Umbra 15, 228: Greeting the Jaddan Ambassador

Greeting the Jaddan Ambassador
Summary: As is often the case when a dignitary visits, a feast and dance are held to welcome the new Jaddan Ambassador. Although a certain disturbing incident manages to dampen the mood, at least of some.
OOC Date: 19 October 2013
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The Great Hall
The Banquet Hall of Darfield Castle is an immense room, easily capable of holding the entire population of the Castle. A processional aisle, covered in a rich purple carpet, leads to the dais which is the focus of the hall. Purple and white marble extends in patterned rays from the raised dais, stretching to stone walls curtained in purple velvet to dampen sound. Tables line either side of the processional, all covered in white linens and set with candelabras. Fresh cut flowers from the gardens adorn small tables around the edges of the hall, lending their light fragrance to the ambiance of the room.
The wide arch to the south leads out to the western hall. The dais is raised three short steps above the main level of the hall. A servant door sits unobtrusively along the north wall, leading to the kitchen.
Umbra 15, 228

The Great Hall has been adorned with all of the trappings one might expect for a royal visitor and new Ambassador.
From the walls hang tapastries of Kilgour and Mobrin. The rich purple carpet, normally set to allow visitors to walk up to the dais where the royal family and honored guests take their meals, has been rolled up. Instead,tables with white cloths and candlebras have been set on either side of the space where the carpet would be, allowing for dancing to occur in the middle of the room. Upon the dais, seats have been set for the royal family and the Ambassador to Jadda, the honored guest of the occasion.
Music is already playing. Food is set out for those who wish to take it, but the focus of the event just now is socializing - dancing, talking, laughing, and drinking. There is plenty of drinking to be had tonight.
Already the room is starting to fill up, and a dull wave of noise is constant as people chatter, whisper, conspire, flirt, scheme, dance, laugh, and one young woman cries in a corner behind a pillar, something to do with her betrothed spending too much time with another.

The tall dark haired figure of Naazil stands near the center of the room looking very much like the proud Jadda prince he is. Dressed in Mobrin fashion he wears a short sleeved tunic of deep jungle green trimmed and embroidered in golden thread. His trousers are dark brown and tuck into matching boots with golden buckles on them. A golden bracer studded with emerald is worn on his left wrist. All in all he looks quiet nice for the night and has not brought his tiger with him. He wanders through the room at a lesuirely pace greeting the nobles politely as they enter the room. Pale blue eyes sweep the room watching everyone with a steady observant gaze.

The Princess Roslin is today dressed in a startlingly lovely manner. Her dress is a heavy silk gown that appears almost to be woven water in the moonlight - it is a silvery purple material that glistens with every turn. It has a modest neckline and long, dagged sleeves. A darker, richer purple of the Kilgours is visible along the hemlines and along the inside of the sleeves. The underdress and bodice are the same silvery color as the rest of the gown, but have been pressed with a pattern of vines and leaves and accented with stitching of gold and the occasional freshwater pearl bead. Instead of her usual crown of red braids, the Princess has left her hair down in bright flaming waves today, down nearly to her waist. Atop her head sits a small crown of silver, and pearls adorn her ears and throat.
The woman sits atop the dais, in front of the table. She is there to greet guests as they first arrive - allowing them to bow to her, to touch her hand, to speak to her softly about some small matters, and then allowing them to move off to the party. She is smiling, content and even happy, talking and nodding and speaking as a good royal and a good politician should. Her brother, Tyrel, is dancing at the moment.

Bae is in attendance to provide extra security. His armor is extra shiny, but he's dressed as he always is when on duty. Unlike his boss, Bae doesn't feel the need to stay in one spot, arms crossed and frowning. Instead, he moves slowly about the outer edge of the room, smiling and nodding to any noble in his path, but keeping sharp eyes alert for any danger.

Amongst the gathering folks is the Count of Greenshire. He has on the same green doublett he was wearing earlier and a wine soaked scowling look. He looks around the room and will nod to the prince and the princess before examining the table. He chooses nothing though and looks for drink instead. After it is retrieved he surveys the room for his sisters or any other friendly faces. As he mingles he does notice the girl crying behind the pillar and offers her some words of comfort before moving on.

Rorey enters the Great Hall dressed in a gown of pale rosy pink trimmed in ivory. Her dark brown hair is left free falling in gentle waves down past her shoulders. The dress is fairly modest and yet still quite elegant, the sleeves longs and loose and the neckline rounded with a necklace of pearls resting against her neck. She looks somewhat nervous as she steps inside her maid not far behind her. Pale blue eyes search the room carefully and then she seems to relax a bit stepping further into the room with a warm smile and a polite incline of her head for those she has already met. She slowly makes her way towards Aldren taking her time to greet and speak with a few people on her way over.

As the room begins to fill toward capacity, the hosting Kilgour, Roslin, rises in her chair. A nod is given to the ceremonial guards to thud the floor with their spears to call attention to the woman standing atop the dais. She stands with a comfortable grace and ease, even as her dress seems to glitter in the light of so many candles.
"Dear and loyal friends and comrades," Roslin says, raising her usually soft voice so that it may echo across the room. "It is our great pleasure today to welcome his highness Naazil Kassem from Jadda. He comes not only as a royal Prince, but also as a trusted Ambassador on behalf of his country. Already, his highness is a trusted and tried military commander, and we are honored and pleased to have him at Darfield. If you please," A servant hands the Princess a cup of wine - a rather fine cup at that, shining in the light - which she raises toward Naazil to indicate a toast for all. "To peace, your highness. And to a world without Stewarts." The echo of the toast sings across the room on the lips of so many guests, and then the Princess drinks.

Having already joined Roslin in greeting the guests who arrived when the party began, Caedmon has withdrawn to stand off to one side, where he quietly converses with the aging royal steward. The latter coughs several times during their conversation, pressing a large handkerchief to his mouth. A girl of half the steward's age, appaprently the steward's daughter, stands nearby. Caedmon steps back and bows to the elderly man. The steered starts to bow but that sends him into another coughing fit, and the girl quietly leads him away. Caedmon turns his attention back to the room in time to see Aldren. He nods to the count. Then he sees Rorey and he offers her a nod and a warm smile. He makes his way toward them. With a wave of his hand, he urges, "Please, do help yourselves to the food and drink." To Aldren, he adds, "The baroness is speaking with a possible new addition to her staff, following your wise recommendation that she should have someone to watch over the infirmary during the evening hours." Then he turns his attention to Rorey, and he greets, "Lady, I'm pleased that you could brighten this evening with your presence."

