Umbra 44, 228: Guests arrive for the winter

Guests arrive for the winter
Summary: The Grand Duke of Rustles Island arrives in Stormvale to visit for the winter.
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The Docks, City of Stormvale
At the edge of the water, a fair sized port has been built up over years. There are berths for ships, from larger schooners to small fishing vessels. There is a large pier that stretches out into the water, built for even larger ships there may be or for when the port is extraordinarily busy. The pier is large enough for four or five to walk abreast, a feat of ingenuity that might have borrowed from Weston experience. Around the dock, the ground is rocky with only a few hardy weeds daring to poke their heads up. The smell of salt from the ocean permeates the air here.
Umbra 44, 228

If not slightly cold northern breeze, today's weather could remind the summer. The sun was high in the sky from the early morning, trying to warm up the weaving sea near the docks. Most of the people were doing what they were used to do - working. However, this routine lasted not so long. When the obscure dark shadows showed up in the distant horizon, curious whispers started to float in the docks. People were pointing at these shadows, and with each minute, when the mirage became more and more vivid, whispers and noise became more and more loud, attracting more and more people to the docks.

It took a few hours before finally the mirage became clear enough to see flags of Mobrin on some ships and weaving snakes in the greeness and blueness of the flags of the Grand Dutchy of Rutsles Island.

And it took an hour or so, before ships with Mobrin flags moored in the docks and people started to flood the docks, laughing, giggling and enjoying the moment, when husbands huged their wifes, when daughters huged their fathers, when brothers placed kisses on their sisters' foreheads. The last men of Mobrin came back healthy as promised.

After the native people finally settled in, all prys had to wait some more…

Finally, now the first ships of house of Moniwid are ready to moor in the docks too. The first gangplanks fall from the ships on the docks and the din in there starts. Many servants and guards are hurrying one and other direction - preparing.

Amongst the crowd of nobles that have gathered out of curiosity and eagerness to greet the foreigners stands one particular princess, flanked by two Kilgour guards, and the chaperone in close proximity. Fiery red curls are blown about her face by a sudden gust if wind as she rises to her tiptoes, her hands stretched to the side in a graceful gesture to maintain her balance, when Emerit Moniwid, Bastard Princess of Rustles Island attempts to glimpse any details of what is going on aboard of the ships, her mien beaming and her gaze sparkling at the sight of the Moniwid banners.

A long sleeved dress of a light peach coloured satin embroidered with butterflies in a dark green thread covers her slender frame, moderately cut at the decollete to allow a glimpse of her neck but naught of her modest womanly curves. It is worn below a woollen cloak of dark green to protect against the autumn chill. The light of the sun is reflected in the snake pendant of silver Princess Emerit wears on a fine silver chain around her neck, creating a highlight that might fend off some staring gazes.

Caedmon is standing on a raised platform, well aware of the arrival of the ships from the island and watching the proceedings with careful attention. He looks down from the platform to the princess, and motions toward the steps. "You should not strain yourself to see the coming of your brother. Please, your highness, come up here where you'll find a better view." He moves to the steps aid offers a hand to Emerit. He looks again at the ships arriving in slow procession, each with the help of workers on the docks who heave at the stout ropes to bring it into its slip. "All of them have been gone for too long. The good news is that, if all goes well, they will winter here with us."

Finally, four guards with their green-blue cloaks floating in the wind, appears on one of the gangplanks. They are surrounding the Grand Duke Mantilo Moniwid, who is walking with a man beside him. The man has no colors or symbols on him to show for whom he is serving. He is dressed in quite a good leather clothes and is whispering something to the Grand Duke's ear.

The Grand Duke himself is covering his handsome body with a wide heavy dark blue cloak. To protect his lower legs and feet, he wears heavy riding boots with hard soles and shanks that rise almost to his knees. Around his waist is a stout belt with a scabbard for a sword and a large leather pouch.

