Inouv 31, 228: Glaring Daggers

Glaring Daggers
Summary: Airysse chats with Blian the Bard, when Anais arrives and gets a glare that is anything but friendly.
OOC Date: 20/12/2013 (OOC)
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Bard's Tale Tavern, Stormvale
The Bard's Tale Tavern is where the locals come to drink, game, talk, and generally relax. The atmosphere in the main room is crowded, smoke-filled and noisy. In the southeast corner, to the right of the main door as you enter, is a large stone fireplace; on the other side of the door, a window shows the flickering torchlight from the village street. The furniture is coarse, yet comfortable; mostly plain wood, but a few of the chairs have upholstered seats. Hardly any of it has escaped the years unscathed, though; nearly every table, chair and barstool carries nicks, dents and stains, whether from bar fights or simply clumsy customers. The wooden floorboards are regularly swept clean.
At the far end of the room is a long bar, and on the wall over it a large, hand painted sign. Behind the bar you can see a door leading to the tavern kitchen. A staircase along the west wall leads up to guest quarters where weary travellers can rest and relax.
31st day of Inouv, 228

It's way past midnight, and only a few guests are left in the Bard's Tale Tavern. Still, these guests need to be served, so it is no great surprise that Airysse is still on duty, although that duty is more the relaxed kind now. She has just brought four mugs of ale to a table, exchanged a few words with the men sitting there, and yes there was the occasional wink and flirty remark, so she had been given quite a generous tip. Which she spends on an ale for herself. Her blue eyes wander over the place as she contemplates where to enjoy her drink, while her hands hold onto that mug, her back to the counter, her head slightly tilted to the side.

Near the fire at a small table the Bard sits, alone. His back is to the room and he holds a strange looking mandola, a little larger than the commonly scene ones. Apparently he is getting used to the new instrument as he plays with different tunings. Finding one he likes he starts with a little chop. When he finds a rhythm for it he adds some chords and a bit of a shake of his head accompanies it. With his feet up on the chair across from him and a mug half gone at his side he lets the notes ring out in a dulcit manner.

A smile appears on Airysse's face when she spots the bard and hears what he tries out on his instrument, it doesn't come as a surprise therefore, that she walks over to Blian, with her mug in hand. "Mind if I come over here, to enjoy my ale?" The glance she shoots him is all charming. "Music is why I chose to work here in the first place." A strange confession for a tavern wench, maybe.

<FS3> Blian rolls Musically Diverse: Amazing Success.

A wicked look is thrown upon the girl when she arrives tempered with a sweet smile. Kicking out the chair he'd had his feet on he motions to it for her to sit. He leans forward a bit and sets the instrument upon his knee. Taking up his mug he drinks from it deeply while he considers. After a moment he flips the instrument around with a wry grin. Using his three-fingered hand he launches into a song, it is quickly played and sung as he blazes across the fretboard with his maimed appendage. It is pretty amazing and causes a head turn or two. Maybe even a drink.

Anais watches the crowd when she's slipping in. Her expression is quiet as she whispers an order to the tender, setting coins on the bar and waiting for her drink - a mug of hot tea, apparently she ordered breakfast too. She doesn't invade Airysse's area, but she does listen to the bard, her eyes half closed as she leans on the bar, again she looks like she hasn't slept.

Airysse smile widens, and noticing that wicked look of Blian she meets it with her own sparkling gaze. Seeing the offered seat she lowers herself onto it, slowly and carefully, as not to spill the ale. Once settled, she puts the mug on the table and leans back in that chair, studying his agile fingerwork while she listens to the performance of the song. The three-fingered hand is noticed, and for a short moment a frown appears on her features. But as he seems to manage just fine with that maimed hand, that frown is soon replaced with a most impressed expression. Airysse seems to be oblivious to Anais's presence as of yet.

The all to well rendition ends and seems well received by the few around. Looking at the off-duty girl he grins at her, "I like it." The words coming out as he looks down at the instrument. Must be something new. "Sounds good enough." Looking back at her though he says, "I know you." Apparently she may look familiar but the man can't place it. That's what happens when you are a bit in your cups. People end up married and the bard wakes up in the stables. That won't slow him down though. "What's yer' name lass. Come on' don't make me guess."

"Yeah it looks a bit strange, but sounds good," Airie comments on the instrument, helping herself now to a sip from her ale. Her brows twitch upwards in a charming way when Blian says he knows her. Still she waits until asked for her name that the redhead tilts her head and gives her reply. "I'm called Airysse. Like the flower. You know me because I work here? I know who you are. Blian the Bard." She leans back again, grinning triumphantly, as she enjoys finally exchanging a few words with this local celebrity.