Rorey smiles brightly at Caedmon as he approaches. She waits until he greets her brother and then turns to her. His words cuase her cheeks to color slightly and her smiles is warm as she replies. "Good evening to you Honorable Lord. I am glad to be here. I only hope I can find someone who is willing to dance with me. It is always a good day for dancing in my opinion. I hope you are well today?"

Aldren mutters under his breath as the toast is raised. He does take the oppurtunity to drink though. When he sees hissister he hugs her and says, "so glad you came. See, no tiger." He smiles to her reassuringly now and adds, "you look lovely as well." He seems a bit proud as he looks his sister over. Hearing the coughing fit he looks to the Steward and frowns. Caedmon approaches now and the Count says, "That is good" On the topic of his sister bringing help in. "By Sheat, is the man dying?" He looks to the Aging man and then back to the Chancellor.
Aldren mutters to himself, "… will… festivities… planned… invade…"

Naazil inclines his head at the toast and raises his own glass taking a drink of wine with a bright smile. Studying Roslin he smiles at her and begins to make his way over to the Princess waiting until she is finished with her speech and leaving the dais. Offering a polite bow to her he smiles warmly. "Your Highness I must thank you for the warm welcome and the splendid party. My first dance of the evening will gladly be yours if you wish it?" He gives her an intense look and waits for his answer.

Roslin lowers herself into a respectful curtsy for the Prince, being quite cautious of the state of her wine cup as she does so. She then reaches for his hand in order to step down off the dais. "Your highness," she responds in kind, smiling gaily. There is a teasing tone in her voice. "In my country, you do not ask if a lady wishes to dance. It provides her the opportunity to spurn you - and no good lady wishes to spurn a gentleman. Instead, you may ask her to dance. She may say yes if she is dancing in the evening and is not already spoken for. She may say no if she is not dancing this evening, or if she has already promised the dance to another. I'm afraid I cannot answer your question. For if I answer yes, it indicates that I do wish to dance, and I am far too forward. If I say no, it may seem disrespectful to you." While she explains, she does so quietly, and all with a playful air. She is telling him the truth, but she is in no way chastizing him.

When Roslin calls for a toast, a young and slender page fetches a goblets from one of the serving tables. He deftly weaves his way through the crowd, on his own course until he comes near enough to Caedmon to offer the drink, which the chancellor accepts with a deep nod of his head. Caedmon removes a small handkerchief from a pocket with one hand, and raises the goblet in the other hand, while nodding to Roslin. Then he lowers the goblet and almost instantly daubs his lips with the handkerchief before he returns the goblet to the young man to hold. "That is the steward," Caedmon advises Aldren. "I told him that he did not need to attend due to his health, but he insisted. He wanted to stay at least until the toast. Now that it has passed, I am sure that his daughter will see him to his chambers for the evening." He looks toward the small ensemble in the corner when they start to play. Then he looks at Rorey. Bowing to her, he invites, "My dear, you should not be idle in this first dance of the evening unless you have promised to wait for a younger man. Would you care to join me?" He extends his hand, with the palm upward.

Aldren laughs a bit, his drunken manner showing, just a little, but showing. "By Sess, you surely will need a steward!" He says a bit loudly. He nods to Rorey now and says, "Go on. The man moves gracefully." He smiles to both of them and sips again as he waits to see if she will accept.

Rorey gives her brother a breif look of woory and concern and then turns to Caedmon with a smile. She curtseys and accepts the offered hand. "I would be happy to join you and thank you for the offer." She beams up at him and allows him to lead her onto the floor to dance. She seems excited now smiling brightly as the dance begins.

Naazil thinks silently for a moment considering Roslin's quiet words for a moment before he nods and smiles once more handing off his glass of wine to a nearby servant. "Thank you for the advice and for not judging me too harshly…I still have much to learn it seems. Will you honor me with a dance then Your Highness?" He offers her his arm if she chooses to accept it.

Roslin smiles pleasantly, moving her slender hand into the crook of Naazil's arm as he offers it. She pauses long enough to hand off her cup of wine to a servant, and then turns her green eyes up to the foreign prince. "It would be an honor, Prince Naazil," She says, and moves to step with him down toward the dance floor. "And do not be terribly distressed about little gestures of etiquette. They can be quite confusing - why I'm sure I don't even know them all. Indeed, I must admit - I am quite impressed with your abilities thus far. Is the courtly life at home much different?" She moves to stand in preperation for the first dance.

Aldren watches as the dancing begins and downs his wine. Nasty looks for the Foreigner and bright ones to his good-brother and sister are given. He doesn't go out of his way to look down on Naazil but when he sees the princess with him preparing to cut the rug he does frown. Now the Count searches around, his eyes falling on any noble ladies about, but only for a second. He will refill his wine while he searches around for roses or any other willing dance partners.

<FS3> Caedmon rolls Dancing: Great Success.

Caedmon gently takes Rorey's hand in his, and leads her into an open space, where he bows to her and then steps forward, touching his hand lightly to the small of her back above her waist. He smiles warmly, and begins to lead in the intricate steps. While they glide and sweep through the dance, he bows his head for a moment to murmur something to her.

Caedmon mutters to Rorey, "… am… to have… honor of… has spoken… highly… you… me.""

<FS3> Aldren rolls Dancing: Success.

Having found no roses in bloom the Count makes the crying girl in the corner his target. Prey on the weak. Yep, that usually works. He moves towards her and whispers a few words. The girl nods and smiles to him. Now he takes his sleeve and wipes away a few of her tears before he leads her out to the floor. Taking her hand in his and sliding his other to her waist he begins to step with her. Left, right, left, right as they turn on their heels every so often to change direction. He smiles to Caedmon and Rorey as they move about gracefully and whispers something to the girl causing her to giggle a bit.

Aldren mutters to himself partner, "I don't think he does much dancing with my other sister"

Naazil leads Roslin onto the dance floor with a warm smile. He lowers his head slightly at the praise as they step onto the floor. He steps back and bows before leading her into a graceful dance. He is a good dancer graceful and following the steps with ease. "Thank you, your customs are rather differet from those back home…I keep getting certian things confused but I am glad to hear I have not done too badly."

<FS3> Roslin rolls Dancing: Success.

<FS3> Naazil rolls Dancing: Great Success.

Roslin smiles up at the Prince as the pair begin to dance, amid so many other pairs - Caedmon and his sister-in-law, Aldren and the weeping girl, and many pairs of nobles. Among the steps, among the music, her voice drops to a mutter between them, even as they move. Skirts whirling here, a brief touch of hands there - all of it quite acceptable and proper. None the less, Roslin's eyes easily settle on Naazil's as she speaks.

