Thedor 8, 229: Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound
Summary: On the way home to Kundari, the three al-Milan siblings consider the future, for themselves and their people.
OOC Date: 08/01/2013 (OOC)
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Northwest Road
Vast, plain land with trees sporadically and the grass waist high in some places. A single rutted trail leads through, the only sign of life outside the wildlife around. A small stream runs nearby offering a watering hole for animals and travelers alike.
Wagons travel this land going from the northwest areas of Jadda, Laniveer, Kundari Dessert and Weston to the more southern areas of, the City of Stormvale, Sky Forest, Greenshire, and Sutherland. This is the road that leads almost everywhere.
Thedor 8, 229

After receiving notice from the queen, Nima looks to her elder brother, eyes wide. "Altair.. they have gone back on their word and now they wish to offer another in place? Can we trust them now?"

(The letter:)
I should like your impressions of Prince Cayden of Aberdeen and Duke Hadrian Kincaid. Both are worthy men and would not cause the strained relationship that I detected when discussing a match with Sutherland. I have made arrangements that my own daughter, Princess Roslin, will be offered to the Duke of Sutherland and wished to see you matched as well. Prince Cayden is brother to Princess Ciarrah who will some day succeed me as Queen.

Altair pauses as he hears Nima's word, and reading the notice as well. "I do not know. First they let it last so long before even giving us an answer, and then this?" A sigh, as he glances around for a few moments. "Some would call it an insult." A grimace, before he adds, "Father should know about this, should he not? In case… we need to change our course due to this…"

"I have to agree. I think we should continue our journey home, to Kundari and then speak to father and see what he thinks of the matter. They have insulted us by offering and then taking away their first choice, only to offer it to their daughter instead." Nima says quietly.

<FS3> Nima rolls Horsemanship: Success.
<FS3> Altair rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.
<FS3> Dastan rolls Horsemanship: Failure.

Dastan had kept quiet as his siblings spoke, well, until his horse decided to rear upwards. The Kundari boy generally knows how to handle horses, but for whatever reason it catches him by surprise and he falls. Who knows what made the horse do what it did, maybe it got spooked, maybe it just decided to have a bit of fun. Either way, a very surprised Dastan is now lying down on the road, gasping for air as the wind is knocked out of him.

"I believe so, yes," Altair replies a bit thoughtfully. "With so many new developments, we need his wisdom in this matter. I…" Trailing off as he ses Dastan fall off the horse. Dismounting and hurrying over to his fallen brother. "Dastan! Are you all right?"

"Oh Dastan!" Nima frets, not as easy for her to dismount, so she remains perched on her horse. "Is he hurt, Altair, is he injured?" With the matter at hand dropped, she watches with concern as her brother attempts to catch his breath. "Dastan? Are you.. hurt?"

After gasping for air a few more seconds Dastan uses his elbows to prop the top half of his body up. "I'm fine…" He announces to his two siblings as he tries to regain a normal breathing pattern. His eyes dart to his horse, glaring slightly. "Iman…" He grumbles under his breath, just slightly. "No carrot for you tonight." He says as he stands back up fully.

Altair lets out a breath of his own as he hears Dastan's words, waiting for a few moments to see that he is doing okay, just in case. "Nothing broken or otherwise hurt? Are you still able to ride?" Expression a bit concerned as he waits for the answer.

Reassured, Nima watches her brother, though there is still concern. "You certainly should train more on riding, I think." Finally, she smiles. "We will be home before too long. Are you both excited or do you miss Mobrin?"

<FS3> Dastan rolls Horsemanship: Good Success.

"I ride fine!" Dastan exclaims to his sister, sounding a little annoyed. He's not annoyed at her, so much that he's surprised that he would fall for such a silly mistake. He's able to get back on the saddle with no problem, and he starts trotting his way back home. "So… what's been going on with you guys? You're getting married… then not getting married, to getting married again to someone different?" He's a little confused, and up until just recently he hadn't been involved in any of the politics in Mobrin.

