing her hands off, she spies the diminutive Rianne and smiles, simply watching her interact with Ray. Other servers have come out now fromt he ktichens, to take care of those few other customers here, so Daelina can concentrate on Ray and the otehrs with the baked treats.

Ray does not jump to get Emerit a piece of cake, because there are men who will put sharp pieces of metal into him so he lets someone select the piece, and have it taken to the Princess. He looks to Rianne, blinks, looking the girl over, turns, takes a 'Cell' piece of the honeycake and the plate, handing it to the girl. "I baked these, hoping people will like them. Here." He's handing sweets out to all comers now. Take your pick.

Bella watches all the people, she remains pretty quiet except when Ray keeps giving away all his good stuff. She smiles proudly and gives him a thumbs up gesture because he'd asked for a cheerleader so here she was! She doesn't go to get any of the cakes, she orders nothing to drink and she doesn't try and bother anyone. As the seats fill up she stands up so that someone can have her seat and she scuffs around in her makeshift boots, just having her own brand of fun.

A figure dressed in gray wool comes in, her attire marking her as one of the healers who work out of the castle. Once her cloak is hung Eliylw takes a second, looking around as she tries to get her bearings, this inn one she has not been to often and is not very familiar with.

Rianne takes a pastry since it was offered to her, and beams a huge smile at Ray, "Thank you Mister. I'm Rianne." See now Rianne has a new friend, the Sweets Man. It doesn't matter what his name actually is, she usually doesn't stick around to find out. She knows Daelina's cause she told Rianne at a time when Rianne was paying attention. Rianne gives Ray a wave and then heads over to Bella, taking small bites of her pastry as she does. She watches Bella a few minutes, head tilted to the side, "Better not let the Nice Lady see you. She makes you wear real shoes. She's nice, but see… shoes." Rianne holds her shoe clad foot up and points at it mournfully.

And some of the riff-raff was bound to make it. that much is clear when Blian enters. Though he dressed better than usual. Clean black breeches laced into is boots accompanied by a thick black cloak about his shoulders leave the man looking pretty decent for a change. He is not shaven but his beard is cropped short and his hair /kinda/ combed. He will make his way near the table taking any hand out he can get. Happy little waves at Dae and her serving girls and a soft smile to the others. Though, he will steer clear of any princesses bastards or not.

Bella's boots are made of fur tied around her feet with thin ropes. She looks down at them, then at the other woman and crinkles her nose. shoes?" Like it's the worst thing possible. She looks at the woman's feet and there's real, true sympathy in her eyes. "Why cain't ya jus' take 'em off?" After a beat, she does what she always does. "I'm Bella." Yep. There's her introduction. Nothing more or less offered.

Ray smiles as Rianne wanders off, and blinks, then points to Bella, and gestures to the table, a clear and direct invitation to some and have something.

Daelina watches the Princess for a moment, she seems comfortable, her guards and ladies making sure she is well cared for. "Master Trevens, let me check on Father for a moment, and I'll be right back." She starts for the kitchens, pausing at the diminutive woman "Rianne, I'm glad to see you. Did I tell you, Papa is quite pleased with the work you and Brumby have done for us. I'll be back shortly." Then, passing by Blian, she shakes her head giving him a smile,a nd and admonishing finger when he looks to the other serving girls.

Emerit returns to her table, once she sees that a piece of her cake of choice will be delivered to her. Her moss green eyes sparkle with delight, as this is indeed a nice distraction from her usual worries and duties. Blian is spared a glance, but as she doesn't know him, little more.

Rianne nods her head… as if to say, Yes… shoes. It's a sad thing. She smiles at Bella, "I'm Rianne… and I get in trouble when I take em off cause it's cold." All bets are off when the weather warms up though. "The Nice Lady fusses at me when I don't wear them. It's not fun." Rianne gives a wave to Daelina, and flashes her a bright smile, "I'll tell Brumby. He likes working here lots." Mostly because it is all stuff he can do and no one asks him anything too complex. She then turns back to Bella, "Sometimes I work here… and sometimes I work for the Nice Lady."

Bella has found a friend. Look out, world. Her smile is bright. "It's fun to meetcha Miss Rianne." Taking all the information in, she offers of herself. "I'm a scribe. I write missives an' draw maps an' sell books an' parchment and pens an' stuff. My shop is across from Mister Raymond and his bakery." She leans in to whisper conspiratorially. "I don't like shoes too, but the furs keep my feet warm." She extends a foot to show 'em off. Catching Ray's gesture, she grins. "I gotta go get some cake or he'll think I don't like it. Wanna come with me?" Intelligent blue eyes regard the other woman with warmth.

To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.

It's just about that time after a good day of burning people… that Renden really needs to break away from the Castle and blend right in with the common folk. To drink. He's an older warrior, grizzled and likely nearing the end of his days. He comes into the Inn with a ranger's steady eye, his attire jet black from boot to cloak, as if he were in mourning. The warm smells of baked goods mix in with the tardy wafts of smoke and the sting of ale. He moves right in for any space available, drawing himself a seat, eyes dancing over those in attendance. For now, old Renden will be patiently waiting for service, while figuring out what is happening here.

