4 Alisair, 229 E: Good Company

Good Company
Summary: Avi finds a Lady Nerissa asleep at her studies, and is soon joined by the Baron and Baroness Kilgour
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Royal Library
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4 Alisair, 229 E

This time, it is the redhaired of the Horizon twins that sits at a table covered with old books. Sits, with her arms crossed, and head down on them, her maid and guard chat nearby, debating the wisdom of disturbing her to remind her that it is almost dinner time.

Avi is once again bored, but Mobrin is better for his general health and well being than going home, so he has decided to once again grace the library with his presence. He gives a sarcastic finger wave to his guard who sets up outside as he walks in with his ever present man servant a step behind him. The manservant finds a table in a corner where he can observe while Avi wanders over intent to slide into a chair across from Nerissa unless stopped. Avi has a reputation after all, but he is also brother to a king so it's debatable as to his suitability to speak to innocent young noble women.

Her last patient on this floor of the castle has been seen. Wenna dressed in a charcoal grey linen gown with a starched apron, sleeve guards and with a biggins on top of her head. She is leaning on her cane and walking with a heavy limp. When she passes the library she stops and opens the door to come in and rest a little bit. She pauses inside of the door to see who else is there.

The door has barely closed from Wenna's entrance when someone stops in the hallway outside. "Please take her to our chambers, Merreck. Her tutor is there already and waiting, but he can wait long enough for her to bathe and change into clean clothes before going to the battlements for the lesson," a male voice instructs. "After that, you are free for the evening." The door opens and Caedmon steps into the library. He spots Wenna first and steps immediately to her side, offering his arm to her. "Darling, are you here in need of information relaxation?" he queries.

The arrival, and subsequent appropriation of the seat across from Nerissa prompts a decision from the Horizon servants. Chassidy steps up and lays a hand on the sleeper's shoulder. "My Lady," she says quietly. "It is almost meal time."
The copper haired head starts, and then raises, elbows sliding together in front of her to support her head, heels of her hands pressing into her eyes for a moment. Then she lets out a breath, "Thank you, Chassidy," she murmurs, letting her hands fall. The hands freeze for a moment halfway down as she has her first sight of Avi, then she clears her throat and gives a quick shake of her head. "Ambassador," she greets, dipping her head slightly. "Your highness may not understand some of Mobrin customs, but you seem to have adopted the one in which men make it a habit to leave off their full title."

Avi chuckles softly, "No, honestly I simply do not see myself as a prince. My brother is a king admittedly, but he has sons… I'd have to kill a good many people to take the throne, which I don't want. Ambassador I earned. Any other title was an accident of birth and timing. Unlike Mobrin family lines do not sit the throne in near perpetuity. I was born the son of a Duke… When I was a child I became a Prince, and when my father died I became brother to the King. Should I live to the ripe old age of I believe 58, then I will be the brother of a Duke and my former in-laws will sit the throne. Actually I have found most in Mobrin to be quicker to list titles, but perhaps my position has something to do with it." At the entrance of the others Avi turns and smiles, "Mi Lady, how lovely to see you… please join us." Caedmon's appearance brings an even bigger smile, "Ah, if it is not the love of my life. My Lord… my heart has ached so in my time away. My eyes shine with joy upon seeing you in all your radiant glory." He actually manages that without laughing his ass off… it's an accomplishment.

"I was thinking I would try the stairs after resting a bit. How did she do today?" Wenna says warmly to Caedmon as he offers her his arm. She takes his arm and leans her weight against him; a tender kiss is placed upon his cheek.

"Avi! My second lover!" She teases the man and bursts out laughing as she pats her belly. "Then she looks to Nerissa. "I remember you, you are Nerissa correct? Good evening to you both."

Looking back over to Caedmon. "I told you my love." She says with a wink as she waits for him to lead her towards a chair.

She then flashes Avi an impish grin.

After Wenna takes his arm, Avi distracts his attention and he looks from her to the ambassador whose hair is as dark as Caedmon's is white. He grins and bows formally, 'My dear Avi!" he greets in reply, "Court should be more lively now that you are here," he predicts. "We must brew a pot of that delightful coffee that you brought, and fill the dark hours by renewing old ties." When Wenna takes his arm, kisses him, and then asks about someone else, that mysterious 'she', Caedmon turns to her and assures, "She did well until we raced home. Her pony turned one sharp corner, but she did not." He illustrates by keeping his hands along a course until one turns sharply to the right and the other continues on a straight trajectory. "She suffered no injury but I fear that she will need new breeches for riding." His eyes return, twinkling, to the table. "Lady Nerissa, I see that you have found some good company on this fine evening. If you like to hear fine tales of the sea, you should avail yourself

There's that level look that Nerissa has lately adopted when studying a man and deciding whether or not he's pulling her leg… especially when it comes to anything that can be construed as modesty. It's usually tinged with skepticism, and this time is no different. However, before she has a chance to respond or put voice to any thoughts on the matter, the Kilgours' entrance distracts her, and hard on the heels of that distraction is Avi's effusive greeting for the Baron. She blinks, her mouth opens slightly, then closes, and she stands, beginning to busy herself with closing some of the books she was studying. Compounding her sudden need to tidy up is the Baroness's claim of a 'second lover', and the book falls from her hand. At the sound of laughter, she looks up, and once more studies those around her. A breath is forced out through her nose and she scowls slightly as she settles the book more properly. "Yes, my lady," she replies. "Good evening, it is a pleasure to see you and the honorable lord, Baron Kilgour once more." Her eyes are still on her books as she continues to put them to rights. "Thank you for your suggestion, perhaps another time I shall be interested in tales of the sea, but at this time I am more interested in old tales of fae, and what their hearts desire."

Avi turns and smiles at Nerissa, "Of course Mi Lady. I am always at your service." The man has no shame really or remorse either… just ask Wenna and Caedmon. He looks back to Caedmon, "My poor Lily flower… it's those horrible beasts. You may call them ponies and horses, but I call them instruments of… what's that god's name, the dark one…. the death and evilness one of the eight? Intuiv? In… something or other. Instruments of him, along with mules and other four legged you people seem so obsessed with attempting to ride. Poor Lily and Gwen, doomed to deal with infernal creatures. I feel for the poor darlings."

"I will check on her as soon as we can make it down stairs my love. I know she is fine or you would have sent for me. But, I worry." She says Caedmon once he has explains the how "She" fell. "I will need to look at her, just for my own peace of mind."

She then looks to Avi and winks. "My dear I remember when arrived in Greenshire. I have never see such large saddle sores on a man. I put you in the case books." She teases. "All ponies are horrid creatures at times." She points out. "They make a better rider. Think of it as a rite of passage."

"Lady you do realize that there are more rumors at court about the three of us than trees have leaves in the summer. You can take it as they are or enjoy them for what they are worth." She says as with some amusement as her blue eyes watch the poor woman. "They are both harmless. Unless provoked then they do bite."

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