35th of Alasair, 229 2E: Half Greenshire

Half Greenshire
Summary: The twins Mowbray have visitors
OOC Date: Various/Sep/2014
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Mowbray Manor - Grand Foyer
The exterior of the villa may be simple but the interior is a bit more lavish. The layout of the downstairs is very wide open, with wide entrances to each of the rooms. A large, circular staircase leads upstairs to the rooms found there. Downstairs there is a large, open dining room able to seat 20-30 in comfort. A doorway from the dining room leads into the cooking area with a kitchen, pantries and other storage areas. There is also a large sitting area with comfortable seating, including a chaise lounge. A doorway leads from the sitting room into a modest library, which also includes comfortable seating and a work desk. There appear to be two interconnected bedrooms on the first floor, connected by a bathing room.
35th of Alasair, 229 2E

For Elisabeth it was a long recovery from giving birth. There was some complications that left her bedbound for quite some time and still she rarely leaves the house. She has taken few visitors and has been very protective to her babes to the extreme. For now she is in the library with the babes with a dulcimer, playing it lightly as the babes sleep in their basinets. She is nowhere near the skill of Nylie but her skill in music has at least helped her not be too bad.

Eoin has been at sea for most of the time since the birth, but he's back now. The Greenshire manor is full of cousins to catchuo with but for now he's slipping out to go visit next door. As a servant shows him into the library he muters his thanks and then pauses near the door to let his sister finish her tune, asmall wrapped parcel in one hand.

Elisabeth finishes the simple tune, of which her babes are quite contented by. One of the twins is quite healthy and robust, the other more slight and more bundled up. Elisabeth looks up and notices her brother in the doorway and rises from her seat to cross over to him. "Oh brother…" She murmurs as she crosses the room quickly to him, her arms wrapped around him. There are circles beneath her eyes to show some lack of sleep, but surely that is normal for a mother of twins.

Eoin mets Elisabeth half way, his own arms wrapping above her's and holding her close. "Beth," he mutters in greeting, keeping his voice low to avoid disturbing the bairns, "it is good to see you again." Given how worn she looks he's content to simple hold her until she is ready to let go, although his eyes do divert briefly to gaze over the wrapped pair.

Elisabeth holds to her brother tightly and it is a long time before she releases him. There is a moment she steps back and looks at him then embraces him again as if making sure he was real. "It is good to see you home. Such stories I have heard.." She says in a soft spoken voice before finally she lets him go and takes his spare hand and guides him tothe couch to sit with her.

Eoin releases his sister gently as she pulls back, and while the second hug is a surprise, it's not unwelcome and he encloses her with his arms once again before she finally lets go. Letting himself be led to the couch as he replies quietly, "if they were about me being the best sailor on the seas then I can confirm them straight off. Anything else you can probably dismiss as jealous hearsay." His voice, while still quite, is light and jovial, in an attempt to make Beth smile.

Elisabeth does at least smile at the words of her brother, "Well I am glad it was only jealous talk then. Killer of Krakens could not surely be real." She says and motions her maid to come in, "Could you bring us some tea and some snacks?" She asks of her before turning her attention back to her brother, "I am glad to see you returned as a good sailor should."

Eoin has the decency to look faintly sheepish at that one, then waits for the maid to leave again before confessing. "Well, that one is true I must admit, although I figure it to be one of the 'best sailor on the seas' tales." Aiming to capitalise on the smile from before he passes over the small bundle in his hand. "I know they are technically Weston children, but they're at least half Greenshire, so I got them a pair of training bows for when they can stand."

Elisabeth was down in the living room playing a dulcimer as her babes slept in a basinet together nearby. Her brother came to visit after being long at sea. The music stopped a few minutes before upon his entrance. The gift given is met with an arched brow and and at least some humour brightening her weary features. "There is a couple years yet for these, but I will put them in a safe place."

Kieryn wanders out of his bedroom, just in time to see Eoin giving the bows to Lis and the hear the words, he raises an eyebrow, "They aren't even crawling yet and you want them to have bows already? Well, I know who I'll have them use as a target." he snickers and wanders over to kiss Lis on the cheek. "Hello love, Hello Admiral."

