22th of Alasair, 229 2E: Grumblings in the Stables

Grumblings in the Stables
Summary: Various nobles meet in the stables, conversation is civil, at best.
OOC Date: 8/Sep/2014
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Courtyard - Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
22th of Alasair, 229 2E

The morning is overcast but the castle is busy none-the-less. Servants, grooms, bakers, and assorted others go back and forth about their duties, while those seeking audience with the council are herded towards whomever happens to be about the grounds.
Possibly as a result of this, as Eoin crosses the courtyard towards the stables he has the hood of his cloak up. Hardly a foolproof disguise, but he wants to head into town to speak with a few people and getting mobbed by petitioners before he's even outof the gate will hardly help that.

Slow and steady wins the race. Wenna dressed in a wool mauve riding habit is slowly making her way out of the castle. Her hair is covered with a veil. Her bright blue eyes spot her cousin and she calls out to him. "Eoin do not leave me to get mobbed." There is humor in her blunt words. She laughs and continues slowly on her way towards the stable. The Petitioners are looking for him now and are ignoring the Royal Physician and head of the healers guild.

Eoin takes the final few steps to the stables before turning to wait for his cousin there, where the grooms can, if needs be,form a screen to ensure the masses do not mob. He keeps his hood up for now though, just incase,and gives Wenna a faintly annoyed look once she arrives. "Good day Cousin," he offers in slightly clipped tones, "making a break for it too I see?"

"No, I have to make payments with the apothecary in the city. I can only make a break for it if I am on a horse. I am the best kept secret of the council." She teases and offers him a charming smile. "Oh do not be annoyed cousin, you know you love me." She starts to laugh. "You can blame Aldren, or the weather for my mood."

"Of course I love you," Eoin replies, in exactly the same tone, "you can tell by the way I waited for you rather than leaving you for the crowds." A nod to a groom to confirm he wants his horse saddled he continues, "I'm really not sure what the King was thinking when he left. With one brother a prisoner of our enermy and the other too young to rule? No Voice appointed? If I didn'tknow how much he cares for the Kingdom I might suggest he wanted anarchy here so the Laniveer could just march straight in." He's getting slowly more and more annoyed as he goes on, this rant has apparently been building for a while now. "All I can say is I am thankful to the Gods, all of them,that no great emergency has yet arisen for if it is to be left to the Council to govern then we are doomed.Collectively we can not generally even agree on when to met, let alone respond appropriately to an immediate crisis."

"Would you trust the Kingdom in the hands of Logan?" Wenna asks him as she shifts her weight and leans on her cane. "He also has two sons. Those sons would rule before the brothers. We as a council need to come together. If we need we could have Caedmon facilitate, but you will have to ask because enjoy a quiet marriage bed and not one filled with angst." A groom spying her goes to bring out her already tacked up grey gelding. "These are uncertain times but it is time for us to act."

"Sons that are but infants at their mother's breast," Eoin replies, "and as such in no state to rule. Wheather I would trust the Kingdom to Prince Logan or not hardly matters either, for he is a Kilgour, and the closest to the ruling line, or would be were he here." He takes a sideways step to avoid the gelding then continues, "much as it pains me to criticise His Majesty he has done us a foul service indeed by not appoint a Voice, or some other regent to rule while he is away, so we must instead follow the line of succession to see where to look for our lead. The Council is fundamentally unfit and struggles to even advise effectively, too much time is spent pointlessly squabbling and hunting for offense to take."

"I understand and we will have to see what the king does or does not do. We should speak more of this later, perhaps at my brother my cousin's Manor. I know your frustration, there is a reason I have not attended a number of council meetings but received permission from the King to serve by proxy. A lost child from a poisoning at one meeting, to a being berated when I speak against the certain families even though I speak with some wisdom, it is too much. Perhaps it is time that I set aside my personal issues and came to them again. They other houses are not able to govern themselves, the king keeps the peace and keeps civil strife from turning into civil war." Wenna takes her horses reins but she does not mount. Instead she remains there talking with her cousin and holding her horses reins.

At this point in the conversation, the shuffling of soft feet perhaps hints at the entrance of another. A few moments later, a short lady wearing crystal spectacles steps around a corner in the stable, movements neither timid nor confident. Faerinia, attired in a dark blue riding dress, stops as her concealed eyes fall upon the councillors and she stands a moment.
"My apologies, do you require privacy for a time?" she ultimately inquires, attempting something of a smile.

Eoin's horse is still being prepared by the grooms, but with Wenna so obviously ready he does move to offer her a hand up into her saddle. He's about to respond with another annoyed retort but the enterance of another causes him to pause. Fixing a more neutral expression to his features he gives Faerinia a polite nod and a, "good day my Lady. Please, continue as you wish, we were just finishing our discussion." A quick glance to Wenna then, before he asks of the Kincaid, "what news from Lakeshire?"

The sound of approaching foot steps can be heard and a fairly large contingent comes around the corner of the courtyard, a Ranger, a guard, two maids and a Lady in a silvery gray cloak in the lead. The others slow as they note Wenna just inside with Eoin, but the cloaked one, uncharacterstically has her head down. she is almost upon them before she realizes they are there and pulls up short. Blue eyes in a pale face raise to the two, and she gives a proper curtsy, this time bowing her head in greeting. "My lord and lady, my apologies," she murmurs and backs up a step or two.