Blian manages to get something or the other handed to him and seems quite pleased at the taste of it. He wanders about now looking for the answer to the real question. Are they giving out anything to drink. Wandering here and there he sees the girls showing off their foot wear and he laughs a little to himself. Ray gets a few words too. "It's you. Didn't you give me cider or somethin' yesterday? Was that yesterday?"

Ray nods to Daelina, as Doug and he continue to ensure anyone who wishes to try the sweets he has provided may do so. He looks to Blian and nods, "Yes, I recall you, Minstrel." He gestures to the table, "Please, have some. Try whatever you like. Raymond Trevens, Shire Bakery."

As Daelina is heading towards the kitchens to go out back and see waht her Papa is doing at the spits, one of the other serving women in the Inn come over to the Ranger. "And, what would you care for this evening, sir? Please take a look at the pastries offered, the Inn is attempting to see which the customers prefer so that they might find a new baker to provide for the Inn."

There are other tables set up, with various other pastries, none looking quite as good as Ray's. Although, the appleberry pie(s) one woman made are almost all gone. Still there are other pastries and baked goods to chose from, and as the serving girl will say, please taste as many as you wish, and let us know your favorites.

From the back, outside the Inn though, the first, faint smells of something roasting over a spit come wafting inside, when Daelina steps outside (from the back of the kitchens). Ross' voice can be heard, the tale end of some story he's telling who ever is assisting him out there, followed by his hale and hearty laugh.

Rianne can only read a little, but she doesn't really ever bring that up. She smiles at Bella, "I don't like shoes either… but the Nice Lady is nice, so I mostly do what I am told." Mostly. She nods to Bella and agrees to follow the girl, "He gave me pastry." Well he did. She gives another wave to Ray as they approach and holds up the almost gone pastry so he can see that she liked it. "I like sweet stuff. I never learned to bake though… I should one day."

Renden has an easy reply, "The shire's bakery is some of the best goods I've ever tasted dear woman," this to the serving woman who has come to him, "The Inn would be foolish not to take the Master Ray on as a their provider of fine baked goods." His boast is clearly loud enough to carry, should Ray hear it in the bustle, "And while it seems the pastries are overflowing and the choices fine, a mead my good woman, to start, and then perhaps, some sugar will be a delight at some point tonight."

"Ahh, excellent." The bard looks down and squints his eyes, "Gods. They look like…paintings or something. Are you sure these are for eatin'?" He chuckles a little after his words and adds, "How about this." He retrieves a piece of the raspberry cake. "I will just.." He picks off a little petal he sloppily bumped into and stuck to the piece of cake and begins to flick it to the ground. A look over to ray has him frowning and it would be plain he is confused. He tucks the petal into his pocket slowly saysing, "I'll just…save that for …..later." He nods again to the man a=takes a bite before proclaiming it's goodness with a smile.

"Ohh I can bake! I love to bake things! I used to work in a bakery b'fore I came here. Maybe I can show ya, but all I got is the hearth in the Bookstore, so I don't really gotta stove." It works anyway! She leads the way to Ray and smiles when she gets to him. "Can I buy the pretty one, Mister Raymond?" She points to one with pink. The really, really pretty one. She loves pink.

The serving girl, Elsa, chuckles raising an eyebrow. "I'll fetch your mead for you, and again, feel free to try the pastries. "As for the sugar, well we do have honey to go with the meals." She gives Renden a wink, and walks off. Passing by the Bard, she gives him a bit of grin, knowing as all the servers do, that bards are usually given somewhat to drink when they come in, especially if they offer to play. She raises an eye at him, waiting see if he would like something to drink with his pastry before going off to get mead for Renden and whatever Blian's requested.

Ray looks at Blain and smiles, shrugging, "Eat em how you like." Rianne gets a smiling, "Good, glad you liked it. If you like to try a different one you may." He turns, taking a Raspberries and Rosepetals and holding it yo Bella, "They are free, Bella, Gift." He says, smiling to the woman, looking around with a grin, nodding at the general acceptance.

There, the Honey Chocola cake arrives, and Emerit tastes a small spoonful, her freckled features soon twisting into a delighted smile. "This is good. Indeed. So… tasty." A sip of tea is taken in between, and soon that piece is gone from the plate, leaving only a few crumbs behind. "Delicious!" Her delighted chuckle ripples through the room.

Rianne is sure the Nice Lady would have an issue with Rianne eating so many sweets, but Rianne is wearing shoes so she can fudge things elsewhere, right? Rianne beams a smile at Ray, "Really… Thanks." She reaches and grabs another pastry, at least a different one from the one she had before. She grabbed something with powdered sugar on it, so she gets some everywhere when she eats it, but she doesn't seem to care. She does smile brightly at Bella, "That would be cool. I'd love to make sweets. Brumby would like them too." Or she thinks he would. He'd eat them anyway and that's the important part.

Blian frowns at the man and says, "You don't…eat the …petals do you?" His eyebrows furl up but after a moment he just laughs. When the lady approaches him it takes only a few soft words to get her shuffling off and on her way to take care of him as well. He moves over and sits down ending up near Renden. The ranger gets a nod and he says, "Shit made my teeth hurt."