Eoin smiles gently to Elisabeth, then turns as he hears Kieryn enter. "Captain, good to see you, and yes, I thought it the perfect way to remind them that they're half Greenshire." A flash of a grin, "can't have them growing up with only northern ideas in their heads can we." Then back to Elisabeth, "do you need anything Beth?"

"If you hear tell how father speaks of it. He came out of the womb with a bow in hand." Elisabeth says to Kieryn's concerns, lightness infecting her tone. She certainly seems happy now that her brother is safe and sound. No doubt his long time at sea having an affect on her as well. She looks up to her brother and shakes her head, "I think I have all I need in the world in this room."

Kieryn chuckles some and nods. "Well, I guess there are worse things than teaching them how to use a bow. Though, what is wrong with having northern ideas in their heads? As long as my daughter takes after her mom and not me, I'll be happy enough." he snickers and grins to Lis, "Good to see you back safe Eoin."

Eoin nods his agreement with Beth's words about their father, then adds with a smile, "I'm surprised he didn't tell you all about it when you were there." Then, as mention of the patriarch jogs something else in his head he adds, "since i doubt any of us now will be back for the festival, I will be sending aletter back. If you wish anything sent with it then have it brought to the manor and I will see it goes." Kieryn then gets a nod and a shrug. "I am sure your daughter has far more sense than to take after you," he jests gently, "your son too most like. When he's old enough I can teach him to sail if you like, make sure he doesn't pick up any bad habits."

Elisabeth can't help but shake her head at the goodnatured ribbing passing between her husband and brother. "I should send a gift. Perhaps to find an artist to do a miniature of the twins for their grandfather?" She moves over to stand by the basinet and looks down to the infants. "They will know both Greenshire and Weston, fear not. The sea and the land."

Kieryn chuckles, "Well, we can both teach him sailing I am sure, but that should be mainly left to the father right? Besides, you will probably be retired by then, we wouldn't want to take time away from your comfy chair you know?" he raises and eyebrow at Eoin and grins to Lis. "That might be a good idea, though you know, we really should take them to see their grandfather sometime, he hasn't met them yet as far as I know." he ponders, "Maybe when they are a little older though."

Eoin follows Elisabeth over to the little ones and peers down. "I sure he would be utterly besotted by such a gift," he replies with a broad grin, reaching out to put an arm around his sister he asks, "can I hold them?" A nods goes to Kieryn, "I think I'd give them some time," and Beth some too given how tired she looks. He just shakes his head slowly at the comment about retiring though and replies, "sailors never retire, surely you know that. The sea does not allow us to rest away from her for long enough."

Elisabeth looks up to her brother and nods, "Of course you may hold them." She says as she scoops up the healthy little girl and passes her to Eoin to hold. She leans down and picks up her smaller boy and holds him in cradled arms. "We have much written about them, but he has yet to see him. Duties hold him to Greenshire." And Health holds us here.

Kieryn nods to Eoin, "That is true." he smiles and goes over to his wife and son and looks down at his boy, "That is true, well we will wait a while and then go visit in a few months or so maybe." he ponders and then puts a finger in his son's hand. "I am glad you are feeling better dear." he then looks to Eoin, "I haven't heard from him lately, how is Dandy doing at sea?" he raises an eyebrow. I'm still not sure when I'll get to go back out, but it's not quite as bad as I thought it would be."

Eoin takes the Lady Isobel into his arms with the greatest of care before moving slowly over to where he can sit. It's a manouver that is taken slowly but once he's down he feels a bit more comfortable to coo over the infant. She of course, remains blissfully asleep, but such is life. "They're beautiful," he states as he glances up to his sister again, then across to Kieryn. "He's doing fine, although I fear a little annoyed that I killed the Kraken without him. I think he itches for more action, and should be able to cover you a little longer I think." Glancing back town to the infant in his arms he says again, "perhaps aim for the spring festival? Then you can travel after the cold."

Kieryn smiles and takes his son from his wife and nods, he kisses her cheek gently again. "Maybe, but I'm not complaining love, you and our children are more important to me than the sea." he gives her a smile, "Alright, go get some rest dear and I'll see you later." he nods to Eoin, "I would have liked to do that too, but maybe there will be another.

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