Anais takes a small basket from under her cloak, moving to set it down infront of Airysse and Blian, her expression soft as she unwraps the cheese cloth to reveal sweet spiced cookies. She gestures that they are for Airysse, before moving to the bar to take her plate of food - bacon, eggs and bread. She moves to sit not too far off but seems to be sort of focusing on getting food into her system.

"What? Who? Me?" He grins at her. "That is no good. A man like myself could do with the presence of flowers about once in awhile." He winks at her but breaks any eye contact as the basket is set down. He nods to the the girl and watches as she takes her seat. "Evenin'". He offers politely. Back to the girl at the table with him he says, "Nevertheless a pleasure Airysse. A pleasure when it is so dark now. To have reminders of what the sun brings that is. With all this darkness I don't even know if its day or night." His last words more a confession before he looks about wondering who is on duty if she is not. Walk to the bar? Bah…He will just pick up the instruments and kinda lightly pick a string or two.

Blue eyes flit to Anais as she approaches, and her hand is extended to pat the other woman at the arm in a grateful gesture. "Oh thank you, Mistress Anais, I…" Her gaze flits to Blian. Then back to her friend. And her eyes narrow momentarily, but when Anais moves back to the bar, Airysse exhales and shakes her head, looking a touch relieved. A radiant smile now on her face as she rises to wave to the woman with a few words called through the room. "Thanks so much! How generous of you!"

"Funny, whenever I saw you play at this place, there were always one or two flowers around.", Airysse remarks to Blian with a wink. She notices his glance of course, and rises swiftly. "A drink? Shall I get you one?"

Anais considers "Good evening or morning, whatever the case may properly be." she offers to Blian sweetly. "Should I leave Mistress Airysse?" she asks with a soft but serious tone, expression going neutral as she stuffs a bite of egg into her mouth, frown starting to form across her lips. She turns her attention to her egg, pushing it with her fork, carefully cutting around the yolk.

"Hym? Really? In this shite-hole!" A quick look now to make sure Eloise is not at the helm. Pheww. Close one. So he laughs, he was just jokin' and it is plain. "Ahh, thank you though." He says in regard to her offering. He watches the back side of her as she goes, annnnd around to Anais. "I don't rightly know." He smiles, "But the same to you as well." While the other girl is away he says, "Do not leave." It seems Airry is grabbing drinks so he might as well work two right? A little smile given to her now.

"Ah, no. Why should you leave, Mistress Anais?", Airysse is quick to reply, her tone and demeanour apologetic. "It's late and… well I was a bit suprised that you would bring me food." There is a flicker in those blue eyes when they linger on Anais though. Better keep your fingers to yourself for now. One hand reaches again to pat Anais by the arm as she gets the ale for Blian at the bar. And a glance is shot in the bard's direction, shifting to Anais again. She sighs and shrugs, to return with the ale as soon as she can to Blian's table. "There you go." She leans a touch foward when she puts that mug down before him. Then she is back on her chair, taking a good sip of her ale.

Anais removes Airysse's hand from her arm immediately when petted, disapproving "Because you are glaring daggers at me, love." she responds to Airysse she stands up, leaving her tea and most of her food uneatten "No, my mistake, I had thought coming in for a bit of tea and company would be nice. Thank you for being welcoming fair bard." she stands to bow her upper body to Blian. "Have a wonderful day fair man." To Airysse, "I'll go pay triple the rates and get a morning meal at the chocola emporium." she offers to Airysse, adjusting her cloak and quietly pulling her hood up. She sets a single patin on the table and pushes it towards her plate, intending to leave.

Blian watches the little exchange as it unfolds. Chuckling a bit he just sips the ale that was brought. "Yes, anytime." He says to her thanks. As she goes he says to airry, "The chocola? That place is thrice the shit hole this is! They don't even have booze!" He stops wondering if that is true….Another drink had as he is lost in the thought.

Airysse had looked a bit surprised at Anais' remark, but returned to Blian with his ale without commenting on it. It is after she has served the ale and taken a sip frmo her own that she realizes Anais is about to leave. She jumps to her feet and runs after her, grabbing her for a last time (promise!) by her arm. "Mistress Anais. Am I glaring daggers at you? I am sorry, Mistress Anais. Didn't mean to. Maybe it's because you are so damn perfect. Always the one who gets the most attention. All you need to do is appear, and I… am just the tavern wench I am. Sorry. You don't deserve this. You've been kind to me. Now go whereever you want to go. It's all my fault." It is then Airysse lets go of her, inhaling deeply, the look in her eyes for once unhappy - with a touch of guilt. Her eyes flit to Blian at his comment about the Chocola Emporium, but not even a twitch at the corner of her lips suggests a smile.