Daelina returns after a few more moments, wafting in like a breath of fresh air, bringing in to mingle with the smell fo delicious sweets, the fragrance of roasting meats. Shaking her head back towards the kitchens, she watches as Elsa takes First Blian then Renden their mead, nodding to herself. Yes, everyone is being taken care of they should be even as another server checks to see if Emerit needs more tea, or Ray, Bella and even the diminutive Rianne would care for anything to drink. A glance going to the silver lantern up over the entrance, and another one of those happy smiles. Yes, politeness and good behavior always pays off well.

"Oh no," Bella disagrees and as always, insists on paying for her own things. She withdraws a single coin from the pocket of her white apron she wears over her plain gray dress and places it beside Raymond on the table before taking the offered sweet. "It looks really pretty, Mister Raymond, but I like the sausage rolls best." Of course, she tries little else. Looking back at Rianne, there's delight dancing in her expression as she samples the bite. "Who is Brumby?" So many names! At the server, Bella shakes her head and her blonde curls tumble out of her cloak around her shoulders. "Oh, no thank you. I got some at home."

"Warm honey, I hope-" Renden makes a response to the wink of Elsa, "Thank you milady," and he settles into the chair, unworking the hasp of his cloak to settle it back on the chair behind him. It was a little stuffy in here with all the people after all. He has yet to really reach for any pastry. His eyes appreciate the younger folk enjoying the goodies, giving a long sigh as he waits for the mead to be served, stretching out his legs a little. That's about the time which Blian takes a seat, earning a quaint nod from the ranger as he folds his arms loosely on his chest, "Be lucky you still have all yours." He makes a bit of a jest, leaning forward, "Never did like sweet things all that much, 'less it's a red head with green eyes." He pivots a look over at Blian, at the point where his mead comes back, he nods to Elsa, "Thanks darhling."

"Aye!" The bard says, in reference to red-heads not his hygiene. That he just laughs along with. And look, there is drink. He accepts it happily with his own little wink to the girl. "Yes, this is far better fare. Though the rose whatever it was was quite good. I am still paying for it though."

Rianne smiles and takes a drink when it is offered to her. She likes her tea with lots of honey… frankly she just likes lots of honey. She grins at Bella, "Brumby is my friend. I found him when I was travelling. He's real tall, but you don't need to be scared of him or nothing. Some people are, but he's real nice. He helps take care of me and keep me safe cause some people are mean."

Ray smirks at Bella and her insistence on paying for everything. He looks about and moves to the side of the table, just watching. Daelina gets a brief nods as he and Doug have ale as he occasionally helps cutting the cakes and setting them on plates.

That piece of cake had been quite delicious, but all a petite bastard princess such as Emerit can take. The tea is soon emptied as well, and the red haired Moniwid sends Valaria off to pay. It is when the chaperone returns that Emerit rises, slowly and gracefully. "I'd better return to the castle. Time for more lessons, I fear.", she remarks to noone in particular, maybe towards the chaperone, before she moves towards the door. "That was a delightful cake. I really should come over here more often in the future. A good eve to you!" And wrapping herself again in that warm woollen cloak, the Moniwid leaves to the chill outside, with her chaperone and guards in her wake.

Content to see that the pastries are being enjoyed, her eyes watching, ears listening to the comments of all those present as to their preferences, Daelina moves about the tables, clearing a table herself if needs be. Everyone's drinks are filled when needed. When Emerit begins her departure, she smiles and nods, watching as the woman leaves, offering "It has been a pleasure. I do hope that you enjoyed your visit here.

Ray watches the procession leave as the princess exits, looking to the servers to see their reactions, nodding a bit, this seems to be going well.

Bella finishes off her own cake and smiles back at Ray. "Thank you, Mister Raymond. It's so good." She lifts a hand to tuck her golden locks behind her ears as she notices the other lady leaving. "It was fun meeting you, Miss Emerit. See you later." Now she listens to Rianne about Brumby and has to smile. "He sounds really nice." Though the smile fades just as quickly. "Mean? I've never met anyone mean before. What does he look like?"

Rianne nods to Bella, "Not here. I haven't met anyone mean here. The Shiny man wasn't happy, but he wasn't mean either. He was just grumpy." Well she did hit Ronan with a snowball after he arrived from a long trip. "Most of the mean people have been other places. Brumby and I haven't been here long." She pauses a moment, "Uhm Brumby is real tall.. like taller than everybody. He hits his heads or doors if he forgets to duck, which he forgets all the time. And he's wide too. I make all his clothes and it takes like tons of fabric to do cause he's so big. He likes to carry heavy stuff… and sometimes will carry me but he says I am not heavy at all." And she isn't. She is incredibly tiny.

Daelina comes over to check Renden's mead, asking "Would you care for any food? We do have some stew that is always on the pot over the fire and some fresh bread in the back? If you do, just let Else know and I'm sure,"giving the girl one of those looks, "She will make sure that it is brought to you."

Then, she checks' Blian's mead, gesturing for someone to fill it if it needs filling - which it most likely does. Then, she's delayed it long enough, trying to be good and let the customers have their chance at the Table of Ray. She stands for a moment perusing the display.