However, the white fur around his shoulders - decor of his cloak, can catch most of the attention. Somewhere between these white furs some flashes of the snake's skin can be seen. Moreover, the skin is slowly moving. If someone will give a better glance, will see, that a tiny tail is weaving near man's right shoulder. Whole body of the snake is warming Mantilo's nape and, finally, the albino snake wraps around his left hand, placing her head in the Grand Duke's palm, which he carries close to his broad chest, gently palming the head of the snake with his right hand's index finger.

The guards, the Grand Duke and his companion is followed by the bunch of servants, who are carrying some kind of not too huge and not too small boxes, which are covered with some fabrics. Closest servant near the Grand Duke is carrying something, what is covered with a dark blue fabric, which could remind warm scarf. It has some jewelers and white fur.

The whole party of house of Moniwid is slowly moving near the platform. Mantilo's steps are proud as a tall, handsome, rich ruler of the lands should walk. However, when he catches the sight of his dearest princess Emerit, wide smile winds in his features.

A day late and almost a star or sliver short Wenna slips into crowd with the other nobles she is by herself and not accompanied by guard, her gait as normal is slow and stiff. Her face is hidden by the hood of her heavy charcoal grey wool cloak that has been treated to help it shed water. The water beads off her cloak and drips off the edge of her hood, her hidden eyes watch as the scene begins to unfold.

Emerit's moss green gaze is raised while one hand moves over her eyes to prevent the sun from dazzling her view when she hears the Lord Chancellor addressing her. "Oh," she replies, accepting the offered hand most gracefully as she swings herself up onto that podium, peach-coloured skirts and her dark green cloak swaying about her, and a smile of deeply felt gratitude conquers her pale and freckled face. Her gaze wanders over the ships from her new position, and the Mist of the Island beams even more. "My thanks, Lord Caedmon. And,-" her eyes turn to him as she hears his last remark-, "is this certain? Oh, how marvelous." Her hands join before her in a delighted clap, before her attention returns to the decks of those ships, scanning them for that most beloved half-brother of hers.

The Mist of the Island almost jumps when she catches sight of Mantilo, and once she does there is no holding back. Tap-tap-tap, is the sound her slippered feet make on the podium as she hurries down from it, a whirlwind of bouncing fiery red locks and swishing peach-coloured skirts that approaches the Grand Duke while evading all guards who might try to stop her most gracefully, then, a leap - and Emerit's arms close around her brother, her head rubbing against his shoulder as an overwhelmed gasp leaves her lips. "Mantilo! Finally. You're here!"

Caedmon helps Emerit to ascend the platform, steadying her with his hand until she has arrived. Then he turns to continue his watch. He smiles and inclines his head to her when she asks about her brother's wintering at the castle. "I cannot be sure. I thought that he would stay longer on his first visit but he left abruptly in the middle of the night. Still, I am hopeful. He would be safer here than on the seas in this season, especially with the month of Inouv approaching." He grins when she finally spots Mantilo. "After your brother has rested, we will have a feast for him. You are most welcome to attend, of course, your highness." Then he watches while the siblings reunite, and that smile grows in its broadness and warmth. Although protocol would dictate that heads of state should greet each other first, he is glad to allow the young woman to claim that privilege. She is family to the grand duke.

The Grand Duke is not too much carring about the etiquette right now too. When Mantilo sees his marvellous little half-sister running to him, he gently removes his pet from his shoulders and gives that snake for the man beside him. Though, the man is not so happy to carry that thing in his arms and quickly gives it to the servant.

The Grand Duke clasps his hands around Emerit, when she embraces him. Mantilo places a peck on her forehead, "Finally, I am here, my sunshine!" And then the man will raise that petite girl from the ground, whirling her around, "Let me look at you! You are even more beautiful when you were, when I left you!"

His gaze slips to the Kilgour guards behind his sibling. There are no gratitude in his mien, but he does not look rude or something. The smile still is resting in his features, when he whispers to Emerit, "You need to have someone from your own home beside you too, sunshine.We will speak about it later. Moreover, if we are speaking about things from home…" The Grand Duke motions for the servant, who holds something covered with the special scarf.