Wenna's head turns the direction of Faerinia. "Nay you are not interrupting, we were finishing the conversation and he was or is going to help me mount." She checks her horse's girth first. Her one stirrup is pulled down. Then she takes her can straps it to the side of the side saddle like it is hunting spear. She then looks to her cousin. "Ready, I am stiffer than starched ruffle." He gets her into the saddle and she gets her right leg into the cradle portion of the sidesaddle. Her skirts are arrange and the horse stands still and just turns to look at her. "I know Dove, you are a good boy." This is said to the horse as she pats the horse's neck. She does not ride off. Instead she sits and waits on her horse.
"Lovely day." She tells them both. "Looks like rain."
Her gaze goes to Nerissa next. "Lady I pray you are well this day, my only suggestion is to look while walking so you do not turn an ankle or break a bone."

"None of especial note, my lord. All proceeds peaceably," replies Faerinia to Eoin, bowing her head slightly, but delicately. With a practiced hand she then adjusts her spectacles and begins to move towards a stabled horse, nodding a greeting at Nerissa. "I shall depart shortly, for I did not mean to interrupt your discussion."

Once Wenna is seated, Eoin takes a step backwards so as not to be in the way when the horse starts to move. A glance to the small incomming contingent and then a nod to Narissa once she's recognised. "My Lady," he greets neutrally, still doing his best to keep the annoyed tone of out his voice since neither of the new arrivals deserve it being pointed at them. He does however, say quiet after that, waiting to see how the Sky Forrester takes being given such advice from a fellow Lady, for he's fairly certain it would result in an ear bashing for any Lord that might say as much. A nod to Faerinia's reply as he mulls the answer silently, unsure if he likes that answer or not.

There is a short rest of blue eyes on Eoin, and she nods her head once more to him. Although Faerinia is not someone she recognizes, she nods a greeting to her as well. "However, were I to sprain an ankle or such, it would give cause for me to avail myself of your gracious company, my lady," Nerissa responds to the advice. The smile and voice are a bit strained, the words lacking any real fervor for bite or warmth. She merely stands to the side as the greater nobles have right of way.

Faerinia watches the scene, expression bearing an awkward kind of smile as the situation resolves itself with a kind of noble grace. "Do you…" she begins. "Do you think it shall rain within these next two hours? Such matters are not within my knowledge, but I should not like to be riding in the rain, nor compel my lady, who has recently been ill, to risk her health."

"Cousin, thank you for your help in mounting, I forgot to ask where are you riding too and would you like to ride with me as far as the city center?" Wenaa asks him in an almost gentle manner.
"You are the first to seek it who is not family." Wenna responds back to the Skyforest lady with humor and bit of sarcasm lacing her words.
Looking to Faerina she nods her head. "That is good to hear, there is a new schedule posted in the infirmary for you. If you not keen on the hours let me know and the reason as to why and we can see what we can do." She rubs her right thigh as she talks.

A glance over his shoulder shows Eoin that his horse is still being worked on and so he turns back to the collected Ladies. With the conversation moving on from the topic that had annoyed him so much, his mood is slowly improving, and the talk of weather has him peering out and upwards for a moment before he turns back to the Kincaid. "I don't suspect so, there is not yet enough wind to push clouds over us, although should you find the windbacking then you may wish to cut your ride short." To Wenna, "I wouldn't you want to have to wait for me cousin. I did not plan ahead as you and send word I'd be needing my horse readied." Not wanting to exclude Nerissa he thinks back to their previous meetingand asks, "tell me Lady Nerissa, did you get that bow of yours sorted?"

There's a tiny jerk of the Horizon's head at the Baroness's words as if slapped, and her face pales more. However, she merely lower her eyes once more. "My apologies, my lady, it was meant as a compliment to your skill and hospitality." She gathers her cloak to take her leave when she is addressed by the count's cousin and she pauses to collect a response. "Quite well sorted, my lord. The bow is one of the finest I've drawn and aims true. Your niece and nephew will be well served by the ones you received, I'm sure. Good day to you all."She sweeps a curtsy, and her entourage follows suit in paying courtesy to the nobles as they turn with her.

"I do not expect there should be any trouble with the times, Lady," Faerinia replies with a slight bow of the head. "Perhaps in the future I may ask for further duties in the night. I oft find myself with trouble sleeping." The last words are spoken dryly, but with a curious and cryptic emphasis.
Then, she small woman sighs and rubs her temple in patient circular motions, before looking to Eoin. "I thank you, Lord, for your guidance on the weather. I have not taken sufficient exercise these last weeks."

"Good to know," Eoin replies with a nod towards Narissa, "I fear they may need to learn to walk first, or so my Sister believes anyway, but I see no harm in starting them as early as possible myself." As she turns to leave he casts a quick, faintly disapproving, glance to Wenna, then offers a "good day," to the departing Horizon. Another nod to Faerinia and he states, "predicting such is one skill a sailor must learn my Lady. Although if you find yourself of a wish to repay the words then I would take it as a kindness should you inform me of any news of the Dutchess' condition reach the manor here." Then, a grrom appraoches leading his horse and nods his thanks to the man before moving to mount. "Ladies," he offers as a general note of departure before he lifts his hood once more and prods his horse into motion towards the gatehouse.

"You do not have to ride with me Eoin." Wenna tells him in answer with his disapproving look.
She softens only a little. "Lady Nerissa, my humor is rare today and should be only forced upon the Count of Greenshire. I promise I did not mean insult." When the lady leaves she shrugs her shoulders.
She pauses.
"Lady Faerina, I will see what I can do to help with that and perhaps we should talk about what is causing you the lack of sleep, but that can be for another conversation later. I should ride and run those errands." She offers a bow of her head.

"Be well, Lady Wenna," replies Faerinia, returning the bow with a polite one of her own. A moment later, she turns away and removes her spectacles while blinking repeatedly. "May you have a pleasant ride and avoid the rain."

"May you have a delightful ride as well. If it rains it will match my cousin's mood." She offers Faerinia a look of humor. "Meet me for tea tomorrow in the evening, we will talk then." She then turns to ride her horse outside of the castle gates.

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