Roslin mutters to Naazil, "Not… all…. here goes… your… know… but… I… do you think a… our… countries… stop the… Laniveer's… and… not… your highness,… people…"

Moira has arrived.

Rorey happily follows Caedmon's lead in the dance blushing slightly at his words. She is a very good dancer easily keeping step with the Baron and moving with grace through the complicted steps of teh dance. She leans in to whisper something to him in return smiling brightly.

Rorey mutters to Caedmon, "… I… enjoy… you… well…."

Moira enters, more than fashinably late, but what can one say in a situation such as this. Fashionably attired though, in a simple blue gown embroidered in silver, her hair massed into a single long braid entwined with a ribbon to match the embroidery, she smiles as she looks about, the ever present Kayla at her side…and the guard someone has following her.

As the dance comes to an end the Count spies Moira and Kayla when they enter. A deep bow is given to the lady he was dancing with before he says to her. "I must apologize. I must have words with another." As he makes his way towards Lady Kerrigan he notices some young suitor has offered to take his place and the girls seems happy for it. PErhaps her bethrothed made effectively jealous as his girl danced with the Count. Yep, the Count. Lower than a duke but higher than a baron. When he makes his way to Moira he says, "A pleasure to see you." He looks at her long braided hair and smiles, "As lovely as ever." He nods to Kayla and she gets a little abbreviated bow as well, "Hello." He says kindly to her before returning his attention to the rose. "Care to dance? I need a refill on my drink but will be most pleased if you accept. It has been many years." He smiles down to the woman now with that mishiveous look he often uses.

Whatever Roslin says to him cuases Naazil's expression to turn thoughtful. He studies her intently a long moment as they dance around the floor. The Jadda Prince looks and moves better on the floor than many a man of Mobrin. His steps are graceful and he spins the Princess out gracefully around before drawing her back towards him once more. He leans in toward Roslin murmmering something to her in a soft reply.

Naazil mutters to Roslin, "… think… a strong… and Mobrin… action… I… it is… least… end… to… alliance with… benfit… greatly…. it… much… soldiers… the… such alliances often require… exchange of sorts. Both… must agree to… value to… other."

As if in Moira's mind, there would be any other answer than the simple and quitely pleased, "OF course, my lord." A soft, almost secrerive smile fills her face, eyes looking fondly on Aldren before they galnce about to the others present, murmuring sonthing softly to Aldren as they go to the dance floor.

Moira mutters to Aldren, "… shall… o… first Dance in 10 years,… think."

When Naazil spins her, Roslin lets out a girlish, young laugh - that, at least, a few around them might here. The Prince, it seems, is indeed quite skilled in the dances of Mobrin, and Roslin is flushed with the excitement of such a fine dance. The pair continue to move, even after he bends his head to mutter to her. Roslin, for her own part, turns her own head away to listen, but also not to appear untoward or innappropriate. Only when she mutters to him does she turn her head back so her lips speak softly only to his ears.

Roslin mutters to Naazil, "In our land I am… the… something… What… you… your…"

As Aldren moves with the lady on his arm and a servant crosses their path, a tray of cups half filled with wine held high. The Count smoothly takes one and downs it. Then he sets it on a table and turns. Walking backwards he takes Moira's hands in his and smiles to her. "Wonderful it shall be." He confirms. "Ten years is an awfully long time to be denied such a pleasure."

Caedmon continues to dance with Rorey for another couple of measures after the music stops. He is still smiling warmly, and he again bows his head to offer a few words to her. Finally, he stops and looks at her, perhaps waiting for an answer to some question that he asked.

Caedmon mutters to Rorey, "… as a… although… of… would… from… drink?"

Moira smile, hands resting delicately and lightly in Aldren's hands, as they prepare to move about the dance floor. Offering a curtsy to her partner, she then rises and waits for the dance to begin.

Rorey steps backs as the dance ends. "I would very much like to visit you both and a drink would be lovely thank you." She glances to her brother who is dancing with Moira and leans in to say something else quietly to Caedmon as she smiles in thier direction.

Rorey mutters to Caedmon, "… the odds are good… will also be… married…"

<FS3> Aldren rolls Dancing: Good Success.

<FS3> Moira rolls Dancing: Good Success.

Aldren returns the curtsy with a bow and keeps on smiling as he places a hand at her waist and the other in hers. A little wink is given to her as he moves in slightly closer than is proper. Not all that much though. He begins to lead her in a gracefull manner in the style of a Granarian dance. Steps here, steps there and a turn. Wine does wonders for music and dancing and that much is plain as the Count moves about the floor with Greenshire's rose. He sees his sister's smile and smiles back as she whispers to the Chancellor and his gaze goes back to Moira. Whispers follow.

Aldren mutters to Moira, "I… your… in that fashion. A… look for…"

Naazil smiles at that happy laugh and continues to gracefully move and twirl Roslin about. The pair draw several eyes as they move about the floor and yet Naazil doesn't seem to notice he is focused on the princess. After she speaks he considers her words once again and then sighs and smiles faintly before speaking to her in a low tone once more.

Naazil mutters to Roslin, "I know… wants… well Your… offer… trade… as… he… to… off…. I… with… have… are… me..I think my father is… with me….""

Caedmon joins Rorey in looking toward Aldren when the count jilts the jilted in favor of his own Rose. The chancellor grins, and then glances back to Rorey to nod. "Only a fool would bet against that, dear lady," he answers with a chuckle. He glades to Naazil and Roslin, and again smiles. He inclines his head to the pair. Then he offers his arm to Rorey. "Shall we leave the floor, then?" he questions with a look to the tables where refreshments await.

Roslin laughs once more as the dance comes to an end. The dancers pause long enough to offer a clap to the musicians, who take a few moments before starting their next set. It is in these few moments that the redheaded Princess leans in to speak softly to Naazil, her arm sliding in with his to move with him toward the edge of the dance floor and where Caedmon and Rorey are. As they approach, Roslin speaks up. "Cousin," she says in greeting to the Voice. "Such a pleasure to see you. May I present you and the lady to the Prince Naazil Kassem of Jadda." Roslin adds. "Your highness, I have the honor of introducing you to my cousin, Baron Caedmon Kilgour, the Voice of the King." She leaves Caedmon to introduce Rorey himself.

Roslin mutters to Naazil, "… know… of… military… But… keep… to… all night…. introduce… people."

Moira dips her head in a smile, as she and Aldren begin to swirl gracefully about the floor. And, a light chuckle is given as their steps take them to and fro, point and counterpoint. A swirling whirl of the gown at one pass, then as they draw closer, a soft murmur in reply. Kayla gives only a faint admonitory glare, bot taht there is muchshe can do from her particular spot on the side.