"I don't really know," Altair replies to Nima, after he's gotten back into the saddle as well. "In a way, there's probably more we could do back there, but I can't help feeling being on our way home is like getting out of a viper's nest." Sighing a bit at Dastan's question, he adds, "It seems the possible offer of marriage to the Duke of Sutherland was withdrawn, after so long of not giving us one answer or the other, then given to their own Princess. Then a few different alternatives." A pause, before he adds, "As well as an alternative from… further north."

"The King mentioned an alliance with Sutherland, to mend rifts. Now it is his daughter who is marrying into Sutherland and they are offering a compromise for a match. I wonder if we should have Altair marry the Stewert Princess." They are away from Mobrin now, and able to say their titles. "I agree. The Stewerts came in good faith and are now prisoners. I would not wish the same of us. We are best away from there with the Mobrin royalty so volatile,” Nima says.

"Oh…" Dastan seems a little lost. He's been too busy hanging out with bakers, guardsmen, and bookkeepers to really spend time with the nobility. Which, from some of the stories he's heard might be a /good/ thing. "Well… I'd rather Mila get married to someone who I could easily visit, same thing with you, Altair." He states plainly. In some ways, Dastan is still /very/ young and naive.

Altair nods a little as he hears Nima's words. "They seem quite volatile, the royalty of Mobrin." Another brief pause, before he adds, "The interesting thing, should we side with the Stewerts is how to get Princess Rowena and Prince Elisen out of there." A brief pause, before he offers a quiet smile to Dastan. "I am sure we will be able to make sure you get to visit, no matter what happens, Dastan."

"Laniveer is nearest our home and would be the most simple. When Dastan is older, perhaps we could arrange something with him and Jadda and perhaps we could sneak someone from Weston into an arrangement and take part of the Kilgour alliance from them, should it become necessary. As of now, I think we should speak to father and see if that necessitates refusing the matches offered, as offensive. I wonder where they assume they have a say as to who marries the Aberdeen Prince." Nima mentions almost off handedly.

"Were the Royalty of Mobrin always like this? Or did something recently happen?" Dastan isn't sure what all happened. "The king seemed nice enough, I think it's mostly just the queen that's the issue." Or, at the very least, he's only heard nice things about the king. He'll shrink a bit at the topic of him getting married. He's always been a little timid about the subject. "I-if you think that's a good idea…" He almost squeaks out, eyes darting to and fro.

"The decision should be Father's after all," Altair agrees, before he offers a shrug. "I do not know what makes them think they can arrange it for their neighbor." A brief pause, before he nods, "And the King *seemed* nice when we were on the road, but still…" A brief pause, before he adds, "I wonder if the Jadda alliance with Laniveer might have been brought forward by our visit there?" A chuckle as he sees Dastan's reaction, bringing his horse closer to pat his brother on his shoulder, briefly. "It is a part of life, Dastan. One day it will happen."

"One day you will marry, Dastan, for the good of Kundari, but until then, please just try and get used to the idea. That is what noble children are for. Royals even moreso." Nima tells him quietly. "I agree, the King seems to be of sound mind and reasonable. The wife and the son and the daughter seem to run things though." Nima nods somewhat solemnly. "Perhaps so, but with Jadda and Laniveer together, it would overpower us, I think and we are so near them. How could Mobrin even assume to protect us from so far away? We would be at the mercy of the Laniveer and Jadda alliance."

"I know, I know…" Dastan grumbles when his sister and brother speak about marriage. He'd much rather do good for the Kundari as an adventurer in one of his books, not get /married/, yuck! "I know it'll happen some day, and when that day comes I'll do my duty." He sighs, and is quiet again as his siblings begin to talk politics again. He's not sure what else to add, so he's quiet for now.

Altair smiles a little as he hears Dastan's words, offering him a grin now, "I know you will, Dastan." A brief pause, before he nods a little at Nima's words. "They seem to be running it, at least the way it looks, yes." A brief pause, before he adds, "And the only part of Mobrin that I can think of that would be able to help protecting us would be Weston, but they likely have their hands full as well, I believe."

"It is almost inevitable that we merger more officially with the Laniveer then. Or at least Jadda in a tentative alliance.. Only our father can give us the answers we seek though. Musing about it will do no one any good, except give us reason to worry. We will be home soon and then we will know of his wishes." Nima says softly.

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