Anais smiles to Blian "No they don't, but I'll manage some how, it isn't like I'm a pauper." she pays the tender for the meal left mostly untouched. "Please stop touching me you'll wrinkle my kirtle." she sort of sputters out. "I'm not perfect, nor does anyone but you think that you are just a tavern wench." she bristles at being held onto. "I wanted breakfast here because before yesterday I had thought we would be friends." she offers, voice staying low. She looks very stern for once but calm.

Airysse lowers her gaze and bites her lip when she hears the reply of Anais. Her hands join before her now, as she had let go of her arm already. "I am sorry. I… didn't mean to… destroy that… friendship…" Now the redhead seems close to tears. "Maybe I'm in a strange mood today, I don't know. Like… 'hugged by Inouv', you know? Not like that would explain anything. Just…felt lonely." She looks up, her gaze meeting that of Anais. "I admire you, Mistress, for what you are. What you can do. I was envious, jealous of your perfect manner. And now… You have every right to be angry at me and never come back here again. But I'll miss you. That's all I can say."

Blian just listens to the two. A queer look on his face. After a few more sips he will pick back up the instrument and play. A strange ominous tune it is as he just kinda drifts off. No need or want to engage this as he is at a loss. Speak of Inouv only reminds him he does /not/ know what time of day it is as he sits in the tavern, nothing bark darkness creeping in the windows.

Anais is quiet, for a long moment, shifting to pull Airysse close and gently pat her back. A hankerchief is drawn and held up. "If you like me, quit being discouraging and making me feel unwelcome." She is at least graceful about it. "Why are you envious of me? Hm? You do not get mistaken for a maid, a whore, or a cooking girl on a regular basis. I'm not a whore, I assure you. I'd be dreadful at it." she admits. "I was not angry, only sick of being glared at and treated poorly when I've been nothing but kind to you." she admits.

Airysse exhales when Anais hugs her, she grabs the handkerchief and dries her tears, and empties her nose with a snort into it. "I'm not the most clever person. Maybe I'm not used being around kind people…", she mutters, her gaze flitting from Anais to Blian. Then her attention is back on her friend. "I will remember not to treat you poorly, and I swear I'll never glare at you like that again. Don't know what got me to do that." There is something in her blue eyes, a frail look that suggests she has been hurt before, which is usually carefully veiled beneath her charming and flirting facade.

Anais leans foreward, pressing a gentle peck to Airysse's forehead ".. You are perfectly clever you just haven't quite managed to flirt luck right." she sighs a bit, taking out a small tincuture to offer to Airysse "Chamommile is how I keep calm when something gets into me. This is pressed into an oil, daub it behind your ears, on your wrists, and before bed where ever you would like a little oil to keep your skin supple." she offers, voice soft.

Airysse smiles when she feels that peck, and her eyes regain some of their sparkle as she accepts the offered tincture. "Thank you, Anais." Her words failing her to add more, but her hand reaches for that of Anais, to press it lightly, should the woman not withdraw it from her reach.

Anais does not withdraw but she doesn't look entirely comfortable yet. She actually seems a little withdrawn "You shouldn't be so cagey with me, we're both red haired and as a result way more attractive than the dishwater colored women wandering in around us." she whispers to Airysse. Implying blondes, brunettes, and black haired women are boring beasts.

"Sure!", Airysse nods when she hears that whisper, and an almost amused chuckle leaves her. "Yeah, and enough handsome men are wandering on all of Mobrin, we shouldn't fight over this one or that one. When I know you already have your… main part of the heart taken, right?" Her words are low as well. "And yeah, redheads seem to attract the attention of all men, obviously." She winks, as some of her former light cheerfulness seems to return.

Blian just keeps on, playing little notes as the girls make up. "Were ya'll gonna sit?" he asks grinning. His mug is almost empty now and he finishes it off. He pushes out a second chair next to the one Airry had and says, "Come now, it's warmer by the fire here."

Anais seems quiet now, moving towards the fireplace, her expression sort of dull as she sits on the actual hearth, warming up again, her fingers moving to her face.

Airysse nods to Blian's suggestion, and her hand lets go of that of Anais, as she follows her over to the table where Blian sits and where her ale awaits. And so they will continue to listen to Blian's songs and playing of that mandolina, enjoying the warmth of the fire in the hearth, and hoping that warmth will manage to drive out the chill. The chill a unfriendly glare can produce in a friendship that was just about to grow.

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