Count Harmon Forrester
Unknown as Count Harmon Forrester
Full Name: Count Harmon Forrester
Age: 24
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Forrester
Position: Count of Sky Forest
Place of Birth: Forest Hall
Father: Harton Forrester
Mother: Alaria Forrester nee Ruxton
Siblings: Trevian, Nimue
Spouse: Betrothed to Lady Cordelia Horizon.
Children: None



This man appears to be in his early or mid-twenties but that notion is betrayed by the solemn gray eyes that gaze outward from his handsome face. He is tall, standing half a hand over six feet with a lithe, toned build with a dark walnut colored hair that hangs close to his head with slight waves rippling throughout.


  • Headstrong
  • Proud
  • Honorable

Nimue Nimue Forrester : Ah, my dear sister Nimue. A sensible and sensitive woman who can be counted on to smooth the feathers that I ruffle.
Trevian Travian Forrester : Ah Trevian, how I envy him. Still free to roam the forest. It does help to sooth the envy when I send him off to deal with unpleasant things.
Cordelia Cordelia Rois Horizon : Arranged to marry her. I am still getting to know her.
Victoria Victoria Skyhawk : A better companion a man could not have.

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