Oh Oh! News! "Is he your boyfriend?" Bella has heard of those you know. Not that she'd ever met any. "I'm glad no one from here is mean." A hand flies to cover her mouth. "Oh no! I forgot to cut some wood for my fireplace!" Alarmed, she offers her hand. "I gotta go cut some wood cause it'll be cold in the bookstore then people won't come."

Ray smiles to Bella, nodding to her praise, and looks to Daelina as she approaches, stepping closer to her, "This is what I do with honey. Your honey, to be specific." He looks at the table, then back to the girl. "All the honey is Riverview, the Raspberries.." He shrugs, "There are some people who don't like honey. Like there are some people who don't like my cooking." He pauses, "I mean there have to be. Somewhere. Haven't met them, but..Somewhere." He smirks and lets Daelina choose.

Rianne takes Bella's hand and shakes it, though her head tilts to the side in confusion, "Boyfriend? I mean he's a boy… and my friend…but I don't know." Rianne thinks that word might mean something different then that, but she isn't entirely sure on that. "It was nice to meet you though Bella. I will have to find your shop one day. Maybe Brumby can help you cut firewood. He likes doing that."

Renden is pretty well ready for another one when Daelina comes to check in on him, "That sounds good, bring it out then milady. And another, iffin you please?" he hoists up his mug, willing Elsa or Daelina to help him to it. Either way, he's pretty quiet, watching the others feast and enjoy. His attention does turn eventually to Blian, "Quite the … crowd tonight." Ahh yes, Renden the talker… not. The old man looks into his drink for a bit, then lifts his attention back up at all the girl squealing and yipping, namely over at Rianne and Bella, smirking to himself. Youngins. Full of life and energy.

"Maybe!" Bella says with a vibrant smile, eyes dancing. "But for now, I gotta have some to stay warm tonight too. I used the rest last night and forgot to cut some more. It was fun meeting you, Miss Rianne. I hope to see you again. I'm by the bakery." She looks back at Ray and waves. "See you later Mister Raymond. I need to go." But not without… she looks around until she finds the right person. Daelina! "Thank you for the party and just so you know, Mister Raymond has the best sweets in town and people will come here a lot to eat them, if you put them in your shop." She smiles, offering a curtsy to both her and the man she is speaking to, Renden. Oh.. and Blian! "And thank you for the music last night and letting me sing and dance." And now she's distracted from her goal. "Maybe we can sing and dance again someday."

Blian needs a refill as well and miles at the girl when she does so. A healthy stare awarded to her backside for her efforts afterwards. Back at the ranger he says, "Yes, a bit different then the usuals. Though always a sight nicer than the taverns. Doubtful there will be any room for me tonight though. To much going on. And that Ross will have the girls busy as ever tonight." He shakes his head at that now but just shrugs it off.

Daelina takes a section of the honeycomb cake and eats it politely, making a wide eyed ohh of enjoyment. "My bees would be very happy with how you've treated their honey, Master Trevens" before setting the plate down. "I will have to try one of the others later, but I think it's safe to say, from the reaction of everyone, that you and my father will be discussing terms," offering him her usual bright and cheery smile. Then, going over to Renden, her eyebrows raise, at the rquest to refill it not only once but provide another already. Btu, as long as Renden keeps to policies long held by the Riverview that things are neither over-boisterous or anything of that nature, he will of course be left to enjoy himself as he sees fit (this is NOT the tavern!! :)).

Ray looks to Daelina, and chuckles, nodding, "I'm glad to hear it. I look forward to our business together." He smiles, looking about at the room in general, taking his ale and taking a drink, waving to Bella as she starts leaving, unsuccessfully.

Rianne waves to Bella and then looks around, trying to decide what to do now that he new friend is gone. She spots Renden and since he looks lonely she skips over to great him. She gets close to him, without touching him and gives him her best smile, "Hi. I'm Rianne. Did you like the pastries? I got two. The Sweets man gave me two whole pastries and didn't ask for nufin. And Miss Daelina gave me tea with honey in it. She has good honey. Have you had her honey before? It's the bestest ever. Maybe one day I will learn the bees like her."

Aww. When Blian doesn't reply and then Daelina doesn't reply, it doesn't seem to bother Bella. she only turns back to those she knows best, returning the wave to Ray and then Rianne.

Blian is making short work of his drink but while they seem busy he will continue to do so. Hopefully he will maintain for a bit. Bella comes though and he wasn't ignoring her he was just lost in the sight of some other lass for a moment. "Ahh, mistress!" He says happily, "Perhaps tonight?"

Renden nods at Blian, "Not as dank, at least," he gives a knowing smirk toward the Bard, nodding to the curtsey and those who acknowledge him in their own leaving. He will occupy himself with his mead and any stew that might come his way. He's old. He's not over-boisterous in any means. He's sitting there like a lump in his seat, looking as if his bones are causing him some ache. The eyebrow lift he gets make him grunt, putting the money on the table. He's got the coins to pay. He's not a bum off the streets! A turn to Blian, disregarding the womanly stares, "What do you play?" And then wham. Rianne is there with her friendly face. He sits back in his chair and gives her a once over, "Rianne," he replies, "Renden.. and this is…" a look to Blian, well he doesn't actually know, so he leaves it up to Blian. Continuing, "No, I didn't have any. I'm sure they taste as fine as they smell though." A shake, "Not her honey no, but I've tried others.' A beat, "Bees? Perhaps you will. Not getting stung is the hardest part, I imagine."