Moira mutters to Aldren, "Thank… Kayla… at… you…"

Rorey laughes softly and nods taking Caedmon's arm letting him lead her off the floor. "It is rather obvious isn't it. If only I where so lucky.." She glances back to her brother and moira and then her head turns to see Roslin leading the Jadda prince over. She tenses slightly looking at the tall man slightly nervously but curtseys polietly allows caedmon to introduce her remaining silent for now.

Aldren continues in his mastery of the dance and smiles at Moira when she is done speaking to him. He whispers something back and finishes the dance with ease. When he is done he bows to her and nods in the direction of the others. "Shall we grab a drink and return?

Aldren mutters to Moira, "Ha! Let… you…"

Moira laughs, allowing Aldren to lead her off the dance floor and towards a beverage choice. "No, I think not. But, perhaps she will feel relived we are closer in sight"

Naazil nods to Roslin and they leave the dance floor and they approch the Baron and the lady. He notices the woman as she tenses but simply smiles warmly to them both and inclines his head. "A pleasure to meet you both. I believe I have met the Baron before when I first arrived but the lady I do not know…"

Arto has arrived.

Caedmon pauses on his way from the open space to the tables when he sees Roslin approaching. He leans to murmur a few words to her before he bows to the royals. "Thank you, your highnesses," he acknowledges. Then he looks to Rorey and introduces, "Your highness Prince Kassem, I present to you Lady Rorey Haravean of Greenshire."

Caedmon mutters to Rorey, "… saar… will… for… charmed…"

"Ah - Count Aldren's sister," Roslin translates upon meeting Rorey. "He has spoken very highly of you, my Lady," Roslin says, bowing her head respectfully upon meeting the young woman. "How are you and the Baron enjoying the evening?" She asks, and she otherwise remains quiet, turning her eyes upward to look at Naazir for his response.

When the pair arrive near the chancellor and his sister Aldren nods to both. The princess receiver her deep bow as well and the prince a smaller one. WOrds of greeting are offered in kind and he says, "Allow me to introduce the Lady Moira, of house Kerrigan." He turns to her and adds. "The ever blooming rose of Greenshire." He smiles and says, "Prince Naazil, from Jadda." When he offerrs the lady the mans name his words lack some of the prior joy but he hides it slightly. Damn wine sure loosens the tongue.

Arto strides through the doors fashionably late. The tall blonde knight is dressed neatly in formal clothing of red and black but his sword hangs from his belt and his ice blue eyes scan the room carefully. He wasn't called on to gaurd tonight but still the man believes in being prepared. His hair is neatly combed and styled and he strides over to the refreshment table saluting the nobles before taking a glass of wine and sipping it thoughtfully.

Moira dips ina graceful curtsey to both the chancellor and Aldren's sister, then with a another deeper curtsey towards the Princess and the Jaddan Prince. "Majestees," she offers as she rises from her curtsey. "A priveleg to meet you" to the prince, "And a pleasure to see you once again, Princess"

Rorey blushes slightly at whatever Caedmon says to her but then focuses on the royals. "A pleasure to meet you Your Highness and you as well Prince Kassem." Roslin's priase has her blushing again. "Thank you. I shall do my best to prove myself worthy of my brothers postive opinion. I am enjoying myself a great deal. The Baron is an excellant dancer but it seems you found a skilled dancing partner as well Your Highness." Naazil gets a curious and slightly admiring look.

Roslin turns a little to see Aldren and Moira approaching, though she does keep her arm with the Prince's for now. In such a position, she still manages to lower her head in a respectful nod to each. "Count Haravean, Lady Kerrigan. Good evening to you both." She beams rather happily to see the pair together. "It is good to see you both. Lady Moira, someday soon we must talk again about our project - I think the time has come to begin. And Lord Aldren, I have just had the pleasure of meeting your sister, and already I am enchanted." Roslin looks back to Rorey with a nod of her head. "Indeed, My Lady, I was quite blessed for my first of the evening. His highness is most impressive in our dances - surely he must have a great natural talent for the art." As she looks up at Naazir, Roslin can't help but see a blonde head towering over the crowd behind him. She tries to catch the eye of Arto and nod to him in order to invite him over. "Sir Arto, join us please."

Naazil inclines his head to the Count and the woman with him. "Pleased to see you again Your Excellancy and a pleasure to meet you as well My Lady." He then turns to Rorey and smiles at her inclining his head. "Pleased to meet you My Lady Haravean." He glances to Roslin following her eyes to spot the tall blonde and he studies him carefully. When the princess invite him over Naazil will offer a faint smile and a nod to him if he looks over this way.

Aldren looks on to the others as the exchange begins. His sisters look to the prince causes him to frown and he does his best to shake her from her gaze. "All that you must do is continue being the right and proper lady you always have. Your sweetness does wonders for all those around you." Hopefully now she has broken her gaze from the Jaddan and Aldren will smile to her. Now he nods to the princess and says, "I was sure you would be." More pride echoes in his tone and another glance is given to his sister. He scans the crowd now to see who Roslin is talking to and the tall man gains a curious look and a respectable nod when located. Begrudgingly he nods to NAazil now and says, "YEs, good to see you." The words are unconvincing in the least and Aldren sips his wine that has surely been brought to him by now

Arto spots the princess quite easily as he is likely one of the tallest men in the room. Making his way over to the group he bows at the waist crossing his right hand off his heart and holding his wine glass in his left straightening up he smiles charmingly at the collection of nobles. "Good evening Your Highness it is a pleasure to see you again. I'm afraid I do not know everyone here though. Perhaps introductions are in order?" The ice blue gaze drifts from person to person and he lifts his wine glass to his lips taking a slow sip.

Mouse has arrived.

Rorey's head turns when her brother speaks and she smiles warmly at him blushing slightly once more. The approching blonde knight get a curious look and then Rorey spots his blade and she pales slightly. She smiles once more though it is bit weaker this time. She studies her brother and bites her lower lip in a nervous fashion. her blue-green eyes are bright with concern clearly she thinks he has has enough but is not brave enough to say so.

