Heraldry for House House Haravean
House: House Haravean
Kingdom: Mobrin
Seat: Greenshire
Fortification: Castle Greenshire aka Banshee or Slaughter Castle
Motto: Deeds not words
Colors: Green & White
Liege: Kilgour
Vassals: Kerrigan and Riverwynd (deceased)
Rank: Count
Head of House: Aldren Haravean
Predecessor: Aldric
Heir: None


History & Culture

Before the forging of the empire, the lands that are now known as Greenshire were ruled by clans. Families of warriors who would roam the countryside fighting for the land. In the years before Gaelor came, one was the mightest, Clan Haravean. Led by Clwyd Haravean, they beat nearly every other clan into submission. With promises of stores for winter food, keeps, safety from other clans and bandits, and the promise to commit /deeds and not words/, they practically turned the rest of the region into farmers.

During the conquest of the continent, Gaelor found Greenshire to be more difficult. At Castle slaughter the archers atop the battlements kept the moat impassable for long enough to prove a nusiance. After a short time, Manghem sent a messenger under a white flag and requested to treat with the Lord. After a brief parley, it was explained he could swear fealty and join his cause. If he did this he would be named Count upon their return. Badden Haravean, Caditt Kerrigan, and Benedict Riverwyn marched with the king himself. When they did indeed return home, Badden was named the Count of Greenshire after the others swore fealty to him. All three now enobled the Riverwynds would be named as Baron's of Blackforge and the Kerrigans vassaled land to warden in the center of the County.

For the next few hundred years the land prospered. Innovation swept the county with the steel plow and irrigation. Greenshire moved into a new age. Many of the oldest and worst blood feuds were also settled during this time in the modern and civilized form of the duel. This ended the senseless skirmishes that could be known to arise and helped usher them into what was known as the age of harvest.

In the 6th century of the first era, Count Riordan, decided that it was time for for his family to master the sea and open up the main city of Pirn to outside trade. But, being the western most point of Greenshire it was constantly harried by pirates. Attempts to secure trade routes and control the coast proved fruitless. A problem they could never curtail.

During Count Patraeks reign in the 1112th year of the first era would be the first time their would be blood shed between the Riverwynd's and the Haraveans. The Count's daughter Rowenna, would travel to Blackforge with her cousin Enden. It was during the Gŵyl dewrder festival when the Baron's sons came across their leige's daughter they did not recognize her. When their honor failed them in that Lowly tavern her couisin came to her aid. The end result was a blood stained floor. Rowenna and one of the baron's sons left maimed, the other grieviously injured. Enden would steal away back to his Father Rorik's with his couisin after the frey.

By the time the story reached the Count, the Citizens were allready screaming for blood. The girl was rumored to have been touched by the fey and was loved by all. The Count mustered his troops and went to the Baron’s lands to see justice done himself. He would not have that oppurtunity, dying of pneumonia during the trip. Enden, having been there himself and now the Count immediately challeneged for trial by battle. Naming himself his own champion he fought Danrek Wyndamere, a bastard of the Barons. In a battle that lasted allmost an hour, the new Count slew Danrek after sustaining a wound that would cost him his hand. The Count then vowed that none of heirs would ever share blood with the Riverwynds again. It would not be until 220 when the boon was cashed in by the late Baron of Blackforge, Fallon Riverwynd, that a bride for the Riverwynds would come from the Counts line.

In 1466 While Daeren was thrown into civil war and unrest, Greenshire would not escape the chaos. When Jaddan raiders gained a small foothold in Weston, Count Kennen marched north to help his countryman. Upon returning home, Kennen received word that his own lands were threatened now. His own strength mostly exhausted, he and Gregon Kerrigan raised every able bodied man and boy they could on their way south. With the fervant pride and resolution of the Granarian people they threw the Skingardians back into the sea. Yet again the Haraveans and the Kerrigans would strenghtn ties through blood and in this triumphant moment the Count rewarded the common man with a yearly festival to be held. This celebration would come to be known as the Gŵyl dewrder.

During the second war of the three kingdoms, Count Padraig and his men found themselves in the vanguard. The count was surrounded by his battalion which included the Bearn Riverwynd. The fighting was fierce and Padraig’s lines broke. It was none other than the Baron himself, whom kept the Count from his fate. Grateful to be alive, the Haraean granted the Baron one Boon that could be turned in at anytime from one family to the other.


This House follows many of the Customs found in Greenshire.

Current characters:

Lady Elisabeth Haravean — Sister of Lord Admiral Eoin and Lady In Waiting to Princess Roslin

Lord Rinder Kerrigan — Rinder Kerrigan is the Lord of Ashenfall and head of House Kerrigan. He was a lifelong friend to the late Count Aldric Haravean.

Renden Rhodes (RIP) — Master Ranger of Greenshire, Green Ranger — DECEASED

Lord Shepard Kerrigan — Shepard Kerrigan is the Heir to House Kerrigan and the brother of Moira Kerrigan. He is known as a skilled knight and a promising battlefield commander.

Lady Lynette Kerrigan — Youngest Daughter to the Duke Aidan Kincaid and Duchess Isys Kincaid nee Crawford of Lakeshire.

Countess Moira (nee Kerrigan) Haravean — Moira Kerrigan is the only daughter of Lord Rinder Kerrigan, Lord of Ashenfell Manor, a small holding within the County of Greenshire. She has two younger brothers, Shepard the heir and Drogan, the younger.

Lord Eoin Haravean — Cousin to Count Aldren and admiral of the fleet.

Brendolyn Haravean — She is the baby of the family, the youngest child of Aldric and Bedwyn Haravaen, and it shows. It is also apparent that she did a lot of growing up without a mother, as Bedwyn passed on when Bren was only 10 years old. Aldric doted on her and indulged her wishes to shoot bows and ride horses, fight and swim, all the things a lady should not do. How could he resist that face? That motherless, sad face. Now he is gone too and Aldren is left to deal with the resulting handful of rebellious young woman. If he has a heart attack, her name may well be the last that leaves his lips.

Lady Rorey Haravean — A lively young noblewoman from Greenshire and the second youngest sister to the Count Aldren Haravean.

Lord Braedon Haravean — Younger brother to Count Aldren Haravean, Knight of the Rose. Currently Rostered. +request or page staff on game if you are interested.

Count Aldren Haravean — Count of Greenshire


Kayla — Kayla was born and raised in Greenshire, counting young Lady Moira as her best friend and near-sister. Acting as her companion, chaperon, and friend, she's recently followed her upon the next chapter of her life; married and starting her own family away from Greenshire.

Quillian Lancaster — A known (to select family) Bastard and member of the Greenshire Rangers, Quill Lancaster is considered a fine tracker and a great shot by his comrades in arms. He loves dogs, drinking, playing music, and women.

Victoria Skyhawk — Victoria is a Huntress from Sky Forest who is currently as Master Ranger of Greenshire, Count Aldrens Rangers for House Haravean.

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