Rianne nods her head sagely at Renden, as if he has offered the most wise advice ever, "Yeah, cause getting stung isn't fun. It hurts. I been stung before and I don't like it much." She then smiles brightly at Renden, easily switching moods on him. "Nice to meet you Mister Renden." She waves to Blian too, "Nice to meet you too Mister. You play an instrument? I like to sing and dance. It's fun." She then turns back to Renden, "Do you sing and dance Mister Renden? If not you should. It makes people happy when they sing and dance."

Daelina cannot help, from her spot across the room now, when hearing Rianne's conversation with Renden and Blian, she cannot help but smile. She does watch that area carefull; she's sure, of course, that no one would act untoward towards Rianne, but she has a slight fondness for the dimminutive woman and her, oddly, absent companion. Servers go to whever arrives newly, gesturing towards teh table(s) of pastries, telling them to try them out, asking if they'd care for a drink or something else.

Blian looks at the man and says "Most everything. Well, anything." He says proudly. Draining his cup /again/ but not asking for anymore yet. Rianne receives a warm smile and he says,, "You too. Blian." he offers to them all collectively now. He will look around some more wondering where the singer went and just frown when he sees little but patrons and pastries.

Renden shows the amusement in his eyes and the faint tilt of his lips for Rianne's bubbling personality, "It's nice too meet you as well," he has to respond, as if such a thing is etched into his skull from the endless hours of playing house with nobles. As she turns back to him, between her youthful enthusiasm to greet both men, he's sipping his mead and has to put it down to answer, "Singing? Not since I was a lad," he shakes his head, "Greenshire folksongs at that," a beat, "sometimes I dance, yes, when the mood is right." And he doesn't want to just sit and drink his face off.

Having heard of the pastries on display here, Kyra had decided to make a go of it and come out into the public to see what all was on offer. Like a beacon, the table is noticed by the redhead as soon as she steps into the room, and she wastes little time in going over to see what's left on the table. She nods almost absently to the man behind it, offering out his sweets. "What do you recommend?" Nope, no pleasantries.

The man behind the table is keeping the three offerings from the bakery well stocked. Doug is questioned, and silently, holds out a piece of the Honey Chocola layer cake. He holds it so the layers are visible and just waits. This is not a tough sell. To the side of the table, Ray smiles. "Honey Chocola cake. It's new, please enjoy."

Rianne smiles brightly at Blian, "Hi Mister Blian. I am Rianne. Maybe I could sing with you one day." She then turns back to Renden, "I don't think I heard none of those. Maybe you could teach them to me. I like knowing lots of songs. If we get some music you could dance with me." Not, she'll wait and see if he asks… or maybe you could dance with her, just you could dance with her. It's not a question, more like a command. Rianne is used to getting her way, probably because she is used to going around with Brumby and he never tells her no.

Daelina goes behind her counter off to one side, to lean against it from behind, to watch all the customers. She's pleased, things are oging well. She'd told Papa this would be a good idea, even if he was hesitant at first. But, glancing again, listening to comments here and there, she's sure that when she speak to her Papa, as she'd already mentioned to Ray - Ray will be the new provider of finer baekd good for the Riverview. Which in it's own way will save them the room so they can make more of their breads that they've become somewhat known for.

Renden tilts his head, "Then you have not heard a Shire jig before?" He seems astonished but of course not everyone is well travelled as the old ranger, "You should come by the Bard Tavern. Sometimes you'll hear play a jig to which you can dance too quite fine," nothing like the noble dancing, that's for sure. "I could, I suppose teach you - but not in present company," he thumbs a finger over toward Blian, "I would assume I would fall flat in comparison to the actual Bards of our time." He lifts his mug to salute the bard, before turning his eyes down and drinking from the mug. Her announcement of dancing with her makes him look up again, was Rianne talking to him? He looks around, then blinks a bit, "It seems we are lacking music."

Ray is standing by the table of massive sugar content, a man behind the table making sure it's stocked and the rest of the room is enjoying the evening in general.

Blian smiles at the flittle one. "Surely. I would enjoy that. In fact I played a tune or two with your large friend the other day. In fact I owe him some thanks for saving my skin perhaps." Now he is looking for a refill. He holds his hands up at Renden now, "Not t onight. I would not want to dissapoint the owners. they have other delights tonight. Besides, I have nothing with me." He smiles at the man now and the closest serving girl too.

Rianne grins at Blian, "You met Brumby? He plays for me a lot and he protects me too. He's very good at that." She then turns back to Renden and nods, "Yeah, we would kinda need music. If we don't get it then we can dance another time. I been to the Tavern before, but didn't hear no music while I was there. I will have to try again. Sometimes they have fights there though and I don't like that. People shouldn't fight…. it's not nice."