Roslin appears to be working the room, and the noble guests, like anyone might wish a hostess and Princess to do. "Of course. My dear friends," she says with a warm smile to the group there assembled. "May I introduce Sir Arto Benthur, of Sutherland. Sir Arto, I have the pleasure of presenting you to his highness, Prince Naazil Kassem of Jadda; Count Aldren Haravean of Greenshire; Baron Caedmon Kilgour, my cousin and the Voice of the King; Lady Rorey Haravean; and Lady Moira Kerrigan." She gestures to each person as she introducess them. "We are particularly honored to have Sir Arto here tonight," Roslin explains. "For he is recently returned to us from Weston, where he was involved in the Battle near Cold Harbor in which his Grace was wounded and Stewart's host was thrown back into Laniveer. As always, Sir Arto, you have our thanks." She nods her head respectfully to the giant of a man.

Aldren looks at his little sister with amusement. When no one is looking he gives her a little wink and downs his cup. Looking to the knight now he says, "Well met then! You truly do have our thanks." He nods respectably to the man and seems quite sincere. Kayla gets a little look from the Count after he is done so's he might size up the prospect of some more overly close dancing. He engages everyone with looks of happiness as the conversation ensues though the prince seems to be glossed over by Aldren as he trades looks with the others.

Moira continues to stand, sipping quietly from her wine. The company is pleasant, the music is wonderful, the evening mroe than emjoyable. Happy as she is, she offers smiles when she's looked at.

It is in a servant's best interests to seem like they are simply part of the crowd or, more to the point, part of the furnishings. Mouse is absolutely no exception. Having shed her typical attire in favour of something a little more prim and appropriate to her assignment here tonight, the young woman carries herself upright, a calm and dignified aura about her even as she carries on her arm a massive silver tray heavily laden with drinks. Delicately picking her way through the thick throngs of nobles as a well-bred horse might pick through mud, the simple serving girl inclines her forehead and offers a beverage to any with whom she makes eye contact.

When mouse moves by Aldren smiles. He waves to her and motions for her to come over. He will take some wine of course as his is finished by now and says to her. "You surely keep busy. How is Crickett coming along?" He smiles to the girl and surely does not bring up the tiger…

Naazil makes the appropriate goodbyes and moves off to speak with others, as is his duty.

Roslin bobs in a curtsy of respect as Naazil takes his leave of the group, watching him go for just a moment before turning back and finding herself surrounded, for all intents and purposes, by friends. For such an occasion, the woman lifts a cup of wine to her lips. "I daresay I shall have to leave you all and speak to others here this evening in just a moment - still, I hope you have found the small distraction of the night to be an enjoyable one."

Mouse pitches close to Aldren when she is summoned, affording him a small smile as she places a glass in his hand. "Surely I do," she replies in kind, keeping her voice low. "We all must earn our keep, mustn't we? I'm afraid that if I stop working for a minute someone might notice that I'm more trouble than I'm worth and have me put out of the castle." Even as she says this, she arches a narrow brow to show that she isn't too concerned with being tossed out. "Oh, very well, thank you. I finally did find a bison knucklebone big enough that I don't have to worry about him swallowing it whole."

While Caedmon and Rorey are visiting the table for refreshments, a young lord of the Forresters approaches and invites the lady to dance. She cheerfully accepts, and with a bow to Caedmon, she departs for another twirl around the hall. The chancellor smiles and nods, and places a few pieces of fruit and cheese on a plate. However, his trusty and silent page, slips into the hall and weaves his way expertly through the crowd to tap Caedmon on the shoulder. The man turns and receives a note that causes him to nod to the assistant. He glades around him. Finding that everyone else is occupied, he slips into the crowd and then exits, probably to attend to some business that demands immediate attention. The tiger might have left a surprise in one of the hallways … again.

Caedmon has left.

Emerit has arrived.

Aldren nods to those departing and steals a little glance at Moira. To Mouse he says, "Wonderful. Did you hear he chewed my sisters cane?" He laughs now while he thinks of it and sips away. The music strikes up and Aldren saves any requests for now while he talks to Mouse. Though he does gaze at Moira now and again as the music unfolds.

Laine has arrived.

Late to the party but obviously not late enough to miss out on the fun, a young and slender red-haired princess enters the Great Hall when another one leaves, offering Roslin a deep curtsey as she is passed by the Kilgour. The Mist of the Island wears a dress of dark green sammit, with a pattern of snakes embroidered on the bodice in a sliver thread. Her fiery red curls are tamed into a braid, and her only adornment is a necklace of fine silver chains with a pendant in the shape of a snake. Moss green eyes scan the room and seem to lighten up as soon as she hears the delightful notes of music rippling through the Hall. Unsure of who to approach first, Emerit seems content to stand there for a moment, although her gaze does brush the Count and those that are with him.

Laine was invited, of course, but he's not really the party type. Of course that doesn't mean he won't check in and make sure that things are running smoothly. The great thing about being Captain is that he makes the schedules so it would be hard for anyone to contradict him if he stated that he was on duty. It is a great way to get out of dancing. It helps that this is an event that requires heightened security, so the Captain made sure to schedule extra people. Now it is Laine's turn to check in. He enters the room, giving a nod to each of his men. He gives a bow to those nobles he passes, greeting them as they should be greeted.

Surely the red head is noticed and the snakes and the curls surely give her away. After all he has met her once before… Anyhow he surely waves to her and nods. He does the same for Laine when he sees the man and a nod of the head would show he wished the man to come closer and have a few words as he does with the bastard princess.

The count's inclining his head in greeting towards her seems all encouragement the bastard princess needs to approach the man. "Count Aldren," she greets, offering him both a light curtsey and a smile. "A good evening to you. So… there is a new ambassador I hear? I am late, I know. Has he already left?" Her gaze moves over the hall once again, before she turns her attention back on the Haravean. "The feast is not yet over it seems, so I am lucky in that, at least." Close by stand her chaperone and her maid, of course, and two Kilgour guards that watch over her so unobtrusively they could easily be overlooked.

Laine takes note of Aldren and his summons. He finishes up chatting with one of his men, getting an update on things, before turning on his heel and approaching the count and Emerit. Laine would never, even in his head, refer to a lady as a bastard anything. His mother and his sisters would kill him and while many may think the Captain is afraid of nothing they have not seen his sisters on the warpath. He gives a bow as he approaches, "Mi'Lord, Mi'Lady." He is decked out as if he is on duty, but then he rarely is seen in anything but his uniform.

Laine gets a a nod when he approaches and the princess an abbreviated bow. "There is, a…Jaddan. And he presumes to prance about with a tiger in the castle." He seems quite upset now and looks to the commander. "I've heard dire news of your situation as well." He seems a bit out of the party mood now but the finishing of his drink seems to remedy that. He says, "And let me introduce the Lady Moira of house Kerrigan." He nods to the rose of Greenshire now and that wine soaked look of infatuation kinda glides over his face. He does gather himself though after a moment and even manages to steal some looks at the mist.