The servant comes closer to Emerit and bows to her deeply, extending the box. The box is light enough and can be easily carried by the girl. When she will remove the scarf, she will see a vitreous box full of grass and some small branches. On one of these branches curious small lizard will be chewing on his own tail and staring at the new master. The dark brown lizard. It looks like its skin is like dragons, with some kind of scale or shell.

While the girl will be dealing with her present, The Grand Duke turns his attention to others. First of all, he paces closer near the Voice of The King. Mantilo bows his head respectfully, "I am honoured to be welcomed to come back here!"

Standing there in the crowd Wenna blends in. Others have started to find their way to the docks and they are whispering to each other as they try to catch sight of the grand duke and his sister. Their voices ring with curiosity.

A melodious chuckle of delight leaves the Mist of the Island as she is whirled about by her brother, and when he finally sets her down again, she stands there, beaming, her moss green eyes widening as she beholds the box, her slender fingers reaching out to accept it from the servant. "Oh, Mantilo," she mutters, "you should not have… bothered… You being here is enough to lighten up my heart,… your Royal Highness." This added a little belatedly as at least some hint of etiquette finally is remembered by the red-haired girl. Still. Her attention is on the box as she opens it carefully, leaving her brother to the more official greetings of the courtiers of Mobrin. Her breath almost stops when she discovers the lizard, and grabbing it gently she presses it against her cheek, shooting the Moniwid a glance that encompasses all those emotions that boil within her at the moment. "Aw, Mantilo! He is so adorable!" Her voice is but a whisper, as a single tear of joy runs down her cheek. "Thank you, your Royal Highness." And with that said she offers a deep curtsey.

Once Emerit has finished her enthusiastic greeting, Caedmon steps forward to bow deeply to the grand duke. After holding it for a moment, he straightens from the bow and speaks to the man, with occasional glances to the princess to assure her that her presence is still both known and welcome. "Your majesty," he greets in a solemn tone. "We are plead to welcome you to Mobrin again. His majesty King Callem was unaware of your plans to visit, or I am sure that he would have delayed the journey that now finds him absent from this auspicious occasion. He has empowered me as Voice of the King to stand and to rule in his stead on such occasions when he is absent. I pray therefore that you will accept my greeting, and will agree to remain here throughout the winter until weather that is more suitable weather allows your return to the island. I am sure that you are weary from your travel. If you agree, I will arrange a formal feast and dance in your honor for the third day after this."

The Grand Duke peeks at his little half-sister, when she express her joy about lizzard. The man offers her a warm smile, but then looks back at the Voice of the King again.

Mantilo listens him intently, with the same warm smile in his features. When the Voice of the King finishes, Mantilo bows again, "I would be honoured to stay here for the winter. After all, we have many things to discuss and I would love to meet the King himself too. Thank you for the invitation. I am looking forward for the feast and dance. The journey was long enough to miss such things," he laughs silently, covering his lips to mute the sound.

Finding herself jostled further back away from the dais instead of closer to it, Wenna finds herself closer to a building. Up above the fading sunlight plays off the water and clouds appear in the horizon. Turning her head towards the sky she watches sun in the sky. She moves to lean against the wall of the building, her back pressed against the wall. A light smile graces her lips and she draws her attention back to the gift giving and the exchange of greetings and pleasantries.

Emerit has moved a little to the side, still cuddling that delightful brown lizard pet of hers, beaming at Mantilo when he graces her with his attention and his warm smile for a moment. The Mist is radiating with a happiness she has not experienced ever since her brother departed, so even Caedmon will receive a beaming smile from her, although his remark about the King almost has her object for a moment. The offer of hospitality for the coming winter has her brows jump up, while the acceptance has her lower herself into a nother curtsey, although for whom, who can tell? The strange Beast Gods of her home country for granting her wishes? She looks a touch surprised when she finds her own mirth echoed in another mien not too far away, and she will incline her head with a friendly smile should Wenna's and her eyes meet.