Kieryn wanders into the inn, he'd heard about something going on there and decided to check it out. He hadn't been out much lately so that's another reason he figured he'd come over here. He glances around a bit and heads over to a seat if he can find one.

Thump..thump…thump..Earthquake? no that's just Brumby walking up towards the inn. As he enters he actually remembers to duck down so that he doesn't hit his head on the door frame. He seems to have learned that lesson the hard way a few too many times, though that doesn't mean he wont forget. This time; however, he doesn't so everything is good. He glances around and waves to people and then sees Rianne, "Rianne!" he bellows and plods over towards her, "Brumby wus lost, but now him heer!"

Adlivun follows soon after the large man, chuckling. He is not with his hounds at the moment, which is odd for him. He still wears his hunting leathers and ranger-like cloak. He sees Brumby heading over to Rianne and decides to follow, smiling.

Daelina's ears catch wind of Brumby's arrival, of course, when he calls out towards Rianne. Ah ha, so there is the faithful part of the due, she'd been wondering where he was at, as it ws very unusual to see one with out the other. In fact, it has not happened in all times she's seen them. tables of pastries are thinning out, save perhaps for Ray's, as he keeps refilling the table he brought and, as noted, his have seemed to won the acclaim of all. Ross remains out back, even in the snow, roasting something on a spit. Men and their 'BBQ'!! Neither rain nor sleet nor snow, etc. Servers are sent to refill cups, provide others with food if they want it besides pastry,a nd tea, of course, who wish it.

"Another time then," Renden smiles over at Rianne and rises from his seat. As for the matter of fighting, he doesn't hint at his thoughts over it, "I must be on my way. It was nice meeting both of you-" this to Rianne and Blian, before the ranger starts to slip out and head for the door.

Ray looks over as a small mountain range walks in. Whoa. He looks at the table, and thinks a moment, and nods. Yeah, they're ready for that kind of appetite. He stares at Brumby, even so, that's a big man.p b= No, no, I just was paging the wrong one.

Ray looks over as a small mountain range walks in. Whoa. He looks at the table, and thinks a moment, and nods. Yeah, they're ready for that kind of apetite. He stares at Brumby, even so, that's a big man.

Rianne smiles at Renden and waves, "Nice meeting you Mister Renden. We will have to dance another day." Brumby's entrance causes Rianne's smile to brighten more and she turns to her overly large friend, "Brumby! Yeah, you found me. You usually do." She has faith in him after all. She heads over and takes the big man by the hand, "I got two pastries and I met new people. I met Mister Renden, but he has to leave. He said he'd dance with me later." Or that is how she interprets it. "And I met Miss Bella and she has a shop. And I met the Sweets Man. He gave me two whole pastries." Which explains a few things. "And I met Mister Blian and he plays music. I told him I could sing with him one day. And Mister Renden said he would teach me some new songs and everything." Yep, in Rianne's mind… a good day.

Brumby beams at Rianne as he listens to her and gets dragged along with her, he waves to Daelina and gives her a beam and sniffs the air, smelling food and his stomach ends up growling rather loudly. Did he forget to eat today? probably, knowing him and being lost without Rianne he might have forgotten to eat for the past two days. He waves to Adlivun too when he sees him, "Were dogs? they outside?" he peers around and grins to Rianne, "Brumby get lost in streets and snow, him smelt gud food and him hungry." sure, he can cooke he just forgets sometimes. "Brumby meet Blian, him play wit Brumby and them play gud." he nods. "Brumby gud problem solver too!"

Blian is laughing as the girl spills out with such exuberance. "That's where we played!" He does not elaborate on any fighting though. He is thouroughly aware that her large friend shares her sentiments. "They should not." Is all he says now softly as he turns at the rumble. The Bard beams and looks for his tree. "Brumby!." His voice is booming along anyways so Blian certainly hears him. He watches as the old ranger leaves giving him a nod and observing the girl give her friend the rundown.

Bella bounces back in, face sunny and bright where the sky outside is lacking. "Guess what, Mister Raymond? Someone cut some wood already for me! It was by my door!"

Daelina gestures towards one of the serving girls. WHile she knows Rianne will get him some pastry she also knwos that food is also better. The serving girl smiles - everyone here loves Brumby and Rianne. Despite their sizes, or perhaps because of, they are diligent and hardworking and everyone at the Riverview takes it up on themselves to see that they eat something solid at least once. A tray of tea and cups,a long with a container of honey, a large bowl of stew and some fresh bread is brought out to where ever the mountain of a main sits, placing it before them.

Adlivun chuckles to Brumby. "Back at the tavern. Ailos is going to have puppies very soon, and wanted to stay there. Darrius wouldn't leave, either. So, they both stayed there, Brumby." He looks to Rianne and smiles. "Hello, Miss. How are you?" he then looks around at the others, smiling to Bella.

Ray smiles as he watches Rianne and Brumby interacting, and listens to the mans stomach rumble. He's kind of thoughtfully scratching his chin, trying to decide how much the man can eat, and just the size of him. It's almost like a challenge. Then Bella snaps him out of it and he smiles at the Scribe, "Oh really? Good for you. Hope you're set for a while. We'll be restocking soon."