Laine's address is met with a slight raise of Emerit's brows and the tinyest of nods. "Captain?" Her gaze flits to her two guards before it comes to rest on the man once again. "Are you here to enjoy yourself or doing your duty? If the latter, I assure you, I am well guarded indeed. And thank you for providing me with the protection of your best men." A hint of mockery there? Probably not, but it is hard to tell from the enigmatic smile that graces the Moniwid's lips for a moment.

"A tiger indeed?", Emerit inquires then, turning towards Aldren and looking quite intrigued. "I find that most exciting, although I do hope he can control that beast…" Her green eyes sparkle with delight at the prospect of encountering that wild animal, although only momentarily. "Dire news?", she remarks next. "I am not aware of any, I assure you." Her manner becomes suddenly a bit more reticent, while one hand moves to that snake pendant. "After all, Moniwid and Kilgour were allies all along, although not all have seemed to be aware of it…" A curtsey follows in the lady's direction when she is introduced. "Lady Moira, well met. I am Emerit, Princess of Rustles Island, and like that Jaddan prince an ambassador of my House of Moniwid."

Laine nods to Moira, "Mi'Lady, well met." He turns back to Emerit, lone brow rising a tad at her words, "I am doing my duty, Mi'Lady. I provide protection to all as long as they are within my borders and do not wish my city harm." Yes, he's in the Palace, and sure Callem is King, but this is Laine's city. He has claimed it as his own and he is more likely to die protecting it then the royal family. If he catches any hint of mockery he seems to ignore it. His tone is measured and even, with no hint of anything but honest politeness. He then turns his attention to Aldren, "It will be taken care of Mi'Lord, but my duties do not allow me to focus on one thing to the exclusion of others. That is one of many things that I am staying on top of." Laine is in public and he is going to act in public as if he has everything completely under control, even if he'd rather be in a search party then talking about tigers in the palace, or whether princesses, legitimate or otherwise, foreign or domestic, need guards. But he is Captain, and his place is to be available for all to see and know that the Watch is working and keeping them safe.

"Exciting?!" Aldrens wine infested gut manifests itself in his volume of voice and he continues, "I do not find the idea of that beast roaming the castle exciting." He is not overly rude or loud to any one in particular, more voicing his thoughts to the ground. When Laine finishes he says, "Aye. I understand. But if you have need take some of my men from the camp outside the city. I can round up an excellent dozen or so." His words are most sincere and polite to the Captain.

Moira bows to each in turn after introductions and says hello accordingly. Every so often she looks at the Count and blushes a bit showing that rosey color on her cheeks.

Rorey has spent most of the party dancing and now returns to the group her cheeks somewhat flushed and looking for a glass of wine. Her brother gets a smile and then a look of concern when she sees he is still drinking. She takes a glass of wine and sips it slowly watching the other nobles as they talk amoung themselves.

"Please, Captain, I have been at this court long enough to know that the proper address is quite important, so let me correct you then. It's 'your highness', Captain. Not 'M'lady'" The Moniwid attempts a mock imitation of Laine's voice, followed by a good-natured chuckle as she fails. "I am a princess after all."

Then Emerit's gaze flits downward as she beholds Aldren's reaction to her opinion on the tiger, yet the smile that plays around the corners of her mouth betrays his loud voice causes her to be amused rather than intimidated. She smiles at Moira, as she sees the blush, her gaze shifting from the lady to the count with curiosity.

Rorey's appreance distracts Emerit for a moment, she offers the woman a polite incline of the head as their eyes meet, yet as she does not know her, the goblet of wine seems to attract her attention more. A gesture towards her maid, and the girl runs off to fetch a drink for her princess.

Laine arches his lone brow up, his gaze settling firmly on Emerit, before offering her a bow, "My apologies your highness. Seeing as we have never been formerly introduced, I was unaware of the proper address. I do not get to the Palace often and I do not listen to gossip, so I am often out of the loop." His voice remains measured and controlled, no hint of anything but sincerity. He straightens up then and turns his gaze to Aldren, "I appreciate the offer Mi'Lord, and if I feel that help is necessary then I will take you up on it. I am sure though that everyone will be returned to the city with due haste." Rorey also gets an incline of Laine's head, but that is all for the moment. Frankly the Captain is going to be looking for a way out soon. If he doesn't his public persona may slip and that wouldn't be good for anyone. Laine prides himself on remaining calm and collected in all situations in public, but if anything can get him to lose his composure it is anything to do with Allyn, which of course means the Captain is walking a fine line right now.

Aldren spies his sister and smiles to see her. And he has another sip. "Having fun were you?" He says japishly to her. He listens along to Laine and says "Well, I can provide some of the best archers in the realm. Take a few. You will be thanking me." He sounds quite confident now and the wine is helping that along. He smirks at Emerit when she teases the captain as well now and hides is laughter in another drink. Moira is surely not ignored either as he trades little glances with her. After a moment he says, "Yes well, I was glad to hear of your family's recent involvement in the troubles of mine own."

Suddenly there's a rodent that darts out from behind one of the tables against the wall, it darts directy towards Laine!

Several more follow in its wake, scattering from the wall, seeming to be heading in the same direction.

Emerit inclines her head to Laine's apology, shooting him a glance that is accompanied by an outwardly friendly smile, yet that friendly expression does not show in her moss green eyes. Royals are touchy when it comes to their titles, and even moreso probably when they are of illegitimate birth. "I understand, captain. You are a man of the city guard? My own personal guards are not under your command then, I suppose." Accepting the goblet that is handed to her now by Yulanda, the Moniwid princess takes a sip of wine while her gaze remains pensively on the captain.

While Aldren's chuckle causes her to look amused once again, it is his remark that draws Emerit's attention. "My family's recent involvement…? I suppose you hint at that sea battle… But I assure you, this particular piece of news was most relieving and welcome. As it made clear we have been allies all along."

Having been lost in thought or off in a short conversation with Kayla, Moira has no idea what's going on as he makes her way closer to Aldren. She still sips from the same cup of wine that she started from earlier. All is well in Moira land.

Rorey looks to her brother with a weak smile worry plain in her eyes. "Indeed I have brother but now I think I shall retire. Good night everyone." Before she leaves she gives Aldren a worried look biting her lower lip and slipping out the door not seeing the mouse at all.

<FS3> Laine rolls Perception: Success.