Caedmon again bows, although less formally now that he has delivered the official greeting. Although his attention remains primarily on the grand duke, that warm smile grows again. His eyes lock with hers for a moment before he continues. "By all means, we have much to discuss and many people in Mobrin would be pleased to meet with you," he mentions. "One is my wife's cousin, who is lord admiral of our navy. Because your ships and sailors helped to rescue his, I am sure that he might wish to meet with you and express his own thanks to you even before the feast."

"Oh, really?" A slight surprise leaves the Grand Duke's throat, now relaxing a bit, when all the formalities are finished. "Then I am looking forward to meet him. I would love to discuss some things with your wife's cousin, of course. Though, I should mention, that I am more army man. As we like to joke, we have two Grand Duke's in our lands. One is ruling the island, army and economy, while another one is called High Admiral. This position is hereditary too. The second son of our family is trained his whole life for this position, barely stepping on the ground. That would be my little brother. He promised me to come here soon too, though, there are some business to deal with now for him. But he will be eager to meet lord admiral too."

Emerit stands close enough to overhear the exchange between Caedmon and Mantilo, as they talk about the admirals of their fleets and for a moment she seems content to let her attention slip to the delightful little pet in her hand. The lizard sits on her hand, studied by caring moss green eyes, and for a moment she forgets about the commotion around her - political implications, betrothals, intrigues, Laniveerans who have tried to lure her into a trap. And she is just little Emerit, the girl of nine years, cuddling her lizard that is so similar to the one she had in her youth.

When the duke explains about the difference between him and his brother, Caedmon chuckles easily. "You are like my good brother and his cousin, then. Count Aldren is fond of the land, of archery and battle. His cousin, Lord Eoin, is another matter entirely. When he steps ashore, one easily sees that he would prefer the roll of a ship beneath his feet to the steadiness of land." He smiles. "You will meet both soon if you would like, your majesty." Then he looks toward a place where a large carriage sits. "For now, the royal coach is ready to convey you and your lovely sister to the castle. I would not impose to ride with you, but would yield instead so that you might have some time to spend in private. You will find that we have provided some refreshments inside for your pleasure."

Count Aldren has pulled himself away from whatever duties he may have had today to make an appearance at the docks. He is dressed in a green doublett with a darker green cloak pulled tight about him. His red leather boots marking his wide gait a he approaches the others. Nods for all including Wenna, not the usual loving embrace. He makes polite hellos for those he knows and looks to the Duke now. Not knowing him but recognizing his dress he bows, "Count Aldren Haravean." He looks to the man now with a firm brow waiting for his title. He knows who it is, for it is why he came. But he lets the man introduce himself. a sideways glance for his twin might just be noticed as well.

"Thank you very much, The Voice of the King, for such attentiveness, and for keeping my little flower safe. You are right, I would love to have at least a few words with her," and the Duke waves for his little sunshine to come closer. Mantilo ruffles her hair, "To the carriage, huh?"

But then the Count appears and Mantilo bows his head, "The Grand Duke of the Rustles Island Mantilo Moniwid. Pleasure to meet you," A smile is dancing on his lips, though, likely because of the thoughts about his long not seen half-sister.

Then the Grand Duke motions for the mysterious man, who was beside him at first and later lurked in the shadows, to go to the carriage too. Mantilo takes his pet - albino snake, and puts it on his neck, palming her head gently. he is ready to go to the castle.

When Aldren finally emerges from the crowd to introduce himself, Caedmon smiles with pride at the count's interest in meeting the grand duke. He watches the introductions, and Aldren particularly for his reaction. He bows once more when the Grand Duke announces that he is ready to leave, and he looks toward the coach, raising his hand to give the driver and footman a signal while Mantilo's attendant approaches the large carriage drawn by four white horses. When Mantilo escorts the princess toward their ride, Caedmon looks around him until he spots Wenna again. He wades into the crowd, nodding to those who great him but always pressing toward the object of his deep love. When he is within reach, he offers his arm to her. "Thank you for coming here, love. As I promised, we will leave together when you are ready."

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