Rianne leads Brumby to a place to sit, then scampers off to get him a pastry, because yes that is her priority. She returns and hands the pastry to him, even as the real food is delivered, "Here is a pastry for you Brumby. Did you forget to eat again?" Not that Rianne is much better and she settles in to eat a little real food. She has already had tons of sugar. She waves to Adlivun, giving him a smile, "I am good. I met new people, which is always good. I like new people. Everyone has been real nice to me. And I got two pastries." Yes, she will continue going on about that as long as people will let him. Upon Bella's entrance Rianne waves to her new friend, "Bella! This is Brumby! I told you all about him." She turns back to Brumby, "I did, I told her all about how you was my friend and took good care of me."

Puppies. Perk! Bella hears the magical word and turns, seeking not the owner, but she's looking down at the floor. A quick smile to Adlivun… And she doesn't see Darrius at all, anywhere! A frown plays over her lips, but it's brief before she smiles back to Ray. "I got lots of wood! I'm sooo happy!" She just doesn't know where it came from! Hearing her name she waves to Ray before hurrying over, "Miss Rianne!", then stopping in her tracks. Wide eyed. Tipping her head way… way way way back! "Hi.." this time it's not so exuberant, it's almost a whisper. "I'm Bella."

Brumby beams as food is brought to him as he sits down on the floor near Rianne, seeing as that's about the only place that can hold his weight, or that he's not afraid of crushing, but he doesn't mind that at all. He beams at Rianne as she brings him a pastry, "Brumby eet that after eet food, no want spoil appi…appi.. well you kno what Brumby mean." he nods to Adlivun, "Oh, puppies? You give all away?" he grins to Blian and nods, "Him reel gud music person, better than Brumby is. You guna dance Rianne? Or you wus?" he eyes te bowl of stew for a few moments but then Rianne calls his attention to Bella and he waves to her too and then goes back to the stew and bread. He rips a hunk of bread off the loaf and dunks it in the stew and eats it happily, answering Rianne with mouth full, "Brumfy wuf loft, so himf no eef!" he then remembers its bad manners to talk with your mouth fll, so he chews slowly and swallows.

Adlivun chuckles. "I'll give some away, certainly. But, some I will keep train to help me hunt. train to protect the town, too." He smiles to Brumby, then to Rianne, then to Bella!

Well now, everyone seems comfortable, happy, well fed, and enjoying themselves. So, daelina takes a moment to fetch herself a cup of tea and go and sit behind her desk near the entrance, where she has a most excellent view of the Inn floor. A smile here, a nod there, Elsa returning from the back to refill mugs of mead. Things are as they should be.

Ray moves as Rianne comes to grab a pastry, handing her a piece if the Honey Chocola cake, moving to behind the table to check a logbook he has back there.

"You're gonna help me train a puppy still, aren't you, Mister Adlivun? Like you said?" Bella is surprising unstunned now, waving back to Brumby before looking back to the owner of the dogs.

Rianne smiles at Ray when she receives the pastry, giving him a little wave as she walks away. She settles on the floor next to Brumby before smiling brightly at Bella, then looking to Brumby, "This is Bella, Brumby. She is real nice." She grins at Adlivun, "I never had a puppy… at least I don't think I ever did. I don't member so good." She looks to Brumby, "Did I ever have a puppy?"

Adlivun nods to Bella. "Of course, Miss Bella. I wouldn't go back on a promise like that. or any promise, for that matter." He then looks to Rianne. "Well, if you like, I could giv you one of the puppies from Darrius and Ailos, as long as you promise to take care of it and allow it to see it's parents once in a while."

Brumby ponders Rianne's question and then he shrugs, "Yoo no have puppy long as Brumby kno you." he shakes his head and then smiles at Bella, "Hi Bella, Brumby tall but him nice." he nods to her and then nods to Adlivun, "Oh, can Brumby have puppy for Rianne, if yoo have lots of puppies?" he winks. "Brumby take care of it." he nods.

"I wanna a boy puppy an' he will guard my shop an' will sleep by the fire 'cept at night, then he'll sleep on the end of my bed." Bella muses softly, wearing a quiet smile. "I will be a good mama to him an' Ailos an' Darrius can come see him with you whenever you wanna, cause I'll always live at the shop. I like livin' here. Everyone is really nice." She looks back over to Brumby and Rianne, her smile brightening further. "Our puppies'll be brothers. Won't that be fun?" She offers her hand very politely to Brumby. "It's fun to meet ya, Brumby. I'm glad you're nice to Rianne, she said there was people not nice."

Daelina listens to the talk of puppies, nodding to herself and sipping from her mug of tea. Again her eyes weep the floor, to make sure everything is as it should be. Elsa, one of the serving girls, makes her rounds gain to see that every ones mugs are filled, another goes about again ensuring that tea is there if people need it as well as asking if there is anything else they'd care for.

Adlivun smiles t Bella. he then looks to Brumby and nods. "Certainly. As long as you're gentle with it." He is so happy to know that his puppies will be going to good homes!