As the rodents scurry about the Count barely seems to notice. One such does catch his attention and he frowns. "Gods, here in the castle even. Where is that damned cat when you need it." He laughs to himself and observes any screaming maids that seem to flee from the harmless creatures. All the while he does continue with his sipping and even offers his cup in mock toast as Rorey exits with her worried look. Moira gets some sideways glances as he waits to see how long till she notices. Emerit gets a nod and he says, "Surely good timing." He does not seem convinced though and the words may even be a little jape to the foreigner.

Laine shakes his head, "No, your guard would be under the command of the Palace Guard. I am the City Watch, but my people assist in providing security for large events within the palace walls. Again I apologize if I you inferred any insult from me. It was not intended." He again nods to Aldren, "I have not fully planned everything, but if archers are needed, I will surely know where to look." Especially since his people aren't necessarily the world's best archers. At least only Allyn is likely to shoot one of his own people, and Allyn is one of those who needs rescue and not one who will be on the rescue committee. Laine does catch sight of the small fury creaturs making a beeline for him and he closes his eye for as moment, perhaps begging the gods to transport him away before the screaming starts. Laine grew up on a farm, so rodents aren't a big thing for him. He motions calmly to Emerit, since they do seem to be heading his way, "You might want to step back your highness." He doesn't want her getting a rodent running over her shoe or anything.

Hurried steps are heard in the hall and the doors are pushed open by a large tiger. The beast stalks into the room whiskers twitching and sniffing the air. A few paces behind the large cat is Naazil who looks amused. He glances around the rooms at the nobles frowning slightly and looking to his tiger with a sigh. "Shiari I think we should hunt elsewhere…come." The tiger however seems determined about something its gold-green eyes scanning the room for something. The rat is spotted and the tiger leaps for it cuasing Naazil to sigh in defeat.

And, when Moria /does/ notice the furry critters that sure must be spawns of evil, she doesn't shriek, or squeal or flinch. she simply lifts her gown so it isn't trailing the floor. There are many such critters amonst the orchards of Ashenfell Manor, and in her rose gardens there. She's not squeamish about them; but still, she'd prefer if they didn't crawl over her feet or anything of that nature.

Emerit raises a brow at the hint of mockery in Aldren's tone, yet she decides not to linger on the subject any further. It is the rodents that catch her eye, and despite her being a royal princess and all the Moniwid lets out an amused chuckle. "Rats in the castle?" Following Laine's advice she takes a step backwards, even more so when she notices that he is the target of the small animals' attack. "I accept your apology, good captain. I just meant to… Eek!" A sound of surprise, disgust, delight - who can tell? - escapes the young maiden when one of the rodents does indeed run over her shoe. When the door opens, Emerit turns her head, her jaw dropping open in awe as she beholds the majestic presence, both of the tiger and its master.

One of the maids screeches and jumps up into a chair, lifting her skirts, shrieking all crazy like. Turns out one of the rats has found its way onto her skirts and is slowly stalking her. It alarms the rest of the servants and they are alternately running in or out of the room, calling for help to rid the room of the rodents.

One of the cooks from the kitchen rushes out carrying a gardening tool and he goes chasing after the bulk of the rats, directly beneath where Laine is. As he hits a patch of.. was that blood from where the tiger had killed one of the rats?… he slips on it.. and skids, sliding towards Laine. What a mess!

Naazil steps forward into the room watching with a look somewhere between amused and comcerned as his tiger races after one of the rats. He chuckles as the beast swats one with her paw sending it flying several feet and hitting a nearby wall. The tiger goes off chasing another rat and Naazil deftly dodges the sliding cook and comes to stand near the staring Emerit. He looks to her with concern. "Are you alright? I hope Shiari's antics did not startle you too badly. I don't believe we have met though. I am Prince Naazil Kassem of Jadda." He bows politely to her and throws a breif but amused glance at his tiger who is know chasing the third rat down…

Laine turns at the entrance of the tiger and briefly looks between it and the rodents. He has the sudden urge to just hang his head and simply stand there, letting the crazy envelope him. First crazy carnies and now this. His life is cursed, he's sure of it. Laine tries to get out of the way of the sliding cook while also seeing if he can help the maiden with the rat on her skirt without being thought of as making inappropriate advances. All he can hope is the tiger's owner can control the beast because Laine so does not want to have to try and stop the tiger if it gets out of control. How is this his life, really?

Aldren takes this time to steal more looks, this time at ankles in this rare occasion to actually see some skin. When the cook comes sliding Aldren laughs as he awaits the collision. Thoug the sight of the tiger and the prince surely put him off again and that drunken scowl manages to take his face. He watches as the two outlanders get acquainted and keeps a wathful eye to the beast. Laine's looks are seen now and bring amusement and joy back to Aldren as he sip sip sippers some more.

Emerit stares in wonder at the beast, as it slays one of the rodents after the other, the hint of an incredulous smile tugging at her lips. Before she even saw him approaching, she finds the prince already to be at her side and herself being politely addressed. One hand returns to the pendant of her necklace as the Moniwid blushes and lowers herself into a quick curtsey. "Your highness, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Princess Emerit of Rustles Island." His concern is met with an amused chuckle. "Oh no, I am not startled. Just… suprised and impressed to see a beast of such beauty at this place of all…" Killing rats and whatnot and leaving a trace of blood on the dancefloor…

There's a mighty crash as the cook manages to catch a chair, but he doesn't even seem concerned at the rats anymore, he's already skittering backwards towards the kitchen, eyes wide. He lets out a girly squeal as he continues to fumble his way back in a partial crab walk, part slide. The tiger.. he's scared of the tiger.

As the rodent attractor assists the maid with her rat, she steps off the edge of the chair! It looks as if she's just barely going to miss landing on Laine.

Moira steps closer to Aldren, waiting to see how this furor over small grey rodents turns out. She /does/, however, move to see if the fallen servant requires any aid when she notices that one fall. She /chooses/ simply to not look at the large feline creature - although she has darted a glance towards it. But the cook doesn't seem to need help so she then remains where she was.

Naazil smiles warmly at Emerit. "A pleasure to meet you as well your highness." He glances to Shiari as she kills the final rat and trots over to her master sitting at his feet and looking up at the Moniwid Princess curiously. Naazil pets her behind the ears gently and gives Emerit a curious yet pleased look. "I am both pleased and surpised to find I'm not the only one here who can see Shiari's good points. You must be a truly remarkable woman Your Highness….most ladies I have met are at least nervous around her if not outright terrified and yet you remark upon her beauty. I find this to be a refreshing change of pace." He smiles brightly at her clearly pleased.

Laine has faced hunting dogs and huge dire wolves. The tiger doesn't concern him as long as he has no plans on going after its master, which he doesn't. He's pretty sure doing such a thing would get him executed, if he survived the tiger. Laine attempts to assist the woman, hoping that he can make certain that not only does she not fall on him, but hopefully not the floor either. He's pretty sure that a headache is building behind the remains of his left eye socket.

Suddenly alerted to the danger of the tiger, the rats scatter, making themselves as scarce as they were before the sudden onslaught… the ones who are able to anyway. Thanks to the tiger dispatching a few of them, the numbers are certainly less. The maid, cheeks flaming, is assisted by Laine and she gives him a blushing but eternally grateful smile before rushing out of the room in embarrassment.

The commotion around them is almost forgotten as Emerit's attention is all on Naazil. And his beast. Her gaze shifts to the tiger as it approaches, her eyes widening for a moment as she realizes it is heading for them. Still. The smile remains on her young features. "It would be a lie to not admit that I am… impressed with the dangerous air that surrounds your Shiari." She pushes one fiery strand of hair out of her view that has managed to escape her braid, before she leans over to the prince to inquire in a tone so low it is almost a whisper: "Can I…" Leaving the sentence unfinished she extends her arm, indicating she would like to stroke the animal. "Will she let me touch her fur?"

The Count observes all this with amusement until the tiger is near him and sitting by its master. He is frowning some more and when Moira nears him he shifts his attention to her. He wispers something before he sees the princess reaching for the animal. He hides any ill thoughts with another drink. Now he watches the maid rush from the room and he looks to Laine "Well done sir. Glad to see the watch has it's uses." He is joking and it should seem plain as he chuckles afterwards. He flashes a look to Kayla and when it seems she is not looking at him. He throws more suggestive and drunken glances at Moira.
Aldren mutters to Moira, "… he walks… I… say."

Moira looks to Aldren, nodding at what he says while casting a glance toward the tiger. Kayla, of course, catches the tail end of any glimpes, eyes burning towards Aldren, while Moira simply murmurs something back to him.
Moira mutters to Aldren, "No,… It… but… it… would… could… be… around."

Laine thinks this is the perfect time for him to exit. Once the maid is upright and it seems the rats are taken care of, Laine begins to move towards the exit. It may be impolite, but right now he thinks it is time for a nap.

Naazil watches the Moniwid Princess studying her intently with a soft smile. He looks to Shiari and then back to Emerit with a bright amused smile when the lady reaches out to try and pet the tiger. He chuckles softly and nods to her. "She does enjoy having her ears scratched. Go ahead if you wish." He watches the reactions of both tiger and princess carefully with a pleased and amused shine in his pale blue eyes.

Emerit's gaze shifts from Naazil to the tiger, the smile on her face broadening a touch while a certain nervous sparkle appears in her moss green eyes. "Very well then." She extends her arm until her hand carefully comes to rest on Shiari's head. The Moniwid seems to hesitate for a moment, or maybe she just waits to see if the animal objects to her touch, but then her fingers start scratching the area behind those majestic ears. Perhaps trusting in the fact that both she and the animal are royalty and foreigners in these lands will be a bond that will save her from any discomfort from the tiger.

Moira excuses herself and leaves the room, giving a fond glance back to Aldren as Kayla follows her. Perhaps it wasn't the rat but the tiger or something. Whatever the case, Moria makes a quiet exit

The Count bows to the Lady when she takes her leave and nods to Kayla as well. Now he motions for another drink and it is quickly brought to him. As he samples the vintage he looks on to the redhead as she pets the beast and continues to frown. Speaking up he says, "So, that thing stays in your suite with you? Or does it require a larger holding place?" Curious looks are given to Emerit as well as she seems to get along with it and Aldren seems quite ill-at-ease around these foreigners now but does his best to hide it and stand his ground.

Naazil smiles and watches as Shiari pushes her head forward closer to the source of the petting. The gentle sctratching behind her ears causes the large cat to purr and Naazil chuckles softly at the scene. "She seems to like you your highness. I must say that for a tiger she has excellent judgment." He looks around at the room which is almost empty. "It seems the party is almost over…the music is still playing though…will you dance with me Princess Emerit? I think I would like a final dance for the evening." He smiles warmly at her and then glances to the Count with a considering glance. "She has her own bed in my rooms Your Excellancy though sometimes when it gets cold she wants to cuddle…." He smirks at the man and it is hard to tell if the Jaddan is joking with the man or not.

There is relief showing in Emerit's eyes when she hears the purr of the tiger, and her gaze moves from Shiari to Naazil. "She is so adorable," the princess remarks smiling, before the Jadda's compliment turns her cheeks into a rosy tone. "I was late, but I am glad that you came back, or I wouldn't have been able to experience this… My first encounter with a tiger." Where she comes from there are other dangerous animals, yet maybe there has always been a certain attraction towards life-threatening beasts in the Moniwids' nature, given the snake has made it even into their coat of arms. The prince's suggestion is met with a delighted chuckle and a deep curtsey, that forces Emerit to let go of the animal. "I would be glad to oblige, your highness. I do love to dance."

Naazil offers a bows and extends his arm for her to take. He leads her towards the dance floor with a smile while the tiger lays down to watch and clean her paws. The Jadda prince leads her in a slow but graceful dance meeting her green eyes with his pale blue ones. "I too am very glad I returned. It is not everyday I meet a woman who is both beautiful and brave." He studies her with a warm expression as they dance.

Emerit accepts the arm of the prince, after shooting her maid and chaperone a quick glance. As soon as they have arrived on the dancefloor she moves gracefully to the music, executing the required steps indeed very prettily, while her eyes are beaming with delight. "You flatter me," she chuckles in response to Naazil's compliment, as her gaze flits downward momentarily. "I am after all a Moniwid. I even had a lizard as a pet when I was little." Her mien darkens a touch at the memory, yet only for a brief second. "You are the new ambassador to Jadda, I hear? I am in a way the representative of my own home at this court."

Naazil chuckles softly as well. "You will have to tell me more of your homeland at some point, Your Highness. I think I would very much like to learn more…it is common to have lizards as pets in Moniwid then?" He nods to the question and smiles softly. "I am indeed. I just recently arrived from Jadda in fact." He leads her with grace through the dance until finally the muscians stop playing alltogether and he realizes that they are the only ones left in the rooms other than the servants. He smiles and steps back bowing to her politely. "I enjoyed the dance a great deal but I think we may have overstayed our welcome. I should likely retire soon as well." He glances to Shiari and after a quiet command in Jaddan the tiger trots over to him once more. "It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope we may speak again soon." He give a final polite bow and heads out of the room with the tiger on his heels. He glances back at the woman smiling her way one last time before he exits the room.

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