Rianne beams brightly at Adlivun, "I would take really good care of a puppy. I would. Brumby and I both would. And they could visit any time, cause they are parents and they should be able to see their baby. I mean that would be mean if they couldn't." She then looks to Brumby when Bella mentions mean people, "But no one here Brumby… just there have been, but you know that." There are people who try to take advantage of the pair, and those who are mean because they are different.

Brumby shakes Bella's hand gently and beams at her, "Yoo frends with Rianne? Gud, her needs frends." he nods and smiles and then he nods to Rianne and Adlivun, "Yea, Brumby be gentle with puppy, him kno they break easy." he nods to Rianne, "Him kno there no meen peeple heer, me no see anywun but nice peeple." he beams at Rianne and then picks up the bowl of stew finally and gulps it down in just a few swallows. He then takes out a flute and plays, hey he's gotta play for his super, right?"

Silly Brumby! He already does enough work around the Inn with the fire wood and such, and as Daelina told Rianne, Ross if very happy with the two of them. Still and all, when he brings out the flute, Daelina smiles and turns listening, a toe tapping faintly in time.

Oh Bella just adores music! When the flute comes out and Brumby begins to play, she claps her hands together once. "I am friends with Miss Rianne! She is a good friend." Already. Another smile is given to Adlivun and she bobs her head up and down. "Thank you, Mister Adlivun." And then she's back to Ray. There's music after all! "Mister Ray? Will ya dance with me again? I won't fall on you again." She offers him her hand.

Ray looks up from the logbook at the music, smiling as he does so. He knows what's coming. He holds his midsection slightly wincing with a grin. "Well, if you promise." He closes the book, and sets it aside.

Rianne jumps up when Brumby begins to play, though it briefly crosses her mind that it is sad that Renden isn't here to dance with her. It doesn't matter, she finds a spot to dance and begins dancing, not bothered that she doesn't have an actual partner to dance with.

Brumby smiles some around the flute as he sees people begin to dance and he continues to play quietly. He may not be quite as good at music as Blian, but he'd had a lot of practice while tending sheep back home. He may be dumb, but he seems to do well enough with the music. He knows he usually gets fed for chipping wood and other things, like minor repairs on the inn, though those he has to be guided through some since while he does know some carpentry as well, he's still not that great on repairing things alone, probably because if alone he has the tendency to hit things too hard.

Seeing Ray hold his belly, Bella laughs, remembering the day before. "You squeaked!" She giggles at the reminder and continues holding her hand out to him. "We can dance with Miss Rianne! She's so very fun. Don't you like her?" Already, the drab gray of the skirt of her dress is moving around her makeshift boots as she swivels from side to side, almost impatient to get to dancing.

Ray nods, "I think the pair of them are very nice." He moves out with Bella and… moves in a strange way, sort of not graceful, more awkward than anything else. He's certainly not as relaxed as he was at the faire, that was the faire. Still he gives it a go. Not well, but he tries.

Adlivun smiles and moves to where Rianne is dancing, moving somewhat gracefully. His steps are light, as though he is softly padding through the forest. "Miss Riane, would you care to have a partner to dance with?" He holds his hand out to her.

Rianne throws her head back and laughs when she gets a request for a partner. She gladly moves over and takes Adlivun's hand to join him in the dance. Thankfully she isn't prone to stepping on toes, but even if she did she doesn't weigh much, "I love to dance." She looks over at Bella and grins, "Look, we're dancing." Well since Bella's partner isn't having quite the same success as Adlivun. Rianne is a marked contrast to Bella in one thing, besides shorter, there is nothing drab about Rianne's wardrobe.

Brumby changes the song he is playing, though it's probably a bit more difficult, since he's not quite as good at it as he was the last one, but he's still doing ok at it. His foot taps along with his music as he plays and watches the people dancing. He himself isn't that great of a dancer, more of a stomper really and that wouldn't be good on anyone's toes.

Bella twirls around and around, her skirt swaying to the music as Bella completely enjoys herself and the flute courtesy of Brumby. With Ray there her smile brightens and she doesn't seem to notice any shortcomings at all in the way he dances. She is having fun! She moves just a little so the four of them can all dance together if they want to but when it comes time to twirl and spin, it's Ray's hand she reaches for. "We are dancing!" she agrees with Rianne. Bella isn't aware her wardrobe is particularly lacking, it's comfortable, serviceable, and it's never occurred to her to wear more vibrant colors!

Blian was just sitting around. The big man is surely doing well enough and for once he can sit back and enjoy a mug and watch other folks. But that grows old for him when that mug is empty so he sets it down. Stands. He does not wish to bother anyone while they dance so he walks over to Daelina and says, "Well done again m'lady. If there were not so many fine folks about I would get you to dance with me." He offers one of those over exaggerated arm sweeping bows a court jester would and a smile before heading out.

Ray actually starts dancing. It seems like he needed to warm up and remember how to but he does, he blends in with the others a bit now at least. He smiles as the girls bounce around like young girls dancing. He's enjoying the dancing after all, it having been a good night for him.

Adlivun continues his light stepping dance, smiling as he dances with Rianne. He doesn't look to be one who does much dancing, but he isn't too bad, if a bit direct in his dance, not as artful.

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